Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 5, 1944 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 5, 1944
Page 8
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*• Page light vmaesaessasssss Hartford Company Accused Of Liquor Law Violation NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS BOROUGH DAILY DIARY Hnrtford. July -.1—(U D— The Service Package stores, Iiicorpornt- er, Of HnrUonl, has hcnn »um- .moncd before the Liquor control commission on four charge* of violating the state liquor control net. The corporation recently hotight 8,000 cases of liquor from the internal revenue collector, which had been attached for non-payment of tnxcs. • • ' . The liquor control commission Chnrffcs that n package store cannot buy liquor except from wholesalers and manufacturers. Furthermore, the commission churpc.i the corporation utilized H new place of storage without npproval of tho commission, and thnt the liquor stock was owned by n person not an elector ' of the ntntc. A hearing on the- charges will be held tomorrow at. tho stivtc ottlco building. .. . ' • Governor Baldwin Thinks Republican . Party Will Win Hartford, July r»—fUP)—Buck from the national Republican con- 'vcntion. Governor Baldwin fools certain that Connecticut will support the Dewcy-Erlckor ticket. As for the presidential and vice- presidential candidates, the governor says: "They ouph't to, and undoubtedly will, receive tho support of tho people of -this-;state and the nation," , • About his-own candidacy for another term «s govc,rnor,_ Baldwin hud nothing to say. Rcgardlosis -of whether !)" again necks offlco. Governor Baldwin nays ho will actively support tho national ticket. JULY 1944 I M T W T T t 2 J 0 S 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 U 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 JJ 24 35 J6 27 J» 29 30 31 Coming Events TOMOIIUOW and :unl Co., oOo JULY 10 St. FninelV T.A.D., Scliool Jlall. _ •_ .JULY 12 Mi-plliiB Naiigatuck fish ami Ciaim- C!iil>, Inc.. Town Hull. |{.-d Cross Moliili: . Hl»oil Unil. Y. M. C,. A. Fine Tournament List Is Posted At flop Brook Club TCIchfird Swcnt of Dunn avenue is chairman f)f ln(jl Tournament Committee of tho Hop Brook club here and member.'; and the general I'nlfiitir public will bu interested In the slate of tournament, play that ha-, lioen •ii.rr;\np;ccl 1 1'or the balance of the season. .. All loiirnzimcn-ts with' the exception of the NauRntuck Daily News Open Golf tournament and the Industrial Golf tournament are for members of ', he club only. t The dates of the various tournaments have been listed for the wook-onds, with 'play possible Sat- urdays'and Sundays, Club' prizes will he awarded for the club'cham- pionship tine! Labor Day 'lourna- mcnts. Handicaps are listed to a maximum of 30 and members of the' handicap commit!oo . are Fred Zo- Americans In nino, Scally Tho July July ,'iuly Temperature Report Another holiday has -come and gone, and 'Rod 1-Jcrmans' is' glad' of it. While others were .golfing, swimming, or just sleeping. Reel worked tho Listial early hours. Red's pretty, rugged' and 'really didn't mind the laboring, figuring that that little bit counts toward the ond of thu war. It was a nice cool day for work yesterday, nny- way, and today is pretty nice too. 3 ft. m .'U3 .B n. m ;..... 02 . 0 a, m "t> Noon ' SS 1 p. m. SO Weather Report | New Hampshire, Vermont. Mas- sjichusctts, Rhode Island and Connecticut— I--air tonlgh'. and Thursday except Coj.- widely scittt-ereil showers fi n d thimdcrshowcrs Thursday afternoon, _Little change In temperature. Corporal Barber, Is Now Army Barber (Continued from P'ngo 1) graduaetd from a radi-o operator anil mechanic school at ScoU Fielii, Ii!. The Ninth Air Force Troop Carrier -Command to which he .lias •now been assigned since' his ar- .rival in this theater, is part of the Ninth 'Air Force, veteran of the North African desert • ••arnpaign, nn-v- u. U. ,S. component of the Al- Jicci Expeditionary Air Force. Newest-of Troop Carrier orgnn- iviations, the IX" Troop Carrier Command 1.-. commanded by Bri'g- :u!io:- General Paul L. Williams, •planner anil leader of tho Troop Carrier flight wrtich spearheaded the invasion 1 of Sicily, and is now taking part in the. present invasion of Waxtern ISuropc. Henry Cieslewski. Thomas and Richard Sweet, tournament is as follows— S, JtKlustrinl tournament. Ifi, Industrial tournament. 22, Sweepstakes. July 2i). Kickers tournament. August Ij, Club champion-ship. AuRiisI 12, Club championship. Auf;usl. 10, Naugatuck IDaily News tournament. . • • August 20, Naugiituck Daily News tournnment. Sept. 2, I-abor .Day Handicap tournaments. BL'V WAR BONDS AND STAMPS Harbor In Denmark Wrecked By Blast; 11 Persons Killed Stockholm, July 5—(UP)—Na/.i officials fire trying lo learn whether the explosion that, wrecked tho strike-hound harbor, of 'Aarhus in Denmark is -sabotage, Reports from Sweden say a tor- rific blast at the harbor' killed 11 persons and injured many others, The N'axi radio suggests it may be tho work of Allied sympathizers. • • . Rcp'orts from. Copenhagen tcfl of heavy daninjrc .1" '.the Danish harbor ' as a result . of '.the- blast, Wiirehouscs,. ofifccs 'and at leant two ships wore set 'afire. • Grain elevators collapsed. 'Large g.-is tanks .started to burn. Thousands of windows throughout the . city were shattered by '.he concussions 11 nd t i! 1 c p h o n- e communications were shattered con cussions and telephone communications were disrupted. '.' Population" of continental' U. S. on Jr.-iiai-y I, 10-12; WHS ]33,9Gr>,000, a-'cording to -1'he census bureau. * " * * * * * PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE When victory comes ami >*e cnii turn lo the liappicr purouitg of p*>nccl!mo living, lliotisnncls upon thousands ot ; families will start •dual work on new homea or the rcmodclliny or improvement •f old home*.'Plann for llicir better living in tlw future ore being mndc by these families. TODAY! Perhaps you too, nrc making •uch plan*. INCLUDE AUTOMATIC GAS WATER HEATING Hoi »-at«r is no cwcnlial lo modern living tbat a home without mntomnlic hot water service imposes household burdens mucU like Ihosc of the "horse nud buggy" age. Automatic «as hot water »ervlcc nolvcc every hot water'problem economically. It provide* piping hot wntcr for every need, day and night, wilh no more care or attention ihon simply opening the faucet. Tula h> the kind of ncrvicc for comfort, convenience and economy you U want ill your future home. Plau for it now! Save for it now , . . BUY WAR BONDS! GHT&.POWERC& TkE CONNECTICU * * * * * *! * * *> * ...* (By United 1 Promt) • The Nnzls In'Italy arc putting up very heavy resistance apainst tho American drive t'owrii-d-the bi'p port of Llvorho. • ''" . The Gcrmrin'-"troops along tho coastal road 12 miles south of tho port lira. entrenched behind deep minefields, long 1 stretches of barbed wire, and a 1 ' network of concrete pillboxes. . The enemy has .turned coastal Runs, anti-aircraft •.batteries and even prlant 17-ccntimetpr cannon against the advancing 'Americans of the Fifth Army. Thus, the Nazis have been able to lay down a flaming,, curtain of artillery fire over the entire buttle\arca. Nonetheless, the Americans.liavo broken into «he ,outer defenses of Lovoroo. And they are battling their way forward slowly. . Field dispatches say the main weight of the American push being directed against Roslgnano, where powerfud German forces have dug in for a death stand. U. S. tanks and infantrymen ore In the outskirts of the town, 12 Tnilese from Llvorno. There arc reports that Na-/.l reinforcements .are hurrying down into i.his area. And R's indicated that the enemy, may have decided to make a major stand in Rosignano. • Farther Inland, French troops of the Fifth Army have pushed three miles north of Siena. And,' at the center of the peninsula, the main, forces of the- British Kighth Army have smashed forward for gains running to more than nine miles. The British have -captured town after town in a two-pronged drive toward Arcxxo and. are loss than Cive miles from that important Junction. ' ' British Subs Sink Jap Ships WEDNESDAY* JULY 5,1H4 Launch Cruiser 1-utcnt addition to tlic Nuvy's heavy cruiser clas>j, the U. S. 'S. Ilrcniurton, goes down tlie wuyt* of the New York Shipbuilding Corporation yard at Camden, N. J. The cruiser was christened, hy Miss Ellxaliutli K. McGownn, chief clerk at the Piiect sound Navy yard, .Bremerton, Wnsli., U. S. Navy photo. {International Sotindphoto) (.Continued' from Page 1) and bombs, -'down on- Rota island in the •southern. M'aria-n'as. The enemy reports 'that American fliers, in" the same r~ also attacked .Guam area. . ......... Other TJ. S. planes, supported b> the Kilns of an' American navn. task force, pounded the Bonin nnd Volcano Islands, 65.0. miles fron Tokyo.' Those raiders destroyed 01 damaged 104 Jap planes and sb enemy vessels. "The Tokyo .radio says fierce fighting is now' in progress in this area. But the enemy radio make clear whether' this refers to .ground, or air action. On land. American troops beating thbir way forward against the remaining Japanese forces on Saipan island, after ''capturing the city of Garapan' and 1 ' the port of Tanapag. It's reported that the Americans have lunged more than one mile beyond- Tanapag, blast ing their w'.-iy forward with flame- The enemy is now cocpod lip In a ' ninc-s qua re-mile area at the northern tip of 'Saipiin. But the Jap troops arc cxpecle'd to make a last-stand from their pillboxes and blockhouses and" "from caves and ridges. There are. indications that the enemy is well-supplied. And the fighting is still, tough. On the'Asiatic mainland, Chinese troops have fought through 'torrential, monsoon rains, to cut an important Japanese supply road in Yunnan •' pi-ovi'n'ce' ncai- the Bur- mesc frontier. ' Preparations Nearly Complete (Continued from Pnfirc 1) ads in The News: The morchsvnts listed will distribute keys, and the holder has notMing" cls.c to buy. If he .will attend Ihc- baxaiv, and his Icoy. -fits tH'e.. chest, one of tho many prizes 'insitl'o'MS his. That is all there is to It., For cnlprtainmpnt,.., an amateur eon tcsl,, will' 'b'c.hcid.) each evening, with co'ntos-.tattta'from .-ill over the borough, • Entry Is 'not- limited to members of '.the parish, ,-uid I here is no entry fee' o'r.'-other "" Contestants arc divided . into throe groups, grammar school children, hiph school students," and adults, the winner ot each- group .Rottin-g $r>. T.'ic three stars l.hcn will compete for the extra *10 prixc oa the final nighl. of the frolic. The winners, Incidentally, -will be chosen hy the audience itself. . their applause 'adjudging' tho. winner. These, , to .mention a few, are some of the. .things' to expect at the St. Hctlwig's bazaar. The u.sual selection of refreshments will he there, .too, '. for- .tliose .who might get thirsty or hungry. -during 1 tlV: evenings, . ,•.... AliMY NEEDS.COTTON" Washington, July 5—(UP)—The army needs cottort. And Major General C. L. Corbln, acting army quartermaster general, is concerned because cotton textile rnan 7 ufacturcrs seem to be holding supplies back from tho market in anticipation of higher prices. The Office of Price Administration has announced that prices of many cptr ton textiles will go up as a result oC amendments to the price control extension act. Nazis Reported To Be Hurrying Away From Reds (By United I'ren.x) The Germans ai-e reported evacu- \tin£ civilians and troops, from 'our larfrc areas menaced by the onruHhiniT Soviet war machine— East Prussia, two Baltic states, and 'old 'Poland. A Stockholm newspaper, quoting 1 '' a'. Swiss, dispatch, . says the Nazis/have ber.un evacuating civilians from East Prussia, and 10,000 already-have been moved - westward. Most. Prussian '/amilies^iic- cordinp; to the Stockholm.* advice's n into Germany, 'but ttS. Subs Have Sunk Seventeen . More Jap Ships Washington, July ; 0—(UP)-Thc sinking of 17 more Japanese ships, including a light .cruiser and destroyer, by American submarines was announced today by Secretary of Navy Jarnes Forrostn.1. . Forrcstal estimated thul between one-third" and one-half of ftn estimated jtevcn million tons of. shipping possessed by '-he Japanese nt the start of- the war has been destroyed by American armed forces. At the same time, Forreslal told a .news conference that "completion of the Saipan operation may be expected with confidence" and that there is evidence of disorgan- isation among the Japanese defenders. He warned, however, that the "main battles nrc still to come" in the Pacific. But U. S..forces hav.:, he added, ' approached the point where they can force ^the enemy "to stand up and fight." Hundreds Attend W. J. Neary Funeral (Continued from Page 1) - , some' have arrived in Austria..^Another Swiss report says -10.000 evacuees from Poland and the Bal- tics, mosUy German .farmers and ofllcials, arc' hurrying' towards Konigsbcrg, capita! of East Prussia.. By- the s.-.une accounts,- , the Germans • began evacuation. • of Latvia,, with .many engineers -and t.cchnic.-il expc:'!.s already pur. of the,, country. And a London,. broadcast says Uic entire Nasii , Baltic 'army is preparing ' lo evacuate by sen. Nazi broadcasts admit that Germun forces have withch-awn from a sizeable piece o!' land'at Ivowcl in- old Poland, giving t!ic Prussians n. springboard for the lower arm of .:i pincci-s drive towards \Vareaw. Kowel lying ]U'D miles across the pre-1039 Polish border on Kiev-Warsaw railroad, is the the last German stronghold east, of the 1930 Russian-Polish border..- ' • ' Along the entire White Prussian front, tile Russians are making specl.acul.-ir advances. Powerful Rod armies ,-ire x some i ISO miles from East Prussia and already rolling over the approaches to Jxilvia, Lithuania and Poland. The northern- winjr is within 30 miles of Latvia. The Germans, say another Russian- force is 2!> miles from Ihc Lithuanian stronghold of VVilno. And -a third 'column has launched a frontal al.t.-ick on Bar- anowicj-.e — tho gateway to W.-ir- stw. A St.ookl-.olm dispatch says the Russians already are righting in- the outskirts of B.-iranowicxc. Berlin dispatches published in Stockholm say the Germans are becoming increasingly nervous over the speed of the: Russian adv a-n c e, and quoted a military spokesman as saying the center of gravity now definitely shift- pnrtment and three of the police department, were active pall bearers. These, in addition to Chief Sheridan were: Capt. James Grant, and Lt. John Phillips of the fire department; Police Chief John J. Gormley, Lt. James Cuddy and Sgt. Anthony Farrar of the police department. Honorary bearers were Cong. Joseph E. Talbot, Lewis A. Dibble, John H. Brecn, Clarence Frecil- man, Atty. C. I. Tolles, John J. Gorman and Jerc J. Murphy. The borough .court delegation at the funeral included' Deputy Judpc John Jones, Clerk of the Court Joseph C. Raytkwich, Jr., Asst. PI-OS. Terrene* C. Carmody and Probation Officer Mrs. Edna C. Fcnniman. Judge Thomas Ncary is a son of the deceased. A delegation of Naugatuck merchants included Elmer Schmitz, Eugene Sweeney, and -Arthur H. Pager. Stores in the-Ncary building remained closed this morning until 10- o'clock, in respect to the well known local resident.. The Naugatuck Elks were represented by Paul E. ISuckmillcr. Clarence Quackenbush, Leo Happy, Clayton Fellows, William J. Lalor and" Edward J. Ahorn. ' The Knights of cjoRimbus delegation consisted of John McCarthy. Edward Kehoe, Patrick Regan, John Healy and-James Moore. Attending the funeral today were the officers and directors of the R ; s d o n • Manufacturing Co. of which Mr. Ncary v.-as ar. original dircclor and' executive vice president. They included Lewis A. Dibble, Donald S. Tuttle. E. F. Copp, Q p. p c tersori, William G. Boies, S T. C. E. Brust. J. J. Carr, H. P. Baldwin, H. E. Benham, and'L. F. Heilcman. The Naugatuck He'd Cross chap- ler was represented by Carlisle B. Tuttle, John Hayes and Frank L. Bradbury and Miss Irene L. Squires, executive secretary, headed the group from the Naugatuck Chajnbcr of Commerce in which Mr.' Nc.iry had always taken a very active part. Other borough officials who attended were -Supcrintender.-! of Streets Harold Murt.ha. and Superintendent of the Welfare Department. Leo F. Scully. Hildihg N. Olson, president of l.hc. Navigatuck Savings 'bar.k represented that institution of which Mr. Neary was an incorporator. The funeral cortege was one of (he longest here in recent years. Many residents about the central borough streets this morning stood in silent tribute as the solemn procession wended its way lo St. Francis' cemetery for the flnnl services for one of Naugaluck's civic leaders and outstanding sons. ed to the eastern front. Moscow dispatches report thai, thousands of Red air force planes arc being shiflod to advance fields in support of tho next phase of Ihc Russian offensive. PILOT IDENTIFIED Windsor Locks, July 5—(.UP)— The Army pilot killed in^.'u plane crash at'Branford the Fourth of July has been identified as Second APPOINTMENT ANNOUNCED . Hartford, July 5—(UP)—-Appointment of Meyer Schwolsky of W~csl Hnrtf.ord lo the State Rccmp'.oy- ment commission, is announced at the Slate Cnpitol. Schwolsky is dir- cclor of the Veterans' Home at Ncwington and wii: represent, the Veteran* on the commission. Lieutenant. John B. Haas of.' Neills- ? i-u-i\ , v'.le, Wise. 1-1,,-^s plane crashed ~~~~~~~~~~~~ *~* on Hntchkiss Beach and burst into flames'. Cause of the.' accidcii-l — which ociiiirrecl during 1 a conihat mission—has not been d etc rmi n'cd. HOME AGAIN Washington. July 5—(UP)—Roc- ord-brcaki-np; r.aval air pronp 23 is home, again after seUinfr a lot of ,'Rising'sun.s." An officnal Navy announcement disclosed the aniaz- inp' record 'the amazing airmen havc : - chalked up. They have a score of 81 Jap planes destroyed or damaged, 38 ,vessels. sunk or dam-' gedV'-as well* as inflicting other •ita'l damapre on: the" encm'y.- .PRISONER RECAPTURED RECEIVED BY POJ'K Rome, July _5— (UP)— Pope Pius nve n 'private audience to 'Socrc- .ary of War Stimson this inorninff. The rneqtins lasted 20 minutts, Percy, N. .H.', July 5—<UP>—The fourth'German war prisoner to esr cape'/from. Camp Stark-wilh'in--'flvo days'..'has been recaptured. Hanvis Rudolfer, a. German army sergeant, was'-taken at a civilian "cabin about •four-'milcs distant. He fled yesterday,"' several hours after the cap- :tui'e"'6"f i three other- prisoners who 1 escaped'Friday while cuttihp; wood^ 'with la'-prison crew. Buy More War Bonds BUY WAR BONDS AND STAMPS The Copper Room Open Daily For LUNCHEON And DINNER DANCING Wednesday — and — Saturday ;• Evenings Only After 9 P.M. MTAIUIHI* (Ml STROOCK FABRICS—IN MEN'S AL JACKETS - $28.50 - SUUITS $4*5(j| The wizardry of Stroock in blending fleeces and looming gloriously soft fabrics appealing to the touch—and your good taste makes these glamorous clothes irresistible to that man who has a liking for'choice fabrics. These casual jackets at $28.50 blend beautifully with our fine slacks—real tops for scrambled suits. 1.0VINE Ivt-KCTRIC CO. : Church Street " DANCERS! Wr; Have An Excellent Stock of ... u. s. BATTERIES — FOR — All MnlvCN of Cars FRIDAY. SATURDAY a* SCXDAYS We Present FRANK CAPAI-BO And IU* KALIMA Hawaiian Orchestra Sr<: Our— Mr. Charles .Thomson MuniiKcr of Tire Dent. WATERBCRY - 4080 (No Toll Chanre) Eaglt Restaurant BRIDQE STREET Member of-ConncctituK I Naugatuck's 100th Year Your Savings Bank Passes Another Milestone And Reports Total*' Resources Of Over $10,000,000 A TRIBUTE To The. THRIFT and SAVINGS of . . Naugatuck People NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK All Deposits Guaranteed 100¥ears of Service For over 100 years this plant has continuously-served our nation with quality footwear and other fine rubber products, peace and in war. ^fc ^_^____ UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Naugatuck Footwear Plant • BICYCLE TIRES & TUBES ' < • GARDEN FERTILIZER • LAWN FERTILIZER • HY-TROUS LIQUID FERTILIZER • SPRAY MATERIALS • KLEEN-FLO ' ., . CIcmiH Your OH Tank •' Conditions Your Car Motor • CHIMNEY SWEEP .Cleans Furnace Flue* • OIL DRUMS — STANDS — FAUCETS • CEMENT PAINT , • ' Transparent Filler and 4 Color* Thie Naugatuck Fuel Co. Phone 5236 87 Church St - -SI

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