Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 6, 1944 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1944
Page 7
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'THURSDAY, JULY 6, 1944 NAUGATUCK DAILY: NEWS, (town - - It's Not too Late Employment rn» Jry For Sale l>'or Snlc f WA_NTED Stenog-rapher ss Box <L .T" Daily NCWH j VOK SALK—Hurry! -.Hurry! Vw- I ctint G room OIK: family lioiuie, fill Improvements, 2 car .jyji r.if*c, nice lot, i-cusonablc price. Located nl rc .ittreet. Patsy Laln-iolji, realtor, 172 High street. .Phono 3'IOS or-583-1.. Announcements TEACHERS STUDENTS "HOUSEWIVES !! FULL'OR PART-TIME WORK AVAILABLE ' - Making I-'uot\vohr Jturiii!,' SUIIHIKT !MtniLhs Experience Unnecessary I''OU fvM.K—Two fniiilly house, 11 rooms, 2 c:ir pu,i-;iKC and barn. All Improvements. J_ot S-l x lG, r >, Al a sacrifice. T«l. 3-MG3, Bridgeport, KOU—-IN uurcN, ulmiit 10 In meadow land, brook and jjooil G-room house, bsirn and all furm tools." For' quick uale. price only jr.,300. Apply A. Sncplcy, telephone 2-133. ' ' TWO-Finally house, nil ItnproVe- uienls, extra large lot. Apply 47 nd avenue. Tel. 3G2S. NOTICE The nnnunl inocLInK ot the .lo owners of the. Grove Cemetery As sqclntion, will be hckt nt 2 p. m E.- W. T. on -Monday, .July 10, l •lit the Nnupntuck National Bnnk The annual .mooting .oT .the .Trus tecs of unid nsttoclatlon, will be held ;it 2:10 p. m. E. W. T., cm .the same date, nt tho Naugatuclc Nu- tlonal Bank. EMIL- MANNWEILER, President Automotive 14 Autos For Sale To lluv FIVK or (i room with moilcri: improvements.- Kuirly new. ]-'ox NyO, care of News. APPLY AT ' . United States •• ymcnt Service 323 Hnnk St. AVaturliiuy. Conn. Sttiblfiwulon Conditions • UNITED STATES • RUBBER CO. ' .VaiiirMtiK'k FwcHweav Plant NAl'GATUCK ' uililliiK !»t. l~l» I>.V .1011 foot on Shirley street, two miles from Niuis'ituck off New Haven road. "Price SI SO. Call Waterbury 'l-lOa.:, DODGK -- PLYMOUTH AUTHORIZED Sales Service Ports, Acccsaorlo* MiiJcolm . W. Stiirr C'oip. •1SS Watcrtown Ave. ' 'Dial 6-114o' lO.'IS. Ford Touring C»r, (rood run-' ning condition. Pair tires. Price $175. Frank Burns, Froncli street, • Waterlown, Tel. 8S2-W. . Automotive./ 14 AvitON For V.-USE'D GARS •""'/•. ' nt new celling priced or Icsi..i PACKABD-AVATJilfrBOKY, .'' , " •' ' INC.-;: ; -- ,, ?• 180 Waterlown Avc. "... Dial ..•4-C108 •1MO -Chrysler — Wlntbor ../ Rood--condition, •••' private >q,wi»cr.. Telephone, Wtby. 3-4033. 'rtiT' Contractors • Merchandise 28, Household "Articles •FOR. SALE!.! ;", - '. ABC•''AVashcr • ', .. l&'uiyi Washer ' Hamilton Bea'con Vacuum Cleaner Electric.'-Iron -,, .Francis 'F.n'm i tore Co., ;-.-449NORTH MAIN STRKET' Telephone 3000 22 :. rATKB HANGING ond PalntinB. W, F. -Cola,. 17 Cedar 'Street, Tei: o-ioa. • » • •'••• -••;- ' Merchandise JStliCTKIC iniiinflor Ironer, v v 'ly. uaed.-reaabnablc 'price.-Phono •i'4054. . '• '•:•'• . . ': BOLL top: douTt "with '• cash". Tel. 3CU1.V clliilr, Merchandise, 30 Mlsc<;tTa;icoiiH • TYPEWKITEES ADDING ... • MACHINES Rose & Morton!- : 7*. Coritci''St. • •Watei-bury -1-0120 •''.-. BABY—-Cur. snutH,' l»lny..j>cnn,. fouthl nctts, cribs, high chairs, Kantwci mattresses, toys.. . •' THE, RADIO, SHOP ISO Gra'n&S.t .\Vatcrbury . CRIBS —, C«rrliijfCH,,...Piny -Fend, Larpe selection of toys,-Lowest prices In town. BEACON KIDDIE .CENTRE 73 GRAND ..ST. ,\Vtby. noi> Musical 20i»-. . Farm Machinery v'v.-,;., v ..'. McCOBMACK - Deorlnc ' Trivctorj, model 1020; 2-1-2 horse--power. Jaeger water pump, 8,000' gal.' per hour. ; T, J. Montambault, 532 ^Torth Main St., Union City.'Tel! 2G83:" •'•','•' ' •'>-' b::deposit* wanted. 'Hig-hegt: c'aah j'prlcbs .pairl. "Wire collect;.jwr.ltp' or .phono what you •• haye-to, offer 1 ..' JVE. Murphcy, Rc; public-.-•.C084, Y "815 "Yeatman Ave., ' WobHtcr''Gi;bvcs-19, Mo. : iKAIi'l'll'UL—Vli-WN. hrouk. .state roatl. 13 ncrost, S2.~r)0, E. C. Barber-, Groycote. Woollbury. Tel. IP 1 ,) For Rent I "or Jlvnt AI'iVBTMKMTT at Hop Brook club available to man and wife with out cost. l"or_ rent, heat, lights, hot water, for care of building. Apply l£!mcr Schnui-ta, J»"n UK» tuck Hardware Co. i " Wanted To Kent VANTyi)—Jly small family, 11 cot- Uj:c at Lake Quassapaup or Sanely" JScoch for tho summer months and. over Lsihoi 1 Day. ncfereiioes. Telephone 5D29. YOU CAN'T GET MORE FOR SO LITTLE Clarified Ad Hate* Words • Linen- 1 Day 3 .Dnys ' 0;JJayg : ' Propald Charge. Prepaid .Charge '• Prepaid Charge 1 to 15 -.3 .27 .30 1.08 1.47 Is ,S81ft^-IJI • yoii-'-havu iinytlilUK sell.-vSingcr scwinjj machines, ujeycjes.i bid 1 furniture, raffs or junk,.-Kight prices 'paid. . JOHN'S MUSIC SHOP We .buy, 'null,. iixclmngc,'and repair . all .kinds oC instruments. Lowest .pi-ices; 'the .city;, 3SO-382 So. Main St., \Vathyi Conn. , . Animals' f5(K) .heavy. Hallcritss Tullels. Aj»i»ly Edward Baummor, Field street, Tul. SCO I. Animals i'oullry EARBKD ROCK CHICKENS , More Than .Half .Grown ' First Come First Served ••' . 193'Elm^ Street " 1 Phone r>151 SO BllOWN Jind White Pinto— .Western Call Watcr- . bui-y 3-2077. • Services WA.VTJKD ~ Oil .burner cleaning and repairing. -Also, electrical work. HoO water;.coils installed. '.Eil.;Durette, telephone-5321 ." EUSCTRICAX.. Rcpiilrlnif Service .-•Api).liancce- --a-.••specialty. Ray 'Decker, 402 N. Main St. Tel. -1000. Professional Services EXOEM-KNT BE-UPHOJ-STEllV —Allen's Upliolslcrinj: Studio, 1 Grand -Street, Waterbury. Dial •l-OC-15. Services a» Wiinted TO Kcndcr Service* JJOTtCJS . . OH Ilurncr Clc.ineni.' !-l«ve : yowl* •" burner- cleaned • now. .Don't .wait, for cold \vcathcr. All work guaranteed. Telephone 3025. • Harry Churchill. .;-.., A7 rENT ION KtocCTfrfUK —licpaii-i. Kcxuin* parl» .•nil ••rvicc... By bonded . Ktootrolux. Man. I. .Nisscn, * Two**; Telephone 4822. . GllAUOSKI'S Kndlo JCclwIr 8bop. Trlitdio's expertly repaired, moderate prices. "Phone 0617/V Cleaning And NOTICE . Tc our many customers! •!!;[. Our plant and store will -be cloaca from July.2 lo July 10. In -order th«.t customers may .not''be, din- ippoinlc-cl, please bring, your dry cleaning in early. - KIEVifAN'S 7G Church Street 16 to 20 .36 .•IS ;;84 -1.20 21 to 25 .60 "J 1.05 •1.00 2.40 WOMAN'— lo (In ulruniriff ami dnst- Inj; :i few hour,* a \vcclc, • Good pay. Apply- Nfiiiwuucls TJally ' SAI;KSI.A1)IKS, Id 'In (Hf. .I'urt or full, tifno. Excellent wn^es and working conditions. Appl.v G. C. Murphy' Cu., Church Direct a: Fnrk Pl/u-c. '& llflfi Wanted — Male or T>nu»lo 26 to 30 .54 .72 1.26 1.80 | 2.10 31 to 35 .03 2,10 2:52 36 to -10 " -8 1.G8 2.'!0 2.88 •U to 45 I 1.89 •2.70 •IS to 50 '10 .00 1.20 J ' 2.10 3.00 | S.fip 'JlooniN To .Let ON NIOW JIAVUN lioad, iv cov.y furnished «part.n>enl for couple .or two adults. Apply 7-1G So. Main .street. Tel, 2G3S. . ." -. IIKI.I' \VA.\TKIJ—IHCtH SCHOOL -G/RLS AND BOYS DU'UING VACATION; ALSO PART TIME MAN' AND WOMAN. GOOD PAY. " V E"R Y P L K A S A N T WORK. " Kxpicr.rK.vctc NOT -NKCESSAKY. A.ITr,.Y PfiTER PAtfr/. TNG. NEW i-IAVEN KD. PHO.VF'J- 229-1, T>VO-J{ooiii apartment, furnished. I'or liKht liousc.kecplncr. Electricity. 'f;a.s, hot wate'r, air-conditioned. • Call U'nfby. 3-9-107. Announcements MONUMENTS iffiecinl prices, on All Memorial* V. RICHARDS 260 So. Mttia'SL Naupo-tuck Ql to 55 .99 1.32 |. 2.31 3:30 3.96 - 6. to GO 12 1.08 1.-I4 3;60 I If pairt within one week after insertion, advcrUscmcnt^wil) be condldcrcd "ns prepaid. _ ^^^ . ^ • • M •On The Air Today For Sale ,1 J;'(ir Salu TWO KAMILY llnnsu on 'Iliiiidlcy sti-iTt. .!wo family house, Jti^-h- liiinl nvi'iim;:' one family house on W.ird street: onu ftirtiily house on [(ill street; tu-o 'family houso un I livci'.siclo clrivu." John J. Italy, 1..-I, 0031. TWO fiimil.v IIOII.HIT of 'J rooms. AH iniprdvfiiient.i^ 2-cnr jj'irftKC and •ffKc lot, mul -soiiio Iruit trccn. Prion $,"7nn.nn. Also 32-room h'ni.nn, •.'.ffiniily, paraKC, untl ox- II'H lot. ?r..'no.orr. A. 'bhoplcy, tuio- Lust .An(I Found LOST—.Montluy iiflcrnoon. In Murphy's stcrc. wallc!. containing; .Miim of money-in bills. Rcwjircl. Mr.". Frank Ruclii, 1S2 -Maple sUroct, or call 3205. HAVJ.N'fi- lost my A Ras ration hook," I have made application to the local ration ljo;ird for a "new one. • EDW.ARD DRAB. NOTICE liiuirrutiur'u Claaibakc and -Picnic Grounds ISxcnllcnt picnic ftiuilitics,- fire" pl.'icoM, picnic benches, good water, etc. • ' • , TCDWARD EAUMMBR field St.. Tclupliono 3501 PRIVATE BUCK •1:00 p. m, WABC — Broadway Matinee • . . ; VVOR — News; Gambliug-'Knm- b'.infcs . VVEAF-WTIC— .-Backstage Wite W-/:TR-\VJZ— Etlicl and'-Albcrt. 1:15 p. in. \\^\J3C-.-Homc Front. Malinco' W12AF— Stella Dallas '' ' WATlt-WJ.2 — Don Normuri Show WOR — Rambling with Gambling .- ' 4:30' p. in. IVABC— Off MIC Record VVOR— Full Speed Ahead - WATR-.WJ2S— News • • ' 4.:45 p. ni. . - '• WATK— Gco'rpe Hicks W'ABC — Ray Scott Show WEAF-WTIC— Widdcr Brown" WJZ — To lie announced" 5:00 j>. 'm. WABC— Fun with Dunn' WEAF-WTIC— \Vh«n. .a .Girl. Marries " WOK — U.ncic Don VVJZ-WATlt— Terry and Piralc'a •fj:lft ii. ill, WEAF-WTIC— Love and Learn " • \VJX — Dick Tracy V/OR— Chick Carlcr '' VVATR— Melody Review ' 5:30 p. m.. -• WEAt'-WTIC— Plain. Bill WJJJ^-Jack Armstrong NVABC— Is'avy Music School ' "Com* ocrosi wih a five-spot. Buck! Thi* J» the day yow said th» waKd b« ovwl" KEEP BUYING WAR BONDS \VOR- Tom Mix Show -WATR~NcW3 ' _...... SMfl p. m. WABC— Wilderness' Road WEAF-WTIC— Front-Page Farrell WJZ— Sea Hound ,W AT R-WOR— Superman <i:«0. p. jn. WJZ— News; Talk •• .-- . '. ' WOR — Prayer;. News. •WEAF— Jack Arthur WA'TR-WTIC-WEAFrrNews 0:13 p. lii. •VVTIC— Newa "• . . . • WATR— Treasury Salute ' W1SAF — Serenade ^o America WJZ— Hop Harrigan . \VABC— Ted Husing ' •/ .'•. WOR— Invasion ;Sccnc " • C:30".|). in. . ' WO^R — News WABC— Jcrl Sullavan. WEAF— Serenade; Bill Sle'rii WJZ— Whose War? J. SmiUi . WTIC— Strictly Sports . «:-15-p. in. WOR — Stan Lomax, .Sports WABC— World .Today, .: . WJZ— News , • . WEAF— Music Yo.u .Want WATR— Jack. . .7:00 p, m. WEAF-WTIC— Muaiu Shop ' - WABC— I l-ovc a Mystery WOR— News - ; ... •; WATR- WJZ— Musical Mysteries 7:15 p. m. . WOR — Victory is Our Business- W-ABC— Passing Parade WEAF-W,TIC^-.New» ol.thc World WATR— Terry's- Tunes : -. . 7:!W p. nl, , WOR — Confidentially Yours WABC— Mr. Keen ' "- " WATR— Summer Swing- " ' WJZ — Diane and Jesters WTIC-WEAF— Bob Burns. Show... . 7:43 J>. m. . ' . WOR — Answer Man WATR — Treasury' Song; Interlude WEAF— News; Mclnl.ire Orcu. WJZ — Chester, Bowles 8:00 ])." m. . . • WEAF-WTIC— Those -Wo T Lovc WABC — Suspense WJZ-WATR— Walch' the World' : Go By fl'OR— Ncwa - 8:15 p. m. WATR-WJZ— bum 'n' Abncr WOR— Nick Carter. 8:30 p. m. : . •WOR— Quiz .Show" . " ' W-ABC — Death Valley Days WA-TR- WJZ.— Towm Meeting • •WEAF— Aid rich Family ' 9:l»0 p. in. WABC— =Mi»jor Bowes Show_ 0:15 p. in. WOR— Screen Test' •' . 1 - 0:30 p. m. - WABC— Dinah' Short. Show ., .. - WEAF— Village Store W'TIC— DavlijTHaley Show WATR-WJZ— Spollifrht on Garbcr WOR— Starlight Serenade"- • 10:00 p. in. WABC— Front Line WEAF-WTIC— Harry Savoy ' Show WJZ- WATR- WOR— News . - .10:15 p. m. WOR-'-Tiriy-. Ruffner , WATR — Dancing .Discs;- Ne'wa WJZ— News . ! 10:30 p. m. WAJBC— .J-LcrcCs to. .-Romance,. WATR — Joe E, Brown Show WOR — SymphonoHc . WEAF-WTid— March, of Time ' ." . . 10:45 p. m. . WATR— Bobby Bishop Show .- . -1I.-.00 p". in. ALL Stations — -News. •• 11:1.5 p. .in. WJZ— Safety Council W'ABC— Soviet Music . WA'TR-WEAF— . 11:30 p., m. • .. :' WABC— V'lva Amorio'a! "• WEAF-WTIC-rrNew World Music .WJZ— Glen Gray'-Bahd; J, Smith WOR— Xavjci- Cugat ... .12:00 MldnJffht. WATR— Sign "Ott" . .•; WJZ— News. W-ABC — News; .Dorscy. Orch. WEAF— N.ewa; Roy, Shield Co. wyU— Pi-ima Orch.. .. , : -. : • ' . I2:SO "u, m. .WTIC^-Design; Naws^ WOR-^Corroa, .Stern' Orch. WJZ— Lupas^ jOrch.; , .Showcase -WABC-^Tbrnmy Tucke'r ''Orch. BCZ SA'WVKK ROY. CRANK RCMEM8FB, YOU GUVS — DON'T GET TRIGGER-HAPPY, THAT'S OHE OF OUR PILOTS FLYIKG THAT JAP PLANE'. HERE HE COMES V r OUNNO. FOR ANOTHER tAHDlNGlf JUST TESTING WHAT'S THE'IDEA? A IT, I GUESS. THCN VOUlP WTTW tTOKAYHOw OIT SOME RKT, POPS., yeuz. vcxnw TAKIN* Off IN SIX MOURS. Uy PAPL FIVE INTO US TEN - AND BING TOOIC ETTAS DAD TO THE DOOcS -AND V1ILUIE GAVE" HIM A BILL SAVS IF HE Ii! IN HALF FIVE APieCE:,,,, NOT SELLS MIS BOAT. HE'S GONNA GIVE US A COMMISSION HEUO, CHIEF? .1 BELIEVE TH/1S5>( CO-IN6MIOUNCE ! FRSU'SA SAME PBLLEK •T eouewT //iv FAR/H,,.C I MON, I'LL DfJIVE y'OUT £££"U/VI! MO--BUT ','.;-.\r; ON TRrt. '..\(Y\B - O'UST ) COCONUT'S THROW FROfYN Postwar Tutiiiel;iPor Galveston —:— By WILLIAM RIT1" ami-CLARENCE-GltAt- ,' .SHOULD; YOU-DEFEAT ME, ' MAUL,-1 WILL BE YOUR BOND-SERVANT FOR A YEAR ,.' Austin,.. Tex. ^WP) — .U'n-lq u'-c Ambng the postwar .projects 'beinff planned by Texas citiou'is a', -tunnel connectin'g.-thp.-.island city of ,G'al- vcston the . mainland -at.' Port Bolivar! ' /•' ' , . . '.;",•'•'.• ...The" Texas; Attorney General rc- .ccntly- held in an, opinion that Galveston county.! commlsslonerB might appropriate $100*000 out "of the county's general fund .to-pay • for an -engincerins; survey of the proJGct.; , -,';.- .. •.. -••' v.' '' "•; The county's mon'oy is ..-to. be matched by Federal -funds, a!lo'- .catcd through the: Texas Highway •Department:; • ;• .". .. . ' As .presently "planned, the 'mile- long tunnel •"woulducos't; .about -$8,000,000.- It woul'd be bored about •SO.Icct ;below. the.^bed ot. the,, en-' trnnce. to GalvestQn:- Bay o"(T- the Gulf' of Mexico. • . ... ,' •'; Half the: cost- would be paid by Federal funds, a :por'tio'n k ° 'by..', the, state and -remainder, would be ;.mct from tunnel Tcyonuc. . ,' ii .PrcBdnjtly, a -state - owned 1 , ferry plies .the. stuotch of wateu under which the 'tunnel is proposed. The inland also ";liasi connections \wlth the mainland by two causeways, 6PLEN5ID.' AND.SHOULD YOU WHICH.OF COURSE COULD NOT HAPPEN ? THEN YOU MUST- OBEY MB FOR THE NEXT <24 HOURS.' WHAT A BARGAIN.' YOUf? WIT 16 A6-WEAK AS YOU&, BODY, FELLOW/ ( AGREE.' 'MUGGS AND '.SKEETER- By WAI.LY UISMOI* t. "•. \!JE U&VE-MT SOT A CUAMCE TO WIW WITHOUT MSB PiTCUlN- \Ol4Y DONT" OME OF YOU PAY COURT TO UER?TMEM SHE'LL. FOP?SET TUE OTMEP WE DONT WAWT TO VJIN THAT VE&rEFFJE MAES GOT A CKUSH ON THAI CLARENCE'CULPEPPEP tCDSS TUE TRACKS AND SUE VJOWT C^lTCM POC US AGAIWST = HIS TEAM.' UOVJ -TO SOLVE- THAT PROBLEM

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