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Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, the Evening News from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania • 11

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
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Newlng officiated, at tM aervlcea The pall bearers were James Ryan, Charles Waters, James Langan, H. Oliver, William Smiles to attend the funeral of Father Greve. C. Donnelly and daughter Nora are home from New York, where they attended the funeral, of Rev. John Greve.

and Frank Brown. couple' were 'attended by Miss NelH-s Cronln' and' Philip Malloy. I Only a few friends witnessed the nuptials. 'Following: thet.weddj.ngj recepti on was held at the Terminal -hotel in th young couple's honor and last nlsat they left On an extended wedding trip, which will embrace visits to numerous points of interest Upon their return they will reside on North Main street. FRUSTRATES PLANS OF WILKES- The.

funeral of Mrs. Anna McGIynn Pittston Department 102 5. Main Street Bell Phone 327 R. Miss Margaret Harrison daughter of Mrs. Mary of North Main street, and Prof.

I P. Dunlap, of. this city, were married Wednesday evening, the ceremony being per formed at the rectory of St Mary's church by Rev. Father Hefferan. The was held yesterday morning from the HUNTERS.

Ladles' Coat Sweaters sold at Corcoran Bros. family home on Plank street and was very largely, attended. The remains were taken to St. John's church, Now York Official Protects Wood- where Rev. R.

D. Jordan officiated at a high mass of requiem. Interment Brick is being laid on the South Main street pave contract. It is expected that the east side of the street between Market and Pine streets will be completed this afternoon. with paralysis and since then she gradually grew weaker.

A few days HARRY PROUD DEAD was made In St. John's cemetery. The chuck From Harm, While Local Sportsmen Say Unpleasant Things Proximity to Border Line pall bearers were William Delaney, ago her condition took a decided change for' the worse, hence the end was not unexepected. Mrs. Golden had made her home In Pittston for Robert Delaney.

Frank Grady, Mich ael O'Brien, William Shrank and W1I Ham Noone. -Ar Death fiomnom Came Suddenly to Saved Forest Pet's life. I POSITIVELY CURB RUPTURE Varicocele and Hydrocele LUCKY YOUNGSTERS many years and was esteemed and WcHKn0vra Basinets Man. loved by a wide circle of friends. Her Men's Coat Sweaters sold at Cor coran Bros.

husband died some, years ago. The Will be Guests of Weltzenkorn's at Mr.v George Perry, foreman of tbe Reading Coal 4 Iron whose word should be of interest to bis fellow sufferers, says: Office of Reading Iroo PanVllle. June 8, 1008. TG RUPTURED PEOPLE I am glad te say that Dv. Mal-ley, by bis method.

baa entirely cured me of a bad rupture from wbleh I suffered for many yearn. I bad tried nearly every kind of truss and treatment that I could fiai, all Six feet of earth, a game warden and the conflicting game laws of two states, are furnishing the protection to a chunky woodchuok which is surviving children are: Alderman M. Poll Theater. Tht harvest of death oontoues. "The Duck E.

Golden, Martin, James, Thomas, The liutest to answer the final call la The citizens of Exeter borough are wanted to fill- the game bags of brewery hunters ills chuckshlp has not itarrv' the wll-lrnlwn mercn On Saturday afternoon, Oct. 24, again after, the "Duck Pond." a foul Mary, Anna and Sarth, all of this city. Ladles'. Coat Sweaters sold at Corcoran iv ant tattor. He waa found dead by his twenty-five of.

the boys and girls from smelling spot located along Wyoming gone into -winter quarters, but he has gone-Into a' hole and is remaining this city and surrounding towns will avenue at the upper end of Sburmer wife la hla sleeplnf apartments at the famlLv home on South Main street villa. A petition that found dundreds there, much to the disgust of bis pur be the guests of the Weltzenkorn clothing firm at the matinee perform Ber the last ten years I have regularly a ted -much space the columns of tbe different wspipers Id announces: my rneth od, a sclen-tijflc and perm anent for rupture. All my to no arall. To the thousands of of willing signers, was prepared and suers. I want to sufferers from rumor rupture presented to the health board that inn certainly can be cured A more novel situation could not uniy arlr yesterday mornlnj.

Heartifallure was the immediate cause of his de- Sunday evenli Mr. Proud fell In the yard at the rear of hla and ance at the new Poll theater. The selections were made 'yesterday afternoon and next Saturday the lucky ones h. rw A'VtiLll. ai ha enred m.

day. The petitioners beg the health' n.r1nA ajid all that cools the wrath of authorities to abolish the nuisance Buy your clothing at Stafford Trainor'a. pay your car fare. Sadden' William for years a resident of this City and one of the best known members of the order of Odd Fellows In this section of the the hunters Is the fear of the law. AU the while Mr.

Chuck is chuokUng, the will meet at the store at 1:30 o'clock Write for particular to aboa address, those, that mny desire to la-quire further. 8nd2-ccnt ftamp to lasers' reply. -t csused by the maintenance' I of the fractured Ws le. i Since thn he was when tickets, will be given; them. Duck wardeti chickling and the hunters The names of those selected arer 706, Russet Clark, .193 Blackmah; Ladles' Coat Sweaters sold at Cor 1497, Joe prescott, 194, N.

Main; 871, coran Bros. Melvin Hughes, 54 0. 136 7. confined; to his bed. At midnight on Thursday M.

Proud converaod with fher husband tn his room, and it that -time 'he seemed, In the best of spirits (hours later Mrs. awoke tound her husband had beun 'calledf; to: the other: world. Proud was a native of Eng statements bare been written In truth and. honesty, and any one uf-, ferlng with rupture will readily understand that It would be Impossible for me to build up probably tbe largest practice enjoyed by any pby. lclau in- tbls city unless there wns great merit in my treatment My tremendous success hut stimulated many imitating pretenders.

state, dropped dead at Ms home, of William' and Fulton streets, yesterday afternoon. Heart failure was: the immediate, cause of death. jVow llstenl I can' euro yew Rupture and do it quickly, without paJa, wltbout 'any cutting sad without keeping yon from werk. Toe do sot risk a penny, because I give as absolute WRITTEN guarantee to cure. swearing under breath.

The party of hixnters Is lead by Wtt-llamJ. teese, proprietor of the Steg-maier hotel on East street. The wilds of Susquehanna make the trampling ground and 'rounds of ammunition have been taken to bring down what game is running loose. lWherf-near the border of New York Death of Rath KlUgallen. Death entered the home of Mr.

and Mrs. William KlUgallen of South Geo. Roberts, 167 S. Hancock; 1507, Walter Andern, 837 Hancock; '716, James Dalev, 1226, Sheldon Drike, 10 Jackson; 1493, John Dougher, 368 ff. i Grant; i Pattlgeo, 30 Main; Blanche The deceased made a trip to the central part of tho city earlier.

In the day i Main street and claimed for Its victim their; and, win and seemed to be enjoying the best of land. He was born in the city ot Durham 52 years ago. Twenty-two I Invite all ruptured persons to consult me. free, before settlnjr 'lets the bands of experimenting doctors. My experience and reputation Is as abio- some little eighteen months', eld after an Illness cov 878 Maple Kingston; years ago he came iuic ggnum ium ui rsceiTe expert irewmeui.

neaitn. Shortly following his arrival at home, Mr. Gardner was suddenly stricken and died almost Instantly state a woodohuok was sighted. Upon Us trail went the squad of sporUmen and ln Ms, tracks theV followed until chucky went under cover for safe pro- innDAfFI My Cbemie-Electro VADirnrFiF I have cured tbou- after residing for time, tn winces ering period of two weeks. The death occurred about 8 'o'clock and was due to 'chblera" Infantum: 1520, Alma -wandell, 1Z Park 619, Josephme.

Sheld, 650 Penna. 718. Joseph Ehrllch 413 street; 884." John Dullard 688 N. Barre( took up Ws residence In this fitv. i where he had since made, his ms wiaow ani several children sur Three feet from' the boarder vive.

The deceased for many years inniwvLU. sanda of VartcoeelM after other physicians bare failed. 1 beltere my syitem of curing is the best known. I cure Varicocele with-' out tbe uae of tbe knife, easily and fialnlessly. I cure all It sequential Is or NEUVO-VITAL UISeIsES.

home. The deceased conducted a sue funeral announcement will be made of 'the two states starts the maae nis nome on Parsonage street Frankllnj Leo DUndrfriTFifth later. home of, Che grounAhog and Into three cossful' merchant tailoring U8lness pn South Main street for many years. Mr. UlunvvLLi, is tha ov humane treatment known today the cure of Hydrocele.

I uarse a cure Id every case. I malaulu tt It Is positively erlmlnal tn operai; for tbe curs of Hydrocele. Charges' and terms rsona1)'n. gatlsfactory arrangements nil credit. Ill nt rated Booklet scat fro tn sealed plain envelope, for stamp, to pay pottage.

street East Plymouth; 904, John Rich fetit of New York state soil runs his at Cor- Luzerne Underwear sold coran Bros. Proud at the time of his death was ards, Plymouth; ESS, J. T. Brown; Laf. lint 891.

Bruce Wallace. .63 Weasley Short News Examinations esteemea dv wiae ciTcie ot irienua. Patrick Gallagher Is seriously ill at Toiget him out is no easy task, but Consultatione and street FoVty Fort; 154 2, Stanley ChrlstJ Surviving the deceased are his Marriage Announced. his home Market street scarcity of game maae tne un Ashley; 828.0 Anna Brennan; Larks Announcement Is made of the mar John who t- left Pittston WW9W' and five, children Ernest, James, Mrs. Alex." Sloan, Mrs.

DR. ALEXANDER 07.1 ALLEY, vllle; 1088. Wm. H. While Reese and Wue." Planning to dislodge thirty years agoMsi here on' a vWt from h4s home i ln-.

Wheeling, West Evans and Gertrude, all residents of riage of Fred of Scranton, and Miss Etta Davis, of this- city, which took place oh July 3 1908, in South Market street Nantiooke: 1123 1 this city. The funeral will be held Ilia Vllli.1 XVI A Bkovv kuira den put In. appearance- and warned IIICea FA. ll Beulb Wasblsg'ea St. Engler, Cemetery street Nanti Sunday afternoon.

Members of the Virginia. Previous to his;" departure from Pittston, Coleman was prominently identified with" he Mo- ningnamton, n. y. Mr. and Mrs.

the hu tors that If they harmed his coke; 827, Wm, Bevan, Plains; .537, Wm. Elward, Plains. Thistle lodge ot Odd Fellows, of which Mr. Proud was a member, will attend Clellan Rifles, which later became Co. crogan win reside in this city.

Knapp Felt Hats sold at Corcoran Bros. chuokshlp' while oi New York soil they were subject to arrest. This -blocked efforts to force Uhe woodchuck from his lair and made Jt, necessary for for a guard remain at the exitln the hxpe of bag-dng the game. 'Because of the novel i ii. Fownes London Gloves, sold vat DEATH OF MRS.

JONES -V-'- I. -'(V the obsequies In a body. Munstng Union Puits sold at Corcoran -Bros. 4 Ladies' Fine Patent Leather Shoes button or lace In all slses and widths; Corcoran Bros. Rev.

Stephen sp-n'oJnted curate At St. Catholic It will psy you to call see us before purchasing your foot wear. Call here. You will save money. Boston Shoe Store.

vf Yesterday's V' The remains of Benjamin F. Bowk-ley were laid at rest yesterday after 4 Margaret sged 35 years, wife of Griffith Jones, died, last evening at the home to' Preston, after' a short tllnesa of Her; husband li the only The 'funeral will be ld from the family, home churoh, assumed 'his 'neVr dutlee here Father-O'BoyU has- been AH' SENEGA CHIEF until recently, 'Stationed at Nantl- LADY MAP coke. at 8 Monday ser ty of the affarrJthe hunters are determined to the chuck, and if he appoars on Pennsft'lvanla soil he will he greeted r1th a volley from. four Believing that there was a mistake in the law 1 Alderman Donahue was telephoned last nlgtht and he informed the hunters that they must respect the wishes of the game warden and let Mr. Woodohuck remain in his den is noon in the Pittston cemetery, Many Bars' Box Calf BchOol Shoes all friends attended tho obsequies, which tiQ.Vv pair wwi ui uu Come in and see Boston Shoe gtore i 1 Death Mrs.

Golden. after o'clock last even-i'iig, Mrs. Ann of the city's oldest aftd mof rejected women rrsldents, passed peacefully away at her home on John street Several srclu ajo Mra Qoldcn was stricken rises. ll.iO kind while they last 8o vices being conducted at the house. Intorment will be in the Ashley cemetery.

a pair, Boston Shoe Store. were held from the bereaved horns In Upper Pittston. Delegations of the various orders with which Mr. Bowk-Icy was affiliated wero present Num Mr. and Mrs.

John McCawley ami 1' Mrs. Andrew Corcoran have returned from New Tork city. They went there RstUter Todf-lt Da long as he liked erous floral emblems were tn.

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