Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 7, 1944 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, July 7, 1944
Page 7
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v PERSONNEL OFFICE KOOAI 111 F [,TOK [ crX (;S KTTC'HE.V Kt.TOX HOTKL WANTED Stenographer Single. t'Hi'iit uppurtunit-y for Cire AiMress Hox "J" of Nuupiitxick Dally New* HlKK AVAXTKD PRSONNKL OFFICE ROOM 111 STABILIZATION' PLAN TEACHERS STUDENTS HOUSEWIVES! ! FULL OR PART-TIME WORK AVAILABLE Making Footwear ing iSurninor Montlis Experience Unnecessary APPLY AT United States Employment Service 123'.Bank St. Wnterbuiy, Conn, Stabilization Condition! UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Xiui-atiick Footworn- Plant NAl'CATUCK CON'N. H'OJHAN—-to <l" elcunliiK '> IHl «!"**" li>K u few hours u waok. Good pny. Apply NnuRtitucIt Dally .VOWM, T«l. 222S. SAI.KSI-ADIICS, 10 to «>. 1'ttrt O' full tlmu. Hxci-llont wnfros and worklnv; tonditions. Apply G. C. M'Jrphy Co., Church street at Park l j lace. Jit llol(i WiinttMl—Mulu or NJ(-!IIT CLHHK MALI'; or FR^rALE 11 J>, M. TO 7 A. M. APPLY PERSONNEL OFFICE, ROOM 111. IIDTKL Kl/rOX STABLIZATION PLAN . IIKI.l' WANTKI)—HIGH SCHOOL • CURLS AND BOYS DURING VACA-rroN: ALSO PART TIME •'•UN AND WOMAN. GOOD f'AV. V K Ft Y PLEASANT WOKK. KXPERIENCB NOT NECRSSARY. APPLY PETER PAL'!., INC NEW HAVEN RD. PHONE 228-1. DAY WORK J'urt Or Full Tim* KXCEl.f.KNT wugen Hiidl working conditions for man or woman In buldntr department of modern bukPi-y.—Apply City Bakery. 171 •Miiplit strewl. HOUSKMAX, MAID, msff \VASM I-;K APPLY PERSONNEL OFFICE .ROOM 111 ELTON' HOTEL STABILIZATION PLAN Sale For Wo FAMILY lloiwt! oil Hoiullvy street, two family house, Highland iivt'iiuo; one family houne on Ward street; one family hou*o u » Hill street; two family house 'on Riviiroldc drlvo. John J. "•-'"ly, tel. 5031. fitmlly dull MI of » rootnu. AH Wprovemcnts, 2-car parade nnd ''irtto lot, and some fruit tree*. Pr| ce J5700.00. Also ]2-room house, 2- family. x'ara B o, »nd ex- !r " lot, JtinCHj.OO. A. Shcpley. telephone 2133. HALE — 4H Hcre», ubout 10 In dow lund, brook »nd Rood "-room, barn and all term looln. For quick mile, prlun only ».',3CO. Apply A. Shtpiey, tcle- 2.133. t'OK SALt^Hurryl Hurry! Vacant (! room one family house, ull Improvements, 2 car nice lot, roauonuble price. Located i\t ' 52 Hotchkiiui street. Patsy Laln'lolu, realtor, 172 High street. Plionu, a-158 or 5834. l-'oU ^AI-K—Two'family houn«, .M rooms, 2 car garage and barn. All IniprovumcnU. Lot 84 x 1G5. At a sacrifice. Tel. 3-5403, Bridgeport. TWO-Fiunlly .hoiiM>, nil linprovf- mentM, extra InrRe lot. Apply 47 Klljhlancl avenue. Tel. 3028. Wanleil To Buy VIVJC or U room lioiuv with mod- urn Improvement*. Fairly new. Box N-O, care of News. 4 l.mul For Salu r lot. J-'U hy 100 frrt on Shirley street, two miles from Naugaluck off New Haven road. Price $100. Call Wuterbury 4-1551. USED at new OARS prlcus or leas. PACJiAIiD-WATEBBUEy, INC. •ISO Watorlown Ave. Dial 4-0109 DODGE — PLYjSEOUTH AUTHORIZED p ' Snlos Service Parts, Accessorlen Malcolm "VV. Starr Corp. 488 Watertown Avc. Dial .6-1HB HMO Chryxlor —"Windsor D«Luxc>, Eood condition, private owner-, Telephone Wtby. 3-1033. PAI'BK HANGING W. F. Cota, 17 545J>; nnd 1'ulntliig 'Codar Sti-ee Merchandise Furm Machinery. MeCOJlMACK model 1020; 2' 1-2 hor«'a.^powe Jaeger water pump; S.OOOi'ga per hour. T. J. Mohtambault, 53 North Main St., Union City. Te 2083. ' . .' • Your car Is a. national osacl See The NBWH Want Adi for aer vices to keep It In top shape., UKAUTIFUIw—Vlnwft, hrouk, stale road. IS acrea, $2,750. E. C, Barber, C!n>ycole. Wood bury. Tol. ISO For Rent Wanted To Bent WANTED—My unuill family. » cot- tape at Lake QuaSMipaug or Sundy Beach for the summer months and over Labor Day. References. Telephone 5929, Room* To I.i!t ON N'KW HAVEN Bond, u cor.y furnished apartment for uoupl Or two adults. Apply 740 So. Main street. Tel. 2C38, TWO-Hoom apartment, furnished, for light houuekeeplnj;. Electricity, saa, hot water, air-condl- Uonec!. Call Watby. 3-9457. Announcements 12 Biwlnesn Announcement* MONUMENTS .Special prices on All Memorial! V. RICHARDS 2«0 3o. Muln St Naugatuck 11 host And Found LOHT—Monday afternoon, III Murphy's store, wallet containing Hum of money in blllu. Reward. Mrs. Frank Rnula, 1G2 Maple street, or call 3255. HAVING LOST my wpoclal H RIW ration coupons, I have made application to .the .local Ration Board for new ones. CLARENCE NOBLE. WOMAN'S liand-bnic containing ration book, papers) and white tfloves, Monday at local rtiilroucl -»tu'tlon. .CRuward. Pleuso <:avc at 32 Greenwood street. NOTICE Baummer's Clambake nnd Picnic Grounds Excellent picnic facilities, fireplaces, picnic benches), good water, «:tc, EDWARD EAUMMER .. .. Floltl St. Telephone 3501 NOTICE The annual meeting of the lot owners of the Grove Cemetery Association, will be held at 2 p. m, E. W. T. on Monday, July 10. 1944. ui. the Naugatuck National Bunk. The nnnuril mei'tlng o'f the Trua- tct'H of »aici noHOclation, will be held at 2:1.1 P. m. E. W, T., on the same date, at th« Naugatuck National Bank. EMIL MANNWEILER, President. Automotive 14 Auto* For Sale I8SS Ford Touring Car. good running condition. Fair tires. Price $175, Frank Burns, French street, Wutcrtown. Tel. 882-W. YOU CAN'T GET MORE FOR SO LITTLE — LOOK — Clun»Klfil Ad KutCM -WordH Lines 1 Day • ; Prepaid Charge 3 Days Prepaid Charge C Day's-/".'"-' Prepaid- Ch'arge 1 to 15 .27 .30 .03 ,90 | 1.08 1G to 20 .30 .84 1.20 1.4.1 1.92 to 25 .45 .00 1,05 1,50 • 1.80 2.40- 20 to .5-1 .72 3.20 1.80 2.10 2.88 31 to 35 7 I .03 .84 1.47 2,10 | 2.52 3.3G 30 to 40 .72 1.C8 2.40 2.88 3.8-i •11 to -15 .81 1.08 3.80 2.70 3.24 4.32 4U to CO 10 I ,90 1.20 2.10 3.00 3.00 4.80 51 to GB 11 | .99 1.32 2.31 3.30 3.93 5.28 -*• 50 to GO 12 1.03 1.44 3.60 I 4.32 . 5.70 If paid within one week after insertion, advertisement will be considered as prepaid.' • On The Air Today 4:00 p. m. \VAEC—Broadway Matinee WJZ-WATR—Ethel and Albert WEAF—Back.stage Wife WOK—Rambling wi 'h Gambling 4:10 p. in. VVABC—Matinee; Mows WJZ—Nation's Monuments WATR—Don Norman Show • WTIC—Stella Dallas " -4:30 p. m. WATR-W JZ—N e ws \VOR—.RcniBiii-bi'anL'e Music WAEC—Off the Record 4:45 p. m. • WJZ-WATR—To be announced VVKAF-WTIC—Widdor Brown . WAEC—Raymond Scott Show 0:(M) p. in. WEAF-WTIC—When a Girl Marries WJZ—Hop Harrigan WOR—Uncle Don WABC—Fun with Dunn WATR—Terry a.'id Pirates 5:15 p. in. WEAF-WTIC—Love and Learn WJZ—Did; Tracy WATR—Melody Rcv-je WOR—Cliiok Carter ,1:.'il> p. in. WEAF-WTIC—Plain Bill WATR-W J 2— Jack Armstrong WOR—Tom Mix Show WATR—News 5:45 p. m. WABC—Wilderness Road WEAF-WTIC—Front Pn>,'e Farrcll WJZ—Sea Hound WATR-WOR—Superman (i:W) p. m. ALL Stations—News G:I3 p. in. WABC—Lynn Murray Orch., Chor- TJo WATR—Symphony Serenade WTIC—Viclory i." Our Business WJZ—Hop Harrigan WOR—News; Inside Hollywood WEAF—Serenade to America U:30 p, m. WOR—News WTIC—Strictly Sports WEAF—Serenade; Sports WJZ—Whose War? Sports WATR—News; Songs (1:45 p. in. WABC—World Today PRIVATE BUCK "This i* «n» I eoW «nd, Buck! What did ya WOR—Stan Lomax WATR—Pleasure and.Profll WTIC-WT2AF—Lowell Thomas 7:00 p. ni. VVABC—I Love a Mystery WATR-WJ2—Nero Wolfe . WEAF-WTIC—Music Shop WOR—News • . .. 7:10 p. m. WOR—Answer Man. WvVBC—We Who Dream . • •'' WEAF-WTIC-^-News ;of • the World '- ;. 7?3() p. m, '• ' WOR—Keep Ahead V WATR—Ph'ohe Your Answer-' WEAF—Roth Orch. and Chorus WJZ—Lone-Rang-er . WTIC—Quiz of Two Cities • WABC—Friday on Broadway 7:45 J). m. WATR—Red Cro.-is Program WEAF—News) . 8:00 p. m. WABC—Charley'. 'Kuggles Show WATR—Watch World Go By WOR—News WEAF-WTIC—Cities Service Concert 8:18 p. m. WOR—Nick Carter WATR-WJ7!—Parker Family 8:SO p. m. WTIC-WEAF—Thin Man WOR—Freedom of Opportunity WATR-WJZ—Navy Program WABC—Service to the Front 9:00 p. m. WABC—II Pays to be Ignorant WRA.F-WTIC—Waltz Time, Frank ' Munri WATR-WJZ—Gang Bustera WOR—Gabriel Heutler !):15 p. in. WOR—Screen Test 0:30 p. m, WEAF-WTIC—People are Funny WABC—Brewster Boy WATR-WOR—Spotlight on Carle WOR—Double or Nothing 1<*:<X» p. in. WEAF-WTIC—Boston Blackie WATR-WJZ—News : ' WABC—Moore-Durante Show WOR—Norman Thomas,. Talk" 10:80 p. m. WABC—Stage Door Canteen''.' V; WEAF-WTIC—SporlH-Recl . '-'-..'i WATR—News; Foster Orcli. \ .;-. WJZ—Service Letter ".">'" ;,': WOR—Symphoncttc ; ;>: 10:45 p. in. ,'.','.-;.i:!Si WJZ—Kay Lorraine 11:00 p. m. -.' ".:• '•' ALL Stations—News 11:16 p. m: " •'"",--; WTIC—Harkness of Washington'•"•: 11:30 p. m.' -.' ;:./,.;..;.-'• WABC—Boyd Raeburn OrcK/ ; .' WTIC-WEAF—Author's PlaylVo'use WJZ-WATR—American Holiday •'-,; WOR—Cliincse-' Program -" ""' 12:00 MldnlBlit ' WATR—$ign Off WEAF-WTIC—News; Mr. Smith WOR—'Hudson, Prima Orchs. '- WA.BC—News; Strong Orch. WJZ—News; Shop Fields Orch. 12:30 a, m. • WEAF-WTIC—Three Suns; Lee Sims; News WOR—Eddy Howard Orch. WABC—Tony Pastor Orch. WJZ—GleivGray Orch.; Showcase '. .:.••• -FOR .SALE! ! ... : ' • ." ".-.' A; EG.-'-Was her . : ..'. • . •„,-"--Easy-Washer.- Hamilton" Beacon. Vacuum Clean or ,..-. :. .-••- ':'Electric 1 .Ii-on_. Francis -Furniture Co. 449 NORTH MAIN STRF.ET > ! -s • \- Telephone. 3000! HOLt, top <J«yik . .with cash.. Tel. 3011; v ,'• chair, $2fl Wanted To Buy BANK Halo .dopoHlt. IIOXCM wanted. • Hig-hsst '.-cash prices; paid. Wire ;cbllect, -wrltu;or phono whixt yon J '-'havc to••offisr.JTIS.'Miirphey; Re. public . (JOS'-I, -'JUS.' Yeatnmn Avc., '•• Webster.'Groves 19; Mo. •CAIX 2HIO—If you.'have anything. 16- soil. Singer •se'Mnjr- machine.-;, •bicycles, -old'.'furniture, 'raffs or ' junk. Kivfht 1 prices, paid.' Returned veterans are, reudinjr The. News. Want Ads... What message have you' for them? Phone 22U8. '. . '.'•'.- Rose «t Morton', ?•! Center St. Wuterbury .4-0120 BABY—Cnr Meats, 1'luy p«;n«. Imthl- netts, cribs, high chairs, Kant-wet mattresses, toys, THE RADIO SHOP 180 Grand St. Watcrbury CIU US — CurrlaffCN, riny Venn, Largo selection ot toys. Lowest prices In town. . BEACON KIDDIE CENTRE DU-^UiN MllKiClll JOHN'S MUSIC KHOr « Ini.v, wll, «xoli:iiilC<v ninl repair all kjnd.i of • instruments. Low- rat prices in the city.-'380-382 So. M'nin St., W.-itby, Conn. Animals 000 licuvy Hallr.rOKH Pullet*. Apply Edward Baummer, Field street, Tel. 3501. BARRED- ROCK CHICKENS More Than Half Grown First- Come First Served 193 Elm Street Phone 5151 BHOWN and White Pinto— Ww«tern saddle horse. Call Walor- bury 3-2077. Services 37 UiiKlnc.NH Service* WANTED — Oil • ami repairing, work. Hot water colls • ]vl Durcltc, telephone tinrlier cleaning Also, eloctrlca.1' installed- 5321 . KUECXUICAr, lU-palriiiK Service Appliances a specialty. Ray Docker, 402 N. Main.St. Tel. -J000. I'rofiMinlona.1 Services EXCELLENT KE-UI'lIOLSTEttY '—Allen's Upholstering Studio, 3 Grand Street, Wawrbury. Diay 4-OC-15. NOTICE Oil Burner Clw»n«r«. Itavn your *'burner cleaned now. Don't for cold weather. All work guaranteed. • Telephone 3025, ,H»rry Churchill. . • ••'•', ATTENTION KlMXnrfiw OWMf* —Repair*, Kenuine part* and lervlce. By bonded Klertroluk Man. I, Ntamn, » T»ir«««'- 'Av«. Telephone " GHAIIOSKI'S Ka.llo Repair Shop. Radio's expertly repaired, moderate prices. 'Phone 5017..'.:' 40' 'Ami Dyeing NOTICE . . To our many custom*™! ! "!; I Our plant- nnd store will he clo««« from July 2 to July 10, In order that customers mey "not b«"''dl«- nppoinled, ploo»o bring your ^dry cleaning in early. •' " 'KIEVMAN'S , . 70 Church Street BUZ SAWYKn HOY CRANK MAY NOT HAVE ANOTHER CHANCE TO DROP IN, SWEiNEV, I'M TAKING v: OFF $OON. ' BUZ, I'M WORRIED.. WITH ME IN THE HOSPITAL, WHO'S GONNA TAKE CARE Of YOU AND HANDLE THE TAIL GUN? WHY, CHANCE* AM NOTHING WILL HAPMN I'LL M IN A JAP PlANI THE SAMf AS TMtV. REMOVED. SME1 DOWN fOR f Of f 0 AHD RANGE MY GOSH / WO T A MESS OF JAPS? JUOCMfNT,Mf. oom KNOW bow OONNA ETTA KETT By PAUT- ROBINSOJ* OH 8OV/ WKCN I GET THIS COMMISSION I'M ETTA OUT FOC2. A SWELL-TIME. i I'M 6ONN/A GEPA DlD'YOU H&APTHE NEWS? I I THINK- CADS'<3OIN<3 TO . ] JEEPE12S/1 NCKDTHST MONSY ioTM<s «n.*, our IFTHAT (3010THE OMNEfJ Bv ROBERT STOIUB 9KCRBT AGENT X» HAL'S LOCATED ' l£ 'PHONE AND CONTACT BCV$...we'U NEED A DOIEU i TEU. '£M WE'LL RENDEZVOUS A' CRAN'0-VIEW, IN BONNVH.LE TEN TONIflHT) SUJE-JAW'S WITHOUT roourr SWELL I/M6ET HOTBi- A BAKNKV.GOOGLH: AND S.NC-FFY vw\Frv\v.OL 1 CORN COBBV 'IS S6TTW OrO NEST POLL O 1 A\GS WILLIAM RITT and CKARENCK GRAt ME 16 NOT QUICK ENOUGH ! BRICK SIDESTEPS, BUT THE TWO'' ANTAGONISTS ' CIRCLE',-: . "EACH— ALERT FOR, LUNGE ." BY MAUL' HTII COMMAND BOND COUNCIL Fort Douglas, Utah (UP)—Maj. Gen. David "McCoach, Jr., commanding general of the Ninth Ser- vlco' Comihftnd, annouhoes the formation of a Ninth Service .Command • War Bond'-.'Council^ ^ThV council" will" co-ordlnalc- bottd sale activities for air military ancTjciv- llan personnel located 'within-., the Kcographical limits of. the command, which comprises thei eight Western states. The Hoosac tunnel In'.Massachusetts required 25 years to^bulld. It was the flrat exlcnsive 'construction of Its kind anywliere 'in the United States. .-•-.- ..,..: MUGGS AND SKEETER GDAMPS HAP, TO GET SOME OWE ELSE TO MAk^E-LOVe TO EFFIE MAE-TUATU. MAKE WCQ FOCCET WEP CRUSH AMD \oira uec MIKJD OFF MlMfSUED PITCU FOO US AGAINST MIS TEAM .'_, «/"( yJOWDER VJMO VJE ~ CAW.GtTTD. P»V COUQTTO

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