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The Times from San Mateo, California • Page 76

The Times from San Mateo, California • Page 76

The Timesi
San Mateo, California
Issue Date:

Begin Sees No New Mideast War Soon Ttmdoy, Sn. 13. 1977 ft THE TIMES Son MoHo-S Cloud Seeding Success Claimed TEL AVIV, Israel (UPI) Prime Minister Menahem Begin has assured Israelis celebrating the Jewish new year of 5738 that there will not be another Middle East war In the coming 12 months. "I believe the new year will be a year without war," the 64-year-old Begin said in interviews marking the start of the Jewish year. The twoday Rosh Has- hana holiday started at sundown Monday and was ushered in by the traditional sounding of the rani's horn at more than 10,000 synagogues across the country. An estimated 1 million Israelis were taking part in religious observances, but tens of thousands of others flocked to the country's beaches and parks to enjoy the last rites of summer. Police asked everyone to be alert for possible Arab guerrilla attacks and defensive measures were tightened in a routine holiday alert along Israel's frontiers with Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. In a radio interview, Begin said, "I believe whole-heartedly that war will be prevented. Nobody is going to gain anything from war." Later, in Hebrew, Begin said: "I maintain that war is avoidable. But peace is inevitable. It is bound to Tcome. It could take a longer period of time, thit is quite possible. But 'he day of peace will come." In Jerusalem, a Foreign Ministry spokesman reacting to the State Department's statement about the need for Palestinian participation in the peace process said Israel has always agreed that Palestinians could participate In a Jord a i a delegation to a Geneva peace conference. "The problem of the Arabs in Israel (Palestinians) is a direct outcome of the wars of aggression launched by the Arab states against Israel," the spokesman said. Israel continues to oppose talks with the Palestine Liberation Organization or inclusion in toe talks of members of the PLO, a group described by the spokesman as "genocidal murderers." Begin'a comments came several days before Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan goes to the United States for talks with President Carter and Secretary of State Cyrus Vance about the future of Middle East peace. Coed Found Stabbed In Faculty Room SAN FRANCISCO (AP) The nude body of a woman honor student was found in the San Francisco State University library, the victim of a brutal beating and stabbing, police said. Police identified the victim as Jenny Low Chang of Los Angeles. The young woman's bloodied body was discovered in a faculty reading room Monday morning by a faculty member, officials said. Her clothes were found piled on a chair nearby. The 19-year-old creative arts major had been beaten severely about the head with a wastepaper basket, with multiple stab wounds to her heart and chest, police said. Faculty member Robert Suczek, who discovered the body, said he found broken pieces of furniture scattered about the room. Police theorized the woman put up a violent struggle with her assailant and may have been sexually assaulted. She was last seen leaving her room at 6 p.m. Sunday to study in the library and was reported missing by her roommate to campus police Monday morning. SACRAMENTO (AP) A state-sponsored cloud- seeding campaign has prompted rain eight times so far this summer, an official reports. Pilots, paid by a firm hired under a $10,000 contract, search for clouds that adapt well to seeding. Then they release silver iodide crystals, causing a physical process which can result In rain. Eight times "the pilots flew through clouds" releases the silver Iodide, "then looked back, saw the clouds build up and the rain a said Don Brlce, Department of Water Resources staff chemical engineer. Brice added that in another instance, at the end of August, pilots seeded some clouds "that were going to produce rain anyway in Northern California. We believe this does increase the Authorities hoped there Shots Fired At Shah's Kin ANTIBES, France (AP) Masked gunmen tried to assassinate the Shah of Iran's sister, Princess Ashraf Pahlevi, as she rode in her Rolls-Royce along the French Riviera early today, police reported. The 57-year-old princess was unharmed, but her lady-in-waiting was killed by a bullet in the head and two friends in the car were wounded, police said. would be opportunities to wed clouds to 10 times 'loring the program, July 3K)ct. 30. There have been 13 attempts to date, Brlce said Monday. The program is the first i its kind In recent state history. It was started after California went Into its second year of drought It has triggered rain In the Sierra Nevada range from south of Lake Tihoe to the Oregon border, and also in the Trinity Alps north of Sacramento, Brice said. Heavy rain was prompted In areas between Susanville and Alturas, Brlce said. The Navy is providing advice for the project under a 130,000 contract so the total taxpayer tab theprograra is The firm doing the cloud- seeding is Weather Modification of Bowman, N.D., which submitted the lowest cost bid to the state. Brice said. SUPERIOR INSTALLATIONS Our Showroom DOORHASTERS Save our swirl of STOflF COUPON PilldmnrStreiuel Destert Cake Nix. MR GROCER II you allow the lace vaiue of thts coupon toward the retail purchase price when this coupon is presented at time product txand specified upon coupon rs purchased by your retail customor, issuing manufacturer wilt rodfem 15c plus 5c handling cost, piovidniy you mail coupon to address below This coupon is non-transferable and good only on the product brands specified The retail customer must pay any sales tax on product received. Otter limited lo one coupon per purchase nvoices proving current purchase ot sulticienl Cinnamon, Lemon Supreme, German Chocolate, flavor stoch offHirbrarxUst lo cover this and other iiho coupons presented (or redemption must to shown upon nxjusst Fait- UID to do so may. al our option, vord alt coupons submitted (or redemption (or which no proof or products purchased is shown Void unless initially acquired in Iho manner provided above, if taxed, restricted or forbidden by law or if presented by institutional users, outside aiitmcws, coupon brokeis or ottwfs who are not lelarldistnbulorsolourmercharv diso unless specifically authorised by us lo present coupons lor rodemplttn. Coupon cash value ot it Coupons subject to confiscation whon lerms of offer have not been complied with. For dttmplion of properly received and handled coupons mail to The Pillsbury Company. Box 802. Minneapolis, MN 55460 STORE COUPON COUPON I Fudge Marble, Devil's Food. THE FINEST COST NO MORE! 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