Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 6, 1944 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1944
Page 8
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THURSDAY, JULY 6, Russians Start New Offensive In Southern Poland (By Unltod •The Germans nay the Russian have :unlen»hcd a powerful new of (etisive In southern Poland. A Nazi hlsh command report n .'sisrts fighting- h«» blamed up on 133 -mile front stretchinc f r o n Kowel to the tipper Dncslr river. '''./Only yesterday—the Germans ac •knowlcdjfcd the abandonment o .Kowel, »• keystone base guard I nj •the fcpproache* to the But rive-i •'defense line 40 miles to the went. *.';The Nazis may have abandonee K'owol under the pressure of thi; Iniiw Soviet ptwli. If so—the Rus •inns arc now on the move In an •vnbroken battle line west of the •;Pripet marsh M. Such a cleveloiv •tncnt would mean the big smn.Mli toward Germany proper Is uncle.'A major Red army ntlnck in lower Poland signifies tho comp'.c- t.ton of iv-500-mile offensive front fimbra'cln/r the entire eastern arc " of:'approach to the Rc'.ch. >Th«> northern section of such an «>c hn» already swept westward to within about 120 miles of Enst Prussia. ..'.The southern Polish area has loin dormant since Marshal Zhu- kov's flrat Ukrainian army drove through to the Kowcl reslon and the Czechoslovak border on cither - aide of Lwow early last April, • : To the north — Marslml Rokon- sovsky's 'forces arc .advancing on Barnnowlojic. .The town Is an historic.- milestone 'on the Invasion ' route lo Warsaw. Moscow dispatches say the Russians arc encountering heavier resistance " from .reinforced German detachments. Tho itVengthcn-c'd' 'enemy effort nppnr- enilly represents ft desperate Na/,1 • ttcmpl. to plug- the invasion pap. '..-Soviet sources Indicate .Marshal Chornlaktiovsky's third White Rus- uifn army hns taken tlic lead In the current offensive for the mo- .rn'ent. Chernlakhovsky's men arc smashing- -toward enemy defenses fffiarding the Bailie states, East Prussia and central Pola.nd. Nazi Prisoners Headed ForU. S. «£? Wan! Ads Make Hard Jobs" Ensy V Too Late To Classify 11, •• Ix>*t And Found WOMAN'S hiuid-hnjr conJjilnlni; ^ration hook, papers and white '•gloves, Monday at local railroad ."•i»tatlon. CRcwarcl. Plcn«c t?avc ;• <\.t 32 Greenwood street. Thin ciirjro of German prisoner*, nil taken In tho Imttlci of Nor- innnily, N nlionnl a V. SS. Coast (iuiird troopKHlilp, as pictured uhovc, hrailril for tin? Unltrd Stale* whore they will lie dlNtrlhiitcd through various Internment camps. V. $.• Coast Guard photo. (International Mtoumlphot-Q) Cans Of Beer Roll Off Lines For Services Milwaukee (UP)—Even thouKh hccr In cans is now cnmouflapccl 'or the YankM overseas, it is so hidden that' they mlsti.iltc 11 for Homethinff else. The cans .arc covcrnrl with A 'listprool' oliVc: drnli pjtint and the cttorinK on them IK l)!ac.k. Thc_ •eason for this new military deccp-' .ion-is that when cans arc thrown iwjiy, no prle/im from natural metAl. will reveal positions pf Xmorlcjin troops. Now -with government riiithoTf- ation -for use of-metal, the cans re rolling down the hcer lines. -In /Illwaukcc they're rolltnK at the ate of COO oar.s a minute or 80-1,00 cans .'i day, . •Another ,now: method of-Kettinjr ieer to tho armed Corcos was found n 1 the -"one trip bottles, SO' per. icnt lighter and one-third shorter Tian the ti.sufil. size; It has hc-un-j-e- fiortcd that a total of .19,3'13,000 of t'hesc were sent from various'brew- eries in the States to onshore bases' In. February this year. The . c«.ns stand more • handling without breaking-. A tetter from Stft- F.' J. Favorite, Pittsburgh, Pa., to a Milwaukee brewery proves that the Yanks over there stil! gel their bottle of beer—or mtiybe can of boor now—• and like it. He wrote: '.'Not evc'n in -the most imaginative sense-of iho'wortl'could I bo called a 'beer hound.' However, I. Cuol i-t iny duty to write .'ind express my appreciation of. your product. More than ;.my orre tntnp, it has been'our 'morale kecper,- upper.' I'd almost forffottcn -what civilization was until I drunk sov- ! crai bottles of your beer one. niRht. and it brought back wonderful memories." PuppetShow Helps Soldiers Whip Neuroses Philadelphia (UP)-—Puppet therapy, .wartime relative of. the Punch-nnd-Judy .show,. Is the Army psychiatrist's ; new mcthoti of comba'Ji<c neuroses among war- weary soldiers. : ; The treatment method was developed by Lt. Col. R. Robert Cohen of Pittsburgh, Pa,, psychiatrist at the Aberdeen Proving Ground, who reasoned that much- of the problem of psyehonourosia would be beaten . Jf\ thd soldier could bo made to /understand • its causes. Cohen realized that the victim's mental doprcaaion is aggravated by the fear , that he .is going mad. v . . To demonstrate that, such mental disturbances have a cause and cure just as physical ailments, Cohen devised his puppet show, with the fcelp of Cpl. Jerome Ober- wager, a sculptor. Neurotic soldiers were able to HCO their problem diagnosed on the puppet stage. Cohen's little theater group consists of GI Joo and the personified characters of Resentment, Four Anger, Sorrow, and Common Sense. \ The -:s h o w demonstrates how resentment, fenr, anger, and sorrow act to built up depression. A scene at a rchabilfCatlon center shows how Jpe is cured by rest, proper food, and an understanding of tho reasons of his depression. . , The 'treatment was demonstrated to delegates to the conference of. the American Psychiatric Assn. in Philadelphia. Col, Cohen said that It is proving very effective nt Aberdeen, where it has been in use for three months. TAKK A BOW Guthrle.''bkla. OJP)—City firemen here were bulgTiR with pride reo.cntly when thp.monthly-Urn department report showed damage from blazes In Guthrlc durine May amounted to exactly nothing. There • wm'O only seven Jlres during: the entire month. StAKIUES-J.V HASTE ' Cincinnati. O. (UP)—Mis.s Edith Smith, Cross .worker, seemed rathnr afritatcd. co-workers noticed one afternoon. They 'inquired why she '.vji.s so. o'ut of breath. "Oh, I've. been, rushing around quite a bit— 1 was married iust before" Juncfi," she told them casually. • •KITCHEN NETS TIHEF $1,300 Cincinnati,. O.- (UP)'—All. burglars may or may not look under kitchen tables for their loot;-but one who broke Into the apartment of Mrs Lillian' O'Hara did.rHc found 51,500 whjch Mm. O'Hara had drawn from the bank and-"hidden" in'a little green 'box—under a kitchen table. . ' ' f «K«K> if ^•t^~'^-^ Siije'iksis?**^^;*'.:^:?- AT FREEDMAN'S NOW GOING QN . Group DRESSES Group. \2 Sale. Values to S.'.)~> . Sale Values to 10.95, Sale $2.98 and $3.98 Sale^98 A\\ Sales Final •-•'.•-..• COOL PINAFORES- ; ' COOL COTTON DRESSES • $*_«« S.le $2^98 and *3.98 (.Sixes 30 to 50) ' .. ; l , •BATHING SUITS .- .;,;-.. •'Out 1 ;i'rid t\yo piece. .. ' : " • • ' 3.98 to 6.98 ' SPORT. SHIRTS . ' , . While, roil, rnnizc, powder.-.. $1.49 ' ..'. .,•',:'., PLAY- SUITS iioktirs ;IIM! O'h;imlir:iy -3.9StolO.9S SLACK SUITS All colors, .1.2 to .14. 4.98 to 10.98 COAT DEPT. One Group Toppers and Coats—:Sale $ IO . ' * . » i i r t i 171T I " . All S.-ilus final CHILDREN'S DEPT SLACK ancl-PLAY SUITS. 1.69 "to. 3.98 BATHING SUITS' 98c to 3:49 • BATHING-TRUNKS - 59c SHORTS, SLACKS, OVERALLS. .-89c'to 2.98' . • BOYS'SLACIC SUITS ' 1.98 to 3.98 ' • ' JERSEYS ' • 79c.. ' • •• . ONE GROUP .OF'CHILDREN'S COATS AT'$5 • ' . THE M. FREEDMAN CO. Surveys Seek PbstwarPlans ''Chicago. (U P)— Detailed surveys. .to-.:dsslst In postwar employment: .planning arc beinf,' made by thp .;M,bntprornery county, Virginia, piiinnlnpr '-commission 'and the picg-6 1 ' Postwar 'Planning bureau, says the. American Society of; Plriri- ' ' playmcnt, ai/.c of family; housini -and the worker's postwnr plan It ttluo week's information orr wht occupation workers intend to «cc it their- present jobs terminal ;jnd the, amount o£ training need ed for now work. ...y questionnaire vffut- Bent to 'servicemen and worn- en, ami asked informiitioh on occupation before entering service, ftrat three .choices Tor work njpon returning 'home, amount of. formal education, preferred locution of crpploymcnt, and whether the. veteran wishes to b'uy a home, farm or busings of his own. . • • -.Another question asked of each veteran is whether a lou.n will, be- needed in order for him to re- cBtabliah himself. -. . The Sun Dicfro bureau is cn- dc'worinpr to attract more postwar jobs, and 1U survey tried to determine how many \var workers will stay in the comrm/nily .-ind how many will want to continue working -iftcr the war. '.The questionnaire asks where the worker, lived in January, 1040, and his occupation at that time. Other questions cover present em- Penicillin Speeded By Radio Drying New York (UP)—Penicillin pro duction Juts' been speeded up 2'I hours time through a cooking by-radio process that has replace a freexc-ilrying method. According to Radio Corp. c America, -which- has prefect™] th new-system, heat generated by i" dio currents now can nccomplisl in 30 minutes-, what it took frccsc-dchydrator 21. hours. J." electronic method of drying th infection-killing drug is also fa cheaper, it was said. Dehydration is' vital to pcnicillii production as a bulk reducer. Aflc penicillin is grown and punned approximately W per cent-of th water is removed, increasing trn 'potency oC the drug from -10,001 units A cubic centimeter to lOO.OOi units. Frcc/.c-drylng istiil will b> used to powder the drug in am poules or vials for .shipment. AhouL 500,000 men enlisted in th< U. S. Army for the War of 183 and about two million were in th Union forces in • the Civil war About 280,000 men were undo: arms in the war with Spain. . Shop Early—A&P Supermarkets in Naugatuck Close Saturday at 6 p. m.—Open Friday Until 9 p. m. OUR OWN NECTAR TEA 'PEKOESORANGE Q «C PEKOE-M L5 PKG W*f EVAP, MILK WHITE- O I4HO2. O^C HOUSE 0 CANS L I 2.poin:s ; for 3 "cans BUTTER •SWEET AfC CREAMERY ' L3 *f f' 12 Red Poinls Pet Pound SUNNYFIELD CORN FLAKES CRISP, CRUNCHY PKG Now's the '.ime to enjoy (res'n laiiis and vegetables at their flavorluf best... so visit your ASP "Supers" victory garden lomoncw. Pricos are invilingly low! CANTALOUPES CALIFORNIA JUMBO .36's EACH 23 WATERMELONS ? wHo\f89 c POTATOES^, 10 LBS 49 C ORANGES ffl% Do:53 c PLUMS LETTUCE TOMATOES RED RIPE CEUPOKC 25 C CU CUMBERS 2 19 C NO POINT MEATS-- BUDGET PLEASING PRICES! LARGE FOWL FRESH NATIVE L3 41 SMOKED PICNICS MID Y CURED 'CHICKENS FRESH'BROIUNG 01 FRYING SKINLESS FRANKFORTS BOLOGNA or MINCED HAM 33 SPARE RIBS FRESH CAPE MACKEREL LEAN, CORNED ' FRESH CAUGHT 10° HADDOCK •LB 24' tM| STROOCK FABRICS-IN MEN'S AL JACKETS - $28.50 - SUUITS $4*50 The wizardry of Stroock in blending fleeces and looming gloriously soft fabrics appealing to the touch — and your good taste makes these glamorous clothes irresistible to that man who has a liking for choice fabrics. These casual jackets at $28.50 blend beautifully with our fine slacks — real tops for scrambled suits. A&P^r CORN MUSTARD ARMOUR'S-ALL-PURPOSE MEAT-NO'POINTS - BUTTER-SULTANA 1 POUND JAP, lie Grape Jam T^f: ^S 2 1 c Ivory s . NO w 2F Oxydol 2 "K M CS 19 C ^ 23 C Ivory Soap Duz 2 PKG L S 19 s L P G K! 23° Guest Ivory —.THE GREAT ATLANTIC & PACIFIC TEA prices subject to market clinnigcs. We reserve the right to limit quantities JLOVINE ELECTRIC Co. fi Church Street DANCERS! HOUSEHOLD DKI'T. (Gladys C. C««c in Charge) FRIOAV. SATURDAY iM SUNDAYS We Present \ FKANK CAPAJJM) And KAI-IMA I.SLAXDEM Hawaiian Orchotn WE NOW HAVE- CURTAIN STRETCHERS $4.99 White Restaurant BRIDGE STREET WATKRB13RY niAr. 4080 (No Toll Ch.-irgc) Memhcr of Connecticut.... Rosliiurant Associilloti Naug;atuck's 100th Year Your Saving's Bank Passes Another Milestone And Reports Total Resources Of Over . $10,000,060 A TRIBUTE To The THRIFT and SAVINGS of Naugatuck People " NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK All. Deposits Guaranteed '(•• FOR BROTHER, SISTER, HUSBAND, WIFE . . . MARVEL VARIETY BREADS ADD SPICE TO LIFE! VIENNA BREAD RYE BREAD RAISIN BREAD CRACKED WHEAT WHOLE WHEAT fo? F2 11 c A LOAF TO SUIT EVERY TASTE LARGE <t ft WHITE BREAD 26K OZ LF. I L 7 00 Years of Service For over 100 years this plant has continuously served our nation with quality footwear and other fine rubber products, both in peace and in war. UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Naugatuck Footwear Plant NEW BICYCLES BICYCLE TIRES & TUBES GARDEN FERTILIZER LAWN FERTILIZER HY-TROUS LIQUID FERTILIZER SPRAY MATERIALS KLEEN-FLO Cleans Your Oil Tank Conditions Your Car Motor CHIMNEY SWEEP Cleans Furniicc 1'lucs ' OIL DRUMS — STANDS — FAUCETS CEMENT PAINT TrntiKpniont Filler nii.l 4 Color* The Naugatuck Fuel Co. Phone 5236 87 Church St.

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