Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 7, 1944 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, July 7, 1944
Page 2
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NAUGATGCK DAILY NEWS fRlDAY.JULY 7,1M4 Fifteen Killed In Train Wreck Near Jellico, Tennessee Jolllco. Tenn.. July 7— (UD — Thirteen soldiers and two triiliv rnen have bean killed ' In tlio derailment of a troop train, nenr Jcl- llco, Tenn. .Scores of servicemen werf Injured." One of Ihe coaches Is sprawltu across a river bed. nnd U is estimated- that 30 soldlei'« are In.nlrlu. P.escui' workers four the final death toll- will be mur.h higher. COTTON HOLLOW C<>rr<'.s|>oml(>nt'ft Mum,, As We WKRE SAYING.. The uveniKo lift- of outfits worn li.v inemlMTs of our iirmed forei-.N when ent;:iKeil In luiltlr 'IN Tllltl-:i-: days. Their cent is 5il3-l.!)3 fur 11 twldler. SWi.'IO for a sailor, fl.'^.'.U lor a rriurln'r, OWf itnyi .that, ability to \vlth- stnnd hot weather vai'Jos greatly from person to person, but nenrly everyone can .increase his tolerance of hont, Suggestions: Hut wcll-b:i-Ui/»ced inuals. d-inlc liberal riuantfties of wutnr—8 to 10 pUisses. Tncreas us» of salt. Add fi pincli to die fTlass of v/jiti!r. Wear iifc'ht CO orud clothln.;;. net planty o sleep. O'se leisure finu- for res Uori't pluy too hard. There iin- UvtSD.IHM) .si'iit.t In III ,5(K> movie J^-u»es of the 1111 Hull. Vlliccl airmen ' huye bm.-n ciroo thousands of- rntion hooka nto German cities.•Countui'pai'ts, t th(? .V/ixi orlKlntils, they have 1'iL'utud widespread confusion. Cotton Hollowites Spend Weekend In New York City A group ot CotLon Hollowites will take a weekend trip to New York city and nltond a ball fcnmc Sunday afternoon. Those making-the trip are Harry Winnie, Philip Fox, Sr., • Frud Ardry. Sr., Howard Noodhurn, Henry Fatok, Andrew Wastlo, ' Laruc Hill, and James Quinn. Objectives In Soviet Drives vi*uiii<r in .X. ,1. • Mr, and Mrs. Daniel 'Arbusto will visit in Cranforcl. IV. J., for a few days, • '. In Atlantic City Mrs. Hurry Winnie, Helen Lcngo and Julia Kropa arc weekending In Atlantic City. They arc .registered at tho Sea Breeze hotel. IV<T liirur lit tin? "m-w*p;iper OIlsi'V" It in linilt illul furillihcj Mtircly ul paper' .sollilifli. ( | hy xi'On-t formula. Tlli; lute >J. Sti.-jiinail collcrlrd I III),DIM) iVfipaliiTu to hulId It. eW'Army war nuips are wa'ter- o.of.. can 61: wrung out and :lru.'d anil, thanks to fluorescent in.|<s, refill in tin; chirk. Toiliiy's anoCilotV; Jn ills early lioardlng-'liciu.ii' ilii.vs In Kunsus City, Kn-fi-d.'' ricld M-JIS invited In ilini- ul u liuspittnilr liomo when- tlic lio><t of I'vrr.vtlilng was td hi> foimil. SoiAi 1 lU'lk'iou.-i stritwIiirrrli.'M wr-ro .pus.Hi-il. .J-'U'Ul' Xiilicil ut .them longingly .Inlt .iliook hlM head. "Why, Mr, Kldil." siild his linst In -Mirprl.xi.*, "ilon't you Ilki- struwbiTrleM'.'" "1 duti' on Ihi-in. l'li"n why ilfui't yon' liiki- Moiiir?" "I'm iifrdKl," Mllil tin- pnct sillily, "tliut if 1 dill, they'll Mioll my ripiirlltc. fur primVs." . "- A' platinum \vti-r- hai been ,de- velopcil HO small 'hat you cannot with tin.- naked oyo. 'J-'ut It beforij u light and you '. rnay detect its stuidow. It takes ;2, r >.0()0 strands in. fCjua! 'the wkUh of a human Imir. General De Gaule Is Striving For Note Of Harmony • Wnsh-inRton, .July 7—(UP)—Gnn- oral Charles do-Cfiwlln is'- striving ^r fi noto of hfi/ - nion>''in I-'rencli- Americnn rolations. K.houph the French leader has :>een in this cquntiy only since yesterday, lie has made a f.uvor- iblo impression irpon liiKh. rulmin- slration officials. : His declaralion thiit tho world. as changed from one of intlt-pt-n- ence tn on«- of iJiter-clepenclence PINSK 'an State Now At The State •: ;>• - •< • ,-' ic Course expected to clear chc -way foi moothor 'relations, ' At a dinner Driven- in his'honor y Secretary of .State Hull last De Gaulle said: "This war iis e.-if:h clay how the na- ons which fight for. independence i;-? tied to ench otiier- in thuir ommon ir.tcr-dcpcnduncc, which be even i'rent<;.- iir the work! at Is to come -wi'th or^anixed peace." Tlie chnnpe in tho American official outlook toward Do was notlcenhle at. tho.dinner, Sec- •etary Hull anil the French chatted continuously throufih- ou.t the mcnl. .They -paid virtually no attention to the food before •them or to the guests on "either side. 'De Gaulle •will lunch today with the .President -nnd possibly with Hull and hi£,-h military officials. He will Mondav, With ihe aniioiiiiceinent hy the Ocrnmn' lllj;h"Comni:i» i [l- of thn evucii- nlion ot Ihe uhl I'olish border city of Kow<;l, the way clearing for u Ion);- pincers ilrivo on the strntuK'ic city of Warsaw,. These of- •fciislvi's (lower' arrows)"' wn'iilii jirohalily ei'nploy hoth-'Kowcf .ami Allhsk as KpriiiKlioards! Frinn Minsk, Mud Army units are already moving.on toward' Vilnu (simill arrow) am} lire 'reported to 'lie about •twenty inllivs from this Nu/,1 strontrpolnt. Meanwhile, ace-ordlns le Jt:idio Uerlin,' stroll^ Russia'n armored and iiiotnrivicd masses are enneeiil.r»tin>r. In thu'nriiii of captur (;( | 1>ololsk (top arrow) "manifestly di-stiiied to carry out an advance!, ,In the last instance, on J-atvlu fapllal'." (Inlnrnnllonnl) • • By. BRUCE T-. MO2VKS Ylhllttd FroNs Sljiff Correspmiilont East. Lansing, Mich. (UP)—All freshman students entering Mic'i- •State. College next fall -.wJll be 1 required, to enrol] In the'new 'basic"'college, a Iwo-year educational 'program,' devised 'to broaden-' l.he'.college 'student's cultural background 1 . • • The two-year curriculum is composed of seven comprehensive core courses,, of which the student must, complete five. The courses arc:. written and spoken English, bio,logical, science, physical sciom-.o, social science, effective living, origin and development .of civilization,, and literature 'and' fine arts. • ,- O.llnir SiilJji'ClB' O|M;ii Besides --taking at least five of the courses, the student m;iy elect other subjects to qualify for advanced, study ;n .his specialized field during, his junior and senior yours on. the MSC campus'. "Michigan ' State College," ' said Dr." 'John ••• A'. -Hannah, president, 'believes that basic education will give • "students an opportunity to explore broa'd areas, will aid. them n 'the'discoveryof their own'inter-- ests /ind aptitudes, and will equip .hem better to assume their re- ponslbilltins as individuals and aa itixens in-a democracy." The basic college plan-was prepared by a faculty committee d. by Prof.. Howard C. Rather, ewdean' of th'o two-year course. ( A"fea!.urc of the basic ^, t;ited Professor Ra-l.her, is a two Car terminal ' program for thos tudcnts who have no cfosire to onllnun ' their college education ••'A1)e .Lyniun nml his Cnlifornfanji, "The Favorite »ond of Movie- land" opens on the Nt-iffc- of Hie air-conditlonod .State theater, llart.fortt, tilnrtliix t.idiiv Hilled ns the, -j; miiNical attraction, in Am«rlci», A ho l.yirmnV or- lr;inl/,al,ion "'features 'ik"'N|icctiicii- lar YiVj-ay "of ,'!5 oui.Vt;inillnr »i'«- sical ; 'u nil ^variety stjir's." Amonjf tlie ' f&>tiired urtlstn In the liund are 'Itose..' Blam;,"' lovely ' Massachusetts Offers Aid To City of Hartford be in '.Washington until . Yes, it's trur! Yciil c.un hnrrrm 1 AM, >oii in-ed from us to fix up your IHHIM*! .And you -may taljt :i Innv, Ionic timir to jiay it li In small, •<:iinvi:ii|i:nt molltlily m- •.tillllll.-lltN, lluvv in this poss .iindiT.wurtlinc ciindltlon.s? Wrll, •your Ki'vi'i'iiiiii-nt I.- Ic-nlcnt (U liceaiixc it tviuit.H "«hi- nation's homi'fiUTiij-.H to .".HIIIIX-II]I" thi'lr hiinii'.s Mils s'limiiiiT su as I'D cun- ttrrvi; !ill-pi»sll)lr |tn..| m >.xt win. tvri II.IK! (a> it does not wmit to SIM> Ainc-rlriin homi-^ fnllini; Into (Unrepair. So Imrr Is an o|ipnr- timlty l.ii aid tin- war effort, and tit tin; -Mitm- time lldp yourself. l''irsl on your list shiinlil hr wall lllsnlatioll. Add to it wi'ntllrr- ' xlrlpiiing, 'storm-ilours, window na.Hho.s, flinuu'i- repair, limit <!oiivi*r.sloii. Thru InUr u ' \<>,,k at yoirr roof,. Ml«li>wtilN, floor*, pliiniMni,', masonry, walks fences, KTOIilit(.i. iVcxt. gt't • un jrilA'MODKKMZATION I,OA>" from DM to Oliver tin- i-ntlrn J»h, Tin- loan will cost you only per year |)i-r #|IM> horrowi-il. And, sec whut n thrill It will hr to live In n hom,. (hilt you vim rviilly* In- proud of. Seven Conn, Men Have Been Reported Prisoners Of Nazis In Clooi-Kc Washington's ai'my each soldier received a quart of milk ft day. In siibsetiLient wars in foreign landy. Uio milk ration disappeared' , f untifcly. Today, howi.'vei-—thanks to canning of cvn.pordt.-cl and 'dried milk—our . Army rations Inchulo milk solids, rcitml to ono pint of fluid mill: per day. ShjiUerlex.s lamp hiillis ;ire now hclni.' Hindi.. A ooiilinj; of lne.i|iio does Hie trick. Our soldier boyt who are In th vicinity (..I" Boston and want to "thumb" a rkln, may now KO to a "pick-up" station, sit clown comfortably under n roof thn, protc'ots them frnm tho elc mr.nts.'and wait. Tho station itself is dourly marked to attract motorists ;ind induce thorn to stop. Suva Mnry Hen ton Verse: "The net of writing- IM thr nrt »f i>p- plyliiK Iln« urut of'tln> punt* to OIP sent of tho <'hnlr," THE NAUGATUCK NATIONAL BANK Member of'Fvdoral Depoult Inxun«nc« Corporation Jn'ly' 7— (UP)~Thc W^LI- departnipnt has released the nnmos of .seven Connecticut soldiers hold prisoners of war by.Gor- aiany-find T^oniania. • Held by Germany arc: ." Staff Sci-jroant Dudley A. Durr oi" Durham. Technical Surct. Ivan X. of 'in- Mi If orcj street, Hartford. Second Lieut. William 'C. -McCarthy of 115 Federal street. Eriii- tol. :Staff Sergeant Alan L. Koid of 72 •Windsor avenue, Morltlon. An'tl-Sprjfi-iant Alfred A. Scolxa of 3-1 .\Vnylimrl street, Hartford, Held prisoners in Romania arc':" StalT Sci-ftoant Tlilrold V. Jenkins of Church street, Ansonia, Boston. July 7—(U P)—As the death toll in the Hartford circus llr.c rises, groups thrbujrhout. Massachusetts are offering aid to the siuidcjied qity. • . - Tr. Boston, two policemen ivon a nin-0-minute race against t'mo 'lo place 12 units of . plasma from Boston CityJiosplutl ntwoad a •plane to -Hartford. Mayor 'Tobin prepared to rush a A't'oup of doc- toes to the scone and the-. Boston Red Cross offered more plnsjnft. . Governor Saltonstall in a telephone talk with Governor .Baldwin of placed all the facilities of 'Massachusetts at. the disposal of the 'stricken stn.te. And 'Lho state department of public safety, stood ready to transport Massachusetts residents stranded in Hartford. At Lh'e same time., the medical t'Xii'minor .offered Connecticfit nu- thoritics the assistance -anil equipment of his sroup which conducted wprk for the' Cocotmu: Gi-oVo disaster! ' • . sour'i, .was crcdllod wilh beinpr'the first county in the nation to reach its bond,.according to R'. L. H'ill, outstuto chairman of l,hc Missouri War Finance Committee. ' Spurred by news 6f the Allied iiv.-asion. of France, Taney county citixons bought S15G.5G2 in-Wai•bonds to surpass an' assigned rjuola of SJ08.000 a week before the Fifth War Loan- Drive was officially launched. More than $00,000 of ..the amount was from ,sali%s of .'.'fndi-" bdn-ds alone; while'sales to. businesses and corporal ions -'accounted for approximately.-SCO.OOQ. prill .said the to.'al sum included cash' subscriptions only. •Moro than pose of fr •!00 U. S; cities dis- by • hog feeding oiltl -22 of these cil.ics municipal hog farms. maintain •provides for comprehensive ex aroinations ''in fivo of'.'ihc core courses anil other regular college subject.!-. •Same Dc'grne hi Courses Despite the -added two-year "college,", it will take the customary five years to comp[cle work for a Veterinary Science" d e prr c c, and four years for degrees in the other s-fthools, n ,i'm o 1 y engineering, ho;ne economics, agriculture, sc;"- oticc and arts, and business and public service. Tn these schools, .ic- cording';to the various doar.s, some" Kuhjects must necessarily be omitted and 'emphasis . placed on different subjects 'and'" Ihe requirements ;chang;ed. In explaining tho basic college, Presiden.t flan an h stated all' students who have' completed one quarter prior to September of .this year will be permitted to continue ,'hcir--co!lege education on the pros-; ent basis. . ' ,. inc . Pr. Hannah said that grealor Chances emphasis would be placed upon venomous Traiiklu ConnorH, Imiid- s'o'ine' .rni'iiantlc tV.'nor.'.^Tiick' Mur- Iriwe, 'iiml- the ' l.yinan Gloo clulj. • 'Extra' added attriictions on tin: hill are '"Gene Sh'elilnn, ,' comedy star or'"Slap iliippy" witli I.or- cUii iris'elie'r; Bob Diipnnt,'' "That I. r iinny Jiifriyler" and .'pth*ir«. Kxtriv at all performances, ">>rn(; A Song- with Lyiiian Context" with uportunlt.ieH to fame ami uportunlt.ieH to fame H'(>ll as cu*)i . jjrlwjs to participuntx. On "In Old Xcvaila" with Boy. Ho/fe.r* and Dale ' Kvans. counseling services to al! students atf.the beginning of the now educa- tional'program next fall. Eat What Monkeys Eat, Tip To Jungle 'Chutists ;Ncw York .(U ; P)^Anythin"g monkeys oat ' is all right for a soldier. ini! that's one of the rules of snfely the Army Air Forces pro- loumis to fliers who may find. hemselves parachuLin;; into a jungle. "Lar.d nnd Live in the Jungle," a training film mado in Panama by •the First- Motion Picture Unit of tho Army Air Forces, also carr Instructions 1 for snaring edible birds and animals for protection against jungle hazards, according ,'o the August iajuo of Click maga- of being bitten by a snake are about the snmo as being struck by lightning at home, tha film reveals, but be careful of Ihc mosquito; jungle travelers arc advised to lake their quinine regularly. , .And Staff Sergeant Christopher H. Wollenberg. Jr., f-ane, Farmlng'on. of .Maiden Rhode Island Republicans Have Named Candidates Providence. R, "I,, Julj; 7-~fUPJ — Rcpuhilica'ns of '••"rHi'i.l"'"'' " ( ' rl !" K '' «l«»»«ni" PIERPONT'S I.1I> H.VMv JCI'IIKKT Rhbcln .Island have nominalocl .1 Saunderstown manufficti'.rcr ns Kovornor.- N"or- mnn D, M.ipLcod will run on a platform of "support to Governor Thomas E. Dowoy. 'o.C -New' York. Others nominated 'on a:" .state liclcet for tho November elections' wo re: • • Lieu tc nan f-govornoi:—'A'rtliur A. Foi'cinr, a Puwtueket drugyist. Sccroinry of state—'Thomas. J. Paolina—a North Providence lawyer. State -Treasurer—G. Conrad And or son, a Warwh.'k invostmon.t banker. Attornoy-gencral—John G. Mur-' phy, ,1 Providence lawyer. And congress/nun —- Charles A. Cm-ran of Providence and Charlc •T. AJjfron oJ'East Greenwich'. WAITKKV-ICII—IGNACK. of 74 Curtlss street, July 7, 19,|.|, Ftl- ncral Monday, time later, from Ma/.ail:a funeral home. Watcr- hui-y, to St. Mary's church. Union Ci'y. Burial in St. James' cemc- .tery. Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Texas State Agencies Pay $140,00 In Rent Aiislin, Tex. <OP)-^Thouffh Tex as 1 red Kranitc capltol has more than 100 rooms arid throe otlici slate; buildings .also' house officia agencies, tho state annually rent tolaiinft SW0.74C. First report made on the rentals paid by official Texas shows that It varies from SI to $24,701 a yoar, and "is paid by 29 .state agencies ofi 17.1 separate pieces of property. Formerly each state ajroncy made its own'rent aKrecmcnts. but a new law centralized tho lotUngs with Ihc State Board or Control." From the landlord's viewpoint, be.-:t states renter Is the Texas Department of Public Welfare, which pays 52-1,761. The State Highway •Department pays but $1 a year for a piece of property at Comancho, Tex, Missouri County First To Reach Bond Quota Columbia, Mo.- (UP)—For the fifth consecutive war loan drive, Taney county, in southerni Mis- So You Think YOU Had a Hard Day! .- Pain and worry are a mai/tter of < comparison. Maybe you did have a hard day.' Perhaps, you're worried because, your point's"''are" low — perhaps you're in pain because you cut your finger salvaging- tin. Ycu will never " ; know the desperate courage it take- to overcome the nerve-searing- fear as you fire your last bullet toward an unseen enemy. You will never know the agonizing pain of a torn and bleeding wound hastily bandaged with frcm making decisions upon which your very life depends—but is is within your power to decide the/ate of other lives! For War. Bonds will • bring cur fighting men:. the weapons and supplies that.-mean the dif ference between life and: death. ; The EXTRA bends ,you buy today may save a life tomorrow—sov buy another and yet another to bring our b'oys . home safe—and soon. .• ' ; '•...'. , ./•••''"''.: '.' ' ' ' '• : ' : ' ''-.'.•' :-- Sponsored in the Interest of the Fifth War Loan by. MICHAELS Jewelers i€nsft6LJ7iflirs rtLLtJTM~*& \i ••;--'--'" ; ^ ! :'S'U Annual JULY .This annual''July event brings you worthwhilt values ... all typically Engelman'a. All merchandise is from our regular stock, BO shop early for beat selection. Cotton Presses / One and two piece styles. Cool, washable Beer- sucker, spun rayons and sheers in pliidi, stripes or print*. , Sites 3 to 10 $1.77 V ^^^^ ./ Reg to $2.98 Sizes 10 to 16 R*t. to $5.91 COOL, WASHABLE Pinafores Reg. 15.95 Reg. 17.95 »3.88 Reg. to 12.00 Reg. 12.98 StECB S tO 6X ~ »1.00 •2.24 "Chubby" Dresses For Girls! ForT«tntI Chambrays, ginghams, sheers and chintzes in plaids, checks and prints. Sizes 7 to 14 and 10 to 16. . .. :• , Reg. $2.98 Reg. $3.98 Reg. $5.95 SJ.88 $2.88 $J.88 'Chubby" Short* and Slack* — Al.o Reducwl! Skirts Cotton prints, «u-ipeg «nd solid*. Reg. $2.25 Reg. $2.98 Sites 7 to 16 *1.77 82.44 Blouses Dotted swus, printt, ittt«n ... in itrlpe* -or wUd colors. . Sizea 3 to 14 Value* to $1.88 •1.24 Girls > Suits Wools! Checks! Size* 3 to 6 _ Stripes! Plaids! J6 $ 5-°° $8-°° R«g. $14.95 Rain or Shine Coats Sizes 7 to 16 Reg. *e $7.95 *0 «., ..GIRLS' Straw Hats to $3 8 bo ^1.00 For tfo Total 6 months to 3 years • Sun Suits • Overall* • Pinafores • Knit Crecptrs • Dresses to $2.00 $1.00 NO EXCHANGES! NO REFUNDSr For uy Moi^ Wiir Boiidg The 5th War Lowil ! !

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