Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 7, 1944 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, July 7, 1944
Page 5
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ho FRIDAY, JULY 7, 1944 ••Walcrbury's Frit-nilly Department Store Never Too Old Nor Too Young to Enjoy These ...... Model Airplane Kits 50* Kit Kit Kit Kj t Kit Kit No. No. No. D 31— Martin B-26 Marauder 18" win? spread. Authentic hollow-' scale construction. D 30— Waco C G-4-A Glider 42" win? spread. Tow line Glider— nil wood frame work — cabin controls. ., D 29 — North American P-51 Apache 3ti"Wlng spread. FlylnR Model. ' ' . . F 28 — Grumman Hellcat F-6-F Nowest ixna fastest climbing U, S. -Navy -carried based fighter. r 27— Schweizer T C-2 Tow Line Glider Two plncc glider now holds the unofficial altitude record of 14.960 ft. reached in crlals of 1WO. F 26 — Piper Cub L-4 Flying. Scale Model •Observation and lias'.on monoplane. Known"- as the "Eyes- of the Artillery." '.'','' •'' 301 — Martin B-26 (Marauder) . _•• Solid model renturlng fiilly carved fusclnge formed -parts, cement nr.d many other features, -. -' .'''."'.'.' 25i —North American B-25 Mitchell : True scale K" solid model reaturing fully carved ruse- , lagc, .Cormcd parts, cement and many other features.; 501 — Flying Fortress B-17-E % True scale "4" solid model festurln; fully carved fuse- • Inge, formed parts, cement nnd many other features. .:" TOYLAND— LOWER FLOOR Create Comfort with "Coolmor" Canvas Porch Curtains 4' wide x 7' drop ..... .each $ 5.25 5' wide x 7' drop each $ 6.45 6' wide x 7' drop each $ 7AS 7' wide x 7' drop each $. 8.90 8' wide x 7' drop each $10.SO 9' wide x 7' drop . . each $11.95 Coolmor canvas porch curtains arc made.of genuine 8-ouncc duck painted a rich green on both -sides so that the curtain is name color inside and ' outside of porch. Each curtain has a heavy moulding at top and roils up and down on a hardwood roller sewn into bottom hem. Complete with wind safe device and patented paper pattern showing where to drive self hanging staples making installation quick and easy. _ Limited quantity of sixes in stock from 4' to 9' in width. THIRD FLOOR SAFETY BY THE YARD! Rug Anchor 36" wide yard - and, • Eliminate danger and - protect your family•friends' with this inexpensive rug anchor.- More. ac-' lidents occur in the home than on the -highways. CJso black rubberized RUR Anchor under your rugs-' and prevent falls, make vacuuming easy because rug anchor holds your rugs .in place. ... • .' ..;.-"•• - •• FLOOR COVERING . . . FOURTH FLOOR ..•",:, .. New Haven Workers Are Awarded Many National Prizes Boston, Mnss.r July 7—Hailed by the War- ^Production ~ Board as "Connecticifc . -Champions," em- ployes' of the 'Winchester. Repeating; Arms company,- New-'Haven, Conn., today, -captured 19- new national ' awnrcl'3 -conferred by ' WPB on war workers-whose ideas, suggestions nnd inventions speed, the flow of weapons anil- supplies- to our fighting 'fronts. ;. These award's were the, highest number ever' accorded a single plant at one time and brought to •15 the number of national WPB honors held by Manchester workers, according 1 to 1 Frederick Bowes, Jr., New England .regional • manager-of the WPB'M Wai- Production Drive, praising 'the work of the company's Lixbor-Managomont Production committee, through .whose suggestion system the .rnon had previously won high local honors. The recognitions also gave the Winchester 1 a b o r - management team u tic • for-first place among other New-England war plants and shipyards, and a'-seventh place tic in the nntional'-racc, topped only by six aircraft •• plants and -shipyards with many times the number of workers. The tying New England competitor, American Type Founder, Inc., of FItchbui-g, leads the nation on a per-capita basis. ' .' : ' The outstanding i Winchester award was .to Frederick G, Gray, whoso method- of tumbling 28 Gar- und and live Carbine parts in' ba'r- rcls, instead of filing off machining burrs, saves 160,000 man-hours a year. • . .. • . Conn. Fishing Season Extended The Connecticut State Board of Fisheries and Game announces that the season' on brook, brown, rainbow nnd lake trout and sockeye salmon will be open until October 31 on all streams, lakes and ponds. Shnc! may: be taken by. angling up to July ,15, except at Enfteld Dam, Stlfllcia.'. . ..,.-.',.'. Commercial shad' fishing closed July 2nd. .-. . • •• ' ... :• " . The extension of the season is being made because -anglers . have had limited ."opportunities to take advantage o'f. the 'regular .open season, Three-day fishing' licenses 'are now available for-residents at $1.35 and for non-residents at $1.85. This short-term .license has proved a popular feature and the opportunity to obtain -such • a license-will be' welcomed by many vacationists in Connecticut.. BETTY GRABLE IS THE LEAD NOW AT LOEWS; .WATERBURY Wherever there's a thumbtack and a man, you'll'find Betty Gra- blc! It's as inevitable as that.- For tho simple, unadorned fac! of the matter Is lhat. Betty stand- today as America's undisputed No, 1 "Pin Up Girl." Seven million .service men. .v .from Guadalcanal, to Salerno,., from 'Akron to Alaska whose barracks, tents, planes and tanks her likeness adorns, can't be wrong! Nor. can the millions of home-front, fans who haven't boosted to the pinnacle of screen suc- coss. What with her pin-up status and her personal contributions lo morale building in hospitals, army camps, naval stations and points of troop concentration- throughout the country, Miss Grable has become a distinctive, stream-lined symbol of our times. Thus it was no accident that 20th Century-Fox decided to make a motion picture celebrating Miss Grablc's eminence in ihc esteem of the men- of the armed forces and the public generally: The .spectacular Technicolor produclibn of "Pin Up Girl," which stars Bclty Grablc and opens today at Loew Poli theater, is practically a command performance. And in further tribute to her unique position as a sensational real life personality who warrants- a salute In an especially patterned film production, the stu- riio surrounded i-her- with a brilliant array of talent, • Including John Harvey, Martha . Rayc, Joe E. Brown' and Eugene Pallettc and featuring Charlie Splvak and his orchestra. . . * 1 The co-hit on this hit program is "Candlelight In Algeria," with James Mason. Beautify your home W« recommend Murpby D»-Cote Entmel for i bwutiful finish of long enduring wear. For the m»ny indoof «nd outdoor oppertunirie* to bring the beauty of color to the home then b nothing like D»-Cote EntmeL GANS,lnc. MAPLE STREET TEL. 3507 A':H«ar Pacific Hprayit by-ack-ack fire. . -. •. ;-..-.T.. ; •;'':•::'(.i ".:•'•' •'. '(International),;• ••'..: . ; - -.-.-.-•.;•. •' -.'-. '-"• ' ' ' — _ Japanese Made ;.-.'• •* ''"' Attack On Seven Years . ' (By United ITciii) * '^ ^ Seven years npro today -U)c Japanese carrlod out their sneak' '.(U- Inck on the Marco- Polo 'bridge -'in China— liRhtinK the torch; of the great Slnd-Jnpnn&se war... • The Chinese— certain now of ultimate .viclbry—ire obBcrvinB'.-UVc anniversary' in a spirit • of confi- acncc arid hard -determination. President ' Roosevelt has written Chianp Kai-Shek thai the rislnp; ticlc'-of Allied victories "is hastening ihc day when Chinese and "Allied 'armies -will sweep" out the invader'." • .','....'-.-; Contributing -to' this -'note "at 'con- fld'ence' — I)i\ Wei Tao-MIng, Chi-' ncsc .. ambassador 1 ', to- ,-ih'c -Uhltc'd 'Stales— predicts -an cai-ly' junction beiwcen: v two important 'Far. : East- crn .Allied fighting force*: •' Th'cy arc tlic troops under ''General 'Slil- well in;"Burma, • ahdv-tli o 'Chinese units •drivlns-'-aoroes'.-the' Salwecn river on- the •Sino-BurinesicL^bjoi;;-; dcr. . .. • ' " :.-'••-"'• " '' ' ! '.TWO GIRLS ; AND jftj it SAILOR" HELD OVEH AT THE STRAND' : 'Movie fans .are in 'for'-'a' rare : treat musically ks s "Two' Gfrl's ! a;rVa" a Sailor" holds over for- nhotlicr week' at Loe\y's Strand, Watcrburj^. . Here's a picture that has cycryr Ihing;, It's an outstanding.:; b'le'nd of -music, comedy and ' 'romance that -will ' keep \you- thoroughly, entertained' during .every _ minute.. of. the-'picture's-'runnihe'-timB'.:. -''•••' M-G-M has rounded up a stcllat. cast, .indeed,- which ihcludca yi\n Jorinson, Gloria' DcHavcn, June Allyson, Jimmy Durante, Jose' Iturbi, L.ena Home and theXmusic of- Harry James and" Xavi'cr'Cu'gat and their famous musical aggrega- r.ons. .-'•'}•:'•• :•. • . June nnd Gloria play, a- pair of Deadline nipht-club .entertainers born and brought in in-the'-th'eatcr, Jimmy Durante is cast a; an cx- vaudcvillian and the role of^ si. handsome- younp sailor "is taken by. Van Johnson. The romance, between Van nnd Gloria takes' a'acri- 'ous turn before Van realizes that it .is really June that he loyeg, . . But that Isn't all, for th'ere^are sonfrs by Jimmy Durante," Lena" Home and Virginia ' OIBrlcri-rv a.. dance by Ben Blue ahdlijjanp play- inp by Itiu-bi 'and his^ijirtqh^lKm-; paro Novarro and the Tcnciwncd One Finger Jiano Concerto 'by, .of all people, Grade Allen!' ; ;• The companion feature on the Strand prog-rarh is "attack" — the Battle For New . Britaini" The new bill opens today for "one full week. • • " ' .' RETIRED MINISTER DRAFTED Plttsfleld, Mass, (UP)— Though he retired from the ministry several years ago, the Hev.-Oncar-'W. Stetson has been "drafted"; .for a'summci- schedule wh'ich*.jTrcIU>l'M' Sunday services In flvc'. chur'chea., BEACON FALLS ' ; Corrc»pohdeht'ii '.I' 4324 ; OiitfirusHfire In darks'Woods The .Bcacort Eulls -Hose Co.. volunteer ' flrcnicn, • extinguished a brush."-fire 'in Clark's ..'woods.:ycsi tcrday 'aftcrnobn. ; ; ' , - ,. ..; • „• 'The .group, under the supervision of .acting :..Firc -Chief..John Hawkins '.arid' 1 ".'assistant,,, Vincent Mulosky. had'the fire out after a short.fight.. ..;..; ". ' , -. '•' " ; Ton-Day ieavc'. ' . ' Pvt. Kaymon'd- Wisne.wski, 1 U. S-. Army, is home,, on . a ten-day, fur- loiigli. Pyt. Wisnewski is the son of' Mr.-- and .Mrs, "Steve--Wisn'cwski "of .Cliff Lane. ".. ., • . . -' Weekends In N.. V. C. Vin'c'en't. 'Mule'sky..' left. .tod,ty',".lo; spend' a. 'week"end'" in-New York .city. ".. •,,..-':..•--,.-'. •' ." : U.S. Rubber Co. Declares Dividend are '; The .Board.. .of Directors of Unit^ ed •Ru'bber'Company ycstcr- day/icleciured"; a dividend ,bf $2; a share'-bn'^the-S'-pcr. cchf.npn-cumu- .lativc first- prcfcrred-. : stock, • from. 'net' .earnings ' of ahe- company.: dur 1 -. ' ' yeaiv,.- ; '. '~ . - ••.. . .-, ,'""The : directors' also, 'declared ---a; dividend "6'C- : 50 cents a share on the common; stock, .from' earned surplus as'-6C, December '31, 19-13. Bol.h the 'preferred and common dividends- declared, yesterday' arc payable .September 8 ;to stockholders of .record August 25. . ''CRIME DOCTOR" HEADS BILL NOW AT GEM THEATER ,'. "'Crime Doctor's Strangest Case," latest Columbia picture in this thrilling series adapted "for ttic screen,frbrn^tfie" famous radio stdr : ;ies of Max. Marcin, now at the 'Gem-theater. •" '" ;- u Warner'^Baxter Is again stiirrcd 'In- what advance'reports'say is an even more 'exciting story 'than Uic first : in this group. -Featured in' the cast are: X-ynn Mcrrlck', Regi 7 ' nald ' Denny, 1 Birtbn McLanc, Jerome Cowan, Rose Hobart. Gloria Dlcksori, 'Virginia Brissac, Lloyd Bridges,- a n.d Constance • Worth. Eugene J. Forde directed. '•The second lead is "Slightly Terrific..'.'-- ' • '_ An elcctirc. motor spins 12,000 revolutions a.'minute • to-keep the : gyroscopic .mechanism, guiding power of an automatic.plane pilot. .rotating at conslant speed. Circus Animals Seem To Know Death Is Near Hartford, July . 7—(U P)—The animals on the Hartford circus grounds—scene of. yesterday's disaster—are crying today. •• There is no roaring from th« Hon's cages; The -big cats just whine like lost kittens. 5 One tiger crouched' on the floor of his cage .all nighfand mewed -mournfully. .'.'.. ' The screams of Gargautun, the gorilla, have softened; to a wail that echoes ' across-- the Ringllng Brothers, 'Barrium and Bailey circus grounds. '.' '.•' ',''• <• The animals', cages'arc lined:-up in ah oval around the.ruins of'the greatest show on' .earth. Their cages are blocked off'so''they cannot sec I.he- charred center poles or .the junk metal that, once was the cage for the animal act. ''•-. Circus-folk arc unable to explain the mcnagericls reaction- 'to.; the •holocaust: yesterday in which 139 -peVsons -were" killed- -when flames 'swept -through- the -Big • Top.-.- • • •; ' -However;' one' roustabout has an explanation. •. •• ;•-' .' •' .. ' • •'• 'He'says—'.'The. animals just know when death-is'near.";"- : • '• . ^ SdedAflwirfe takes By Ldcalite '.-Clayton F'.Davis of.High street; well' : 'known ' local ..resident and b'li^iriess man,, and ' onc'.of : ^Nauga- liick's outstanding fishermen,' fc.- cently landed a 4 1-2 .pound basB while fishing at-Twin -Lakes. , : Mr. Davis .who has a summer home at'Twin; Lakes has made a number of record catches in the past several years at the lakes, for the water is so deep and cold-, lhat a natural, breeding place for large bass, lake trout and other game fish.' There arc fewer foreign-born residents in' South Carolina than in any other state. In- 19-10 the total was less than .5,000. GRANADA RUM I ^ •'.' OPA $4.10—0uf iPrico . '. COCKTAIL HOUR OPA $5.59—100 'Proof WE HAVE HALF GALLONS and OALLONfl|.,;/i :; .' r - r --.; OF SWEET WINES ;^\; • ; . -,'.' LARGEGSIJLECTION OF IMPORTED WINES AT NEW LpW' We Carry ''.AU^ppnlarj Brands'" .of. .Barrel Beer ''' Shop Street \ 23 Sputi Pop's Liquor Store Street: v'' •' CLOPAV GARMENT STORAGE BAGS CEDAR-FAK TTK 35' 45* A Ccdariz cd garment storage bap to -protect your clothes from dust and i : y moths. Size' 60x \l 27x2 inches. ALSO MOTH BALLS AND MOTH FLAKES G.C. MURPHY Co. Church St at Park Place Nnugiittick, Conn. . SMART, NEW SJJMMER DRESSES ...... $K-98, & up Prompt, Kxpcrt WATCH & JEWELRY REPAIRING William Schpero "Jeweler 180 CHURCH ST. — I Flight Up — NEW CLASSES . Wednesday, July 5,,Summer School. Still'time to enroll!' POST J.UN1OB •..'.•' f \Ji3M. COLLEGE . 'O F C,0 M ME R C E >' Sarasota.c'Flo'rlda.'.July 7—(UP)—Old .hands, with the RinglinK- brothers. and ' Barnum and. Bailey circus'say.the-Blfe. Top fire • in Hartford'is the .worst disaster In circus "history.: However,-, the circus tins had its! troub'leg' before. . Two .'.yearn; aijo—In •„ Cleveland— flro BWCpt.'throuKh a.- subsidiary lent nouain? • circus, 'animals. Camclsr'zebras, lions. • tlgcm and many other animals . ; were . destroyed." ,,' . ''"...'!'•• In 1938 the show was,halted midway in the. season when .workers went,, out. oh strike. The. big tent was folded and shipped back to Florida. ' '. .' ' Only once before has the Big. Top. been completely, destroyed by tire. That-disaster'took place.two or three, decades ago "and" the exact time", or place , cannot be recalled.'. • . :-1 •",*.. .-- . ' ' ' ' '.STATE' MADE-'KICHTER '„ f Boston,'.'- July'".r—Vu P)— Mass- nchu.«isUs is V.quarter million dollars!, richer';-today/ ..Bank , deposits u'nused<_6r -unclaimed for the past 20 to -30 yeara have .been restored to the 'state.;iaf.tcrl.lnve3ti(!ration by the •attorccy.-general.' ; Almost $370,000 wag netted—at* a-cost of Home ti6,6oo. V- •......-. .'• • • . ^• : X";' ; :.I^-:NJ»^D^^ Missir!^^iB^ In Circus History . • _.- • (By .united. »£!!""';•':>;.. •;.»••' ; U. '3." troopV"l»n'd,;.6n; bolh'ulilwi of" Munda*'. Now. Georgla^-l"!***; at, one •polnli»!*r*^.onl)r.^«lx, ) "V** from .Munila;"''""*^..-/"./" ••"".-. '„',"•' -'•• Later '. report*" on- -(MiUle; of 'KuU Gulf, roveiir -Japanese.?loBt>.-nJn«: warship's while U..S.*lo«t/inflight cruiser,. Helena.' ••'".' •_-''.; 'j/;'-.':£-•'<•• '•'£• ' In New Guinea,; Allied :.lrboj»» capture'.-Obscryalion;_"MII1:,. .. ... 'I:• On the'.- Russian 1 front,vO«rma»« made- slight'' progrn'ss Ipft.tlic-" Bjll- gorod 'sector;'-In special" commu- niqquc. -Russian's rcporf-.Mhat, th» Niuii troops" w«rc attacking with 15 tank divisions, one-, and 14 Infantry, divisions.'": _-.;-. ; ; Gen, Henri: Honore' ' Oflraud ..- arrives in Washington; .greeted .-wlOi •a ,17-Kutv salute ; anO . full-' military . Number 'of mules. on -U: 8;. firm* ha* declined from 8,918,000 In -.1915 lo 4,238,000 In 1MO; a dcc'rc«»«-»t ; 28, per cent, ' ••••'.• ', •.''.';""; •• ••'*' IS. BWlWST- HIH1WWM. WHAT CAVMS IT* A mvi win b JJS Fifth A»«., N«wY«tJk, oh,\\haI a Living Room! YOUR LIVING ROOM'.is the key spot, theimost lived-in room-in your-home. 1 Keep, it as'fresh" N and' •.charming as it.loolked the first time you entertained.' : in,it. It should be-just as LTnportajit:to you asvthe-,;.- ". clothes you wear, the perfume-you choose so care- full.v. Redecorate "it with beautifully ;raade."period; pieces. Choose from our'superb collection of". . .' • KROEHLER and Jamestown-Royal * Living Room Suitet; . SIMMONS FELT MATTRESS --Twin or Full Size \ $24-50 Enjoy sounder sleep on a new Slrr.mons • mattress. Layer upon, layer of-all- ' white staple cotton makes this-mattress exceptional- '.. ^^i^ Terms ly comfortable. Select . . now! . . , . ... NEED A NEW BREAKFAST SUITE? Oak — and PU.ticS«U BABY CARRIAGES , from $19-95 up Practical folding carriages w.ith all the newest safety features for your baby's comfort and health. Choose from Whitney-Thayer and Lloyd: carriages. Full Siif CRIBS up --. Select your Simmons or Whitnej r ycrib - at- The M e t- r o p ol itan now! A fine selection at i-easonable prices. OPEN THURSDAY EVENING MEYROPOLIIAN " •'" t «» RW i r w * «'•• c • M 27 CENTER .•"» «•

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