Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 11, 1944 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 11, 1944
Page 3
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:.^ ; vv** ; TUESDAY, JULY 11, 1944 • ...T.- - , ,, t NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS •»». Personal Fraternal I Ernest Webers Observe Anniversary jlr, aiu! Mrs. Ernest Weber of ^•is street ""re tendered a »;;•• prise party '*-•= wcclc DV nc 'Ki l, 0 iv nnil r<:lniivos who helped Hi cou ple ccleUnitc their 2Clh wee rf|nc nnnlvcrwiry. jlr. nnd Mrs. Weber also visile in New York city lust week, reg ulcrlns "t tlllc l ' totel Commodort it was upon their arrival horn Itint ' |10 >' were surprised. The cuu jle received many g\tlf. Raymond Lafferty On Vacation Naugatuck Soldier Is Wed To Wesley ville, Pa., Girl Lnffcfty of the Nun cuuck poHlofl'ice titnl'C 1* now on- joying his minimi vacation. Letiei Carriers Cliff S"'ir.-ikl and Charles. j'cXnmec arc now enjoying the second week of i-holr vacation. Visited In New York City Mis.-; Betty Brcnnan of High street h»- s ri-turncd from New York city, whoru she had been visitl iv Miss Jti.-'iinc O'Donnell. Potholder Posies Two Couples File Wedding Intentions >1J!S>. CAKUUNJi UA111UJ&L STAFF SGT. E: M, GABKIKL Mr. ;iiul Mr.t. Noreo Gabriel of i'l Muy street, Nnugatuck, Coiin., miunince tin; inurriiiKC-of their son, S-S«t. 15. M. Gabriel t<* Caroline lean Simon.* of Wc.slcyvllle, 1'ii. . . . Tin* ciTDinony took place in Aiken, S, C., on March Hint. A reception was held for the wedding party iiiul the friend* of the couple aflor the ccromoiiy. After u short wedding trip to Connecti- jnt to vl.sit (heir parents, the couple returned to Augusta, Gn., \vlierc> Sgf. G»l>rlfl wa.s .stationed. S-iigt, K. M. Giibrlol WHS employed in the Lewis Engineering Cot before entering the service. Wedding Intentions were filed by the.following at the"-office-of Town Clerk Raymond J.. St. John: Ircn Pasacck, School street extenslor and William Bcllemorc, 184.-Ba.-ld win street, Waterbury; and Audrey M. Carrington, 1 Clark .road, ,Proa pect, nnd Robert McDormott, Port cr avenue, Middlcbury. ,,'-.. ;Hot Dog 1 Roast To Be Wednesday helc A hot dog roast will . .bo Wednesd-ay at 8 p; m;,>by the 1 iiii dlcs' Aid of the Immaimucl Luth cran church at the home 'of Mra Olivo Kricdter, Morris street: A short business meeting will precede the roast wi-lh Mrs. Krledlcr vice-president, presiding. Local Family Is Now At 'Bayview Mrs. Carl Erickson and family of Sweeney street have left, for Bayview Beach, Milford, Conn., where they will spend the next two weeks. /' Returns From Vacation Mr. nnd Mrs. Harold Royle and children, Jean and Harold have list returned from Atlantic City \nd New York city where uid been vacationing. they Spending 1 Summer With Parents Announce Birth Of A Daughter Mr. and Mrs. Horace C rover of 'orn street an-nounce the birth of (laughter. Monday, July 10, at ic Wzxlcrbury hospital. The child •clghcd approximately 10 pounds. Vacationing 1 In Woodmont % ' Dr. and Xrs. Edward Dclaney and children of Church street have bcun vacationing a: their summer home in Woodmont, Com:. might as well plurk .a pro! fy fi'iwor rr-om your wtcl! whcd yo want n potholder— there's no rca ion why n. useful thing can't b> lonely l u(>. Complct" Pfittcrn gives yoi p:i!i-h illibitratlons and transfei Our multicolorc.d booU "f NVi;d|n Arts containing five free pn'trrriN, an'l many other ti"n» fnr dressing up your home »n<l yourself is now Available. Sent, your request, for this book to (lie iiflrli-pss listed below, onuin' twenty cents (20c.) in soins to coi-cr the cost and mailing charges. Send 11 f'onfti No. tv2i:a to .N'iMi-K, N'eodlc Arts Dep!., P.O. Box 1T2. Station D, New York 3, N. Y. Plwisp ini'lude your postal number. (coin) for Pattern Daily HAS NOEQUAL FOR TIRED FEET Snyn MassAcluiMfitts Doctor: Ami wiints more. If you surfer ""> misery of ilroci, aching, burn- Ing fi-'ot you too can get riuiclc and witisfying relief with greasclcss. Ntiilnlc.i.s PODOL I'oot relief. Costs "° .'iitlL- nnd clops no much. Get a We jnr TODAY at Naugatuck Drug, A'inniii Drug. Donovan Pharmacy, •>;'iiisiitiii:k; L'nion City I^i/irmacy. tnion City, and fill good drug .Week-End Visitors At Twin Lakes Mrs. Lcona Manlcowich of Baltimore, Md., with her twin sons, John and James, is spending tho sutnmor with her parents, Mr. and Mrt". Henry Schilclgcn, Jr., of East Waterbury road. Her husband Capt. Izan Mnn- kov.-ich is stationed at ISdgcwood Arsenal in Maryland. Recent Visitors In New York Announce Birth Of Twin Boys ; Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kamcrzel of Hard street, announce the birth of twin boys, Monday, at the Waterbury hospital. Vacationed In Atlantic City Marie JSoylnn of Scott street, Sophie Kulis and Ann Korlak of Ansonia, who are employes of. the Peter and Paul Co. have returned after spending the past ten days in Atlantic City, N-. J. Russian Forces Smashing Across (By United Russian forces arc smashing acrbuH Lithuania toward the Baltic Bea. •• . ; So'vlct'columns slashing ahead on a one-hundred mile front, have scored gains of as much as 35 'miles! in 24 hours. Latest reports place the Russians 110 miles from Riga and the Baltic coast. ' The advance Is bcing'carricd out by four Soviet forces. On th'c northern end of the front, a Russian spearhead has driven 13 miles northward toward the five-way rail Junction of Daugavpils. Two other columns • have driven 40 miles northwest into Lithuania, outflanking Daugavpils, and cutting the . DaugavpilK-Kaunas highway. While street lighting goes into its'fourth day Inside Wilno, the Russians have driven on to within 22 miles of Kaunas, the pre-war capital of Lithuania. The' Germans have rushed hufre •enforcements 'by plane and rail- Way to the Wilno sector. But tho Nazis have been thrown out of nore 'than two-hundred towns nd r villages'north, west and south of the city. The westward advance rom Wilno Joins 1 in- the over-all >attern of the Baltic, offensive, vhlch threatens to trap an estimated 20 German divisions in Latvia and : Estonia. BOROUGH &MLV '. DIARY JULY IW4 • . M T W T F • — —. -.1. ,23 GJ S 6 7 > 9 10 11 12 11 U IS 16: 17 IS 19' 20-21 22 21 24 2S 26 27 28.29 30 Jl _ _; Public Welfare Department Report Listed For June .The report of the Department of- Public' Welfare for -l.hc "morrth' ending June 30, 1944, as submitted at Coming Events TOMORROW Meeting Nuugntuck Game Clubi'lnc:, ..Tpwir Hull.* iKbcll Camp, Sons of 'the Union, V V. 1'". W. liall, u.vcnuc. ' • - oOo THURSDAY lost night's meeting by Superintendent -Leo F. Scully, is an follows: ' . • Outside Poor ---- .' ....... $2705.82 Hospitals ...... ............ 1455.H Children in Homes- ......... 878.90 Mcadowbrook Home' ...... 1866.10' Governor Dewey In Terences With Republican Lewlers (By Called Pi***}: ' -. .. ..*.. Governor Dcwey, In' out Administration Appropriation . 1225.10 $8131.00 Expenditures amd Encum- . $33,850.00 Miss Ruth WeUln. Mrs. Lund in of May avenue, and .Mr. and Mrs. Harold Woodin of Woodbridge, Conn., were recent visitors in New York. j Returns From I Vacation Mr. and Mrs. Oliver W. Holmes | and son Robert, cf Sweeney stnjc.', i -rr- •/• spent the weak-end at their cot-i VlSltlUg* David Nelson At Sampson, N. Y. David Ncfeon. a former em- ploye of MIC Synthetic Rubber Co., recently • enlisted In '-tn.e~i V'.' S. N.ivy ,ind is '"now stationed nl Sampson, N. Y. His wife- lives on Pleasant avenue. at Twin Lakes, Canaan. Conn. Vacationing- In Boro Mis;; Aslrid Anderson of Js'cw York is spending her vacation at her home on Park avenue. Weekend Visitors Emii LorcnUson of Hartford and daughter, Ellen of New Canaan were week-end visitors of Manno I.orcntxson of May avenue. On Leave From Navy John Fruia. U. S. Navy, is spend- ng a leave with his parents Mr, incl Mrs. Clarence Fruin of Scott street. In Torrington Miss Joan Green of Fairview avenue is spending a. week .vith relatives in Torrington. Miidrcd Swan and Betty Lent of New street have returned from Sparrowbruch, Now York, where they were vacationing , at the 'Eddy Farm hotel, Visiting- With. Aunt And Uncle Miss Janet Mon-ahan of Mlllvillc' avenue has been visiting with ilicr aunt ,-L'nd u-nclc, Mr. and Mr;. Hen- I T [iCO I. s Re-Named As Velfare Supt. Leo T. Scully of Prospect street, romincnt local resident and form- r ex-serviceman, was again nabcd 1 uperintcndent of tho welfare de- ar'tmcnt at a meeting held here ist 'night. Mr. Scully recently received his' honorable discharge from the United States Army after more than two years of service, the ma- 'jor portion of which was spent 'overseas in India, China nnd' Burma. The . local department head received a leave of absence when he- entered the srvicc and his present appointment will continue until June of 10-15, Warden Leo Erophy has lauded Supt. Scully's conduct of the Welfare- department' stating that he is a conscientious, thorough official whose "knowledge of "state laws affecting hiis department is so broad, tha-t It^fs now possible for the town to ' secure credit for every dol- School Board Meeting, Tut- llc HOUHC, G |). in. • SATURDAY brancea Monthly Expense- April ............ May ....... ...... June ....... ...... : 8.13J.06 $25,718.94 . .J2,275.I8 .. 2,811.96 .'. 3,043.92 St. Hcdwlg'n Biucaur, Church 1'nvllion , —oOo—- SUNDAY St. Hedwig'H Btizunr -—-oOo JUF..Y 17 lied Crom Mobile Unit, Y. M. C. A. MAY 24 Blood ' ' $8,131.00 TOWN OF NAUGATCCK SOCIAL DIVISION .JUNE RKPORT Number of office visits 52 Number of homo visits .' 48 Number; of new cases o Number of reopened coses . 0 Number, of closed cases .2 Number of Old Age Assistance Applications 0 Number of coses at end of mont/h. no - K. M. Brcnnan, Social. Worker: Paper Salvage Collection MAY 25 Taper Salvage Collection Weather Report New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut—Considerable cloudiness with scattered showers and thun- dcrshowers early tonight. Tomorrow partly cloudy with afternoon showers and thundei'showers. Con- tinucd warm and very humid,. Eastport to' Block island—No small craft or storm warnings arc bci;ig displayed. World War A Year Ago July 11, 1943 Temperature Report The showers that came last night provided only a. short relief, for as soon as it cleared up, it got hot again .Red Hermans was moaning I his morning all balled up -that something is with the weatherman. Red did enjoy looking at the fe'w flashes of lightning, and didn't (By United Prc»«) Allied troops sweep, successfully nlong in Sicily; Canadian and British forces capture city of Pachino and its airfield; U. S. troops occupy two airfields. Details of the Sicilian Invasion reveal that 2,000 vessels took part in the invasion armada; first troops to land were air-borne soldiers in gliders followed by parachute troops from transport planes. Secretary of' War Henry L. Stimeon arrives in England. Russian troops continue to hold back German forces in the Orel- Kursk sector; no change in the Belgorod Jinc. Gen.' Douglas MacArthur'a fliers drop 42 tons of bombs on Japanese airfield at Munda. , the isBucn of bin ciimpaign for th« presidency- nt conference! •With R«- publlcnn ' conKrcwIoniil •_ leader*. " • Dewcy I* • rciuming: Jili t'alkii with representative! -' f ro*|.""ConnWucut, Including.. Senator ;"J6hn .pknaher and'. Congrcnnwotnan 'Clare "•. iMCf. HOUBC Minority .-llcaiJcr Jb.«cph Martin, of ' MTamwchuiicttji- met" with rie.wcy }n*i nlffht. Martin i«" confident that Wendell ; Willkleraoon will throW'hli ; support; ;to the Dcwcy-Brtckcr ticket • ,,:•. • -/- , Martin declare* -that under Governor Dowey, the Re publican: party i» more «tron'g:ly. unU«ds-timn -at any time during ; the'. la«t. JO;'y»am. Meanwhile, it's primary election day In Michiifiin, Mai'iachuBetts, Oklahoma,: New Kamp«hir« •> and Utah. . -• . . • • ; ;\. .-.. - ,'i.i.i,;- .-: Michigan voter* nominitc-candl- datCB for governor, lieutenant-governor .and congre»»ion»l \rcpre_ sc-nativcii. But «o- little intcreat has been shown . tn the primary,, that In Detroit, at least, official plan to sound air raid - siren*' . to remind vote™ it is election day. " • ; •:•- '; ; In Utah,. political observers. 'fore- • casf a vote" of few 'thn'^JOOiCOp. However, campig-rn: for Republican and Democratic nomination* ' for " governor ' haVc been', hotly." contest- ' ed. . ' . ' - .;.AV..':,- ••:^:;--,: The feature of the 'Maa*achu'a«tta primary : i« th« '•' content' between . Mayor Maurice Tobln ot^Boaton and State Treasurer Francl»';Hurley for the Democratic -nomination for governor.. . ...•.'•• '..U-'• Incomplete • returns 'from yeater- day's primary .'in Minnesota aecm to assure .the rcnominatloB of -Governor Edward Thye on the 'Republican ticket. ' .'. '.".' LEGION COMMANDER Nashville, Tcnn., July;Jl— CUP) —American Legion- National. Commander Warren 'Atherto'n predict* that the American f!as ' will fly over Bataan by. Armistice -'Day. He also believes mo*t or all of trie Philippine* will have been- wre*ted from the Japs by that time. mind a bit if one of them aJmost. did strike close by. Red can cope With anyl.hing-, including- "blilz." Midnight 3 a. m 6 a. m 9 a. m Noon 1 p. m 76 ...... 73 '. 72 96 .'. 98 NORWASH Shoot for the Entire Family ' For Favorite Pastels! At Stony Point, N. Y. Mrs. Cfi.rl Swiinson and family if Now .street arc spending a. week t Stony Point. Now Yorlc. Herbert Moran's A.t Bay View Mr. nnd Mrs. Herbert Moran of ro.ipoet Mlrest aro spending: two vccUs at Bay View. Milford. ENLARGEMENTS FROM YOUR FAVORITE PRINTS Have Extra Ones Made For Your Friends In The Service. They're Not Expensive C up PHOTO FINISHING iik e the way w e do them in album stylo. Bring Yours Here SWEENEY'S 3'OUJS KODAK DEALER ART ANIJ STATJONEKV STORE Natatuc Tribe Meeting-, Thursday Nut.-i.tiic tribe, No. 20. I. O. K. M., will meet Thursday 'night at 8 p. m. in the Pythian hall. Election of officers- will take place. Visited Atlantic City A,nd Philadelphia Mrs. Robert Weaving o[ Home j stead avenue and Mrs. Mary- Su livan of Millville avenue have re i.urnofl from Atlantic City an Philadelphia. Hartford Couple On Visit Here 1998 36-52 PATTERN 1!W8 Mr. and Mrs. Pat Traficanti o Hartford wore week-end vi«ltoro at tho home of Mr. and Mrs Charles. Tru.fica.nti of Sill street. Daughter Born To Mr.-Mrs. H. M. ' Mr; and Mrs. Horace M. Grovcr of Fern street announce tho birth of a. daughter, Jnnicc • Christine Monday at the Waterbury hospital RAF Drops TWO ^ Ton Block Busters On Milan Kailyards Rome 1 , July. ll'-i-"(U"P)— rUA-F. heavy and medium bombers sped across ' the battle-fronts" Mn/jltaly last 1 n-ig.tU to • smash•' at " ra'ilyarcfs in -Milan. ' ' ; " '•- •;• '>« -'•:'• '.; 'Hf-i;:The air flee!.--carried** 1 ; hugc concentration of 'highi .'explosives;.! In- Unadornod save for the charming detail- at neckline, Ihis matron's dress is quietly designed to make you look tailor, slimmer! Make it up in your favorite summer pastel shades in rayon sheers.; and in cool, tubbablc cottons! Barbara Bel! Patlorn No. 1998 is designed for sizes 36, 38, '40, 42. 44, 46, -IS, 50 and 52. Si/.c 38, short sleeves, requires 3 3-4 yards of 39- inch material. Good news for all home dressmakers;; Ihe new Spring ABC Pattern Book is ready! Send for a copy today, It costs only .'10 "cents. You may order a copy'with a .13 cent pattern! for 25 : cents, plus 1 cent postage. For this- attractive pattern send 15 cents plus 1 cent' for postage, in coins wilh your name, address, Average time lo move a scrapped pallcrn number and size wanted'-car from an auto graveyard to ; a to Barbara-Boll, Naugatuck Daily I steel furnace has, been reduced News, Post Office Box 99, Station I from 60 days/to- a'"national-/aver-, C, New York ID, N..Y, age of 21 to 45: days, eluding two-ton- bloclt''b'ust'ersf : 'Re- turn-ing airmen ro'ported 1 ' sticks, ot bombs straddling the rail. ; yards, and a .block buster'.'hit 'in' .!ho"de'ad center of a target. •-.. • '•'' One bomber 'is "missing- from ,'Iast night's 1 raid.' •' ''''''•'';'•:}''•/•:;/ 'in tile'' ground 'fighting, ''tho Americans • are forming a pincers al-lack In their drive 'on the major port of LHvorrio: ." ''. ''.'•'• ^' v ~f>. American forces on the we^t Roast '"advanced -two and tf'half miles north Of Ca'S-tdllina. 1 with 'the capture of 'Calsale. Ol.her.troops inland arc eight. mile 1 . 1 ; northwest of Colterra after by-passing Lajatico, a mountain''slron'glibrd. 1 '.- : •'"•"'•' Apparently.- lih'c 'drive' from '.'hi southeast aims to push "• the Nazis from strong defenses ' b'elbw Liv- orno''by flank pressure. TRANSPORTATION There's # Long Road Ahead! Each day five thousand more passenger cars land on the country's junk piles. Each day transportation becomes a more vital problem. From how until final Victory, it is up to each of us to get the utmost out of every vehicle that is still rolling. , . , .As passenger cars leave the roads in increasing numbers, it is the job -V- of the local-transit lines such as C.;R/& L. to take up the slack. It hup to - '"••'":' " . every passenger to help conserve transportation. . ; '•:•••".'"'.••'.HERE'S HOW YOU CAN HELP! ^ ' • 4. Hav* Par* Rvady-PMciout wcondi in wwdnwce l» Shop from JO A.M. to 3 P.M.-Glvc war workers right • of way—don't jam buses.ciuring hours when they travel. 2. Signal Clearly at But Stop-Make it easy for the driver to Stop and start quickly and with safety. ; • ' A 3. Mov* to Rear of Bu»—Avoid creating bottlenecks near - bus door. Make' room for''more passengers to get on. 5. Rid* Only When N«c*MCiry r If you vi»it friends end " relatives, avoid busy'hours .when war worker* u*go> - ing to and from their jobl. . .'.. -'...-.;. - .'". . • 6* Picas* B* Patl*nt-Bui wrvice It bound to bt uad*r • . terrific stnin. Your fympitbetic uodcrttandiag will help us lick this vital problem. : ' ' :•::;, Ml,

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