Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 6, 1944 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
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Thursday, July 6, 1944
Page 6
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Yanks Won 1922 Pennant By Single Game Over Brawns Irate St. Louis Fans. Threw Everything But Grandstand At Yanks Tho ambitious St. Loul* Tirowns of IM-l bring back memories of nncthcr Brownie ,ti;am—that lil- monl-lCKtinUary 19S2 outHt. ; George Sisli-r anchored that great Brownie club. Thu big tlrst bi«it>mun -~"«s pounding llio bull llku a carpenter boating a nail. He gt-tdom i'ii I led '<•" connect — and •wound up thu year with a batting avrragf of '120. Th« Browns held the lead throuRh most nf the 1922 season. They already could see their tlrst Anierlcan league pennant waving over the Sr. Louis ball park. But the New York Yankees Jmd- a ntukc In tlmt race. too. Tnough thu Browns had confidence In their ability to win they also had plenty of respect for tho powerful Yanks. They had to. Thei-u wns Bubo Rutli in his third year with ,'the Yankees—"not to mention Bob Mcu.iel—Jumping Joe Dugan—and n great pitching staff h«adcd by Waltc- Koyt, Bob Shawkey, Carl Mays and Lefty O'Doul. The 1U22 pennant—looking hack on it lift el- 22 years—was won in St: Louis on Saturday, September Itith, I!i22. The Yankees led tho Browns hy om>half garno. The teams mot In a .I'ormy buttl« t-hut drew one of the liirgest crowds ever to see a ball. X/ime In the Missouri city. There was drama and tension on the llrld that day. • The jammed stands couldn't hold thu vxclted fans that flocked to 'th,.' park. Pnrt of the outtlekl was i-oycel off. Th.; St. Louis rooters ovt'rflow^d onto the fUrld. • Bob Shuwkfty started for the Yankees, f-'or the Brosvns. It was Urban Shocker. Both hurlers pitched their hearts out ln..that blaxing Kiime. Every -pitch—every movement—every hit brought wild chfui's or growls fi'om the crowd. The fans hud come to see the Browns win. They didn't want -to •see anything else. ' When the home team-trooped In for Its last chance—the last half, of thu ninth—the Yankees' led 2 to 3. This last chance meant everything to the Browns. They had rnlssed two scoring chances when the Yankees Intlelcl ripped off 'double plays. This time they ha'd 'to coniv through. Third laseman Foster stepped up. Shawkey poured ovur n pitch and Foster swung. H was a high fly Into right Held. Rip in fielder Cob" M«;use', was cur.vped under It— and took It. '•Then came thn explosion. The stands rocked with the roar of the tififjry crowd as they saw tho game • ."lipping away. A few kuyud-up fans-rose to toss pop bottles at the Yunkt. 1 '' outt'.fkle.", ' Bottles dropped all around 'Mi'iiNfl. .In ci.-nti'r ilelil bottles dropped around Whltey Witt. Then Witt slumped to tho, ground— unconscious. A bottle had hit him on the head. Thi: furious Yankees grabbed bats .and started for tho 'crowd. Hut cooler head*- hold them buck, They went on to win tho game. 'Their anger drove them a pennant. Tho Urowns finished second—one giim ( r away—one gamo that might huvu turned out differently if n. pop bottle hadn't hit V/hiu-y Witt. Well-Known local Swimm^lfei^s Commission In AAF 1 "ThoVcommiss'lon of second tenant was bestowed, on; Bill Re--; denbach, well-known local swim-/ m'er,' on -June 27 al. Jinrlana)'Air. Bnso in 'Florida:-.'^-''•_• ".:' •'' ' '! 'The 1 newly-commissioned flying, officer was a member' of 'th'e' NJI'II-J gatuck "Y" swimming squad..wlille! In high school;-'and- later starred; at MGrcprnburff academy 'Iri' Fe'nn-: sylvanla; While-lit'Prep school 1 , .'33111; established a national-IntoVsoliol-i mile -record for -the-, 'backstroke" j . He' placed on the fre'shniarvsq'uad'; al. Ohio State • university,' but -Vm-, listed- "in"' the 'air 'corps,' He udllud.'to active duty for 'pilot train-: ing '.in February, 1913, after'six months'at State, '•"'''"' Lt. Rodcnbach was stationed al. fields and training 1 ' schools in Georgia, Alabama, ana- Florida, climaxing 'his career in the. Army, Air Corps with a commission in Florida last week. The local pilot will return to^ Mariana next week for. assignment. He expects to be assigned lo a. fighter, "very likely a P-17," Lt. Eocionbnch stated. The biickslrolccr Is the son of Mr, and Mrs. Charles Rodenbiich of Terrace 'avenue. Vic Harris, star niilfirldrr ofj the National Nrgn> IKIITUI'. who'wIU. uppi-ar with tin- clmnipluitNlilp Iliiiiii-Nti'ail Urjiys mi Sutunluy ^vrnlnfT iinili-r lh(> lights against Vriul Duvi's -Hr.isscos at Municipal Stiulhini, \V:itorluiry. llarrlK a vctiTim of. tin: Grays has lii'l|»:(l In hriiig tlioui s«-vt;ii tllloM with lii<« sensational fii-ldlng and tim»- Iv hilling. GAY COMEDY IS THE LEAD NOW AT . THE GEM THEATER "Up In Mabul's Room," the famous French farce which caused such a sensation when, it was produced as n. stage play for another gent-ration has been revived and Htraiimlint'd In tt hllarlou.-<."escap»" . film produced by Edward Small. .'Tlitt new picture is now at the Gem theater through United Art- UUs relfnse. Its cost Is headed by Call Pat- rli;k, Marjorlo 1'ioynolds, Dennis O'Kuefe., A.'l.icha Auer, Charlotte Crf-enwood, Lee. Bowman, Einnlc Barney, John Hubburtl and Janet- Lumburt. Thu comedy revolves around tho trials of a, young groom trying to •nidi] his past IntUscrutlous from his now wife. The major blot on his past Is a flimsy slip which he ih.-icl bo.Htowod on a young lady, the Mabel In question, in a moment of ardor. This unfortunati- slip bears a heartwarming inscription ' from the young bridegroom. His attempts to get back the .slip. with, the aid of his .Russian- butler, provide thft buslji for u laugh-filled film.' Naturally Mabel won't allow tht! slip to be .stolon and complicates things for ttiu harassed young man by wearing II. Brasscos Tangle With Negro Champs Saturday In Wtby. The Homestead Greys, champions of.thf National "iN'pgro league will' invadi. the Municipal stndium.-^V^ tot-bury Saturday night to cross, bats with Frc,cl Davi's "Brassc'os._"- This conU.'Si will be played under the lights and is expected to draw, another, large crowd. The game is scheduled to start at S:30 p. m. sharp. • Without a doubt the Homestead Greys are "trips" In the Negro league- and will be out. io add the Bmsscos. to their Icng list of victories. Josh Gibson leading hitter f>( tho Nogro league will be behind the p'.ntu Cor iht- Greys, who arc ut present loading the above loop. Manager Davi v/ilj have Bill Johnson, ex-Yankee; Cy Block, former Cub; "Ripper" Riha, t)C Yale: and Lefty Farrar,-of .Vaugatiiplt i:i his inllulcl. Tommy. Shoehan, late of Notre Dame; Joey rif)sscjm:inclo. Now i-faven flash; ancl Bobby Rhoades will complete his outUekl. Howie Hack, former Southern association slur will work behind the plate with Lefty Pcssullo, former Phillie hurlur- on tho mound. • Bordagary Looks Good On Third Now York." JUly' 6— (.UP) — : Frenchy Bordagaray — a gentleman. of the old school, and of Cardinals as House, gang— Is settling down as the Brooklyn Dodgers main ji-op. al third base. • The harum fuarum player — a per- •nniul outfielder — .has enougli whacky experiences lo his credit to fill a fair si'/.ed book. And when he told his managers, in both leagues, that he'fl bat ,300 -if they'd only use him regularly, they would not lislon. _He was generally a utility In- fi'elder, and a pinch hiltor. But very sedlom landed a 'steady first- string job. But this year, with an- acute manpower and- talent shortage in Ihe big leagues, Bordagaray beat out Gil English for the -hot corner. He's welded, to the third- -sack, and is hitting over ,300 just to show tho.;e doubting pilots. And ho and shortstop Eddie Slanky keop the Infield, on its toes'. T h e.- Bordagaray legends are . mnny. But none is more typical than the story about, Frencliy and the 'horse — and Bordagnrny tells Browns Increasev Lead|p|lr2 Games; RedsJn 2iidf Place lhat one himself. The small t'lyhawk has always " been fast on hl£ feet. He gets "it from his father, who is said to have beacon tlie fastest horses back in the Pyrenees.. 1 Frenchy tried it- once himself in a 100-yard, race.' And • though he was beaten, he only by a nose. | This V That | „: : — '- —- ~o Man::gei' Nomo Leibold of. 1 tho Louisville Colonels, ii an old friend' to 'American 1 Association, baseball- fans. Numo ' c'ume" back lo the; association this season after ail; absence of nearly twelve years.' But they wouldn't forget him if he; stayed away 50 yours. For Nemo; is the man who wns res-ponsiblc 1 for three ball games being played in one day. • • It happened when- Komo was managing tho Columbus. Rud birds back "in 3931. Larry McPhail. one of baseball's best showmen, was- presidenl. of the club. Nemo lod his. Rebdirds into a doubleheadcti with .thu Minneapolis Millers. - .. ' Thu first gamu was. 'completed on .schedule. But during..'the late; innings -Nemo, found' himself ..involved in a couple of^Jjjeat'cd.-'argu- ments • with Umpire Larry .'Goetx. 'At the beginning . bf-'tho-'-sccond BSTTY GRABLE IN "PIN UP GIRL" COMES FRIDAY TO LOEWS game, Goclx and the manager-went 'at it again. .- • ' • ••'• They stood loa to toe near the plate. " Nemo told Goet/. . wliiit- ho thought of him. Finally Ihe umpire could stand no more. Gootz •says lhat it was j ripped off his moslt . ancl shouted that the game was ' forfeited . to Minneapolis. • i ended l.hat doublcheador— or-so the umpire and the mar.ajTcr thought. Both fell relieved. But the .fans had paid to see two ball gamos. They howled at the. sight of .Ihe second game going by.' the board*. Finally President Larry McPhail of tho Rcdbirds and Mike Kelly of tho Millers got together and agreed to play another game. They rounded, up tile loams and played a third contest for the. fans. The •records show that three • ball games.went to decision* that day— all because Manager- Lei-bold ar- 1 20th Century - F ox's wondrous ways with musicals will manifest itself again when the New Musinal "Pin Up Girl" • opens ' Friday a! LoewPoli theater. The Technicolor triumph, starring Betty Grublo, is | tho most beautiful musical hit of the. day, and we are -sure you will agree when, you-- see a few scones of Ihis hit yourself. Dedi- Golf Ball 'Divers' Save .Youth From Creek Bed BUY \VAIl MONDS AND STAMPS Minneapolis (L/"P)—Curtis Al*n'-'son and Wesley' Robertson, a pair or Minncnpolis "deep-creek" divers, turned their skill to savin's: a life recently, though most 'of their diving is for recovery of. golf bulls which plop into a water, -hazard along Meadowbrook golf course. When "Lars Fischer, Jr., in, got stuck In the quaking .bed' of the creek, a policeman hurrying to the rescue knew he couldn't wade out to the youngstw because he pr'ob- nhly would he pulled down himself; Looking about anxiously for .some speedy assistance, he saw the,junior high school pair and they swam to the rescue. • They learned all the tricks in diving for the golf balls now ao vulunblc that the two managed to ninlcu SL.OOO last suni'vier. They carry drawstring sacks for deposit of balls for which they often crawl along on the creek bottom on knees and hands,, groping for the precious pills. cated to laug-hs, love, and the pursuit of happiness,', .this -song-and- dance. laugh-and-romance extravaganza frames Betty Grable like her picture pin-nod. up on the walls of her fans the world over, and' as such, hits a new, high in sheer 'screen entertainment. The sludio that brought the memorable hits, "Coney Island" and '"Sweet Rosie O'Grady" to the screen let out all the stops iri making "Pin- Up Gii'l," a Iruly brilliant and eye- filling thing of beauty from beginning to exciting finale.- They have surrounded Betty wil-h a cast, of outstanding screen:- 'talent, including John Harvey; Martha. Raye, Joe E. Brown, Eugene' Pallctto and Charlie Spivak and his orches-'. Ira. Since music is 1 what, counts in a musical, "Pin Up Girl" is studded w.ith no less Mian eight new hit songs by Mack Gordon and James Monaco. . ' The co-hit on this dazzling program is "Candlelight in Algeria," with James Mason. Ends tonight: "Two Girls and. a Sailor." with Van Johnson and June Allyson:, plus on tho same program, "The Attack." gued with Umpire Larry Gpetz..' Tlie Baltimore Orioles, orphaned by a fire which completely.- destroyed I.heir ball park, will use the Municipal Stadium for I.FTe rest of their home schedule. Baltimore's mayor, Theodore McKeldin. . offered the' homeless Orioles the li.uge stadium which has housed Notre Dame-Navy games and other sports events— but never baseball. The fire levelled l.ho park to'the ground, destroying all the stocks lAff. STAOE SHOW...MT. BAZAAR!! t .' St. Hedwig's Church Grounds Next 3 Week Ends July 8-9 July 15-16 July 22-23 ?;• ' BIG DOINGS! 1 ; K ! Entertainment! Prizes!. FUN FOR ALL STORE CLOSED MONJJAY and TUESDAY JULY 3 and 4. I D. LIEBERMAN 20 CHURCH STREKT Vronipt, Expert ' WATCH * JEWELRY ' HErAIRlN,G. William Schpero . Jeweler 180 CHURCH ST. — 1 Flliflit Up — HALL CIII^'A T ; ABLE LAMI J S $8.95 to ,$29.95 " •CBNXEB..ST.;.. DIAL 3-27U2 ftttr+tf+ttfrtff Egg Beaters Wall Can Openers: Dish Drain Racks Clothes Pins : Portable Ovens NAUGATUCK NEARY BUItDING : -'" ; - : : Tel 5212 «'•-• in- the place as well as'uniforms and' 'equipment. As Manager Tom"my. r rhon:a.M said: . "Not. a ball or a bat- weriTTeft." •Thomas .estimates that the fire —which was discovered a little before '..i:30 'yesterday morning' — destroyed property worth SliiO.OuO. TlUit.-doesn't include the stocks of food,.'soft drinks, beer and cig- brought in for the Fourth of. July double-header—which was 'not played. T h e historical wooder. Oriols ball-park, • from which Bubc Ruth and Lctty G-rova skyrockolcd- to baseball- immortality, ' blazed.-rapidly. • .- T.he'-.fU'c- started ir.. the right field .stands,; where the late -Tack Dunn once led the famed Orioles to seven" straight league pennants. Although 2lj' engine companies .-'and Ihrcc truck companies came to the .ruscuo. salvage efforts • were " im,.possible:- • '•'•;• • . :• •-.-.•. . _HousuS on ihree-'sidos of the.old wooden 'park suffered heat damage • estimated unofficially in the. thousands of dollars. " ' The park caretaker suffered the •only injury, first degree ba<;k and arm burns. The Orioles are likely to remain .al.- loose ends until after the war. Club officials have decided to wail- until wartinn! difficulties straighten out before rebuilding I he park. Grandmother Thrills To High School Diploma • -.Los- Angeles (UP)—Mrs. Cora •V. Hatfield didn't have a chance as •a. girl in Texas to'finish her schooling, but as a .iS-yoar-okl grandmother she recently received her high school diploma from Metropolitan high school hero. Mrs. Hatflold was 1 "excited as .1 school girl" when she marched up to receive the rViccpskin. At tho end of the special two-year term she had three A's and two B's. on her report card. (By United. Vreiuf) ' The. New' York Yankees bounced back into -third place in the American league yesterday. They advanced' by virtue: of a C to 2 decision over the Cleveland. Indians. Washington moved up to fiftn place, and Detroit and; Cleveland are lied for sixth:',, The Yankees, who've been in a slump lately, juggled their batting order, putting Mike Milosevich in the lead-oil spot. He provided the punch, getting a triple and a The Senators moved, up a notch when Dutch Leonard beat Chicago's 'Bill Dietrich in a pitching duel. Washington won,-3 to 1. At Boston, the Detroit Tigers routed the Red Sox 8 to 1. The Bengals never-had to worry after the third inning when they niclted Boston hurler Emmett O'Neill for four runs. Dr/.xy Trout, who hung up his tenth win, scattered eight blows. 1 The St. Louis Browns rallied for two in the ninth t'o "In-e.ik a two-to- two deadlock and beat the Philadelphia Athletics •! to 2. This puts the Browns two and one-half, gamea ahead of the Red Sox, P.uss Christopher, who took over from Don Black in the l!}ird, w it s charged with the loss. In the National league, the Cincinnati Reds, with some first cl;iss help from the Phillies, replaced the Pittsburgh Pirates in second place. ' The Phillies did their bit'by winning a suspended game from the Pirates 0 lo -I. They then, walloped them again 32' lo 2, with Kcwpia Barrett still on the mound. At Cincinnati, 'the -Reds handed the' Brooklyn Dodgers their ninth defeat in a row, -i to 1. 12d Heusscr. set thn Bums down with three hits. Catcher Ray Mueller, for Cincinnati played his one-hundred and 33rd consecutive National league game—equalling the mark George Gibson set 35 years ago. The Chicago Cubs, who came out of the cellar for air yesterday. llllcd their lungs, and slumped back into ihe eighth spot. Flutter-boiler Jim. Tobin of, the Boston Braves routed the Cubs 7 to 2. George Munger pitched the St. Louis Cardinals to a •! to 1 victory over the Now York Giants. The Redbircls jumped on Swede Hansen for four markers in the third to put the game on ice. ABE LYMAN IS WEEK-END LEAD AT THE STATE St. Francis* CYO Loses Jo St. Tliomas In CYO loop; Vrstenhi.v. lir-Kiilln. New YorK C,. Cleveland 2. Detroit 8,' Boston 1. Washington ' .'j, Chicago ..I- St. Louis 1, Philadelphia 2. Standing St. LO-jis Boston New York Chicago Clevel.'i.nd . Detroit .... Philadelphia. -W. L. 35 34 33 33 3!> 37 .... 35 38 30 38 '. 32 -!0 ALCAZAR TONIGHT HON.-VM) O'CONNOR ami J'E'GGV RYAN ... -.. In, "A CHIP OFF THE; OLD BLOCK" Also HOV ROGERS, ill "THE COWBOY. THE SENORITA FRIDAY - SATURDAY CLAIRE TK'KVOU ami.' . Ar.BJiRT DKI?P.KK ill 'The Woman of the Town' Also ARTHUR LAKE mid JAXJS I..VWHKNCK In : .. ."Sailor's Holiday" . Abo Lyman ar.d his Californians, "The Favorite Band of Movioland" wii: open on the stage of the Air- Conditioned Slate theater, Hartford, stnrling. Friday. Billed as the greatest musical .ittrn.ction in America, Abe'.s organization features a spectacular array of• 35 outstanding musical and variety stars. Among the featured artists 'in the band arc Rose Blanc, lovely swing stylist; Frar.kie Connors, handsome romantic tenor, Jack Marlowe, the Lyman Glee Club and 'many' others. Extra added attractions on the hi!! are Gene Sheldon, comedy star of "Slop Happy" with Lorctl.i Fischer;-Bob Dupont, "That Funny Juggler" and others. Extra at all performances, "Sing A Soiig With Lyrnan Contest" with opportunities to'fame and fortune, as well as cash prizes to participants.'On the screen, "In- Old Nevada" with Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. There will be a midnight show on Friday only. GEM TONIGHT iElectrical Supplies! lighting: Equipment •BOMB 'KM WITH. BOMBS '. Victor — Columbia"— Dcucaj .Records: :;.,".• -SWAN- ELECTRIC CO. 15 CHURCH ST. TKI-, 2574 ^ NEW CLASSES •• Wednesday; July 5, Summer ; School. Still tlmn to enroll. " P-OQT JUNIOR ,",.. JTV 0 f COLLEGE OP -COMMERCE WIN MABELS AlHO " "The" Battle of Europe' STOOGK COMKDY and 'VAUDEVILLE HEEL FRIDAY : SATURDAY Also ' '" '' ''SLIGHTLY-.TERRIFIC^' I'hiH SPORT REEL, CARTOON, SERIAL and NEWS: SMART, NEW SUMMER $ DRESSES .98 up Pet. .OGS .,•534 .507 .500 .•186 A~'J .479 .-l-i-l Cleveland at New York — Gromek n-3l or Harder (6-4) vs. Eor- owy (10-4). Detroit ;tl. Boston— Gentry (-I-C; vs. Hughson '12-.'}). Chicago at.W-asliington (niffht). St. Jx>uis at Philadelphia— Muncrief (7-1 ) vs., Harris (G-!3). LEAGUE y«jtiler<l:iy'K RcmilU Philiidolphia 9, Pittsburgh -I (Isl). Phlladclphin. 32, Pittsburgh 2 (2dJ Cincinnati -1, Brooklyn 1. Boston. : 7, -OiicaKO 2. St. Louis M, New York 1. : -. Tlie St. Louis . Cincinnati ' ..... . Pittsburgh New York Brooklyn • Philadelphia Boston : Chicago W. L. '«8 13 39 31 3530 34 3G 3339 30 3S 29. -12 25 3S .038 .1S6 .458 TmlayV GumcM. ?llclicr« . New York at St. Louis—Voiselle (10-9) .vs. Jurisicl). <5-4).., Brooklyn at Clncinnali (night/-Davis (-1-5) vs. Walters (33-3). . Philadelphia at Pitusbursh <nisht) —Raffensberger (8-8) vs. Strince- vich (0-!). Bosior,. .it Chicago— (330) vs. Chipman (G-3). Locals Drop St. Thomas I s t j Leader St. Francis' CYO lost iu f CYO leajpje. La«t ni^ht thty'^"' .the vicUmn ot St. Xhomn, '„.!, a pitcher by the name oj''j< doxx.i, who aJlowcd but ihrc. 1,1 ir pitching a 0-0 shutout. , u St. Thom:j« now leads th« with five wins and nolozxe* ' SS, Hpnrked the winners with th hits, one of them a lour-bsgue," 1 A five run.' rally i n ihe m, k frame .sewed, up the ballgunt .7 ter St. Thomas got' three run. , the early part-of the game. The score by innings: ' • SI. Thomas 102 OMi l_j u , St. Francis, Naugo tuck .... 000 000 0-i j, Nardoxv.i and Daly; Xarducci t d San Angclo. Umpire, Holihw, Pete Fox Replaces Case On All-Stars Chicago, July G— (UP)—OiiUku. or Pete Fox of the Boston has won a plac«- on ih league All-Star squad. Fox named on the -original team, when G-eorgo-Cane of Washing- suffered a dislocated shoulder.y«- terday Fox was chos«:n him. . Tho All-Siar game will at Pittsburgh next Tuesday night. Thu automobile industry is m»J. ing- 225' war products. TODAY, JULY 6, IS FREE MOVIE DAY! Bu>- uy .1 Bo'nd 'and 'Cc-t'a. FREE Ad' l.islon to ih<? STHAN'D: iTf.uv ouons as usunl .it regular adraltslK XEW TYPE.OF .TI:EP Akron, Ohio, July C—.CUP)—The Army has a new type of jeep to bounce around in. It's the "Weasel"—a new iniliiary gad3» bout which ha.s been in secret production for two years. The Weasol' is described,as capable, of skimming over snow, deep mud. swamp-land, sand or a paved highway. It is reported able to get about over a wider variety of Terrain than any vehicle no\v in action. Marriage-wait laws are in 19 of. the. stales. effect O^A MM mu mmm, TROCADERO ROSEMARY LANE JOHNNY DOWNS Are p||lc FIIEK MOVIE »AV — TODAY. BUV .V BOXI> OF .ANT DE!*OM. INATIOX FOR FREE ADMISSION. BOX OFFICE OPEX FO» . . . REGCI.AR AUMISSIOXS. :• LOEWS POLI HOW MGM's RED- WHITE AND BLU£aat;H UllftlAAl " . , ..* .TODAY'S HEADLINES THE SCREEN II A V«V» A ^* If II _.^_ The Battle of New Britain^ TViday • "Pin-Up Girl?' plus —Candlcliirht in-Algeria";"; FRIDAY at

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