Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 7, 1944 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, July 7, 1944
Page 4
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Page Four Qfte Bail? Published Every Evening (Except Sunduy) by THE NAUGATUCK NEWS CORPORATION . NAUGATUCK. CONNECTICUT DO YOU REMEMBER? From The Files of The News FRIDAY JULY 7; 1944 Telephone* Wit and 2!Mf>—All llopurtmcntu Entered a* nccond clans muUcr at the post office in Nnuftatuck, Com:. RUDOLPH At. HKiVNICK, Prusldent nnd Treasurer RALPH S. I'ASMO, VIcc-Prcslclont KDWARD C. LINCENHELD, A*sl»tnnt Trcunurnr MILDRED HOLLAND, Secretary SUBSCRIPTION RATES . I month .1 .75 6 months ,...,$4.50 I month* 12.25 1 your JO.Od . Pnyiible in Aclvanco 1 week—18c • By Carrier I year ID.OO 20 Years Ago -- Mr. and Mrs. .fumes Bickford tind Mr. and Mrs. James. Warner returned from u four day_ trip through the .North Shore district in 1 Massachusetts. o—O—o Francis Collins, Josephine and Margaret Collins, and Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Liriskuy of Curllss street spent the day visiting at the beaches In Mllford. 'The United Press has tho exclusive right to uau (or rcpublicaliin In tiny form.' till news dispatches credited to thin puprr. It la also exclusively -entitle;] lo.usc lor rcpubtlcatkm 'ill tho local or undated news published herein. 30 Years Ago McGcc and Phonic Grant of Carroll .court visited • friends in Ore Hill for a few days.. o—O—o ' Warden H. B, Tuttlc presided at a meeting of the board of charities. The members of the: board were E. E. Stevens, John s Pord;' Patrick Brcnnari, and D. Af. Iiinsikey. TO Till: 1'I.Ati—"I plulge allo to tilt- Vlujf of the United Stntosi of America Hud tu thu-lU'p'uhlic fur which It *t:in<lM. One niitloii Indivisible, with Lihurt.v mill .luxtlcti lor nil." rill DAY. JULY 7, IIHI MORE BLOOD DONORS WANTED T.lio aniiuuucL'ii.tL'ii.t iiy Xa'tig Chapter. Ainci'icaii J-tt-d Ci'0.- : s, that 114 more voliiiitoors ai'u nt'oilud to fill A'a'u- #jit lick's quota jjt- blood donors . whui 'the Blood. Plasma Unit comes lieix-./July 27, should ciuij-v m.'fiiy <•(.' our residents Id; promptly volunteer to maku .bluud "donations.- The call t'fjr donors has been issued' lieeaiisx- the sn-[)ply oT plasma 'must bu iuwCi'isK.J .so that .the muii woiin'i.k'd hi Irattk's can' be iriven (he treatment necessary to save 'then- lives and restore them to health. It is a call' to render a patriotic .and liiimaiiita'riaii service. I Around the Clock Harold Roy, a member of the class of 1944 of Naugatuck high, who received his diploma "in absentia,' 1 has been transferred from Western Kentucky .State Teachers' college, Bowling Green, Ky,, to Greenville, Miss, Hal is an aviation cadet. His new address is A-c Harold- Roy, Jr., 12221097, Sec. 01, 2120 AAF (BU), AAF Pilot School- (Basic), Army Airfield, Greenville, Miss.' Mrs. Julia Leopard of Wolff avenue, Beacon Falls, is a surgical patient at Waterbury. hospital. She 'is under the care of Dr. •Edward Kirschbaum. HITLER CHANGES HIS TUNE ' •"With the.German armies greatly weak- onc'il Iiy (he powerful and- di.'inoi' .11 tacks" of the Allies, Adolf Hitler ap- parently-i'lVis 'his only w-jiV tu spur his pcoplf on to .irroiit-er.etTorts'is tu let tlit'in know that (.ienna'ny is I'i.iduliYi;- for- its ifl'er L r p tu no\v his l_iny of 1 talk has 'hecif of the confident, l»;asll'irl kiiu!, with plenty of false staternents iiu.-lin.led.' .In his'recent speech, however," -he made it clear Jhat Germany is.faetnir .a. desperate- •• Union C'ityliits -"Little Chicago" "Jiad a very _quiet .holiday' \vcek-end; \vitli iiiany of_its i'u.--iux!!it.s spondiuy thu wx-ck- uii;d away t : ruin_4he borough '\vliilc thowe unipluycd'in r.'U'toi-ius \vliidi didn.'t.s-hut. down', pin. i.u a at their regular ;i"li's.'. . . . , .Mr. and 'A! iv. Joseph .l?o*l<o, \vcll-kii-own 1-HirJi street i'w-ii.-leiiU>, . ;irc it;' i-'ulativL's m" Buffalo,'2s'cw York, this \vi.'L'k -.-St. Mary's church -\vili run its animal carnival this inoiilh. .h'ev. •'l.osepii Kochnnas is cliairriian <i!.' (Ire com- iniitL'O i'n -L-liMi'trc. ."• . -. . .- Mrs. Bertha Zyiirs/ynski and'suii', PeLc-r. ai:e sptjiid-iny a l'u\v thu's I'M \V't. i oiiS(jckc i t, J.i. ]., visit hiy Mrs. Zy'ui-sxy-nski 's <inoU-iui'. .-...".•...-., Tliu • •Assorting that any srnililaucu: wf'vernr : ity in a Hitler speech is like utfws in the li^rht nf his earjier pmiioimoL'Hicnts, the. United Press cites sonfi'-examnles. o!' 'l-|it- •Icr's dealings wil'h the tniVh.-Jt says: Back in May of 1P33." ho told the Reichstag:" "Tho German people have no' thought of.-invading any country." In October of the same year he", n-n no unc f«l Gorcnfiny's withdrawal -from the LfKiKun of iVatlons and added: ""Tho national cabinet disavows violence o.y an unsuitable moans of- j«'ttllng differenct'.s wlUi the JSurnponn community of stales." Ad dross Ing wnukcrst In Berlin the. following month hr. Miild: "Wo want to give our hand tci our former; nnpmlfts. When has the 'Gcr- 'man people over hrnki-n Its word':"' .In 10'I3 Hit" l«:r wns .Mtill going strong In January he said: .. "We do not wish to Ininrfi-rn with the rights of other.i, to rcsti'tci ttv liv.on of other people,-to. "oppress r<r subjugate othtjr people." •" On May Ist.'hn let Bcrtincrs in oti this x.Jcrct; "Wp w; ( nt 'nofhlng i:\an than, pcaco 'with 'thi: • world." And_ lain;- that. "month .hi; added:. "Gur- many iirrittu'r intinirisi nnr wishes to interfere In thu internal affairs ria, to annex Austria or to cnncludr an aunschtus.M," It was more of the .same In 1037. On MaVch Till Hitler .McrfarnoCI: "Wo havo no territorial demands to make In. Europe," And morn of the same in 10,'Wi when ho ("!<'' tho pi-opln. o_f Nuremburg: "Thu German g^vurnnietit has assured Belgium and. Holland of it.M ruadLncsH to i-feognize' and guar- a.ntoo thrsi.' states as -untouchable and niHitrat Ffi' wan still hnrplng tin that Nami: theme in 1038 whon lu- said: "GfTi-many h;is no quarrel " with Kngland" . . . "We him; no interest in' break- In^ the jumno" , . . "Wo want, nothing- from Fi-nnro. nothing tit nil" , ,"•. "The Y'ugoxlav frontier wiH remain uiUf>iu;hccl." HI- ' was' sti.ll ,-it-it. . in 1930,' Listen . . ". "The; Gorman natlorl-has no • fooling nf hntrccl toward ISngland. America and '" France, All it-wants Is pcacu and quiet."" .In Ifr-io" he name through with this. nne-. "Get-many doi-d not conduct a war ugainst small na* Lions," And UK"In; "Thc French have but to lay "' down tholr arms and lasting poaoo and security will be assured." Hin gnm for 3Ml is this; "Hus- • «la Is defin-ltoly bunion."- Anc! In 10-12 he came • through, with tho biggest whopper of all, snying: . . "My fame wil-1 consist In works of peace. In this • fight 'truth l.i on our side." ' And so It goes until now the lyin^ nnpcrhan#ei- hns become a somewhat truthful papefhanKpr. Oacc l-n 1037, Hitler tnaclo a statement that has- turned into thc truth today, Hi> auid: "There is no- .nfition in the world that long's more for peace than Germany." Ft will he inhii',^ in .Hitler lias to say \V!HMI his finally lieaten and he lias tiuiial snrrC'iider." of XauLratiick lias had .-sixteen sons • reported ns yiviiig-. .their • 1-iv-es -Vhat- this country'ini.^ht r-einahi free. One. third i;!' thc-'se c;isiia!l-ies came"J'rom liolnes on "-r in thu ; inuiu.'diaii.'' nei-ghh(.irhood o'l,' • S|i|-hri;' stlX'lii." ...... J.laVu VWI11'lljjh t' 1 Y( )L'K' ex'l ra Ijoiulj "." Servicemen'§'. addresses: Pfc.. Henry Kalincski Co. "A 1 .. 1 , 12 Bn.,' 3rd'Regi, '•AGF Rep. Dep.-/ Ft., Maryland. . .'. .-.. Sgt. -J. V/GVabowski/.C-O.-'/H 1 ', '516th. A:-W, Regt.,-AP.O 83-7; c'-p" Postmaster, New Orleans, -La; .-.". , . Corp. John- W. Morson, Co, "D'% 113th Inf., Camp Pickett, Va.-; . ". ..'; Carp. Stanley Patchett, Cannon Co., '406th Inf.; .A-PO- 102, Fort Dix^'N^.J. ..'. ./. ,. Pvt.'John Monahan,:10 Repl. IJep,;'APO 874, c-o. Postmaster, New York, N, Y, ' • '• THE REBEL YELL «SJS3SS»» "YOUR MIND AND BODY" Looking at Life Whiio I am writinir this ;L mil- to her apartment, she lion people, to he conservative, i inking of coming to..New York had walked out on lici \vas away and .taken a job in the ment, .success, ha.ppino£s. ' ' Happiness, oh yea?. " About' tliree 'yeare ago" I .met Mai-Rare:'i Carson, one of New .'I.i'n disfrusiinfr, isn't-'it?" "she Jly I.OGAX Ci;EN'nKMXG, M. Self-Rosin said, "Ihe of the people here in New York." 1 am almost sure" that there wore tears in Margaret's eyes, aithouRh •York's well kr.own II wouldn't sec vcr Lions" women. .THERE 'IS no moi .-she was blowinc: her nose, a'nd She 1 had then jusl recently, ar- handlcerchief was .*lockinff Walter Ow Broadway Timf* Marti •*•!«««•. O»»t"»»«- Itll, (taflr .Blrr THINGS I -NEVER KNEW•-, ABOUT CHINA •. - •;•;.." •••'••' That China declared war on Japan the dfiy after Pearl -Harbor-— they had been ..fighting Mince July 7,' 1937. . .That .Japan has not yet declared war on China, preferring: to consider the fighting .here as the "China Incident"... Incident" has already cost Japan more than' ten limes-./Oie amount she spent on the Rusiso- war and five times as many men...Every Chinese town of more than 10,000 population has jcen bombed at least once in the even years the war has been goon. ..Chungking, "the most lombcd city in . the "world," has air-raid shelters capable of accommodating 420,599 persons. end .of the mea!.-..Tho re •' •wa,- '-orphans in Chin. ' £ ' Chiang. Kni-shek \ K mother" of.'nil children have, died In the wi Chin. ' ' The Japs have given up trying to hold more than important cities and transportation lines, particularly in Nortnwesl China where guerrilla fighters close Jn behind thc Japs as faut as they advance ...There is no draft, in the'guer- paid in rice instead BiriK Sine i« the name of". lai::cnfe in Chunekinjj -n.. ncnc word for America "Mi meanu Beautiful country ' is China-is second lansjuic," a required Eubjcct in <jvc7r •Chi. I school ,. .American chfl rilla army—the only way to .join is to kill a Jap and take away hia rifle and ammunition.. .The j:ruer- rill.'is have also taken more than S,000 bicycles and ions of othci equipment. . .An important part of the fruerrilla forces is the army of "Little Devils," as the Japs call These "thousands of kids, to 12 ye.-irs old, serve as messenger/!, medical helpers :tnd saboteurs'. .Bomb frafjmen-uj arc rathe-red lo make hand grenades and for surgical instruments. . .Propaganda leaflets arc kept and used for student, notebooks. thc International Peace Hospitals, founded by Dr. Norman Bethunc i:i the guerrilla area, j's headed by a highly trained Japanese doctor. ..Hu jisked to bo al- 'owed lo work in thc hospitals aft- he wjis, taken as prisoner of programs in China have the binding of the tf ^'""' btibies, even in the most sections of the country ~ h ^ gration or 50 million CM^nt^t gees (more ihan th c popuUu ,1 Gi-cat Britain, France or Iui V ) 'I the interior provincc« is th« - "I ejiC mass li-ek ir, history, OUu be'i-ing by almost' 20 million immigrants from Kurope to jl icafrom l~Ye to J8CO. Dr. H. H. Kung, vice-,,, and- finance; minister of (who is now in ibj s co unlr ^ cussing Far East cconomicj" w* I President Roosevelt). j s ^ ji, ' descendant of Conf'uciui, Chinese name \vas Kung ] The pigtail was forced on nese by their Manchu Dr. Sun Yat Sen's Chinese Revolution, of 3&ll" their pigtails in public .1 the fij-st sign of their ence. Today ihe pigtail is vanishing in China. ..Suii"'^. Son's carefully laid plans for '& "ng of the revolution M«| put into action ahead of the uled date as ihe result of __ „ cidental explosion. Bccauso : > this, the revolutionary leader tut about the rebellion in a .Otn'n newspaper over his morniti- a;.! "ce ..While soliciting England for the revolution, J>.| Sun was kidnapped by agents'-dI war...All of these hospital^ aro I the. Chinese Legation .there supported maincly with American I was . a °out to be spirited funds, but it-is nearly impossible r Chin3 . ror ~~execution when a to get supplies into the area. One I "?t}»j£0r wjihln the Legation tu- JJulcii Ji'.ixt'cki Ji.-i.s. j'tifnnicd .lo lit'i 1 IHHIIIJ "I,-H. -J.v.ilrriuld. pRicu, BCMCOII Falls. fi!'to> fccwvoriiig- .i.'rbni ;in. '-iii.ic'rtit-i.dii • J'^'ifnk iSmi.!!'! Mii(.!"...jolfii .I'Cii'i'iilKi.u o!"J3t';.i- uun _ J'';i]Js iii'L 1 . y.-i.Cfiliuirmy jn. ^Miuidn, .I'isliin.t;' I'ur si;iin.'.f-'Jilnioii.'. . , ,'•" . Marv Jtuic I Mil nf ^'orili circle, Beacon T.-iJls, 'has i-fliii-iiuil liunu: i'i:oin s^elioul for .ibu summer v,-u'.;i'ij<jji. -.". .;. , ]-lei!\\'ig- yx.czo- sinl-'is ciijiiviu^ IILT annual lny;i;t'C from. ('.Iral't' liri;i;i'd .(luUes. . ... .'.. -Ftitu iiiitl 'its stranjLrO U\iy: . Ooi'|>. J-Jiclia'rd 'Al.i.i.r|')l.i'y,. .sun (/l''Mi', and Tffflutiv'l MurpJ/y of". Si-liciol .strOL't. sLMit'fi Julter lioiiic-'lo .his pai'i.'+its .rocviilj>',' as-king- -for a liai'liin. suit, "a box i-il'.eig'ai'is.- and .Pi.'u.' Fi'jruk A.dauiailis'" .address.- Tlic ''privaie what the'drug is| it is bad.-, I..had ; charge, "of.a-'gentleman• oncc'"'-whV had been- assured he was dying of heart-failure on account; of thc. bluish discoloration oC his skin-. After considerable.,' -work.'on him- \ve found • this "discoloration ^'HS 1 caused . by -the formation, of a sulphur compound • in -his blo'od.' 'And: behind this'wfts his habit of going across tbc street from his' office every 'rlay to -got .something-for -v headache .he -\" ' going to have.- and' dangerous practice than the regular taking'>vf some -kind of-1 rived .-from Toledo, Ohio,-her home drug. 'Even, if you 'thiiilc you 'Know vown.' • ... - - - • ... W.iLh-.a firm, ch'in,- wida 'Open 'eyes, a lot of charm and a satchel- ful of dreams,, she set out [q conquer New .York. She met all "tbo important people, she- -visited all Hie-nighf clubs' and the mosl, expensive rest.aur- ah-ts,-she toolc a oeauliful apart- mont in one of Ihc "city's swa.niiicst sections, she enlcrtaincd and was tiritei-UUned • and she has a nice •officje • and a rao'e bank-account in s- : --.,at'i-aJd He was . a . pice bank. . '-.'•• .My work has brought'me into contact with 'her quite a. lol. and I have watched her turn inlo a New Yorker. ' • She. isn't quite so- wide-eyed any more, her eyes are not.i quite so bright, hor^ satchel of •dreams is gelling quite empty. " • . . Yesterday I hart" luncheon' willi. her—at a very . quiet." wiry" simple .'-place. . • ,. Marffii.rcl -had 'just.returned from a quick .u-ip to her horhe town, where she went to attend lier sls- Thc.: headache 1 ' preventive .compound be t.ooU hart",i wj;ll-known naino and aiiy doctor would have assured him it' relatively harmless.'but in his case' it..began t'o'clo something cfuoer in his -intestines and released- 'a > sulphur" compound which, obso.i'bod' in his bi^od" made him feel .and fpok like the dickens. He. recovered' eventually, but he had quite an un- h.appy time •••••.•• Indlscrlmlhato Doclors arc' thought to bo old fogies and scare-heads; or- just ac- tiva.ted by jealousy,-if they object to thtri. habit of regular dr indis-' Criminate, self-dosing. But.-there a reason' for their objections^ Sven,' as- I say, if. you -think you k-now what you are taking somo- "thing may go wrong.. And h.ilf^ label on the.-bottle what is in- ] side it. . x • . . Nowadays everybody..who puts a medicine before the public thinks he' has to "have some, fancy name for it. It is iciipossiblc for. a'doc- tor even to .remember wHat all of them are. . "• • . • , .,.-. ' " Chronic dosing • is especially. vie.u 1 . - . - , .Could it be possible.that, she was .homesick for;Tolcdb? '•-- - '.-•' • (Copyright, 19'M, King Features Syndicate. Inc.) . ter's wedding. You're Telling Mel • By WILLIAM KITT - CCentthl" ITC*» Writer) WE DON'T "KNOW wHcther Tojo Sfoes in for numorolopy or nol but, even -so, Task Force No. 5S musl meair bad news to him any way.Ire looks.-at it. The .sun's vi-olet "r.-jys cause sunburn. Junior th.inks .that's a typographical error •— there should" bo an'"n".. in Lhat violet. G.I .Toe, ' who lifui moved from Norlh Africa (o lliily to • tn tlio Normandy,. !» cortiiln- ly jrcttlnp : a MU-C)| Ics- Zadok Du'mkopf says.that la.pse shipment .of drugs has -reached there in the past four years ..One of the hospitals is built into caves in a mountain. Doctors walk mor. than ten miles a day in makin; their rounds...Two olho:-s of the four are scattered in small ' hut.- in villages. One of these has been forced to move more than 20 times by Japanese advances. It's so'wel: organized now that all patient •equipment, slan" and drugs-can DC moved to mountain strongholds on a. half-hour's, notice • by the local peasants' volunteer transport service ..No direct reports have been received from ,the fourth hospiial since 19-11.' Marco Polo," who visited China from ]27;3 to 1232 (and brought back, to Italy a grand new 'dish called spaghetti), wrote that "all over the country of Cathay there "is a" liind of black stones existing in beds in the mountains : which they (the Chinese) dig out ana burn like firewood. If you supply the fire with them at night, you will find them, still aligKt in "the morning; and they "make Such capita! fuel that no other is used throughout the country." That -was thc first that Europe hoard about co.-iJ. ried a note from Dr. Sun former 'teacher. 'The teacher *! ported lo a British ncwsi..,., which broke the story and broc*| about "his release.,, The Chinese DO cat chow r The words mean "fried and chow mciii. Chinese •fried soft noodles with a spool! sauce of vegetables and mcsi... I Chinese wine is drunk hot..,Gi-| ncse women are not the of-thoir husbands iJb«;-ilf Japanese women are. In s CiJ- ncsc household it is ihe wift to holds the purse strings . .Ju tamer days one of thc favorite -«j< of saving money was to buy jolt- leal. . In. many a well-to-do to- One of every live persons in -Jie wo.rld is a. Chinese ;'.There arc more Chinese eating-, wheat flour .ha_n there arc eating rice...But the" r"icc dio't'of t.hc. Chinese pens; . so cnlargod their slom- Anci Marg-are:, the sophisticate, •ful thc '•service was, and how she served' punch a.1' the reception and how nice a.!I the aunts uncles . likely to become a hahit .with peb- .plc of. nervous temperament.'.'.They need something to - calm;, -them.- down, \tp keep their brains -from racing -round, and round,"to " s'top .headaches "and they get ,.MO. they and Ci-icnds had been. -A'.ici sho told -me .aboul thc i-oscs. i'n the garden, how they were 1 all in' bloom now, and about the- honeysuckle that is- almost' cboki-ng the rhododendrons, and "how. nice ii was lo sec"al! Ihc. familiar "faces again.' • ' . • - j When she went back to the station a lot of-her .-folks saw her off . . I. ..American soldiers would starve Three-cornered -brjsicball may be on' Chinese A-rmy rations-because a good-stunt, but it is no improvement, on. the- two-team varicly. It •still produces only one winnet'.. The local \vc:tlhcrniiin recently !w«iMti ,lo have (lone hl« hcnt to make Ic'clitiul nppoar lo be the idciil republic. . and' kissed her goodbye and told 'her to,.come back soon. • • ' ;" And; tlioy it, too." " . Then-She' lold.lne Inat when she '• (at-1; May, -and" C'"i"jx Murpliy \ras' • reec'iitly shipped to'!l.laly,.ii]'i'ciw.i.irc' of li'is lioyli-ood' cluini 's: I'a to...Dick's a'((circus is:' Cpl. l\ic ; harV| I/. Murphy.-3H!K).4S5.- 58th .AACS'-Grp, AAf. APO 5.2S, u-o Post-iiius- .-toj-,"Xo\s". Yui'k, N. Y. ' take their medicine .on the. slight- offered for general use,.The tragic e's't provocation. .They usiiaily : takc. consecruence was. that '.il- "Was n- preparation containing." \-,bro- | found, to prbdiicc." in. HDIIIC individ- read \s - liat. .-armies are ci jiirrcf Cu. "\\ c st' have nut nnl\- minute men, lint miiiiit.t' sliips,- in tins war. Kocontly » ship got fiuviy, Cully K-ideti, \vitli GO s-oc- cirirls to spare. There scoms to he some solemn speculation as to why .the Germans left 'Rome, Well, -\vliy finos a tt,'/ian|. move when lie's kicked out? Flossie Sweeney' and Jparr Bulakltes returned from a .short stay. at Bantam lake. Flossie- and Betty Brennari will •weekend in the Big 1 City.'. . .".-. Tommy Leary is hauling- "ice for Thurston and Sons for the summer,. ,'','• !'' : : -Mr, and -mides.' Tlrey arc not taking dap'e, thcy.iyi!! .tcH you,,nnd nothing that .it habit: forming'and -nothing that eould" do any--harm. CatiM- Bodjly UpsvtK '-, . Well, it- .so ha.ppc.ns that, ;bromides taken'regularly ,in this way' can result in all sorts- of bodily upsets. I ha'Vc before me-'lhc'roport on a. man who bad been 'taking migramo headache remedy which •contained '-nothing but bromides." He was picked up on thc. street in 'a confused''mental state and 'his;, heart, skin,.liver and..nervous'.syfl- 1 ' torn were fi'Ued"' with a uals a.-fatal destruction of blood cells. Both . Cincophcn and .the amino.-pyrinc 1 • preparations have becri-'-r,cmovcd from ^distributjom^- so those-dan-gers are "over, but thc less'o'fv remains. - .Maybe -the post-war, world, will produce . a • mammolh "mechanical cheering device wlifch would give thc perspiring delegates a chance to keep reasonably cool. 'Of approximately 250,000". con- I slruel.ion workers who 'registered for .employment during 1940 ; about SG- per cenl were "found to belong to. the skilled trades.. FORGET TMK STtt ....,WAlt- LOAN -they-could not swallow 2-1 ounces of. rice' dally...In : i!) Chinese drinking games, t.hc loser instead of Uic' winner drinks...A .wolf is Ihc emblem of cupidity and rapaci- ousncss — just like Broadway... Chinese shake their own h-'nds when grect-ing eacji oilier. ..At big Tciists they have their soup at Ihc ijy. the wife slept on shcelr o.' gold-leaf spread under the mst- tress ...There are two kindsic.' 'special, delivery stamps" for & letters. A chicken fcstht- aAwcbcd 10 the cnvolpc indisttef 'lying speed, while a burned-wrier on thc envelope means ' etier has the urgency of 5rc"!...l There arc 300 dentists to careen: I China's -150 million people an<!:'ll,-| XK> doctors...New York Ciiy.hssl ,000. dentists and more than .16.- ' 00 docto;-.«. .The Chinese 01- trouble is two women one roof. BUY WAR BONDS AND STAB? I "dyne's of Course": ! I's right. Clync's is the pl««» t.o go for handsome gifts, giffi > that arc treasured. '.' ' CLYNE GLASS SHOP:) !I) HarrUoii Avo. Great Oak Farm? ;| .OXfpKD KOAO Td.. I*! I Delivery To All Tart* Of « jl Naujnitiick * •' QUESTIONS ATfD'ANSWERS . G. I-..:—While everyone knows •thnt,:a'high body tcnvpcrntui'9 is a danger sijjn,<we hear little about low body •tcmporaturc. Is it, good or. bad y ^ What about, a person 1 1 whose . normal . temperature is .OS [ and 'many tunes registers less' than 37?; ' • cell infilti'ation" of bromide'origin, j 'Ahs\v'o'r: Physicrans do'.not-at- Thq-lesson is. that .any medication.! tach'nTuch significance to low body taken regularly over'a long period -.tcnripera.tur'c. There -is'-no 'irrcvoc- Mrs. Lawrence Mambrino and, family are also journeying down to N.:'Y., N. Y. . . . -. Mr. and Mrs. Emmet Freeman, and son, Tommy are spending -the' summer at Mrs. ' Nellie Kiernan's on Gorman street; ' . The mnst romantic feature we've i'io- of timc : .may. turn,on. you. • Two experiences • ai--e fresh •' in' ! thc nicniorios of'aiiy doctor who .-was so ur.fprtunatc'as'to have.'oric. • of the' patients, 'On'.e"was with cin-, ; cophcn- .which'., was ..touted : HS ; a' , prca't -rcmedi-.-fOT: ai-Lhritis, "Well;' arthritis'.or'no^it : .gave people cir-: rhosis 'of the liver and many died Of it, . ,; " ' ' .' ..'."••• . Another, was an: n.ppa)'ently,. in- fallnhle.'.'hcn'dachc remedy . named amir.o-pyrinc:^ tho "name of.^-which somehow '-aaught the popular able law that decrees a" : hu'vhan .body.-tcmperattirc .m-ust'b'c exactly 08.6; F. I presume at. least .5'.per cent- b( the .human race carry a ;daily temperature of 08. or.slightly under. And they do not lack- vigor 'oi'. health-. The.."only definite concli-- tipn mentioned "in-'text books . on diagnosis as being associated with low body temperature is- insufficient .Thyroid:. HIGHLAND GROCERY 32 HIGHLAND AVE. ; •;.. TKt. 4880 ROCCO RADO, Prop. Electrical Supplies Lig-hting'^Equipment BOMU 'EM WITH BOMBS , Victor .— ColuinhliL — Deccu : •' ' • "Records " ' - - -SWAN ELECTRIC CO. 15 CHVRCH ST; TED, 25M S Now Open DEER' _ 100 CHURCH STREET Dry Cleaning Laundering ; Re-Weaving • Opening: Special Beautiful Moth Proof Bag" ?; ' '>' • With E&ch Order . . '-.. _, , i • vi , I fnncv both of doctors- and the-nub- 111 tins European war is onvAmoi;- | llic poneraiiy. it.was a good'head- Tndiaii .paratroopers in Avar paint. remedy, all right, .but it had rpi . ,,, , ill. i " " ('not .been ' su-BJBcted v "tW ! ""'sufficlent vl They'll save the ivorld lor democracy. animal .-experiment,-before :it R:, 'E.i-^What 'causes the skin .to crack on'.the'tips -of thc fingers,, and the nails to split and crack ? Answer: It : may be ringworm infection, contact dermatitis or, in <sqme- : instances;: -the -skin"-disease known;'as psoriasis.". •'"!"" • . "" '' •" , . .:" . VACATION liny CLEANING . , A SrKCFALTY D.LIEBERMAN ,".'20 CirUBCH STREET ' G«t Sliced Rcymond'i TODAY!

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