The Daily Union-Leader from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on April 17, 1883 · 1
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The Daily Union-Leader from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania · 1

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 17, 1883
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. WILKES-BAKRE, TUESDAY; EVENING, APRIL 17, 1883. NO 1101 THREE CENT'S - , if ROYAL HS..t J Absolutely Pure. This powder nerer Taring A marvel of purity ' f treneth and whulesotneness. Mora economical than the ordinary kinds, and cannot be sold in competition with the multitude of low test, abort weight, alum or phosphate powders. Moid Dray in can. Royal BakinI Powdkb Co., 106 Wall at SewYork. , , . . . APOTHECARY; OAMPHOK, BOR-tX, Insect iPowder, AND THOSE ARTICLES USED SO FX-TKNSIVELY THIS TIME OP THB YEAR FOR HOUSE-CLEANING PURPOSES, IN QUANTITIES AT REDUCED RATkS. New Ho. 144 (kntosser's Block) S. Hail St. Richard Preusser, THE RELIABLE JEWELER NEW, NO. 47 WEST MARKET ST UEET. s5The. elegant stock ot 3 Watches, -Chai&s, Rings; Jewelry, Diamonds, Clocks, Silverware, Musical Instruments, &c, is larger than ever. Only the best goods 'sold and every article warranted. Repairing of fine Watches and Clocks always a Specialty. fiole Agent for the Celebrated King's Combination Specs and eyeglasses, the only good Glasses in the Market By calling at iny Establishment yoa wiI save from 15 tor 25 pet cent, on every article purchased. OSCAR IIEYER . S PRACTICAL t. 3ST Di 'WKST BIDE PUBLIC SQUARE, - Does the best work; sells only accurate running -Gold and Silver patches. Has the largest lot of fine Jewelry, such, as Rings, Bracelets, Chains, Pins' and Silverware; also Clocks, at the very lowest prices. imi TUOS. C. PARKER, 1 PRACTICAL WATCHAKER . v. , and ' , , .: JEWELEB! A lone experience at the bench together i.fh t forca of the most rkiUful workmen enables me to . repair and adjust fine watches, French and other clocks, repair and duplicate Jewelry and engrav. Ins; All work dona on the premises, saving ths annoyance and expense of sending to wanufao. turers'. .Prices the lowest for. skilled Work and everything guaranteed. . " ' . Urtkde Agent for Railroad Roctytrd Walchrt, the beet running and bat adapted or ' roues us- Twenty-five new' wagons for sale consisting of two-seated Surries with or without top, Brewster spring side bar buggies with or with out top, of, tho latest designs.. All ,wagona guaranteed for one year. Also one Copay with satin lining and Collings axles, in good condition; also ,two Landaus of the latest style.' two -Bretts. ' verv licrht. and of the latest designs, Clarances Coaches, and iu fact all kind of . closed carriages will bo sold tq-suif 'purchaser; also Brtfrgies ' prices froVn "$25 up to' $50; also pno pnir of tine brown horses, six or seven years old, would make a good enrringo team. W tnlt rrvhvl tn Itb n paM No charm made to show roods. TOWSKNK BKm. , y; - Bj win . i.i n mm OKnaaMhM CYPHERS Weather rrotraoetleatloa. - For the Middle Atlantic Slatet: Liy?U rain, fMoved by partly cloudy, tliglttty warmer weather; northerly winds becoming tartabte; lualier barometer en lie eoait. V COBRKBT TOPIC). A number , of peddler's licenses were granted by the court yesterday, f Ben. Dilley bas in bis show window terra cotta "pug" that looks as if be were sitting for bis photograph. Its beauty. The receipt of tho AVw Era, published at Hamilton, Bermuda, with the compliments of Hon. la. D. Shoemaker, is acknowledged. -The Kingston Water Company is laying its pipes and getting ready to give the peo ple of the borough goodly supply of aqua pure.. , ' Messrs. Lawrence and Kelly, press agents of the great Forepa ugh Show, were In town tc-lay to see the newspapers about (he show's "ads." . The second annual ball of the Bt Aloy sius Y. It T. A. B. Society of Plains wiU be bold in Hooper's Hall on Friday evening, Miy 25th. .,..,,. .... Bernard Boyle, ot Haaletoni has been adjudged insane, end will be taken- to the Danville asylum tc-morrow by Constable John Depue. A Bcranton lady, while going to thelrnil- road at Jermyn, allowed a stranger to carry ber satchel. He carried it so far that she baan't seen it since. A foot race of 100 yards for $25 a aide was run at Cranberry Saturday . Afternoon by Joe Boyle of that place and Jerry Smith The latter was the winner. Tbe piano fraud Is the latest He gets a signature to a document, purporting to be a contract far usmg tbe instrument; but which turns out to be a note for absolute sale. Two of the best pool players of Bcranton will play a match game at Nicholas Miller's hotel this evening-, aud at hnst one hundred and flity persons are wanted to witness tbe exhibition. Dr. Hill, who lately came here from Bcranton, has got settled at last aud is now s full-fledged Wilkes-Carrean. He occupies the rooms formerly occupied by Dr. Wbeaton, on'Maiketbtreet . , l.n-.ProsWe.-alwaysfor the-comfort pf the inner man. To do this satisfactorily all tbat is necessary is to call at Lobtuanu's popular restaurant, glance over bis bill of fare and order what the appetite craves. Henry Maaton, ao old conductor on the Erie road, dropped dead at his home in Elmira at on o'clock yesterday morning. He ran the first passenger train in Elmira when railroading .was in its infancy. Hs was sixty -five, and leaves a wife and one son. The Fay Templeton Comio Opera Company, which will give "Olivette" at Music Hall on Thursday evening, is said to be one of the best traveling, and press notices of their entertainments have been highly complimentary' v' S s Thomas Burke, theftenest arrested man in Wilkee-Barrr, was before the Mayor this morning, charged with drunkenness and d!s orderly conduct. He pleaded guilty, was very penitent and promised not to drink any more forever. He left security for a fine of t3 50 and was discharged . During the granting of peddler's licenses in court yesterday, one applicant stepped upon the bench and familiarly tapping Judge Woodward upon the shoulder asked consider-? ation of his petition. A smile wag noticea ble.npon His Honor's face as he directed the eager applicant to a place among tbe other applicants of the knights of the pack and 'i Mitchell, the boy-faced professional pugil ist who lately met and knocked the, big champion of Pennsylvania, Mike Cleery,: aU to pieces in 'a three round - bout with the gloves, is a college graduate. He studied chemistry a year and anatomy another year, bis father who is a prominent physician desiring to make a doctor of his son. He is con versant with Latin and French and plays the piano finely. . He is besides rich and handsome. He is very gentlemanly in hi addresses. Persona. Charles E. Dickinson, of Boston, was at Plymouth yesterday, making arrangements for tba Introduction of Kasln at that plaoe. ",Elen'a penlnsi. ,-Tbe ladles generally made their way to TX. Elsen's to-day to view the new opening styles of millinery goods. . Tba show window de voted to this purpose was made elegantly attractive by one of tbe handsomest displays of the season. It Is a perfect picture, with "N. Eisen, standing conipicuodsly forth in yellow and purple i-aostee. Tba exhibition of bonnetr, batr, ribbons, flowers and laces inside, is a magnificent one, and, the surprise that greeted every lady :who saw and examined the articles shown, : was quite marked and greatly augmented when) the price were given. It would seem aa though Mr, Eisen bed left himself a small margin on the profits, so very low are - the figures.; Tbe opening exhibition will doubt less attract many hundreds of ladies this week. There is something truly charming and delightfully stylish in everything' shown at Eisen's. " ? w " ' " . . Fal Ttmpletost la "Olivette." -Thursday night we shall be given the opportunity of, seeing the Fay Templeton Opera Company in "Olivette." Tbe alack np la entertainments recently, together with the attractive qualities of ths coming company, will result no doubt in a good hoote. Of this company tbe Bt Louis O lob-Democrat says; "The Fay Templeton Opera Company mads a decided hit yesterday tvening before a splendid audience. The organisation is a strong one throughout and the leading parts of tba opera could- hardly be entrusted to mora efficient artists.? Tba rotl-Ditpalch saysi "Younf, beautlfu', charmingly graceful, with a world of mischievous and Innocent coquetry In ber dark ayes, this young lady Is on the high road to all the success there Is in com la opera. To look at her Is to enjoy a new pleasure.' fine is gracefully lacking In bold effrontery and I a lady at all time.!' Beats at BrownV. " a cam Itsol sal Wall Aagalw.w - Dr. R V. rttnia, M. D.: Dr Sir My wlfr, who had bn ill for over two years l -"I hd tried rnanv other medicine, b-e ennnd ami Well by your " Favorite Precrlptiiin.n My niece was also cured hy Its nse, after Mveral phyticlaus hadailed to do ber dny good Yours truly. . ; , THOMAS J. METHVIHT, ; . ':' Hatcher's Station, Ga. . . . On Feb'Uary loth a meteoric (ton weighlnf a hundred puuuui tail nr tue lunmn villlsce of Alflanallo, caaelnc a rhook like that of a slight earthquake." The stone entered the ground soma stven feet. ' " " ' .-"",, A Tbe First Oriental Nevmpa per la AmerlcM. , A CHAT WITEMITS EDITOR. WontrChlnrrooCUewSoiue iniereaiiHsr. iiiorinwisis. THE KIND OF NEWS CHINAMEH BEAD. Translating: a Great Chinese Historical lioniance. Kbw York, Aorll 10 lo the towaraper world ol New York Ihera la do busier journalist than Mr ' Wong Cbltig Foo, ed nor ol tha CMntu America Surrounded by proofs, and hleroglypbio "copy," a re porter tor the Star touna him ni u cuice, No. 189 Chatham street, yesterday. Mr. Foo Is young man of abort suture, dressed Id the American fashion. Be speaks Eng. llsh with much more purity tod elegance; than thousands to whom it is a native tongue. ' Busy, as he was, for be combines the functions of editor sod business mana ger, he received bis visllo'r with true Oil-eotal courtesy'., T v' i ' " . "The publication ol a Chinese newspaper Ip New York," said tbe reporter, "has arouned so much comment tbat it would be Intereating to know bow It is selling along." ....... "It is coming quite up to my npecta-Hons' replied Mr. F.k, "ami U r.a lng rapidly, i The Chinese in NcWYulk are beginning to appreciate the value of a paper In ibeir ownjansuaue, aud arc patronizing accordingly. Like every oilier people In this age thi y want to know what is going on In the world around "What kind of news Is It tbat Chinamen like to read ?"' , - ' "Well, of course tbey like lo hear lrom the old country as often as possible. To supply this want we have tri-monthly letters from China, particularly from tbe seaports, Uoag Kong, ; Shanghai, etc. Besides, we have out-of-town corres pondents here Id America who send bs oews, of particular Importance to the Chinese. The Chinese-American circulates throughout tbe Union and also In Europe." "What kind of local news do you pub lish?" "Just what the English papers contain. Here. In onr issue of to day, tor example," said the editor, picking Up a crisp yellow" sheet from a pile near him, "is a report of the court proceeding id toe vongiiog homicide case, and an article expressing the reeret which Chinamen feel at tbe loss of tbe philartbropirt, Peter Cooper." "Have you any new from unina 10 mis issuet" ,..-.' Ya. here on. the first Daze Is a letter about 1he difficulty with-the French In Touquin. In the matter of local Information containing Chinese-matters, of course, we have advantages oyer tbe Eoglish papers, as we speak the language and understand the customs of (he people " ' "The Chinese language, as spoken, u broken Into dialects, is it od T" "Yes. Our ttaper la prioted la the Mao- darin language, the oflkial tongue, you know. How many characters has n r un, tbat bas been estimated variously. One calculation place It aa high as 18,000. Our columns are horis mtal, and we read from right to left." "You have a good advertising patron age?" 'First rate, thoueb our terms are bleb. I have advertisements on the first page Ibis week, but my rule is to reserve tbat space for foreign news." "Ho w do you get Chinese- type la this couotry!";, . . ;: 1$ The naner la llthoeraDbed. A scribe makes copies of tba manuscript, which are transferred to tbe tone."i ! "How long have you been lo America, Mr.;Foor:K ' " "' "About nine years. I'm a political refu gee. I conspired against . me -goyerpmeoi at home, and left the countiv to avoid tbe inconvenience of having my head cut off'' t Would yon be decapitated if you went backt" "Ths chances are so strongly tgalnat m that I think I'll stay on this side. I begad literary work two years go." . , , i "Do you do oy writing besides tbat re quired for your paper f" r ' ; "Ye, I write ror the new xorg rreu, and for tbe YouiKi Companion ol Boston-Both pay me well.!' "I there any reason wby yourlournal Is prioted on yellow paper V . 'That Is the national color of China, tha Imperial color, and I am -emperor here lo the ( ffice, without power to cut on people' bead, bowsver. , I tm busy Just now re-Ulna mv translation of 'Fan Ton. or tha Royal Slave,' s Chinese Historical romance rrilteo by Kong Ming, descendant of lonfuclus, 1,200 year ago:' It 1 ss pow erful and dramatic as tor work ol victor Hugo. There art great difficulties in lb way ot lie translation, for an equally thorough koowltdpa of Chinese and Eng lish I rt quired. I are assisted- by ao American gentleman of wide culture. 'Although I bave bad several nfJer from publishers, I bave accepted none ot them a yet." - - Tba Bailie at Ulraaoaae. , CnBSTtR, Pa., April. Id Captain Mo 0 livery, ot the brig Jatnet Miller, from Miragoane, gives Us detail n a battle between tba revolutionists under L F treat and the Government troops for the possession ol Miragoane March '81; 800 1 rebel were engaged. Tbe Government troop were repulsed with ft lo of seventy, two' . killed. The '"rebels used two field '-pieces- with terrible - effect. Tne ' "brig harbored three bun dred women and children during the engagement. A native named Bismatk remained aboard for fear of being- hot by Ibe rebels, tod was brought to Cheater. Captain McQ livery says tbe rebel general and Ibe nucleus of bis army were landed by the ateamsbip Tropic, belonging to Philadelphia. The Tropic took with ber from Philadelphia 1,000 rifles,. 600 aabrea, 500 revolvers, 1,000,000 cartridges,, two flfd piece and a large number of lent for the rebels, which were lanuca at aura goane. Tbe steamer took L Foiest sod bit men aboard at Antlgual The arm were put oh the aleamer below Cheater from tbe barge after tbe Vessel cleared from Pbila delphla Captain McGllverj s- story la corroborated by the mate of hi vessel tod by-'Bismart-kf Bismarck- we appointed Captain of the Port by the Insurrectionists, and subsequently incurred their di pleasured Marks ol bnlleta are seen on the rigging of tbe brig One of the owner of the Tropic says ha knows notblug of tbe matter. The Tropic la due at Philadelphia oo Saturday.. He denies that arms were taken from Philadelphia. . ; A Itlateh Between Mada u4 ItlHehelt. Nkw York, April 18. A match lor the heavy-weight cbampiQnsblpSof tU woild and $3 500 a aide was made this eveolog between Herbert A. Slade, of Australia, and Charles Mitchell, of Eoxlaod, the fight to lake place wlthio two hundred miles of Kansas CUy, on September Jlth. Ope hundred dollars a side was posted with Harry Hill, who is temporary stakeholder.. Nine hundred dollars more will bo put up within the next two weeks and the re-mair.iog $1,500 will be deposited three wet ks belore the day named for the battle, J hu L. Sullivan and Cearlc Mitchell have agreed to spar at Madison' Square Garden on May Hih, Mitchell to receive forty per oent. pf the receipts, The encounter Is to be with soft gloves. Jour rounds, Marquis oLQuiifiMburyjuJ plays the greater science will be declared the victor. Supreme Cenrt Dectalona. Phidadei.puia, April 16 The following are among the decisions rendered by tbe Supreme Court to-day; - - Opinions by Gordon i Smith vs. Simmons, C. P., Susquehanna oodnty ; judgment ot tbe court below reversed and a new venire ordered. Trunkev, J , dissents. Merchants' Bank of Easton v Sbouse, C. P., Northampton county; judgment affirmed. -f Pennsylvania Fire Insurance Company va I Donghertv, C. P., Lehigh county. The judg-' ment Is affirmed. j Opinions by Trunkev: Sanderson vs. the Pttnnsvlvania liailroad Company. C P.. Lackawanna county; judgment reversed and venire faciaa de novo awarded Shoemaker vs. Stiles, C. P , Lblgh oounty ; judgment reversed and venire facias da novo awarded. Follweiller'a appeal, C. P., Lehigh oounty: decree affirmed and appeal dismissed t the oosts of the appellant. Smick vs. Millsr, C. F , Surquebanna coun ty; order for an arrest of judgment as to L. P. Miller, one of tbe defendants, is reversed. A Flre-Box'e Break for Liberty. Lancabtkb, April 10 This afternoon "Tid" Brimmer, the fire bug intormcr, who pleaded guilty to many charges ol srson, attempted to escape Iroin BherifJ Hugb at tbe court bouse, where he bad been taken to testify In a case. While re turning from a closet to the court room be slipped down Ibe private stairway and go! Into tbe yard. . Sheriff Hugh followed bm and jusUas he was going out into Duke street be was met by Deputy Strine. Hi turned, (ell aud was caught and placed in the dock. - Interesting Haeealn Jane. After all w are to have tbe racer. Frank Herdic'a efforts have been crowned with success because those Interested In this city bave taken promptly hold of tbe matter. Tbe only thing now needed Is for the Lee Park managers to go to work at once In making certain repairs Iu tbe grand stand and the track. Tbe former is badly out of sorts and before the brilliant .rsoea of June come off everything should be Iq applt-pie order. For the last two or three years the. Parkbaa been allowed to escape tbe attention of Its managers, because, probably, of tbe Inertion tbst appeared exist with reference to races. Now that w jar promised on of tbe most exciting meetings of many Seasons, there is really no excuse for any delay Id fixing np the track and itaacceasorlea. And we believe the managers will meet tbe matter wisely and will have the needed repairs made at once. It has bean arranged to bave a four days' meeting at the Park, In June,, beginning on the 5tb and running through the 8th. There will bs a purs amounting in tbe aggregate to r,000 and such stable aa those ot Turner,' Phillips, and otber noted turfmen will show np. Turner will have Thome and TrinkeU her sure on tba special day, wblle other trotters of rqaaf celebrfty will be on band rb increase the Interest, The meeting bers follow on at Boranton, both of which are Included In what fa known a tbe Philadelphia circuit; Tbe money for tb parse having all been subscribed by parties ontildetb La Park manager?, the latter abould do their share In fixing op the Park a suggested. n in in i 1 1 1 Kazheisoathg way. . ' A Vetera Rennlon. To-morrow, April 18b, I the twenty- second anniversary ol tha departure, from tbi oltv of tb Eighth Regiment, Pennsylvania Voluoteer for. Hsrrisburg and the succeeding stirring event of the civil war. Company "F" was recruited In tbl city, and as virtually the old Wyoming Artillerist?. It Is proposed,, therefore, to eelebrat tb occasion by a reunion of tb member of Company Y at tha Armory to-morrow night, on which occasion those Invited will partake of a pleasurable entertainment. . i HI i m A If aw let- beaeaa Salcldee. Abraham E6. who lived la' tb suburbs of Hawley, cut his throat yesterday morning with a raaor. He lert tb boos at S o'clock, Baying be was going to thja barn to feed bt bora. Wbeo next seen be was lying on the nound with his bead nearlr severed from the bodr. He was about slxtv veara of as. highly ret pee ted and a deacon In tha Presb) terian choroh. Tb Oaus I lUDooeed to b ; flnaawal troubles. - . Desperate Flgrlit w lib Prls oner. . KILLED BY A SHERIFF. A Virginia Pupil llrutally sseats a Lady Teacher. BERKS Ca FARMERS CHLOROFORMED. A Jersey Politician Pardon- ea out or states Prison. Bv Telaimnli ti, th tr.nw.i Philadklphia. ADril 17 Ahnnt nnnn to-day while Sheriff George Bersler, of uuiisis, with several deputies w convey. ing mree cuioreq sod tqree white prisoner to the Eastern 1'cultentiary; the prisoner au BkiacK - on ineir cusmoiana si Twenty. first ;;nd Wallace ' tireett and attempted to effect their escape. They knocked the Sheriff badly. In. Jarlng him about toe bead tnd would have escaped' but for tbe assistance of PolICS Lieutenant Jordan and 1nllnsm.n Shipplee of the 9th district After desperate fight, during Which tha nrisnnera called on tbe crowd for assistance, the cap. uvea were conveyed to the penitentiary. The pi Isooer were sent hi-ra io nniieran confinement for blchwav roblierv and burglary committed In Carlisle. A lrlfl Illlla a man. By telegraph to the Union-Lbadkk. Cati.kttsbuho., Kv.. Anril 17 Tha 8heriir of tlila county last eveniiig, in st- lempung lo Quell a d sturbanco umnntf a lot of raltsmun. was attacked bv ono of them named Dempioy wllh, a knife. Tho ouerm ntea instantly, killing Demptey. A PUPtl FatallT Inluraj SSIa tn.1.... By Telegraph to the UmoK-LkAoiK. WnEKUNO, West Va, April 17 -Miss Katie GrllHib, a school teacher at Mariln'a Ferry, io attempting lo correct William Beck, g fiftoeL-year-old pupil, was assault, ed and beatco by him so brutally that abe Is thought lo be fatally Injured. The boy was arretted. ' nhloroformlnar Farmer lo Bah Them. By telegraph to the UmoH-Latoia. Heading, Pa., Apill 17 The (arming community around Drehersville, lo this county, are excited over tbe operallent of tome bold thieves who last, night entered ueory Mobl's and several otber houses. chloroformed Ibe Inmates and then robbed ihem of all the money tbey could And, A Politician PanSnnaAV By Telegraph to (be Vxiox-LsAosa. XT. vr Aia . a. M. H uuw luuK, April if. toe court of Pardons has pardoned Lessen. lat (!nmn. (roller ot Elizabeth, who ha served four years of a aeven year' sentence in slate's prison jor irauds jo Elizabeth. Sealer Oat or OOlee, By Telegraph to the Dxioic-Latpss.1 UARBirtiuiio, April 17.Goveroor Psf lison bat decided lo refuse id grant com missions to the nine sealers ol weights and measures whose term expired yesienlay, of appoint successors. There are twenty lour sealers ot weight sod meaiureslo Pennsylvsnla who will go out of nfOce to day. The law says only those counties are entitled to a sealer of weights and measures Id which couoiy commissioners pro. cure copies of tbe staodard of welnbtt aod I measure adopted by ibe stale. There are thirij-ibree such. Yesterday the Governor addressed s circular to every sealer ol weighis and measure lo the Hate. It read a follow : Habrisbdbo, April 10, 1883. Sir; Tb Legislature having repealed .all laws aud supplement thereto providing for the ap pointment of sealer of weight and meas ures In tb several counties of tbfk Commonwealth, and tbl act having bo appro?! March 8tB, 1883, you will take notioe tbat you are hereby removed from the office of sealer of weight and measures. - " Respectfully yours, ' -Robert E Pathsc-it, Governor. The, First Snaet (latek at (Jloaeeater. By Delegraim to the Vnos-LsADsa. . j , Philadelphia, April 17. Over four hundred magolflceot sbsd were captured in tbe first haul ol the big seine off Glou cester yesterday afternoon. Tbe great net was laid between 11 aod 12 o'clock, but wben the fisbenwen began working tbe windlasses tbey found tbat the seine btd caught in t pile off , tba wbtrf and parted. This mishap delayed Ibe first catch until late In tbe afternoon. A dozen or more gill net fishermen did t handsome business daring the day. A plentiful supply and moderate prices are predlatcd for the sea- ton. - .- f ry Raaewar Boys. '' By Telegraph to the Unkm-Lbaobb. Uaukisbubo, April 17i Four . boys, cbilreo of moat respectable parents In tbe upper part of tba city, yesterday look .it Into tbelr head to. ruo off from boms. None of them were over fourteen year of age aod It it expected that tbey will not get very far from Ibe city, .They look tway a quantity ol clolbing with tbem tod man aged by ome meant or other I ) get bold of t considerable turn of money. Tho Qneeata Sprain Ska. By Telegraph to the UxioM-LstDsa. London, April 17. Queen Victoria' tpraioed koee troubles ber so much tbst abe bad to be lifted into ber carriage Ibis morning al Oiboroe. A Brawoaaaa'a Hornbl Death. By Telegraph to the Umiob-Lsadbb. V - ReADino, April 17. Ueory Conolos, tged.tbout thlrty-flvt years, a breakmao employed On tb East Pennsylvania rail road, t braocb of lbs Reading, met with t terrible death yesterday afternoon tt the upper depot In this city by being tqtietzed botweeo two norst cars, when discover ed, bit lifeless body, was dragging oo tb railroad. Cunnlot leaves s wife and on child, aod resided In tblt city. -r A Vlrwlnla Tornado. By Teletranh to the UMioa-LaAnaa. - Pktbrbdbq, V., April 17. Tblt city sou ii vicinity were visited last night, by t tremendous wind slorra which continued wlibout Intermission nntil ibis morning. Such t norm ba not been witnessed here for years. Io tbe adUcent couniW the fence were demolished and a number of orchard tree deatroyed. It la feared tbat Brett damage wa done to barns and nut. bouses. ' Tbe telegraph wires at different punts were blown down. Tha Appo-matox river It very high and to rising rapiaiy. i--- A Vlelorv law Stvlkara. By Telegraph to the Union-Lbads. ' ' llBAOINO. Aorl 17 The air Ik ho monld era of the Manhattan Hardware Company returned to work tblt morning, their com mltiee having received satisfactory terms irom menrm. , i-f i' i ' Tho Phlur to. By Telegraph to the Uxioh-Lsadbb. Puiuobu'hia, April 17 The cast of Major Elllt P. Pllppr, tx-tuperintendent ol the almshouse, who wtt brought here from Hamilton, Oat, , to answer a cbtrge of forgery, came up in tbe Court of Quarter sessions today., when counsel for Phlpp filed demurrers to the indictment tod moved tbat til counts in the bill be quashed. : Judge AllUoo fixed Friday lor t bearing. Walnut Lear Hair Restorer. It Is entlrelv dlltarwit from all othera. It I. olar as waUir. and. as Iu uauie indicate., la a perfect VavutablH Hair Healorer. It will Inv aHMllaUly froe tba head from all dandruff, restore gray hair to ita natural color, and produce a new growth where it has fallen off. It dims not iu euy manner anew uie nealtn. which sulpher, suxar ot lead, and nitrate ol sliver preparations bays done. It will onauce light or faded hair la j few days to a glow brown. Ask your druilt for It. Each bolJe is warraiitad. HMPTR. El.E.f.lU9-t.WholeMj Asnt, I'hlladelphla and HALL A BUCKEU ti.w Sork. . gWvt uoi Hobnobbing with Boyalty. Hon. h D. Shoemaker and family have been In Bermuda for aom time, and are en- J tying tbemselve rarely In tba old town of Hamilton.. On tb 4th of April, according to tb Hamilton New JUra, a brilliant basar, aa they call It there, whloh la nothing mor than a fancy fair, was held' at tba Mason lo Hall, tb proceed of which were designed tj augment tb Pembroke Sunday School building fund. . It proved a great success sod among tb distinguished visitor were ber Royal Highness, tb Princes Louis and suite, hi Kioellency the Governor and many of tb elite of Bermuda, together with many American visitor, among whom wrs Mr. Sboamakar and family, nnavn'a Rat. in Tin u. tun lauluili rich and dullcious dressing for all salads of meat, fish or vegetables. Cheaper and In- flnitelv bettelp than hnma.maila. Nn aanna equal to it. riNAHCIAl. ffllAHKBTS. Beported hy Carpantar Rodaner, Brakers, Huosti i at 6, fllab Haass, rrenkiin at., wiikaa-Marro. qooTATiom BBOBivan aha osdsrs roawABDBO sv ' BPSClAb WIHS. Dealors In all nrntwrtlat In at th. H York and Philadelphia Stock Bsohaogea and Chicago Board of Trade. . rnnpai.pnii, pru 17 a:oa p. m, Closing Bid. Closing Bid. PennsVlToni , rous. a nno, aoaoinir.... LeblghVolley.. LehlKb Na North. Central., H.4B. Top, aorsw M, Pool fie oom... It, reel no pref'd tui auf.Bltta.AWeet. mow Sums. Anril 17-S;00 n. m. Closing Bid. Uoalnc Bid. Alton AT B oom 7M h, rooineoom... dim N. HsoiHo prefd 88 H. Western com t SiM N. Western pt'd. t IWU N.j. Central ... TB 5. York Central I S7H ort k West's -! Morf'k A'd 48 X T. Elevated.. 1 04 Nash.Chat tHt.L 67 Ontario A West. SH Ohio A Miss, com MU O. and Hiss pf 'd -Ohio Central.... 13U Oregon Trans. C. SlU Omaha, oom.,.. 60 Omona oref ..... - Obiotoutbera... Peoria, D. k.. W Paclnc Mall iUi TulImaaPaLCar J Reading ,. MM Kloh'd A Ban... IM R. A O. Terminal 84 Booh. APItU.... 1U Book Island..... 1 MU Bi.AAI.8AT.C0, 14 RoWnooa Bt.P.Wnn.4 Man f tt gutroTaDnel.... I, Paul com. I 04 o.iun a l dim Ameri.Dist.T.0 81 a. A Qulber. 1 BTV Central Paoinu.. 1H Canada Bouthera o. o, o. a i UMi Chee. AOhlo.... SIM Ches. A Ohio 1 p. t Che. A Ohio S p. 18 uoi u. iron vo. an O. A Or'Till. pf 'd 54 Colorado Cool... 87Ta Central Alison. H Dubuque A B. O. Den Wo Grand 49U Del., L. AW.... 1 8u(2 Del. A Bud. on a 1 1H Erie BDVa Erie prefd...... Erie w - (is; East Tbnav com.'d Qi Hon. A Bb Joe.. H.A8t.Joorfd' " Houston A Tex..' 74 ti Illinois Centsol.. 1 44 Ind. B West's . 8HW KanHis A Texas . LonlsrilleAtlaah ' B7U Lake Shore . ... i n Man. Rlev'deom Ht. Paul Pfd... 1 Man. Elev'd pf'd Maryland Cool.. Bt. Louis oom... 1st Bt,Lonlapraf.... SH is Mil. L. 8. A West Ran rrana'oeom as MiohUran Uent'U vdh Mem. ACha'stOB 4 Morris A Eatex.. 1 S3 Ban Frano'o pTd Texas A Paefnew Cnloa Paolflo,... Wabash Wobofth Pf'd.... ruWorOiAD.C'y 8H Mutual Wn'aTeL 1V Met'a ElevatM., wi Manh'n Beaoh. S Mobile A Ohio.,. IMi MUaourlPaoiOe.. I 00 iarkt closed nrm -Money elosed offered at 4 per cent LOWDOM abib. , America eonritie la Londoa are Quoted to day aa foUowst - tjOFnos, apni if- p. m. PeDnsytvaaia.,.. SOW Illlnola (Jeotral.. I Bl' Reading rll Out. A Western . tnM Brie 80 J.C. Cons 1S Kris. td.H.,... 1 01 Paris Bent.... , Til , HAKbtBTS. Special by Telocrapk t t7atoa-La1erl . t . BUanatiPaU raoDOoa MAaxwr. filfB.iBiA. Anril 17. tftSS. rLOTB'-The market was firmer and In mora dmand;saperflne S T5i extra 1094 H renmrrininui T.mnr V- tho uu. . hte rLOUH aa 7a. WHEAT Tbe marktit was flrmer and falrlv actlre: Delaware and Pennsylvania red It 16a 1 HI: No. 1 red and amber Bl tlOLl n OORN-l he market was firm - and In loir dernand, oaTo The market wa Mesdy with fair de- , . RYE Bull at S7o. PBOVIHlONB-Th market was firm oad fair drmatid. LARD Ibe market was firm. BUTTER Tbe market wa dull and unsettled: Pennsylvania eraeaterT extra xetfLSOn: flrsu Q,Wa Westent eraamery extra SSot trets wvm.-cki rous oroinai. BOClrt-M.rki was weak and nnseUled. CHESfig The market was firm and fairly aetle. J PETROLKuh Tb market wa doll; reflaed WiB I8KT-$lia. saw f oat motKr abbb 1 Nsw Yonx. April 17. 18rt BKIIf The market wa quiet and Steady; w plain mess $11 753,1 7k new extra mss fORa - The market was quiet and steady; spot new mew $10 ii B7U. LARD The market we arm and quiet; steam rewt-r1 tit OS. BUTTKR The market was quiet and steadily b-M:weetra 111! Elgin ereamery tie.; state 143e ..... . CHkEBE-Mrket was trm', TAUo. for poor toaboioa, . An Interesting1 Kxplanntory Letter Front Jr. Eccleston. NOTES OS m BOOIANCY. How the Lewrneil sLeeturer . lleplles to Our lleiuurks. . GRACEFUL REFEBEpTO COL SANfORD ; Why a General Nlateiuent May lluve Jleen ItenletJ. The aubjoinsd letter from ; Dr. Kytor, ' mio lectured In this olty oo tb 31 and 4th of ; tbla month, on "Westminster Abbey," and ' "Egypt and tb Holy Land," and whoa effort deservedly won the loftiest admlra- ,, lion ot those who attended, was received yesterday and apeak for Itself. A reference , 1 made to th correspondence In our editorial '' column,. ''.''' :,., t To the Bditor Vnion-Uader: , 4 Dar 8iit;-Your. Intelligent and timely' i eritlolsm upon tb lectur l dsiivared in Wilkas-Barra on ilia avantnv nf th. Ark n April, regarding tb "buoyancy of tb Dead Bee," In which you point out a triklng discrepancy between th atattmant ot a prsvt- ., on lecturer and myself, seems to call for a ' few words ot explanation. I spoke on tbe evening alluded to without noter, therefore cannot recall my preotaa words, but wbatl Intended to say, and what I'thluk I did aay was that, "the tpeoifto gravity or density of tb waters of tba .'Aiphellui Be' wao great (In 1,000 ounces thrarS(lS - ounce or Upwards of one-fourth of tb au-, tire weight ot mineral aalU) that It was ysry , dlUloult to awlm and Imposslbl tor a man to ' sink In It" I did nit try tb water myself (being quit III at tb tlm of my visit) but I - saw other floating tbout In the briny sea us corks, ana a nor driven In -turned powries oh bl ld as "soon a b got beyond bt depth. . Tb best autboritir and traveler will bear m out in this per sonal sxperlenoe. Speaking of tha buoyancy " or tne waters of tb Dead Hea, Joeephus aaya that wben tbe Roman general, Vespasian, "went to see it, he commanded that some who could not swim should bf v thslr band tied behind them and be thrown Into th deep, wben It ao happened tbat they all swam, aa If a wind bad forotd tbem upwards." Can- tain Lynob, of tbe U. B. Navy, says in bis "Hoientiuo exploration" "Tb water of tb tea ar very buoyant; It la difficult to keep one's feet beneath the turf see; a muscular man will float breast blgh without any exertion." Prof. J, L. Porter, tb learned author of th artlole "Dead Baa," in tb Encyclopedia Brilannica, says "tb tptolno gravity of the sea is so great tbat tb buman body will not sink in it" I might multiply oorroboratlv testimony almost indefinitely,, but I think tbl will suffice to ooDvIno those tbat beard m tbat I spoke not unadvisedly on tbe subject In juttio to tb gentisman wbos opinion bss bean quoted by you as In opposition to mine. I should say tbst tb buoyancy or the water of th "Deed Bee" I dlffsraot at different part ' of th es,nd at different Mason of tb j sr. ' If b tried tb water near tb month of tha Jordan,! where tha torrent In the rainy season of fresh water rush down tba Jordaa Valley In flood, sufficient to raise th sea twelve or fifteen feet abov Its mean Isvsl) hs would unquestionably have gone qulokly ' to the bottom nnleas be could swim, and have bad good reason to call the asssumed buoyancy of tb water "a nation." If , b bad tested tb water at tb point I did (soma ' four mile from tb month - of tho Jordan), -and in tb dry aaaon, when thtintenm nap oration, baa brought tb tea to its orafat v) densttv I think our experieno would have . i been th tarns. To subject I a most Inter- sting on and yon ar right In demanding tbat lecturer who presume to taaoh others should "be aoourete In tbelr ntteranoet and statements. " There I nothing better on tbl subject than "Capt. Lynob's Bolentioo Ex- ' ploration of tb Dead Be." Those Interested ill find great plsosur and profit In It paruaaL RespecUully Tours, ;" -aft., . RV. J 0. EOOLXSTOIt. Bt. Job' Bbotobv, ataten. Island, , April 1th, U.Im W Mtm. John Ayrr, who stutolntti lojurfM la tb Vmrifpa nlneh shAtttAlfSASnffrl aarK(tk lr.Aai ISUIIIHW shiuvs nwwws n wi , v HIVII JV- piclteted blm for labor, will be tendered a " -benefit a boll by bl friends In Grosser' Hall, corner of Washington and Booth street; on Tuesday evtnlng, May IfOtn. . The pnes of - ticket ba been fixed at fifty cents and it Is -1 hoped I bat there will b larg attendance. ' A -..u. .a III ft. I.L. ... inability to do mapaal labor note ba hitherto been made in th Uinox-LXAbxn, will be the beneficiary at a ball to ba given In Land- ear' Hall on tb evening ot th87th Inst. HJ deserving of substantial aid ud It will ondottbtely be forthcoming upon tm occa- M (ion, TlckeUoOoenta. '.;.. t.- . . BBsalsg So BaKena. , i , t, Tb fashionable people ar running to buttons. A Nsw York correspondent de scribes a drsss recently finished for a Fifth . avenn tody which carries 1,800 buttons, and required tb constant labor of a seamstress fir tea day to sew them on. On eacb aleav ' ther ar 100 button, On tb body, basque ; and collar 30, and oo tbe skirt IfiM. Those on tb skirt ar arranged la triangle, rquorsr, eroases, Starr, and Other urleu shape on a foundation of black satin, , Tb dress be a satiny appearance, and la very weighty o much o tbat It will rtqulr a lady of could-rsble strengtn to wear It. gadnelias starte3. . , ro. VTarrca' BaierlalaBneal. Bay a Reading paper: " Mrs. Warren's opening lectur upon elocution, before tba ' Bv hundred teacher assembled at tbe Opera Sous yesterday, wa a masterly production, and wa enthusiastically received. Tb. in stitute anticipate a profitable and entertaining week from tb Instruction and reeding ot tb talented lady." Mrs. Warren will give an entertainment ot reading and recitations at Wood's Hall to-morrow veolng. ''' -: ' AH IMPORTANT DISCOVERY Has been mads whereby a sucoeeeful wswtah'e combination has been Intrwluoed, whb-h ani. Upon the bowels, the liver and th kldiwy and .t the same lime Impart strength "d vitality to tha entire smt.m. Branocx- Buoop Bitt.m cua-sUiute the important discovery . Trice ll.uu,

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