Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 6, 1944 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1944
Page 2
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Page Two NAUQATUOK; DAILY NEWS BEACON FALLS Minduiit'n Phono -IXM Tax Collector's Office Open From 7-8 P. M. Friday Tuxes for the town of Bencon Falln are now duo. The lux collector's ofllco will be open Friday, July 7, from 7 to $ p. ni., to Jicccpt payment of tnx hills. Ill-turn To Duty Donald rioss, non of Mr. and Airs, Knymond Tloss of North .circle, ha» returned to his bnsc j to continue his air cadet training Gem, Friday And Saturday THURSDAY, JULY 6,1944 iifi Home Daniel Koonx, Jr.,- .Is home at South circle for n few day.i from his duties In the Coast Guard. >o Ulngo Tonight There will be no hingo tonight rU St. Michael's church basement. Bingo will be resumed next week. from "The Crime IVoelor'.s Strange Case" "SURlitly Terrific." on program with American Troops Are^Ineirciing I la HayrDii Ms , Bencon Falls residents are again reminded to' send In the names of servicemen in their family. The Dally News Is planning to send useful gifts to nil Nuugatuek nncl | Beacon Falls residents ' In the Armed forces. Addresses should bo in by Saturday. Addresses given over 'the telephone will -not be accepted for tlic sake of accuracy, Two Important Diplomats Will Attend Conferences When baby outgrows buggy or bed. sell It through a Xews Want •Ad, get cash for other needed things, He]pg You Overcome FALSE TEETH Looseness and Worry No longer ho annoyed or feel. Ill at f.'iso bnnaiiHo of lno,i<\ wabbly /ttlsn U'orh. i'-ASTEETH. an ' improved iilknllnr (non-acid) powder, «prinkli:tf on your plates holds them flrnipr so thuy fuel more com (lly United Tram) Washington -Is playing host to two Important diplomats today. One'—Foreign Minister Piidill: of Mexico — arrived this morning The other— General Charles be Gaulle, head of the French committee— Is expected sometime this afternoon-. Secretary of Stale Cordell Hull ami Mrs. Hull went down to the station to g'reet Pndilla, his wife find economic experts. _With'P.-ulilla is Prime Villa Mi- I'licl. u member of the Mexican- United Stales industrial commission. The commission has been mopping n .program "for the postwar industrialization of Mexico. Padilla confers with Secretary Hull. .and then attend.* a meeting of Ihc Pan American union gov- Father Drowned In Trying To Save His Baby Daughter Xow Fail-field, July G—(UP)—A n attempt to save his two-year-old daughter from drowning has .cost Alfred Anderson of Verona, N. J., iiis Jife. Anderson jumped into Lake Cancilowood when' the child fell from a, but before he could roach his daughter, he sank from sight. The child was rescued I'l.-yenr-oid Herbert Splain of Flushing, Long Island. This was the 12th drowning in the state since last Friday. (By United Trow) A front report says 'American troops arc encircling .the stubborn ly-dcfunded,transport center .of ,La Hajrc 'du'/Puits. Trio 'report ''say American'art'lllery la hammering u' German "posl. tipns ..inside the town .' Tliils .'reference'.to arti'llery bom >ardmcht Indicates' that the Am'er cans .have, .withdrawn from thclt emporary .foothold In the,, jcrmlt'tho' heavy guns to soften ip the enemy' positions. ' • ' ' .'According- to this '.dispatch,-.'tnii inttle .tor the ...hey . town raged hroug-hout'.last night.''And, -by mi/J-morning, the fight "still -Ihnil not tak,on a decisive turn. . 'The, enemy ' Is fighting ' bitterly, Allied headquarters says the 'GcK- •mans arc contesting every''foot of ground.' ' - ' ..-.-•.• i. At the eastern end-of thoi American front, our forces are said to have resumed their advance .from. the Caruntan area. .Front reports say .the Yanks . have captured one smiiJl town, about four miles below Carentnn. The Germans have counter-attacked, .but tlicy ; Jhavo been thrown back. . Still farther, cast, the Canadians are fighting 'hard to hold...on, 19 ' OF FJ1ICJS ADMINISTRATION :V.;! IK'piirlmuiit of Information Ration Timetable ITor Week of July 2-8, 1IM4 ^. Mqnts And Flits Good Indefinitely—Red stamps AS-through'W8 in Book Four worth 10 points ouch. Red tokens, worth one point each, used a» change. Householders are reminded that reel stumps now become valid every .-1 weeks instead of every 2 weeks.- Thus the nimibor of points is reduced .to'IJT.'for'every,2 weeks InnfivVri ^f'l'n • ' ' ' ', •• • : Yanks Moving |fearerlo|he Florence Highway ... ,..,. FoodH .Good ,,indefinitely—Blue atampv .'AS.through'Z8 and Blue stamp A-0 of the second strip in Book Four, worth 10 points.each. Blue toltcns, worth one point . each, used - us change. . • . .• .; Good -indefinitely—Sugar .stamps 30, '31 ;(ind 32, in Book.. Four each {rood for'five pounds] Sugar stamp JO. in .Book Four, good for five pounds for 'home canning through Fob! 28, 19-JO. Consumers , may be gr'antcd'^up to 20 . pounds per person for 'home canning 'by making- application on Form R T 322 at .local (By United „„, American forces pacing the Allies in Italy arc withiy 20 miles of the 1 Pisa to Florence highway. . Americans inland from the .Tyr- rhenian sou hammered out a two mile gain yesterday Irani Minleca- tini towards tlie highway where German forces are expected to make their next major stand. . Elsewhere on the Italian front, the Allies mo.ved forward with in- 'Cruaslng speed, scoring gains up to five miles despite rain, mud.and bitter G.crman opposition, .. Two. major ports—on opposite coasts—arc .almost within .Allied grasp. On the Tyrrhenian side, the Americans arc 10 miles from , Livorno. And on the Adriatic, Polish -units of the Eighth Army gained .ground eight miles from Ancona. . . In central Italy, the British are Governor Dewey Is Planning To Hold Conferences Albany, July C — (UP)— Covcrno Dewey is planning the G-O-Pclrjv to regain' control of. Congress. The .-governor ''will- .ittomp!. lo dovetail hia campaign tor presf Ccncy with the drives of Republi can oandijatcs. for Congress. Dcwcy's first, .move lo weld' Con- Bressiona.1 candidates into- a common cause will be jnadc .Monday at a conference will) reprcsmita- " lives from Massachusetts. Chestnut St-Lot Sold By F. Ericson . three miles farther west from ' Arcz/.o. And the -French have j, PI." MV-<I.I.JIJ( i \ju .£• ui m -Lt-ii.;.i ;it locn i • —' • — -..—-.>.-- ..._. ._ OPA 'boards!' New England OPA Driven eight .miles, beyond captured hnM I'rlu iT-l I'rt unt- ' I ut<-« »-, .-,»i; ^ ,1 .. <•«.. l."'*'.'^"' village of < Cu'rplquet,' three from Caen. The. Germans the Unllccl Stales. Do Gaulle, however, rloca not plan lo press for njcoKr-ilion of . his nationu! committee of libcra- ' Lion as tlia French provisional government. crnin.K bofird. General De Gaulle stay in ~tH-l™i^i^S^"'s'.sr- ,,f-ui h,v ANNOUNCES CANDIDACY Bridgeport. July 6—(UP)—Dcmo- cralic Town Chairman Charles E. Calkin.-; of Monroe announced he will bo a candidate .for Con£res.s from the 1 Fourth district. Calkins embarrassment.] once w i t I- 47th Anniversary Store- Wide Clearance WOMEN'S-MISSES-JUNIORS' the miles-. are making new attacks. ..And, ,ii spokesman at Allied headquarters admits that some, enemy .troops may have broken ,.,into the'''Allied positions ,at .-Carplo.uot. Allied air .power continued to smash, back at the enemy's robot bomb installations. Strong .forces nf American heavy bombers,' with a fighter escort, 'struck at the launching, platforms in the Pas do Calais area. The U. S',' heavyweights also bombed ;iirfiolds in France and enemy targets'' in northwestern Gcrm.-ir.y. The Naxi ladio -(as heard by CBS) says American nlanes hit the Kiel area this n-.orning. Last night, British heavy bombers -attacked' the rail center of Diion, 173 miles southeast of Paris. And plywood Mosquito bombers at- •tackcd a synthetic oil plant and other industrial objectives in the Ruhr valley of Germany. The enemy's air force showed new signs of activity yesterday. Allied headquarters says the Germans put lip strong resistance In the air .over Normandy, and fierce air battles wei'3 fought. The Allinw shot down 30 enemy planes and clt- stroycd four on the ground at 'a cost of 3-1 planes. Allied air niight has come to the direct iiid o'f our ground forces.; More then 300 American medium and light bombers have attacked five main lines radiating from the front. They also aimed a pin-point blow at two bridges inside Caon . :.COD CHANGES COLOB. .boards have set' two . periods for such allotments; 1st period, June 1 through July-31;" 2nd period, August 1 through October 31. ..,,,.• .. Shoes • Good indefinitely — Airplane stamps No. 1 and .No.' 2, in Wn.r 'Book Three good for one pair of shoes'each. Gasoline August "S—Last day for A10 coupons gr : -,.-J for .three gallons. B3, B'l, C3 >. .,-J. C4 coupons, good for five gallons each. Fuel Oil Sept. 0—Last day .for period Four and Period Five coupons. All coupons worth 30 gallons it unit. New lO'M-15 fuel oil coupons will become good for 10 gallons a unit upon their receipt, by the consumer from, local .OPA boards. ..In the ajr war,\RAF havy bomb- 'e'rs raided ivu"] yarda «t Verona last night, causing llrcs visible for GO miles on'the. homeward flight. The raid followed up yesterday's Allied heavy bomber attack on submarine pens and harbor installations at Toulon and rail yards in southern France. Tc*h of our heavy bombers arc iHiJssing from yesterday's raids. According to a. warranty deed 'ilofJ at the pf)5ce of- Town Clerk Raymond J. St. .'John, Fred Ericson has sold a. lot on Chestnut street to James and Yvonne Gar- ileld. California-ha* TOYstatc parks and historic monuments. ifolunteers Are Needed As Donors TRIUMPHANT (Continued from P.ngc 2) Lots '.of extraordinary good dress buys for YOU to mark OUR 47th 'Anniversary; one-piece and two-piece dresses , , . prints and solid colors . , . crdpes, jerseys, spun -rayons, C^oe'Cod- linens and wools. ' ' • . Boston. (UP)—Overheard at a Dock Square fish .market: "What a 'a lovely salmon!" "That's not snl- _mon—that's cod blushing at the 'price they're askinjr.-ror it." Funerals Fund-ill Of Kathcrluc Duly Boro Court Hears Two Cases Today " In borough court this morning, Anthony Johnson. 39, Pond Hill road, was fined $100 and. costs by Judge Thomas Nuary. He was arrested by Palrolmon George Smith and John Mikalchus early this -.orning, and charged with, operating ,T mcuor vehicle while his 'lidense was under .suspension. • The court remitted J-lO.OO of the fine. In another, Henry Townsend, 51. ' of 16 Brook street, was given a GO-day jail sentence, suspended for six months, and fined S15 .-.iftcr being found guilty on charges of breach of pence and intoxication-. He was.irrestcd by Officers Smith and"early Tuesday morning, after creating a disturbance. . Theresa Wrinn, Edward Honyot- sl«i, Mrs. William Mariano. Mrs. Waller Smith, Mrs. Xorman Gibbs. Also Mary Wlialen, Mrs. Knthcr- inc Kadcliffo, Earl Copp. Jacob Chouljian, Mj-s. Roy Nclfon, Mrs. Francis Quinn, Mrs. Thomas Whelan-. Also Mrs. "Edward Fredericks, Howard Olson, Mrs. Rose Cook, R. J. Krnynick, Mrs. Albinn Mariano ! Joseph/ -.F.'.'-Smilh., : .';'; ,V -.-' • ..' Toft strvict is a triumph for fcospifofify, and faft etoncmy a budget triumph I 2000 tOOMI, I»TH AND I»OKJ HUTEL . «G<!. NEW YORK-' TIMES SQUARE AT RADIO CUT SING t SL-JC /.'.tiJ~G(.-s.CKt ,'. HopeOfSavmg 64 Men, Trapped Ecllnirc. Ohio, July Mine shafts of the bu lairo. Ohio, coal mine :e.-ilcd . after rc«euers • hope for, M entrapped -„ J.he miners, given up .rdr'dT, ere caught five milca wilhi ' jrnlng alL-jft. '""" ** I Officials say the soaJin- i icssary to put out the fir c t destroys the entire mine. Bou.ldcr dam Impour.d,',, orld's largesl, .irtlficia! 'laki? * : "Clyne ^ of Co-orse" , ' That's right. Clyde's is the place} to go for handsome gifts,'gifu! that arc treasured. » CLYNE GLASS SHOP s 20 Harrison Avo. % Throe states—Ohio. Montana and Minnesota—lax different classes of property nt different percentages of full value. NOTICE CLOSE OUT! 3 00 were to 16.95 oo were 8.95 to 12.95. were 10.95 to 14.95 .1 were 14,95 to 16.95 12«» were J.6.95 to 22.Q5 SPECIAL GROUP 1200 " The funeral of Miss Kathcrine •Daly of 108 Oak street, who died Sunday at her home, was hold this morning at 8:30 o'clock fi-om the McCarthy funeral home, 21 Cedar street, to St. Francis church at 0 o'cloek where a solemn high Mass was celebrated by Rev George Dunn assisted by Rev •Albert Taylor as deacon and Rev. John McTcague as sub-deacon. Kcv. Edward Morrison of Wiiter- bury was seated in the sanctuary. Interment was in St. James cemetery with the committal services being conducted by Fathers Dunn' Taylor .and Morrison. We wish to express our heartfelt .Jlanks to neighbors and friends, organizations and various other groups who by their.expressions of sympathy, .acts of kindness, cards, letters, Masses, etc.. did so much to lighten the burden, of grief in the loss of P. F. C. Frank Adom- fii'tis. who recently gave his hfc for his country, on Iho baltlc front in Italy. ' The Adomaitis Family. " MEAT - FISH - GROCERIES - FRUITS AND VEGETABLES KE|P w BUYIN6 MORE BONDS THAN BEFORE! Ihe 5th War Loan Ends This Week! Lei's Help End the War This Year! — WEEK-END MEAT DEPARTMENT SPECIALS' Fresh Dressed CH 1C KENS a Fresh Grade A FOWL .Ml Sizes' lb 100% WOOL SHETLAND and FLANNEL 2-p'c. SUIT DRESSES Funeral services fov Mrs. Mar-! jTui-ot (Litku) Peace, 20, wife .of. Arthur Pearce of 20 Melbourne court, who. died Saturday, were; held Wednesday afternoon at 2, o'clock at the Immanucl LuUicrnn! church. Rev. R. A. Ifeyficnrcich. pastor of the First Lutheran church, Wnterbury, olllciatcd. ; Eric Nntusch presided at the or-; Ijan ;.md Miss Mur'tha snng; "Softly and Tenderly" and "Abide' With Me." ; Bearers were Frank Pearco,; Harry N'orthrop, George Lilkc, ' Burton Xorton, Harry Poarcc and were 16.95 ando 19.95 SELECT GROUP OF COTTON DRESSES oo were 7.95 .to 9.95 from the Ccat and Suit Shop SUITS! 10 and 15 were 25.00 to 35.00 .' COATS! 10. and 19 were 25.00 to 39,95 No Returns No Exchanges MUSLIR-LJZBMKJND Fresh 1. I. DUCKLINGS Ib teuHFresh SHOULDERS tEAN FRESH Pork Butts 'Short Shank' lb FBESH PORK Spare Ribs 19 \f. PORK .WATERBUBY, CONN. Tired of looking at old wallpapers You don't have to take iroff! Just paint over it with Mur- Tone — t!ic astonishing new water-thinnc'd paint that's wash- ablf":. ..Covers wallboard and' painted walls, top! 100 co)o.-j to .choose from. , A month-'s.-mind' requiem Mass for the late Miss Mary Zoigelmaior wil-J be .celebrated Saturday, July S, at 7:30'a. m. in St. Francis' church. Buckmiller Funeral Home MAPLE STREET --- 1 --..-; TEL, : -,3507-' -- 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 * * FRESH BRUITS AND WASHINGTON' BING CHERRIES CANTELOUPE CALIFOIINM .YAVEL ORANGES Kg* I NATIVE «M* I CA131JAGE SAVE ON THESE GROCERY DEPT. HEINZ tREAM OF PLAIX -OR IODISED STERLING SALT SEALECT EVA P. MILK .""iM^s^ucioUg 3eS27c Gold Medal Kitchen Tested Flour 2|r25c Print 15C MOTT'S CITKUS MARMALADE PU.KE Save -Ic a Jar It's Enriched V lint REFINED LARD MIRACLb 01 WASH DJ\V STAR WATER ^*f • __ ^~^^^ .'. CHEF BOYARDEE SPAGHETTI ^"fLIP's DEUCIOUS Xo 2 TQM\ATO.E&__ T^c an Lt.VDlT GOLDEN SWEET CORN CAMPBELL'S ' TOMATO .TUICE No. 2 Tl. Can lie 12c 14 oz. Can 8c DON'T FOKGKT THE'STH VVAJC LOAN I>KrVli! ! HIGHLAND GROCERY 92 HIGHLAND AVE. "TEt.- 4880 BOCCO " IIADO, Prop. DIP HAND CLEANSER V-8 VEGETABLE JUICE COCKTAIL ~ WASHING POWDER Granefriiit Juice f^ • Gorden Potch SHREDDED CODFISH GRAPE .TELLY MALTED

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