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Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper from London, Greater London, England • 15

London, Greater London, England
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LLOYD'S WEEKLY NEWS 15 OCT. JOKES OF TEE DAT. OUR VALUE NO OTHER TAILOR HOME MADE. Zealand 21 years back last wrote home about I 1885 believed to have been in Sydney woJ I years ago. Son James asks, I Madden (Maud) seeks her' brothers James I and William, end uncleHiword, last seen at St.

Pancras in 1833. idABSEr (James) left co. Cork for America I about 1886, Sister asks. I lOt.HCTiON A Poll-ar A A BALANCE IN YOUR "SSr UPBwnan. Any old LI-1" 11 u.Tiiitor fluurtb' CAN EQUAL bel' ffLw.

oomins home from the MARSHALL (James) lived at West Hartlepool two-years a-o. asks. v' Masos (Johh J.l, cabinetihuker, left Hackney iniirmary for Glasgow, in 1893. Mother, very ill. asks.

Ocee'ndes (Miss Joanna! shortly after -her Any jewoher will sell yon one, tut not AT WHOLESALE PRICES. We make our own -goods and caq sell at Maker's Cost, and by Buicliasinj? trom us you can mi only save, but can get the newest designs and very best iuiitty. Wo bay our own gems and raw matmials, and can thertfore gu.irantffl ovory artlclt; sold. We make every-i ii, ii in lewellery of the most novel, tasteful, and latest designs. Our prions tot BROOCH ES, RINGS, CIIAINS, PUTS, are unequalled anywhere.

H''-' Designs; Bsst llaterials. Bast WurKmnsbiD. marriage marred name unknown) left land for America with hei; husband, in or I about 1877 of 187d. Bslatires inquire I Phillips (Johk) loft Chalk-form and sailed tor Canada about 1886 last address Seid-1 "fESuM" Cantab fh isn't; bnt it is no use your 0' because my master I know as fhe'is a Waosa Ti Conductor in' at ticket): Sorry but to will be the result of your RKAIiSTTG DIRECT street, Ontano-road, Ontario. Sistei-E.

asks. I wan n. bAHLiiai. convincing proof of Ibis staiemeiitCimbehad by st'iKling a poswyira to the address bolotr for at that pjaoe. recuertvu, if-Coniiuotor: Simpson the Whffi i-iltartroiad Bits.

Don't yon think Morrison farttatWa Clever," Well, cBfsavo! Ha Wt paid his H. SAMUEL'S Peacy (w. was last heard of ago. (Mr3. Julia Crossleyi'asks.

Kichaeds (Cha'eles H. Bodmin. Cornwall, about 1893, for S. Africa, j- last news in 1898, when he part owned the lleil-bron-road quarries, 0. F.S.

Mother asks. 'Eobebtsos (Hobatio merchant, Mamoi Point, Pairoda Fooehowfoo, China, is supposed to have gone to Viinconver, B.C. Daughter Annie, adopted by Caiit. C. F.

Thompson, has had no tidings forl5.year3., Eoss connected with the Archi-. bald i'amilv (bahkersV bv marriairQ. had a We are the only Whole sale Tailors lu England liot handling rcai2y-mad garments, and suppiyiii Hu.ji.ror Clothing TO MEASURE for the sama. 'V fl' the for HALF THE MONiSY paid elsewhere. 02JR GUARANTEE is all goats Thorough)! irunk.

Materi al as Sample, Style ami Finish equal to HfUlI-CLASS City Tailors; if otherwise undertake to fully REFUND MONEY. So grea'. are tho recorn mendfttions of our custom eis that icentlehien whfl have previously' pafd 3oi 4 guineas for garmeuti ara daily tradini with ui owing to the fact that v.s employ tho vury best EXPERT GUTTERS and workmen, whose experience commands highoi sai'tn'es tiiun an' retail Tailor pays, thnrofore oul garmetits keep tUcirsltap loiigor, and the iinish and fit is better than any thing the ordinary tailoi can make yon. JRAMGAiJV HOOK. frtW money for three months Corresponfleuts jrosi frive full addresses and the dates or run iNuiaiEs to which they refer.

Wq cannot search back numbers, nor print inquiries for "niissmgr husbands." These' columns are not intended' for inquiries in respect to claimants for money, and no; agreuts, at home or abroad, have any connection with Lloyd's. ANSWBBS TO INQtriEfBS. Prom Michigan, Arthur, known in America as Bussell wrote for news, of his brothers William and Edwin and his son ABiuun Kusseli, last heard of 20 years ago. A response conies from Mrs. Bussell, of promising inf ortnution.

The inquiry was printed in Lloyd's of Sept. 16. Hating seen Johs 'fonis's (June 24) replv from S. to his sister Annie, at Polte-stone, after a silence of 11 jearsanother brother (William) wiites.from Birmingham. On Sept.

30, William BrraLEa, in St. Louis, U.S.A.', sousht- his father (Charlotte), and.three sisters, last hsard of in lii91. A reply comes from Christopher Pry, of Kentish-town, who thinks inquirer's father is his uncle. Altera silence of 23 we are glad to be able to place niece Clara, atSouthsea (Sept. 2), in communication.with her aunt Mas.

Elizabeth IlACEEa, now living in Brighton. John l6ver, would like to-corre-spond with John Conuos in Lancashire, who inquired (Sept. 30) for his brothers Thomas, Michael, aha Bernard, and his sister went to America some years back. On March 25 AtBEtt-r who went to Australia 12 years ago. was asked for by his brother Walter in London.

A response comes from Albert B. Harman, of Gippaland, Victoria, who thinks the inquiryis for hiin. Uncle Aidrod's inquiry from Murrey (Sept. 16) for the children of his Brother, Thomas been answei'ed by Mercy Humphreys, of Eermondsey. She tells us she is the sister of Thomas Bteimer.

Mrs. iJuvch nds-her address from Chis-wiok foi her brother, Bichaeij Batcheloe, seukmgr her and her mother (fciept. 23). He had hud no news since 1894. Writing from llerthyr, S.

Wales, Mas. Hill says In idoyi's (Sept. 23) I see my son John is inquiring for me. I shall So clad By return of post you will receive HANDSOME ALBUM 'I'm just going next door for a JStt'o wish Mrs.Nabergpod-bye.-B The train eobb in tour hours, "fni tomato SuMA U0t Gam Ring. Solid 13iit.

Gold. S78. UiauiondRubie3.178 Sot. 11fl. OUR CATALOGUE.

Send or call lor it. You should see it. ttagnifl-cently Illustrated, and SENT FREE. Any Article can be exchai'god II not approved. GRKN'r'ELL FKAXTuB and No.

12, ui c-. 1, London (nr. Aiarbje-arch). plantation at 33au Eraucisco fiie years ago, Brother Damol-asks. FREE OF ALL CHARGE, the perusal of which will afford you tnflnlto pleasure, The Ji03 pages of this surprise-excitinff SSLivdes (Kichabd left Nottingham in rlafch, last known to.

be in Liverpool about to sail for Sister Hornet asks. Spong (John), went to Canada from Dr. I'itt aro adorned with over ftcauwrui uius-rationf. oi U. Samuel's REMARKABLE BARGAINS jsarnaruo nome two years ago.

olotber asks. Stoner (EiiWABDl left Staolehurst. Kent. for America, in 1849 jhtat heard, from as a butcher ar Albany, New- York. Brother 29 CHALLENGE TO THE "WORLD.

29 OTJB WARRANTED TIMBKEEPEB, Clocks, l'lat Cutluiy, all of wiii'-Ji are sui-'plted direct from H. Samuol at Wholesale illiam asks. Taebabt i Mbr nee JaneBielby. With a guarantee to keep oorreL-t time for 3 years, will bo sent to any address 1'iicus. a.

yamuei auows A FULL MONTH'S FREE TRIAL waB in London about 18,90. Sister Isabella and JSEfi: rt-'Ctpt oi r.j. or su-uups timm 2d and tbrce stamps extta fur in Tn evei-v imrGhiifiiiir or goods oxeluutged if any dii-sat lsfaction. crooner r.ewis ass. Triplee (Maby Ann), of St.

Louis andlfow and her son, Eobebt Montgomery, are eoiusht by cousin Winifred. Wasstaff (Mesi). nee Mill4. 'of Essex. ttc.

Oh pray. Miss Bakiinple, don't mailt Oh, but our Ca rntaie has bean ao This is CC (Sweetiy.) Why shouldn't you Mr. Brookes' -He Oh-only ta wfe my name's Somerset 'Mant a Tbot: Wobd Spoken in Scene The HA Driver ion gun teamj Ihom jfeeo mkm a Sit of oatcbin' Pslrliin' 1 Slowed if we ain't like a trao-toin''in' tryin' to catoh rata lPuncn. First WiiH I see that a number of ceutlemon have organised a 'I Homeless Nub Does that mean that thoy have iohraef-Secoad Ditto No; if only nans that they will be home loss than erer sow Cigarette. 11.

6. V. P. Mtz Wbat does "ISS.V.P." stand farf Mac: Well, to by tho conduct ot soma Sooisty moiJb, I should say it meant, Bush in filiate bands, Victual up, and Proceed um "TUiistratei Bits. DON'T LET THIS GHAN3E SLIP BY during this month we give vrttb it ABSOLUTELY FREE a strong jilexican SILVER CHAIN.

All we ask of yon is to show them to your friends, as by doing iu you advertise our business. BOJVU8 HEW ARBS to Durchasein. Ten lists of t)iesont3 to select from went to South Sbieldi. from Dover 25 years back. Fatherasfcs.

Wain (Joseph) left. Hoxton for Leeds tn 1869-70 town, Melbourne. Brother Tom inquires. Wells (ARTHua V'.) was at Southend in are encusea wiui eacu catalogue. OVERCOATS.

BEAVERS, MELTONS, CHEVIOTS, la. 226 25- 30- No Extra Charge for IXB. Orercoat. Silk Velvet Collar, or Chock Lining. REFINED SUITS NEWEST SEEGES AND WEEDS.


oiorner asas. WuitAksb (ELlzAtErH). now lMn's. Hakt- "ACME" PATENT LEVER, ley, seeks her brother who left Halifax in Solid RTEHI.INO Don't Waste about 1866 for America or Australia. White- (Mrs.

Jane) lived in Tite-street, Chel-ea, in 1897. Son Henry asks. BILYBB Cases, flue to near rrom aim. Joan resides at stoine3. Geohsb Whim (Sept.

9: reyiies from Coventry to his nennew, Thomas Holder, a sailor at Portland; after 10 silence. From Walworth sister Lucy (Sept. 23) wrote for news of her brother, William Iuddeh, 'last known to be in India 10 years affo. He now uuswers from Yorkshire saying lie rot'urued to England 1856. Oa sept.

'3 wo liisertad an inquiry for William siiddali, Oldbam, seeking tidings of his fathei', Jasies Sidoall, who went to Australia in l854i A restjonse is-to hand from three quarter plale movemeut. extra lev elled, IJttod with Oami' and duSt-thjht CAP aud Wickham (Mas. Eilkn) seeks her son Fredk. G. Wickham, who.

leit Allcroft-road, 1891 also her brother tl eorge James, who lived near Islington "Cattle' Qentlemeu foasured at our Branch Warehouse H. SAllUBL'S a oinji! uvui ui i. ITIiMiiMnnLiMaoll IV i fM Clnnlu Market, but weDt to New fork 15 years Weight. (JamrsV; of Horndon-on-Hill. of upto-efctii WlNTKlt r.VTr.'iEXS and COPY- Mr.

(5; Bailey, of Hornsey, wlio says: I be- the cold scraps of meat, poultry, game, left over from the dinnex--table. A good, substantial, hot dinner can be made of them at a trifling expense by the use of Essex, last wrote from -Burnt hill. West rti-jj riij Si System Fitii, whleli is so fLstonishiugiy simple, a PB theniselves in any part of tho World. Oxford, Canterbury, N.Z., in June, 1892. Brother Charles asks.

Weibut (Thomas) 'seeks his father (George) brother William, and sisters. Annie aud Sarah, in London between 30 aud 40 tears aso. came acquainted wan a man oi taac name Ballarat, but on making inquiries for him in 18S2 heard that he was dead. He left three sons and a daughter." Si3ierBesna's inquiry from Stratford, E. (July 8), for Chaslus Davis, last heard of in Huwko's Bay, N.Z., three years aso, has been special im-prove-ments, protected hy HUlt 11 ST V'S BOTAL l.KTriiRS l'atcit, and only to he obtained in i II.

SAMUEL'S Watehes. arranted lor Fire Years. H. SAMUEL'S price, as. With oaoh A Yates Waltee) last wrote from Hobart; Pebhaps Not." Now that be has inherited that money I suppose bis trou-bte will bo an Weil, Idon't how.

1 bear he intends to get mar-lied. Sfo-chv Bits. Cold Calculation. Kate: He BtaoB extremely devoted. He talks of ccing to Klondike for my sake.

Beatrice: Well, that woald give you two chimes. He might come back with a lie mihtnot come back at all. -Coloured Conic. Pi NSeon't Wobbv. Old Million Vfhst! Want to marry my daughter? IVliy, the child is harcily out of sohool-ttases jet She needs a mother's care a much'as ever, Bir Yoaug Poorohap Ot! that's all right.

l'U. live bore. Mhmnv Comic. answered by a correspondent at Tasmania, in July, loyo. tsister am asks, THIS WOaLlFAMEl WHOLFSALf: MANUFACTURING BXSPOKE TAILORS, 67.

FLEET STREET. LONDON, E.C. (Directly Opposite Anderton's Hotel.) FOR ALL TRADSS. DESICCATED per Moath per Month. yaitol HANDSOME Si'EClAt, VPT.V.

BONUS OIPT is eneiosed. This," said the dear girl, as she led SOUP GREY 4 IR. toe way into a secladea noofc in the oon-wnstoty, is what papa calls hia iiverybody comes in heia to pro- II. SAMUEL (Dept. I) 05, 87, 93, 101, 33, 89, Si 121, Jlarkot-st, MANCHESTER.

1 VJ.LEXTINE'8 JCXTltA CT. Witli Okim nrirL'rinn friAV will pojo. tmuiy Uuu. He Had Bsbn Convinced. Mrs, (WALNUT jhftUBeH i0y Hair or WMakarsto make an excellent stew or hash.

8 IsBfle Do you think that animals and tirjs hive a soeeoh of their oirnP Mr. stain. ww Hi'-iiu allien attcivitiess ftnsle; Certainly do. I liars heard Lravus tut; swit nun wiui n.iLarai ff lie knew a man ol tliat name naivke Uaj, who lost his l.fe about 1897. Ho will Kindly supply any information inUis power, 'Ou Ssi.

9 Mrs. PhosLio Amory, of asked lor news of any relatives, statins that her motber, Maktha Shilson, went to Tasmania and there married William Hake. This was replied to by Absalom Hake, at Wandsworth, v-'hy claimed to bs uncle to William Hake, A reply is now to hand from Abraiium Hake, of Sutton, Surrey, who t( My father went to Australia: when I was a child, and my brother Walter I have not seen for 30 years. I believe Absalom Hake is my uncle." Through of our inquiries in the Daily, Tolcgva-ph we have received the two tolio wing replies: Cecil Wieay, who left England 16 years back, sought his mother a r. Walsall (July 15), is living at Warren, JS.S.W: James ii'lahasas, who left Mothsrwell 23 years ao, aenda his udlross from Glebe, N.S.

forcousia Kate, in Edinbui'h( July S2) The manager of the ITorojite Mail aiiii kmdiy sends coni in imitations-' received with relerence to cousin Emily's inquiry. froru W. London (July 8) for: Uomaa.Bma, or any of hisTelatives. These have been duly forwarded, COLOKIAL AND EOBEIMr INQtllBIES. From Michigan James Campbell, of Islay, Argyllshire, was working on the iiose of Sharon, of Sydney, Sew South Wales, 15 years ago.

Mother and sisters ask. From Wostarn Australia Ai.feed Fer-kieb, who wont to Sydney in 1889, seeks his parents, who iiveiin Warwick. place, East-: street," in 1896. From New Zealand Ebnesi A. Smith, who left Cursitor-street.

Chuicerv-lune. five ar.M'iuKinvonojii YPER'S 11 wasuoio, nouriaumg, ac Hit- A good nourishing Soup can bo made with Dessicated Soup alone, the only requirements being water and boiling. Suppose you try a penny packet. Uig. as per OIK-U3.

ulitc )r sizes, a Jt 31 VALKNTLNB, lorn language myself. Lzrlcs. AMESICArT. From Life. Espstition.

She Mv heart What! Again? Si snow-mil, ijouuon, b.o. HQ OS A AS it OF Dsn Wat. Oh, professor, how Inj yon. your mind. Toll oan I learn to think The Professor Stop 106 BOOTS OR SHOES J.

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Any class ot tools may be ibtained on the easy purcllase system by ndnthly payments. Young nien who can.introduce customers! shouU write for' agency terms, 1 J. C. OBAYES. Tool Warehouse, Division Street, klltUll, Other men may do it, but i Jon reject me, 1 can never be a friend.

FREE. UNTIL OCT. 28. IN SQUARE BOTTLES. Every Bottle shipped by John de Kuyper Son bears their Registered Trade Marks, a -one am it would be the same if I mar-rod yoa.

Distance No Object. Of all Grocers, years aso, seeks relatives. He is the youngest HEART LAB From Pwcfr. Osnjtt.The Peahen: Well! Well! liiEed to think that fine feathers made to Ostrich (gallantly) I 'illttaakthey do; what ohanned your epimonf-Tha Peahen Meeting you Tnl)MSS Po0K NouaiSHMBKT When James was feeding the "toWile to-day he spilt some of tho oa the iluor and I tasted it. The 2: What's it.

son ot ivirs. Bnucn. irom.Sduth Africa Mabt A. Speedy, was in Alnwick. UTorthumberlund, in 1877 sun- posed to be married.

Brother Thomas asks. From Monireal George Cole was living ia Bethnal-green-road in 1392. Edward Cole My Dear, BUY IT!" seeks mm or family. and Capsule. Insist on the Heart Label and Capsule intact, as a guarantee of uniform strength and quality.

From aew Zealand JSdwabd, GsoaaE. i can dosnribe it. Alllcan say and William Rowlands were in Madley, now why the poor thing Shropshire, 20 years ago. Bister Martha asks. To every purchaser of one 1 of our west EM Now: a so oiten.


x'w or Oaebinsiee, at 27tJ or 3ad to measure (or higher price), or one of our Famous West End Owrcoais at 26- or 30- to measure, WE PllESENT, land, was in the Isle of Man in 1897; last hoard in 1893,. John.Clucas asks. VIOLINS, BANJOES, ESTABLISHED 1695. LARGEST SALE IN UNITED KINGDOM. itih aro both growing old, IS: tolKl liyiuce Yes.

Thn From S. AInca J1 rank atrtnser, tormerly insolation 1 ho. lofi io VtANDOUMES, in Warrington schools, seeks bis' parents Thomas ttnd Alice Sxbihgeb, in Warring-ton, i4 S9y WJ oellab is also growing old, Lanes, in 1B75. CUITARS, CORKETS, SAXHORNS, CLARIONETS, FLUTES, AND ALL Com (reading): A woman hna.t. of any extra charge whatever, a 103 l'air HOME INQUIRIES.

At.t.u.n (FitEDEKicKl left Newport in Janu or iK-Gts or Miot-s -any from a 11 HAVY ary, 1899, for Western Australia, on the FOR Baby's Bath CUTICURA SOAP BAND INSTRUMENTS. deiirjtre BOOT run. utar Mft, Mainefnl leiieiope I'eneci toaw. u-. she s'posa stove ScrcSea.P;a3i8f0rf Theeitra- MUSICAL BOXES, POLYPHONES, ORCANETTtS, ACCORDIONS, Exceptional Value.

From barque Anaerwaper. jrarous usii. Alum (KesikAld) left Moss Side, Manchester, for London, in 1897. Sister Mabel asks. BAKSiTi manaiferess of an hotel in fledidrd, about 20 years ago, is souirht by her son John, brought up by Mr.

Woodbvidse. Bakeati' (Jane) was in New 'ork about 1692. BrotUer John asks. lim-rnH iWilliah) was employed at an ATTSTPATT-vr I'll M-mindad PER MOHTH, Records 3s Od Each Extra. hotel in Broadway, Hew York, 21 years hack, brother Jessie asks.

Henn (Albebtj was last heard of at Pieter-mariteburir. Father inauiies. (African papers OH FOR CASH. TO BE G33TAISiEX OP lit MUSIC SEMiSES AED: 'AHCrZ DBAI.SS3 THB0UGHOUT THB-'UNIMD KINGDOM. Olt Carriage Paid.

trS0 the hoZu Btop?" asked tlla of VI -1, lt; 1S'" Emitted the CJ fi''8-hters. "but l'c winders unt GRAMOPHONES hd guarantee thcro Suits o.n Oviuconts to lc of oorreot West End tit, cut, style, and of first-rate wear, whilst the Boots and Shoes, which aro of ENGLISH MANl'l'AOTUKE, are uu heat-it. in any iso.idL.ii shop r-' 103. IT MAKES NO DIP i-'tiliENCE wb.iro you live, as by the aid of our simple iasuremimt Chartl for Suits, Overcoats and Bjois or Siioes you can meSJre your self easily. MEASURE Patterns and Cbarls arc jmt-free, and the paLterns need not ha returned.

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JI Ui Ut Weekly It prevents chafing, rtdncss, and rough nesa of tho skin, coothea inflammatior alleys Itching and lrrttlltton, and when fc! lowed I17 gentle applications ot Ccticur i Ointmoot, tho great skin cure, epoetin ail forpis of ekln and scaly restores tiie hair. fluid by all Chemists, or, postpaid, 8osf, Oist ilKT. 2s. of F. NswajptcY a Boms, London.

E. 'T; 7, SOUTH Should finv of our customerf tluur gcod5! we to refund tit" proviiled they are re- Liirned within 7 d-iva. GREY NECROCEINE please copy.) iiESKJin I Charles of Sunderland, was working at an organ builder's in' Croydon two rears ago. Mother asks. iiniaas (Habby) seekshis brother Frederick Eobsrt, last heard of in Natalia 1894.

Caiipester (Jons) leit Haylo iu 1S93 for Barry Dock. Cardiff. Daughter Maud asks. Cabieb (Mbs. Sakah), lico Kjhq, was last heard of in 1895 at Hithor-green, 'Daughter Eoso asks.

Cook (Mbs.Amelia), nee Bbovn, sometimes Ithowii as Usmb. Da Bab, laft-England about 40 to 45 years back; afterwards kept stores at Gbulburn, N.S.W. Sister asks. Cox (William) left Taunton, Somerset, about 1882; supposed to have gone to Australia. Sister Lizzie asks.

DunLEV (Heubv), who lived at Hoxton in 1891, went to Canada with. Dr. Barnardo's boys. Sisters and brother Sam ask. Ferkey (Kobebt) left Deptl'qrd ml893; last news from Proserpine, Bowen, Queensland, ia July, 1899.

Parents ask. Fiksioas left Middleton, 12 v.nir fn Hew IVTotliftr asks. LOUDON, (Regd.) Wiat iB Pessimist stains Dm Hair, mm (fir. Monrpite, BronA Street, ami HwrWij Street StutwntJ K. THOMPSON T.irr.OBS.

T.TD.. SH crt.6w,7r U1. U.3.A 1 Curo Babr Htimoon frac. No. 3, OZFOSD STREBV, LONDON, W.

lunw 01 unftnn? crass-roan). iu o.iiui'ins n.m. Anl at 30. AlDUEiiltAva-aTRilET, E.O LVot? yon haT0 tho-en-i41 WhvV! "turned his ring? Sl 0f C011e, I have Koi-3, Eyebrows any nuifi Dues not stain theSktn. Isapplielliuarew minutes, ana, unlike injurious hair ayes, it is Harmless.

Washable, Lasting, and Restores the Colour to the lttyitanakuigUote-tlon iinpossihio. anil Is un-lioubielly theOleanestauu Best Hair Stainer iu tho World. No. 1. Light Urown; No.

UoUen No. 3, Dark Brown; No. 4. ulack. Sent uu kod 1'V oust foi LIT- SEWING MACHINE.

A If (Pathnted.) AS SUPPLIED TO WO HER IMPERIAL MAJESTY THE EMPRESS ALEXANDRA OF RUSSIA. ORGAN, with Ornamented Pipej, Illustration. In abmt Carved Case, with Mirror, SSur Sts of Reeds, Bass and Treble Couplers, Two Knco Swells, 10 StOW, in-oluciLns tho Vox Humana. Manufactured at our organ i'aetory, Chicago, U.S.A. M'ARJtANTY 9 per MOUTH.

Can-iage l'atd. ls 3d 2s 3d, 3s 3d, and 10s. Medi. al Certificate out with each Bottle. Write for iiusolkUed lestl menials and analyst's opuaion.

Addi-ess I.KIGH. 31, BBOOKE-STBBET, UOLJSOaiV. LONDON, B.C. This Machine does work which will bear comparii son with that of othel machines costing higlicr fetllttl JO the DEAF BEJIIIfGTOK PATTERN 1 BIFLE, A4D with plarod nttings. if has no complication, no Gaiiusee (Me.

who left London March 19, 1897, in the s.s. Devon, seeks the whereabouts of his mother and sister. Govee (Joseph) in. June, 1894,. was chief clerk at polioo-statio'n, York, W.

Australia. Sister Annie asks. Gari-niBS (David), son of H. and B. linf-fiths, of Caergwrle, N.

Wale3, was last known to he at Chipper Wbrlake, Ohio. Sister asks. Hawkes (Joitsi) was livinginEed Post-lane, Foieaf-gats, in 1894. Si3ter'Eebeccaaskfl. HiBBsan (Geouse) was last heard of about 18 years aso at Southamptoa, Hants; has.

lostright eye. Brother, mquires. Jeskiks (Johs), who left Poutypool about '32 years ago was last heard of in "Moimt-makinton," aooufc 22 year3 ago. Brother and sister ask. weat to How Will positively cure the following symptoms rain In side.

hack, under shouldor Made, smothor jug seusjvtkms, palpitatien of the heart, tired feeling In the morning, pour appetite, enufced tongue, bbtcl.ej or pimples on the lace, bad taste in the mouth, roanr.c buzzing sounds in tl.e nad, bad memory, sour, sick, or bloated stonutch, ialns iu tho head, dizziness, iadaeho, rest'oianss at night, Bwoats, bad dj-caina, feeling of fear, stiffness Ot the litntS. skin tronhli-K Vnr hv on i-hmnitM tenohuig, arid is super scillii? the old-fa hioued) trou'ilasome machines. Works due or coarse roa terlals equally as well. Hunt carria're nil i for MAOHINB MADH. Illustrated ORGAN or 1'IANO Cat logue re.

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