The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 2, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 2, 1952
Page 9
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KOWDAT, JUNE 1, 195Z COURIER raws TAGE KINK Persons Die in State luring Weekend Holiday By Th« Atsociatrd Press At least seven persons died In! Arkansas during the Memorial Day | koekend to bring the week's death loll to 12 from last Monday lo punday midnight. Two persons drowned In the Oua- Itiita River near Malvern Friday flight in a ilshlng accident. Coroner W. Grlsuold .said 35-year-old In-.ry Hathcock and his 12-year- Jild nephew. Robert Raymond Hath- lock, drowned "sometime Friday •light." Their bodies were recovered Sunday by a searching party. Sheriff Marlin Hawkins said » 29-year-old Denmark, Miss., soldier, Sgl Jack Franklin, was killed in a 3-car collision on Highway 64 near MorriUon fcslmday. Three other persons we-s injured In (he accident, whicl Hawkins said occurred when the -ar in which Franklin wj* riding was struck from the rear b.v a second vehicle and thrown in the path of H third auto. Mrs, norths M. Glasscock of Tex- arkbna died Saturday of Injuries rtceived in a similar 3-car collision Wednesday. (rkansas News Briefs— Hack Bear Is Back in Cage tfter Escaping from Rodeo By The Associated Press HOPE—The 160-pound black bear that escaped from a rodeo here | Friday is back in its cage, H was captured Saturday by "Forrest Hairr of Hope, Hairr saw the I animal, slopped his car and walked over to H. The bear met him half- I way. and Hairr put a rope around its neck, fastened the animal to a tree and went after the owner, "Buck" Robinson. CIO Oil Workers Cry 'Lockout' El Dorado Lion Plant Is Accused Of Closing Entrance EL DORADO. Ark. W>,-StrlkInR HAL iOYLI'S COLUMN Korean War Entering Third Year in June: Now What Will Happen? CiO oil workers say they have hoc "locked out" of the Lion Oil Company's chemical plant here. dale on (he world's calendar MOMENTOUS DECISION—Two checker players while away lazy spring hours at Bournemouth, England, with a game of checkers. Moving the pieces on the giant "board with the aid of hooked poles, they spend long, sunshiny moments in meditation over each move they make. Batesville Firm Allowed Quick Tax Write-Off WASHINGTON- The Westmoreland Corporation of Batesville. Ark., has been apfl 'oved by the Defense Production Administration for its | quick tax wrr'e-off program. WtstmoreUnd will be allowed to write off 65 per cent of its $2,313,I 590 constructs i cost, within five years for tax purposes. Little Rock Sleeps as Police Nab City's 'Cat Burglar' LITTLE ROCK M 1 )—Residents of: f , • f+ • , centra] Little Hock slept peacefully I • ffQ 1C J/tf/ri !/n Mexico at Site of Crime |r*<»ro/e Bf^ard to Begin New Interview System 1 LITTLE ROCK- Tlie Stale Board of Pardons and Paroles will inaugurate Its new policy of persona! interviews with prisoners at Cum- I mins Prison Farm Wednesday. The board previously has granted clem- I «ncy to inmates on recommendations by prison officials. [Arkansas Writers Conference Opens Today PETIT JEAN STATE PARK— The 3-day 8th annual Arkansas I Writers Conferences opens here today. Speakers will include Joe B. 1 McGee. managing editor of the Con way Log Cabin Democrat; Inez j Hale MavDnlf, Sunday magazine editor of the Arkansas Gazette, and I Freelance Writer Sophie Wenwl Ellis. [Army-Minded Youth Is Gone Again NEW YORK (>P>—Almost three eeks ago John Arzoomanian, 13, ran off to Washington to see a ; general—"just any general." Today John was gone from I home again, ami his lather sptc- | ulated that this time the boy had particular general in mind— I Gen. Dwijjht D. Eisenhower, who | arrived in Washington yesterday. John's . father, Khosrov Arz,oo- / or shippers Plowing |Sof/ of 'Lord's Acres' PARADISE. 111. (AP) — Tn this [Southern Illinois community called • Paradise there's a project known £ the "Lord's Acres." • The Paradise Baptist Church I members this spring manned 20 •tractors and in about two hours I plowed, smoothed and fertilized 40 lucres for corn planting- All was [given freely. Corn profits In the Ifall go for the church and parson-, I age. manian, a Bronx grocer, said he wished he could., afford to send .the boy to a military school. "That's all that's on his mind- Army, Army, Army," the grocer said. Arzoomanian, reporting the disappearance of his son yesterday, told police (hat also missing were n wooden rifle, an army uniform, a duffel-bag and about $40. The boy was found in*a Washington bus station on May 13 after his previous trip. this morning, undisturbed by the ; fear of a violent "cat burglar." Detective Chief C. O. Fink announced last night that a 3-yrar "reign o[ terror" ended for the city with the arrest of a 3Q L year-old milk route salesman, J tunes Albert Sigler. He said Sigler, arrested early yesterday morning, admitted lie was the cat burglar who had entered Little Rock homes, snatched pocked books and struck women victims the past three yeans. Sigler denied that he had attempted to rape any of the women. Chief Fink, said the heretofore unidentified burglar had been accused of attempted criminal assault by "half a dozen women." Prosecutor Tom Dawnie, who filed burglary and robbery charges against Sigler yesterday, said the investigation is "far from being thrown into the complete and many more charges will be filed later in all likelihood." The routeman, who had been under suspicion, was arrested following a burglar report In the "terror" neighborhood. Chief Fink said Sig- Ler confined his entrances "for the most part" to customers on his milk route. But meanwhile the forces of th* free world are building. As time goes on, will Red China he content to remain a cats paw of Russia? Tito wasn't. Crm R way b« found to drive a wedge between th« endless manpower of China and the mushrooming industrial might of Russia? The Allied diplomat who can succeed in doing that might save * million lives on the battlefield, But the disheartening certainty NEW YORK Wi— There is ft 246lh ; they say, impatiently. "Lei's, got,' Js That of now, after nearly iwo it over with," !years of aocordian-liko warfare, we but ns of now only three things [do not know whether we have made can be -said for sure about the! of Korea a bulwark of future pearo Korean business: or only the laboratory for a more 1. II did slop In its tracks the j terrible third world war. attempt of Communism to expand j by blunt force. j 2, It woke tip America to (he bit- j - , . v ,.f. ,, „ . v tor truth ll wasn't ready lo defrnd \ snid they were refused entrance by; s tn ru >d~ Jutie 25, 1050—astride (he! It.self, and liad become'the fat boy slant Riiartls nnd that company of-jaum parallel, of the post-war world, ficinls refund to explain (he nctiim. Thoy hiivo bpen vu-fufilly stale- 3. tt shows no signs of ending Lawrence flid MOT attempt lo ex- mated for nearly n year, through soon, jlnin the union's action In .senriint;; n months of nlmoM ceaseless! Some critic.*; of U. N. policy IK-- tlu workers hack to dirlr jobs. lie uilks about a <-cnso-fire agreement, lleve the Allies should mass more sriFd the suike had NOT hecn .set- i-; :i rli Ride Stronger men and wuspons nncl smash *' f ° Both sides now are incoinnarahly j through Ihc Reds to the The 600 OW1U members walked j stronger than (hey were at (he out- Yalu River. ofl their jobs 31 days apo in roil-j set of the war. lint the dismaying Dilemma of ('niiimnnrf month—the beginning of the third year of the Korean War. Barring n resumption of large- R. W, Lawrence, national repre- j scale Hunting or a sudden and tentative of the Oil Workers inter-1 snctx-ssful com-Uislon of the truce iMtonal Union, snlcl the strikers j talks, tho end of the second year •cmeveH picket lines and sent 75; of the conflict will find both sides uemhers lo their Jobs Kauird;\y. lie', ronphily ' they wove when it Rainy Skies Hang Over Midwest U.S. icction with the nationwide strike ! hu-t Is in the last year, of oil workers In a wnae dispute, j rlny-ini-nL^ht hammering hy Ailed Tl-cy wore followed by 250 AF!, Ma- j planes, ihp enemy has doubled his chinisls, nlso striking in support of [ troops along the front from 500,wage drmnnd. j uo(J mcn lo a niilllon, He has 60 L&\vrpnce said he hnd rcqnr.slprt a ' titnks and nrmnrcd guns ready. iM'tinjT v/iih "lop-drinvrt" Lion of- 1 mo re Tlml probably could be done, at 11 y The Assnrlalrrl rrrs* There woro rniny .skies over rhn middle of the country today and In olher \vidcly scatlprrd srclions. The shower tir-lL ran frnm Minnesota and the Da kolas southward to tin' Tex'AK - Panhandle. There was rain over Nenv Hneland, scattered over the Eastern Rocky the price qf henvy casualties. But; Mountains. (he. dlicmnia ot the top rotnmanci j Elef-where skips wrrc mostly dear. Is this: Would thai end tho Korean TdnperaMjiTs v ere seasonable ex- War, or only precipitate the third 1 repl for parts of Michigan and lh« ii MEXICO CITY (/FJ—Three brother;; accused of a quadruple staying wore themselves killed by police j yesterday nt the site of the crime i 30ft miles southeast of Mexico City. [ Police said the trio was shot while; trying to escape atfer capture. j The dead brothers were Gufida- lupe. Belizario and Manuel Garcia, j They were arrested last week and ] were taken yesterday to the -site near ARHH Dulce. There, In February, Miguel and Prosper o Truit, brothers, Prospcro's 14 - year - old wife und their three - month - old daughter were hacked to death p/ith machetes and their bodies sea. ficials rather than rv negotiating committee,'in an effort to end the vnikcmt. Lion officials had NO comment to make on the "lockout". How Arkansas Lawmakers Voted- Cots Have 2-Co/or Eyes Hiss Attorney Seeks New Trial WASHINGTON WFV-How Arkansas nienilxTs of Congress wore recorded as voting on recent roll calls: Senate: On WoJker (H-Idaho^ amendment to cut another billion from the foreign aid bill, defeated 35 lo 27. Against—Fnlbrlfjht. Not voting —McClcllan. On passage. 64 to 10. of fi.7 billion dollar foreign aid bill, For—Ful- nright. Not voting—McCIelltin. On passage, 245 to 110. of SQ.1B2,- 600 000 foreipn aid hill nftcr ciibtlng it $1.737.400.000 under amount asked by President Truman. , for— GathingK, Harris, Hays, Mills, Norrell, Trimble. Not votlnB—TackelL. had in 1950. His artillery is also greater. His air power hns doubled or trebled. l-'irsl KlU'liiy llesirujed Tlip Allies virtually destroyed thn first cnc-tny — the NoiMh Koroaji army. Their main foe now is tilt Chinese Reds, armed with many oi ihe latosl anti best weapons made by So\'iet Russia, whicl\ r«- main.'i sereuely out of the battle. Roth Con press and the nation, weary of Russia's war of nerves, backed President Truman's decision to KOjinto Korea. H looked i\l the start as only a Job for the regular army — an < Oriental gras.sfire thai could quick-! ly be stamped out. But today most j of the Americans in uniform in ; Korean are civilians, called to duly. Month by month the wnr has touched more and more American families. A Great Unrest There is a great unrest, about this strange twilight, fnroff struggle that goes on and on and has cost this nation nlone some 109,000 casualties. Americana aren't used lo seeing themselves In the plight of a man who has got his hand men anti weapons and .smash off. "Whftt klurt of * war IK this?" extreme lengths to Jteop satellite j rending. states between' her and nay siblc enemy. Would she stand Ldly: Nurse Gets Award in by while a great foreign land army| came to the Re<l raw nerve of licr CHARLOTTETCHVN. P.E.I. OF. — Siberian frontier? Or would she I Miss Mnrjorie MacDousll, confined throw hrr own Siberian army Into' to' hospital for three months by action, and pcrhap^ .simultaneously: rhoumatir fever, topped lirr class innrcu iivlo Europe? | of nuvsc-s. svt \he Prince Mward Is- H Li this possibility that holds uspand HnspitnL She received her in deadlock in Koren. award in bed. NF.W YORK (ff* t — Alger HKs' attorney goes Into Federal Court today to try to win the Jailed former state department aide a new trial. But it was reported that the government might nsk a delay of a day or two on the hearing *of Hiss' mo- lior.. Hiss. 47. was convicted of perjury BIRSAY. Sask., CAP)—The Gordon Gemmill household here has two freak kittens. Each is pure! flt ' iiis"second" trial' white and each has one blue and ] An initial trial the previous year • one green eye. The mother cat has] ended with trie jury deadlocked* He? green eyes, and the father blue now is .tcrvm? ft five-year term nt ' e ves> Lf.wiFburg, Pa., tedcrnl prison. FOR SALE Concrete cilTcrl*, 12 Inch to 4Jt Inch, plain «r reenfurced. Also Concrete Building Rlnrks cheaper Iwraher for barns, chicken lioMsej, pvmp House i, len»nl heurt*, tool nliRdi. We deliver. Call u« f«r fr«e *«l!asAtf. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. e 801 FOR THE BUY OF YOUR LIFE- See Us About OVERHAULING YOUR ENGINE Blytheville Motor Co. Fhnne H22 Keeps 315 lbs< frozen foods SAFE! Only Cash 1*3* 35 75 :r?FRlC!DAIRE FOOD FREEZER Buih to glv« yeofi of dependable, safe, economical food Veepmg lervice I Built by Frigidolre —worlb'i largest manufacturer of low-temperahirft cabineli I Coma \r\\ S«e Hiei» and many mor» Frigidalr« features . Ailc ot>ovf o*#»^ frr'gWofr* FooJ Fr«« • Fingitr-Touch Counter- Balanced Ltd • Fnmaut Md*r-MI««r Machanit m • All Slwl Cabin** n h 12 tmJ 16 em, ft. drvt f RIGID AIR E WEEK SPECIAL OFFER? HEADED FOR RUSSELL— Wearing a Russell-for-Prc.sident tei, Mrs. Elizabeth Cecil, of San Antonio, Tex., gives an illustration of jUsl how busy she is these days, answering telephones in th« Georgia senator's campaign 1 headquarters in Washington. THE CHRYSLER IMPERIAL 6-PASSE.\GER SEDAN Gef The Best AUTO REPAIRING YOtfLL FIND IT EVEN BETTER THAN YOU'VE HEAP!.. Factory-trained m< chunks aslnj Kfiuiin* parts nre roar assurance of rJcp*ndahle wrvlct when TO* brifiR your CAT lo I 1 . 1. Stay Mo- tar Co. . . . »n Main Street. Trj o«r friendly lervke next time! T.I.SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrjsler-Pljmoith Dtalcr 121 E. M»ln Ph*n« 2127 It*s been many years since a new c*r ha« canned as much talk ae tcxlay's Chrysler Imperial has done. What you may not realize is how long it's been since a car gave fo many r«7son,s for excited talk as this one does. Here is literally a new leader of the world's fine cars! May we invite ymi to drive and tesrt for yourself the best and most n*ort}i-f>u:ning tngim on th« road today? (Chrysler 1 * magnificent new 180 H.P. FirePower V-S.) May we invite you lo handle (he easiest and sa/es< steering uiheti in existence at the moment? (Chrysler's fun-lime Power Steering.) Way we invite you to try out brakes which require an little nx fine-third the u.sxial foot-pressure, and still stop you in many feet less than other cars c!o? (Chrysler Power Brakes.) May we invite you to sit on the most comfortable scat cushions, and enjoy the fullest window vision you can find? May we invite you to ride on the rough- road miracle of the Oriflow shock absorbers which only Chrysler-built cars have? May we invite you to drive a Chrysler Imperial . . . nnd learn for yourself how much you'd miss, and deeply regret, if you bought another car tod;iy without knowing this one first? / We . . . and Imperial by Chrysler . . . are «t your service, any timo. CHRYSLER THE FINEST CAR AMERICA HAS VKT rilODUCKD You've never seen anything JlVe rtia*« magnificent new aluminum Quickuba frayi — with built-in tray and cub« release*! lc« cube* come oirl clear, lorga, p*rf»d. A wnsotional buy at $1.491 M**-M Also aiV about No Rangei • Woshsf * Dry Ironor • Dehumldiflvr food fr«et^rt • Wat*t H«o Air CnndiHon«n T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. •' 121 E. Main Street Lfe«raT rrod* -In offers . . . Easy Payment Ptons GUARANTEED USED REFRIGERATORS, RANGES AND WASHERS Adams Appliance Co., Inc. i Sales J. W. ADAMS, Mgr. • Scrvlc* 206-208 W. Main Phone 2071 JOE ATKINS MACHINE WORKS COMPLITI IHtET MITAL ITtUCTUKAl tTEEl • OA> ANB IUCTKK WI1DINO • G1K »fPAH« « UACKIMITH. IHO • H4KDWAKI • MACHIHI IIPAfll BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS PHONES: Day 3142; Night 6153

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