Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 3, 1962 · Page 18
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 18

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 3, 1962
Page 18
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PAGE EIGHTEEN THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, tOGANSPORT, INDIANA SUNDAY, JUNE 3, lifffiS WTTV«) SATURDAY WFBM-TV (6) WISH-TV r8) WLW-I (13) 8 :00 :30 :45 Silent Silent Three Stooges Indiana Farmer Silent Three Stooges Indiana Farmer Minutes To Live By Three Stooges • Indpls. Public Sch. Rural Almanac Three Stooge? Indpls. Public Scb. Rural Almanac 9 •00 :30 Silent Silent Three Stooges Three Stooges Deputy Dawg Deputy Dawg Capt. Kangaroo Capt. Kangaroo Capt. Kangaroo Capt. Kangaroo Life Line Light Time Man the Maker Man the Maker 101 Silent Silent Shari Lewis Shari Lewis King Leonardo King Leonardo Video Village Video Village Mighty Mouse Mighty Mouse Talk Back Talk Back Davey and Goliath Davey and Goliath 11 :OD as :30 Silent Silent Cowboy Theatre Cowboy Theatre Cowboy Theatre Cowboy Theatre Magic-Land Magic Land Roy Rogers Roy Rogers Looking Around Looking Around Farm Front .FaraiFronl 12 :30 MS Silent Silent Mr. Wizard Mr. Wizard Red Cross Course Red Cross Course Rhytlun Carnival Rhythm Carnival Rhythm Carnival Baltimore at N. Y. Bugs Bunny Hugs Bunny Prof. Wille. Goof Prof. Wille. Goof 1 :00 :15 :30 :45 Silent Silent Comedy Capers Comedy Capers Baseball Baseball Baltimore at N. Y. Baltimore at N. Y. Baltimore at N. Y: Baltimore at N. Y. Parade of Champs. Parade of Champs Phila. at Cinn. Phila/at Cinn. 2 :00 :30 :45 Silent Silent Baseball Baseball Baseball Baseball Baltimore at-N. Y. Baltimore at N. Y. Baltimore at N. Y. Baltimore at N. Y. 3 :00 :15 :30 :45 Food for Life Food for Life Living Lessons Living Lessons Baseball Baseball Baseball 4 :00 :15 :30 MS Senator's Report Senator's Report Ramar Ramar Bowling Champs Bowling Champs Bowling Champs Bowling Champs Baltimore at N. Y. Baltimore at N; Y. Belmont Stakes " Bclmout Stakes Aquanauts Aquanauts Aquanauts Aquanauts '.Phila. at Cinn. Phila. at Cinn. Phila. at Cinn. Philai at Cinn^ Phila. at,Cinn. Phila. at "Cinn. Phila. at Cinn. Phila. at Cinn. 5 :00 as :30 :45 Overland Trail Overland Trail Overland Trail Overland Trail Frances Farmer Frances Farmer Frances Farmer Frances Fanricr Wrestling Wrestling Wrestling Wrestling Phila. at Cinn. Phila. at Cinn. Action Action Action Action Action Action 6 :00 as :30 Country Show Country Show Wrestling Wrestling Frances Farmer Frances Farmer Frances Farmer Early Report Week's Sports News. Weather Two Faces West Two Faces West Man From Cochise Man From Cochise Midwest Hayride Midwest Hayride 7 :00 as :30 -.45 Wrestling Wrestling Riverboat Riverboat :00 as :30 :45 Riverboat Riverboat Main Event Main Event Key Hole Key Hole Wells Fargo Wells Fargo_ Wells Fargo Wells Fai'go Tall Man Tall Man Death Valley Death Valley Perry Mason Perry Mason Matties Funnies Matties Funnies Calvin Calvin Perry Mason Perrv Mason The Defenders The Defenders Room for 1 More Room for 1 More Beaver Beaver 9 :00 Voice of Freedom Sat. Nitc Movies The Defenders Lawrence Wolk as Voice of Freedom Sat. Nile Movies The Defenders Lawrence Welk =30 Voice of Freedom Sat. Nite Movies Have Gun Lawrence Welk :« Voice of Freedom Sat. Nitc Movies ilave'Gun Lawrence Welk 10 :90 -.15 -.30 :43 Open End Open End Open End Open End Sat. Nitc Movies Sat. Nite Movies Sat. Nitc Movies Sat. Nite Movies Gunsmoke Guiismoko Gunsmoke Guiismoke Fight of Week Fight of Week Fight of Week Fight of Week The Golden Years One Senior Citizen Plans To Move When Pensioned By THOMAS COLLINS "Why I would never consent to retire in the place where I'now live..." • This was the subject on an interview with a man by the name of Harris. He,-had written in to pirotest advice that was'given here about, the-desirability of staying on in the old home when the pension came at 65. . •'."•• •.•'•.; • • • It seemed fitting .that he be contacted,'; and that his views be laid out.. Here they are: "I have seven months to go before I retire," Mr.. Harris ' says. "And I have thoroughly researched my. future. I'believe without doubt that the' man'who has worked in the $9,000-lflO,OOfl ; ' class should take the plastic covers off his life when he retires and git—git as.far away as possible. All the parables about retirement that are fed to, men like me are nice, but about half of them are nonsense. "I am going'. to move away, first, because of'real estate taxes. My $24,000 home is costing $700 a year in taxes,, 'or roughly $58 a month. The $24,000 equity, if invested at 4'/4 per cent, would net me $90 a month., That totals $148 a month. But .with' insurance, painting and upkeep it is costing me about $225 a month for. where I live. I can get good retirement housing for much' less for my wife and me." "I am going to move away, second, because where we live is my wife's world and not mine. For five years or more she has been busy with the Women Voters League, Neighborhood Circle, Woman's Club, Rose Society and halt a dozen more. She'll have two places a day to go. I'll have noris. I won't tell her she must stay home to keep me company I'll just move us away so we'll start out equal and fresh with : our mornings. I've told my wife my reasoning. She smiles maternally at me. But she understands." "I am going to move away, third, because I am not willing to live on a retirement income of $3,200 a year among working neighbors who are making about three time as mu'ch.- -Not because I can't, cover, up'and get by, because I can. It's because" I would spend months into, years with no hope of bettering myself, financial ly—unless Congress voted another 50 •• cents on:Social .Security. While all .the time my neighbors would •be getting $10 raises' and still heading upward. This-hope for a richer tomorrow will die when, a man :retires. But 'it .has to die. So it is' advisable.' that a man get away and into a neighborhood of people who aren't still trying so hard to succeed ...". Mr. Harris had other reasons. He cited.the one about cost-of-living being a difficult thing to reduce in a neighborhood that knew 'you, but that it's fairly sample among strangers. He cited the one about the retired, man,being •a "has been."- and he finds it unpleasant in a' community that knew him when he wasn't. He used the .phrase "a. used-to-be" and explained that it would be the second thing anybody in the community always said about him. <The first thing, he explained, would be for a neighbor to say "That old gentleman living in the corner house is Mr. Harris . .." And the second would be "He used to be'-.. ." . He figures that somewhere else the first thing somebody said ; about .him would be "The man living in the corner apartment is 'a Mr. Harris, who is retired ..." and the second would be "he moved in two months ago and is very nice. .." He thinks the difference between the two attitudes can be important enough to a retired man's ego to warrant his moving away. "And I put- a premium on something most people don't coiv sicler in retirement," says Mr. Harris. It's the relationship a re> tired man can have with other men, .probably retired ones. It's something between having a pal (which sounds juvenile) and having a K'ony (jyhich sound senile). But I don't mean a friend—the word friend has lost all meaning to men in business careers. • "I'm talking about a companion who has overcome the.psycholo'gi cal- problems of retiring, which I intend to do, arid who can debate things with : me, fish, with me, exchange car repair jobs with me,'advise me and take my advice. In brief a man .who has been able to .shed the trappings of a mercenary life, has scraped down to.people, and likes what he has scraped down to. , "This sort of retirement colleague will not be found in the environment where I have lived my mercenary life. The image my neighbors and business friends see in me, and the image I see in them; would never allow it. I need fresh people..." (Next week: A man who thinks Mr. Harris is'all wrong.) (COPYRIGHT 1962, GENERAL FEATURESC CORP.) DePauw. U. President Dies After Seizure TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) —•President Russell J. Humbert, 57, of DePauw University died Saturday, a day after suffering a heart attack hi nearby lake cottage. He reportedly had shown some improvement after being brought to Munson Hospital here, but his condition had remained serious. Dr. Humbert, who had been DePauw president since 1951, had planned to give a commencement address in Bryan, Ohio, Friday night. He and his wife had been at the cottage over Memorial Day and were preparing to leave fpi Bryan when he was stricken. Before taking over the administration at DePauw, Dr. Humbert was pastor of Trinity Methodisl Church in Youngstewn, Ohio, one of the denomination's largesl churches. He was to have preached this summer in the American Church in Paris. TO THE TAX PAYERS, MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF LOGANSPORT This article is for the information of the residents of Log ansport and is relative to the proposed Cable TV Franchise. We would like answers to the following questions from our City officials who are supposed to conduct the City's business affairs in a business-like manner. 1. Proposals for the Cable Franchise were to be submitted by the three competing companies to the City Council who would then take at least two weeks to study and evaluate their content);. After the two week period, a meeting would be called and the Franchise would be awarded BUT ONLY AFTER CAREFUL CONSIDERATION. This, however, is not the way it worked Here is what happened. First H & B submitted their proposal, then Telesystem Services Corporation submitted theirs, then Jerrold submitted their proposal and they were told that they 'would get the Franchise right then and there. Two councilmen objected. They wanted to study each proposal. They reminded other councilmen of the Urban Renewal Fiasco that came about because the Council did not ma&e a proper study but they were out-voted by the majority. We have it on good authority that this decision: was reached two weeks BEFORE the meeting. Was the entire hearing a Farce WHY? 2. Councilmen Hiatt, Emler, Jasorka and •Boatman with Jerrold attorney, were flown by Jerrold to Ottawa, Illinois to look at a low band system, (not the type system proposed for Logansport). Not one of them would know an electron if it bit them, they don't know a low band system from an all Band system. Today they couldn't answer one technical question about Cable Television. These are the "EXPERTS" who made a technical decision for the City of Logansport. We want to know why they did not invite an Electronics Engineer (they are available in Logansport) to look at the system in Ottawa so he could advise them in a field which is highly technical. If the Council was completely impartial, this could have been done, but it was not. WHY? 3. The Council stated that Jerrold presented the best offer. IN WHAT WAY? Because their rates would NOT EXCEED $50.00 for installation? REMEMBER THAT THIS CONTRACT STATES THAT JERROLD CAN CHARGE UP TO $50.00 FOR INSTALLATION. Do. you want to be saddled with this charge? The other applicants have signified their intent to make their rates guaranteed in a contract with the City. Their rates for installation are only $29.95 and $19.95, with no trade-ins or other sales gimmicks. Why did the Council state Jerrold made the best offer? 4. Jerrold made a committment of a yearly rental of $3.00 per pole. The other applicants made no committments but preferred to let the City set the rental fee. ' Could the City have gotten more rental from their poles? The Cable System or "Community TV System" is being presented as an inexpensive "cure-all" for TV reception in Logansport. We have investigated such systems in other areas and have found the following facts: For your family to participate in a Community TV System WILL be EXPENSIVE. The present cost to connect your home to a , community system, will be $50.00 plus $5.00 every month thereafter; If you have only ' one TV set. If you have two sets, or plan to buy a second set the cost will be over $50.00 for installation and over $5.00 per month thereafter. The above cost figures are PLUS TAXES.. It is interesting to note that Jerrold states the rates will not go up without the approval of the City Council, but who knows what our City Council will permit them to do in the future. Jerrold being a private out • state corporation, not being'under the jurisdiction of the Public Service Commission cari raise their prices whenever they please. A family in Logansport with two (2) TV sets can spend—not'including taxes,, and at present rates $480.00 in the next five years. The people of Logansport can own their own All-Channel Antenna Installation for an' average cost of $125.00—WITH GOOD ! 'RE-' CEPTION. This will give good reception on all three networks—plus any other stations 'that may reach this AREA in the future, like Channel 22 from South B'end. The average effective life of an individual antenna installation is more than five year.s, for a cost of less than $5.00 per year this antenna can . be insured for $100.00, so the Insurance Company will pay any loss or damage to the antenna. ' . If Jerrold installs The Community TV Cable in Logansport and connects to 8,000 TV sets, the cost to" the Logansport taxpayers will be close to $3,840,000.00, out of ••this.. •amount Jerrold will spend in the City of Logansport close to $233,400.00. All this expense in a .five year period. This would include the wages for one manager, three linemen, two bookkeepers, three new panel trucks, office equipment, office rent,, cost to-operate three trucks, taxes, lights, heat, water and misc. overhead.. Add to this the cost of installing the system which would be close to $300,000.00. None of the equipment in this installation can be purchased locally, and very, little of the labor, so taxpayers, wake up.' do we want to let this amount of money leave Logansport. to an out,of State Corporation that pays Very little City Tax, raises no, children in . bur HOW GOOD IS THE RECEPTION ON COMMUMITYCAitET.V. Three of our technicians visited Ottawa, Illinois, Jerrold's best and only Community TV; Cable System, twice in the last two weeks, the last time on May 29th, 1962. Last .week, one of 'our technicians ran a public forum in'the-Logansport Newspaper, stating the pictures he saw in Ottawa, Illinois on the cable system had considerable amount of snow and were not as good as the reception we can 'get here in Logansport on 6r8-13-18. But Jerrold, on their fifteen minute program on the radio, contradicted this and said all the reception they had seen in Ottawa, Illinois was crystal clear, we think they need glasses. ' • When we were inspecting the system in Ottawa, Illinois on May 2.9th to prove the fact that their reception is not as good as we can get here in Logansport. We took pictures- of reception on 6 different make sets.at ' twelve different, locations in the city. The strongest signal they had gave such a blurred picture you could not read the names in the":"Concentration" program'on. any of these six sets.'.We also took a field strength meter with us to take the microvolt readings which is'a measurement of signal deliverel to the TV set, Jerrold guarantees 1,000 micro- volts "but the strongest we could find any place 'in the city was 900. microvolts on one channel.- One channel 800 microvolts, one channel 450 microvolts and on channel 3 only 200 microvolts, now Jerrold will come out and say our meter was not accurate, but to prove it was not the fault of the meter we went to the TV Cable office, where, they service and repair their amplifiers and the high-' est microvolts reading, their chief technician could get on Jerrolds own microvolt meter was 1300 microvolts on one channel, 900 mic- rovolts on one channel, 800 microvolts on one channel, and only 200 microvolts on channel 3. Why did not.our City Attorney and our City Council investigate and inquire for information of other cities iri regards to the Cable TV, like, Marion, Indiana. We .understand their City Attorney asked Marciis C. Woods the-deputy State Attorney General for laws pertaining-.to the TV Cable in their City. This is an article that was in'the Marion .paper. We quote: "The City Attorney read an opinion of a deputy state attorney general, Marcus C. Woods, which said such a franchise would place the city in a precarious position, to say the least, and would subject itself to the possibility of considerable litigation for a relatively minor accomplishment." End of quote. ...... ... schools, or interested in our City as a whole? CITIZENS OF LOGANSPORT, DO NOT LET ANOTHER FIASCO LIKE THE URBAN RENEWAL BE FORCED ON TO YOU, NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT. BE AT THE CITY COUNCIL MEETING MONDAY NIGHT IN THE CITY;BUILDING. LET YOUR CITY COUNCIL KNOW YOU ELECTED THEM TO DO THE BIDDING OF THE PEOPLE OF LOGANSPORT, NOT WHAT THEY PERSONALLY WANT'TO DO. This «d paid for by (the Radio-flefevision Service 'Engineers Association of iLogja nsport.). " PRBS.-William Boiler V. PRES.-FRANK PICKENS SEC. - J OH N E. HILL TREAS.-GLEN OGLE SOMETHING WRONG HERE - Ncwlywsds Charles and Sandra Guttersohn, of Detroit, were all set Ui> move into their small house but the noises of decorating antl hammering disturbed guests under the house—skunks. The couple tried water, poison, plugging holes, but still have the skunk:, and their smell. (UPI) •' Table Talk Answer to Pravlous Puzzl» ACROSS S Toward the sheltered side 10 Shakespearean 8Kind o£cabbago,, """e ,.,,.• 12 Biblical prophet U Essential being 13 Eggs 19 Produce an egg 14 French islands 20 Transmit 15 Ceremony 18 Guided 17 Afternoon parties- 18 Of the stars 20 Cubic meter. 21 Head part 22 Golf device 23 Medicinal plant 26 Meals 30 Greek war god 31 Affectionate 32 Fish delicacy ,33 Cravat '34 Small food morsels 35 Meat paste 30 Depresses 38 Postures 39 Donkey •MTakeapIaca at table. 41 Boxes 44 Gratifies 48 Liquid measure 49 American poet 60 Blood si Poker stake 62 Individual 53 Redact 54 Spoke 55 Favorite 56 Without (Ife) DOWN 1 Impairs 2 Give forth. 3 Memorandum 4 Without valuo EKind o£ bear 6 Above 7 Small child 8 Young animal 22 Food containers 23 Makes laco 24Song 25Lac£ 26 Specks 27 Ages 28 Repetition 29 Bishops' jurisdictions 31 Fish parts 34 England's "GoodQucerf" 30 Soups 57 Hurried 38 Dessert 40 Wintry precipitation 41 Health rcsortil 42 Pineapple 43 Opposed 44 Cornbrcad 45 Soft drink *J Ireland 47 Matched dishes ; 49 _— goes tha weasel !6 & 1* i> & 16 u NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASS!!?. THIItU HUBS., 6-5 DIAL 4802 BUCK IIWiE HUES. 2nd Filature at 11:30 OTTO PREMINCER PRESENTS PAUL NEWMAN/EVA MARIE SAIN! RALPH RICHARDSON/PETER LAWFORC LEE J.COBB-SALMINED/JOHN DEREK Stun* UK HA Mntaw BtlHafS NOW PLAYING PATBOONE-BOBBY DARIN PAMELA TIFFIN-A WARGRET TOMEWELL ALICE'FAYE i Mefm ffilES BRACKET! BlltMtr Saiwliit. JOSEFERRER 3D FRESH AND 'WONDERFUL Witt RICHARD RODSEHS- NEWEST MELODIES MO NEWEST Also: Travelogue "Wonderful JlftweF' and Mr. Magoo Cartoon (UkKfurmit SWtt (.CtiCM Wtfl Ottd CQt-ORbyRELUXe. Doers Open 1 ip. in. State Fair at 2:00-4:30^7:00-9:30 p. m. \

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