The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 1, 1931
Page 3
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1U,Y'WRVIU,B. (AKK.) COURIER NRWP Bcsl Way to Serve Vege- and Youin'slcrs. Milk- To I'.Y SIS'TKK MARV NKA SiTvira Writer "Sciip, soup, beautiful soup, soup of the evening, beautiful soup!" Although the Mock Turtle was more than l.k'.'ly simin'; abaut !:ts own inrtiuilnv Ijvn:i1 c;f son:>. when we weigh the many virlius nt s''i r substances so essential to good health. Cream soups are simply undo, the addition of buthr nn;l ITJAIII making tin-in ri;:!i In as wi;it?:l. The .seasoning Is cf utmo'l Importance. A suspidon cf o:i!on. a bit ol cdeiy and a mlnc.irj cf pn.-k-y often do mutli for il.'licjtely fl-ivo: cd vegetables. Tlw sc:wmi:i: must be u;.-d lo avc;-ntuiu t-.i. nutura! flavor of C'.e vejei ibl-' nu lo hide It. The texture of cream sains mus ta perfectly siiK-olli and or'c: .MUI lik? consistency. A 'lumpy, too- l!i!ek soup is fur from ;i;ipet!-.'i;r.; Toast sticks, croiituns, l.ny marble-like dimipllii'j.'.-, cibp tracer.' LIlin "Mclba" chips ard any crisp bit of bread-still! add inn-™; '.i veil a.-, foexl value to tlu p!:ite of SGUp. Garnithhiss also add imirli i pnlo colored soups. ?0oin sinis" D. p.i]ii-ika, a sprinklini; o l miiu-e; parsley, a bit of gi-jtctl chwsj c in "eiu-ral \ve must a--t •" with Cream soups in particular are full of merit. There is no better way of seivintj veyeiahles and mill: to 1:1- tle children than In a wcll-m.ide cream soup. This typ:: of s - :up Is highly nmrt'.ious and supplies n goodly amount of calories not found in a clear soup. A =oup made from milk and vegetables is Irian in fco;l value. M I": is the most neailv poi-Icul of a' 1 : ''' 'he vcjsctabb t.::ns th.- is-.ic foods, Inckins mainly iron, and if H>e de=-iro:l i-oiis'st.-iirv. the vegetable chosen can make up [ Tomr.rrasv's Mrnu this lack, an almost complete foo.l I BREAKFAST --Sl!ivo.l pm:>s.c~ is provided. '.real cream, creamed di:c:i b?cf o: The mother who has difltaj'i.v i' i lo ". sr V m ' lk "' °" n< '''' IJciKUHdiirj her rtihl lo c!rhi'-: li's I ''UNi-HiO;*—Crann of s:'::nc- necessary amount of milk will fnvl S"UI>. cimitcns. rye bread and 1): ., cream souos a Rre'at help. Keep in' 1 ."' 1 . b " ttcr sandwiches, mind that skimmed milk can b2 used to advantage in these .soups. Butter is needed for seascuir.-r as well as the fa', calories nml ina-:e c •a le.v wliDlj p:rf.'tt pvci-s cl t':c variable drujinpd mt:> ih.- sjii. j'-is-l Ix-fore serving are siut-j]- 1 . ets- lly prepared earnls!*.;. Hulu-ii'wliip- l>:d era-Jin is also iistj as a git- ul-li for a ral>!3r fojsni! emir so'.:p. One cu;> uf *i'.iH vj-;e(V;l; i ac!c!sd to one cup of uiL-dium i.'ixl \v:iite sauce to make t!]£ s[iii;i!vr. eic:i:n sir.';;. The Juk'c- which rl'ii. ',' Driver Grove \ l!ev. liuck Walters «lll nreic! at Oliver Grove Saturday night imii Suiulny murniiis j Clmita Springer visitol (he Half i M3:,n fehool Tuesdai' :ifU'in.To:i. I Mr. Ho.vcll o:id Jr?s A!-.-xa:ider 'of lilytheville were guis'.s ol K!i-jrty ' Alexnndei- ThursSay. Ij.u^lus Itobuit'ion -.yjiit .S::lui-- day ni;hl with Char'.-s Sti-j!; •.-!-. Willie Youna or Halt Mom vis lied Charles Springer Siumd.iy af- leriiDoi]. Sprln-jcr and HJU-;|:I: Kobcrtscn were guests cl Mr. an Mrs. Frank Hid) of Calunu-t Sun <lay. L r iison Critni} was Hie dinner (Sliest o!' Cf.arli.'p Spri:iji-; Kiuul.i.\ Mr. and MIT. C.;art:e K-\r\.< {, weie gues'.s of Mt 1 . a:rl M:.-;. C:n-; llroi'k Sunday afleri:o:.n. Mr. an.l Mrs. O-il tMfkrl.l. visited In Gasn?ll S-.ifjiil.iy n'. ;b and Sunday. Mrs. Kiecl Golf is imprj/in^ at: r wveval da\.s iUticss. Mrs. A. J. Wicker s;x-nL 1 ii:. svok-cnd wllli her' f.nlicr, M: r a.slbiiicler. -at Little Hivrr. ' Mr. an.l Mrs. Ejrl Sli.ia.'yf;-;' niul frills Shiiltz of Halt M:3. vcrc guosts tt Mrs. Charlie Spriu - er Tuesday evenlnK. Miss LavBi IID Settoon and M .- PicriiKin Cypi's visited !.li?.. Char ley Holes Monday. Mi's. Hill Overtoil was t!i2 <;r.j,a >( MLS. Ueariie Settjon Tu:sJ.iy. is^. O!a Ftobertson sfu'iit up for the fat l:sl when th? milk i.s skinmi'ed.>oralcry tests have shown that from 15 to GO p«v cent of t^e f^ol value of various vegetables dissolv- , s!i!-;':le- : fi(s!i pineajipie. milk, t,- : :i . LilNNER— Boi!;:l salimn withe-- sauce. lattice ]»tilc?f, but; -r-- Bieen beans, cnttioe 0:1^5? Mhd Bt:nv:tcrry p^rtai:. mi 1 i 1 '-:, es into the water In which the vegetables are coifed. More than !hh a larger percentage of the minerals is lost in the water. So when this water is used in a soup, those mineral salts have b?on preserve:! for use in the body. I rartyi nntl Vitamins 'Arc "IJruivnrd" | (~'l PAniS. (UPi.-Slsicr - I/onie superior of Saint Lazarc Prison fie wrinnn's coal in P?ris. is about lo be promoted an Officer ef the le-icn of Honor. Si- lor I.eouie i"ok up !i" r'AVlta at Riint I.azaro rr.nn'.' and all its .honors. She 'lat t-nko were guests of Mr. and Irs. U. 11. Hodsc Sunday. Mr. nm'l Mrs. II. H. I'.uijius v,^re iii'sls of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard An- iows of Hall M»:m Montluy nl'iht Jue Wallers an:i sun. Ki-n.ird. iil- endixl to busiui'ss iu Ulytlie-vill Monday. Mis. Ma-jrjl; Towlsnl was 111 Hues', of Mrs. A. C. AshabMinie 1'ucs'Iay. Mis, William V/idner is sljl: Ihl vtek. iv v ci)le of llils vicliiity have Iweii PAOR United to attend the Mothers 15 cdihiaiiun ut Lone. Oak. All lire- :i:ki-.l 10 bnns well IHlMl baskets lui diniii'i- on the around. I Mill IllrllitUy frlrbnilril Ol.HI'KKSUNI), SwiHlun. (Ul'l- Sv.-idi-n's Inhabitant. Oli:i.-;:nn. a fanner cif (laakxslD?. "'"iv iii'iv Just has ivleti'.ilti! lil. l"-':t!i :mnlve:s:iry. In C.n'o:;j^ ]>--!i-;i Chi re ai\: Uvo men 101 y-ar.i "Id. Uij rcnU'iiailaiLs and live v:h-.i our o. .. IVlother goes or this irday night an.l Sunday wt:h Mb* j N>£ \t£_^l |i\ Esihn- Haskins of Half M-jsn. - t-TlV \\-/fCJ^S Miss EWijl llolfo-.'d of Blyl!i»v:il: ] ^Ji ?^V^ J-Dr^ .vas a visitor at Driver Cliove ^und-ay. Albert Russell of M!»lisippl if visiting Ij£on Russell this week. Elbcrt Brock £ix-nt the week-en:! j with Mr. and Mrs. Bart Richardson a( Rlythcville. Jo? White and Ilorton white o' UurdetLe spent tlie week-end v,-itli relatives hei-e. Hari, Vitamins also arc lr> so:ne the hejuiiful s;)y Mata before she faced the fmn^ was slv who rereiv- coi;fidetices She has degree in the water in which '.eatables ore cooked. However, if tl'.li water is saved and used in a s->U'i. I '"any \ve ore furnished with those too} trials. in he: chrirjc Therese Hum- "•t. Mm". n".smrab-> Ulie trunk ".uv<l.TC-s.o. Mine. Stcinheii. and . other figures of famous Marriage By the Book 'Nolc:—This is tin- fmirtli of a Felix's of brief commcnls . by a I*l v tilcvil!ft vnraan on Invc. marriage 'and divorce in re'ation to the (cachings of the niWc. j Tlic What Marn'atrc mnrna^e rr.^an snm° words as his own which Christ attributes In the Creator. Pen. 2:2-1. Matt. 10:4-0. showing that Adam fully understood the Creator's nl'an and accepted the res'-on'i'iility giv,?n him. Uicr and she had net lort her faith in G-. d. BVmse-l Kve. "God has Si veil .lie a .son in til-ice cf Abel o'i'ovn ?ii-.-" Did s')-> inouvi! fo' Cal'i ns v;ell a' ALel? Pro^ably, bill Hie .n-w little Setli via.- a comfort to her sore heart nnd sl:> and Adi:r. :c?m inore e!o=c-ly to! ull ' riei i os the years broughl theii e j Pecan Crave News H. E. Davis Is confined to his home with an attack of appendicitis. Rex Christian and Lee ['ittman ef I'aims, Mo., and Miss:s^ln PaiUr and Velm.1 Johnson of Malila were guesls of Mrs. Friuik Dirchett ^fonc!ny. Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Ho-Jgj v:erc linncr guests o( Mr. and Mis. R. 13. Hodge Sunday. M:s. J.ikc Richnrdsnn lins-return- ed to her ho:ne after a week's visit vilh relatives in Memphis. Mrs. J. A. I-'orJ has return:;; :i?ro after two week? visit at Nct- iletwi with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Abbott o 1 ape of his father Adam? S-< Hfce mothers and fathers in 1031! Did you ever no'.ic'e that in '.fth chapter of Genesis? | I have, iust found It. "A son in his cause, s^' S Adam. \x- M 1 - 5 own likeness, nfter his image. 1 ?oil has made us in this i Alul A tl«m and Eve were created F-r t cairse Coil . . . .. ___ ... way. Eve is tone r>F my bono. nesh I """ renumber chapter one, verse of mv flesh, we are made from one ! 27 ' in lll e image of God. to become one again. i Eve ' s J°>' in Sttli is chastened A mm shall .'.-are—Oh. the snr-1'."' " 1|V memory of sin am sulfer- of young pe?nlc who do net | in S—both her. own and that o! or cannot make their own iicwi*-' 3 " 1 ' sllc fcr:s ' np possible darr hmie, Tlie Bible doesn't tench the ! Scr of Hf* for Setli. yet she ii clrn or the harem. A Memphis' nn P!>y ns Is Adam her husband, mn'.cr this wint«r warned his Aml Seth tilc image of Adam snd young; folks a-ainst thef.? danger- Aflaln the Imaitc of God. So lone ous complications Dorothy Dix, as there Is one shred of that divine who has for years been kindly hkeness in human hearts there is helving loves and lovers, says thatl h ° ; ° Ior { ' M ™" K a; ' (i 'hc'e will b: meddlint; mctlicrs-hi-lRW have follilt ' ninay marriages in \vhicT wrecked mero marriages than any the two are net more twain but oll'er eaus?. A man shall leav,; his onn an<l as one striving to make fether and his mother, say Adam ihia home and their marriajt ami th» Bock and human cxperi,- aft01 ' °° J 's Weal pattern set forth ctr? down to 1931. and shall clcnv: "'" lhc ^Buming." 'into his wife. A strong verb, a Get Relief in Few Minutes! N'o need loFiifFcr from distressing pcri- oilic ln-ailui-liK th?t caUEe misery every month. A single <lo;c of Capudiuc (new anil slorious relief in a few minutes. Checks all pains, ioo. Doesn't disturb normal functions. No 1urmr«l drugs. 1 housands s-iy it is the one real licjiljclic.remedy. loc,aoc,6ocIxittles atalldmgstores. OrbylliedoscatEoda fountains.Tryii! Remembcrtliename.. - f\ HICKS <«* Lapudme ^ FOH HfADACHES j^-» orphnn—Flu called herstlf— i" A '' L -^t I'vcuing we met in I lie city — itrinij(cr5— lonely. A her that .!rf,lii — [ lued frtr IHT passionate lipj —lips ill Lit cnticcJ tuc into inarciii^c. ! ; lu spent wildly—kept me tirota —baby CHIIIV— and Mo took pnciimo- .•in. Wbcn tny pour, old widowed niollier 5uld licr tiuusi: lu pay our nills — she had lo live witb ui. Two *oinep~o:ic roof—Hint's when licll cut ld*oscl Kind, noble—• Ma did nil the VKjrk — nevirr coiiiplaliicd. Flo iiilkcd. mjjjJCLl — even curscJ Ma fi>r Jvibsiuji tiuby— fur little things— '.or notl]inj5 ut ui I. '1 lien Mn took neuralgia—couldn't »ork. Flo lc':pt ^nnvin^ imsticr— j.STlL—ihnldiiy Ma broke a pitcber -trivml thin' —a molehill tbat flared • fta a mountain. " (let out — oul of -lylifimr, yuu worthless hug 11 —I : lo creamed and fwin^injcj on me— ' 'This roo r 's tou sitrull — she's 3(01 t» J 9, Rildie— or otitl &Q—tkisinittiiit"l * ( Stnp," 1 reared. "You're cruel •i n snukc." rlo moved toward me -voluptuous arms circled my neck -"Ma's sick,*' (.struggled on, "No r'ticiids — no plaen to go — she'd diet tfeftire you ilrive her oui '—Plo's 'ipi sought — •"I'll see yor— Jauin you — I'll see yuu — you . . ." Vi'Iticb wnman did Rddic choose? 'Jid liis slavish desire for Flu tear in[i> shred!) his sense of justice—send into (he streets hU n£ed moiber who worked, sacrificcilj £ave til to make tliviii hapnyp Ordid destiny force Kddie to drivft (rum liis homo (his wife who hou* mailc him so linppy—Imd home liis cliilil — anil whose einhraces v/ere still an ccslacy lie craved like dope ? You simply must read fur youriell MY MOTIIKR AND MY WIH ti — n hclplesi hnslianj's otvn true story ol buwhis wife and mother—loving him •\vjlh equal fii-rccness—drn^rd liis soul Itirnugli hell and hntv he finally toh'Lj [tils terrible cluinestio tangle, tlic like of which Las ivrecked a :nillion lionies. Head MY MOTHER AND MY WIFB and nearly a seore of other astounding rei]l-lilv stories including litlea* such us "Luve Alter Murriu^i:, 11 "No Man Can Do More," "\V[n:n Sniciile Beckons" niul "Love at the Iron Duor"—all in June TKUFi STOIIY .MACA7.1NU. Get your copy — read it todiyl */"o the Lhltntn-in on the TRUR STOItV RaJio Hour The stories IIKCJ iliovc nil! ho hrniile^l. one c»;h FrlJ.y r.i(U d u tin« M.y. Sl.lbj • ci] Eiaur: CnlucnbU Uio<Jei]!Lnj S^Mcci. 9 f. \\. l:*Uern l)*>!i£M Slk:n£t Time, uii] The Jtmeiiiueof THUI! StOMV i* nnir on Illcll BUueMttunJ». Ity ^c:iir.< >o-jr copy • iKlreiilincil in ajvicce. your eniorrceu o( thete dc.rici nbeu bmidcjlt nil! he ticulf '•nion. Ih" same word is used in Mallrr-w nnd pain in I Corinthi- nn!:. and the poor icliols who wnn?d mak" 1 maniace "ties" easier arc (totTiyliig their own todies and rouls. , "Anri they shall be one flesh." a n-'t, !v"ined bv the oner^ss be- f^r^ Eve's creation, antl so would Ir-ev bo one in the creation of n««v life. Adam saw the fccautv aud divinity In this union. He i d.T'n't '.-H-m brutal nor tyrannical. n:id Kve. beautiful Eve. show's no inferiority crmple\. They wern ]»rtn"r,5. rarallv inipnrlint but n"' tilrnh'ral. She pcemed to start oi't a litlle Ico brLejjIv about th; trcr; nnrl fniit. but it is Adani wh'm Owl calls to account first. It was Adam's business to look out fo- Eve. The Creator laid upon mm the first responsibility. Adam n'ld Eve were not;! but thev dirt rhocFc evil liislead of reod and the punishment was cor- rc'-tive. never vindictive nor vrnjeful. God was always a God of love. They chmE to each ether out- Ride of naradire. Adam rejoiced In love for Eve, and Eve. blessed mother, loved her babies. Hear her Joy at the birth of Cain. "I havn gotten a man with the help cf (lo Lord." A miracle to her like tl-e creation of Adam and herself. There is the sauw crv in all nrr.s. fi is Ihc same loday with cu-ry mothrr as she steps down irto the val'.-y that means lite or death or perhaps life and death. "Her lime has come"—all trivialities vanish, nothing is real but thr asony, r.obody matters but hoi hurbani!, the doctor, and God Mnry im'l EhzalMtli rrp^afcd Eve's cry nnd i; is fuminrd up for al mothers in John 10:21. The an- Ri:ish Is forgctlcn for joy that r man Is born into the world. Hear Eve a'ainst tlic birth o' Gelh. She was no reluctant mo- drop real quality Typewriters Adding Machines Repairing — Rebuilding Renlala—Ribbons—Cai-l — Adding Miicliinc Rolls Act on Printing Co. Typewriter Dcpt. riinne 10 Announces A Change In Policy Beginning Saturday, May 2nd We will quit the general who.osale business and devote OVT efforts to a larger and be [or line ol' bakery products. We 1 el i eve the people of Blyt'ieville appreciate quality, therefore, in the future, we will cater exclusively to the consumer with a full line of cikes, cookies, pastries and breads ... all with that home texture and taste. * Special For Saturday 6 Cream Pretzel Rolls 6 Caramel Rolls 1 Family Size Strawberry Short Cake 90c Value AH For This new loaf is the same high quality which has characterised Cross Bread from the beginning. Bargains for Saturday and Monday CHEESE, !b. 19c ROAST Fo ;L 15c MM& LARJ)_ LARD I'otnul lie I'liiiitd FRANKS Hcst (liailo Lb. 15c Fresh S!iced O'.i Pure Pork round 15c HOGCinTTERLINGS PIG LIVER Red Peck 35c BANANAS_ mm 19c l.iirjre S Duzcn APPLES' POTATOES 1'on iid Sc Kresh I'dim tl I2ic ORANGES Boxen 25c APPLES Ui)i:ic- IJeriiity :) I'ounils GRAPEFRUIT •I fin 25 c ALLIGATOR PEARS a,* 29c PEAS I'rcsli Pnimc! GREENS Ttirni]) or Mustard g? >j' I'ound CABBAGE Nw ^ 0 £r Head 7;c Fresh IETS or lunch 3c l.imil ,470 10 4/ ffM?EI?l? Sna P- Ground 1O1C tiDrfliL IA. 1^2, SYRUP Hrcr Rabbit aljbil OaC 5-r,b. Can Dl D, S-ib. Pail 99c I'liiin nr Sclf-Hisirir 21-1,1). Sack rnC PORK & BEANS .^20° PRUNES ,M.b,25 c COCOA 2-l,b. Kox LARD Compound Thrift Brand •I I,bs. '17e S S9c •la S4.1Q cn /ID 3 Bars paimc ' ive 2nd on A OUrS I 1 Package Palm olive Beads £UG

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