Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, The Evening News from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on February 9, 1887 · 4
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Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, The Evening News from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania · 4

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 9, 1887
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T C. fid wards will, on Washington's Birthday, Feb XM, a.Urw the students at tha 6Uts Colirge in State Centre, l a. Ilia them wia be Mow to Tell It - Rav. Las Lake, of Youngstows, Ohio, who eccwoieil tne paipts -or netassria cnarca on MaU.r las Ml for hia hoea Testerdar. He Irlms dnrtas sua sojourn Th aaaaagers ' of tha rcngregaUonal Charrh of wtskh Rev. T. C FdardJ is tbe paitorrectntlymetind decided to advanc-U pastory of that gentieman ilOO per vsar. - Rav. Mr, . 1 wards is nnirersally Th new brick block tha CtractorlIer- bert Jonsshasnnsler way for a JHooesdal : gentleman is rapidly going up. Th first floor walls are up and much of the interior work already accomplished. The block la to be com rie UJ bv Acril 1st. The new posto2ica is already located. Tha drug store of bran & 8oo has been moved sm scor farther towards th eoruet and th ettc hwassd taersua. Ts newolBee is very poonlar us this plac a great aecoeasaodation aau wuj rscsire a roou petrooaga. Askley Itei Cr. Jaaej jrasterdiT placed una ia front of his Main stn a seat street lamn la front of his Main street rvtudeace. Th asoctorslMKild be riven a -vet of thanks. wit iwlly by tb atteDdaata of tKe Metbotiia f. nortfc sM ssrrhsasaokl follow mjm xasscii. To raor of younic men and dots who rtsr mxtiuy under Usa awning ia front of bMTiUin Araytarracls has provta a Bairnsc af tf mctit aanoylnjf ciaraotrr and h tha cause of ranch complaint. If Ufa cars Rtgz Tierney and hollar wish to dis- Uura" tbscnealves and at tb name ti naus t ao cennptainsd of reaXixa tb (act taai w tr-.Z hare a pii! fon-w. they wiii iacs35ij-V!y rroci t drwrsa this obnox J I- ORGmS 9 mm esters?' The Evening Leader Lu&j tomtit PaHj n Issene Cwslj Fodiivel u cAanat$ matt o Saturday. . JH amrnaers jrt tnJXLlta to two l-l cmwh ty nor MM UU Wl M CMM A B esowoes fbr odvtrl t 6or 10. 30 a. ss c day. WEDNESDAY, Feb. 9, 18S7. No. 2234, 15 OKI TO KKWADTtKTI9E31KXTS. Bappigeat to M ordinance ' ;- " f .- "i ca BobmSu umr at ti. .a. ioTtnni -: T. H. Griffiith eeHs tulip soap. - ow, than, for a tieeaa pp-very aooa. ' - Tha ioa asnltsd wrr racidlT - from tha Wnit C( tha sonth md yesterday. ' : - Tli arm atrnralad forth to-day and bap- tixed promenade with his glorious light. -Tb woo4cbadc bit it again Uio outer daj". He pUjinjf in Ug locK IV Kason. A brook troot known to be orsr no years oia aas jut aiea ac jjaiayene, w York. - " - A man was around town Ist Digbthunt- fflff Xor a faro game. - B was Oirected to -T wwinr m&chinfl annts are doing littls or nothing la the of iale along the west tide of the mer just now. - TK ITinculmi Water Comrmnies aniting. The Coon works has been absorbed by the Kingston Company and others are willing to ba . : . . . , The friends of Hsnrr Brenner, ths one- armed candidate for High Constable," are working like bearers for him ana propoes; his election. O'Reilly- to euU In the nehL - Mora coe.1 has been discovered at Bar clay mountain, near Towaada, and the Car- Don xlon nuner. - aoeuoacmeci mjwum now since, are to be reopened again and worked. j-The Loserne County Agricaltnral society's itockholdexi wiU meet at the Wyoming school hoose to-momw afternoon at 2 o'clock, to elect officers for the ensuing year. Dr. V. Bundbaken, of the Templev wui deliver a lecture before the Young -Men's Hebrew Association on Sunday evening: next, upon the subject "Glances at Mediaeval Judaism." A new cable, a mile in lenfeth and weigh- ing over 85,000 pounds, was stretched on one of the Ashley planes on Bunaay. was manufactured by. the Hazard Wiro Rope Works in this city. The artistic Knights, George and nis merrv wife, will be bars again on Tuesday next with a strong rapport. Ajnong the lat-1 J U ". fr1- I vuarujui jw-u mm awv Tna Rnthleham Iron ComnanT has a fleet of seven chartered ships continually engaged to-transporting manganesa from the mines In (Job, wntcn uy un pn ovnuot some time past, ana are now buiUiing two mora iron steamers in Philadelphia for the same trade. During the past year 108 couples haniog from PennsjlTainia were united in marriage by cJergymen oi waverir, x. uayuR them being Rev. J. O. Voodrnff. formerly of this city, who has received his hare of these these visit. v arerlT is snuaiea on ue boandarT line, the majority of the town being in the Empire State and is therefore peculiarly fitted for journeys where this object is in Tiew -O. a and 0. M. Barnes, of Asylum, the other day, sent some boxes by express from Towaada, -which 'they claimed contained poultry. Legs were seen to protrude from one of the boxes that looked like rabbits. Investigation showed sach to be the case, as 00 were found, and 06 pheaaants and 10 nuiili. They were 'arrested for ttoUtin nm lawfl. 1 UB jaw uu uueco b iuo v nVSeoaTySsVl S3 men are under $1,000 bail. Henry Lnf t sella Tulip soap. -ERONAt. INTKluLCKNCE. H R. Ratter, who was quite ill for some time, h about again. T.w O T - nnna. WH.VfUtra rMii dent, is at the Wyoming Valley House. James Mack, of 8c ran toe, is in tne city today on business connected with the Common fleas Court. Je water Bock, ft Hasleton. wtooea store was robbea some time ago, m n umt- Barre to-day. A brother of Sutrt. Acken, of the lace fac tory, died in England on January 22. The sad intelligence causa yesterday. The m&nr friends of Mr. Issaa F- Hand will be glad to learn of the convalesoeaee ef his daughter Kathleen, who has been seriously ill ' Our former townsman Jed C raine is sue- ing oil refiners Clark & Warren, of Corry, Pa., for S6O.000 damages for alleged over charges. James Itahon. Esq . is at Northumberland assisting his brother Peter, the District Attorney of (hat county, in the trial of cases before the criminal coon now in session there. Mrs. Caroline Roseubaum. of Philadel phia, is reported to be dangerously - 111. She vm we amiNr vi An. wa. . mar tin street, this city, and sister of Marx Long. Both left for rotiadeipiua to-aay. RrTjorta received from the South, where Miss Monroe, daughter of Mrs. Dr. . R. Majeris at present in search of renewed baaJth, are not very encouraging. The time of tea return of Dr. Mayer, who Is with them, is therefor vary uncertain. , Mrs. Bylraoua Avars, of rag nd Brook, N. J., ie in tb city visiting ber daughter, Mrs. F. V. RockafeUow. - Mrs. Ayars reached her seventy-seventh birthday yesterday, and 0u the occasion was tisited by fronds of this city who congratulated ber on th rood health she is enjoying, auo wtsDing - ' . . jr . t . her many retunrs of the day. A Tete ef Tessas. AWthe regular meeting of Ely Women's Belief Corps lio. 87 lat evening a To"e of tbanks was tendered Mrs. Sherman and all' the ladies and gentleman v who so ably assisted in uakiog their 1 it entertainment such a great success. Acetaeat t Jena F. Deasher. John F. Dougber was badly hurt in, the Ashler shops this morning. While engaged at bis work a chip from a hammer struck him on tbe left aria right above the wrister- ring a small artery, xuart was mucn loss or moon, i ne piece oi sxeei toazsa in th wrist and was subsequently removed by i Dr. Hog be, of Aabler. is verr well known all Mr. Doufher. who sjougner, wi thronah UUe vicinity. will have a very sore arm for soma time to come. " i ,".. The River Still BUJn . The day has been extremely spring like, so macitso that many discarded their overcoata early is th forsakooo. - Tb rush Of water frosn sDora tm now ouc (i tu ajonar tne boaqnehanna. Durina; to night, and all th morning ah water in tb river continued to rise at the rate of from foar to eight inches per hoar. At 8 a. m. it covered the road on the Kingston flats, and at 10 o'clock the street ears stopped running. About that time a number of farmers drov over to tha city with loads of hay and straw, bat th trip was a veriloas one aa tb water at tbe pond hles rvached almost to th was-oo boxes. After apposing of their product tha farmers returned home by way of Kttston.' Hay told rapidly txjay tt ll4por ton and straw brought one dollar lesa. The Ice in the river is becoming rotten beneath and is fast crumbling on top. It is liable to go to pieoes and move ont- at any moment now, unles tbe promised cold war soon arrives to check it. f iT - ' - . '.S-:: i . 1 .? X A Bay's Tragic Death, j, . ; ; .; About 3 o'clock Monday, afternoon- James Hayes, Jr., aged 14 years, son- of ex-Alderman Hayes, af tbe Fourteenth ward, was Instantly killed at tbe H tan ton breaker. He was at toe act of shoveling dost f rem what is known as a bockwaeaS chats, wbicta had be-cam blocked, when a rush of coal cams upon 1 him, burying him baneath 1C Ilia body was badly bruised. Aa inquest in tha case was bell this mornicg at "Squire Donohue's office, when a large number of witnesses were examined. Tha fol-k)tng erdict was rendered, - - We, Ue jury tax tb cam of James Hayes, now lying dead, and who lost bis lif at tb Stanton breaker on Monday, .February 7th. about thr o'clock in theaf irnooo, tln.1 that tte saUi J. ilara lost bis life by being imotb-ertiiawLitiaVnownaaUie buckwheat owing to the fact that the said company operating said breaker failed to provide . a proper system ef warnings whereby employes co a Id lwc tbe chutes when they tth said cbutes) are about to be ckwd. - The vwltct U sirrwi by the following i",rvi J. M, i'-vuir,,"ii. Fhivmakpr, Patrick t,.! - ti..,,,..! r ... r n ' .,.,..,',-.., ; i , i i , . i i. ......... i ' :: II;. -:-..'. . ; MOIHL .tfAVOKABLR AUSTIN CORBIN COMES TO TERMS t ;- WITH . READING MEN.: , . The- Threatened Strike at Fort Klehmoad Averted and T1S, Js XJkely to Form a r Crisis with CempeUBg Llaes Boslaese t Mask' Obstrneted";'"--'; '. '';.' Tj.w'jt V.yi "Jeeset, Feu.' aTte endeaTor of Iresident Austin Cortiu of the Reading raft-road to come to terms with District Assembly 49 and prevent a strike of the Reading coal handlers ' at Port Richmond accomplished the last mentioned result yesterday, and jost Where District Assembly 49 comes m will probably'' - be' discovered to-day. v; The fort Riclunood coal habdlert signed an agreement with Mr. CorbJn, the ' terms of which are not known, except that they avert a strike there An-erroneons Impression appears to prevail that Mr. Corbin is acting in some way for the chief ooal 'carrfers other thaa Reading, but this is-not ' Bam Sloan, of the i Delaware, Lackawanna and ; Western; Le Grand B. Cannon, of the Delaware and Hudson, and President Little, Of the Jersey Central, say very emphatically that they will have no negotiations looking to a compromise Of the strike: ; r. -f'-;i- ' ' " Th staonary- engineers who called -on Mr. Corbin on Thursday understood hi no to say that he could speak for the Reading, the Jersey Central and the Ne w York and Susquehanna, of which last road Mr. Frederick A. Potts is president -He designated James R. Maxwell to s represent'; him, and-the Knights delegated Timothy J." Putnam,' of the Ocean association," to 'represent them. The Knights say that Mr. Corbin offered at 3nca to pay 21 cents an hour, but that the whole questioii was referred to Mr. Maxwell and Mr. Putnam. The notion of the Knights is that if they como to "terms with Reading competition will compel the other large coal carriers to make terms or be driven ont of the market. "J ? Mr. Corbm went to rtiladelphla yesterday- to confer with a committee of Reading -em ployes. ; Mr. Putnam met Mr. Maxwell for a short talk in the "morning, and is to see turn to-day. The committee Of engineers will call again to-day upon Mr. Corbin and find out what. conclusion has been reached." . ' West street was full of busy truckmen yesterday. , More coal carts than have beenr out before daring the strike came overloaded with coal from Jersey City and Communipaw. Many merchandise wagons crossed the ferry for ooaL At pier 2 of the Lehigh Valley ' road the trucks were delayed soma hoars. At pier 14 pf " the Jersey Central the u w somewhat Swnss 7 the n 0iayeu oj i no new cneckers. , .hast bound freight, which the, company bad been tunable to more since the strike, , was brought across the' ferry in small installments. At the Morgan line piar occurred the biggest Jam yesterday. . The line . of tracks extended half a block yp Jforth Moore street, At the Pennsylvania, JJew York Central and Erie piers freight was moving rapidly, At Bt. John's Park many applt cants or work were tnrne4 away, Big muscular men from the country have n many instances taken tha places of the (eebta specimens picked up at Castle Garden and other place in the first days of the strike. The belief is general that the majority of the strikers would be glad to get back to work, audit is reported that the staye dores have re-engaged some of the strikers and put them to work A freight handler at pier 4 writes that the report that the strikers were paid from $50 to $o5 each for January Is not correct, and that he himself worked all the time and got but $42 and a few cents. Philidblphia, Feb. 8. There win be no strike at Port Richmond, The officials of the Reading railroad end the labor represen tatives conferred and agreed. After the all day session in the private office of President Corbin. seven committeemen, selected on Sunday by delegates f com all the assemblies In ths anthracite coal regions and along the Reading railroad, ana president . Jtwwu, General Manager McLeod. and General So licitor Kaercher signed an agreement, the exact nature of which is not divulged. Master Workman Kelly, as he walked away with General Superintendent Sweigart, could only say that the result wan satin factory to all. ''There will he no strike, and that set tles the trouble berg,'' 68$ another of, the Knights. . - Farm Hands Seek Work HonrH Avbot. N. J.. Feb. -0. No strikers have applied for work at the coal docks, all of them being apparently satisfied with the aiT&ogeinents made with them by the com mittee of the Knigfets of Labor on Sunday, increasing their weekly allowance of monty from 13 for single men to $8 and for married men from So to f 10. It is reported that on Monday next the shippers of poal vrjll fnjke a new schedule of prices for work. Farm hands from al parts of the state are flocking to the coal ports looking for erapwymsut. Only Two fjnaeooaated f, Wsnx Rivna Jpitcnos, Vt, Feb. a,- One more body haa -besn identified, that of Lewis B. James, of Nw Haven, Conn, The total Rumber on the train, as sbowu by the evidence, is eightyiour, including n ployes. No more bodies have been recov ered. The number stands at thirty-two, and the deaths of Brakemau Bangs and Conduc tor Sturtevant, making thirty-four known to be dead, and twelve known to - have gone home, whfch Bb thirtyTSix wounded leaves m - a a' s. ? J i 2 . xi oniy w anown u hb missnij m mn accounted tar by the thirty-twn, charred bodies. ThM are fifteen dead ljjat are un- kientifled. - . ; . . On .th Tuirf." Haw Onuca7s,.Feb, tt. First race Mils dash: Catbart won. Wedding Day .second KingUeorge third. " Time, lm. 4U.' Sucond race For beaten , horses, ; five- eiztths of a mile: Kensington . won. Probus second, at hawmer thuu Time, lm. OiUk 'i :. ; Third raoe--Three-iuai'tp' mile; Little Joe first, Qur Frieud second, Queen Kber third. Time, lm.KSXs.' , , OFFICIAL QC0TATI05S. ;T - -r v. ' -i. -r Br Wlleex d; ehapW Brakars, O flies, t - ...H VrsusUta Street. ovxa rasni mivats wran tbok cwjcaoo Ckuuso, JTeb. S. Waaar Fib. Mar. Apr. Mayt' latng,. m Close...... conV Opening Cios OAts: 5. OpenTnc , HUjcnee-... lowest.. Cioe...... 85 S3 40U aotf v - ijv Si - -v - Onftuing..., 13 87 MM 13 43 18 jl ClosiBg .13 67 Opeoinr t - S 6S ' ; S . Cosing....... S 6 - ,S 70 ' - ; " . Petrele a -.1 -- s es On. Crrt. Pa.. Feb. 9 -Opening, 61; iv. lnwL ti: closinff. Mi4 t . higheft . .A. - T V v Jlovement ef Grain. fpioinn. Fch.9. RecelDts Flour, hbls. 46,376 Wheat, 45,518; corn, lai.ite; oa, ixa.K. Shipments Flour, 10,487; wheat. 13.874; Corn, 81,014; cats. 7,78. : ' - ' . -Car Lts. -' t ejwas K as - 4 2- sA SS - a tin 5 . .-V wntsi, s ; torn, iiw, jts, on. :'T, 'i. -;'": Becelate-Ilegs... ' "Est to day, 13,000.- " -v , , -.' tr ;. JIIWOEK STOCKS. Stesrteel br WUImz Ac Bksts, 'Bnkm . . T 8. Frasklla Ht Wilkes-Barre. ' nurtTB wias to mnr toe avn chioaeo. ' RiwToax, i,cb;S i ; Op, - Re. . : 0(J. C3. Del. A Had. D.. 1 W.. N. J. C. ... Ft ruloom cx cti.-Erie..... Like Shore Tpxm P'flc Colon rCo North'n P.. N.Pse.pref. (ntj-l P'fle Uias fmcina ful P'flc Wftb., Pref.. 'rg.Tr-us.. WW- i l 3 M K St Tat', fii - 2Q 13t 186li Mich Cen. ' 90 .f 90 74 : - tlH!Cidlt. - SS 68VC site ejys. v. cea.., ii nax 1H . 2r U A Kash, , CIV W'4 9l;Kock 1 .133 l','5J J.I z:n4 Hi noil Li... - - B734 iCl.1 &Otnaha -48Ti 4SH eiit4 . i(,:(ll0. & O. pref 108 m oH ' mijiu 15. at ..- 8 i 87uSt.P,iisU . Tiit cno XI. .... www w JW lH P neilail... 6Vi B7; Z f-lj W. 8. bonds- 103 J 03 :! 3", Oolid'tGas hT.' JH'a 11 r , r-h5 Tut, 41 t'i ; . EfttTlSH S6&1AUST3 ; udeor tm ntd av SXeettasT tteAaaee r s - ' r Orders. . " IjOxdo, Feb. 9. Ten thousand Socialists met in Clerkenwell last evening for the fur pose of holding a meeting and subsequently marching in procession in defiance of the government : prohibition.' - Hundreds ' of mounted police were on the spot, but their presence did not prevent 'the speakers from giving utterance to most incendiary speeches. An attempt on the part of the Socialists was made to light torches preparatory to forming a procession, but the police interfered and the mob dispersed,- breaking into three parties and taking throe different routes. This piece-' of ; ; strategy:; rendered the -force of police on the ' - -ground -. wholly- inadequate to 'control the entire, number of Socialists,' corapelli ug " the former to also divide itself into three parts. The Socialist contingent which inarched in the direction of the city armed themsulTes with pieces of . granite which were lying loosa in the street where they . were needed to repair the - pavement, : and " began smashing the windows of shops and bouses en route. Tbe crowd; attempted to loot a butcher's shop, but were met at the door by the owner; who emptied a revolver into the mob, driving them away, but doing nobody injury. The rioters were; met at Hewgate by a strong force, . of ". police and -t quickly X dispersed. Several of the mob were arrested. The sections of the . original mob which started westward from - Clerkem veil -- sustained " a gradual depletfon of numbers, before any damage Wi I done and disappeared, thanks to the extremely cold, weather, and . the absence of organization or., leadership in their ranks. f; MI3S-RANDAU.L MARRIED. hs 'ltlest Daughter of the' Keysteaa " ' - :',," Cangressman.'" ' . "' !Wa8hixgto5,, FeK The marriage Of Miss.Aunia llindall, daughter of Representa tive Rand dl, anl Mr. Charles Calvert Lan; aster, took place at tie family residence on Capitol , hill at S-30 p. m. yesterday. Only family gathering was present at tbe cere- mohy, at which. Bishop Bpaulding;" of Peeria, lis., officiated;. ; Mise Rmdali is the eider or the daughter and bears a striking resemblance to her r father, .whose. buy helper she has been for several years, 'i Sne has not been fond of society, and mingled but little in the gay world; save frequeutly accepting invita tions to assist cabinet ladies at tueir Wednesday deceptions, 't; ; She is ; ';a bmnette, and looked very pretty in her wedding gown of white satin and lace. ?- The groom, Mr. Lan caster, is a lawyer here and comes Of an old Catholic family, of - lower .Maryland. Richard Bpaulding,' a - brother , of Archbishop Bpaulding, of Baltimoi-e, married Mary; Jane Ljancaster, a cousin of Mt ijancaster. ti?s spij, Bishop gpaulding,"of Peoria, officiated it the marriage. ' There wpre no bridesmaids gr groomsmen at the ceremony. The weds ding tour will be dispensed with; and tha newiy marriaa couple win go airecwy . their new home, JJo, 1,448 Q street, where they stapt housekeeping. M'GUYNN GIVE8 IT UP. Has Changed His Plan of Action and - Insubordination. JKW Torw, Feb. 0. Dr. McGlymi baa yielded to the powers that be and ordered the gteinway ball demonstration dismissed Instructions were also issued through Chair man John J. Feeney, of the parishioners' committee of thirty-five, that r.o more subscriptions should be received toward the Mc- Ulynn.lunu: ; The committee met last mzhr. In view of Dr. McGIynu's recent action therav?nsv divergence of opinion whether the conmrittee ouffht n'otto be discharcrel Af er a short and hasty debate, however, it was decided that the thirty-live should coiilmue to land themselves together and ajpta'e m:i! ilieir late pastor should be reinstated. Chairman John J. Feeney aunoniin d that letter would be received to-day. from Dr. McGlynn and read at tb's evening's meeting. The chairman also stated that all purchasers. of ticketsoi' the Bteiuway hall dononstra tion ean have their money refuadad. Dr. Bhrady said that his patient was rap idly improving and that he liad decide! to ro to Fortress Monroe as scon r,s he became nffleiently strong. BUFFALO FLOODED. An Ice Ulockade Imperils Life and Lake . . Vessels. , BuifaijO, Feb. 9. Auother flood Is Imnti nent in tbe Thirteenth Ward. The long coiv- tinued rains have again caused the Buffalo creek to rise and, judging from appearances, considerable damage is likely to follow. In the vicinity of the Abbott road and Seneca street It has' flooded evsrv thin sr. The rj At peuers f ountain jity nnq laatiQ are 6141 -yredged against tUe-MlcbigaTf street prige, where thev were forced bv the Ice lain soma peeks ago. 1 getwejeq 00 boatg & the ; An pie VoughV All are held firmly by thp ice Which is piled up in the creek to the easp tor a depth of fifteen feet. Although this ice ig honeycombed ta certain extent, yet Jthas fufllcient resistanoe to prevent any eonsidera bis current Residents of the ward are , get tiug reedy forth eipepted f nsshat. - Some of the people keep , boats in their bouse and those were berag got ready for use. There is no floating ice of anyiniportanoo. ' The only fear is that the flood, will move bouses from their foundations..- "On Seneca . .street - the water is. two feet above the road and is rising rapidly.. , r - . - HAtlFAT Jf. 8.. fb. ft -John Albertsen, 105 years o( age, -died, al pt0nrpiga. pounty, on guflday -X ffe Was n' pld British soldier. whOa present at the battle of the Nile and TrSffalgar, a4 subseqentiy at tbe battle ef Waterloo and other memorable en. gageroents. - He was pro1ably the last living survivor of the battle of the Nile; fought ninety years ago. - : '-k- --- f; TRADE BULLETIN i i - ftw T!l1f Waney aqd Prod flee ifq that : 7, -Qstlons,: Kaw Toss, Feb 8. Money closed at per cent., - Tne highest rate was a and the lowest s. Exchange closed steady;" posted rates, 189; actual rates, 4.854.85X for sixty days and tE8la4.88w for demand. Governments closed firm;1 currency 6s,' 1SSSJ4 bid; 4s, coup,, 12 bid; coup., 1104 bid. t-, . The frranrer stocky ware the sfEqnfiest on tb Ksf, notably fohweb aad S4. 1'suL which were quite actively bough naihe increased earning of tbe roada There -was ao speolal . or Reneral causes at work to which tbe strength of specula tion couki .be attributed, and manipalation-waa geDerauy accredited with being' the main cause of the advance.; The market was not so active during the afternoon, but the" tone continued pern, n prJcas naae afuctner adsanqe la a nuoaber 01 instance. - Paclno MaU . was .. the strongest 00 the list, and closed at an advahce of K Percent, . r v " t f irlieneral ttarkets.', ' J t If gw. Yfl! ' tV: -rtOUR-Closed steady after a pioderate day's business winter wheat, extra, as.159S.a3: Minnesota extra, M-185 85i otty ulU utn, S4-60a4.:0; . Ohio extra, 3.155 t.S5. Southern Sour dosed steady; common to choice extra, as.S0S5 83.. :: " ; - . WHEAT Options were dull and' irregular; and dosed about steady at a trifling advance. -Spot lota closed steady and unchanged. Spot sales ox No. 1 red state at tt&x, No. 8 dq.at t3o., No. red winter at ungraded red at 93 Mc. and K a red winter at OlQ, ; No, a red- winter, Feb. , 9l?4c: do. Marph, ttc bid; do. ARril.93c bid,. CORN ODtions were dull and w&ah, oloalnr at Unchanged pri06 Split lots closed steady and unchangad. Spot sales of No. mixed 48c and Ungraded da at 48 49c.; No. 8 mixed, Feb., 48c, bidf da March, 49c.: do. May, iSOp. Wd. iS 0ATS-0ptkns were fairly active anl steady. olosmg at unohansw prices. Spot lots closed dnlt and Jmchanaed. Spot sales of No. 1 white state at 40Vict and No. 8 do. at 88c.: No. S mixed. Feb. 30c; ao. Marcn, sajs Stte. ; uo. May, 8(Hsa0 a-iwj. - ,4. - . . . . . .... . RYE Dull, but firm; state, 50 60c. f western, BAHLEY-rDull and nominal ' ' ' IARD Closed duU and heavy; cash, S6.0?J auvn, wkt. ; apru, yuwsijii, SDTTE9 Steady and Qoiet; western, 13 39c, State, 17r. - . EGOS DuU and easier; state, S5a85c.; wrst- em, 21S23. - -":' " f CHEESE-D'iU," and in. buyers faver; stata, WUlsc. western flat, 11 a 12?4J.. , SUGAR Baw dull and-unchanged. Reflaed steady at unchanged prices; cut loaf, 6n ernshed, Sto.; cubes, SftS II-!.; powdered 7li0He,: Kranulated, &ki&i 13-lflo.: mould A 5 5-16SUC.; conftjotloners'1 A, , . ll-16c.; coffeq A, staudsrd, 5 MbSSjso- coi.ee oil A, 5'-o m t,:;0 extra c,:; extra C,4,'c; C,4;;; y.".- A3ICSM5T. ' Tbk evening Tha Bandit King" will hold the boards at Music Hall and judging from the outlook, Mr. Wallick and bis sterling company will be greeted by a big house. The trained horses, as everybody knows who has seen them, are not the least of the attractive concomitants of the thrilling drama, while the picturesque details and exciting situations are sure to delight. See the play to-night. - - - - ' i. - .-. . . - . t , The Case of Kataaaiel Dale. Yesterday Coroner Mahon and jury held an inquest in the case ef Nathaniel Dale, the young man who was poisoned at the wfed-ding of ' - bis ' sister - in' : Duryea. above Pittston, some weeks ago. ' The poison (laudanum) was put in a glass of beer for the purpose of promoting sleep, as the young fellow was very boisterous. Death resulted some hours afterward. Tha jury, returned a verdict to the., effect that the deceased came to his death: from opium poisoning administered by his mother, but without criminal intent. - i The matter will rest here, as there is no disposition to prosecute. - - Preblbitf aa by Ceastitatleaal Ameadmeat. Mrs. J. Ellen - Foster, of Iowa,- speaks this evening: In the Tiankliu Methodibt church on this topic. She has just' closed a series of brilliant addresses in .Philadelphia, and probably had great.- influence in carrying the state .Of Iowa for prohibition 'than any other person. ' As this Question is soon to Decome very prominent in rennsyivania, au who wish to be informed and entertained ill not miss' this opportunity to hear Mrs. Foster. No charge for admittance.- , i Married Te-Dajr. A quiet little wedding took place at the home' of the bride on Parrish ; street , this morning, the principals being Mr. & Walter, of Bennett & AYalter, shoe m.3rchants, and Miss Maggie M. Labar. Th ceremony was performed by Rev. "J. Underwood, The bridal tour will include- Boston and other points of interest., Mr. Walter contemplates nuuaing an eiegant new nome on nuiiu Franklin street . , . . Those who have used it speak well of Tulip soap. , , - - ' ) SPECIAL NOTICES. E. J; Philips, furniture dealer and funeral director, ,103 South Main street. 1490tf Lehlgk T alley Railroad Rest aa rant , li open day and nisht, and is one of the best maceadn the city to get a good Janch The choicest of wines, beer and sugars-can always be had at tne bar. a. to. raeixei, proprietor. . , SCalBtf I Slataersl mathers It mathers!!! Are you disturbed at night and broken of youi rest bv a sick child lafferinar and crying with the excruciatiPK pain of ontting teeth t If so, go at once and set a bottle of MB8. W IN SLOWS SOOTHING SyBUP It will relieve tb poor little sufierer - immeoiataiy aepena ;non tt I there la no mistake about it. There is not a motoer on earth who has ever used it, who win not tell you at ones that it will regulate tne bowels, eive rest to the thotbar. and relief and health to the chUd, operating 4ke maelc. It is perfectly safe to use in ail essoe, and. pleasant to the taste, and is tha prescription of one of the oldest and best female physicians and nurses ia the United States. Sold everywhere. 85 cents aboUle. , . feblSvldAw HEW .TQ-DA,. AUR KRpUT for sale by the barrel. 5 Address, 'A PAUL GROOVER, ,-. .-.r -'- i,-: Kingston. Pa WABT1SU.-A g ply at IS o. 131 ood reliable cook. . Ap- South Franklin street. 878 tf W ANTED. Tw first-class Hardware Salesmen, well acquainted with the tetne snpply, wagon mskers, ana Duiiaers' rade in tnrs vicinity, auui bsh at once 8283tf 11ARDWARB, Kingston, Pa. NOTICE. A ROCK TTJNNEIv ABOUT 175 feet long to be dilven by contract. fepeOificailons and particulars, at the Com-. panya oniee, nocananq na. 228816 .. - : .... TOTICM.w-DFF10B LEHIGH & j EES-BARKS COAL CO , New WIL5 York. fbe annual election for President and six directors ot this company will be held at Its Philadelphia office, No, 236 Fouth 3d Street, on Thursday, February 8ith, 1837, at 18 o'clock m. . At the earn e meeting the stockholders .will be asked to 'vote for or against an increase of indebtedness of said com pany, by an Issue of bonds,- not exceeding other bonds and mortgages matured and becoming due. 1 The transter books will cloe at New York ofllce on the 13th February, 1887, and will open March 1st, 1887. v. n..rvi 13, Beuremry. By order of the board. - 2283tl2 TROFOSALS FOR LIGHTING THE JL stree'ts of the City ot Wilkes-Barre. Sealed Proposals will be received until IS o'clock m. on rue day, the 2ind day of February, 1887. ' - - -. ... 1st. Fcr furnishing the posts and ail neceiaary materials for tne lighting ot xm rtreet wraps more or less wi either cij, napths, gaol ne or iilliancv the best coal eas of s to equal in piiliiancy the bst coal gas of n'cuidle power and u four foot bu'ner twenty-six niehts in eseh month ..from duck in tne eyeniDg-untu aayugnt m tne morning jqt one year or more ngt exceegus three years front Annl 1st. 187. ana. For furnishing an tne neoeseary materials includins lamps and lixhtina of 70 street lamps f.i 1 " a . ... (the posts of which are paw owned by the city) wuj eimeroit, naptna, gasoune or gas, same as Srd. For furnlsltfng the materials and tfarhttng of from SO to 80 eleotrio street lamps all-night for oae year or mora not exceeding tnre"e years from AprUlst. , v , 4th For furnishing the materials and lighting any or all of the above lamps with arc cr incandescent electric light, sj? , ' The bids must be separate and distinct for eacl iehtlDe the iarre' and addressed t frank Pel trick. ;ierp. and left at tne council itoom. . - . - Chs. A. Mi an, Chairman - - W.w-w-...-Fob. .ft.ll.bj.- ' STJFPLKMtQNT TOrXfTDRDINANCB V . entitled ''An ordinance to provide for tha ereotion of Rates and the maintenance of flagmen by railroad courpanles across streets and roads In the city of Wilkes-Barre, crossing their respective tracks at grade. - - Be it ordained by the Mayor and Count il q the city ot- Wilkes-Bar re in aty-Connoii a-sembled.as follows: -v-,,, ii -, Section 1st. That section let of an ordinanea entitled "A a erdinance to provide for the erectloa or gaias nu maintenance or nagnran oy railroad companies across streets and roads in the city of Wi kee-tarre eroasiog their respective tracks at grade.0 approved July 8d, 1SS, be repealed and that in place thereof the following sections be suusubuieu, vu ; o l Skctiom let: That each and every raPftad cam-nan v uelaff steam as a motlte Dowordn or acrosa sny of the street, or highways in this city shall forthwith eV&ct ana at all times maintain at their own expense, satety gates oa each side of tha tracks soross such.- streets aad roads miii their reepective tracks at grade ss are herein designated as on safe crossings, and -such as may hereafter by resolution of the City Conn til be a. signatea as unsaie cmssings,ana enaa mn,uia men to operate said gives. V That the folio win? croadnga are hereby designated as unsafe, vij': t . gpptt street crossing, tbe tracks ot tha Delaware & Hudson Canal Company's railroad, and Of Ithe - Iehlarti Coal and Navlntinn iVm. paay, now leased by the Central Railroad of siew Jersey. .---..-.-.. f the Pennsylvania, and New., York Canal snd auposa company;- . . . , - s. jsarset ana flaruifanpton ttreets, crossing e track of the Pennsylvania and New York Canal aid Railroad Company, of the Lehigh VU ley Railroad Company and of the Lehigh Coal and .nsvigauon uompiDj, now leased toy the auuiroaa oi rnew jersey. high Valley Bailroad Company, tbe lehlgb Coal sod JSavigatioa Company, now- leased by th Central Railroad Company of New Jersey; and ineKortnaca west Branca, Kanroad company. 5. Leh'gh, Hill and Dana ttreeti, crossing tha tracks of ,the Lehigh foal sndNavisatloa Coat pany, now. leaseo oy . tne (Jentrat uautCAB af New Jersey. . i 1; - - k S. South Main street, croeain j the tracks of th Korth and West Branch Railroad Company, of the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company and (. raniss street, crorsiug tne tracits or the Le- b'gh Valley fcailroad Company and the Leblgb ui ai ana nsngtuon company, lei the Central Railroad of flew Jersey, . Hanover and Wood streets. rmtaLtne. ik. . 1. .1. XT . , , V n Mi, J- ,ucrif LUBI ftllU LiOlUpSnV and of the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Comoatv Jersey. - . ,; , a. barnev Ktie, crossing the track of the North ted West Branch Railroad rmn.ii. 10. Cafeytovn Hoad, crossinf the track of the aonuern ccai ana iron company. - Whentwofailroads run within eixty feet of each other at a point where tafety gates are or way be required there hall be two such rates t reeiea, one Dy escb eompany , oa tbe outside of tbeir traeks opposite each other, and .ben tha ra Iroads are more than sixty, and not more than one hundred snd twnnt.v. r.nt an,- u , ... may be erected in like manner with the pei mission of the City Erjinecr, U. tbe companiea in UtOUVI ;.. W ,t- . ection2J. That " the remainder of ga!i ordl- rance be and remain in full force. - Fsasedat a meeting of the City CcancUheld F im in too- - S J " W. J. HARVKT, . SEAt. V President of tha Council. I r 1 Attft ttien-r.) (, I se city, FItAK Vh i i UK a. City Clark Pi-roKJIcbrusry 21. 1 r. xne commiuee reservetbe right ta rejeot any or su oust not fleanea ftuyaiitagoou to I be cjiy? . :8Sli4. proposals niust- be endersed- "proposals for lighting, the streets of the Uy of WilUces-Barre' ana sddressed ta Frank Pel trick. City f OST.i-Becwrfin White's dreg store and I i Northampton street, about 8 a.m., Feb. em, a wallet eontaiaina; a 8 am of money, some keys and a receipted bill. A liberal re ward will be paid lor Hit return to this sffloe. THE AXNTJAL MEETI2JC1 . OF THE Stockholders of the Bed Ash Coal Com pany, lor tne election oi tmectors, ana tne transaction of such other business as may r Sroper.wlllbeheldatthe Company's efflce i W likes-Barre, Fa., on Monday, February 14th, 1887, a 10 o'clock, a. m.- v. tiKtvsNWUKiH, secretary, : Witaas-Baaa. Pa. Jan. S7, 18?7. - ,an. 47 to reb. It : APPLICATIONS FOR HEADSTONES ' for unmarked graves of soldiers, Ballots and marines In the cemeteries bereabonta should be sent as soon as practicable, to the undersigned, giving name, rank, regiment, company, age and date of death in each case. The bead tones will be promptly supplied at government expense. - " , " Chairman Com., Ely Fost. Vt. O. A. R., . -No. 10 Franklin or 37 Orchard Street, . ?OTtl8 - tjALE OF VALUABLE CITY PR0P O hRTYThe undersigned will offer for sale to tb highest and best bidder, at the Arbitration Boom, Coart House. -city ef Wilkes-Barre. on Satarday. 19th February. 18S7, at to. o'clock a ra I All that certain lot of land in said city, known ji the Dr. John Smith property, Mtnete on tbe corner of Waehiagton street and Deanis auey, and running back to Fell street, and adjoining the lot of Or. J. & Lsmpman. with a two story frame dwelling house and other Im provements thereon. - - . 1EBM3 une sixiu cau on cay oi saie, one sixth on the death of the widow of Thos. blake, deceased, and the remainder in a term of years if desired. - All bat the cash payment to be secured by taort gsRe and bonds beariao: interest at six per cent, payablu semi-annually. F. V. Bocx.FBixow,1 .Executors of F. J. LkatbkwoethJ dee'd. , Feb. 8, 1887. - - - 2382tW CANDIDATES' JK NNOXJ KVKMBNTS. FOR HIGH CONSTABLE. By the urgent request of many friends I have decided to be a candidate for High Constable. - . .Umt BENKY BRENNRB. 1?0R SCHOOL DIRECfOIL I desire to 1 i aunoutfee" that I am and will be a Candidate for School Diiector ia the Fifth ward. If elected I ehall perform the duties of that office in a faithful manner. . !K75tr C. W.SPATD.M.D. OR SCHOOL DIRECTOR I hereby announce myself a candidate for School Director from the Fifth ward. II elected I shall labor faithfully as In the past for the best interests of both tax payers and schools. . PaiLIt FOfU K. 2276tf "jT&Tt COUNClLlnAN THIRTEENTH JL ' ward Jacob 8eigly. at the request of a number of citizens of the thirteenth ward, will be a candidate for Councilman for that ward sat tho oiniag municipal election. Mr. Seigly is a representative citizen and property holder, and if elected will serve his constituents Intelligently and faithfully. 2?itf ' MUSICAL INSTRUCTION MiHjfimtf, Pimttm, Orgmti, tlmrtm Connterpoiul mud Fugue, Instrumentation, Form In Composition and Violin, by Mr. D. J. J. Mason, (Mns. Bac.) at the rooms, 96 South Alain street, Wilkes-Barre, Teacher ol Violin, UBS J. W. BHOAD8. nov301y : THE YOUMAN'S Spring: Styles Hats for NOW BEADY AT JORDAN'S THE HATTER. 46 MARKET STREET. PUBLIC SALE. For the Want of Room. There wttl be Bold at VMic Sale. ' ON FEBKUABY lOTII, 1887. The following named articles: Four . three-seated Carriages, two two-seated carriages, Top and Open Buggies, Spring Wagons, Lumber Wagon Sleighs, etc. The majority of these articles are second handed, hut ali-4 good running order. Some nearly as good as new. This will he a . rare chance to as these any price. procure great hargains, articles will be sold at Terms Will Be Hade Known - Bay of Sale. ' Sale beginning at 10 o'clock a. m. D. BACHMAN. CARRIAGE BUILDER. 21Q South Main Street. , 2275,tlS - OFFERINGS AT Less Than Eegular Prices. The sale - wilL continue throughout:; the week, bnt early selections are aarisaMe In order to get the benefit - . OI?. FULLEST, ASSORTMENT. St jles Dress Cambrics, and Sateens,' 10c, worth New" Shirting Percales;. , f i mm Black Cashmere, 'Extra Valued Black Figured Dress Goods, . Damask .Towels, " r. -, - - 'A , tHalf Bleached Table Damaslr;, ; , .-! 58 and 60 West XIarket St . sooKsnrima. BOOK! BINDING ! J. W MAKTJFACTTJRE3 Or wwv -v- f'-vm wm- rwwv, sv m CtAA, .wjiJi,r v VERY IMPORTANT. Beer is becoming if it has not already becomethe natural beverage of the American people. The pure, manufactured only of the beet materials and by the most approved processes,' beer is acknowledged to possess efficacious medicinal properties and is recommended by tho best (hysicians as a remedy for cases of debility and for many forms of disease. At tbe same time cultivated bastes differ in preference, and to meet all requirements of the case, the "Philip Best Brewing Co." manufacture different varieties of beer, each marked by peeuliar characteristics, and each made of the purest materials and by the best processes known to science. They are as follows. SELECT, BOHEMIAN, BAVARIAN, EXPORT, STANDARD. All these varieties can be purchased from George At Lohmann, wholesale and retail dealer. He gets these beers direct from the brewery, and consequently are the straight goods. All bottles have G. A. Lohmann on the peek label, so you cannot make a mis-taka. This is very important, and places all purchasers on the right track for the genuine article. LOHJL'VNN'S Restaurant, 1S9 Easl Market street. jyjUSIlC Jl ALL. WEDNESDAY EVENING, FEB'Y 9 lit, Engagement Extraordinary. WALLICK'Sl. HEW "BJipiT Kip, With the wonderful acting Hornna, BAV &AIDEU, K'AN CHARUKH. TEX AH and ARABIAN JIM. Janes H. Wallick, In his great role of "Joo Howard,";, SPEC! AL SCKNI0 EFFECTS. The Trot tl n g Race. The Running Race. The Leap for Life. The Ride to Death Tbe Cataract. The Rescue from the Rapids, and the niont thrilling scene ever produced on any staff', The Btlt-BLmift Wight mm Mtmrtt-r. - Prices as nsual. Diagram opens at Shupp'x, S days in advance. new spring Styles STIFF HATS FOR . 1887 NOW READY AT PALMER'S, TUB HATTER, 171 BAST MARKET 8T. :o:- THE' 12Jc. 10c, worth 12Jc. 75c., worth 31.00. 59c , worth 75c. , 15c, "worth uOc.-J9c worth, $1.00. J - t sj rrr f f f r r? r m mm Mwmmmw ja . sa"JnC .a..J . RAEDER. I

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