Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 8, 1944 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 8, 1944
Page 8
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Page Eight SATURDAY, JULY local Soldier lauds The Work Of Red Cross Held Over At Strand 'A Na tiff at lick soldier, P»rgeant Theodore Sosnowski of the United Ltales Army, who is. stationed :it thf Oakland Area Stution hospital, S. C. U. J!)7S. Oakland, California, writes! of tint wonderful work that the Red Cross Is doing for the BOUIior". . The letter which was received by the Naugatuck chapter, Arnori- can Red Cross is ns follows, Naugatuck Chapter American Red Cross Gentlemen: I am writing these few words so that you can show the people at home thiit their money is not going to waste, and what the Red Cross is doing for t.\e boys in the atorvice. I nni sending you two editions of our littli) papr'r. the "Dry Run." I think you will tind it very inti-r- uating reading and lerirn what the Ri-d Ci'oss is doing for tin- boys hurt- in our beautiful hospital. I am a sergeant here, an X-ray tcahnlclnn and am a boy from good OKI Union Ctfy. When I was home on furlough in April, .s-onu; people asked mo whfi-p all tin- money received by ,thi> Red Cross was going. I told thi-iii how wonderful the Red Cross was find herf Is added proof. I was a patient once in this hospital, and th« Red Cross did wonders to make me cheerful and happy, and in every way aided me to be up and about again. Sincerely, Sergeant Toil Snsnowski. Governor Baldwin Will Bfe A&l W Change His Decision Scene fi-iMtr "Two Girls and a Sailor" one of the finest oonuidy- m'.tsic:il shows of tin 1 .season, liriuled by an iill-slur. c;ist, no\v at tin: Str:iiul thrater, ^Vaterhury. Germans Are Said I Man And Woman Hai'tford, July 8— (UP)—Efforts; are being rnnde- to prevail 'upon Governor Raymond E. Baldwin to withdraw his anouncement thai/ ho will j not,. run' for ro-eleclion in November. • •' •' . •• . ... A special Republican Mate central committee is to call upon (.he governor at the Capitol Monday,! to ask him lo cha'tig-a his deci-; sion, • • \ Governor Baldwin told Ore com-.. mittce last; night, that he believed no man was . indispensable to til& party, his state 'br his country, and he fell, that the governorship at this lime ' should go ilo somu- onn else. •. •• The Republicans have decided lo -hold their st.-j.te convention in Hartford, the 7th and 8th of Aug-. MSI. -..,.- leay.l. a half a cloKtui, prospective candidates., for the gubernatorial nomination-, are. available, 'should ^Covernor. Baldwin insist; upon returning to private 'life. Coincidental with Baldwin's decision to gel, oul of politics, 'was! •an 'announcement by former Demo crulic Governor 1 Robert A. Hurhjy Una he would seek rc-nominatioi this year. Hurley-defeated Baldwin in 19-10 and W;LS himself de feated by Baldwin two years later New Clue Reported In (Massachusetts Murder Mystery ;,:' Scituate, Mass,, July 8—(UP)— Two ace state "detectives have en-" tered ,'thc IvTuncos McGraf.h mur- "der' Investigation; The 'slate inicr- vi'htion came-following the discov- •'c.-y of a new and promising clue ^r—the ^charred hulk of what may 'have been the automobile In which the'JO-year-old Dorchester girl rode : - ..The two veteran investigators ari! State Public Safety' Commis- Bl'ohor 1 John F. Stokes and Stutc 0 _,. JPplice Captain Joseph -L. .Ferrari. [ Anyone ignoring the notification ; The wrecked and burned car was! left by the revenue agents is liable ;£ound in-North Ablngto'n woods, a' to prosecution. If the driver hus ' ' " ' ' ''- bought a stamp but did not place Internal Revenue Agents Check On Auto Stamps A check on automobiles in Nau- RutucJt ';was made by Wixtcrbury intei-nuT revenue agents here on Friday,"The rcveriuers visited local parking lots and factory lots seeking stamp-free, windshields The agents left notification tickets on. cars if they did not beur the auto-use tax stamp. Several cars were found without stamps. In the' last two days, sule.x of the stamp at the local post office have gone up considerably. The KHS tern Band of Cherokees own (14,000 ticre.s of luiul in tin: Cr«!it Smokies of North Carolina. To Have Evacuated City Of Baranowicze Xo Matter What Ad Can Sell It. Also '' SLIGHTLY TERRIFIC' AfOR'f Rll'KI SKlilAI. :md , <;AKTOO.V, Nl-'.VVS SUNDAY - MONDAY fl!y rrrsv) Radio B>-rlin says tin* Germans ivt- ovnouai.i'il Hnranowirs-.o, strs- gio Polish city on tho rurtd l.o Warsaw anil KcM-lin. Th«> fall of tin- gn-rxt bastion vi-fnik! unlock I ho door |r> i}n- historic norih-c.'nli'ul invasion ruulo.' M.'irshal RokossovsUy'.s first White Rttiisi.'in army las', was ro- portrij at I ho g.iti.'.s of KarrLnowic/';. Xow, with tht> hnsi" 1 ropru'letily occupied— thi' mnrshnl'.s furci.'S are ••xpi'Cteil tu tlrivo toward; tlu 1 twin Ntrnnghulds of Bialystok and Bros-t- Litovsk. Thi> next major objective would bo Warsaw. Turning to the northern fighting— A CrLT-nian nows agency report says tho Rod .'ir.'r.y has i-oachud '.he , r ,:rtvi;i-to-\Var.sat' raihvay. Tin* cut-ting fif this lino would si-vcrr th' 1 cnomy's main sujxply roulf to thi> nor"'ivi ['runt. Th* 1 onomy reports fighting un- drr way in the out'- 1 !- fi-ing->s of Wilno, L-apiU'l ol' Soviet TL.itluia:iin. I^ut Soviri di.'!pat.pht?s put tlu> Rod ai my :;i:itin> 3f) milos from the city. Geni'i-nl ]van .Kairrzimian's t' Whit.' Russian nrmy adv.-inred in miles yi'Storday, and nitjituriid a tr^'.'n one mill 1 fr-om t l u: Lithti- iir.ian I'l-ontit-r. I.Jagrarni.'in 1 '-' mon aro progrnssing :it a pacf: that probably hu.s taki.-n llmm across the bordor. Are Being Held For Questioning Cayonne, IS'. J., July S—(UP.)— Policy nri! holding a man and Ji woman for questioning ill the Ooploy-Pla:'.a hotel holdup last January which netted $".3,000, The pair—iduntilled by police as Ray- tnonil K. C.-u-tei- of Boston and Mary Willett of Patterson. New .lot-soy—were arrested yesterday for allegedly passing worthless f;lu'cks. Anil police say Carter has ncknowK'dgrd his part in the Boston holdup, However, Boston police said they had no record uf a Raymond Cart- ni- in their (lies, but that the woman has boon sought by .Everett and Jlrool.-ton police on check charges. No extraditio'n proceedings will be taken until llnger- priiits can be checked. The holdup occurred January 3rd when Mark Ells, a house de- t.rctive, was slugged and robbed of tho money while enroutu to a bonk. Stays Granted To Two In Borough Court This Morning few mile's southwest of. Scl'tuatXv vAnd .it was said to answer '.scrlption . of an old model sedan w.hich' may have figured in the •case: , ' .',:Mea'n\vhilc, State Chemist Joseph ;T. Walker analyzed dark brown stains-on the roar seat cushion and a, handkerchief which was found in the burned automobile.~-A newspaper dated July 17th containing a story of (.he discovery of the child's body also was found in the cur. .The- automobile reportedly was stolen from a Brockton resident. Three Sisters And Husband Of One Of Them Were Drowned It on his windshield,, he should see an agent and mako out an affidavit that he had previously paid the tax. Those getting stamps because of notifications are required to see the agents before purchasing ill'.- Ktamp. ' Judge Thomas Nenry continued two cases that were on the docket for th« borough court this morning. Hugh- G. McDonald, 35, Bristol street, Waterbury, who Is charged with violating the motor vehicle laws, received n continuance to July jfi. He is under $200 bonds. McDonald was arrest.od by Patrolman George Kogut and Raymond Carlson yesterday afternoon. In the other/case Leopold Sajda- itowski, -12 City Hill street, Union City, received a stay, until July 1-1. Ha is charged with violating the liTluor laws 1 and is under $100 bonds. " . ... He was arrested by Officer I "'I 10 -worked , for ihree hours try- .George Kogut after an investigation by slate liquor commissioners Newport, VL, July S—fU P)—A swimmiTvfj. party in Marcotte'a pond has ended in tragedy for four uc'rsons. .Three sisters and (lie husband of one of tha women drowned lerpite efforts of firemen I o save .hem. The accident occurred when Marie Cliampigny, 18 years o!d, 'and Pauline Charnpigny, 59 yean* old, waded beyond tlieir depth. Tin'- third sister, Mrs. Lena Jacques. 23;yearsold, and her husband Roger, '25 'years old, were drowned trying to. rescue the girls who were unable lo swim. All were from Newport. .. Two other members of the swimming par.'y—Gilbert BiU'cnro. arid Patsy Muncinone— both of Waterbury, Conn., summoned firemen Allies In Italy Have Captured 3 Important Towns 192 Total In Blood Donor list The Girl In The Case" •rill inn fee ? our home Jl is better <D ever* wav — really cheaper, too— 10 uio food pmnc- liU<- Mutphv's. F he* arc more Bcaunfui aod Iht'v wear, *nd wear, nod wear. . A»k u» about them. CANS, Inc. MAPLE STREET TEL. 3507 (Continued from Pago 1) Philip Rico, Milton Fdffli-. Rnse [jims'iii. .M:mnn I'"oloy. Max Bloom, A, Richard F'.[>nnn, Kedwig Stern- la It. Also Rrtgar T.onrh. William Chit- tendi'n, Mrs. !-,arl Phillips. Mrs. Menry I.ysakoski. Robert L,. Xcl- ley, Dan lot K. Bt-insmade, I-E, J. Yi?arnos. Also Mrs. A'.anson Benson, Vic- loriti .Kosowicx. Dorothy llnndall, \VI!liam Huitstnn. Walter Hiirrfs rind Mrs. Oscar Anderson. Rai:--n Jncomn Tnx Dollars Wilh News Salo Ads. (By United Pi-ess) Tho Alliod Fifth Army in Italy has captured three key outposts protecting the big port of Livorno. The throe outposts were taken nftor bitter fighting. The Yanks and the French had to drive ahead in sti'oct fighting Jit close quarters. Tho most important of the newly- won towns is tho base of Rosig- ntno, seixod by the Americans after more than a week of lighting. The Americans and French have driven on beyond the enemy strong-points, But they arc moet- ir.g vicious opposition and their advance has boon slowed. Across Italy, on the Adriatic coast'. Polish troops have advanced four miles. They now are only five and one-half miles from Ancona., a major coastal base. House In Bristol Terrace Sold According to .1 warranty deed filed at the odlce of Town Clerk Raymond J. St. John, Otto and Gustav Lucas of Waterbury sold a house titid lot on Radnor avenue in Bristol Ten-ace t.o Harold and Ruth Lucas. ing to revive the victims. Paper Salvage Committee Plans (Continued from Page .1) . Congressman Talbot Outstanding Choice (Continued from Page 1) NOTICE! TO DIM; NAI.T.ATUCK STOK K CCJS'TOM'BKS.' lino to will* tinii' rnmlitions, \v<> ;nv i-'imprlli'd lo clusi- our N:iu- tiiL-k stfin 1 . c.Ai.r, us !>*i>r I In 1 day our Kiuilo Man will nil viiur stri'ct. Free Telephone Service Fur NailgatucU- Customers GV.U Enterprise 4700 SHALETT-LUX Electrical Supplies Lighting Equipment •KM WITH 110MHS Victor — Cnluinliiii — KocoriN SWAN ELECTRIC CO. 15 CIIUJlCJI ST. TKI-. 2~'~' VACATION niev Cf, A SI'JiCIAI/ry D. LIEBERMAN 20 CHURCH STJIKKT l.iiiinili-r'crs — Iiry Cli'aui'i's 2s K. Main SI., U'atiThiiry Main Offii-i.- & I'lant, 22 Walnut St. J-Txt. Middlrhiiry YOLTJl KYKCLASSIiS. SIIO1' C. H. Tonilinson » Nonry ISiiihliii); >"au^ittuck ( Conn. >TOKF, CI.OSI-:i> Al.f. DAY ICACII MO.VI>AY 1>UK1NG ,li;i,V ANIJ AUGUST Sergeant Urbelis Back In Air (Continued from Page 1) too red for more active bombing work. Sonic months ago after a long stay in tills country recovering from his wounds. Sergeant Urbelis wenl back in'.o active service and again shipped oul. for overseas. At first said to be in a ground-crew, now information has bcei'. received that lie Is again part of a heavy bomber crew that is making regular flights over German-held Europe, His address is 37S Fr, Bomber Squadron, 362 Fr. Group, A. P. O. Ml, Care of Postmaster, New York. British Troops Storming Caen (Continued Irom Page 1) IIAI.I. CHINA TAI'.I.K I.A.Mrs t $8.95 to $29.95 { STRISIK'S ST. DIAf- 3-27U2 capital with two-Ion -blockbusters. The mosri'.iitoo-K also attacked a sytnlictic oil plant in Ihe Ruhr vail i;y. Before dawn today, hundred? of British hoav.v bombers struck at a rail yard in l.he outskirts of Paris, and led thp tarjrc'l. covered with smoke. Other R-A-F hoavywcishts smaslicd a. flying bomb target within 30 mile? of Paris. It'is not known whether the Germans actually were firing- bombs from Ihe Paris area or whether the British hit n- war plant manufacturing; the bombs. At any rato. Ihe K-A-F filers met strong niropposition and •intense firround fire. By daylight today, 'more than 2;iO American heavy • bombers struck nt robot bomb installations in l.he Pas De Calais area. defeated two years before by Mr. Hurley. . Exactly what part tho rcsulls •of Ihe rec-snt national G. O, P, convention played in Governor Baldwin's decision" lo retire to private life. U not known -but reports indicated that the state head might havo had a place on Ihe national G. O, P. ticket if either Governor Bricker of Ohio or Wendell Willkie had been named .is Ihe Republican candidate for the presidency. Reports have it that the post Governor Baldwin hits been- offered in civil life will carry an Income of approximately $30,000 a year, considerably more, than thy provfii-nor's salary which U about $12,000.00, plus the use of the g-ov- crnor's mansion in Hartford a.nd certain expenses. ' Confidence has been repressed in local, political'circles that Congressman Talbot would be a top- heavy choxe to defeat Roberl Hurley, former governor, providing: the latter -secures Ihe Democratic nomination, for which he already is an avowed candidate. F.-ifi-er feels that the early part of. the'third week of the 1 month will be selected. The street department, which collects the salvage, is busy at ihc present on a'street-oil- ins program. The quota for Naugatuck is 50 tons, .1 figure Unit has yet to be reached in any one drive. Forty three tons were netted and sent to two- mills which were 'designated by the War Production Board as .mills affected greatly by the shortage of paper. The two drives since have been even less fruitful. :. Residents of the borough are urged to start saving their waste paper—newspapers, boxes, wrap- ping'paper—now if they have not been saving since the last collection in May. .Helping Mr. Fuger on the committee are Clifford Teeplc, Si\ Rev, Joseph Kochunas, Robert McFarland, Cecil Matson, Leo J. Brophy, Harold E, Chittenden, Harold Murtha, John J. Sheridan. Anthony Parrar, Car] Moore, Francis A. Clark, James Kissane, William Davison and Edward and Ralph Tucker. Jap Fortress, Hit By U. S. Bombers, Is Mass Of Ruins (By United A trail of smoking ruins glows in the wake of our B-29 super-Fortress raid on Japan yesterday. A. new War department com- munique says targets on the occupied coast of China also were hit. The Japanese targets included the big steel center of Yawata— Japan's Pittsburgh—the naval base of Sasebo, and Omurn. The War department announces that its previous designation of Tobata as one of the targets was in error. Tn- stead. the huge forts struck at Omiira, a vital war industry center south of Sasebo. The super-Fortresses smashed at Yankow on the Yangsxe river— a principal supply base for Jap operations In eastern China. ..When our airmen dumped their cargoes of destruction on Amura and Yawala, they struck . at the vital primary sources of Nipponese naval strength. The cities are studded with iron foundries, steel mills and war industries! Yannta supplies the bulk of the steal, p^alo used -by the Jap ship-building industry centered at nearby Nagasaki—but there is no American confirmation of this report. In Sasbo—Yank pilots found an-' other choice and inviting objective. The mas.sive naval base — third largest in all- Japan—is particularly important because it. in the closest naval base to the area of the imperial's fleet's operations. The devastating assault on Ja.pan's industrial heartland came on the seventh anniversary of China's, declaration of war against the island" empire. BOY KILLED BURN'S PROVE FATAL Jf' DESTROYED de- Val d'Or, Quebec, July S — (U A. forest fire has completely stroyed the town of Pascalis in Quebec. The entire population of 050 has taken i;efuge at nearby Pasoalis lake to escape in the flames. The larger town of Val d'Or nearby, is menaced by' tht fire. Winds have sent the blaze raging toward the 'town. Hartford, July S—(U P)—The dean of the University of Connecticut's College of Agriculture has died of burns suffered in the disastrous circus lire. Dean Edwin G. Woodward died at Municipal hospital, where he had been taken after being removed from the flaming Big-Top. Woodward was a former state dairy and food commissioner, and was appointed to the university staff in 1940. He was a native of Missouri. Salem, Mass., July S—(UP)—A 3-year-old . boy has been killed as result of a bus accident. Little Albert Theriault of Salem was struck and killed by an Eastern Massachusetts Street Railway bus when he ran into the street. Police said the driver of the bus was John St. Pierre' of Salem. " DEAD AT 73 Old Lyme, Conn., July S—CUP) — A former president or the New England Steamship company is dead at his home in Old Lyme. .1. Rowland Gardner was 73 years old. He was a prominent naval architect and a. native of Newport, Rhode Island. Buy More War Bonds .Open Daily For LUNCHEON And DINNER NEARTNG HOfttE Seattle, July '8—(UP)—Vico- Presidont Henry A. Wallace haf begun the List lap of his rnturn trip from China. Wallace left Kd- nionton, Alberta,' last 'night .by plane. He is expected to arrive in Seattle today. The vicc-presidenr.— who left the United States May 20lh—is scheduled to speak over a naitonwide radio network at 12:30 p. m. EWT tomorrow. IN AGAIN, OUT AGAIN News Want Ads Can Do - More When You Tell More! Pinckncyville, III. (U P)—Ollie Presswood has had three honorable discharges front-the Army, during: World War II. The first,' after he had been in camp for 22 months, was because he was over the age limit. He was recalled and discharged again to work in a copper mine. Later he was inducted apain and has. recently been discharged because of disability. First in war, first in peace for filli-njy needs of all kinds: News Want Ads. Phone 2228. BOY. WAR HONDS AND STAMPS DANCING Wednesday — and — Saturday . Evenings Only After 9 P. M. Now Open DEEN'S 100 CHURCH STREET Dry Cleaning Laundering Re-Weaving • Opening 1 Special • Beautiful Moth Proof Bag . ', With Each Order HOW DO YOU FOOT UP IN GOODll HOSIERY — OUR MEN'S HOSIERyJ BAR IS A TREAT FOR YOUR 35 CENTS TO .$2.50. From the torrid weather ankle sock—as cool. i 4 as they make them—up to Scotch Argylei f | seme lig-ht-weig-ht wools too—many men •; " —many' minds—seme men would be irritated j with wool hose—"other men would be^-4 irritated without them — - so whatever side if you're on — this resourceful stock should ;,I ; ; mean — put your feet in our hands and we'll .;| keep you on your toes. . ,; i OUTDOOR CLOTHES REEL DRYERS $14.95 TEMPI-ETON'S CO R>' KR WATEKBORV IJI.M- 4080 (No Toll Charge) I.OV1NE ELECTRIC CO. B Church Siren DANCERS! FRIDAY, SATDRDAYMT SUNDAYS We Present FRANK CAPALBO Al.Nl IliK KALI3IA ISLANDER* Hawaiian Orchestra White Eagk Restaurant BRIDGE STREET Meniher of Connecticut. Restaurant A Naug-atuck's 100th Year Your Savings Bank Passes Another Milestone And Reports Total Resources Of Over $10,000,000 A TRIBUTE To The THRIFT and SAVINGS of Naugatuck People NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK All Deposits Guaranteed 100 Years of Service \ For over 100 year's this plant has continuously served our nation .with quality footwear and other fine rubber products, both in peace and in war. UNITED STATES RUBBER CO, Naugatuck Footwear Plant 1 NEW BICYCLES 1 BICYCLE TIRES & TUBES GARDEN FERTILIZER LAWN FERTILIZER HY-TROUS LIQUID FERTILIZER SPRAY MATERIALS KLEEN-FLO Cleans Your Oil Tank Conditions Your Car Motor * CHIMNEY SWEEP • . Cleans Furnace Flues OIL DRUMS — STANDS — FAUCETS CEMENT PAINT Transparent Filler, ana -I Colon The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 Church St Phone 52361

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