Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 3, 1962 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 3, 1962
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA SUNDAY, MAY 27,1962 Editorial.. Better Budgets Now Mandatory When officials of the local governmental units of Logan-land make up their 1963 budgets this summer, they will have to use more care than they have in past'years. Working balances, from which additional ap-. propriations are taken, have been severely depleted in many cases because of unscheduled expenditures during-'the year which-should have been foreseen. , ' It was inevitable that the State Board of Tax Commissioners should decide to crack down on the large number of additional appropriation requests as it finally did on the recent Cass county items. Unfortunately, county councils actually are . rewarded for. poorly drawn budgets under present law since the number of times they are called into session by the auditor depends upon how often there is a need for special appropriations, and they receive an extra $25 every day they a're in session. From now on, local officials will have to include in their annual budgets every expense item that can be foreseen during the coming year, for jt is apparent that the State Board of Tax Commissioners from now on will not approve a special appropriation unless it is a real emergency. Mental Health Care For Children Probation Officer Kaymond Skelton knows what a heavy tax burden Cass county residents are bearing in order to keep local law violators in correctional institutions -and to support their families while they are imprisoned. The expense of just five of these is "the equivalent of the entire annual cost of a Mental Health clinic, so those who oppose the clinic on the grounds that .it; will cost the taxpayers more money are only kidding themselves, as Skelton pointed out at the annual membership meeting of the Cass County Association for Mental Health. The Rev. Mr. Skelton put the whole matter in its proper perspective when he said, "Any way you- look at it, we're spending a lot of money; the only question is whether we're going to ;. spend our money in the right way or the wrong .. way in the years to come." Spending the tax money for a clinic to get . at the cause of the emotional illness which makes criminals is the right way. Spending it to keep these people behind bars and. their families on welfare assistance year after year -is the wrong . It is as simple as that. GEORGE E. SOKOLSKY THE CHURCH AND THE EM- PIUE Two phases of the Marxian revolution affect all peoples'today: 1. The church — that is, the Marxist ideological concept and ritual which has ibeen developed into a crusading communism. This exists in all countries, Communist, neutral, or western. The principal agency of this movement is the Communist party which in a country such'as Italy is still large in membership although Italy is an anti-Communistic country. 'In the United. States this party.is very small. ITS INDIRECT influence is extensive because many of its ideas have, been, absorbed both by the intelligenzia and the populace. For instance, there is no longer a capitalist country in the 19th century sense. Everywhere there is some kind of mixed economy, the best example being the United States where there are not only numerous controls over the. means of production and distribution but also a large number o£ government owned and operated enterprises. There are many manifestations of Marxism but what concerns us might best be described as communism. And there are many types of communism. For instance, in Soviet Russia, Marxism is a socialism which employs many of the devices of capitalism. The more industrialized Soviet Russia becomes, the less "pure" are its Communist characteristics. What .actually is happening there seems to be that an incentive system is producing a new type capitalistic elite, similar to the American self-made men of the early. 2flth century. ON THE OTHER hand, in Jugo- slavia, there seems to be a wider division of the benefits of production, while in Red China, an effort was made to turn an anarchistic, patristic 'society, vestigi- ally feudal, by a great leap, into a primitive Communist society.. Nowhere has Marxism succeed- Questions and Answers Q—What became of the tablets of stone on which were written the Ten Commandments? A—When Moses came down from Mount Sinai bearing God's laws to his people, he; found them worshiping an idol and in anger broke the two tablets. * * « Q—What is a Scarborough warning? A — A warning given after striking, that is, no warning at all. It alludes to the fact that robbers at one time were hanged at Scarborough, England, without benefit of formal trial. The cold war is like fighting with your husband — you. can't win and you can't quit. No Casualties So Far WALTER WINCH ELL ON BROADWAY A Washington correspondent not- headaches." ed this ironic contrast: "Saturday Remember when the only head" night at Madison Square Garden ache the Prez. ever had was dies- President Kennedy laughed with tcr Bowles? the rich at a monster •vaudeville show staged in honor of his 45th Dear Bobby sought to whitewash birthday. Sunday afternoon in the the Administration by arguing same place he commiserated with that "Estes had been arresiou uy the poor at a rally in aid of the Federal authorities long before he medical care for the aged bill." became a national figure," This is politics: You appeal to The UPI's debunker: "The Justice Department investigated the tangled financial affairs of Texas farm wizard Billie Sol Estcs for the rich for campaign contributions— and to the poor for votes, ON THE LIGHTER SIDE .'/. DREW PEARSON By DICK WEST WASHINGTON (UPI) •- WASHINGTON. - Lyndon - B. Johnson, .has the reputation of knowing about everything that happens in Texas and being responsible for part of what hap- n ° pens. Therefore, a lot of people Bv7eJstritation'"of"the'"i'ncom(- stantiards that x know ot could automatically have connected him f™m1±ctn and dfctr'Sn" Rep. John F Baldwin be described wjth Billie syol Estes . ' to create a classless society. In as a Dum P Kln ' My own investigation convinces fact, it may be said without con- He is a, graduate : of the Univer,- me this is not the fact. In'Texas tradiction, that the idealistic sity of California;, he was presi- there have long been two political economy and social aims of dent of his law class, for three factions—the LBJ faction and the Marxism are more manifest in years; he was a practicing, attor- anti : LBJ faction. Billie Sol Estes such countries as the United ney for five years, and-he-has W as a heavy contributor to the States and Great Britain than in served in Congress since 1954, , faction which opposed LBJ. any Communist country where the You would think, a person with Sometimes these two camps standards of life remain con- this background would feel at have engaged in bitter -battle temptibly; low. nome.in almost any company. YeV. against each other. In fact, at one 2. The driving force of the there is something about a state tumultuous conventipn of the Marxist revolution has been an dinner at the White House that Democratic Party iii 1956, a near evangelical effort-to convert the makes-even • a-relatively sopMsti- free-for-all broke ; out against entire world not only to-the eco- Gated/congressman uncer- Johnspn and Speaker .Sam Ray- nomic and political.'.'forms .of. tain .about, his manners. burn when..the, cohorts ot Billie Marxism-Leninism but also to. its Baldwin was one of the guests Sol Estes wanted Sen. Ralph Yar- basic sociological conqept which a (. th c dinner that President Ken- borough, then a candidate for is that man is a casual product of n€( jy gave f or u, e Shall of Iran governor, certified as the victor the struggle for biologic form ]ai / week) and j supp ose it was ' "" ' ' "-,--•--•and existence. the i nv i ta tion that put him on Out of this evangelical effort, which at first was propagandistic, then politically infiltrating, has developed an imperialism both political and-military. From the L'. A. Daily Aggie Un. si * months in 1961, then dropped derwood: "Beruit, Lebanon (AP): the inquiry because it could find Newspapers will, be suspended no Federal violations." that attack foreign heads of state. The measure followed withdraw- From a Los Angeles col m: al of Saudi Arabia's Ambassador "Week's Best; Joke: Somebody because of insults against King asked three young women ~ an Saud." English girl, an American girl and King Saud is a Fooofff, a "Fay a French girl-what they would gela" and a Foney. do if they were stranded on an . island with 500 soldiers. 'I'd kill Hem in the N. Y. Mirror: '''The myself!' cried the English gal. big money men are having their The American girl said: ID go troubles." to the Commanding officer. HE Which'do you mean? The ones would protect me!' The French caught in the Washington Slip or girl said: 'I understand the ques- the Wall Street Scare. tion, but I don't understand tha problem!' " From the Daily Winchell: "We The clever and witty contributor just told our Financial Adviser to of the Best Joke of the Week will purchase at least $500,000 worth kindly put it right back in the of any Blue Chip he could get his Winchell File where a few months hands on-to instill confidence in ago it apparently was the Best the American people in American Joke of the Month. business firms listed on both Ex- . . changes." The N. Y. Journal Americans Why didn't the President of the G. Ykslokos grunted: "It is too U. S. Set the Example (along with had that President Kennedy an- his multi-multi-millionaire fam- noys Winchell so much. ily) instead of a newspaperman? J FK docsn 't annoy me as mucli as the knowledge that his Admin- Item; "The Estes story is a istration is damaging the nation. grim warning to Washinglonians." And we are equally disturbed by — A poor man and his dreams is newspaper men who play ball was elected Governor and we've better off than a rich man and with politicians—rather than going got to certify him," Rayburn told his nightmares. to bat for the country. the yelling, stamping crowd of delegates. .•' Item: "President complains of He™: "Displeased lawmakers In the crowd was Jerry Holle- : asked the House Rules Committee -man, the charming, banjo-strok- sition to racial discrimination and to authorize a congressional' in- ing Texan recently fired as As- segregation. He was the only man vestigation of sex in movies. They sistant Secretary of Labor for ac- from industry, for example, who said the morals of youth are in cepting -,a $1,%00 check from Estes protested against segregated city jeopardy." to help his expenses in Washing- housing projects in 1950. , Sex in movies isn't as danger- ton. Last winter, Holleman had » L j ke m j]ij ons 0 [ O t ner Ameri- ous to the morals of y° ul1 ' as suggested to his boss, Secretary. cans o£ other'faiths," Romn'ey corruption in politics. of Labor Arthur Goldberg, that said> -j derive _ eat com f or t and' Billie Sol Estes might help fi- solace fram my re ij g - oni Jt ma kes F rom the news wires: " lab °r : nance a dinner Goldberg ; gave for me super i or to no others. It ob- Secretary Goldlx>rg told the Inter. Vice President Johnson. Goldberg ijg a t es me t 0 a ]jf e O f scr vice national Ladies Garment Workers declined. an d brotherhood with all. I will Union that a cut in the 40-hour But at the stormy 1956 Demo- {;„),(. f or f u jj f ree( j orn e qual op- week would harm the nation." cratic Convention, a dinner for portunity, equal recognition, and The irony of it! The ILGWU al- LBJ was the last thing .Holleman j ustice for aU .. . . • ... was thinking about. Ljjjg Kennedy before the Proles- "You feed Jem-on defeat, ^but j a nt ministers, Romney made an ™ „ ,..,, i m p ress ion on the negro minis-' ters. Billie Sol Estes and FHA ready has a 35'hour week! , „., „.., Photoplay quoted Janet Leigh 1 feed em on the trail, j mp ression O n the negro minis-' "Tony and I have separated —. yelled at LBJ from the t ers . t 0 saV e . nu r marriage." crowd. Billie Sol Estes and FHA That's like trying to save your "He ain't nothing but a hound Grain storage was not the only life by swallowing arsenic, dog," continued the Texan who federal racket which Bmie Sol later wanted to help g'Ve a dm- Esles prac ticed. It can be reveal- ner for Johnson in Washington. ed that he also made a neat ki]1 . Columnist Joe ALsop noted: "Seen from abroad, the Kennedy . ,* fttol Hbu«ng State Dcpt. no as t ap- Daniel, but He SOVIET RUSSIA has con- - M h d ^ tafee fc quered a good part of Europe, ^ ^ ^^ told what the oc- Nothing Taken for As he related in a report on the affair to his constituents, the en- which made it clear they had velope contained no less than five found lhe f>s¥ P lace - becoming the Accessor to the Hapsburg Empire as well as to se cond one gave It was at this point, apparently, i at Baldwin's confidence in his etiquette was' shattered. "I must confess that my main the Romanoff Empire. It took a ^'^rand Ice o toe toner ™<*™ duri "g the Dinner was large part o'f Germany from the Th P ^d one told Wm what to wl i ether * was usin g the P r °P er •M....: TO,,.,„!.,«„„ /I- iv, n m ,,i^nir,ni l ne iniro one loia mm wnat KJ ,, ° . * Nazi Revolution As the principal beneficiary- of World War II, Soviet Russia Conquered China -and presented it tc .the .Chinese Communist party. It a so deveoped a crowd this large," LBJ back, "there's always someone who wants to distinguish His FHA maneuver j n g took himself." place during the Eisenhower Ad- .„,„;, Such were the political feuds of ministration and has 'just been Mr. Alsop is one of the Presi- «£ S ' T i j n. \r -o •*' f made th4 sub J ect o£ investigation den f s dose personal friends. But When I asked the Vice President by Robert C, Weaver, head of the he & mfcalol the Administra- about reports that he had patch- Housing and Home Rnance Agen . Sokolsky) ed things up with Billie Sol Es- cy under Kennedy, tes and that Estes had been a \fj^ st happened v home, Lyndon re- purchased 42 unit been at my Housine in Orange, Texas, for 1, 1953. Then he 15, 1954, for $82,- . n . wmtanerm . n newspaperman. rf ine tounn one Q—On what evidence do scientists base the existence of Folsom man? A—Stone weapons mingled with animal bones which {hey found at Folsom, N.M. the largest printer in the world? A— The. U.S. Printing Office. * * « Q_Wnich is Anton Dvorak's most famous single composition? A— "Humoresque, No. 7," one of . a . cycle of eight, all composed within 17 days. to enter * nree different knives on the right, When he and his" wife arrived and three different forks on the ,~u^«, c ,^«,».'Sn U the"'MMiein at &* ™{> te ^ouse, &ey were countries of. West Asia. Us rise " a n ded sU1 anoth f card J h f* was so rapid and successful that told them where to sit. At the a number of important European, table, they found a seventh card ™seme ranch, he's never 6een in my house in Texas. He's been in my so j d home once in Washington. That 329 knife or the proper fork at the wa s last January just before the T '|, Democratic dinner, when a group of Texans were invited to my home and he filed by in the receiving line. From Arizona, : "I am a registered Republican, but I am a subscriber to your truly Demo- I Howard L Jones cratlc Inde P endent . newspaper Asiatic and African countries either became satel htes or de s "rep- -'At that time Estes said to me ^I'm ^ De Quincy, La. te na the United States and Soviet Rus- „ , tha '^ Castro-' b The Q—What is th.e, Hubbard medal? A—The National Geographic * * * Society's highest exploration Q—What agency is considered award. CARNIVAL . used the wrong fork once," Well, gee, I don't want to* em- revolution barrass. the "congressman or any- rjid so a thing, but I must point out that _ , „,. T , , , Ti/ra^iot ct-oto «7.]o od-nMicIiprl in when you have three forks, it is. T?prl Pnmn is T navp nlrpadv IViarxist SLaie was uaLduusmcu, in . ^ , ~ J.xcu v^iuud, *ift x iiavu utiuaujf JmnncciKlo fn iicn +*io jurnnff fnrlr indicated in these columns, 'is - Cuba and it followed the general impossible to use the wrong fork moving imperially, .throughout pattern of. Marxism everywhere, only once, • _ East Asia seeking to build an Therefore, one of its first func- Silverware errors are cumula- empire as large as that of the tions has been the evangelical one tive and cannot be rectified as the emperor Chtantafe. The technique of seeking to. establish Marxist meal progresses. In other words, of Red China is to stimulate civil states throughout the American ,i£ Baldwin used his dinner fork war within a country, to support continents. , on the isalad then he must have one faction: with arms, "volun- The question that needs to be used his salad fork during the teers" and money, and then to considered is upon which foi;m are mam course of dessert, pacify the country by means of we to concentrate our oppqsi- But Baldwin neednt feel cha- "advisors." The present wars in tion, the church, or the empire- grined about it, for it was the Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and In- Soviet Russia, Red China, Jugq- fault of the White. House, staff, donesia are examples of Red slavia, Curb. Should the empire. They should have provided yet China techniques. ' fall, the party will, wither on the-another card showing which fork, CUBA IS, ANOTHER example vine. 'to use. Soviet .« aie our newest newspaper. Being a member of a political" parly in my estimation is second io. being an American. Unforlun- . » r (,v«o,,o,. r alely,- everyone doesn't feel this L as laxpavers . , •,• ... that the New way, includmg^a daily newspaper. FHA had ad- , •* to the about $300 000 on the sur- nor do r condone everything a n 1954 part o which man does merelv beoaus e he be " ^L Ther llzst *W *o a certain party. I m'ay _ FH/V turned around and af . d.sagree with what you have to I like Don Yarborough too. But he'll be the next Governor of Texas and he'll make a fine Gov ernor ' • , . _. _ . lhat , sald/ the Vice Presi- ter recaplurinE the 'housing for Si »y on y° ur «ditonal page and 1 "is my record with Billie nonpaymPent J ^ Ioan , so ^ all may even wrile letters criticizing '- dent of Soviet imperialism. There never was a time when the Castro revolution was not communistic. There never was a time that our government was not accurately THE SUNDAY PHAROS-TRIBUNE anil LQGANSPQRT PRESS Published eaoji Sunday by the Pharos-Tribune and Press, 517 B. Broadway, Log-ansportV Indiana. ; Entered as second class mail at the PoBtofflce. at LoEansport, Indiana, under tha act of March . 8, 1873. •• : ,•.•••!. The Pharos-TrlBune-ost. • .1844 The Press-eat., 19S1 The Sunday Pharos-Tribune •& ', Logansport Press. lOc perjcopy Sunday. The;Phttros-Trlbune;Eve- ' nlng & Sun'flay.41)c' per weak & the. Losansport Press .mosjnlnj; & Sunday 40o per weelc by^car- •rler in Loffaneport and outside JjOgansport. By mall, on .rural .routes in Cas&, Carroll, Fulto'n,. Fulaskl, Miami •& White'coun- ties, each paper,-$12.00 per year; • , all other counties In Indiana $14.00 per year. Outside -Indiana !?1S.OO per year.' All mail ,auh- scriptlons payable- in advance. . No.mail subscrlp'tions sold -where- evar carrier service is maln'taln- ecl. Inland Newspaper Represent»- tlvos HUBERT LAFF-A-DAY By George, Senator, that was the best speech you've given BO far—by a good three pounds!" 1M 114 National AavtrtUl Representative i 6-1 '© King Features Syndicate, Inc', 1962. World rights reserved.. "Oh, the paper work! Anothar credit card!" Sol Estes. Aside"from this and a j ne housing for junk. For the y° ur stand on certain matters, routine letter my- office wrote $300|0 o 0 w hj c h FHA advanced in but lhis is & o wa y of a freo about an Estes friend who want- 1854) the i axpayers go t back only .public and a free press. I pray ed a job but didn't get one, Estes • $6,000. you will never find' it necessary has been on the outside trying to ' The ' houses, had their roofs cav- "to accept loww standards and ex- fight -me.^ _ ed i n> some of their walls had tend the editorial page through- Romney Faces Negro Preachers cojiapsgd, and were in such di- out the paper, Give me unbiased President Kennedy's dramatic i ap id a t e d condition that the pub- reporting ami, print,both sides o£ confrontation of ,the Protestant i; c wa iked away from them. every issue,-.'and you may con- ministers-, in the 1960 campaign ip ne Washington office of FHA demn mothej/hood or whalever.you was duplicated the other day by gave as a reason f or u ]e loss the wish on t'hii: editorial' pages. R. George Romney in Detroit fact that the area had been badly J. Pease." The Republican candidate for hit by the withdrawal of military Practical! f, tiiking the words Governor of Michigan stood be- establishments. out of who*> column? fore, a congregation of negro mm- . isters to explain his Mormon religion which teaches that negroes are born with dark skins on account of their apathy in a spiritual pre-existence. "I knew that the religious issue would be raised," he told the ne- gro ministers straight from the shoulder. "I knew it would- be raised to alienate negroes and others. . "'I am deeply hurt and cut," he said, "by an apparently concerted attack being made on me among negroes, especially because its content and general derogatory nature ..'charges'* me with an attitude grossly unfair to negroes... •"My answer to all such detractors is simple and direct: Judge me on ,the readily available evidence, of my long private and public record. If that is not enough, I shall have to reconcile myself to the verdict. "I am thoroughly'prepared to do that even though it makes, me the victim of willful persecution at the hands of a group familiar with the evils of persecution front _ ^_ Which they tOO have long Suffer- ffl.Mnn Kcaturw Syndicate Inc, ipoi'W'o'rItlViRh'ii'rciiervoir ed."- -• , ," ' '-••-•-- - , • E» recited his record of oppo- "Will you PLEASE buy a ballccn, Jack?"

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