Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 6, 1944 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1944
Page 4
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THURSDAY, JULY 6,19*4 Published Every Evening (Except Sunday), by THK NAUQATCCK NKVVS CORPORATION NAUGATUCK. CONNECTICUT 00 YOU REMEMBER? Prom The Files or Trie News MM »nd »t30-.\ll Department. u» uncord clusst mutter at t>ic post oM'leo Niiugutuck,- Conn, KUDOLPH M. HENNICK. President and Triuisnrer RALPH S.-1'ASHO. V'uu-Preaidciit' KDWARD C. LINOENHELD, Asniutunt Trciwurcr HOLLAND, Secretary I month ..-.. I month* • •• ; week—I8c SUBSCRIPTION RATES I J .73 0 months . J2.25 1 yvur ..-. Puyuble in Advance By Carriur t yonr *»,00 TO 'THK FLAG—"1 |ili-«l(te »»«•- Kli,iici' to tlui Fliitf of tin; Uiillcil Slut«« -ol Ainrrlvu mid lo tho K.'pul'Hc '««• "''" ch " shiml*. Out' nutluii 'inilivlrttlile, with LHH-rty itnil .tii»lU'».' for all." NATIONAL STRENGTH . The Ilium's* and power ul' lliis nation an- -nuliially ix-ali/uil n«w by American* as they have 'hit-n alromk 1>y ilio world iii nvnWa!. We i.irc'"uiigiigi:d in t'iglitmy" miif winning U'o gival wars on opposite sides of the world..-At ;t!ii: saniu time, we are i in iv'din.u' our alliVs with immense quantities-oi' munitions. .And as it' this •vs'eru n<.'t'i..-ii'intirli.. \vr. an> -i-hmily entering cuir rug i liar four-years' croiUvst between two great political parlies fur vunti'ol ol the country starling "est Jannaiy: And we -seem to do all this without lui-ttiiif; an eye.' . • -.."-• ' The candidates are oyfn now 'being' chosen for the. contest, and a!! preparations are I'^'HILT .njadc in the si/ni.u'g'le tor •irovenirrK-iitiil control. The _ KepjjMicaii party ha* named candidates J'or president, nnd vice-p.resideiu.-Thu IV:>"'KM.-ats will soon no'minnto i-ts candidates J'or those ol'1', and it will n-U' be IOIILT before all '.nominations for the House and Senate.will be completed. A'nd is; the nation exciteil find disturbed. From all the. indientii;iis of a Tree press and radio, and- the' commi'n'l. of t'rion'ds and' lioiirhh'or-s "everywhere', .it is-taking Ihe wimlv busi- • ness vi.-i'y calmly. The-^nunis- tration may or jrmy not be-'overihrown. Jn';mv case. everybody Ic'n.oWs that th'O e'n't:- at " Wasliiirgt-on - will'- still likewise v.'m-iun,ir peaceful home—the sti'i-nyest. and I' .nali'nns., ..'•' - • . " 20 Years Ago . . . : Clinton Smith and hl.s daughter, Marjorie, of O;rtc street were at Fort Trumbiill bench, Mijl'ord,'with Mr. Smith's sinter, Mrs. James Picrpo'nt, . , o—O—o . •;.. • • Mrs. J. W. •I.owe, of KuaLis, Flii.,:''nnd Mrs. 13. F, FltKalmmons, of Goncvu, Ohio, were.', the'.gucsta of Mr. and Mrs. George Merrill, of Cliff street. . . o—O—o '.. ... . 30 Years.Ago ' ; Bessie Weismnn of Cherry'street. i-uturiiccl from a vacation trip to Boston, Mass.; o—6—b '•'.'. Mrs. Frank Jfajestic and children of New York, cltv, nnd'Mrs. A. Haw'.ey .of CcuiM)*- 0 ", P^.i returned to their homes after visiting Mr. uml Mrs. Harry Knmerzcl of Gornuxn street. Around the Clock Crait Keiper of Prospect is a surgical patient in St. Mary's hospital Mr. and Mrs.- Dcnald Kaufman of 71 Millville avenue became the parents of a taby boy Monday morning at St. Mary's hospital in Waterbury, The poppa is an employe cf the U. S. Rubber Co Jacqueline Miller of Prospect stopped in at the same hospital to check upon a possible fractured ankle Johnny Ostroski,' Jr., is working for the Wilson Clark Co. for the'summer. umn's joy. We've read it ,. Uii« fouru» most s Julm Silver has :;'<:nie.up to Francoiiia, N(j\v • Humji'shiro, for a two-weck-long. I'i-shmi;' trip. l.lVs.slaying at the. Pello- t,iei' o:il)in.. ;tlic'rt'." 'Mr. arid Mrs. •I'otOr AV.hite ami their aoi.i "loi't i'or a w.vk's vacatiun sot'mwlicro, • probably .Maine. ...... Bnrgcs-s (Ji-Gflo Klim:is'/ow- 'ski is iij) in .' sp'omlrng hi* iioU-iing •to do hum-* locking" at'all the old beauty and historic spots tl.ial,- the BtMiitown jicastri.'. . .-, . Mr. and Mrs. Waiter .1 lulmi.'s a'nd "d;uiL;-]iK'r, \i7t"et.'ti, arc. 1 . vi.sit- '•inii iii Jl.udson, Alns.s. THE FILE CLOSERS;, Walter Winchefl On Broadway to )>e hnppy, for rush out and got tho MNT-FROM A BLUE SEHGK piece by a ncw H papcrrri; in Rankin. Tears him from .-I nalysis of the- reactions of a -war . veteran (in the emotions a wo.-kout.Tl ould moke a .stirring film. mag told the story of Marine hero .. some newspapers arc ignoring the 3fi^V# -T- -HlM- < -.•-. ^i^^^Sg^r- ..-.;. -^* <0 FOURTH OF .JULY CASUALTIES. • Despite- tin 1 ; many wanfiu.U's agniitst accidents, on the P'on'rUi of-July holidays, "the 'uea_th to-!I of -v.-oelj-wid; Veleb'rants totaled nearly 400,' T-li.e .looniest .t.oTl \\'a;s •Jn tral'i'if.' accidi'iits. which mini bored; 1.60. One liimdrtjd.Miid -U ijrownin,!; i .s--were re- - l"n'i,'\s'i.ii'i^ -on' ntrninst. rlii; use • Fmirlh and Hie passn.i;'i> nMnws prnliibit- • ing thi- sale-'uf thi-m in ma'n'y-couirnnni-. ties, there Jiiis bei-ii a. -lijg -Clrop m the. iiuinlmr- of deaths j'rpni explosives in-'Jn-. " 'NaiigMfiKik's (!('•!fbhifion of the Fonrlli. was ono of tile' *nl'os.i"! sanest, in the history ir\' this tiiirouicli, and.'no vuila- • tiorrs.fjf tli'rj ban on !'!Vi:w(.>rks \wis"report- ed. Had "the discli'aYi'f' of and other explosives • .been • prrmit'led, however, pVutj,'..-nf. hfinds -a.nd. fingors \vould.'undoubtedly, have be.en "hunied; • It. has taken mans: years' of exho'rta- • lion and •• :u'n'iimi'!i|. .to. hrinu 1 about the. 'adoption of i-lie ' 's ceh'brating liulepr-udt'iici. 1 . l)ay, lint'-f-he i'liimbr/r of lives il iias .saved; a_nd .the' physical injuries il has prevented -khoid.d_. Ions; 1 remaitra si ron.i anrl et'feC'lJ\'e ai'yu- • incut in fa vi i r of its c'unlin nance.'. • • . Bertha -Duba cf Garden street is . spen'ding- a v/eek- in Waterbury. ...... "Jeann'ette O'Donnell, of Frederick street is spending, a week out at Sandy Beach ' with -Betty Ann .Sweetman. .-..'. .'. Howie 'Walsh, North Hoadley street, Peter Moeckel cf the-Coast Guard, and Franklin Allen cf Beacon Falls also of the C,' -.G.,.were in town over the weekend. . . , % , B. F. O'Dcnnell and Mary Reilly played a -fast' match of tennis .the other day. Miss Reilly won easily as the former has . slowed, up 'cojisiderably. ' • ' . L<.-rr:.i:Jie"Mnrp!iy, of Hij School street, .is' spc-n'ifing. ii' 1'e.w ilays-a't Si:. Mary's hospit-al, nnder^'oini;' a" bit: of ol.'isiM'vatirin. fli.'Or.u'C and 'Helen Fedc-ranis, .2(10 Andrew tivunno, became the pareufs'of a' •very yoiinx.-bahv"girl at'St.. Mary's Wednesday mViriiuijc iifl li:5. r ) a. ~n). . . . .•.'And 'MY. .a'ud .'Afrs. Franii K-a-ckmvski. of. 32 MIND AND BODY" Germans Unable To Mass Strong i 'Counter Farces? Non-Stop Attacks On .Japs By U. S. Navy. Foreseen limes KO far, and \vc r.;ad foro hittin« the hay—to %<.\, 'Q,™ dreamland xvlth a smile froai a , sedition trial: Vropag-'unda UHed j to oar The same American ^ by the defendants is' pa,-t of the issue, if youi wjl oxcus, their J M Government evidence - and it in the mouth, has a pi tcc cehoos some editorial pages. . .The the - Fmns don't w» nt an refur'btahod Staec Door Canteen | w,lh Germany Roborta L« (tt , in New York is now more decora- Dayton bluo,sin«er). happy 0 tivc than New York's most lavish [ several orchids here, phoned. te nij-ht spots...Being a civilian is | mother to share her joy...-^ no cinch in a war. If you're jjcssi- , don't depend too much on thea," mistic the editorial writers claim ( counseled .»Ia. If nothing cora you're a defeatist. If you're op- | of il, \ve can always tain about iu - timistic, they call you complacent .And If you're not pcssy or opty —then you're just apathetic.. .Oh, THE BROADWAY BETTING ring masters have seldom guessed wronK on Presidential races. They have made Mr. EJKT a. douljle-pricc favorite. ..Some Repubs in town THE MOST TUNEFUL 0 ( y,, revived . songs appears to ^ "Swt-cr and-Lovely"...How co,,,; Cot-v.'in, the adroit nditp author, hasn't written plav* < K the stage?...The most vital tli- ment in a movie's success is a KOO J stoj-y. But the fi!ni authors o£i- get less advertising than " are featuring old Willkic buttons ] ers. . .Many of th« girls wlliti in their lapels as a protest against ci'WJics at the Mocambo in HTwow the GOP's choice...Master -Elinson wishes to interrupt .to say that as governor, Dewey would like to' pardon Roosevelt from serving an-l other term....The wreck of the Chief reminds us to report that another train disaster dike the one that took. 150 lives) was nar-. rowly averted last, week . (on "a Tuesday night)' by :an alert brakeman. He discovered a defective journal on the train, en route to Norfolk—in time. LOG AX CI-ENirBNINC. M. The"Body's Illness : .'; Is Also The Soul's ". ' .'! TWO HUMORED . yoars. ago there was practically nothing but' specialism among" the pructicion~' ei's. of the hcnlinp art.. A rnan ; was o-ain'od to be a b'arhcr .s'ur-. Scon, belonged to thu auil.d of the Biu-bni- .surgeons and ])r:icticed- nbthin;; else liut surgery.' 1 . The apotbcc;iry W.-LS trained in the sumo way, novnr leni'nccJ " any slirirurv a'nd corrospontiocl to the f practitioner I Special to Central Pros* WASHINGTON—M i 11 t.iry ECU rces 'in Wash ing-ton 'arc now convinced .the Germans' have- not- counter-attacked in Normandy because, since riy,' they have been simply unto amass . the required -amounts of men and materials,' " : This.opinion .is,inish.anp contrast to published statements of the-Allied leaders when the invasion was launched—that a general coiinter- attacit must be expected at any. time .designed to attempt to hurl 1 the Allies into the English channel. Jn the early days 'o£ the invasion, it was said, the -Germans could have checked-the Allied tide with the the under Admiral William P. Halsey. In the southwest Pacific there is '.the Seventh fleet, commanded by 'V.ico- Admiral Thomas C. Kincaid. h'ero.of the -sweeps .against Japs on AUU and Kiska in Aleutians. The Ninth fleet in the "north • Pacific now • is under Vice Admiral'; Frank -J. .Fletcher. * ".'Apparently any one of these can operate alone, or they cnn team up for .a- really powerful thrust. Thus, one fleet 'can. go. back for repairs. refitting or a rest, wnilc the other three carry on against the Jap's first team. It was -Admiral Raymond A. Spruance's Fifth fleet which "DO NOTHING TILL YOU HEAR FROM ME," which was high on the Hit Parade only a, few broadcasts ago (and has?garnered a mint for Duke Ellington), was written by Cootie Williams,- Dukii's ox-trjmpct- genius. Co6tic' peddled il to Ellington for $25... Its real name is: "Concerto for Cootie". . .Rooms are so scarce in navy-crowded Norfolk, Va., ~ '.hat Herb Fife's ami his band (playing at the Palomar) had to rent six motor cars to sleep in. ..The name Winchcll appeared in the Record long before .the' current one started worrying those in Washington, \s-ho- have good -reason to worry. His name was Benj. Winchell. "The oldest papers in the liles of Congress relate to Ben and his son Ruggles. The papers date back to 1758. . .J^idio • internist or genera: practitioner j co ; ^^.g smnH nu! nbers of men- -tackled the powerful Jap fleet off of our clay. - > and _ uns _ N OW , however, a large' the Philippines in one of America's Obstetrics was in the hands oC . |nT)y WOU U1 be required, and ius greatest naval victories of the war. the midwivos.'Tlnjii, us 'the science oT anatomy and knowliidgu of bacteria grew, it was soon. " that those fundamental principles were ijocu.ssary 1'or ail pVactitioners to know "and wa had .an era when, « : hilc there were a few'-.specialists,most 'doctors pracl'icu'cT in':LII fields. New Type Sin;'ciulist Then knowledge ...widened still further and chances- o'f, success would -be much ' marc slim.' One -cjompetcnt military' source— who 'declined to be identified— went so far as to say th'at with the capture o£ Cherbourg, the Germans have been forced to abandon any- p:>ins.or.-Hopcs. they may have had THERE IS NO' -LONGER .ANY CROWDING at the press table in the mass, sedition trial courtroom in the capital. •••--•• ' Wficn the trial started several' weeks, ago more than 50 rep'ortors ' p:ans.or..-Hopcs. they may have naa ar , d sp<? ciaJ'i'writers elbowed each to sweep the Contsxntir. peninsula j othcr fO r beUer points of observa- free of Allied armies. All they can thc'"'.techriical ' pro- I do now is to prevent them from ceilures in suqb .fields--as. the eye j spilling over into the rest of DIOOINO ... Soon <• i ft or f)-1>ay C-OIIKJS A'-IX-iy,- .nnd .V.-:D;;y plu.« l,.;uni V-D;iy pins t\vo. ;n K | so on. 'it is siinnnoi' in "military 'tcmiiri(ilo.U',V. ^Tlio l>oys and 'irirls M'ill " .linvc .'in" int.i'iv.-l iu,i; tirno playing "wirli thoso anil djlir-r syinhf/ly ol' modern \var- 1'nre.-Tlifrc arc a .yrc-at many, iriattors now t<> ini.wsi lads and lasses \vith keen rninds and imagination. Ta-t thorn timnol anil trouch and cam- J * oni'la.u'O and raid ami foray wlnlo they "can. I'ime is torrilily, t'as-t. A\l too soon hoys will have tin- stature and streng'th' of Trifii, and l>e j.ioedoi] perhaps for more serious delving'. Americans arc people who don't like being pushed a round. •In/c.'-init' the mom uncl -da'd ot : a-J)ali.v lioy at I-he same filace 'Wednesday jH"!12:irj p.. IM." .I'lx'ei'yliudy-js.domy nil • right., hospit-al -M-nihorilJos said, in• ctiK-iing" the h.wslian'd.s. '•' '-This" column- the .other, day" somehow .gave-the, impre.ssion that only St. Hed- .wig's parishioners were eligible to enter • the. amateur, contests to' be held at the. church-.bazaar.. We;re sorry..'Any resident 1 c.f the borough', regardless of trie section of town in which he lives, i's •eligible. Each'of the three, groups, grain- and Mine""\vjiyVol.' ,j mar-school children, high school students and-adults wi'll have.a -five dollar winner, and-the-grand-winner -will'get an extra'ten dollar bill... .' .-, . Speaking of .the St. Hedwig's. bazaar, the chairman of the--cpmmittee in charge of the entertainment immediately upon accepting the'job, Jiad .to disqualify his daughter from entering the contest 'on the basis-of- family relationship. You still have time" to enter. . . , : '. Bridge street, residents certain!* miss the view they had of the golf course before'the fairway- gave way to progress and -the -new'housing project. 'Her ii'iany friends- wish .Mrs.-Lillian Williams, oi: '26 Church street, a speedy ' recovery, after iinclergoing-'an operation at AVatcrbnry hospital.':.- :, y : , Mr. and Mrs. Jo?epli Valiiiches-of.' &prmg street, {ire celebrating their ninth wedding anniversary today. The couple,.'attended ]>y several friends, will journey'down to New-Tfaven for dinner iit-the Tal'-t. ...... August 'Esperstedt and dangli-ter, Margaret Mcmilian of Netigle. street-spent Uio weekend in Bigtown, N. Y. •' and surgery became so' com;j|i-' catcd that a mnn.-had to devote^ his- whole life "to the acquirement' •of tlic- definite ski'lls arid .the new uge of sj)eci;il:sm developed. ' Wu. arc living in.-that' era. nnil we will probably never get away Crom the specialist- again, but of Into a new conception has come over every doctor's thought \yhich leads us back once more to the iicnc'.-al practitioner. This is the conception of the wnolu man. It has hcen named psycho-somatic medicine—from -psyche—soul, and soinu—borl.y. • Basically it culls attention to the age old idea that when a man is sick ,whon he ha* a Hover, not only, his body is -sick,' but also his soul. 'And when you give ;i man a drug to -front his sickness the drug affects not only his body but also his soul. -The more complicated n man is the moi-o complicated _ his life situation is, the more factors ci> tcr -into' the picture. -Economic factors, social factors and psy: cholofe'icul' factors! Sometimes ...'.a patient is never-cured .until ho changes his job or where- he lives, or, familial- enough iri ; thcsc day of • divorce, • changes. industrial sui'RCons- have found ..that'they cannot prac-" tlce 'full. pi'Gvontive. medicine un- : less they find o.ut about'what kind- of mo-n they arc dealiiy? with. Rou instance,- I have '«-' study be-;: fore- me made by .Dr. -Flandors- Dunba'.vof New York,'on tlie'de-: toction' of- workers who aro' prone,' to have accidents in an industrial- plant. ' ->.. Now certainly fin acpident-'-is a'.matter of moclico.,1 or surgical in-; •terust. And, of course, a man i.s prone to hayo. accidents if he, is; too'your.c fir too weak', or partially- deaf or blind.' But eliminating all such physical considerations there France.' WHEN VICE P RE'S IDE N T HENRY A. WALLACE left Washington for China/Ot is now disclosed, he took with him.a bip bag These included numerous packages of scientific instruments, ' books,'educational films and agri- | h( ,, lrd tion. ,Slncc:,-then .most of the special corresponrfeiits»; been recalled, apparently "'because! their editors thought they could be writing more interesting stories. .Now many seats at the press lable'~ia're;. empty, despite the fact that' o'lily-K'/one- principal witness 1 ' has been heard;' and prosecutors say there .are at least 200 to be orks have altered the well-known lines of the song, "Beyond the Blue Horizon." The wordtige — lies' the rising sun — has been switched vo "the setting sun." have been touched by,. a wand- or something — Cole Kirk, frix»ir.p) ( is now. an -actress. Zctta Kriin^ turned out to be att hciress-to.jTI,. 000. Now betrothed to a profcptroa lawyer. ..Virginia Eelmont-U-no* an actress at RKO' and Oclia Villt '<kin to Pancho) married .as MGS casting e.xec. Barbara Powers, » lovely lilian-haired doll, is prestnt. ly thero . . . Kitty Carlisle dfe again via Deceit's disc, "i'H j^. member April" .After Nov. fit, an ex-Gov. of. N. Y. will be just 23- other button. .WE USED A SIMILAR obsenv tion for. a lo-St line on the air recently. Said wc-'d wajjsr two to one that, an CX-KOV. of X. Y. would IK th'i next President. ..We don'tt»]t 100 fast, at all. People listen too Cast ,An amazing number coa- plained it was dirty poo! sty- i««- that about FDR. . .One ;\1i { wrote: "You'd lose because! 12' ex-KOvcrnor won't be the nac Presidcni. He'll be the snnie Pmi- dent.". ..Moish Solomon • is '•; name of .i Brooklyn lad .worklc; j with Protesuints and Jews : (u \ their chief) in tho promotion of! drive to-help-a Catholic instituiioi | (Berlin Papers Please Copy). Forests cover Iwo-fifihs the toul area, of lda.ho. . - .' cultural seed, The materials were assembled in Washington -by the State department as part of a program of cultural relations with China universities and technical centers. LOOK FOR VIRTUAL. NONSTOP OPERATIONS by power. fill sections of America's mljrhty .Pacific fleet n.f;a'inst Jap buses and shipping from now on. . Especially/since our Navy dealt a smash- inp.:blow at the Japanese fleet" on June 19 off the Philippines. Tip-off on the size of the Amcri- FRANCO'S SPAIN HL-VS been turning out expensive, movies in an effort to impress Latin-Amoi- icans. Meanwhile, thousands are starving in Spain...When a legislator attacks Hollywood it attracts headlines. But a few .days before Congress went on a furloaf—army bigwigs boosted Movie-burg's "contribution to Waraie (before a Congressional group) and most papers ignored .that news. . .With talent so scarce how come a top-flight, player such as Pau! Muni 'hasn't made any pix recently?. . .Rad:- orutor Johannes Stcele's sponsor deserves a patty-cake. The commercial- emphasizes the importance of freedom of speech for newscasters, .. .Sudden thawt: ..Some radio reporters* discovered as free as the air—until they try to gab over it,,.Talk about boom-, eranp-s: By snubbing Willkic, the Repub Convention gave him reams of newspaper space. Trying to make believe that Wilfkic didn't exist only gave him more attention. . MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES ThU Old Treatment OftM Bring* Happy lUIhf ^J^iDy Ruffcirm relievo rtwqpi* btcJndrt quicklv, o&cc vhey di»oovcr thatihcr«xlotuM of Uicir trouble rony be tired iddopj* The kidneys Nature's chief way o* t*k- TUcv help rnoei people pass abouvS T 1 * 1 * )\ hen disorder of kidney function p poisoDoiu matter to rcmajn in your Wood, H may cau^o ^teaccinc backache, rbeuaww with smarunit and bunuM , there i* vomcUu&C »TM* .. your kidney* or bl*dder. Pon't waJLl Ask vour drucERwr* for Doo"« Pills, u«od Eucc«.vfclli* by milljoa»fof o«f j-cars. The^Rivc happy relief ud *-i ]5 miles Of kidney tubes Hush out wmitu froai your blood. Gel You're TelKnff Mel •: •• ••'" By . WILLTAM KITT (Central! UFCTO Writer) TOJ.O.'.'.aippaiiciilly'. doesn't his .admirals' 'reports. .He urses his troops" in CVimn ,lo advance, 'thus gettln'p" further nr.d further i'rc-m. Japan. -Meanwhile, the Allies con-Unue to 1 .sink Nip ships as fast as they can find'llicm. ' The Japs a few- aquatic races in,. Ihc . lost Olympics bul his wife. Even the •' •using the Australian crawl. can armada now roummgr the P a - I- tnnt "d- oca n'f-mean- a Nip soldier .c.illc .is -the.fact, that it. has becji ; can nccoti:uc tho Sca . ot j a] xi.n bv -broken up into-at-least four separ- -• - - alii--'fleets ns" well • as "some . task forces;-; •'..':. •' '• '-' " 'First 1 on.'the. list -is, the Fifth fleet, ; which;'ea'rhcaclc'd • the Mariana ,'lrivdsion.'-' Neitt'.-'is- the -Thii-d fleet, is a 'kind- of personality who '.is,- u 101 .jty. about taking chances. 2. .Impulsiveness-ot action under -stress, 11 ' .' '' ' :j. Failure to. finish school. 4. Spontaneous and casual in social ; ,relations, : i''G:J'-Frequently changes jobs. T'6..' Apparently'-"gets' alonK all Tight 1 ; with' .'members -of the opposite sex:, ' but. irresponsible to- ^Yard.husband'or wife. : -' • '7, Interest in. machinery. . 8. No lp intcrcs't in philosophy beyond' a.'flrni .belief, in fate. 9. i"'Makes up mind quickly, io'. 'Alcohol and tobacco used tc 'let ;offe,8team; not for social purposes:' 11. ..Frequent, conflicts..with au- 1 will need a vast lininiiiil. of poaee-tlnu- iriuljrctN, i Gram) puppy .Tcnliln* woiKlon* how mniiy rubliss • he crtn Kot 'for the old The man. at Ihe next desk says !hc . has . found," at last, his dream jhoiise. 'It- -Is. happily., beyond A:card . distance from his nearest [relatives. . • • •"• ; A pane of. jjlass, we 'road, has a right aide and a wrong side and —too often—a\ washed side and an lunwashud. side. ' • MOVIE STARS ARE invariably very fussy about their scripts and their, billing- or their supporting cast, - etc.' But when they make personal appearances they often tarnish their reputation with the shoddiest sort of hokuni.. ."Words at War," the Summer replacement for Fibber McGcc and Molly, has something; to say about vital subjects and snys it sweloq'uently. .. Broadway's rarest commodity is talented playwrights. Tho theater has developed no big-time play- author since Clifford Odcts crashed the Broadway heavens. Thai was a decade ago. ..Xotc to showmen: ..A Celveland show- £roup re-; fused to produce an linti-Av'gen- tine play called "Choice of Weapons" because 'they considered it' too controversial. Too comrovcr-' sial for what? Afraid of wound-.' ing- whose pro-Hitler feeling's in'. Cleveland?. ,.W ha t became of- Sewell Avery and who Sivcsadam?* PEGI>ER ENCOURAGED and became one ol the mouthpieces for- Was'nington flapjaws who tried to suppress or probe this sinful New Yorker. So what happens? One Congressman now wants to have PeRler investigated—and-he is hol- perinpr blue'murder. . .If you want NOTICE! TO OUR XACGATCCK STORE CUSTOMERS:. Due to war time conditions,^ 1 * are coinpolled to close our X»» «:ituck store. i , CALL US For the day our Route M*n * 1| l Ix; on your street. Free Telephone- Service For"NaiiKiituck Cunlonicri . •-Call Enterprise 4700 SHALETT-LUX juindorers — Dry Clcancw •iS E. .Main St.. Wutcrburr Miiln Office * 11:int, . . 22 Walnut St. Kxt. Wntortown — Mlddlotiury VOCR JSYBGHASSES SHOP ; ... Tontlincon Neary BulUHnit Conn.' STORK C1.OSKI 1 ) ATX 1>*V MOXDAV ANU TUESDAV JULY S AXO 4 •has made, a list of twelve characteristics Uuit, according to his .experience, distinguish the •accident- prone worker. , ' • 1. First he ' enjoys better .than .average health with .no . tendency j to- colds, indigestion, dietary fads,, etc, That looks strange at first,' but it probably means.-/..that. *the4 fellow who .• .;sure' he..'ls In the best o^fllna^lll^^c^ashes -along . and ".exposes" himself " fo trouble 1 where the more sickly fellow'ia-. own : correction 1 . 12. Record., of broken homes— his own 'and ; . parents'. QUESTIONS; AND 'ANSWERS M,': Lvi : Is r :there ..any. danger in discarding rea'ding. glasses? Answer: ,Not if you see just as well without.' them., The. phc- .'nbmenon. of. second sight occurs to some oldsters who have needed glasses; in younger years; but when the''lcn's T hardens nature .makes its. , The Husslans arc now a purinuni KtronehoUl cnllcrt the ••Fatherland- Unc." Soundw kindu. close to home, dmwn't It, Adolf.? ;' "Rainbow;. 1 1 of Hope for Filipino-s" is the 'heading of an editorial. And the rainbow's coloi*. no doubt, are red, 1 white and blue. Ozark ;national forest 1 in Arkansas'ns 780;000 acres. {. LGreat Oak Farm J J OXFORD .KOAD. . Tel. 6049* &V ^MJLK^'E'GGS • .}»V^DieHygryK'iEo'^AII .-Par'tii Of ; •'• j Get Sliced Raymond^ TODAY I

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