Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 3, 1962 · Page 11
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 11

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 3, 1962
Page 11
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SUNDAY, JUNE 3,1962 THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA^ PAGE ELEVEN ** o r-y. • l«o ?I/^O 4T4 iV2 ^*^" Women Dig In To Lawns By VIVIAN BROWN AP Newsfcatures Writer Some womenfolk have inherited those Saturday duties that for: merly were earmarked for men- folk. But now, in the "heartsaving" era, golfers, fishermen, campers and beachcombers are strenuously following doctor's orders to relax as Spring unfolds. We women wijl go for the yard work on condition that there's no back talk. For once we'll have a rhododendton bush where it will do a job, a cherry tree where it can be seen, and a hedge where it is needed. Whereas a man chooses plant- Carrier Weather-makers For Year Round Comfort • Heating • Cooling Electronic Air Cleaners Automatic Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers Tho Comfort of Your Homo li Our Concern. You can BUY Comfort for your Home ... • Probably for much lew than You Think. Let Us Tell You HOW MUCH LESS. SHAW'S AIR CONDITIONING AND REFRIGERATION Our Recommendation "30 yrs. Experience; 20 yrs. in the business; Oldest Firm of Our Kind in torjansport." .»i ing .areas because "there aren't any rocks" or the "ground is soft," a woman considers the outdoors a frame for her house, worth .the effort it takes to-.build it just right. She'll plant a bush to flatter an area no matter how long it takes, and, she'll place it as carefully as she would fasten a posy to a hat to improve it. What's more, she'll take advice from experts. "Tender loving care" in planting trees goes a long way toward producing healthy, vigorous plants, says landscape specialist W. R. Nelson Jr. of the University of Illinois. "An attractiveness is the main purpose of planting shrubs around the house," he s-ays. Shrubs should have enough variety to give interest and not detract from the house. If the house is symmetrical with windoys, and -architectural arrangements the same on both sides of the house, make the planting's the same. If the design is asymmetrical, use an informal balance, utilizing a variety of plant heights and groupings near corners and entrances, he advises. An extremely long house with an attractive foundation doesn't require plantings the entire length of-the foundation. Nelson suggests letting grass grow next to part of the foundation, making sure the strip of grass is wide enough to look appropriate and is in scale with 'Other foundation plantings. High foundations are better screened with shrubs, though, he says. Tallest shrubs at corner plant ings-should be not more than two lirds of the distance to the sec- nd story or to the eaves on one- ;ory houses. . • • Plantings next to the front door lould be one-third as tall as the istance from the ground to the econd. floor or eaves. For many anch-style houses; 'plantings riould be only one deep, Nelson ays. ' ' In multiple plantings, however,' middle plants should be one-half s high as the tallest plants. Low lants should :be one-fourth to ne-third ,as high as middle plants' ays this expert. Other Tips 1. Make sure trefi; and shrubs re right for your climate. 2. Dig the hole -larger than the ctual root spread of "the plaint, t-will help .the roots, to spread n their normal pattern. 3. Use topsoil to refill the.hole, using subsoil only if it is thro- ughly mixed with some organic matter and complete fertilizer. ,4. Do not put manure or leaves n the hole where it can.contact he roots; 5. When filling the hole, pack oil .around the roots to eliminate lir pockets. Use a spade handle, i bunt object or your foot. 'After he hole is three-fourths full, fill : with water to ground level. 6. Fill the rest of the hole with oose soil after water has soaked n, leaving soil level a little be- ow ground surface. 7. Plant balled and burlapped >lants in the same way as'bare- 'oot plants. Leave burlap on to ceep the ball together, unless DO YOU NEED STORAGE SPACE? OAU US iFOR CUSTOM-BUILT CABINETS If you're working in an old-fashioned kitchen, improve it with new cabinets. ""* ar Let us 'plan your work with our custom built cabinets, made to your exact specifications. ZINN MANUFACTURING CO. FLORA, <tND. r PH. 967-4177 George Burnham, 'Salesman Phone 967-4384 .GOING- GOING- GONE.' ON AMERICAN ALUMINUM LADDERS (Extension or Straight) Here's your big opportunity to save en quality aluminum ladders. Extension ladders equipped with ropes, pullics and ladder feet. Ladders have 3-inch side rails — width li inches. \ 20-ft. Extension 24-ft. Extension ' 28-ft. Extension R "v^. K $25.95 T^r 5 $30.95 R 'v»'«'*" $35-95 16 Ft. Y/ood.Extension Ladder $10.95 20 Ft. Wood Extension Ladder $13.95 2 Ft. Aluminum Step Stool . ... .$2.95 5 Ft. Magnesium Step Ladder $12.95 6 Ft. Magnesium Step Ladder $14.95 6 'Ft. Extension Planks . .$10.95 8 Ft'. Extension Planks. ., $li3.95 LOGANSPORT PAINT & WALLPAPER CO. 322 f. [Broadway Dial 3637 PUNNING TO REMODEL YOUR • BATH • KITCHEN OR HEATING SYSTEM CALL US FOR ESTIMATE H.R.DIETZE Plumbing & Heating PttfMM 34O9 '419 Imi M. EARLY AMERICAN—This clamor kitchen combines the charm of the old-fashioned "country kitchen" with modern, practical materials and conveniences. Woodgrain Formica cabinets are accented by pastel countertops, spaced-tile vinyl flooring. Selecting and Caring tor Tools A re Vital Parts of Gardening MR. FIX Written for NewsJpaper Enterprise Assn. In connection with garden tools, remember two things: • Buy the best. • Take care of what you buy. Don't be overwhelmed by the garden tool displays in stores. If nursery men advise removing burlap. 8. When planting bare-root material, remove about half of the top branches to compensate for root loss when plant was dug up. 9. Water new trees and shrubs thoroughly, soaking soil' to root area about once a week. More Work for Women Lawn rejuvenation can be a breeze for the ladies, also. Pushing a lawn roller can be a mere romp for women who are used to pushing furniture around. And. if anybody can destroy interlopers such as grubs, weeds, crabgrass, it's the female .of the human species. Nelson suggests rolling the lawn with about 100 pounds of weight for each foot of roller width. But avoid the job .when the soil is wet as the compaction that occurs will hinder root deyelopmenl and moisture penetration. CARTER'S CONCRETE BLOCK PLANT, INC. LOGAN SPOR.T PLANT 4 miles west on Hwy. 24 PHONE 3267 Monticello Yard ' Phone JUstice 583-7811 four budget is limited, buy only " it you immediately need. Well constructed tools of durable.ma- erials are economical. You will md that tools made of poor ma- erial will not last long. Nor, will hey do 'an efficient job. Be Sharp It's important to keep a sharp edge on tools whether they are >runing shears or spades and iocs. For working the soil, get a spading fork. It's easy to work with and can be used for lifting slants, too. A spade is important 'or digging holes. If you get a square spade, it can double for edging the lawn 'Until you can nvest in a special tool for that nirppse. A steel rake is necessary in ;ardening. Get a light leaf .rake 'or keeping the lawn clean. Cultivation For cultivating, get a cultiva .or hoe, one with a wide straight edge on one side, a pointd blade on the other. When you feel like splurging later on ,pick out those lools that seem to suit your spe : cial purpose. You will need grass shears, il you hope to keep the lawn neal; pruning shears, for trees anc roses; hedge shears, if you have a row of hedges. For watering, get a good hose and a' sprinkler. Later add 'soil soakers, nozzle and hose reel. Take Time Take your 'time picking tools, Heft them to see if they are too angfield 36" SUBURBAN TRACTOR Easy Terms I 1 Have a ball... with the suburban tractor that can do it all! Mows, plows, bulldozes . . . does every job in yard and garden.. Built by America's No. 1 manufacturer of riding mowers. See it,perform! Full line of attachments. Easy terms available, too. 25 Inch Cut. . . $339.95 516-18 Broadway Phone 4184 eavy. If the tool feels awkward ry another. The same garden too may not suit you and your wife Once you get your lools, take care of them. Find a place to tore them. Clean them after ising and wipe metal parts with an oily rag. Check handles for splinters cracks. Good tools are worth sal aging with the addition of new landles. Wipe wooden handles with lin seed oil; Do not paint. This wl cover up weaknesses in the wooc i'or that same reason, avoid buy ng lools with painted handles. It won't hurt to paint a brigh y colored stripe around the ban die. It might help you locate if it falls in a weed patch o among the /lowers, THAT EXTRA TWIST MEANS EXTRA WEAR ON FAUCET Never give an extra twist to a faucet handle to shut the watei off. • This will quickly wear out the washer seat, which is the hear of the faucet, says the Plumbing Heating-Cooling Information Bu> r.eau. And to help assure efficient operation! says the Bureau, use only quality washers,. such as plumbing contractors have in stock, A cheap washer will swell up in the hot water faucet. Fix Up Your Home For Spring every type ... let our We have floor coverings of trained staff help you se- lect the right color . . . the right type . . . the right design for the room you'll use it in. Call For Estimate Partridge Floor Coverings 509 E. Market Phone 3905 DAVIDS : enee Tips Here are a few basic rules uggested by the Western Pine ssociation for putting up a ood fence. Fence posts should e soaked for at least two hours i a penla solution. The remain- or of .each post should be rushed with the solution:. This seals the wood and lends dded protection against damp- ess. Posts should be sunk about ne-third their length and should e set on a two-inch layer of ravel for proper drainage. And, least an attractive finish be marred™ by rust streaks, aluminum nails would best be used. , Once the initial construction stages have been completed, the fence design is up to the individual and should be geared to intended purpose. Purely ibr decoration, there are several, variations on. the picket theme. For privacy Sans monotony Ihere are arrangements of alternating back and front panels. Build of handsome and weather •resistant wood from the Western Pine region, a fence can do wonders for the appearance of home and garden. Enjoy ' .. JBIWaBBMISWIMSK'l*'"''*''*™""- 1 """?'. wonderful .^warmth Around the Clock with modern Mueller wifClimatrol GAS HEAT Mueller Cllmatrol Cm Hut bring« (rnh, wonderful warmth to evory room . . . «•«•» , minute of your wintM day. No cold floors . .. Irrlutlne drifu or "cold pockeU." Just contUnt, uniform ir.rmtb that keepi your homi »nue . . . keep;. sour twnlljr bcaltby. Col your heating contractor for more lulls anil free Dittmat*. BAKER SPECIALTY AND SUPPLY INC. DISTRIBUTORS Look AT THE QUAUTY UN A DURABLE HOME QUALITY CONSTRUCTION QUALITY PLANNING QUALITY FEATURES NAME BRAND PRODUCTS THROUGHOUT American Standard Plumbing fixtures • Majestic Heating (II Owens Corning Fiber Glass Insulation • Celotex Gypsum Board • Famous "Gang Nail" Patented Ro'of Trusses • instate Sheathing and Siding • Anaconda Copper Plumbing • Imperial Cabinets • Formica Cabinet Tops • Gold Sea] Roofing • Bruce Hardwood 'Flooring • Honeywell Temperature Controls • Hall Mack Bathroom Accessories • Dexter 'Door Hardware.• Virden Light fixturus • Western Fir Ass'n. Graded No. 1 lumber. - THE EXCITING NEW 1962 RANCHETTE let A Durable Home Consultant Show You The Many Advantages Of A New Durable Hointi! And Save ON THt COST OF YOUR NEW HOME TODAY Mail Coupon For Free Information Name . [Address S City . Ph. lot location ; Planning To Purchase A lof DURABLE HOMES CORP. 408 N. WASHINGTON - KOKOMO, IND. - PH. GL. 7-6694

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