Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 5, 1944 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 5, 1944
Page 6
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Paff« Six NAUOATtf OK 1 DAILY <NEWS '.-•-•'-• ••> f&.fifFg Now At The Strand Sconi- from "Oii*II).'!i<" stiirrlnir Clinrlci,,'Buyer.-. In^rld Hargnwn and .l<jii-|>h Colti-n lu inn- of the tlirllllnif: rilhiH of tin: yi-iir. "UP IN MABEL'S ROOM" AT GEM IS GREAT COMEDY We weren't old enough to huvo seen "L'p In Mabel's Room" when 'it was one of the longest running ant! funniest farces ever to reach the stage. But If the play was us uproariously funny as "Up .In Mabel's Koom,"— the Him—now ut i GREAT COMEDY LEAD NOW AT LOEW'S THEATER Chock your euros at the box- o/llce folks when you buy youi tickets for "Two Girls . and Sailor," Melro-Goklwyn-M aye r's little Goalie Played In Long Career the Gem theater, then we undo uta'nd why the piece deserved Its unit|Utr place In theater history. Kdwnrd Small, who produced the Him, has given us something to laugh—and shout—about. The new picture Is a "bedroom fares." But xo cleverly has Mr. Small streamlined the plot, spun thf gagw and paced the whole Job thar one' finds oneself weak from hor.est-to-Cod . belly laughs v/hlch come with the steadiness of a Mnrlise sharpshooter's bull's- eyes An outstanding ami carefully balanced cast Including such top fiworiu-s as Mtirjorlo Reynolds. Dennis O'Kcefe, Gail Patrick, Mlcoha Auor, Charlotte Greenwood, Let; Bowman, John Hubbard and Blnnie Barnes gets every ounce 'of fun out of the Ulni's gay and wacky plot'. As many will recall, the story deals with the trials of-one Gary Alnuwoi'th (Dennis O'Kcefe). who on his thirtieth wedding anniversary (thirty days, not thirty yuarsi!) Is surrenly confronted with the problem of an old swtet- hcurl— Mabel, by name — who ! wishes to -.'show Gary's wlfo n tenderly -Inscribed slip which Gary gave her (Mabel) before ho was..married. And to -add to his woe.H Ga.ry Is bothered by tho increasing Jealousy of his wife who Is being Incited against him by her vociferously suspicious mother. tuneful, xestt'ul new musical- hit at the Louw Poli tficatcr. You'll ".' | llnd outstanding performances by ' " > V. ... In the generating of electric power, the ratio of coal consumption has been decreased i'i Ics.i than one pound of coal to one kilowatt hour. ALCAZAR throe of the most popular youngsters on the screen today — Vnn Johnson. Juno Allyson and Gloria Do Haven — all of whom seem headed strunght for stardom, in this story of two sisters who fall in love with a mysterious "Somebody" who quietly arranges to 1'ulllll all their hopes for a 'large scale canteen for servicemen and send them orchids; Into the bargain. Johnson is the young ssiilor anil M'isses Allyson and DeHaven play the singing-dancing sister net. You'll llnd comodj* by Jimmy Durante— the "Schnoxx" himself, nnd Grncio Allen, whose One Finger Piano Concerto is. a classic of its kind. You'll find song's by Luna Home, Curios Ramirez and Virginia' O'Brien. You'll find serious music by Jose Iturbi nnd his sister. Amparo Js'ovarro nnd Albert Coates the world famous symphony conductor. And you'll delight !n the manner in which Harry James and. his Music Makers and Xavier Cugiit and orchestra "give out" with all kinds of songs you win be humming again ar-cl again after' you've luft the theater. "Two Girls and a Sailor" emerges -as u delight to tho eye and ear. ft's sheer enter-' tuinmciit- from start ' to finish. So; maku a date now to sue. "-Two Girls find a Sailor." -. - "., ; The- co-hit on- this musical program is "The Attack" showing the battle for Js'ew and exciting,' Britain. It real "GASLIGHT" HELD OVER NOW AT THE STRAND THEATER . With thn hot weather benleglng the borough, a.talc about a hockey game.may prove>co'ollng;. •••::.'..•• '•• •Little Georges Vezlna crouched n the Montreal Canadiens net and watched tho Pittsburgh forwards sweep down the* lee.-'One of them cut loose with a hard dhot—and Ve'/.inu turned it away easily. Turned It away Just as he hud cleared thousands of other shots n his long years with the Flying 'ronchmen. This was a. hard night for the gallant little goalie. The big gloves —his stick and pads—they dwarfed ilm. Out. on .the cold ice of. the Montreal Foriini a temperature of 02 degrees rugud through Vczlna'B 135-pound body. The first period was nearly over. Georges kept telling himsvlf that the period—and then the game—would soon be over—and then he could rest, Vezina was a midget among tha glnnt hockhy players that, skimmed the those days of fast, aeven- man teams, and great players. His teammates and the powerful opposing players made Vezlna look like a child on the ice. But he was no child in the neta—he a wizard' on skates. He wa« an artist with n stick. .Vexinn turned away thosu blazing shots .with, a flick : of his wrist—a twist" of hlti stick—perhaps a little movement of his free hand. Georges Vezina went Into the nets for the first time as goalie when he was fifteen. He was forty- fovu' that night h« faced -Pittsburg at the Montreal Forum. That wus November '28th, 1S2S. In all those years, Vexina never had been known to drop to the ice to make a save. Georges could keep the rubber- out of the cage without that kind of a last-gasp try, While Vezina was with the Cixri- ndiens he sparked the Flying Frenchmen to five league titles- he led them to the Stanley cup championship twice—he took his place in th« nets In 3T3 straight ;ames. . That night In Montreal, Georges watched thc game flow back and orth—watched the Canadiens and Pirates battle In-front of him. The fever dulled him—made him feel ike a man watching the game from far away. But gtill .he'stoou n-front "of his cage and -guarded t like a watchdog. . ', 'j Then ' the " buzzer sounded—thc FAR MiS eesr Si=A50A4. PAce Me CA*I Yanks Lose Two To Indian* OSils Edge Giants In 'Headt, Cincinnati (i, Brooklyn 2 Ost). Cinoinanti :!, Brooklyn 1 (2d). Philadelphia 3, Piltsburgh 2 I (1st). Piltsburgh •!,. Philadelphia 0 (2nd). St. LouJ---, fi, New York 2 Ost,). St. Louis 9. New York 1 (2d). Chicago 7, Boston 1 (1st). Chicago •», Boston 2 (2nd). Dodgerg Low Two ,, Reds; iCWcuba Mov« OB u, The Standing w. L. ret. SI. Louis • <7 19 Pittsburgh 35 28 Cincinnati 3831 York 34 35 Brooklyn, 33 38 Philadelphia 28 38 Chicago 25 3' Boston 28 42 .712 .556 .551 .493 .465 .42+ ;7 .403 .400 Kovacs Feels Pretty Sure of Own Ability This V That TONIGHT - THURSDAY DON/Vl.n O'CONNOR und I'KOOV KYA'X "A CHIP OFF THE OLD BLOCK" Also KOV UOGMIS In "THE COWBOY AND THESENORITA" 'Irst period was - over. Georges Vezina .sighed with relief. .He tralghtcned up and, looked at the rfontreal fans who had cheered lim on for. so many years! Then thc fans—the ice und" the players—they'all begun to go round and round. Georges Vezinns dropped to thi; ice In a dead faint. The Canadiens raced over to their fallen teammate and some of the Pittsburgh pluyers crowded around to help. When they" touched him they wondered why the man was oul on the Ice at all. They felt his fiery brow and a. coiiple of players lifted up the unconscious goalie. They carried . Georges Vc- off the ico. The Montreal fans stood up and paid Georges Vczinas a tribute he CLOPAY GARMENT STORAGE BAGS TYM 450 A C « <.! ft r 1 '/ e d garment storage bug to protect you i 1 o I o t h c M from dust nml moths. Size GOx 27x2 Inches. MOTH I1A1.LH MOTH 10c G.C. MURPHY Co. Church St. at 1'iirk l'l;iec idk, CIMIII, ChrysleV and Plymouth O. M. C. Trucks J.C.RAYTKWICH, JR. ACCESSORIES Repairing- M SOUTH MAIN ST. e 4IMW If. you are partial to mystery, suspense nnd excitement in film fare—and who Isn't?—then "Gaslight" £hr> Mctro-Coldwyn-Muycr production at the Strand theater, Is exactly what the doctor ordered. "Gaslight" is perfect war-time entertainment, and is made so by the story and everyone connected with the production of tho film. The photoplay relates how n. beautiful young singer, played by 1-ngrid Bergman, marries her ac- j n( , vol . ncard Thclr ehue ,. s rocked cornpanist (Charles Boyer) and | thc o]d Fo ,. um llnd ocnouc i in thun- movos into the London house dc ,. lnK rol | s . Some of the old whore her mint, u famous singer In her day, wna mysteriously murdered. The film moves rapidly and with n maximum of ii.xcitement as Boyur deliberately sets out to drive his wifi) Insane for purposes which it would be unfair^ to relate here. You'll have to see for yourself the devilish ingenuity exercised by Boyer and learn the reasons for it from Ihu edgH of your neat in the thealnr, The entrance on the scene of Joneph Gotten, as a Scotland Yard man brings the picture to a gripping climax you'll long remember. The three stars turn in outstanding performances under thc superb direction of George Cukor. And so does every other member of thc hand-picked cast which Includes such screen notables as Dnme May Whltty. Barbara Everest, Huuttior Thatcher, Tom Stevenson arid I-lal- flwcll Hobbes, among others. Co-featured on tho same program Is "Trocadero" starring Rosemary Lane und Johnny Downs. timers choked up—a grand little guy was leaving tho .game. Ve/.lna never came back. That was his last game—he died the following March. But that night at the' Forum after they carried out Georges Vexlna, the Ice wsu clear except .In front of his cage. On the ice were a stick and a pair of goalie's gloves. They.lay where Georges Vezina had dropped them. They lay there waiting for a guy who never came back. Looking down at them the fans who had watched Georges Vczina play for HO many years knew somehow that he wouldn't be back. Forrest Rills, N. Y,, July 3— . Frankie Kovacs— who rates as the "clown prince of tennis" — says he can beat any man In the world on the tennis court. . . , The Peck's bad boy of thc courts says that he intends to prove Tie's. the best tennis player in the country and offers to 1 lick anyone— including Don Budge— to prove .it. j Kovacs has Vcoently •returned from a 15-month tour of duty in Australia as an Array private .and lie says that now he's ready ' v to settle down and 'quit-, kidding 'on the courts. . Frankie says he's .fired with ambition and that he already hns proved part of his .claim." '• .. • .' • He' says:. . . •.'••. "I licked the -entire Davis 'Cup championship team in Australia. I- beat Adrian Quist in Sydney and Jack Crawford many times. On December 2Cth, 3941 I won from Don Budge in Madison Square Garden. In 1941 I played .Jack Kramer seven times and won all matches, and Don McNcill four times and won every time." And he adds: — "I'll take 'em all on, and they can name the place and the date, • ' (By United Press) The'- St. Louns' Cardinals have •r u ni .off" with anolher National league honor. The Redbirds paused on the i way .to their third straight pennant -to place six players on the 20-rnan senior circuit all-star. and the .type of court. And I don't think I'll lose many matches." When Kovacs Is asked his The game will be played at Pittsburgh on July llth. ' -Twelve-of the ball-hawks named for -tn"o team played in last year's game. Five more have won places o'ri other all-star sciuiuls. And eight players have made the grade 'for the first time. Only of the .new men—Second baseman Don Johnson 'of the Chicago ..Cubs— is a., rookie. Don's performance- 1 in-' 1 - thc Cub ' infield .earned him a-place: .oni the team;along • with- PhiN pavarcttn..— who • plays alongside "Don ' at -first, base •for the Cubs. Here are the players selected for the 12th annual National league. all-sLar learn: Pitchers: Nate Andrews and A illie Pep Meets illie Joyce Friday New York, July 5—(UP)—Willie Pop-i-wiin holds the featherweight title—and is one of the few champion's still in civilian life meets Willie Joyce in a 10-round non- title'bout at Chicago's Comiskey Park Friday. Joyce, another leading light in tho smaller divisions won a chance with Pep when he decisioned Hammering Henry Armstrong'u month ago. Today'* Gunio», ?I(chc« Eoslon at Chicago—Tobin (S-9) vs. Erickson (2-4). Brooklyn at Cincinnati—Head <•(1) \-a. Walters <13-3) or Delacruz (2-7). • . . New York at St. Louis (night) —Voisellc (10-9) vs. Jurisich (5.4) or Munger (10-2). Philadelphia, at Pil!.sburg-h—Ear. rett U-]0) vs. Starr (3-0)1 In tils American Icogui. Louis Browns held -their ' on«ha]r game: le»d. •« ihi>y twin bill with :thc Athletics. • Sig Jakucki won t?i c raiser, 4 to 0 — his ihjrd In four 'starts. The A-n- afterpic-ce, K to 3, (spm-ked w Frankic Hayes' tMvo-mn Jiom« r ' The Rod Sox divfdcd a iwii, i~ v.-ith 'tho Detroit Tigers. The £Jf gals nosed out Boston 4 to j "J; tho (irii game behind pitcher}^ Xcwhouser. Boston then Cl ^ b.irk to lake the nightcap, "tor* The Cleveland Indians rouisd -i world champion New York kecs twice — sending them Itl: AMERICAN r,EAGDE SI. Louis 4, Philadelphia 0 (ls.1). Philadelphia 8, St. Louis 3 (2nd) Washington 2, Chicago 0 (1st). Qhicago 3, Washington 2 (2nd). Detroit 4, Boston 3 (1st). Boston 7, Detroit -1 (2nd). Cleveland 3. Now York 1 (1st). Cleveland 7, New York 2 (2nd). Javery of Boston, Lanier anc George Munger of St. Louis, Ken Raffensbci-gcr of Philadelphia, Rip Scwell of Pittsburgh, and Eucky Walters of Cincinnati. , Catchers: Walker Cooper of St. Louis, Hay-Mueller of Cincinnati, challenge includes William T.'Tilden, the third, there's a moment's hesitation before he answers:— "Yes, that goes for him, too:".' The reason the former clown is a little hesitant 'about this, match is because of; .its immediate proximity. He plays Big Bill in thc Rod Cross match Sunday at Fpr- reat' Hills. . I eading gold producer of the world is the Union of South Africa which accounts for about >IO percent of the total supply. UUV WAK I1ONDS AND STAMPS St. Francis' CYO To Play St. Thomas' St. Francis CYO -will play SI. Thomas in a Watcrbury CYO league game tonjght. The Saints will be after their first win In their attempt to slop the undefeated Watcrbury club. The game will be played nt Fill-; ton Park, starting ut 6:15. : BAZAAR!! St. Hedwig's Church Grounds Balto. Orioles Park Burns Down Baltimore, Md., July 5— (UP)— Thc Baltimore Oriole's baseball park has burned down. The cause of the blaze hnsn't; ' been determined, bul it stnrLcd 'in the' right field -stands and 'spread : over the rest of the plant! The field . had a seating capacity of '10,000. Officials of the . International League club don't know just how much the damage will cost. Bul, they had to cancel theiv Fourth o July double-header with the Syi'it cuse Chiefs. And this adds another phase to 'baseball's colorful language: "No games today — Ihc park's burned down," -TONIGHT - THURSDAY 3 Week Ends July 8-9 July 15-16 July 22-23 BIG DOINGS! Entertainment! .-Prizes! - . FUN FOR ALL and Mickey Owen of Brooklyn. Infielders: Frank McCormick land Eddie . Miller of. Cincin-nati, Phil Cavarcl-la and Don Johnson of Chicago, Marly Marion and ./Whitny Kui-owski. of St. Louis,, Con- •'nie Ryan of Boston and 'Bob'- El- '.liolt of Pittsburgh. Outfielders: Oil. and Joe Med- 'wiclc of New York, Dixie Walker a-nd Augie Balan of Brooklyn, •Vincc Di Magfrio of Pittsburgh, Slan Musial of. St. Louis, and Bill Nicholson of Chicago. Manager Billy Southworth of tho CardF will manage the team— that's an honor that goes to the manager of lost year's pennant team every season. • Billy's coaches will be Mike Gon- z.iles of the Cardinals and Manager Freddie FitKsimmons of the Philadelphia Phillies. And for Uie 1 first the history, of the all- star game the National' league will honorary coach. He's grand old Honus Wagner of thc 'Pittsburgh Pirates — one of buso- 'ball's greatest infiulders. Manager Mel Olt of the New York Giant is the grand-daddy of Derby Winner Runs Fourth In Chicago Chicago, July 5— (U P)—Georgic . Druvii, rated, second to ' Calumet ! Farm's Pensive, galloped away with Ihc rich $50.000 Stars and Stripe.-; handicap-at Arlington yesterday. Jockey. George' Woolf drove- in Coorgic Drum a length in: front cf Squifox, Rounders, took third, money, and Pensive finished a disappointing fourlh. . : St. Louis . Boslon ... Chicago .. .NVw York Cleveland Washington Detroit .;... Philadelphia The Standing W. L. Pet. 41 32 .562 39 33 33 32 31 34 .' 35 3 34 37 34 38 '... 32 39 .542 .508 .500 35 37 ,-186 .•179 .472 .451 Tod.-iy'n Oahien, Pllchr»n» Cleveland at New York Smith (•1-0) vs. Donald (5-G). Detroit at Boston—Trout (9-S) vs. Terry. (1-C). St. Louis at Philadelphia (night) —Potter (S-5) vs. Black (5-5). Chicago al Washington (night)— Humphries (2-2) vs. Candini (4-6). fourth place. Allic Reynold* v tho Yanics down 3 to 1 in the fjJ game. And a five-run barrsgt <g Yankee rookie Joe. Page yi»|,v a 7 to 2 victory in the afterpiJ. Washington divided honors Chicago. Johnny NiggoJiny pit, four hit 2 to 0 ball in ih t o rvi cr. Leroy Schalk's single brokt 2 to 2 deadlock in the 12th of the nigh leap, to give- Pa Maltzbcrger — Chicago's relie! i —a 3 to 2 victory. The Chicago Cubs— who've I* making their home in th* >> tional league cellar since Aprils —have moved out to make ro for new tenants, the BostonBrv The Cubs pulled out of ; depths by beating the Bravest* in yesterday's holiday daubl«-hoi er. The scores -were 7 to 1 «tf lo 2. Los Fleming hurled four-hitbu in thc opener. Claude pitched the nightcap, scsuteji seven hits. The Brooklyn Dodgers, who hi not stepped into winner's since they started west, lost couple to the Cincinnati Red*.;. Gee Walker paced thc R«dj i a 6 to 2 decision in the opea He homered with the bases .'i the fifth. Ray Mueller's bat shomc !ho Reds the road to viclcry the second contest. Mueller li gled ir. the winning run in th* IRi inning to give the Reds a 2 a triumph. The Pirates split with the Ptu> delphia Phillies. The timely'MK hurling of Charlie Schanz stni Ihc first game for the PhilIi«,lB 2. Max Butcher" tered eight hits in the blank the Phils, 4 to 0. The St. Louis Cardinals VA kindly to (he .New York winning- two free-hitting to 2, and 9 to 1. I he all-star players in years on the squad. Mel' was namedi for the second all-star game- in 1933 and has made the-'earn every year since — this' is .his eleventh whirl with the all-stars'— ar.d ihat's an-, other record for Mel. Billy. Herman of the Dodgers matched Ott from 103-1' Ih rough lojit year, but Billy is in the Navy now.' Behind Otl comes Joe Mcdwick of the Giants. Joe didn't play last- year—but he's been on nine other a:l-si:ir squads. Amoivg the holdovers from last year Eddie Miller of the Reds leads in experience; ,vilh four prcviou games, and Bill Nicholson of the Cubs hns three; Some of the other players' back with the team- after missing last year include Frank McCormick of tile Reds with five appearances with the all-slars, and'his team-,, Bucky Walters, with' four. Size of Mie average U. S. farm increased 17 acres between 1930 and 19-10. The average now is 17-1 acres compared with -Ihc average of 156.9 acres in 1930. Bulldogs Hold First Grid Session July 10 New Haven, Conn., July 5 — Coach Howard Odell announced to- .cny that his Yale football squad will hold its initial drill on July }Q and tho session will continue for a three-week period. The griC candidates will then be given a respite until about September 1. In addition to the three-week preliminary work, this wOl give the Bulldog coaches a full month to ready their charges for the eicrht-game 19-14 schedule which ^will be opened on September 30 in the Bo«'| against the United States Coast Guard Academy. Odell and his aides will have many slots to fill as there will only be six men from the varsity squad last year back in the fold. More than 65 million AmcriMH have life insurance policies. NOTICE! TO OCR NACGATCCK. STOKE CUSTOMERS: Due to war time condltloni,.w are compfllrd'to clooc our K«* Ktore. CAIX US For the day our Route Mu «• b« on your street Free Telephone Service For Xaugatuck CuntonWJi • Call Enterprise 4700 SHALETT-LUX Lnimderxini —Dry Cle»iw» *8 K. Main St., Watcrbwr Main Office *• Plant, !2 Walnut St Ext . \Vatertown — Middlcbury MMAJD "The Battle of Europe STOOGE COMEDY and VAUDEVILLE UE12L "TWO GIRLS AND A SAILOR" with VAN JOHNSON • JUNE ALLYSON GLORIA DE HAVEN • JOSE ITURBI • JIMMY DURANTE • GRACIE ALLEN j • LENA HORNE TOMORROW, JULY 6, IS FREE MOVIE DAY! I Buy a Bond and C.rt n FREE Adnilmlon-to tho STRAND: HThrntcr open an uxiiiil at regular admlimlon prlepi..) ^mtm^H^m^m Charles Boyer Ingrid Bergrman Joseph Cotten 2nd Thrilling Week! also "Attack—The Battle of New Britain^ PrcNcnted by U. S. Government. LOEW'S POLI NOW COMING FRIDAY BETTYARABLE in "PIN UP GIRL" A 20TH CENTURY-FOX PICTURE' IN TECIfNICOIXJR A MKTRO-GOt.DWy.v.MAYER AlKO ROSEMAUV T.AXE and JOIINNV 1>OWNS In "TROCADERO 1 ' S T R D COMING "ARE THESE OUR €HILDBEN"1 P lus ?COWBOY CANTEEN" . >

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