Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 3, 1962 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 3, 1962
Page 5
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SUNDAY, JUNE 1 THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPOH.T FBESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA PAGE FIVE This Changing World <By Will Ball, Cass County Historical Society President) PART 711 . | Rummaging in our desk a week or so ago we came across a piece of copy—"copy" being a generic name for any bit of paper with writing on it—to which was clipped a note from Mrs. Esther Hendrickson, saying ttiat she had found the copy among the papers .of her aunt, Mrs. John W. Barnes. Mrs. Hendrickson thought it might be of interest so sent it to us, It is headed "From an old Logansport Newspaper", but is unsigned, so there is no way of telling who wrote it, Mrs. Barnes' husband, John W. Barnes, was one of the proprietors of the Pharos, with Benjamin F. Louthain doing most of the editorial-work. Barnes looked after the business'end./One-of 'the reporter staff for a long time was a young man named Austin I>, Pans- ier, one of a family which', at one time, had quite a representation on the banks of the Wabash. Ben Louthain finally turned over a part of the editorial work to young Fansler, giving him the title of City Editor. Aus, as he was called by his friends, Jiad a habit of writing items more or less non- -ensical in nature, and we have a hunch that he was the author of this. "MATRIMONIAL MUSINGS "We read the other day o'f the supposed history of St.Valentine's ,is love. "This led Why invest in a test? THE NORGE LAUNDRY CLEAN ING VILLAGE is the proven success in self-service drycleaning Alert businessmen investors all over America are earning remarkable profits right now in America's fastest growing new local business: Norge Self-Service Drycleaning. In fact, in just a little over a year more than 2000 Norge installations are operating in all fifty states. ' Earn a solid return on your investment in a service business that is winning more enthusiastic customers every day. Norge created and pioneered self-service drycleaning. Norge has the experience. 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Jay; how that, with the first jdelding of winter to the seductive harms of spring, the bird's, and 11 animate life of nature seek ompanibnship; and from this a ay was chosen, in February, on /hich man might present to .the bject of his affections a token of us.Jo reflect, -and yonder why tie young men of xjgansport apparently looked, with ear upon the married state; why t was that so many .fine-looking jrosperous young men should al- ow the gray hairs to conie, and lave no one to pluck them out. .'he more we pondered, the more t/e wondered. At length we concluded to do some interviewing, and under- the guidance of 'Ob- erver' -we started out. "Meeting Charlie Stevenson, v/e asked him; 'Why don't you mar"Well, you see business is good, and I'm making but I wouldn't think of Get details on this new growth Investment for bankers, businessmen, Investors, and development groups Vovoll I ASSOCIATES 520 f. MAKKIT ST.. INDIANAPOLIS Genflement Pleose send me your free brochure with income possibilities from coin-operated dry cleaning. Vtttne.. ..tji,LiiL^,-« -i i-ii.-j.i . . Phono i »»•*•* .«•** AddreM .._.......„.,.........,.... .Cttr. ...,.„„.„.,„...... O I h»TU Mloelal » locttlon. O I ban not wteeted m locution. bctuiiye Distributor for Norge Laundry and deeming Village Stores pretty noney, etting married on less than $2,000 year. Why, 'the way tie girls dress now-a-days a fellow would mve to have an income Of two housand just to dress one. of ,'hem; don't you know he would? "Stepping out the door we met Oliver B. Sargent going to the skating rink. We asked him the same question. Taking us back ,nto the stairway he said, very confidentially: "These girls are too particular. I overhear every once in a while' remarks about warmed-over affections. i "Jusit then Si Sheerin -came along and we put the question to him. 'Well', he replied,, 'This- bald spot does the business for me. It's all right till I go,to leave and they catch a glimpse of the back of my head, Alter that they treat me very cooly. "Going down .Broadway we met John Dodds coming' ' from *he bakery, eating a piece o£ rye bread. To the usual, question, he replied, 'If I had $30,0t>0.00 in government bonds I'd get married tomorrow, provided 1 could find the right kind of -girl. "Swift 'Wright', just" then came out of the skating rink and, putting our thumb in his buttonhole, we interviewed hinv. 'Couldn't think of it. It costs lots-of money and you're liable to make a bad invcslment. Why, I have a divorce case every day coifrt sits. "George Taber— 'What do I want to get married for? "Frank Rice: — "Have thinking some of it. "George Tsnguy: — ' Think I will when business picks up. "W. T. Giffe:— 'The ladies of this town aren't musical enough.' •I want some one who is rich and talented and can appreciate my vocal ability. Walt Landis:— 'I'm going - out west; am going to marry the daughter of some wealthy rancher and wait till he dies. I'll never got rich working for Dan Baldwin. Will Hall:—'I'm" publisher of the Saturday Night, and it wouldn't do to have anything I say,in there, I'll tell you confidentially, though, that if the .paper pays, I'll find a girl somewhere. ; "Prof. Doney:—Marriage is the natural condition of man. The Bible, you know, says: ,"It is not good for man to be alone", and' it is evidently intended in the'Di- vine government that'man should marry. Public .policy is best promoted by it. In the dark ages when'—excuse us, we want to catch this Herdic down town. "Major Samuel L. McFadiri:— 'Well, I'm getting a little old, but I'm still a candidate. Yes, Yes; come around again, boys. Nice day. f . ' • • "John Barnes:—As soon as the .onerous'duties connected, with the editing the : organ of the great Democratic Party become lighter,. I shall cultivate' the society of the gentler sex with reference to. embarking on the happy 'sea of matrimony. .--.•• .. "John M. Johnston:—'You bet your boots, boys, if I was nicely fixed, financially, I wouldn't fool around any longer. : Tom -Wilson: H-U.' reason the young men of Logans)ort do not marry is because they, hink that the young, ladies will not leave homes of elegance and comfort for the' mythical happiness of 'love in a cottagcj'. And that same mythical happiness possesses no more attractiveness io the average young man'." These were all real'characters in Logansporl, probably during the early 1880's,'for the skating rink'was built about that time. The writer knew 'all of them except Walter Landis, uncle-of our own Fred Landis, of the .Supreme Court; Willard Hall, .son;',of, the founder of the Pharos; Professor Doney, who married, one of the Knpwiton girls, sister, of Mrs. Will Porter; and Will .'.Ingram, bank cashier, who lived at 812 East Market street.. "Will Ingram:—'Not this -evening.' . . . '''•• <'. "Musingly we returned to our boudoir,, concluding that the Evanjville Girl Drowning Victim EVANSVELIE, Ind. (A3?) Sarah Stork, 11, drowned .Saturday, while, swimming, in Hartke Memorial pool in: a '.tragedy tha- 1 apparently had no witnesses. The pool manager, Tom Turner said he was unable, to learn how the child drowned. He • said life guards found her floating face downward, in a shallow,,.:part: o the pool. '. The victim was given artificia respiration at .the scene, • and rushed to St. Mary's. Hospital where she was pronounced, deat on arrival. 'Sarah was the daughter of Dr and Mrs. Urban F. D. Stock. JACOB Y ON BRIDGE "Contract Bridge According to lik-dor and Tierney" is the title )£ a new and very interesting book. The .first half of the book ives the bidding methods of Sidey Silodor, one 'of the greatest iridge 'players of ,all time,' You may not agree with, everything recommends. I don't myself. 3ut I assure you that everything says is worthy of serious study and only good can result if you adopt all or any part of his excellent theories. The second part -, of the book by ?rof. John Tierney discusses the subject of bridge probabilities at ;reat length and is the outstand- v ng treatise on this subject that I lave seen up to now. The East and West hands are not shown today because they are not really important. South should know that the odds are 52.to 48 favor of trying to drop the king of trumps as against taking a finesse with only two trumps missing, but South should • also note that he has a safety play at his disposal. Sidney and John point out that lie .simply lets West's king of hearts hold the first trick and wins the second lead with his ace. Then he enters dummy with a club and tries the spade finesse. If it works, he make five odd. II it loses, he still makes his'con- tract because-East can never gain the lead and South will be able to discard- a diamond on dummy's long club. EAST KEPT OUT OF EARLY LEAD NORTH 4 AQJ1098 ¥54 4 32 *AKQJ WEST i : ' ' ' EAST NotShovt* Not Shown. k SOOTH <D> East Pass Pass VA7 . + 843 • Both vulnerable South West North 1 * 2 * 3 * 4 * Pass Pass . Opening lead— V K Wabash Program Set This Afternoon CRAWFORDSVIJLLE, Ind. CAP) —President Otto P. Kretzman of Valparaiso University will receive one of the three honorary, degrees at the 124th commencement at Wabash College Sunday afternoon. Others to receive honorary doctorates will 1>e Sir Steven Runciman, English historian of Byzantine culture, and Dr. Richard S. Schrefber, a 1931 alumnus who directs 'chemical research for Upjohn ; Co. Read the Want Ads! 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