The Union Leader from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on December 14, 1888 · 2
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The Union Leader from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania · 2

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, December 14, 1888
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. 1 J 2 v i ,;;-, . FOREVER. They tat together tn the sun, And Youth and Hops stood hpVering near, like dropping bell awa one by one Chimed the glad moments soft and clew. And stifl amid their bappy speech The lovers whispered each to each: . 4 "FoTeverr : . Tooth spread hlaVings of rainbow light; -Farewell I" he whispered as he went They beetled not dot mourned his flight - Wrapt In their measureless content; And still they smiled, and still waa heard Ine confidently uttered word: Forever.". Bope stayed, her steadfast smile was sweet Until the even time she stayed; Then, with reluctant, noiseless feet; She stole Into the solemn shade; A graver shape moved gently by. And bent and murmured warningiy: v.. t tVqnttef..t:.i And then where sat the two, sat one! No voice spoke back, no glance replied. Behind her, where she rested lone, , Hovered the specter, solemn eyed; ; 6he met his took without a thrill And smiling faintly whispered still: - "Koreverr ' ' O sweet, sweet Youth I O, fading Eopel , ' O, eyes by tearful mists made blind I bands which vainly reach and grope For a familiar touch and kind. -Time pauseth for no lover's kiss; Love for its solace baa but this: Forever!" Susan Coolidge. ; a succ SSSFUL BURGLAR. HE TELLS IT. ' Slother and the feirls were quite in ec stasies over the new house. The mascu-'line members of the family were inclined i' to be dubious as to its advantages. The chief objection which we had to it was that it waSene of a rovhof eight, all ex-actly alike, and it was extremely difficuJJ .to be sure of the right door. ; ' A week's practice, however, made that all right; ours was theourth house from the south end of the row; as I walked from the office along the street immediately south of us, I soon became accustomed to taking the exact number of steps, after turning the corner, which j would bring me to the door. Besides, toe hour at which I came home "(I am a proof reader on a morning paper and my duties usually kept me at the office until after 8 a. m.) made At necessary for me to carry a latchkey. While I Jmew that of course our neighbors had exactly the same conveniences which we enjoy.ed.and looked for light to windows in the same portion of exactly similar rooms, and experienced the annoyance of smoky chimneys when the wind was in $ho particular quarter which affected ours, I did not dseam that the houses were so precisely the same that the key of one would oihlock the other. -r:--. " We had Jived hero about a week when the street car line near by began running owJ cars. This was a boon for me, as it saved me a walk of some length. The car lino ran within half a square of the house, being on the next street north of us. . ' p i:-, fr-m-vff -. ' The first night that I rode homo I was so sleepy when 1 got out of the car that I .scarcely knew what I was doing, Hith-erto the exercise of walking had kept me wideawake until I got into my own room, I managed to unlock the front door, liowever, and get upstairs, habit making my movements noiseless, as I knew that lay mother was easily awakened and did not readily go to sleep again. - The room which I occupied was over &e dining room, the door being nearly - opposite to the head of the stairs. Somewhat to my surprise the gas was not burning on tne landing; the girls bad ' probably forgotten to light it before go--iflg to bed, I groped my way carefully and cautiously, and the burglar enters I THE QUEST. the room. What would be do next? lie I . closed the door as , gently as he had ! I mocked at Life-Give me the gift you hoKr burglar without such adjuncts, both of J I spoke to Deaths "Unfold your mystery r . which wpra unfamiliar obiecta to me: And held Life's torch above my head to see; bar The holy glitter of eternal stars. Margaret LippuicoU in Traveler's Beeord. - and I shivered as I thought of the advantage which he would have over me and my poker. Evidently the dark lantern was not In working order, however, for be 6imply struck a match. The little flame showed me that our new neighbors were not unfounded upon reason this was one of them. They were certainly a gang of burglars, i lie made a step toward the dresses. To reach it he must pass me. He was within reach of my arm. I raised my weapon, and, uttering the loudest scream of which my lungs were capable, I struck bim on the side of the head. He fell like a log to the floor. Horrors! I had killed himl - v ' " '' ": ' " ' : My - renewed screams alarmed 1 the house and the others were speedily .by my side. I had already lighted the gas and was on my knees beside the man that I had struck, vainly endeavoring to recall life. My assortment of restoratives, I was afterward assured, was sufficient to have revived a dozen swooning men. j "What in the world" began myj brother as he appeared upon the scene.) n. , 1 A! , . U n A - i ua won luo uidb w Ajum n uio uuui. i urii. I 1 m t i .- ia half hysterically, "but I've killed him." j "Wholly; unnecessary severity," remarked Tom; "you always overdo the thing. But that man isn't dead." ! As if to confirm his words, the burglar just then opened his eyes and looked inquiringly around him. , "He looks dazed," I whispered to Tom. "He has occasion to look dazed if you hit him with your beloved poker," rejoined Tom, pushing me aside and applying restoratives in his turn; "put it where it belongs, and go get me some brandy or whisky, or something of the kind. We'll have to get this fellow on his feet before we call the police." "I I was mistaken, sir," said the burglar in a feeble voice, but with a very decided manner. "I was mistaken in the house. It appears that the same latchkey unlocks both doors, and I got the wrong one." . ' "Yes, I think you did," rejoined Tom, emphatically, and eyeing bun with suspicion. , The burglar managed to scramble to his feet, although I could see he was still dizzy from the encounter with my poker. I retired into the closet and held the door shut that is very nearly. I think that you will do me the favor 'FROM TM HOSPITAL" - i Tes said ths Eev. Mr. Dibble. "I knew I could depend upon the hospitality of my flock to entertain this excellent young divine, seeing that my own boose- hold is In so disorganized a condition, owing to the exigencies 'of 'cleaning house.' It will be only for a night or two, and we all know what Is promised to those who receive the angel unawares. . And Mr, Dibble rapbed his hands and looked smillntrlv around nnon the mem bers of the Young Ladies' Aid association. wane a very percepu pie murmur or assent rose up from the aggregate collection of earls, bangs, " frizzed . bahjahd crimped laces. , ' : ? ..; -1. : Not a damsel in the number bnt would gladly have extended her gracious hospitality to the. Rev. Felix Amory, who was to nreaoh a sermon in aid of "Home Helns and Missions" at the village church upon the coming Sunday evening. , , ' i .. "I'm sure,' said Miss Lida Larkspur, promptly anticipating the crisis, "papa, would be most happy to receive the gen tleman!" i While the other ladies looked indie- nantly first at Miss Lida, then at each other, and whispered, "Bold thing!" f "Most kind of you to promise It, 1m sure, said Air. Nibble, and so the matter was settled, not at all to the general satis- iaction. t... .- . And Lida Larkspur went home and is sued orders that the parlor curtains should be washed and ironed, and a pound cake of the richest nature concocted. While Kate Duer, the doctor's sister, who was as fond of young clergymen as Lida herself, and would in no wise have objected to varying the monotony of her home life with a spice of ecclesiastical novelty, returned to her crochet work with a yawn and a general impression that life was a bore. .-: "We are to have a young lecturer from the city in the church on Sunday even ing, she said to her brother when he bustled in to dinner. ' ' 'Ehf said Dr. Duer, swallowin? his scalding soup; are wot JJy the way, JT J .T. ' , ,1 to chanea vntir fnlnd nlmirt nHino- for ?.U9re 8,T cabe. ? smallpox a the POI& he said, "when I explain I fTSHS: , --aionff, ana at wxt -rcaccea tno door or t tne. episoao or tne oureiar. uiy .my room. I entered; ii was like the halL declales that he is not afraid of pitch dark. I tried to find the taoioTon U being entered , while he ia away. which tthere' should be a lanin. aM mr 1 mv fanfamust have gone abroad: thaod apq '5nact. with something He. : urew a matcli from my pocket nrl etrnrfe it Am I held It tscreeHea o; I! mv hand I saw-HJia - the room was etrango one. ' Suddenly, 'all was dark; Jt was not tliat tno maicn nau gone out, but the brain was sliadowed; I knew nothing more. ' 4:---V' SHE TELLS IT. I , was always rated . courageous; I seemed to lack that instinctive fear which causes some to shrink from darkness and loneliness. My brothers and sisters often declared that I would never be friehtened; not even,' added May, with a shudder, if a burglar were to present himself before me and demand my valuables. ? These would not tempt any well regulated burglar, being small and of little inti-insic value; but I should not like to lose them, and I have always determined to defend my property stoutly if threatened, providing, of course, that I had sufficient warning of the robber's intentions to enable mo to act. 1 - I awoke one morning at that proverbial darkest hour, just before the dawn. I had no idea what ' time it was, as the whnla house was wraDned in silence and darkness; it is from after events that I am able to say that it was nearly morning. I had started suddenly from sleep, but at first I could not tell what , had aroused me. ; As I lay listening for some sound to follow that which had recalled me from the land of dreams, my thoughts turned InBtSTCtively to our next door neighbors, who had been domiciled in the tow for about a week. ' ? . - . Nobody knew them, although several of the older residents had spoken of, call- ing upon them perhaps; for we liked the looks of tho ladies and they seemed inclined to bo friendly. The men, however, seemed to be home all day and away all night. They were not work-ingmen one could see that by their hands, their clothinc. their bearine and wo wero nf raid theywere not just what they should lie. We recalled certain grewsomo stories of counterfeiters, burglars and other criminals who settle in respectable neighborhoods and only excited suspicion by the unreasonable hours . which they kept. . Was that a step up the stairs? I listened more intently, my wandering thoughts recalled from all other subjects. ' Surely it was. and that was another. There vrna -burgkr-4nahnuseJL ; -sprang out or . bed ana enveiopea myseii am employed upon a mornine Daner and am not through with my work until nearly this hour in the" morning. I usually walk home. But I took advantage of the . new owl cars to-night and went to sleep on my way home, hardl? waking up when I got out and walked the half block here, I live at 415, and I hope that you will accept my explanation and apologies and allow mo to go-home to bed. I am very sorry I have disturbed the lady and probably.fright-ened her.". "It seems to me," said Tom, putting out his hand, "that the lady is perfectly well able to take care of herself, and that you ought to know it," The stranger laughed good naturedly. ' "She tried to beat it into my head, at any rate. But you will convey my apologies to her?' Tho two men went down stairs then, and I heard no more. But the blow on our neighbor's head effectually broke the ice between the two families and we be came firm friends. I was married about two years after husband the house for while if. under , the suDtxraition that my vhril- ance relaxed when he chanced to be at home, they should come while he is there, he would be sure of beinu ably defended. . P. S. I married a proof reader on a morning paper. vnicago journal. Jar me," said Kate, who was com- pounuing a "refreshing salad in a carved wooden SewI;-I hope you will' -keep well vaccinated, Hugh." "Uh, there s no trouble about that!" said the Doctor,, "only the other patients in the hospital object to such a case." 1 should think It very likely, said Kate with a little mone. J'I must try to Isolate him somewhere, said Dr. Duer thoughtfully. "In one of those 6tone houses by the river perhaps. Old Mrs. Viggcrs has hod . the disease, I know." ' Then Dr. Duer tasted tho -salad and pronounced it first rate. ' ntchervule wa3 all on the qui vivo that day when the. double shotted piece of tidings flow oa-the tonguo of popular, rumor through tne town. "An actual smallpox case in their midst and a young minister coming all the way from New York to appeal to their sympathies on bobalf of homorfnissions." "I wonder if It is confcajrlous?" said, old Mrs. Mc Adams, looking very .round eyed ' through her spectacles. . "Contagious!" Baid Mrs." Emmons,. 1& ought to find its way into every house in. our village." - ' - r J wnatr cnea Mrs. MdcAdams, tne: smallpox?" ' ' 1 . J jo, certainly not," saia Mrs. Emmons; "the sympathetio movement in favouoff home missions." Then every one laughed. 1 Mrs. Mc Adams looked puzzled, and Mrs. Emmons drew herself up and remarked that "it was vory irreverent- to laugh at sacred, things." :r r.vui ., f-V - I But Miss Lida Larksnnr. whose father did not believe ia vaccination and who had a mortal hcYigr of the disease against "which the famous Jenner waged so successful a warfare, was much troubled m, hcr mind. ,.t : ,'.'...' . v ,.. : . , f, "I've always had. a- sort of premonition khat I should fall a victim to the smallpox," sighed she; "I only wisb pa; would Jet me be vaccinated!" , It was on a sultry August evening. the kky full of lurid clouds, tho air charged with glittering arrows of electricity and f A Corse In Tropical Africa. FUwftral Incidents of recent African ex ploration call to mind the stories that were told Jf the early travels of white men in this country, a wniw man ou horseback is a very unusual spectacle in rrnniral Africa, and the animal Mr, Hodister rode a few -montlis ago made almost as much of a sensation as the Horses that Cortez introduced into Mex- iert.' - Hodister's iourney, was a short one, extending only from Landana, on tho fjst. to Boma. on the Conco but it aA thn fmvrplftr ' throueh a denselv peopled region of which little is yet the big drops beginning to 4 fall, when known. ; V . : . there came a knock at Miss Lida's door "Mv horsA." he writes, "made a trreat a most mysterious tap as she afterward At ncrht. nt him all the I declared. women in the villages at first were pet- i " "Who's theror said Lida, opening it rifioA with ntrwiishment. Thev stood Bufflciently to obtain a eijmpse or a tau,. mntinnloBs. with their eves fixed on the 1 bale man with a pocket, handkerchief oT-ano-a oniiiinl Cnmlno- to themselves folded turbanwlse around his head, loot rith thoir hnnrfa iisnd above 1 ! "Excuse me."saldthia annarition, "but their 'heads, they raised their cry of J I think I have lost my way, Might I ask :Ho. ho, hot expressive of boundless as- shelter from tho shower? I am the young tonishment. Some or them tnrew tnem- man irom ino nosmnu, breasts. CouU it be. they said, that such a creat beast, with a white man above him, was harmless? Such an ani mal miiRt cftTtainlv eat black- neonle. "When we convinced them at fast that horse was harmless and that he was a verv useful animal they ventured nearer. They had no eyes for anything but the horse. As we passod through thevil-IflfM manv of the inhabitants followed us. The men turned back after a mile nr so. but manv of the women, who showed the trreatest interest and curi- ositv. followed us for three miles. When mv horse trotted they trotted, too, their eves fixed on the beast. Unmindful Of where they were stepping they fell into the furrows in the manioc fields, and tumbled down in the tall grass. They kept pointing the animals out to the babies that were f astened on their backs. From some of the villages deputations came to me asking me to stop a while m their towns that they might have time to admire the prodigy." ' J " j i'A Wn818 mgEPgqrtg -yt rfti rivura v m r- ositiea would not excite so much atten tion in the civilized world.' as this horse aroused in a part of Africa where the zebra never 'roams ana no species 01 Hate .ttaer was standing in her doorway watching the storm roll grandly over the mountain top, when the weary and bewildered traveler opened the gate and eame hesitatingly in. "I beg your pardon, said he, meekly. "but 1 think there must be something singular in my appearance. People seem , circulation. BBIKF9. - The neked hfi!a lie wanton to the brene. The fie". are Bade, the c-roves ucfioeited. Bars are the sliivBriofr Unibe of shameless trs What woeder is It Utat tte eora u fhockwl f Peoria Irmrucript. OonBterfeit gilverjdollarsof 1885 are in to shut their doors against me, and shun me as If 1 had the pestilence. Ana 1 cannot find the residence of Mr. Dibble the clergyman. Would it be asking too much If I were to request permission to rest in your porch until the storm is over? I came from the hospital, and"- : - "Oh, I understand," said Kate, quietly. "You are the smallpox patient. ' But I have been vaccinated and am not afraid of the disease. - There is a very1 comfortable chamber in the second story of the barn, and you shall be carefully nursed and taken care of thero.'and" 'Bat yoo are mistaken, 1 cried the young man. "I am not"- ' "Hushr cried Kate, gently. "Do not be afraid to confide in me. "I am Dr. Duer 'a sister, and I know the whole story. Sit here and rest a little, and I will bring you some bread and milk until my brother eomes.:. ;r. -';,-. -. " : : : "I am a thousand timesobliged to you, said the stranger, ."and the bread and milk will taste .delicious after my long walk-i -. But I do not know, what leads you to think that I am a victim to tbe vario-loid.n ihave lost my hat in the wind, to be sure, and am compelled-1 to wear this Syrian looking drapery en my bead, but I never , had smallpox, and hope never to encounter its horrors." - - s '- '." Kate Doer turned first red, then pale: ' "Then,"' said she, "if yoaare not the smallpox case,' who' are youl" : 1 ' '-'I am Felix Amory," said 'the youngs stranger, "the cbaplain of St. Lucetta'a hospital ia New York. I am to-preach in aid of the home mission on Sunday next." Kate Duer burst out laughing. f 'And every one .has been mistaking you for the smallpox case! Oh, Mr. Amom do come to. How could we all have been so stupid? But you see the minute . that you began to speak of -the hospital'- ;' '.; -: - -; . .. : ' , : "I 4are 6ayit was very awkward of me, said Mr. Amory. "But it's the-way I have- always mentioned myselfl to strangers. St. Lucetta'B, yottknow." -I "Yes, I know," said Kate.' "But to the good folks here, there is-only one hospital ui the world, and that itha PitcherviUe institute." ,.': ':" ' :- -.- Mr. Amory enjoyed his tea, sliced peaches and delicate "angel cake" very much, as he sat conversing with Kate Duer by the soft light of the shaded lamp,, while the rain pattered without.- And when the doctor cam it was cozier' yet. X in a circular which chanced to be hang ing on a chair, as I had worn It out into the rain the orecediuir evenimr. If I was to receive a burglar I was. determined I the horse family is known. New York that the proprieties should not suffer; I j gun.- - , ; : ' " -would have something on besides my night -dress; while if he went to any other room I could steal along tho dark halls to alarm my brothers and bo less noticeable in this -dark wrap than in my night crown. ,:- ' " i ' ? .'.-'.; in snita of mv boasted couracc. my heart beat very loudly as tho step was hoard once moro, and this time upon tno landing just outside my own door. I praapod tho poker firmly, however, trying to restore my wonted courago by tho nrwesnra of thnt formidable weanon in my hand. It was a plain, heavy bar of iron, at w hich the others often laughed, doclaring that t must make mo tired to ralto tho lire. ' ' . Tho knob .of tho door hrrncd slowly i . , i ,' Evaporated Fruit. Within a radius of forty miles -of Rochester there are more than 1,500 fruit evaporators. t Theso . evaporators give employment during the autumn -and winter to about ,80.000 hands, -t whose waees averace from S3 to 812 a week. Last season tho production of these evaporators was about 80.000.000 pounds, worth at first cost about $2,000,000. The principal consuming countries abroad are Germany, Enriand,' Delirium, Hol land and Franco, in which tho now pro duct ikos entirely displaced the oia laeh- ioned siui dried fruit. West Africa and Australia aro also beginniuk to call for evaporated fruit. V-h-, -.. V . Certainly not, said Miss Lida, closihg tho door abruptlv in his face.. "Good irraciousl have l stooa race to tace wim the smallpox casof and then she ran for tho servant ana tne campnor ootua iuiu went into hysterics.; " 1 ' 1 Mrs. Printemps uvea tn tne nexi house a picturesque cottage overnung wiui Vlrcinia creopers, with ,a plaster cast of Cunld tn the carden and a ereat many pluebells ana carnations a young wiaow who read all the newest cooks anasome times wrote gnslung poems for the second rate monthlies. - -: r Mrs. Printemps imagined herself like the gifted and unfortunate Mary, Queen of Scots. - and dressed up to the part as far -as Nineteenth century prejudices would allow her, and she was seated by tho casement trying to find a rhyme to suit a most un&ocommodatinsr line of noetrv. when the tall, pale .stronger ap- beared under her wmdow, "for all the ..... i 1 , A .1 T ' 1 Sorla lute a trouoaaour or unvm i.iziuu msolf," as Mrs. Printemps subsequently xnressed It. .' i-wi','-,- .'. h''Rxmvtis me. liindanr.'lia beeuil 'liiit 1- 1L. 1 IX.I -A am lUSt truiu vuo uueuitui, uuu 1 'Mv roodness'mel" cried Mrsv- Prin- lemps. -and . jumpea to her reet; "now dare vou come hero and tell me that to nv face? r Why don't they Isolate your' Alaaamr saia tne stranger, m but- rinse.' - .- ." ..' " ' "Co away!" said the lady, banging down her window and bolting it. Ihen, to her maid. "Betsy, run across the meadow to Mrs. Underlay 'ft and tell her the smallpox case Is rampaging all over the country trying to got people to let him in, and she isn't 'to open the door on any account. And stop at Dr. Duer's and ask him what kind of sanitary regulation lift r-nlla this." , ' "I'm afraid IH meet him", mem!" said Betsy; "and I ain't been vaccinated these Haven rears or more." t . ' "Nonaen&e!" said Mrs. Printemps. "If you go across the pasturo you'll get there before he aoes. j,iurrv. now. . The smallpox case?" said he. "Oh, that is safely isolated at Hope's Quarry since this morning. And doing very well, too, lam happy to say. Uppn my word, Mr. Amory, I am sorry that yea have-had such a disastfous experience-" v " 'All's well that ends welt.' " said the young clergyman, leaning, back hi his: enug corner with an expression of ineffable content on his face. . - r , Miss Lida Larkspur was quite indignant when she heard that Mr. Amory was stay-ins at Dr. Duer's residence. '. "Just like liate Duer, said she. "io maneuver to get that poor ypung man into her hands, after all. But if a man rushes around the country, telling every ? body that he come3 from a hospital, what can he expocti". r . The most awkwara thine l ever heard in my life!" said Mrs, Printemps, vindic tively. ' .. - ' But this was not Mr. Felix Amory'slast visit to Pitcherville. Ho came in autumn, when the leaves were red andthentin th6 frozen beauty of winter. And the last time he asked Kate Duer "if she was willing to encounter the trials Of a minister'si wife?" And Kate, after a little hesitation, said that she was willing to try. And Miss Lida Larkspur declares that "any one could cret married if they were as hold about it as Kate Duer." Waver; ley Magazine. - An Enterprising Crow. Farmer Crowder had finished planting his corn, but his heart was heavy. He knew the crows were whetting their bills to pull up the corn as soon as it appeared above the surface. ' ' ' ' I tell you how to get away wan, the erows, saia weighDor stores. ? "Howr ,.- ' ' -'-' ' ?K3et vou a gallon of mean whisky and soak some corn in it till it getsfullef the stuff, and then scatter it broadcast tn the field. The black rascals will eat it and get drunk, and then you can catch 'em and pull their heads off. That beats pizen or 8hootuV. " ' " " ' - In a few days Farmer Crowder met his friend btofces. ' .-;!-.-- "Well, how's craps?" queried Stokes. ; "Mv corn's bodaciously ruint," replied Crowder, dolefully.' tried that 'ere scheme ' your'n, and It's a humbug. I soaked the corn and scattered it one day. and next mornin I went down to tne new groun to see how it d worked.!'' , ' fVUJlVl VUI UXUUAiUU J'; . 1 t. "Found notliin. I hearn a devil of a fuss down nigh the branch, and went to see what it was; thar was a dad-blasted old crow what bad gathered np all . the whisky corn an' had It On a stump, an' he was retaiun out to ice otnerB, givin' 'cm one grain o' that sort fur three grains o my piantea ocirn; ana aingea et they haan t ciawea uptnat naa rjy sec tions Atlanta journal. about fou- and one-half acres of. laad, be the saiae more 01 te (M-r-oud. & Vinnicj? st a eomer en centre line ef eeriided Jled.'trrd, Uiwnee along laad of H liuam E. and Mary U. Hoes in a Donhtresieriy ajrectioo to a corner if had of the escateof linrriitoa BoBovwell, dtctiwsd: thence alorg laod of said barntoa. Haw.'v deeeawd, hi a Bonhraatcl direeiiea to a ror om Uada of June honey -well as4 a paWi-eor arivate read leading to aasd Harrison Hooeyreirt eetate; ibeace along land ' of nd James fc oBerweU la a outheaFier)y dlreetioa to a eot r In centre line aloreeaid mat a pobtie road lehu,T to aUatBorouga; tbeoce aluEg Mid centre Uk and land of Jeene fiaUrck asd lands efwliliaaa Mrr B Go to the laeeef oeajBiiiiig. ,Ctafaioiforty-elgBt acres of laad, be the tanwaiorsaeleasv alliauprevea with a two-story fraias dweihsgva bara and ether natller oUlbniWUJig; also a youn appls prchard. i . ; -. .-1 - IciiM or Cats Fr handrcd' dollars dovm. tVe tautdred dollars on eaaSmiajilba of sale and delivery of deed, and the balance with intweet fom eoetraaaties, in tm year (roat 4at of eonflrmaciOK. The deferrasT payneats to be secured by bond sed mvrtnimoatbepremldea. Vichabx Cawkow. Attorney. j . . , auw. Adariclstratrix. boa The fair of the Bcrancon Bicycle Clntr netted about $3,600. - The boys are anxious for fcance on the Ice with their skates. Samuel Eonis will be tenccrapber fts Criminal Court during this week. --The fanners stht prefer remaining at Home to traveiinit over the awful mountain highways f 3. -;t;.-j. .y. , I'm going to seethe, tied go oat," said the bride's father a he walked dqwv to the depot to see them off. N , -There was a meeting of mine ln?ector-in Pottsrihe on Monday to conaider a tt-yision of the mining laws.- v , - , ... -The ruts lo the highways of the vallev are alniost as bad as the se of. mud that prtvailel afewdajisgo . , . , j .Among the students at Princeton College is one 72 years old. He is- studying for She ministry and expects to groate this term.v A lady baa been appointed professor of wood earring in a Western college. ' -Her first labors should be to teach tbeyoung ladies t sharpen a lead pencil. f f -llra. Shaw, the v Amerieatf whistling; prims donna, i has last received 4 divorce from her husband. He was SKt a bad man, but his wife wkbtM.;.- .. . . c'-. ; ; ''- , -r-It is said that when a frirl gets to be 85 she is fond of being called J&Ty. if that happens to be her fln-t name. . At 16 she insists on being Called Jliss buiith. ; .. f', "(l V r1 ; ;, '4-The new Bennett building?1 opposite tbe Xjiadxb office is . very jmpofuijf in appear, ante, and will be a valued addition ro the substantial structure Of north Afain street. ' It has been discovered that , Mrs. Cleve-htiid'srecent devotion to tbe Parisian tongue h the result of her desire to rke Frenrh lenve of the White Eoase.-ifew F World. - . ' , ' The electric light notes have been set in Kingston end tbey Tl soon have tbe new illuminator over there Then wilTeoine tfce newelectrte railway- Oh, bnt Kk'gston is going ahead with a jump. - 1 TheEiwiston Water Company, whow system is at present under lease to A. H. Coonv is extending its pipes tbrongh- several street and will asenmo control on ilfe 1st of April, whea the lease empires. . Lettered administration were aran ted by the Register Tuesday ty J. A. Brown, i s the exeeutr ef tbe estate of the late M arris Lain, ef Lehman; saroe to F. F. Breboev, a the execoter of estate of Bridzet :A; Brehony. , . ' Mrp-EliMbeth Gannon, of 204 Stanton street, died O' imofr of the throat on Saturday nighr,. ege5 59 y-arr. Bhe leaves five children. The funeral took place at 9 o'clock Vsv' m. ' Tpesdexy. IntertneB , at , Scranton. -.,..'.-- There Rr a mwnber of the gandenera front the fate-who are an-xioss to remove fertilizing materia Irom this city to-thein grounds, batthecenditiona-of the higaways are such tht they are pay ia- their attahtion to other rflacters. .3 ; The work of nrsesriDB a portion off the space inside of the ace tree at West Bids Park for an ioe rink going: rapidlyVand as soon as tbe weather is gfficlent)y caAd'it wiH doubtlew-be - flooded. It will marie a grand skating plaee.; -..-..A- '-'V'?. . , The. milkmen wn come into tne -eioy f rca'the wesfraide reeularlv ; have hacS'un-' pleasant experience this-fail from the very! pad roau-4 oeme or Boem iravei as mgw a twenty miles per day; and tbi is an undertaking not to be desired. - R is said tMat the warflre of the yovlng woman just stepping? forth into society is-now no' less complete- end elaborate titan thatof a bride, and tbac the trst may run alfthe way froaf $SC to 10,000,' witn a verv selact few who go ' beyond even tuat figure - ... Younar BoeMv Ma 'My father wants tne to make a call on tbe daughter of an old friend up here. Come with me " CbHm. why dO'yom wantr n atongr- xowng Society Man. UH understand tbis yoanjr lady, once - sued - a feflow4or breacbof promiae." ' . t - ' . i " --Uarrisretble younar ladwe are respertt- fully reqnested t-Dot;ce that the son of a Cieve'aad milHonaiie has married his father's cook. Fu-tbis- tihy ot maiBical and artistic edaeation for girle the young mens still havea passionate yearning for t good things to eat.' .'x; k- .'.a --One of theveunger Matrons at a wad ding last, week wore a gray felt hat, Direc-tJii-e shaper the brim low in ftoot and ranch raised at tbe baea. with a lares bow -of striDed rav satin, in two shades: tuffe or feathers -and lecg piame xaiimg cacit . wards.- - N tharrOrmePf juperfctendeot of tboy works a Towaada. ben spedio-r several weeks ia this oitv with Dr. J;. B. Latnpman, bat returned home, his sight having been entirely restored, althouRlt for tbe most part of tbe pass fovr years klia been neany Dime : ; r Befcvethe election tefceweeent lowprice. of Btpel tm-M wasaid no be ttte result or ane tariff aaritation. eto. Bat a ief weehe-hawe ceased siitee the election, and now the re duced priee of steel rail i accounted for by the growttr- ot competinon ana ine MBgo-tion in botineiB'.V-uftoi Avfux. t s Oneofitbepmof-readersof the tUsrles- ton, 8. (2i Wori&fa an unmarried woraa She g -es ta her work atanitt o'cocK4n. tw evening and doeo not qalt the office until the nextnornl Tbeu ahe ligbte a lantern, ac4 with that U one hand and a loaded revolver in the ether she goes home. Tho PhiladMpbia. Xmui , "BJteQrm&h, sits dowm. edMoriallV. noon tbe Luzerne County Mwlical Socieiry forexpelliBfita ltvem-ber who violates "tbe oden by , advertising in tbe newspapers:; Ihe TetegrapMe no differeae between advert feing in be pp r and adarertistng-on frona doors and', wiadovr shutters, "tbe sods does not prohibit 1 ef drewivwe hair has eertamly a tendeeoy to he lower than has lately been worn.The way adopted by the rao&t eJegajat like arope at tbe nape of ke neek. with om J 1" Vtorr ,M e-hpu .aBd otlu,r ,ut SOPHIA - 6T41R AND OTHIK3 VS ward Winters and others.'', in Common Pleasof Los-ra Connty; Sitting ia Iqaity, io. 1 Oct. Term, 1BS, Biff for partition. - , , , To Edward Wlatertand Ways WintsrB: Toa win please tote aoHce that an teo Sth day' ot September, 1687 Bill ia Eql:y was filed in. ths Commoa Heap of Lazerne Coaaifi to-io J3-, October rerra. 18S7r in- which you the sain Kd " wrd and Wayna Winters with othem were thar defendiinc, graying Inter all a, to divide ani'alloc eertaia premige situate- in Haste twnttetp, Lozerae couwy, bonmied aad deacslbed' as follows, to wit: BeRinDisg at a white eat. ttraoe-. sy land of Joseoh Ctnbman north ten deBrew ; west eighty perches tv a stone: thence uotfa ,rgmy oegrees; east two nwiorea aoa seventy arches to a gtwie corner thence ay -laod tf , eonrad' Horn, sooth era dirgrees. east alzfy" jwrches to a stonet tlienee by lai?dofMary' Moukle. south ehrhty decrees-, west two hundred" sad feyenty rertl?g to the place of acginnicer . Costainlng ninety Ave ares and eighty three" perehee ol land, ot an one liaffsadivtdes Interest'-in which land V-nr fataer, Adam wlaitrs, . derrat-ed, died seiLrt j f . ,, ; . and yoa will farther taVe rnlce that yonr' reridVaee not beiwr known tt iae compMlnw ts"' In saia hill and the said eonopteinsnts uot being able to determine tnrame anon diligent inquiry ' tbe ftori aforesaid did on itie 3d"ay of December, mi, SMke an order of which-the Jollowing 1 istfyt- "Now December SrB, ISSS.'lfhavfixr been made to appear f he f atietlon at' theCourt by the affidavit of wiliam 8:'McL-7i o? counsel for ' oompiaiBaBss. that Esward Winters, one of the defendants aaroed in tbe bill Sted! ib the obove stated' ease rannot aeon dUifrnntf'tnqutry be faundfe) a tw eeperscwally seiwed wh jty pro cess ismting-wader said Wtf or to be had in. the above atae4 suit, npea movtooi of Wm. 8. McLeaa, of ennneel for Aomplaisaett in said bill, the Conrt order sad cJrecf the sa4 Edward Winters to- eauee an avoearasoe within thirty -days after the-sateof thie decreeto beeatered for bin in tho ofO-eof the fjfethonojaty of the Conrt of Common Tlras of Lczeme Connty to tbe asove atmnl bin. and that in- flelmilt of aid appearance lar sard bill as ''o tae-said Edward VV Inters' bo takea pro cowfeiaoy and Mte Court further order aad direct tintt acojryoflhrsorder. -tottetherwith s statement of the snbstsace and object of the decree aforesaid, be-pobliabed la the Wibiw. tTwnif -LKADKB for three sneeessive .' , weekp, and for the same tnne in the Jltatrne JUaU Jfetff0tir Bv T:oraT. The. Conrt aforeiaM also Id 4n"tfae v h-day of October, 1937 matte as order or whlrii'tne fallow Ing is a copyt- ,- T i ' "aow, CaoberithviSW, If fcavine oeea, mede tn. appear" to the Conrt by tHf aQdavte of (jt wi' Wintersv duly 451 in the- abov-. base, : that Wayne Winters;' one rof the defendt ' " ants ' nanrsdt in- the abovr bin. cannot upon dilUrent lnqpiry be fossd so- tn to be. " served witfr procesftt Biere fore npotr motion o' Wm. 8 Mofeen Bii B. mcM&svk slUcitors for th plaint,ifls named!h the sit- bil 1. the Court Order and direct) the- fmt Wayne WlntenT to caae an appvaranee within thirty day after the dateof th'&rieeree-to ba entered for lain-In tbe efflce of thefrotbonotory of tiie'Courr. of. Commoa Pleas of Lrjwern county to the- above . named bill.jwd that In default of aia appears ance, the said bill,.ae to the saM"deff ndant, be taken pro cvnfetmn andthe Court farther order nd direct that a copy of this' order, together with a statement ot the- enbstaoce 'and object of nch bil, ehall'be puoiiihed in tbe W Dmoh LBArafor tbree successive weeks and the same time in the iwzerne ZtgellKtylster, uy tnewourt." Ton will therefore- iovwi yoarerf s eocod- t inclv. , . i -i - ... WM. H. M3MSAK1 . t B. McMm. ' ' ' ' . SolicitoM-for-plMntMfs. ' S8t3 " EXECUT&R'S SABK-By virtue and W-purso-- ance of -the authority vented in Richard If. Walcti. exeootoror unejascwut ana teewmens of Charles Barry, late of the towrthlp of rly-. mouth, County of Inaerre, and Mate- of Fenn- , tylvanla. deceased,. He will expore to publie cala -at tbe Arbitration Booaa, Conrt Hourev Wilkes BarreCity. ieDnsylan, on Wednesday, Ee , eember 19th At D. 1898, at 10 o'clook in tbe fote- pooa of Midday, ail tbe right, t me ana'lnt rest Of the said Cberlee Bariy, deceased, la the here--lnafier described pioes.o rial ttateocaBd as follows, to Wl ' . : ltt All that certain piece of taad.'loeated in the Elevehthward.of the city of wilkes-Ba-re, Coanty of Luzerne tad btate of Penntyivanta, , bounded andideeoribed as follows, to-wit i Be- . winning at a point o Koes street; tHenoe south . thirty degrees and tWrty nilnutee eae&atongeaid' ' Boss streefr.'slxty-oDe feet to a point: thence sooth fifty ehtht degsees and thirty ainw msuutee : west forty-nine and eve-tenths feet to a point: theuce non&eifrhty two degrees and thirty minute, west twiity-tBie feet to a corner; thence north one degree and twenty-two minutes, cast, fifty-five cad one-tenth fet t to land of Jacob . Khapperi ptbence north fivedrgrees sruth and - thirty min-Meseast, tWrty eight and 3 tenths leet along sid tk bappen'a land to Roes street,' the place ot .beginning. All improved with a donbie two-etorv frame dwelliriK lroaiinr on said amaiier. oaouauainga. etaer . Pneumonia. Accordine to a medical Dr. Gouvencur L. Smith, of New Yor, has just given some interesting ana; startling facts in regard to pneumonia. r-i Tit. . tk.41.. ! in;. DmiUl .puuila uub iuc uiwuoo o becoming worse every year, increasing ! rather than decreasing, both in the num ber of cases and the percentage or mor tality. Tho statistics of the Pennsyl vania Hospital enow trial me mortality from pneumonia there advanced from 6iper cent, in 1847 tal8i percent In 1007, ana i per cent, in-1000. Dunuarty, in Uie Now York hospital the ratio of mortality from this disease is more than, double., that it was ia. 1878. - Thirty or forty years ago it was regarded, as set, ous. but it did not excite anything like ffi8alBTrrHt-wS-rftty- rather ' inclined ' to-" believe that the medical art, instead of progressing In its treatment of pneumonia, has actually cone back,' and holds that the methods of treating tne disease an ine ume u w less deadly have been abandoned for tne thods more finical, but less efficacious. Atlanta Constitution. They Held Their Dinner. - Not long ako a '. local minibtorial asso ciation, at its regular meeting ot one of tno twston noteia, partooK or a ainnor pr eleven or twelve courses, which seemed altogether more elaborate than tho price Agreed upon would warrant. After the meal it transpired that they had disposed of a dinner for a special party later in the day, and by mistake served to them. The ministers met tho situation calmly, held their ground and their dinner, aud loft tho landlord to settle with tho other party. Boston fjoncrecationalist. j or two carle eud escaping or falltojr care lesslj In front the fringe is maoeed together like s thick lock in the atiddte. Jhls is an age of '- surprises, 'and Kh e- 8toa, Dorraacetoa, Luzerne, ers.nwy have an electric- tran-3ufqoehanc street rail way in operation before tbe people really know that a rail has been laid or a spike driven. They are not woi lag. upon the road at night to avoid . deteo . m. : but . the thing may be sprung upon thev blic, in all its completeness, when least exp. ed. Well, we are all waiting to. be surprisea , d the sooner th quicker.- ' ' "VTOTICB-NoUce ! hereby, given, to the stockholders of the WlHtes-BarreDepoeit and Savings Bank ttat a meeting of said stock-, holders will be held at tbe Banking Honse of the aid bank in the city ot Wilaes-Banet on Hon-dev. the twenty-eighth day of January, A. U. 1889, at 10:80 o'clock a m., ta vote for or ajrainet the proposition to renew and extend the chart , corporate rights and franchises ot the aaln Until 1 9t aeetber fvrUuL atXmntf fanrn An m cord ance with the Act ot Astembly in such case made and provided. -..:'. ,.i .' -.1, ily order of the Heard of Plnectors, O ; i5L8mos ..j- y..riOS UIKHttSClC Bee.-i QRPHAN8 COUET SALE. , . K3TATB OF ISAAC B. BONM WELL, DKC'D. By vtrtne of an order ef the Orphan Court of Lnaeme County, there will be e pored to pnbllo snle at the a rbitration Room, Court Hoae, city rf Wllke Barre, State rf PennaTlvanla. on SAT LIB DAT, December i 1888, at 10 o'clock a. m., all those certain traots or jpleces of i"eal estate lor ated In the township of Dallas, connty of Ln-some, and State ot Pennsylvania, bounded and described at follows, to-wlt: ' " - Flrtt. Beginning at the sontbeatt comer of land now or late of Fnoch 8 McOarlhy, thence north thirty-font degrees west eighty rods to a Corner on the back townnhip line of certified Bedford; thonce north Bfty-slx. degrees east nine and two-tenths perches to a corner of land of Willium Snyder or Cha rles Kiev; thence along tald land south thlrty-fonr degree! eas1; eighty pf rebel to a corner; thence onth fltty-six degrees west nine. and twotontha perches to a cotnor, tbe place of beginning. Containing lio-s treetand thereon. xud All Jlhat otrucaia piece of land located In : ' the lhirtOBBth wasd of said city, branded and' -deacribeo as. follows. -to wit: tieginiilog at appoint on Hazle Kreet. said city: tlW nee north forty-nloa- decrees and thirty minatea west thirty feet to a cosner of Barriso.i allny; thence , north t.ityone degiees and thirty minutes, east seventy-eight !& tc a point; theBoe south' twenty e.'gbt degrtes snd thirty minute, east ' twenty-igbtTeet to a point'! thence ponth one hnrjdte&uuidfilzty ote degrees and till, ty niiu- intet went etxty -nevea and one-tent b feet to -' he place offbegiuning, containing two- thousand and thirty-one eejiare feet of land; all Improved ' with ova-large two story frame building used m ' a ealoottjaad dwelling, and other outbuildings " i 8rd.: All.tbat other certain piece of land lo-' rated in-tha Thirteenth ward of ald eity, begin-. nlngaa point en Harrison alley distant from . Hxzle atseet seventy-eight feet; thence north aixty-ee degrees and thirty minntes east fifty L feet toa point: toenee at right angle with saia -Harriaon alley aouth twentv-eight degrees and 1 thirty niinuteaeas'. twoty-eight feet to a point; ' thencaou liaeparallel with tnld Harrison alley, ' rouckslxty om degrees and thirty minntes west" fifty Seet to anoint;. thence north, twenty-eight degrees and thirty minntes west twenty-eight leet to. toe place or Dtginmng. ah impaovea ; bnbiriaeg. th. All I aet'othtr certain pleeeef land local. t ed lo tbe Thirteenth ward ol raid eity, beginning at a ppint -on said Harrison alley.., distant lrom Haale areola one bi.ndred end twenty eight , feet; thecee north sixty one degree! ana thirty minutes, east ally feet to a poL.t; thence south lcrty-nine degree and forty flva ninntcs, east; tWi ty feet to a point; thence on a line parallel with said Harrison allty scnth slaty (ne degrees and thirty minutes, east eixty and nine tenths -fact to a point: thence north twenty eight decrees and thirty minntes, wee twenty eight feet to tbe piace of beginning, All improved with one two story frame bullciag thereon and other oat buildings '. i , ;. I' JC.U . A It ...k. ......U Mt.u . , , A . li uiu. an ,in icnniu iicvo ui -jrivm. ut inuu Hlnrated tn the Seoosd ward of Wrlkei-Ba re oitv. ' said county and state, bonoded and dntcribed as folowa. to wit: r egiaiiinn a point on Kidder;t hence ninheer nty degrees and twenty , minutes, a-t (lxty-flva feet taapolnt about one tnndr a and saventy-six feet from Pearl treet thence south fourteen degrees and fifteen -mlno tea east one hundred feet to point; thence font sixty eight degrees and - twenty seven initiates west two fee.t to a point; thence north freefone hundred and IweWe feet aad feven 1 teat hs to the place lot beginning, containing c three thousand three huadred and thirty . aqnare feet oil tnd. belns part ot lot No. 5oa the Kidder addition to Wllkee-Barre. All lav-proved with a large two story frame building . with basement Mtehen. ' 6th. Tbe surface or right of noil of all that lot' Ot land In the city of WinresiBarre, being lot No, Ion plot of lands in tbe hands of Morgan B. Williams, being the apes of a triangular piece of land entirely snrronnded by a StO feet alley; said ' lot la triangular, bounded by two of the alleys aforesaid on two sides; the sides being repec ' tlvely 127-60 and 114 feet in length, Coal and other mineral renrvd. Improved with a ' two-story double dwelling house therAOD, TERMS OF SALE- One third of the amount bid on eacb piece to r" paid down at Ihe time the same is struck on or purchased t y the bid- -der, otherwise the sune to be sgaln Immediately I exposed for sale, and one third in three months rromnay or saie.ana tne remaining one third In Th six months from the day of sale. The deferred payment on each piece to bo secured by bond iid mortgage- on tba property purchased With' Interest on the unpaid money from date of sale. KICHAKUF. WALfcll UAanrcK M. HAitDixo, ... KiecbtT. ilmtAKLCAS.voN, Attorney. 4,uj

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