Daily News from London, Greater London, England on September 8, 1900 · 7
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Daily News from London, Greater London, England · 7

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 8, 1900
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SPORTING INTELLIGENCE. KEMPTON PARK NOTES. JSct a grea-t cesl of interest attache to h coa-jkdisjl day's racing at Derby, which. w not of the jarae hi?h -class sls on tho. two preceding afternoons, jw, owrai;c!'.s entry for the Quoin's Plato was a psi-rtal ocs howwr, and most interest attaches to decision of this crest. For tome reason or ctr-sr. hacker made a determined set on Saint Noel, lr.hv:h Mr- TyU-t-'s Tpretsntaiivt could produc 0 fcrra indicating that ho could star the two miles. 33, was. ww?. backed oovm to 6 to 5, but his jnrrxjrters acwr locked like laading thoso short ciss. lie isZed t secure a situatiou, stnd the vor- sftsr a ie ra.csv was obtained by the wol!-jttayc.r. Maaavras. who s taxied second is dc-at 5 to 1. Daring tho afternoon only two lavov.r; :i-s woa tr.eir race, ixcy i rcsto proTnur ttve she soaked tor the Eivustou Nwrse-rv. 1 w.:er. metis earneu oa tile rveaiostoa I late, o:':'.ct events, a wdi bo seen or. reicrrr.ee to the re !o".;!e ;i::!e-:a:-.ccd candidates. Tomorrow ihcre wi.'l be a pieasajvr, day's sport at Kotapion. &r.-i s co:';:i"v:a:;ce u tiio recent fine weather will rtre a .ar.-e a;U'::dar.. The Earisfieid Handicap yi.-.te n-.ay tV.l to Chubb or Syerla, the Waterloo bo: :." - iirsory io nrc.oqup or waqw use Ceptosa- erv to iVieersp.rke or :a. the September ; is.e re to Vi Miw or Pantheon, the Sunburv f :o Msppntat cr 'i ora.ro, and the Keguis i to tyeria or Inquisitive. N---'-t. METS03. LONDON BETTING. Friday. Jt.-turv; frcved fairly brislj to-day, whea the Gessrewitch. rsi Gsrt:br.v;;rrbire were spccs.-.&te upcu, is addition to the St lies' -" t ;ast-tiasi race 3 te I was laid ea P:irs.-r..l J;:".-:".fe. tl iSs silll being ied for. while Eloper -i- :rH- is at 10 to I to win. and 6 to 4 for a puce. Pr.or te h. defeat w.' thousand to forty was sctai to C: 5-a B.n.-:s. who has been favosrit threusfcout, stilt :a.:-..-!. ; e.-;uoa for the Cesarewitch at id' to U and X.CC-. to ssd she nmrs, bar been supported to win ..'.' A: stitojss atxi Preclarea: iaa were baefced .it to 1 ear;;, and -were sssiiy joined at that tynsre bf as'Si- 'iir'":- fc" CbanjVrSaba. after 25 to X bad been Vueii i-tia-a. O; tie others Jolly Tar had tie best sirvort. Kt th Car.;briares!r.rs 1.CC0 to 40 was a cera-c: t"--:'- ea the fe;d. bui v.-;;h no lavenrite ebserraole. '. -Vv to 30. bewerer. 3Ior.t Prospect and Bcrr.U were fcioi.-d. aftes- 5C0 to 10. aad 1.CC0 to 25 had been aceeptd of ti? Irish ciuii'lat?. who defeated Arrtejrtcus ca '' rreoniuis day. Tbe ethers quoted were lacked to wis ioo-o: iX-.CCC1 each, cf vrj&sa The Sift had & coming ap- CSSASSVSTTCH STASSa 1C0 to St La Secbe (t ana e. artar 18 te 1 t) 23 a I - Proclair-ar.os (Jakea aad eSero to 1 Jsrir-trlibitit (tiieti sad eSered) to 1 Zasryra (t-iieti and cfierea) 2J to 1 Mardi (tAkea and eSerea) C'J to 1 Joa CJbaBiberiaifi (o; 25 to 1 25 to 1 Jolly Tsr (tSer.) -T to 1 Si"s OrBr;r f-ttew) 3o t 1 Baldar (tikoa) 00 to 1 Most Eso-".eai patea) 53 to 1 Osbeeii (tjiien) 4- Co 1 Len5:y (taksx:) Ci3SSH533SHISS gATrr-g 25 to 1 cs -he eid (o5red) 33 to 1 sjt Horst Prcspecc (taSaa) 33 to 1 Serrtll (sakes) 0 to 1 The Kaf; SiSa: 1 a 1 The Sre-e taiesj to 1 G2ers! Peace (taieJ 0 I S:. Via pakea) 40 to 1 Eidrian (taksa) to 1 Sc. Xeel (takes) 50 to 1 The Grafter (takes) to to 1 Paiyle (taitei!) X"L.' to 1 S"-ds (ticet; ST. 3LSGES SPASSt isa Oiasscad JttbSee (iaidj 10 w 1 3.-rt Elcpeseat (tsSea asd eSerwQ 1- ta 1 5:ts-or:.iile (takes and offered) ICO to - Disgaise IL i taken aad offered 0 to 1 Pejnoerst (sakta aad eSered) 23 to I V.layred takea and oSerea) to 1 Mirch (liken sad oSered) oo to 1 Dc-hi2s (taien aad offered) c: to 1 Gaerte (takes assd oScnd) f to 1 Cedosaaa (takes aad oSered) t"- fc 1 Curiiiti (taksi jtsi c-erd) K if 1 Most RTfgUesi (takes asd efi-re k to- 1 Fhsiaris (takaa ad eSared) 5 o I aa Kasecaa Jiibilti (laid) a to 4 a. Elepesieat 1 (takes sd eSSerecQ 1 SO 4 2fso? rriV? 3r? rfr? Disrise 11. id cJfer3 to 1 iveocrat (takes asd oSered) -o ', -jnttreca (tsSes sua offered) 4 to 1 Dov-shasi (Kikes 2nd cfTered) to 1 Codeaaas ftaka ad cSered) to 1 Phal3Tis (takes and olered) r to 1 Ccur-is (tiks Ettd offered) to 1 Gaiierte (takes asd oSered) a I Moat Earellest it2k;s asd tjttrtd) JJio.s i ,V 5t ITENG. Friday. B ii.VieiO- T2SEBT Ki32 (Haadicao) of 233 ma: for toyear-elds ; tie ieccsd to reeev-e l(j sera. Five fsr:oc;s, st-aicbi. gr J. J. Pawsoa'a HAT ?2SSTO. y Saiziaia ffiss Prott. Sit 5ib Haisev 1 ."-.ci's j-Zj, COm, 7si W. Lassi 2 3d LaEitca's HAXDSPISS, Sst 5b S Gasaaa 3 iio : B-otind Ecbis. Baageeoaa, Meerisa. Petct, J bv iZzZiZ s:o 5 en Hay presto, o' to i gst Eisdssike, to 1 iit ifi Cosy, siad 1C0 to 7 each agst rl otiisrs. Sts iSBuS fiOi SliLU-VG FLATS ( InsSi-ireieiJt haadj-ca?) 1;; sera; wisssr to be sold for 53 sots. The Sr sr's a.L.'20SEO, by ilerestise Sere, 4 rrs, J. MWra l it - " g;-rr-i't IXTKLLA. 3 vos, 7ss ISb S. Ixaiea 2 2a J. ?- Aepltysrd-s AUC2 JIaTTDS, 3 yrs, ?st loib J. Wocdisus 3 A?? rast 2asrsr Hirry, 'E'eTbrid. Leua, Hecate XL, frtsx, Sectariae, Cebdea. Grotto H., and Peacha. (VTisaer rralssd br BiaaSrwe'i) . SssS t 3 t-c 1 aSt Vcyb-d;. 2 to 2 agss Master Eairr. "-,ti ?st Letxa and Cobdea. S to 1 ssrt Grotto it. Is to 1 ag!- i.-ti?eita, loO to S ast Kerosko. and 100 to 6 sea sgss the others. V."cs ev three-o-cartet of a leneth. H HASTIXGTOX PLATS (a hish-eibt baaua) c: 350 : secocd so reeeiTe 25 sora. Oaa niie aad a ssarter. c Mt-rbeys GYP, by (aStca Psastaasto. 5 yrs, - i - - Cisisoa X Ird iurssss's ST. TAAST, 4 tts, Sst Si . .Keiabr 2 Sir 2. Viac:j'i r,?-.: i. T.-y-R gr,, 4 gtj, ' S. Iicstes 3 Alss ras : Sec: Pt, GoMea Bsle St. Eesie, Kooaiii, and (.Ti-zaeer trailed by J. Casacs) Btttinrt 11 to 4 agat Sea Tog, 7 to 2 agst St. Taast, tl a?st Latheres-K-hsel. b to 1 each ajrt Golden. Bale and Sya. aad 1C -: 1 each asst the others. Won ov two leBCtta. S SXLING JCTHSSST HANDICAP of 1C& "son, for tsi. ;?ar- Ids : -iritor is be sold : .r S3 sors. Fire furiosgs, Sr. Sei--;'5 G by 7. A '"frrTV-r A Tt Sg. 2s4 ff. Xaae 1 Mr. C.U;rh?y'e F by GSSTAS SASTA 3A2SASA, , ' S- Cuiboii 2 E. Sarnsoa-s F by AXPHIOX SXEISG BASS, ess C. Ccsnos 3 rij Treaty. Terdier, Gestle Der, LJaabsris, Sptisg f'v.tjter trai.ted by Blackireli,) Besfsj : 5 o 2 iiaaberis. S to 2 aysrt Wee 'WlSe. r. '' Saata Sijrbara iliSy. 6 to 1 ags Trasty, 3 to 1 spst vvj.er. and 10 to 1 each a$as the others. " Was bv dxSIONS PliAijf. (a higb-greigrt haadlea)) of 330 it-j s-read w jecesTe 10 sot?. Scs rariooss. trsj?ht. H. 2S!TCII3xEjrT, by JJjsrS&olea aases. i yrs, 2c T.b S, Lootes 1 2-- a. l'-wtta"s LOUD ZJtZSISS, 4 ttb. ?st 111b , J. Marcs 2 r. 2. Dewar's PS2THSHI2S. 5 yrs, ?st 1J. .BiSy 3 A:; rw: :S...;r :oixt: ajta .SjTiss Hire " tt:.rer tralt b?" J. X-tcs. jus) I asrt Beritchrrist, 5 to 2 agst Ssesipsst. th'.:re, 5 to 1 agia Icrd Jjaraeat, m d 100 9 to 2 i;-T. sr-.r liare. vc2 b a saort bead. 'LVPB of 200 ots; second to eoeirB 2C ca tr.e t'::rd ij sers est of the plate. Ts-o nciea. Siird'j ' ZJ.GSS, by Mortao2 Misize, 4 yrs, t 11: b SSTailnr 1 Sr. it l2s"ds"s xyrxymAgSra. 5 yrs. 3st 131h v Ididdea 2 Ssid warbers COUP.!., 3 yrs, Sst 7Tb M. OlTttiOS 3 rat:: 2o!i?bsde, St. Scei. Sospello, Caotaas aere-aad, 2-1' i jy-zkx. 'a with Ilactgas. rvV;r.ner traised by H. EsocIl) 5 t-j 5 wt & Xoei, 3 to 1 agsi llsapts, .7 3-tirlsa. 100 to 3 agai BsagfesUie, ead iCO to 7 ctbts's. Wcs by neck. SG3ATCEISGS. . "rCTes-iortiake (deaii) and Joal by Sinssten -"to (-iesd). BEATS OF A BOXES. INQUEST AND YEKDICT. Ac iaqae3t was held at Bsthsal Green, yesterday, tie body of " Poak " Asdrewa, who won tfle gsors jtspt it Wonderlaad, Whiiechapeh on Mon-'-f-J C:?-"t, an i died early on Tuesday morning. '-' tHe eoatert deceased and his friends had a gc-oa ceai or drink. Atidro'ws tried to get into a D B;-"t failias, was ran ever. The post-mortem anos.-i ceath must have bees iastantaseoua, the snterriai organs being' shockingly lacerated. After Hi&r-.r.-T a good deal of evidence, the jury found tes.: d-.-a:h -s-as aeciderital, and that it vras in no 2." accolerated by the fight GOLF. laiSH OPES AMATEDB CHAHPIOSSHIP-. TICTOSY OF M2. H. E. HH.TOS. e waich of 35 boles bets-ees Sir. Earoid H. Hilton (Boyal v,;ji, tc? worlds azcateur caampioa, ana Mr. ixdjEr-.- u. i'rv (iiid-Sarrey dub), the r-nsteur billiard ti, ia the fciai cf tae ninth aanoai tournament for -': amateiir championship of Ireland was played -astie. co. Dowc," yesterday, is threatening, bet golfiag. raather. Daring the early part of the id i'ry held ijsa own. but from the ninth hole, ':: . -i"' were "all eyes," Hilton's game proved irre-satic.t-. arid he finished the rwicd by oocketmg the last ar.d stocd six up at the end ci the first hail " si-.r were Hilton. 75; Fry, 83. '-i--'. VMar.iK'tn. it goes Vteame evident that ESioa wonM JT10 He was dadiy oa the green, while the lid- ii-ioxu vjetc-ry wa3 achieved at Dcllyr&oant in 1897. "V 'tt she day jlr. A. 4. Balfour and Mr. J. B. I3id3ay yV -.- Mts-ard Elyth and Ben Savers, the celebrated local n"5"'""" 'Lz rery close match. The players were e-i square at the turn, but 2esars. Balfour and Laidiay ulti-Elte' '-&a by one facie. BOYAL ASD ASCIEST CLUB. Ic ep:te of the wes weaifoer which prevailed at St. An-cre-s, yi-.rrruay, a large number of golfers turned out to itae?s ;naroh between the old Cambridge captain and -vr:3:s.-.:re player. Mr. John L. Low (owes 2 strokes) and s. G. IX. Skene (receives 6), in the final of the Boval ''i. Ancient Ciub'a tournasieo for the Queen Victoria ?u5-e Vase. It was generally thought that Mr. Skene fsd been very generously dealt with by the handicappers, a keen and interesting contest was seen, Mr. Low only -ems csieated by one hole. , HE. A. J. B-1LPOUB AT SOUTH BEBWICK. Aa intcrestins foursome was played on the North Berwick ieir. yesterday, Mr. A. J. Balfour. M.P., and Idr. J E. 5-Glay. the anjaieur cbarrrpicc of 1383 and 1S31, opp.ing 2it. T. Mscsfield Hnster, tie Oxford Univexity captain, a3 Jir. Eutohisos The latter couple had the advantage Sinz out, aad were three hciej up at th tars. Conjing bexae She play waa very even. Messrs. Eunter ar3 Hutchi-foe becams dornry foor, sad ultimately won the match "'7 .- ; vrescctatire s putting' wax not nearly so good as !r!tUt:" . -'v -ntually Hilton proved successful by elevea holes ii "' !-' ' Tflia is the second occasion on wbieb CRICKET. HASTINGS FESTIVAL NORTH v. SOUTH. A FINE INNINGS BY JEPHSON. Tho opening match of th& Hwtinpi Festival , eauaed yesterday in 8piendid weather, and the at-tondano was again an exceettingly good one. The srst Btnsnjrs of th North in whiV. Afto .j u bi,thora P t0 a rtain point? dW i S .y. as although Abol and Burnup scored 5 to geshor for the first .viokoi, thoro wcroht Tv y the hlIicheon interval f 11? e-l hson and Lockwood, who . staved tog-other for and how and twonty-firo minutes and added no fewer that 146 runs. Jenhwn, who WaTtbe fi"t staved 3 H9Khi3 Sp ond tivinS- Loekwood ve-V finiS ha1 'i"Y5o150.wi.-cn out to a a..o orta, who held lead of 153, hsd twentv mutos batting before the close, and scored 27 mas witaout loss. Present score : Mr. A. C. MseLsiren. b Trott i" not on -0JlrWH ":: 5 So on lentor., h Jfepbsoa VAi e T,ots, bjePbsoa":::::; J-Vw, b Trott K7 i"tot!cl3. bJepason ... .711.11"" 17 TArd Kawl;, noE out ...."H'.l 25 J. Gunn, b J -.-t-or "a Khcdes, b ,Tephs.-n .. 0 B 13, 1-b 5, n Si 11 18 Total 443 , . SOtTTH. Total (for no wkt).. 27 . v . V rasP. wann Abel, c Jones, b Sunn Mr. 0. L. Towasead. c Brosi,' b Rhodes 1 liv f,?4srt. c3wnb"iihode:::::""" i W- ura-b Kbooes: " I Trott , 0 l-.uan ' LockwosKl. Htrst, b "dues' .1 !I " Ji B7.n.bs 9 Total. . STOBTH. Psist Xnoinss," ........ "537 LociTfocd ... Trott Toirnsead .11 1 4? 1 j Jessop ... ,.. 17 -32 5 151 S 1 5 0 2 0 19 0 ' jepason 1 U0 0 12 v u uaywaru 4 "wotxl how'.eo oae no-balb &OTJTB. First XaniEss. S3 9 125 5 i Hirst e S2. 7 93 SiJones 5 0 27 0 Gsnc bowled tiro no-baUs. Ehcdes... iesn Outsail 2 S 1 25 HATCH FOB THIS DAT. At HasSass, The Hasaass Festival Sorth t South. OPENING OE THE FOOTBALL SEASON. PROSPECTS OF THE SOUTHERN TEAMS. "Th Daily News" last Saturday dealt with the prospects of the Football Leagus dubs. This artels w-Jl bs devoted to the Southern League, aow. ioout a doubt, second onlr is im-portance and the strength of its clubs to the Foot- LrKltSek- -Vvlttl the Pon of Woolwfch rsenal, who prete-r to remain members of the becoaa Ihvmon of the Football l, U the best 1 p-piessjcnal teams in the South are now en ;oued m tne imb of the Southern League. A tZJ -2aT bJ?, made siaee last season. BngnuM united aad Cowes have iven un the strugKe tor existanee; Bedminster and Bristol ty hare wisely amalgamated as one club Bristol Cotyt; Sseppey have had io retire is favour of Yvaord as the result of the test matches at th ena ot last season; and Thames Ironworks apoear urxaer tae new name of West Ham United. Luton nave rejoined tee League, aud, with Kettering also aetmiwea, tae number of clubs included is l-one fess than tae number with which the League started iast season. 0 Southampton, the runners-up for the English Cup last season, start the year with eticelient prospects, tneir sucetsses in the cup ties having puiled tnem tnrougra a disastrous financial outlook. Thev navo lost the services of Meehan and Durber 1 sacks;. Peine (half), and Farrell (centre forward these players having signed on for other clubs.' Durber is undoubtedly a great loss. To fill the vacancies, the executive have secured Molyneta ifcrertont and Blackburn (Blackburn Rovers) as backs. B. Sharp (Everton) as a half, and Toman ut.-ertonj ior the centre. Ed?ar Cnadwick, the old Lverton and Burnley intemationa, has also signed on, find the famous Chadwick-Milward left-wing combinatton will therefore bs seen once more. With ta escaptjon o Turner, the dashing outsids right, tao torwards are ail veterans, but they should make one oi the most dangerous attacking lino in the south. Tottenham Hotqpur. the team that deprived Southampton of the Southern League championship last year, after tho Hampshire club had neid ii three years in succession, have started the season badly with a couple of defeats, but should develop into a really good team. With the exception of Pratt (centre), who has returned to Preston, 11 the old players have bees retained, and Brown (Portsmouth) and Moffatt (Walsall! have been engaged. The club receives solendid snnnnrt. in nnaj of the English Cup last season, and it is quite iikely that the '"Dockers" may take the lead amongst the London clubs, despite the I033 of such sterling players as Cos, Burgess, Allan, Smith, and Breasiey, who hare been secured by Football League clubs. Griffiths a Welsh international) and Joyce (Southampton) have been secured as goalkeepers, Davidson (Bury) and Strut (Swindon), as backs ; Henderson (Swindon) and Began (Gravesend) as halves ; and Sharpies and Wilson (Swindon) and Oameliy Bristol) as forwards. Tho team made a capital start by beating Tottenham on the ground of the latter club. The other London clubs have found it necessary to cut down wage expenses by parting with some oi their best players. Queen's Park Bangers have practically a new line of forwards, although the defence will be almost the same as last season. The new men are young players who have yet to snake a reputation, and the team should prove to be a bustling, energetic lot, likely to do well in the League. In the West Ham United (the old Thames Ironworks club under a new name and new management) many changes have been made, only abstainers being engaged. Hunt (Arsenal), ELaye (Chatham), and Jteid (Burslem) are amongst the new hands. Mr. A. F. Hills is taking a great interest in the doings of the club. Portsmouth finished secend on the Leagao table last season a grand record for the first season of tho club; and it is not surprising that all the old playera have re-signed, with the exception of Cunline and Brown, who preferred to move to other quarters. Joyce (Thames Ironworks), Bed-dingfield (Q.P. Rangers), and Lewis (Bristol feovers) ttre the new men engaged. The club is splendidly supported by the Portsmouth public, and should prosper. With regard to Reading, Whittaker, O'Brien, Hosie, and Kelly have gone to the Black-bum Rovers, Davies to Manchester City, and Ross to Notts County. Logan (Arsenal), Mainman (Burton;, and Bull (Gravesend) are amongst the new hands, and it is hoped that the veteran Holt will again sign on. Swindon have lost nearly all their ofd" players. The vacancies have been filled by the engagement of Ritchie and Brown (Bristol Rovers!, Stevenson (New Brighton), Kirton (Sunderland), and other players, but the team is not likely to be quite as strong as last season. Bristol City should do better than last season after the amalgamation with Bedminster. Only two of last year's City team have been re-engaged, with Tocne, W iison, Whelan, Chambers, and Davies, of Bedminster. Some players with big names have ako been secured, notably, Bach (Suudorland), Sto-venscn (Newcastle United), Nicol (Millwail). Bristol Rovers have signed on a lot of new talent, including one or two of the old Bedminster men. The Rovers have started well by beating Queen's Park Rangers (away) and Tottenham (home) in the first week of the season. A full programme of matches in the Football League and the Southern League will be played this afternoon. ASSOCIATION. TO-DAY'S MATCHES. THE LEAGUE CHAHPIOSSHIP. At West Bromwicb Vest Bromwich Albion v Aston TiHa. At Derby Derby Comity v Notts County. At Blackburn Blackburn Borers v Newcastle United. At Nottingham Sotte Forest v Sheffield United. At Bury Bury v Manehegler City. At Sunderland Sunderland v Preston North End. At Liverpool Everton v Wolverhampton Wanderers. At Stoke Stoke v Liverpool At Sheffield Sheffield Wednesday Boitos Wsndereia. SECOSD DIYISIOS. At Ftenstead Woolwich Arsenal v Walsall. At Blackpool Blackpool v Gainsborough. At StockportrStockport v New Brighton. At Barssley Barnsley v Burton Swifta. At Griassby Grirasby Town v Borslem Port Vak. At Small Heath Small Heath v Leicester JTtaeae. At Lincoln-Lineoln City v Burnley. At Ohesterrlelcl Chesterfield v Gloeaop. At Manchester Newton Heath v Middlesbrough. SOUTHEEN LEAGUE. At HHTwaU MSHwall v West Ham. At Kensal Rise Queen's Park Bangers v Swindon. At Bristol Bristol City v 'Watford. At Chatham Chatham v Luton. At Beading Beading v Bristol Rowers. At Gravesend Gravesend v Portsmouth. At Kettering Bettering v Sew Brompton. THE LOVERS AND THE LANTERN. The Blackburn magistrates, yesterday, inflicted severe fines on three youths charged with disorderly conduct in Corporation Park A constable stated that after dark a gang of a dozen lads went down the Lovers' Walk with a bullseye lantern, which they flashed suddenly upon the sweethearting couples on the seats and in the recesses, causing aud using a vast amount of bad language. Thb Buckingham Triplets. The Queen has ordered the gift of 3 to be paid from aer Privy Purse to Mrs. Watts (tho wife of Mr. Samuel Watts), Buckingham, the mother of three sons at one birth. The mother an3 the three boos aro doing well. laEPOSTAsrr to A-ix. It is impossible to oversiato the (treat valce of Eso's ' Icrr Salt ' in iealth or disease, There is no doubt that where ithas bees take& in the eari ,-8t stages of a disease it has, in innumerable instances, prevented a serious illness. The effect of Eno's ' Facrr Pax. ' upon any disordered or feverish condition is sihpw mabv&iaous. It is, is fact, Nat-use's Ows Beseeott, and as ossubpassbd oas. Caufejay See capsule marked Eao'a ' Feist Salt.' Without rorta ijocaoa, ana saou:a nave a b;g future before it Miihvail arein a very flourishing state, thanks to the success of the team in reaching the smi. IfflJS DALXlt BiJS A BARR0WFT7L OF LOYE-IiETrERS. THE WIDOW AND HER LODGER. There was a decidedly Pickwickian atmosphere in the London Sheriff !s Court, yesterday, when, beforo Mr. Undor-Sheriff Burchell and a jury, the breach of promise action, " Cuminiugs v. Hind," remitted from the High Court, cams on for tho assessment of damages. The plaintiff was Mrs. Janet Cusn-mings, a widow, who kept a lodging-house at 2, Gratton-streot, Kensington, the defendant being Mr. William Anderson Hind, of No, 8, Norwood-street, Scarborough. .r;.J'' Dickson, barrister, who appeared for the pl&iutni, said tho parties became acquainted some nine months ago, the defendant frequently staying at the plaintiffs houso, and having a suite of rooms reserved for him. Mr. Hind was a man ho would not say a gentleman of tnean3. and he had an allowance from his fathor's trustees, and made money by dealing in Belgian hares. Ho offered the plaintiff marriage, and ho was accepted. One day he sold a hare for 6, and he promised to give her tho proceeds, but ho only handed over 1, which Was all the money she ever had from him, as he did not pay for the rooms. One day defendant had a prize hare which ho called Lady Gratton, after the street m which the plaintiff lived. This hare had a litter of ten, and Mrs. Cummiugs was to have the proceeds of tho sale, but unfortunately all died. The defendant wrote an immense number of letters to the plaintiff, in fact a barrowful, and all of them were of tho most gushing character. The jury would remember that in a certain celebrated case the defendant wroto to the widow asking that chops and tomato sauce might be prepared. The do-tecdant in this case contented himself with asking in one of his letters that chickens might be got ready fohim, and he added: "Don't forget the potatoes. It was true he did not suggest & warming-pan. (Laughter. Coursfl tho Jctters tho defendant wrote snowed that he was very fond of the plaintiff. Thus in one he wroto: " My Darling Lassie, Oh, how I thank you, my love for your sweet letter. You have been in my mmd ad day my pet, for I thought what a shame it was I should have to write and cast a gloom over my little pet Jenny, but as I have told you, I shall not keep anything back from my darling lassie. i ' my darIsnS I am sending you P.O. value 1 for you to get a bottle of Johnny Walker whisky, hko the ast I got for your dear self, and a dozen of bottled beer, and if you will please get mc a couple of rowls and a nice sized piece of Won. J i3S 1ot to m,uoil tlwlbK let us have one fowl and he bacon and some tea on our arrival. I hope boilea Please, but if you are not feeling up to the mark, darling, we could have it cold. . . Bless you, my bt-Ue pet, you shall have some sweet kisses LTvi S Saturday- I send you all tho love Will 0411 you. Your ever loving The defendant did not appear, nor waa he represented, but he sent a doctor's certificate to the effect that he was too unwell to attend. The Under-Sheriff having summed up the evidence, the jury awarded 60 damages, with costs. AMUSING STORY FROM ENTTEDjD. SMALL BOY'S DECEPTION ON THE POLICE. A curious story of juvenile precocitv comes from Enfield. Sergeant Haines was, on Thursday night accosted in the Enfield Highway by a seven-reared! urcam, who gave his name as Tommy Howard, and said he wanted to go to ' Tidd-stroet." The kindly sergeant, not being able to assist the lad immediately, took him to the Enfield Police Station and gave him some tea and bread and butte-In the morning he was sent to the workhouse at Edmonton, where he was afterwards claimed bv his tather a man named Howes, of Dalston Two hours after he had left the institution, however, he was found m the Edmonton Police Station receiving similar hospitable treatment to that which he met with at Enfield. Inquiries went to show that he had told a most pitiful tale to the Edmonton fetation sergeant, saying that his name was Harry Cooper, and that he had lo?t his w?y EYNOLDS'S NEWSPAPER of SEPTEMBER 9 vrtu contain THE OPENING CHAPTEES of TOLSTOY'S GREAT NOVEL, " RESURRECTION." EYNOLDS'S NEWSPAPER cf SEPTEMBEB 9 Will contain TEE OPENING CHAPTEES of TOLSTOY'S GEEAT NOVEL, " RESURRECTION." EYNOLDS'S NEWSPAPER of SE5TE3I2EB 9 Will oonlala OPBNXNG CHAPTEES TH2 of TOLSTOY'S GKSAT NOVEL, RESURRECTION. " EXTBACTS FEOil SOME PRESS NOTICES OF " RESURRECTION." " Tolstoy is terribly In earnest and tells dreadful truths with heroic frankness and uaCaziruiir courSm." DAILY TELEGRAPH. courag0- ' Tolstoy is clearly tho one great Christian teacher who is left to us. . . . And, sbove all, Tolstoy la a relentless thiaher, a man who sees the human comedv through and through." ilOKNING LEADER. .v CUEi Tolstoy, in his most teauti!ai and powerful story, ResurracUan,' shows how thin is the pax t.TS'? te, eeains In it to famish forth a P.0' 0Ih!ary novels." DAILY CHBONICLE. Set, to everyons !s it given to be a prophet to his generation. . . Toe EMsian Socialist rS former has to this matter the divine right that comS DAILY NEWS ConvicUo11 h&ng struggle."- DATLYII'S31' " ' eminently to be read." TOrvIf.KKalnsTT h!s oa-7 creation, sho would SSALL IazStTE? 01 Toktoy-"-PALL "It is surely the shallowest miraderstandinir to yi.sim9..cri0c8 do- a to thKs conceived is spoirt by its strecuotss ethics, as though it wrs some vulgar novel with a purpose Jnteaded to convey an unpaiauble truth In the eiilse of fiction, A nnr-pose, or course, it has; bnt the ethics are inherent in iteelf fa, U,r.Wres au3 becans8 We Presents iSt J11 Jn tbte form- Eoofes cf which this cjj be said are rare appearances In the hi3tory of any country." WESTiUNSTES GAZETTE. It you like to say bo, here are the precious fras-ments cf what might have been a priceless master-P!i?e And thcush il, is abominable he should he bright "-H0e'atly, ra eel Xht 018 mai2 "This rcasterpiece of Count Tolstoy's tha greatest work he has yet done roust be admitted to be one of ..ho most uncemproffiisiagly, terribly moral brrka prer wrivten .... making the soul throb with a sympathy too deep for tears, a pity too pure for indignation. .... A mac and a woman, both innately sweet-souled and great-hearted, and to this have they corno. And the author loves them, and compels his readers to lovo ihsm. .... The sins and lies and cowardly hypocrisies of Society exposed; exposed for truth s sate, for man's sake, for God's sake by the hand of a father, a brothar, an arUst, and a teacher." CLAHION. " Tolstoy .... has proved Is Besurreetfon ' that he, the most powerful European artist, la still UYisir in cur midst.' ' SPEAKER. " One will read over and ever agafn the magnificent description cf the heaping of Easter, and the chapter la which the betrayed girl runs after the train in which her deceiver is hastening away from her." WEEKLY TIMES AND ECHO. "At last Tolstoy's great novel completed Is In our hands, and at once let it be said that ' Besurrectlon ' is -a work of supreme power. Our readers must get this ' Resurrection ' and circulate It far and wide.- NEW AGE. " His latest novel, ' Resurrection ' (Henderson), in Its strength, in its knowledge of men and women, In the clear, vivid presentment of the stnry. Is as powerful as anything he has written.' ' ILLUSTRATED LON-NtfWS. " ' Besurrectlon ' Is, undoubtedly, the most Important novel thai has appeared In Europe for many years." LONDONEB. " This novel, according to Tolstoy's castes, Is confused, diverse, complex, and muttitudinoua as lifs Itself; and out of all this tumult there Bpeais a. still small voice which is clearness itself1 and Bimuliclty a voice preaching the vanity of tho frivolous ambitions of men, bidding us iiva cleanly and plainly nay, austerely a voice which will not be silenced." MANCHESTER GUARDIAN. " To some the frank, brutal realism of the grossest scenes will be far from pleasant. .... Bnt there can be no doubt about the moral grip and trend of the book. .... Those who read tories for sornc-thins more than the mere story wlJ lay down tho book with the sincere conviction that a lesson of the highest valua to humanity has been enforced with an empbasl3 which thero is no mistaking." GLASGO.v HERALD. " Count Loo Tolstoy's new book is very remarkable. . . . Their interview In the prison is most vividly described It haunts one for dayB after." BAEBOw NEWS. " There are scenes of Immoral Ufa in the novel that are simply revolting, yet wo have no hesitation In saytesfr that, for the strong and tha sane, this is a supremely moral book. " BBADFOBD OBSESVBB. EYNOLDS'S NEWSPAPER of SSPTEJUBEB 8 Will contain TBS OPENING CHAPTERS of TOLSTOY'S GBEAT NOVEL, " RESURRECTION.' EYNOLDS'S NEWSPAPER of SEPTEMBER 9 Will contain THE OPENING CHAPTEBS of TOLSTOY'S GREAT NOVEL, "RESURRECTION." "O EYNOLDS'S NEWSPAPER J0L of SEPTESTBBB 9 Will contain THE OPENING CHAPTEBS of TOLSTOY'S GBKAT NOVEL, "RESURRECTION." BE BDEE AND OEDEB SEPT. 8 AND SDUSEQL'ENT ISSOES O? REYNOLDS'S NEWSPAPER. Price of REYNOLDS'S NEWSPAPER Ons Pcriny Wekr. Quarterly Subscription, Is. Si., pose xee; ixau-yeany, 43. ou, yusb uw; X early, Bs. 6d., post free. - London : John Dicks, SI3, Strand; or of all Book- WS, SATURDAY; SEPTEMBER 8, 1900. SMOKE THE CELEBRATED KNOWN ALL OYEB THE WORLD KASOTAOHnSBB Bf TUB Richmond mmmm ee, lti AT THEIB BONDED WOMS, LIYEEPDOI Sold by all First-Clsaa Tobseoomsfca at Hemi and Abroad. In loa. and 2os. packets, asd J, j, ad lib, Qa&. THE MOST KUTEITIOUa, 6RArRPTJL A3TD COMPOKTINQ. FOB BERASTAST AND SUPPER, BHPSS OOOOA, DTSTINQtnrSKEO . EVERYWHERE SPPS'S OOOOA- FOB SUPEBIOB QUALIFY BBS'S COCOA AND STATURAL FLAVOUR, ACIBITYj IimiGESTIOlL SITUATIONS VACANT (CONSEETOSa TBOU PA8B 8.) DOMESTIC SERVANTS. ENEBAL gobd), stge 20. Plain cooking. Pour tn family. 3T Jocea, 7, Newmaa-atreot, Oxford-street. C ENr'aiT sEBVANT. W.NTEDTVnpertorperBori. Rain 3T cooking. Two in family. Wasres 18-20. Good plac. Call or writs, 17, Budali-crescent, Hampstead. EKERAL SERVANT WANTED. Three la family. Wash-ST lag put out. Good wages. Address Mrs. Moons, il. Grandisan-road, Clapham-cemmon, S.W. CjalAETi rcsp!ctabTi GIRL WANTED, for GENERAL HOUSEWORK. Two in family. No cooking. Comfort, able home. Goah, 100, Hamiltoa-road, Wimbledon, S.W. SERVANT, capable, experienced. -WANTED Immediately, for country house. Plain cooking, plain washing. Usual house duties. Smail family. Help given. Boy and groom kept. Liberal wages. Comfortable home. Granville, Beeches, Wickferd. OMAN, middle-age, HOUSEWORK, Including washing. Small, comfortable home. Three family. Wages li. Apply latter, giving references, experience, 15?, Upiaad-ro&d, East Dulwich. "WH"T- ANTED , superior Young Woman for Flat. Fine hi ey-lf V road. Two in family. No children. Must be thoroughly domesticated. Apply letter, " SI.," Broad-Btreet House, E.C. ANTED, a YOUNG GIRL, for HOUSEWORK. Live In. Wasrss 12. Apply Mrs. W., 7, Beaucbarap-plaeo, Brcmpton-rcad. SITUATIONS WANTED. PRESSMEN. PRINTERS. CANVASSERS EDITOR-MANAGER, or EDITOR, of first-class experience. Could start, arrange, and equip new office, or bring a struggling property to the front on the best professional sad business lines. S78 A, " Bally News " Inquiry Office, 67, Fleet-street, E.C. S EDITOR or SUB., Weekly or Daily. Thoroughly ex perienced. Leaner writer, notes, sketches, stories, etc Address 975 A, " Dally News " Inquiry Office, 67, Fleat-street. E.C. ENERGETIC JOURNALIST (29) desires ENGAGEMENT as Editor or Sub. Splendid record. Highest references. Good all-rcund mas. 2. Ideas, US, Croftoa-road, Camber-well, London. XPER rENCED JOURNALIST In every branch, open aa EDITOR. Leaders, descriptive, reviews. Bright, accurate, prompt. C-, 139, Alexandra-road, St John's-wood, N.W. SUB-EDITOR. Experienced Printer's Reader seeks SITUATION. Press work, shorthand (100), general knowledge. 2. S., 15, Wakefleid-streei, Brunswick-square, W.C BLE. experienced JOURNALIST seeks SITUATION. Accustomed to edit and ao all the work of a newspaper. Moderate salary. W., 34, Wingfield-road, Trowbridge. JOURNALIST. 84, long general experience, WANTS BERTH (any capacity), at once. Thoroughly competent. Could taka entire charge. Seasonable terms. Press, 183, Sharing. ham-avenue. Manor-park, E. JOURNALISTS. Required, SITUATION la EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT by Yonth (IS), with three years all-round experience. 157 B, " Daily News " Inquiry Office, E7, Fleet-street, E.C. JOURNALIST, home and colonial experience, can dictate fluently, seeks SECRETARIAL APPOINTMENT, privat gentleman or company. 39 B., " Dally News ". Inquiry OfScs, 67, Fleet-street. E.C. JOURNALIST, young, 12 years editorial experience on well-known illustrated paper, desires similar POST, or would contribute. Articles, notes, stories, dramatic criticism. Highest references. S31 A, " Daily News " Inquiry Office, 67, Fleet-street, E.C. 0UNG LADY, bright. Intelligent, literary, like to ASSIST EDITOR or AUTHOR. Clever speaker. Could inter, view. Moderate salary. Letters. M., Edwin Drew's Press Bureau, Cavereham-road, N.W. CCASIONAL JOURNALIST, with good knowledge of Press work, seeks OPENING. Small salary. Young; well-informed, and energetic. Specimens. 981 A, " Dally News " Inquiry Office, 67, Fleet-street, E.C. ADY-desires BE-ENAGEMENT as EDtTOB'S SECEE-TABY or Assistant. Experiencedv correspondent, typist. Thorough French, German. Correct proofs. Smart, businesslike. M. M., 18, Mecklenburg-square, W.C. OUTB AFBICA-Gentlcman, of eleven years' South Afrl-can expenenca, about returning, desires to BEPBESENT one or two firms. Address 465 B, " Daily News " Inquiry Office, 87, Fleet-street, E.C. ADVERTISING. To Country Newspapers. Gentleman, with office In London, and having had 15 years' experience with London Agents and Advertisers, is OPEN to BEPBESENT good Provincial Daily or Weekly Address G. L. , Box 2,538, Sell's Advertising Offices, 167, Fleet-st, E.C. ADVERTISEMENT BEPBESENTATIVE, smart, gentl-manly, 35, Requires SITUATION on good publication. Small salary and commission. Excellent references. Address 940 Y, " Daily News " Inquiry Office, 67, Fleet-street, E.C. GENTLEMAN of EXPERIENCE in NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING. Management, etc.. seeks BE-ENGAGE- KBNT. Well-known to all agents and leading advertisers. Highest references. B, 22 Z, "Doily News" Inquiry Office, 87, Fleet-street, E.C. rp.HE ADVERTISEMENT and BUSINESS MANAGER of J. high-class London Weekly will shortly be free. Thoroughly practical In every detail. Ha splendid connection among all grades of advertisers and agents, and can show record In proof of same. Address 629 Y, " Daily News " Inquiry Office, 67, Fleet-street, E.C. TO NEWSPAPER PROPRIETORS. Advertiser seeks ENGAGEMENT as CANVASSER on London Newspaper, or as Agent in London, for good provincial. Thorough know-ledge of the business. Excellent teswionlala. 773 Z, " Daily Notts" Inquiry Office, 67, Fleet-street, E.C. DVEBTISBMENTS. WANTED, by CANVASSBB, SITUATION. Salary and commission. First-class con- nection with large firms who advertias in newspapers,, etc Ji. B., Sz, jsonner-roau, juonaon, a. . . .V UU. A.Jfc... V J- . - Jti'V.. DrtMuy lulu uum mission. Address 125 B, "Dally News" Inquiry Oface, tl, Fleet-street, E.C. NEWSPAPER MANAGES. BEBTH WANTED by pree. tical man, with long, Valuable experience on London dally and weekly newspapers. Can take full charge Address E. N., S, South Worple Way, Mortlake, S.W. TO PRINTER, developing or conanencinjf busineSSi Advertiser, experienced, energetic, seeks ' ENGAGEMENT on principal's own terms. Write " Fncual,' ShUey's Advertising Offices, 38, Graceehurch-streat, E.C. AS MANAGING OVBBSEEB to PRINTING WOEKS. Art work a speciality. Thoroughly practical is all depart-ments, inoluding Linotype. Bsllablo estimator. Ago 32. Highest references. A. R. B., 7, Vale-grove, Aotsn, W. A" 8S1STANT MANAGER . or OVEHSEE& Thoroughly practical in all branches. y 34. Eeferenees. Moderate salary. Good disciplinarian. Abstainer. South Coast preferred. S58 A, " Daily NeW3 " Inquiry Office, 67, Fleet-st., B.C. TO NEWSPAPER PROPRIETORS. Advertiser, 26, tea years' Beportorial and Commercial txperiencB, seeks CHANGE as MANAGES or Assistant. Could assist BdiHag. Carter, North-road, Bfentwocd. 0LONIES. As MANAGER or OVESSEEE. any Colony. Thoroughly experienced and practical in all departments, la. Q., care of Street'B Agency, ' 30, Corahlll, B.C. OBKS MANAGES, or Overseer, news, Jobbing, maea-zlne. Lino, expert. Capable manaeremeitt. rvmifl rnii weekly. Highest references. S80 A, " Daily News " InoUi:y Offioo, 87, Fleet-street, E.C. ' T oT'BINTEBS. -Advertiser seeks ENGAGEMENT as AS SiaiANT MANAGER. Estimates, advertisements proofs, correspond enco, shorthand. Excellent refs E. a Albion-street, Wakefield. ' FBINTER desires MANAGE3SBNT of COUNTRY OFFICE Must ha old-ostablishoc. Would invost small capital. Reply fully first -Instance; Stephens, Gadd's Hotel. Queen' s-rcatl, Brighton. BINTBBS. Good OVERSEES seeks ENGAGEMENT Com-postriB or machine loom. 29 years' eaixtrieneii- ntiwin. linariaa. Good references Ber 854 A," Daily Newa " Ineutry Office, 67, Float-street, &C. JlSraKIBNCED ail-ronnd FBAOTICAL BTNTEB desires li BE-ENGAGEIIBNT-as OVERSEES oi m Trustworthy. BxceOest references. Platclass -MaArLmz Y SWEETENEB TOBMCO. i . nil ". , - COCKLE'S Pli.ia3s SITUATIONS WANTED. PRESSMEN. PRINTERS, CANVASSERS FBOTTEBS-SITOA'S(0N reqalred as OLtCKBB or OVEB-. wi 6B?f v . Seventaea years eiperience. with awnrpipers, Jobbing, dlrestorleB, etc. Aetfve and teUible. Contttry not ob-Joctcd to.j35 B, "Dally News" Inquiry Office, 67, Fltfet-street, B.C. .YBBSEEB (or as Working Overseer) seeks SITUATION. Koiisblo, capable man. DlolprrrIariaiu--963 Y, "Bally News" 'OBKING FOREMAN' tfVmna!s4 tmJ-Aa. TnVkln.- Seeks BE-!SNGAr5KMOT- ntTtti nui..,i.i eellent testimon'als. Last JIa four yto,T., 23, DurBaa- SUBiEDITOB. Hsny yearn' espertanee on London Dally; expert and reH'&bto. As BBADEB; speedy and zeen-rateAddresB 413 B, "Daily New" inquiry OfSce, 67, Fleetatreet, B.C. EXPERIENCED BEADEB, News aad Jobbing, desires PLACE. Well-ediioated, knows Preach and Latfe. CouJd asjJst with reportiflg. iBghcst refsreaeesJ. T. D. Halford, East Berghblt, Suffolk, EXPERIENCED EEADEB (35). good linguist. Seeks EN-GAGESIENT. Loadca or previa oea.B., m. High Hoi-bom, W.C. BADER, experienced (practical prister), book, news, - $obbinsr. Latin r?rfk rrs.KS1w TTnlwo.5,,. (Paris), soma Ocrman. Technical, rneelcafe-Beader, 24, Wiat-frcd-road, Manor-park, E. EADER, accurate, conscientious, desires PERMANENCY m London or Provinces. Linanint. tt.t rfn. magazine, etc V., 47, Howland-striset, London, W. ' EADEB-C0MPOSIT0R (26) desires PERMANENCY. Well- I'M, Barngbiffp-road, Islington, N. EAtEB Laxne) Tafco small Baiary. Any dtetaaeft. Tew l&Uii machine revising. IB years' refer-snces-Prlater, 260 PRINTER'S READER. Experienced. News or general. 24 years last sltaatiosJ. S., 13, WaieSeld-street, Brass. wlek-Bquara, W.C. PBtNTEBS and STATIONBES. COMPOSITOB 18i). good and clean at solid matter, wants BIT. (London desired), where he could improve at Sobbing Cbmp., care Beld and Nephew, 35, Shoe-lane. F SIN TEES. Good all-round Jobbing COMPOSITOR desires SITUATION. Good references. A. 3. Borehaaa, 17, Priory-road, Waadsworth-road, S.W. FBINTER6. Excellent all-round JOBBING HAND Sftks SITUATION. Used to News and Machines. Could tab charge of small efflce. 251 A, " Daily News ' Inquiry Office, 67, Fleet-street, E.O. OUTH AFRICA Smart Jobbing COMP. seeks BE-EnT GAGEMENT, Natal or Capo. ThreS years at Cap. Ksd charge of week!y-Box 289 B, " Dally News " Inquiry Office. 67, Fleet-Btreet, E.C. JOBBING COMPOSITOR 23), good aU-round, setks SITUATION. Disengaged, Good refs. A. C 8, Upwey-Street, Wpybsouth, Dotset. J0BBINOC0MF (25), willing to asks bimsdr asefnW H., 21, Stavordale-road, N. OBBING HAND (Junior)- seeks SITUATION. Used to i'laien maenmes. H. S. Clarke, 14, Canterbury-road, Aah- ford. J OBBING COMPOSITOR requires PEBMANENCY. Good display. Manage small office. N.-S. Temperate. Be-ferences, specimens, etc Ward, 43, Doughty-street, W.C. ARTISTIC JOBBING COMPOSITOR (or News) requires permanent BERTH. Thoroughly capable in all branches, machines, posters. Abstainer and energetic Printer, 257, Hol-loway-rcad, London, N. ALL-BOUND JOBBING, Magazine-, Poster, aad Stone Comp.. disengaged. Assist machines. Job taken. Mode-rato wage. T. V. W., 3, Little Cress-street, Islington, N. LL-ROUND JOBBING COMPOSITOB seeks PERMANENCY. Country preferred. Understands stono and cropper work. Abstainer. Good references. I. Y. Z., 15s, Weston-road. Strood, Kent, jpfOMPOSITOB (disengaged) seeks PERMANENCY Jn good u country Jobbing office. Used to magazine work. Good refs. Bolls, Crook's-terracsS, Grove-street, Wantage. COMPOSITOR. SITUATION WANTED. Wei! recommended by present employer Apply Bound, " Gazette " Office, Ba3lagstoke. COMPOSITOR seeks SITUATION. All-round experience at news, book, jobbing, or stonework. Permanency or Job. Town or country. Printer. 208, Clty-rbad, N. C10MPOSITOB (young) seeks SITUATION in-good Jobbing J CSlce. Stead V and relfahlft. Gflnri f.wiK TieA. 5 "Su John-street, Cirencester, Gios. COMPOSITOR (Society), good commercial and artistic Jobbing hand, seeks SIT, in London. Up-to-date. Steady. Refs. H 1, Clifton Cottages, CliftonvHIe. Margate. COMPOSITOB. young, good all-round hand, seeks SITUATION. Country experience. Specimens. Excellent references. Apply S., 12, Esstboume-road, Trowbridge. COMPOSITOR, news, book. Jobbing, seeks PERMANENCY. Good refs. Apply Lagden, 2, Boss Cottages, Stepgates, Chertsey, Surrey. COMP., disengaged, good aO-round general Jobbing. Town and country experience. Steady, reliable Pulsford, 86, Chester-read. South Tottenham. COMPOSITOR seeks PERMANENCY in good JobSsbsg office. Quick and clean. Wilson, 10, Alberta-street, Kennington-park-road, S.E. C COMPOSITOR. Good all-rormd JOBBING HAND eertcs PERMANENCY in Jobbing cfSce. Abstainer. Willing and obliging. j. Wocd, 3, Abdale-road, Ehepberd's-bush, W. COMPOSITOB (youasr) seeks HE-ENGAGEMENT. Book, mag., and plain Jobbing. Steady and reliable. Abstainer. 0., 5. York-road. Gt. Yarmouth. COMPOSITOR (young) seeks SIT. News, jobbing (music). Seven years' experience. Sellable. F. W., 17, Hatcham-park-road, New-cress, 6.E. COMPOSITOB (N.-S.) seeks SITUATION. Quick at easa aad sttoe. Also Improver on Lino, machine. Just Ml Lctdon dally. 4J years last ait-C E., 31, Kiliard-road, Klr.gsland, N. COMPOSITOR. 26. iteeks-yEBMANENCY. Good aD-round Jobbing and Book. Excellent refa Apply W. Barker, 159, Wandsworth-road. S.W. COMPOSITOrf (young) seeks PERMANENCY. Book or jobbing. Quick and clean, steady aad leliable. Abstainer. A. S., 1, Church-street, Sudbury, Suffolk. COMBOSITOE, age 22, seeks SIT. in Jobbing Office. Town or country. Good references. Georgo Alderton, Castle-street, Woodbrldge. COMPOSITOB (24), good all-round, seeks SITUATION. Stonework. Good references. Laurencs, 22, Thomhiil-rbad, Bamsbury, N. COMPOSITOB seeks PERMANENCY. Good display hand. Platen and cylinders. Good references. F. G. Packman, E, Albert-row, Sherborne, Dorset. COMPOSITOR (27 seeks SITUATION. AH-round Jobbing, News, or Book. Good display or posters T. T., 63, HaU-place, Paddington. COMP. (26), country, seeks SIT. News, book, mag., or general Jobbing. Assist make-up. Gibbons, 4, Kings-down-roau, Leytonstone, E. COMP. seeks SIT. to small offlee. Abstainer. Good refs. Affo 25. Town or country W., 77, St. Margaret's-strest, Ipsv?ich. COMPOSITOB, abstainer, seeks PERMANENCY. Up-to-date artistic display. Good references B. J. B., , cod-villa, Clapham-cbmmon. COMPOSITOR (27), Non-Society. se?is SITUATION: News. Jobbing, Stone, or Reader - Compositor. Reliable and energetic. Punctual aui abstainer F. B.r 62, Townshenditer-race, Richmond, S.W. FEMALE COMP3. (two) require SITUATION; Good, clean workers. London preferred. Disengaged. Box 17 B, " Daily News " Inquiry Office. 67, Fleet-street, E.C. C0MP.-IMP30VEB seeks SIT. Ail-round. Six years' experience. B., 58, Cowper-road, Stoke Newington. IMPROVER (IB) seeks PEEMAXENCY (Jobbing:). Shght er-perlenca on machines improver, 104, High-road, New Eouthsats, N. JMPROVER seeks SITUATION is news or news aad Jobbing office. Quick aad clean at case. Nearly 5 years' experience. F. OSord, Sunnyside, Diss, Norfolk. LINOTYPE OPERATOE seeks PERMANENCY. Two years on London daily. Speed 7,000-3,000 per hoar. Address A. II., 12J, Artillery-passago, Bishopsgate. Y INOTYFE OPEEATOB Requires SITUATION. Just off 3-2 London Daily; Also Jobbing, Magazine, Make-up, etc Beiereaces. C., 20, Portland-road, Mottingham, Eitham, S.E. LINO. OPERATOE seeks SITUATION. Six years' experience. Used to all changes. Speed according to experience. N.-S. Disengaged. . Abstainer. Box 146 B, " Daily News " Inquiry Office, 67, Fleet-street, E.C. TT INOTYPE. OPERATOB (Soc WANTS SITUATION. V J Three .years' daily news experience. Testimonials. J. N., 135, Peter-stroet, St Helens. f INO. OPERATOB (See.) seeks SIT. 6-6,069. Mechanical a j knowicage. 3, Kenrungton-park-gardeos; S.B. "H" INOTYPE OPERATOR seeks RE-ENGAGEMENT; Speed I A 7-8,000, clean. Two years London daily. Refa. J. 80. Bingfield-street, Kinir's-cross, N. INOTYPIST seeks SITUATION. Good knowledge mechan ism, a.oeu. in or near Juonuon. Abstainer. A. P Nichdlls, Newsagent, Wcstbw-stroet, Norwood. "8" INO. OPERATOB seeks CHANGE. 5-6,008. Thorough JLJ mechanical knowledge. 885 A, " Daily News Inquiry Orace, 67, Fleet-street, E.C. TT INOTYPE OPERATOB seeks PERMANENT SITUATION. 3J Speed 6-7,000, clean. 2 years. Goffd refs. Open for engagement at once. Linotype, 43, KOlybn-road, Clapham, S.W. LINO. OPEBATOB-IMPEOVEB (quick, clean, educated, news comp., N.-S., abstainer), seeks SIT. Small wags to start. Cameron, 57, Btrathblalhe-road, -Clsphara Junction, S.W. ACHXNE MTNDEB seeks PERMANENCY. Well up a . Book, Magazine, and Commercial; on Perf cetera or Wharfedales. P., 9, Holtham-rbad, Abbey-road, N;W, MINDEB, 30. Wharfe., Platens, gas engrine. News, Magazine, good process, and Jdbbing. Eeferenees. Bad charge. M., 2, St. Gebrge's-road, Cambeiwell, S.E. ACKINE-MDSTDER, 26, desires PERMANENCY In good , offlca In London. Thoroughly competent ia best book. cut, and commercial work. Also l.-p. music Printing. Starsb. and movable M. McGlUicuddy, 16, Conduit-place, Paddiag-ton. , MACHINE-MINDER seeks PERMANENCY. Used to book, cut, and Jobbing on Wharfedales T. F., L Nevill-terrace, Lewes, Sussex. TO PRINTERS. MACHINE MANAGES, age 30, wants SIT. Varied experience rotaries, perfoctors, etc, etc Book, cut, colour. Town, country,' or abroad. Address Box 487 B, " Daily News " Inquiry Office 67, Fleet-street, E.C. PRINTER. MACHINE-HAND seeSs SITUATION. Used to cylinder, cropper, and guillotine; or as Assistant ia News Omce.F. L., 13, Shirley-street, Hove, Brighton. BINTEB'S MACHINE-MTNDEB Young Man requires jobbing. Dj. or near London preferred. Able to fill up tirao at oase; B. Hodges, Portmore-park, Weybridge. PRINTER'S MINDEB (22) sacks SITUATION. Wharf es., platsa, and gas ehgine. BooS, half-tons, and Jobbihg.i-8. B 39, Inviile-road, Walworth, S.B. P SINTER'S MINDEB seeks SIT. Half-tone, book, or commercial. Wharfes., platens, engine. Quick, B. E., 60, Mlltbn-roadj South Horhsey. BINTEB'S MACHINE-MIND14B. Young Man requires PERMANENCY. Used to srood class of Work. r, snglne. Davis, 28, Malvorn-road, Quecn's-road, DalBion, N; PRINTER'S" MACHINE MINDER, young man, Bequlres BBBMANENCY. Used to gbbd-ciass work. Gas engine.- Davis, 23, Malvern-road, Dalston, N. , PBINTEBS MINDEE seeks PEBMANENCY. Book; Job! bmg, Commercial work. Thoroughly understands Wharfedales. Platens, gas engine. City or suburbs prferrea.--Wlll-mot, 39, Biverhall-street, South Lambeth. P BINTEB'S MINDEB, good hatf-tone, line, aad general, wants 1 or t nights Weekly. fir..S-B. B., 126, Bast Surrey-grove, Peckham. F BINTEB'S MINDEB, reliable, sei&s CHARGE of BOOM. Hubersi Century, Gottrell, Wharfedales, cut colour pro-csss. Good referenoe. 11, Netherland-placa, King's-cross, N; BINTEB'S MACHINEiMTNDBE seeks SIT. in ornear London. Half-tfeces, commercial, 3gloured process, wsd bookwork. Good refs.-?., 50, Wlndhan3'id, BouraeieduUi. F BINTEB'S WAREHOUSEMAN or OtJTTBB wasts BE-ENGAGEMENT. Long experieaco. Good Bll-routtd, capable, and reliable. Could take ohiise-Pleass eddiess H., 42, Gator-street, Psciham. TEEEOTYPEB (26), married, aseio- BS5M. Country pre-ferreu. FlrstHjlass wortasan. Book and JobMiss- Own SITUATIONS WANTED. CLERKS ASSISTANTS WORKMEN, Jec. FTNTyBBSITY MAN, with ioaraaUstto experleaee, desires J private SECRETARIAL WORK, sclentifie, Uterary, or phUosophlc, , Compilations, indexing. Excellent references -E. B., e.o.; Bandall'S. 168, High Hotbom. IX5??S fSPTS, deim ENGAGEMENT as PBI- Uament preferred. Thorough knowledge of business and f6 "'Sally News" Inquiry Office, 7, Sleet- Stj(SQ, ltf,Cr -,'....-- yf,(Otf and BOBOUGH COUNCIL -a. BLECTI0N3 An experienced ELECTION AGENT, with first-Class refereiices, is OPEN to an ENGAGEMENT Address ElebtiOH, Box 2.580, Cell's; Pfeet-sirest, B.C. ANTED. " 'SITUATION ee MANAGER of Drpot or other , pcsltios ol; tTUSt in COAL TRADE. Over four Practical experience. Highest retiremS&m A, ITUATION WANTED, SECRETABIAL or any other work, bv Man. A&fA 5V fifMd.. r . , . .. - - : . -cj . ...... . . "vi . xtj years v..... uMcavica wr ta, aanway-street, w. 81'iTJATXCJN WASTED. Any respecUV,e position. Gehti w ,manJ ?Bers services for sman salary, or in return -for board-residence and laundry. First-class references-Address DVEOTISEB (Chcsnlst) dfeeires an APPOI2fTKKKT in a ChrtntaitT XTntiH'-iw!- tttftf- c-- ti - "i; i-v.". JuAuia, juiUQ ti,Liicu. at bis posal. Knowledge or French iaa5 some Gennan. $72 A, iTi CJhlAN 5il of appearance and address, desires X SITUATION m XCCOVNTANT, Cashier, Collector, cr any pcMtioa of trust. Address a P., 3, Wjiinc-road, Brfzton. AS TEACHEE of BOOK-KEEPiNG-Experienced teacher rof&!6nal acccuntaiit) Ia open to accept ENOAGE-HBSTT lor two evcnJngrs per wcez-Address Thoroijgn. cax EXPERIENCED BOOKKEEPER and ACCOUNTANT, referring to present employers, desires an ApPOINT-MENT-Mr. Fyfe, s, Buckingham-street, Buckingham-gate, CLERK WANTS SITUATION. Experienced in general office work. Shorthand writer. Modern salary. Good testimonials. E. A., 19, Gratton-road, West Kensington, W. CLEBK, Male (24), desires EMPLOYMENT. Good writer. Shorthand (Pitman's) 80-160. Has a- knowledge of typewriting (Remington). Moderate salary. Good testimonials A. C, 21, Broad-street, Bfracombe. fUNIOB CLEBK, age 18. requires BERTH. Good writer, OUiCk atld or'.rot t . SvAfK.. -' - - " W. ....... IC.EiCUd, 20o B, Daily News" Inquiry OfSce, 67,. Fleet-street, E-C. ANTED, by a respectable Yovn Person, EVENGTG EMPLiOVMS-WT (!! i.r- 1..U. 13 A 1 buildings, Wych-irtrect, Strand. POSTAL YOUNG LADY DESIRES SITUATION. Can take entire charge. F. and B. telephone. Six weeks fnu tn ?Mm fi KT !C ' W t JaOBTMAND-TYPIST (140-50), ags 13. desires SITUATION r m itt.r-uaiE.js. sa,ary iss. several years" ycucui,;. jaupsn, aorxoE, as, Jiocnester-road, Camucn-town; HCBTHAND TYPIST Lady . desires ENGAGEMENT. Tm. . .. . . . , . v i vv cjiu a. can years experience. oott relerences. C, Woodside, Filiebrook-road, Leytonstone. EXPERT TYPIST WANTS HOMEWOEK, every deserto-tion.. Seduction for quantities. Also translations. Moderate terms-Address Expert. 412 B, "Daily News" Inquiry Office, 67, Fleet-street, E.C. TWO YOUNG GENTLEWOMEN REQUIRE POSTS (New York) in USEFUL CAPACITY, business or otherwise. Not experienced In former, but adaptable 886 A, " Daily News" Inquiry Office, 67, Fleet-Street, E.C. ADVERTISER, 33, seeks SITUATIONS'. Thoreush Freneh and English correspondent, shorthand (Pitman's) and typist. Good general business experience. A worker. Best ,references-B. 31,173, c.o. Jones and Co., 31 bis, faubcurg Montmartre, Paris. F LOOS-CLOTH and ROOF-CLOTH MAKES seats ENGAGEMENT as WORKING FOREMAN, or other responsible capacity. Many years' experience in a first-class West of England House Apply 42, Eayward's Letter Exchange, Bristol. SMITH, general, first-class for eab and van builder, good for wheelwright's, young man, wants constant EMPLOYMENT. Collance, 27, Canonbury-rcad, Highbury, N. ElfGrNEBrVEB-seefcTpERMANENCYT Own repairs, with slight knowledge of electricity. Excellent reference. H., 171, Grey's-road, Henley, Oxon. P LUMBER WANTS JOB, used to ga3, hot water, eiectrie bells, and all kinds of Jobbing W. G.. 20, Belment-rbe, Maidenhead, Berks. PACKING and PRINTER'S COUNTER. SITUATION de-sired as same or any good ouening; Age 22. Sir years' ,ar nr. -. , t... Z . . CABPSNTEE, Joiner, WANTS WORK, or as Estate Carpenter, repairs, etc. Charge eteetrie plant. Generally handy. Good workman. Good references. E. P., 14. West-ville-rcad, W. BESSMAKING. WANTED, SITUATION as FIRST HAND in sod business house. Thoronsrhlv exnerl- encd in coats. Apply Miss Menslngton, 3, China-street, Ban-caster. O MASTER BAKEBS. WANTED, by a respectable Young Man, aged 32, as FOREMAN or good Second. Weil up in bread and smalls. 12 vears character. E. Heritage, 5, Covell's-row, High-street, Margate. WANTED, by a respectable Lzd, SITUATION in oid-established BUTCHER'S, rear London. Little expe-rienco of the trade. Live in. Stanford, Bushey. Herts. BMY MAN (late), sergeant 8 years, aged 34, good writer, CAPACITY. Address Sergeant, 189, Vasrhall-bridge-road. S.W. OY. aged 16. two years' reference present situation, wishes to find WORK in CARPENTER'S SFKVP and willing to learn. Accept small wage. E- HoUinshead, 8, Pickets-street. Balham. OBK WANTED by a respectable Woman, by the dav or week. Business or private. Citv preferred. Gcoi references. W., 41, Grinstead-road, Deptford-park, S.E. t NIGHT WATCHMAN or any position cf trust. Good character. Address S. EL, 9, Kcraertcn High-terrace. Hackney. HANDY MAN wants JOB. Understands small Jobbing, carpenter's work, pap-jr-hanjicg. white-washing, etc J. C, 15, New-street, Houndsditch, City. HANDY MAN WANTS regular SITUATION. Understands ail kinds of lifts. Willing to make himself generally usefuL Late M.F.B Address A. G., 5, Bonar-road, Peckham, S.E. TOUNG MAN (22) seeks SITUATION. Any capacity. View to permanency. Used to carpentering. Good refs. A. R., 1L Qaeen's-road, Hford SQUIRED, by well-educated Ycuag i-an. of Smart ap- TMar.1T!Cf. AfMt n.rmATTTt. RTTTT TTAW TX-icYT-r.- - a f ' - , i w;iiua ing. Excellent references. Disengaged Apply E. P. Alpha House, HenSelc. YOUNG HAN. with two years' good character, Bequlres SITUATION, to make- himself GENERALLY USEFUL In privats hcuso or house of business, indoors, cr any place of trust. Abstainer. S., 53, Botherfield-street, Islington. REQUIRED, a 6ITUATI0N in any TRUSTWORTHY CAPACITY, by a. mas 45 years cf age. No encumbrances. Strong and willing. No objection to live in. Many years' exceUeht references. Address D. H., ss, Kilbara-nark-rcad. N.W. ESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, been in service. , WAKTS WOTHT. ith(f diniTio- tw, il - ' . 'j .v.uw v.. i a family. Reference. Sleep cut. No Sundays Prior, 4, Cotall-street, Poplar. ESPECTABLE. . YOUNG WOMAN requires EMFLOY-, MENT as OFFICE CLEANER, etc A. G 42. Win. che&tcrstreet, Pimlicb. COMPANION-ATTENDANT disengaged. Kiddlesgea. Gentlemanly appearance. Accustomed to travelling. Med. references. Address 2d. A., 23, South-street, Manchester-square, W. ALE NURSE-ATTENDANT Disenga-jed. Thorcughly experienced mental, dipsomania, invalids, caihprc- Good sailor. Highest medical and other references. W, Beech AS ATTENDANT to Invalid gentleman. Good lifter. Experienced. Highest references. Moderate wage Address A T. B., 2, Chain-entry, Gkracesiergreen, Oxford. ATTENDANT-COMPANION to a weak-minded ybusg gentleman. Entire management of a delicate- or backward youth. BeferSncea. Moderate salary. A., 110, Torriaho-avenus, N.W. S G300M-C0ACBMAN. Thoroughly csderstandT RiAhifl dnti.-. AW 28. TbirtiW -mm.o -r ... through death. J. Hughes, Duke-street, Tutbnry, Burtcn-on Trent, ESPECTABLE LAD seeis SITUATION in STABLES. Served apprenticeship racinz establisiuttrnt. T.f t in canning Town or near l, raiiip-street. Kinff-street. Plaistow, E. . ABDENEB, single-handed or with help. Married. i9 " experience. Ags 38. WiUhlff and obliEliMr- rM,n Good character E 117, Dahbrook-road. South Rtrrathm No circulars. ANTED, a SITUATION as HANDY MAN. Trustworthy and reliable. Undertsands horses xnd nMm drives Willi and make himself useful Ags 40. ilarried. S years' highest reference. Address Charles Poriesa. L Snth-erland-road, Chiswick, W. HOUSEEEEPERS. COMPANIONS. HELPS. T ADY SEEKS POST as GOVERNESS or LADY NURSE. JLi 24. English subjects, mnsie, neeatework. Church cf England.. Befe'rehces; S., Miss Gray, 120, Upper Bichnioatt-road, Putney. JjjUPEBIOB YOUNG NUBSEBY GOVEBNESS (Magistrate's . j w.uvi,.;. uuuau, wuvxsuuu&& x rencii, crawing good music (piano and hanhonium), needlework. Accustomed tn -wmnff ehildreYi. i20-2S. O. O. f. TTnAn.. it t, . -- - , axsur street, Pail-mall end. SUPEBIOB NUBSEBY GOVEENESsI Highly reeom-inended. English, French, music, etc Most successful with children. &, Miss Carlisle, 48, St. Mary Abbotts-terrace, Kensington. UBSEBY GOVEBNESS desires BE-ENGAGEMENT. EnF lish, music, elementary French (entire eham.) yS, nesdlework. C. B., care of 5, Southfields-road, West-hilL WandswCrth, BENCH LADY, NUBSEBY GOVEBNESS (ProtestasO a www to in wis caa oi Septem ber. Highest references. Address Mademoiselle, Newton. New OEBMAN NUBSEBY GOVEBNESS desires BE-ENGAGB-HSNT (London preferred). Good English family. Estirs charge. Excellent character. Ago 27, Wages 30. Address Hellert, cafe cf Bcv. Gard, Guernsey. E-ENGAGEMENT WANTED by Youag lady, wh(, woc!d like to go abroad. Experienced as Governess. Good, pianiste and reader. ExceUeht references. K. C., 49, Elgin-avenue, W. YOUNG LADY, musical, desires POST- as COMPANION to lady, la or Hear London preferred. Small salary Disengaged September Mth Miss Moore; Beauchamn Lode Warwick-crescent, W, se, T ADY Bsquires KB-BNGAGEMENT as COMPANION or ,B A Housekeeper te either lady or gentleman. Kb children ..here servant is kept. Domesticated; Abstainer. Hishcst references. Salary 18 and iaun4ress-J. Eu, 158, ToIlingtoK-park, N. Kh where servant is kept. Small salary. Assist wiu hmniL keeping. Needlework, doiaestlcatc4.-16. Pan ton-street ci bridge. TT ii-ENGAGEMENT iteguireii as NUBSE-COMP ANION ' M& lavahd. Good housekeeper, reader, and correspondent KxceUent references. - B., m, Broomwood-rcad! Sta common. " RE-ENGAGEMENT as COMPANION or Lady Help P; take charge of little girl. Good refs-M. w 16 Clarence-road. Brondesbury. N.W. ls COMPANION.-Lady seeks POBT as above. DomesticateZ Understands tevaads. Caeerittl. EictVm!S.fr Capable, pracUcaL aetlvs. experiacea.-T., iliss Gray So Upper Blchraond-road, Putney. ua' v' plUMPANION-HBLP or Uaafe-HottseKeeper 22""tll v. kept; ffigbly reeosimehSsd-Jliss ctoftTito Abbotf s-terraoe, Kenslapba; vaasie, 4S, St. Mary aLI' eWaAWMeittP, for tome, mi31 Jd-:iJf Ji Mser- Musical, willing, worthy. Kind and qbllgiag-),, a, MaaSyre7 fgJION a COMPANION-HELP. W r, i4?teted- awcfcas. Fend oi ehfll sXosdfja write. Hr. John Tsrser. e, A 7 SITUATIONS WANTED, HOUSEKEEPERS. CG53PANION3. HE1P3L . T ADY, U6BFUL COMPANIONABLE HELP. CfeefflSfsfc . JLi bright, refined. Has a thoroegfa practical knowledge of . ail household duties. Seeks an immediate Eagagerajat-May, j Z't, Brcadmead.road, Folkestone, OUNG5Ift5Y des&es BB-ESTGAGEHENT as BOStBS-TICATED COMPANION-HELP. Woold wheel light ehair. Servant Sept. Moderate 8aIarr-S2 A, " Daily Ne-9S " , Inquiry Office, 67, Fleet-street, E.C. YbuNGIYB5iqorrs SITUATION as COMPANION-HELP. Thoroughly raestleatoLF. 2L, S3, Waxr-! road, I-eytca, Bssei. S CKSMPANION-HOUSEKBEFEE and 8ECBETABY I cujuvsica, gooa resacr, prooi reaesr H. 209, iSotZlsrt, SS, ! Graeechatch-etreet, E.C. SWISS LADY (middle-aged) desire ENGAGEMENT :ai COMPANION-HOUSEKEEPEB or Governess to mothsr-; less children. Aecanplihed, good bcusefcfeper, linguist, ronsle ( teacher, and needlewoman. Salary B40-S60 " JL," Fir Cs. wge, '.vesvenu, souinampton. -"rSKFUL COMPANION or Nursery Govtesess. Good "SUt-J lish, French, music, needlework. Entire charge tt desired. Good references aad tests. Advertiser, 7, Canstoa-street, Eegescy-stfeet, Westminster. T ADY HELP, 33, seeks SEASIDE EKGAGEMEST. .. i DemesUcated, needlewoman. Two years" reference. feervant teptw Fare paid. 14-E.. 74, MayaS-road. HerneSB. 1" ADY HELP A HOME os SoutS Coast in return, ior A A 1-ght duties, WANTED by a domesticated Yomsg Lady. N oiiConfonnSst. M. H "Gazetts" Office, WStaey. A YOUNG LADY, 18, would giro her services as LABY-Jf- HELP for ccmfortabK! home. No ssJary Address M. W., 32, Wood-vale, Forest-hill. A S LADY HELP, Housekeeper, position of trust. A 29. -fl Educated, quiet, trustworthy. School, institute. Accustomed to children. C W., Clanricarde House, Lcssdaie, Tttn-bridge Wells. A S USEFUL LADY HELP in small famfly; Thoroughly domesticated. Cookins. needlework. Long experiensa. Miss G., 42. Penge-rcad, South Norwood. S USEFUL HELP. Thoroughly domesticated. Good w fercnees. ITear TjmAr,t! nrpforwil T. ttw.Vc "! Ttinri. bask, Bandon-hill, Beddlagton, Croydon, Surrey. ' ANTED, by two fanner's darters, to live ftfestiter TTC1PT?TTT E. T,A ......... . needlework-Apply to K. F., Caen Hill, Devfees, Wats. ADY seeks BE-ENGAGEMENT as HOUSEKEEFEB wim jjft ,v wi sciiweziii, o- is t'Ket. xaTTvfy, wcere servant is keot. Thorouiyhir i-...'pn- ;V e T.v.-.-rw-v-. Vm. head. S LADY HOUSEKEEPER or Companion, young, re-. fined, well-educated, and exserienced. ServaKt or see- rants kept. H&s Pediy, Green-end, Great Barford, Sfi NeatB, Hunts. YOUNG LADY, bright, energetic, thoroughly domestt-csted, coed cock, desires SE-KNGAGEMENT as B'j-JSEKBEPEB to genttersaa. Servant kspt. Excellest is. ferences g 6, Argyle-strect, IniwJch. S HOUSS3SEEPEB or Companios-Brerp. Good reJer- ences. it., bz, sunis-roao, Shephern's-bnsa, W. - S HOUSEKEEPER or any position cf trust. Good plain cooifc. needlewoman, attentive in illness. Ijbsx. soosS, ret. Age 45. il., to, Samuei-etreet, Woolwich, S.E. A S HOUSEKEliPEB, with excellent "rereneeS-aSoe' Jrk. years in cue post, seeks BE-ENGAGEMENT. Age- 4a. 30 to 45-P.. Miss Gray, 120, Upper Bichmond-road, Putney.. np?BUST'.VOBTHy HOUSEKEEPEB, 16 years" experience. JL An Attendant on invalid, or lady Help. Thorcughly, -domesticated. Fond of children. GocS r-efereaces T. , Post OfSce, Bowbridge, Strcuc. Gloucestershire. OU5ESEEPEB, Contnanios. cr Ladv-Eelo. ThcronrfsJr .M domesticated, eccncmical raanairer. enerzetic. bright.. Highest refs-E. L. G., Jelpke, Stationer, 103, Eigh-rosd, Kiiburs, N.W. - OUSEEEEPEB. or Mother's Help, where servant Is kept. Thoroughly domesticated. Good cook ana:see8&- woman. Accustomed to children 3S, Shandos-rcad, Gapham-park. (superior Working), 45, small besiaesi or private house. Fam3r 4 or less. Not IOEdoa .at basement. 13 months ret. IS E. E-, care ef Mr. Daris, Stationer, Setton. -. 'OUSEEEEPEB to Widower. Lady, 27. desires BE-EN- liAGi.isiT. Take charge motherless chUdres. Capable, refined, good cook, manager. Good references Miss B., 233, Brockley-road, ' Erockley, S.E. HOUSEKEEPER CWorkmg), sisgte gestlcmas or wtoeSi Tnoroughiy domesticated. Tristwortiy. aSo4ert salary for comfortable horra. Ag 40. Good- references. E., 3, Heygaie-street, Walworth, S.E. MOUSEKEEPEE (entire duties), lady or gentlanasi t& small house or fiat. Ags 30. Beferesee. Dlseagagsdv Salary 20-Particulars, Hcusekeeper, 8, Astrobcs-rcadi Actoa . Green. "gS'OUSEKEEPEE, USEFUL COMPANION, or other JLiL city, by reliable, trustworthy, superior peisoa, whaot gin sept. Eomesacatec, nice coosing Miss Salman, 70, Manor-road, Brockley, S.E. . MOUSEKEEPEE to Wicewer, -jrtisre servant is Sept. USad to and fond of children. Good ccok, manager. "sb4 clever needlewcmsn. Business cr private. Bl., 121, Ltrtfeair-road, Finsbury-park. Lcndon. .-': HOUSEKEEPEB. SITUATION WANTED by a respect-ablo person, ags 43, in a. working mzs's faxoBy. Good refs. Address Mrs. A., 110, .Bevoas-read, Bow, E. OUSEKEEPEB-Lady. 41, desires BE-ENGAGEMENT te gentleman, or Housekeeper-Ccmcanian to dderlv. Lsdr. '. Domesticated, understands cooking. Servant kept. London cr near. State salary. 8i B, "Daily News" Inquiry Office, 87, Fleet-street, E-C. - - -r HOUSEKEEPEB to gentleman. Widow, 38, give scxi'Kga for good home. Disengaged. London preferred Meliora, care cf Grosveaor Library, Criapel-street, Belgravia. REQUIRED, by a Lady (Widow, giving up own hoinej, POST as HOUSEKEEPER to gesOemas, eervsst kepi, or would assist delicate lady Address B., The Cottege, Shal-ford, Guildford, Surrey. SITUATION required as HOUSEKEEPEB cr place of i. where could have girl of 8 years. Address Mrs. 3S33s,; 6, Oajorne-road, Kingsten-os-Thasies. COMPANIONABLE WORKING HOUSEKEEPEB or HHjfc EE-ENGAGEMENT by widow lady 2S). Experlesead. " domesticated, good needlewoman. Small bsIetv if allowed daughter Lcndon or seat. 107, St. "phiSp'Soad, Sheffield. OBKiNG HOUSEKEEPEB to one- or two. or ia ffitt. Aged 28. Good references, very trsstworUsy. BeEabls. State particulars. J. B., 13, Musgra.veJSrescent, Fulhara. 'OBKING EOUSEKEEPEB to quiet, elderly people, where young servant is kept. Good cook. TTfyTt references. T., 9, Keswick-vfEas, SSahre&road, Twickesham. OBKING HOUSE BEPEB to a widower or bachelor, of trust. Good referesca. Widow, " Daily Sews ' Inqcny Office, St. or any position age 48. Address Se3 A, Fleet-street, E.C OBKTNG HOUSEKEEPEB to .gfffrarmza by superinn, middle-aged person. Plain eookins. oi refer ama. . Salary 32. iJ. semirg, ta-roaa. Bexley-neath, Kent. S ASSISTANT HOUSUKEEPEB, or wCnld take atir management is private house cr . school. BcmestScated. ceedlewcmas, experienced in illness, used to children. Aga 24. Good references SS3 ji, "Daily News Inquiry' OSabs, 87, Fleet-street, E.C. O OifjflCEBS iavsHdeg, and ethers. Geaiaegnrasa, bright, sympathetic, musical, .is STIBSE, SecaK', or Housekeeper. Terms arranged." Home," care of S, Chl-chester-street, Paddrngtoh. DOMESTIC SERVANTSi ANTED, by MAN fed WIFE, CABETAKSB say oiaca of trust, where cxiokme la recaired tggfeaieiL Highest reference Address, Caretaker, 7. King-street, Lstoa. Beds. AN and WIFE. CARETAKERS or as Managers o.pzl-. vats or good Apartment House. Experienced ai liable. No eh2dren-Smeeth, 2, Bock-gardens, Bogacr. AN and WIFE as CARETAKERS, Porter aad PortessSk . or management of good asartniests. Aire 25 and 22. Good refs. E. P., 27, Staasary-street, SE. "jaCASBIED COUPLE seek APPOI3ri3ENT si CABS-J5S TAKERS, any capaciv Man active, isteHigaat, eateU, used to institutions. Wife cook, needlewcmas, . thoroughly domesticated. Caretakers, 78, Ecdestoa-aqnare, S.W. EQUTEED, by Two Friends, SFJTTATIONS togethet; sa Chambers or Cara and Ceasing of Offices. Good slais cooESg ana sugnt ssowieage oi wasting s recmrwi.-E. Trt 40, Hugh-street, Ecclestos-sqcare. jfABETAKEB, or similar engagenMrt, WANTED Sy : V getic COUPjjE. Miadle-agd, so fajBily. Excelicst testimonials and references M, cars cf 153, Queen's xoaiS. Tunbridgs Wells. CABETAKSB, Housekeeper to gentleman, or any stoat, of trust. Good plain cook, careful managec. .Wiabiw, superior. Highest refsreases. G. 5U, 8; St. Joha'S"a.vGa2Sfc Harlesdes, N.W. FEBSON, 23, WANTS WORK. Cbbkiag, waiang, or c offices. Sleep, ont. Day ox half-days Letter, B. S. Bi, bs, Crawford-street, Marylebone, W. SITUATION required by respectable Young Wcsrias ag CAEETAKEB or WoiKng Hwisekeeper. Good xSfa-. ences. Could furnish own room Miss Matthews, 20, Ahaa sqaare, N.W. SUPEBIOB COOK-HOUSEKEEPS3, where girl it kept. Light piece. Thoroughly experienced. Good refsresa. Country preferred Miss Earner, 25, St. Stephes's-road, B4y- Water. C, OOD COOK, is a gentleman's family, where KtEhsrseaa X is kept. Eight years' good character. Wages 35, gnifr all found. A. S., 20, Wobuihrbtaldings, Esstaa-road, W. LAIN COOK, age 39. Wages 24 to 2S M. H, 4iQL Charringten-street, OxklsrnaM, N.Wi COOK or Cook-GeneraL in small famav. Ax 21. Good referenoe. Suburbs prefarred West, High-atees Iver. S COOK: or GENEBAZj is smaB family. state . wages and If faro is paid. HinnrVin only. 3. 1. s. Erringtos-road, Paddingtos, W S GOOD PLAIN or COOK-GENKBAL. age 2J. Two . years' perscnaL Wages 20 E. A. W Sfi. White. Hart-lass, Bamfts, Surrey. AS COOK-GENERAL. Ag 22. Nearty 12 monlfcs' good charactte. Mary, Th KameUnii, Maiden, Sumy. Ho circulars. OOK-GENEBAL. 25. Plain BOUps, fish, psstiy. etc 5 months' personal character. 17 or 1S Annie, Hetiter-ingtoa's, 109, Queen's-road, Peckham. AS NUESE to onn or two children. 3L Two vears character. B.C. Keat nreferred-K. Wall, Eppla Bay, Bucoihgton. a NUBSB ta one or two otog- csndree. Good ohajs- Etm-park, Brixtca-hill, S.W. ' EQUXBED, a SITUATION as GNSE3-NUBSE, by yosai . - ... y.ueuw.v. , , IB, Ernest-road, Forest-gat. SITUATION required by a EOUSE-PABLOUEMAIB, ia family of two. No basement. S.W. ftreferred. by tetter to W 53. Ivydene-rcsd, Dalston, OUSEMAID in small family. Ksowledgs of waiting. . Age 24. Wages 18, W. or N.W; nrelerrea. BelL Vain. terrace, Uxhridge-road, Acton. SKKVANT, Disengaged. Cook, wash, iron. Experience ia housework. Long character. 12. British Agency, Koath-park, Cardiff. Stamp. tiPEKlOB GENERAL SEBYANT. " Age 28. TJndarstasds good plain cooking. Also waiting table. Neat appear, anee. Two years' character. 18. J. C, 183a, Strand. S txilSEBAL SEBVANT, age 22. Wages 14. Character a years (personal). A. B.. 12; CholfnVT.irtHM. ; Duton, Surrey. No office seed apply. S GENERAL SEBVANT. Good plain cook. Country girl, with excellent character. Will take low wags for comfortable situation. Sirs. Coster, Registry GSce, Gloucester. ENEBAL. 21. Plain cooking, lignt washing. 3 years personal character. 14. Neilie. 3 as. Oyiwn-s-rTwi -p ham. iiNEHAL SBSVANT. AK 25. Tall, nice annoarMi. IS months' charaetsr. -p.ir n s TTetfiino-rnc m Upper-street, Islington. 1 ENKSAL SEBYANT, Plain Cook, ag 25. WagSS 15. r Gil V ! a BEMMtl i.H,nnt. Tliwis T - A 1 JiNSBAL SERVANT. Age 19. Strong. wiBiag. Good personal character. Wages 14. Mary, Hetheringtaa's. 214. Edgware-rosd, W. (ovar Siager's). O ENEBAL, 23, DiseRgxged. Can do aoythlag in house, work and plain oocScing. Weil spciea. H a obliging. , 18. ChartttsE--3C3s Nsiaoa, 332, GkascaMosa h&l&

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