Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 7, 1944 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, July 7, 1944
Page 1
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r-fl DOUBLE DUTY _DOLLAHS_J "A Progressive Newspaper For A Progressive Community WEATHER' Fair Tonight Full Report On T*KC •: J-l ESTABLISHEi>:j885~ FRIDAY, JULY 7, 1944 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Three Cents '•Carl AlmquistVpf- ".West .'.Hart-ford 'Also -Saves ii"Vpj ' 'Of .Th'ree Others V .'••'.. • '' A XauS[ii-!-!iek .bo-v,. Robert 'Swa-n-- •jo.".,' li'i-Jv«r-i>ld Vim • (if-' ilVy. nm-l ' 'Mr.1." ANi 1 '! 'Swrinso'n : oT Muy avenue.. .ii'.i.i.'.tn:i'.e!i''d ' fj'iM'u"!h .I'n.-the fire-^wepi tiihi<,liiur .KSt'O*. ami B.u-- j-.'uJH.'ini-tV'UiU'.v'-cLf'itu-s at i fiti-t^arM? 'I'lr.ii.-iiJViv. th:;otiKh' >he cocrlnvjiS .of deiit, '• Mr. 'who.. saved . ;i-t lea Alni'i.|iil.«l" with; .his- iVi^tx-T'. -Frank .S'anto'rii. vv^-r«>' stt- '!ini''.ili'''0- s .t'.' n . tile-rnkld-le o!j the nsau'.i'k':': .whch t.he, flc'u- broke 'oui • at .tin' 1 , opjiijisite end: The", former. . if.-w-.nirtmi'nJ.'.-i ^is if lhc tire would' 'bt.-- lirnii^ht uheli-r .control, tu'ii f!' .'suddenly flati-d .out- of- cont.col."!ind ' !.hniilt:iiie<;i<.>ily i-nK'tilt'ed itlp-' . riitlw nia.isi.Vc -.'•'. ' •' '• . (mm'd'atujy.'l.k!fi °. thousands of • •'spectator.* b.eji!m "'° loa,ve.". their'. jmtM .,i'nd rnjll'.madly- 'in the ben.: ' (Wf..'.thc'[U'r'na. "all prCHsin.jr. f'ran-: tlMiiy -toward- the stable' exit-,, and' in Ni'.i sit'iuUlcm- miiov .Wore • tram-' V?cl t i' tl,-ri.l'lv by' fho. fire-rna-tl'ilBnod' ' thronj;. .\n.'. Al-mciui.s't stated. 1 MiMntirn'e, overhead the niasalvo. lie tup. wn.s almost' jwijrulfe<l...ln • Ihr .fl:irniM -thiH. Spruad like witd- •flfo oni'e'thcy hiul tiroUen .through. :.itii thu. air. . .'..-'' .\fr,' Aim-quisV. a' coo-l.and. mt.'th- odical person even' in t'hc press of a m>TiTi.Cyin>; i situiiClon.i quiokK: real- feed 'that -Ou.-n' was 'little .hope of •,vtiin'4 ou.; thro'u-xh the 'main exits • wlth'fii.s ijtflo ct'iarKoau . 'Thi'- former rp.iitlent reached -th? r.Mi>rv<Hl seat section .in tlie center tf tin: circus, .nncl pushing his .lit-:!•• i-h;ir£-'.-i • ahead of. him qjam- hc;-'-d ,up ovW-' the' broken . seat*. uni-l he .reached thfl'-point whew 'thr sklp.wall'jolr.s thp main'^lofr.. •- Mr. Alniq'uiMt iicfp'ecl his' .two' chui-fci's trt'or thu-. • «iclc*lytll nnel cllirfTii'ir tu i-tipcs. tho t\yo' chrftlriin rr:ichi'il tin.' ground nntl safety, - un- hjU'MU'tl.. "lii'lun- sa'vinf,- Jilmsclf Mr. 'Altn.- IIIIISE vvrnt !•(!• tho aid of u woman ' »nd .icr saial! ctiild, who wrs ni'iirliy alul ' di;i'ena(;r"SS- afr'ainsc .tlif onnntunj4 flarncs. Thr wniiian rul'u.Mcd to allo'u 1 JVIr.^ Alnugiiis't. id carry the' ch.ilcl [' *>ut' !hi' loral Yuan not both sal'my t'o thu lop df thf> scat.-i, and w.ith-tho." ni<l (if <hif ropi.-M j,' ot thorn to tl'io outsiilt- of the tent and nm'ety. f''wcf<! HI. the 'last nrlnutc . to i»"ip to savi,. his own life. Mr. Almin'iim, injured on«i of his lo>,'s. ('.ml today WIls limping from the injuries. sustained in his heroic -:C- or !.-•. On reach ins tho outside of the "'"( Mr, AlnifiUlst fiulcltly found I"" iU'[ihi>iv who acted very cotily "ii-diixiunit. liut "his .second ohni'KC hi«l already rushe'd away for 'the New Drive .Where Scores' Lost Their Lives In Fire 'T}ioy" : . Gross- ! Vire. : River - -Above- -St'. :Lo';' Aniericans .-' - ; Borab '-'GejitTal"-Ge"rina'ny:- : \ (fly Ifiilteil '"AmiM'feim ti-e> - in . Xarmany have, laimchetl .a' ne.Sv Vit'fensii'e. •Soldiers', of the ATiroi'ica-n. '.-PJ.rVt. army- .have. ' cjuic^ce'd . ac-ro'rts '.tho Vire riv'.'i" ab'ove 5>t. T-o, il'i-'triiS third -Ai:'ioriciin.-d i 1 i vv ' wi'fhin. tiv'o ilays. '.'•". . ." .'.-'" • the Y-anlts -are: 0:1'' IhV'of-' ' filanK' almost-'the "eritmj. length of, their.;sector of "the., front. t'r'irn' Urt\ v/'.coas-l .to'-beyond t-he- town 'nf. Cai-'enttin. ••• ... '" •' -1.~.... Tho neAvest'.drtvo opened at *l:^0 a," nv.. Vrcnr.h tfinu thl-->'. nwrninjf,' whijiv hundred;}', of lAmeuican {jiins thiintiL'i-L'ci uiit in one -of the ^rrtjiit- est barrages of thi> Norniandy^aU i' up.-... '•- ' •• • ' - : - .-•.:.. .'t'or t-v.-o.- hdu'rs. the[)-.t. it; up.; -The 'bn'rrng-e -started- wlle-n th-e si«y w;ts Ktlll 'ciiirk,''and..ttic-i'lash-' • CS? of the fftin/Ire'.t'j.rrfod nigh!."into j day.. The-.C'rounel shooli and-treni- bK-d- fr-oni.'the impact, nf. ,fhe' nx-' Official Investigation Into The Disaster At Ringling Brothers' Circus Js Being Conducted Today . 'I'll" IniKliimil of Ihe wom'in whom Air. AlnK|iiist waved with her child, »'.'Ui ICJICM in hi.s (•yt-s ni;,'Jit' th.'inked t( ln rormcr NaUKalucUian ft "' liijl heniic work and would chri'rriiiy havp Riven to the res- ciii-r i-verythinj:' he possessed in »ie world. Mi 1 . AlnifiiiiHt. wlio is a linotype "P'-rii!(ir cm thi> I-rartfurtl TiriieS. nun hern nway from NuuKiitiuilt sine,. i;,|7. /.(,, h:tH t j, ( . ce C hll(]ri-n, A5i. tho infanlrymon ' wont 'over -the ton. -the Kurin laid -c'qwn a* pro-i lecttvu curtain: ol! shells t.haC bur*only a-sftoi^ atsldnce a^h'ead'.-ol' ;h trooiJSi. . '-- ; ,'•'•• • • :' . " .Do.spjte J?rny "' c.lotrcls"" a-nd- .la' visibility, .vVmoric'an- dive-bomber jol-rted ,-.the' offensive 'and, Bl'aste on'emy " comwiunicsition |n tho St.- Lo riTen.'.. . . The Coot-sokjif rs wnp.;. ".foi:w-o.i-, •I h.r o h ' deep mud.. But '"the smashed- across 'the Vir'c. rive: 1 am Set tip''a widening- .-brideehead 01 ;kie west, b'rink. . '• ..-• Front- reports say' the .A'mci leans' are -fiRhtinff 'Nazi" Iroop.s hand-to-ha"nd' battles, "in-. Ihe' vlcih ity. oJT St.' Jesn-De Daye. two n-.ile •west of-the Vire 'and eight mile ' of- SI. Lo. • Observers in London, believe th( ni-w oft'e-ns'lve is.'desijfned Ip'clim inate a. German salient from whicl the enemy has been • shellinft th narrow coastal' corridor between (ConlinUc'd on" Pacte S) (Continued on Patfe 3) Uncle E'ben's Diary Mul hcr's hern s u y I tl K for :» Miiuitli wi- .should liilii- off ii few . days nii'l visit her .ti.slnr in Jian- dall, tluit I wa'n't .Hclcetincn u n <l draft board couldn't (jrt nl'iiii; wiiiidut mo n few «liiy» '"nl I cduliln't msikc much of an '"X'uiiirnt ih<- nihiT way, MO hero w<l urc ii|> in Jliilldall ulld I *tl|>- 'II'""' I'd he <>njnylni( myself if I AIMOH Curlcton will get r.ritliT nnil ntrunK" xure "mill s nurl nl muki- her contract UNC1.K KI1EX V. Initiate Group Here Tonight Prospect Residents Among Veterans To Join Local Organization • . A lai'^e class of candidates w be initialed l>y .'he Veterans of ForoiRn V.'ars Hon!j,-ht at tlic home of the veterans' -K''oup on Rubber avenue. The event will'Ret under way .it S:30 o'clock, Commander Gas ton Adams announced today. The initiation will be in- charpc of' Deputy Senior Vice Commander John" Nicholson of Bridgeport, ujwlstod by Chief of Stuff. Nilos Frlpborsr of New Haven. Many' members of Ihe class to be Initiated here tonight will be residents of Prospect, Commander Adams stated. A social session and refreshments will follow the initial Ion ceremonies. OscarSnndell is chairman of' this committee. —War workers fl"<l »'hnt • To , rf '* Jti-Htminuit offer* delicious, healthful fooilH lo k<*i> OIKS I" tip top UICM: ttol, sticky days.—AUv. w'ii'f-1li(' iii-e-siV|:pt-.:ir.cii:i,'af tlic Uinsljni*:.Hro. i C and .Bariniin Ji .Bailey circus-:it ITirrtford., Vvhere-on' • : .' /. TLuirsdiiy .145 .pibi.Sfnis' lost then* ;liv.e«. .is'irti the Jeul'h .toll- still iiiconiplote, •'• • '.. . . . . ...Circus Dead Are Removed In Trucks B-29 S.uper.. fortresses At- 'tack Naval- '.Installations " At Sas'e.b.6 ; -'No Details •" " July 28— (UPJ—Thc Wai- department iinnou'nces. - that American .sup-er -.Fortresses'- boml>,- e;-i attacked J.-ijoanqsc-oavdl insUvl- lations'at Sruscbo' in ' their seeon* raid -'on Japan-, p' •. .. ,"• no of .J:ipa.n j s ; .'majo.r. ' • i. .. ; ... naval :b"a.-ses, is-'o,ri..thf> sa-me .island -r-ksu'shu— wjiich -felt. tKq.- Avifght; o.f Amer.i.can -'IwDnibs" in- tht; fii*sc at- 'ticli' on. "the. eric.iri-y'«. -homeland .by ortr K-ir*-»t .-B-29's''-. . "-..' - "" '•'' "•The War- depiU'tme»t..fssues -'the ' followipji' -brier com'rrmniquc ' Irgtn, head-q!uarters ; -or: ihe'SOthsjiir ..force", " " .. . the- unit. "wlMcVi ojjerate's -the -Super-" Fortresses Jlt-'om . Chi-hcsp base's. The -' "-• - . • . . . 13-23 .super. ." Fortresses' -of 'the' 20th' • BonxbR* 1 '.Co.n'iniahd .: attipcK^d. , : riaval-: i.n's.tall.ations: .'" -at ' 'CSsel'jo,. Japiiri,-.. tonight." .- '!.'•• .'"'•- .", •' Th-i't'.s- .the conlplcio .text- "of'-Uic. copimuni.q'ue.-' " .'• : .' ' • '. .'"No other. detaHs 6t the'.atlack.arc a-vii-ilnblc-nis yet.'-'." . . • "•" '.' -" • • The li'rs-t. E-29.' attack hit the T_m- pei'ial -'Iron 'and. Stcul " Works' " at Yawata; o'n . 'Jlino.15.. ''•'• •" . In ' Uiat ' a'ttiidk.-.'.a • ^iiealjle"- task force' -of B-20s. basec^ . in '.China d-i-ORped 'irons . o(e^pl'osives -on Jnpan J .4. bfjrpest steel rr.i-lli. _.Pdii'i" supjer- F_orU*osVc9 -faile'D to .v'clurn, jut only one wiis' lost- because^ of iy. 'action'.,' .. . • -. " •:" LATE •JEXPItESSES - 'Wa-sh-ingtonV .-July 7— (UPJ — . "President Ro'o.scvelt, 's.iying. .the . war .iti .China is' not going well, .e.\*:n'C';;seO" cojfitfern' over ' coniiivufnir "Jajpang^e.. ad.vances "•on '-*,ho-.Cliioeso -mai.nland|. -'•" -" - - 'S 'NEW VJE:-\R 'C'fimbh'dfjc, 'July \"^-<UJ?) — \.;ird ' unlvErsit'y bCKan; -its ; 309t.Vi jrcademJc yuar'this .week with the. sma'.lest -civ'iliaii- eii'coDme.nt .silVcc S75. -' ; ,."some' GiOOO" 'Avbiy | •vrid''-J*favy men .werje . enrolled rirt i he • .college's • ; special ' t,rainjngf ichopls. "' .Givili'un . undergraduates io\v .ninnbe.i- 753. • whila : pfilduatc ch'pbls.'' retrister'nd" 531 .'.students. The peacetime nvftrngc. is S.OOO with' ^300 undergrad'uates. ' . • ' •_ _ : " Jiily-.'T— (UP)'— The 'Qcrinjtn ONIJ' .ueciioy.. reports, 'that -the lioO artny -has scored a "Local" ' lirca-lv-lhroitch -wost ot •IJitU;:. 1 --IJ .-Jiiiles" southeast . of KDWcl', . in sotith.-Cfintrai Polnnd. IJoivtvcr," .'.the' -enemy" report; el'aims "tfn;' .SpvUit icnliis "were Vvi|M>a" out. by'untcr-a.tu«:k. •' ' " '-.- •'.— — ' " . ', '• ROQSEVELlT'S STATEMENT . . • Washington," " : 0u]y. ' 7~(CP)— Pj-esidenf '.-Ro'oscvclt;- coiU.irmed today i'hat.".t--li«. specific question. ot] . Allied '-'rccogii-ilion - of* the -Prwich . Contmiue'e of. Nationnl .liiberatl.on as tfic .provisional gov.- "ei-nri-iej\i of 'France \yould ';naf bed isaiissed • i n .Jiis talks -with "Geiv- 'eraL- Charles ,-dc Gaulle. -'. " ' .-".'.. A'tL'JEO HEI'OJIT" ."- -" •Ilondca".-. JuCy 7—(uh/—Alllod hoadq'ilartors rep^rl-s incluy. 4.1ml Ajiierica'n .troops" huvc"cuptiirod : Uie.-ti>wn .of.AIrc.'bn the. Bftyoux .!eo'iiUinecs hlthxyay- in tholr new offonslvc • nortb_ 6JT. St."-1j>. And •tlic'Aincricanli also' havo. taken _ V(rc river -liriilKe intact.-- The ' Aii'iencans,' h:\vr -adVaticeil nuirc than"-a inilc-'ncrosu'-tlie Vire mid . li:»\-e. cohsoli<ialo<j- their UTS;' ' Chjcbpce.. -Mass.," Juiy 7 — CUP) — The • fortunes Of "*'""."' ai>0 ' blame tor .thfe bi'/.ai/re -incident, -paptai .Chester' K. Pascterria'k of Chico •pee vvrts. proud Jie' h,id-. cnplurcd ; •Nazi -du'rinft the" ."La- Haye Du Puj atlac.k.- -That is; J"e wa* proud — "until." he "discovered the 'Nazi wa his. own' cousin. " " ' • . Out Today By Town Clerk So jjreal; was th circus fire on 'I'hu (.• deniand for vehicles to mnvo the jtijured at t;he RinKllnjr Br.OK. a.nd IJariuun i'liui'Sday, that trucks us viewed ahov.;, ,\verc prrsNcd intrt service 'to ^remove Bailey the- hod icw of those who died in the holocaust. ! Ballots' Totaling ill ' Sent Out' This Morning To Servicemen "E" Bonds Still Lagging; Overall Figure $4,039,684 With Drive Ending Saturday, Fill 8372,000 Needed To "Er Quota ' . E" bonds arc still short 6C the liiota of Jl'iRfi.OOO by $372,203,73, Villi.-u-n G. Boies, chairman of tho War Finance committee in Naujja- uck, announced this anorninpr. Sales ot" small denomination mds total but $202,705.25, with' tie JiKui'o. including sales -through "uly 5, Mr, Boies said. The securities division has sur- msscd its quota of $2,000,000, and a on the way to doubling that tiotu. July 5 figures show S.",7-j(i,- 7S.?0 worth of securities sold. J£" bond Kiilcs numbered S.G2S, (Continued on Pajje &) . Local Resident To Start Course Loyd E. Anderson, U. S. N. !R,, son of Mr. .ind Mrs. William A'.i- dei'son of Millville, lias returned il to Tuf'ls college, Mcd^ord, Mass., after spending a 15 day leave at •home. He has finished one year in V-12 training, and will now starl. K... .O... T. C. training- at the same college: —Cash paid for musical instru- mcnl.s planns, radios, plionojrraphtt.', Metro M(isic Mart, 88-. Cljiircli St. Tel. 5287.—-Adv. . ' . '•' Waste Paper Committee To Meet On Monday C. Arthur Fager, chainnnn of tho TPapor Salvaprc Commil.tce here, has called a meetiiiK; of his'com- mitlee for . next Monday evening at the office of the Naugatuck Daily. News. The mectin-g will be underway nt 7:30 o'clock ;md n.11 mfimbers or the g-roup arc asked to be on hand enrly so l.hnt matters of .importance expedited. Chairman Fapter particularly re- nucs.ts that Superfntendcnt of Street, Harold Murtha be present at !ho mooting as- plans for the next Paper Salvage pickup will depend upon the availability ot trucks and employes of his department. Naupatuck residents are asked lo -put aside paper of any kiYid to^save for the woslc paper collection .whUS'h- is anticipated here within -the next three weeks. Town "Clerk Raymond J. St. John today announced that the mailing or absentee ballots to residents of N.-i'.igutu'ek in the armed forces commenced today: One hundred und 'eleven ballots were sent out in the first batch this morninp. Approximately 62 more requests are still on hand, with more expected. Today, July 7, is the first day o£ mailing- of absentee ballots to members ot armed forces, according- to state law. The state issu'ed 100,000 absentee ballots to the 169 communities in Connecticut, several weeks ago. Naugratuck received a.noo. • ' Town Clerk St. John expects to send out about 1,000 ballot blanks, but requests, so far,-number just a few under 175. The ballots are mailed in post- ape free airmail envelopes that can be easily distinguished from ordinary' mail. A red strip passing through the midscction of the envelope makes the letter stand out readily. - - Ignacc Waitkevich Died This Morning After Brief Illness —When you think of Vacation'und Holiday, Clothes, It's Raphnd'H Naugntuck's Fashion• Center, where Style and I-ow Price go hnnd In hand.—Adv. . . • •.•, Waitkevich died this morning after a brief ilness at the home'of his daughter, Mrs. Antanina Kunevich of 7-1 Curliss street, Union City. He was born in Palepei, Lithuania, and came to the United States 24 years ago, living in Union City since that, time, Mr. Waitke- vich was a carpenter by trade. Survivors include two sons, John, operator of a restaurant, and Brownie, a contractor, both of Waterbary: six daughters, Mrs. Kunevich. Mrs. Stephania. Riigauskos and Mrs. Gladys Orlowski of Nau- gratuck, Mrs. .Viola Kitukas and Mrs. Jean Blackburn of.' Waterbury, Mrs. Anna White of Hani- dcn, three granddaughters and ten grandsons, five of whom are over- as. ./ The funeral will be held Monday from the Mazaika funeral home, 30 Porter street, Watcrbury, to St, Mary's .church. Union City, time to be announced. Burial will'be In St. James' .cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home this evening from 7 to 10 o'clock and .Saturday and Sunday ' from 2 to 10 p. in.. Five Officiate Of The Circus Have Been. Charged With Manslaughter PEOPLE STAMPEDED FOR EXITS WHElT TENT CAUGHT FIRE* Many Of Victims Believed Killed By Panic, Suffoca- ' ticn Or'.Being Crushed, .July 7—<UP)—The rising death-toll in yesterday's tragic circus lire now has reached H5, "including- SO, children.. 'Hospitals in Hartford are crowded with-injured. At least 20 of the 21-1 hurt are in a critical condition. The ultimate death list may top 150. Invesligations of Ihe disaster are going forward. "Five officials of-the_ Ringliny Brothers circus have been charged with man.slaughter. TJiey were ar- . rested last night ,by^Hart-ford police and'lRtev released'-under heavy bail. .Their cases wore continued until"July 19. . .' .The Hartford coroner has subpoenaed", the five circus officials and' 15 others to. testify at Tuesday's inquest. .- ' A second investigation is being- conducted by state officials, and a' third by cily officers under Uie leadership of Mayor Mortonsen. The mayor has issued a sta'ement charging: that a steel runway, used to bring- animals in and ou; of Uie is Top, closed off an entire end of.the oval, thus obstructing exits. H? charges that about GO bodies were found jammed against this runway. . The mayor also claims that, the. huge'circus tent which wont up ia flames had ->been "sprayed with paraffin- which "liad been melted in g-a-soline." Circus officials have refused to comment directly on this accusa- ' Lion-. However, Ihcy say the tent •wo* treated to resist fire, but could not be made completely fire-proof since it was canvas. The. lent was so completely Destroyed by the blaze that rcport- .ers at the scene couldn't find a piecc/of it more than three inches square. • The fire started shortly after 2:30 p. m. (E. \V, T.) yesterday, only a few minutes after the matinee performance began. It was perfect circus weather. Ten: thousand people— including many Children, —were crowded into the lent. A famous trapeze company had. begun performing: when flames shot up ironi the canvas. The fire spread with terrifying 'swiftness. On the ground, men, women ,-ind children became panic - stricken. The circus performers made a supreme effort to control the audi- dence. The circus band continued playing. Several ring masters tried lo lead community singing. .People stampeded madly for the exits. Observer* believe most ot the victims were killod by panic, suffocation, --shock, or by being knocked down and crushed. When it war all over, the bodies of the "dead were taken to tho Hartford armory. For hc>ur», an unending procession of -sorrowing- men and women passed through the armory, searching for thcit ovcd ones. A United Press correspondent, Delos Smith, describes the scene— ' The bodies of 80 children lay on army cots all covered with ,olive drab blankets from which little 'cot protruded. Parent*. - fathers and mothers, ..moved, along v.the •ows of cots. A blanket would bo mlled back, revealing a white, inanimate face, a mother's lip» vould sag and her facial musclei vould ^tighten. Then, with a dry ob which barely wa* audible, she vould turn away and a coroner'* sgistant would ask her the name, ,ge and address, write it on a rcen card and attach the card to . he blanket. That wo* all. Of the 145 dead, 68 are still un- dentinod. . .' . Circus officials said the grcatust , how on earth -probably will return 6 Sarasota, , Florida; tor repairs. Three-quarters, of the folding scat* 'ere lost, but no animals and no performer*: ' ' "

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