Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 3, 1944 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
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Monday, July 3, 1944
Page 6
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Page Six Gem Next 3 Days MONDAY, JULY 3, 1944 Miirjork- rtrynolil* anil lleniil* O'Kowfo In u merry scene In Mnhrl'M Room." from "Up Big Train Started Career As Pitcher 37 Years Ago Tt was ju.'it 37 years ago that tho Washington Senators begun to henr stories nbout a young pitcher In Weisor, Idaho, The Senators heard that- the young man could throw fast b< that looked like imirb>..s when they rfuched thf plate. So they se.nt, Cliff Blnnkennhip—one of their catchers—to Idaho to look over the young man and mak,o a report. Cliff took ono look 'at tho pltch- ' i-r and lrnrnecliatf.-ly offered, him a contract. Thf kid pitcher was Walter Johnson. Hi- had reached "Weis- i-r by way of Tacoma, Warm., from his liouit; town of Coi'feyvllle, Kans. Walter left Coffeyvlllo to pitch for the Tacorna t'?ani. But Tucomu roliKi.sed him. On the way home Ills monpy ran out about the time he YrnoheU Wolsirr. So ho just stayed then.—and pitcher for the local team, When the Washington catcher offered young Johnson a' contract. to bo stranded again If he didn't moke good. _So he held out for n round-trip ticket. Blankensi'.lp provided the ticket and the young pitcher went to Washington. At \Vashi-rvgton, Johnson became one of the greatest pitchers ever Io step on the mound. They called him "the Big Train." But he was just a raw luind when he first reported to the Senators —a .rookie with a high, -hard fast ball. They say the Big Train -could throw a baseball faster than any man svho ever lived. Tesls on a velocity-measuring machine supported that claim. When he start- itd pitching for the Senators 'the opposing batters just blinked their. and wondered. This kid could blow a pitch Walter was careful. didn't want "GASLIGHT" IS HELD OVER NOW AT THE STRAND THEATER "Gaslight," the new Mctro-Gold- wyn-Muyirr film hold over at the Strand theater. Is one of -Ihe most rxcitlns and dramatic stories ever lo reach the screen. Featured by outstanding performance.'! by the .Mtar-UuduY-il cast headed by Charles Boycr. Tr.,t«rid Bergman iinti Joseph Co!Inn. "Gaslight" will kni-p you on tho edge of you:' seat us It relates the story of the beautiful young stinger,, portrayed by Miss Bci-itinan. who marries h'fr tceompimist (Charles Boyer) and with him sets up home in tho t.oixlori lioustt where Paula's :umt, '11 famous singer, w;is murdurnd. Deli be rat fly, Boyer sets out to tlrive his wife mail—just why, and through what Ingenious methods, It would be unfair to relate. Thn_ entrance upon the scene .o!' a Scot-' - land Yard mnn, playocl by Joseph Cotten, brings the picture lo a IKT.IHI, and highly thrilling climax "Gaslight" luiM boon handsomely produced for M-G-M by Arthur Hornblow, Jr., George Cukor, the ill rector, kt.'cps tho production going at top interest, and the entire .supporting cane, hand-picked, turns in sterling performances. Theso luttor include Dame -May Whltty, Burbnru Everest and Angela Lansbury, thi^ laCter a .17-year-old. English gM who came to this country several yearn ago us a refugee from the Naxi blltx and who makes her Him. debut in "Gaslight." -Emll Kumeau, Kdrnund Breon, Hnlllwell J-lobbun, Torn Stevenson, J-feather Thntchcr, Lawronco Grossmith :md Jakob CImpel are others who bring their dramatic talents to tho case, "GasIlRht" IM based on a play by Patrick Hamilton and wtis adaptod for the screen by John Van Druten, Walter lioisch and John L. Ealdcr- ston. , Co-featured on the same program Is "Trocaclero" starring Rosemary J.nni> and Johnny Downs. past thorn before they could twitch u muscle. To get a full swing at Johnson's stuff the batters decided they'd have to start swinging while he was winkling up. . i But. the Washington coaches knew that nobody could last, in the big league without a curve and a change of pace. One day the Washington catcher was told to have Johnson use curves. It was one of the Big Tral-rfs rirsl games for the Senators. The big boy was standing out on the mound when he saw trie catcher signal for a surve. Johnson wound up and steamed itf Ihe uitch. • The catcher took Ihe ball, stood up In amazement. Me walkec out to the mound. He asked John son if he liuU missed the signal. Waltor said: "No, I caught youi signal all -right." The catcher slared at him..-He said: "Well, Why. didn't you throw a curve?" Walter answered: "That was my curve." T-he catcher rubbed his palm— still stinging from one of the hardest Cast brills he'd ever handled. Hu told the big kid: "If that's your curve bull, mevcr mind l-he .signals. .Juil go on throwing that thing—whatever you rail It.". Tommies Lose To Washington ' The North End Thomaa club lost to the Washington' Hills club in a, Waierbury City Amateur league game, -yesterday • afternoon, 'ttt .Hamilton park, 12-1, .-. It was still a-ball game until the sixth' Inning, when the Tommies 1 were trailing. 3-1, But : the ;Hills scored four runs, and then came back .with flve more. In the flmt'iof: the ninth. ••'... Ray Decker was the • -winning! pitcher/while tire Hlll» smashed 11' hit*-on* Joe DennlK. The score: . : Darnel lo ss . Quilter 3b . .. Bui'ke 3b Rhodes If ... Decker p ... . Gertttorex 2b >kus c Latino cf p . . Moore Ib McGrath rf . . lousey cf . .. . Dolage "f ab h .. C -2 ... 4 .1 , . 1 . . -4 . . '0 ,. 3 . . 6 .- 4 . C , 3 . . 1 . 1 0 14 1 00. 0 0 -0 RED SOX BELTER; - - ..- By Jack Sot d; i.,'.-- -. • - - ' ".- .:..;• i -i •.-•-.•.• • J - - ' Totals 42 11 27 10 Tommies aleskl If .... HcDermott 2b ..eary ss Coating 3b ... Koch Ib Allen c Luporta rf erriello cf . .. Dennis p ab . . 4 .... 4 . . t . 3 . 3 . 3 . ,3 h o 1 1 1 5 1 2 0 -1 -0 10 0 G 1 1 .1 1 1 0 Cardinals Keep Browns lose Two . Totals 52 5 27 11 On Top On 4th Does Not Mean Pennant NOTICE! TO OIJIl NAUGATUCK .STOHK CUMTOMKIW! Hut) to u-iir tlmo condition*, wo HIT i-oiiipullrtl to clowo our Kiituuk "tore. CAI.T, ITS For HIP <lny our lloiite M«n w'll| In; on your ulri'tTt. Free Telephone Service For Nuiitfiiluc'.k Ciintonicr* Call Enterprise 4700 Loading the league Fourth of July doesn't always win the pennant. 'It did . last year. The St. Louis Cardinals were two games' ahead of Brooklyn getting up-. in tho morning ;mc! spent the aflcr- r.oon boating the Dodgers twice. But the percentage Is the other way. In G of the Uist 10 years the July •! leaguoloticler didn'i. always win Ihe National league race. The Giants led the league July •! In 193-1, 193. r i and 1938. but somebody ylse won the pennant. The Dotlg- ers were July •! loaguu-leaders In 19'ID and 19-12. The Cards led In. 193G on July 4 and In 1937 it was the Cub.-i who were ahead July 4, only to finish second by a 3-game margin. Regardless of which statistics, a Washington Hills . .003 OOt 005—12 Thomas Club 001000000—1; Runs—Latino 2, Moore 2, Decker, Sickas, McGrath, Cousey, Delage, Greatorex Damelio, Quilter and Pel-Hello. Errors—Quilter, • Slokas, Laporta, Allen 2, Koch, .Loory, McDermott 3. Runs batted in—Slokas 2, Moore 2,. McGrath 2, Quilter, Rhodes., Two base hits—Slokas, Dennis. Three base hits—La Portn, Latino. Home run—McGrath. Stolen bases—Rhodes, Damclio, Quilter 2, Greatorex, Latino, Double plays — McDermott (unassisted.) Left on bases—Tommies 6, Hills 12. Bases on balls—on*:. Deddis 5. Hits off: Decker 5 in 1 off; Latino 0 in 2. Struck out,. by Decke:- 3, Dennis 4, Latino 1. Passed Balls— Allen 2. Winning- pitcher—Decker. Umpire — Stanlon and Mobile. Time—2:50. " .. . . • 1939 eJr. He's wen. ove» TAM" AWR*do// Ric Mis >s oJ A This V That On a lazy summer day what could be easier -than to -sit -back and predict who the National League baseball managers are going to. choose for the senior circuit all-star team. beirrg of t-he' Na- • The •sclecl.lons are up by each manager Giants. . . Behind the plate the natural' .choice would be Walker Cooper iwho handles catching chores for' the St. Louis Cardinals, ar.d who 'for the first''time in three, years 'won't bo catching the offerings of his brother Mort. v This'-year Mort just doesn't seem to be warmed up enough-to make the. grade in the All-Star game. Uonal league teams and are being |' The.-National league, will be well steeped, in. reserves with-plenty of b'n ft-i n-g power and --Holding /AMERICAN XEAGUE YoHtcrchiy'M Cleveland 4, Washington 3 (Isl), Cluvuland G. Washington 3 (2nd). Boston 1, St. Louis 0 (1st). Boston 4. St. Louis 3. Chicago 7, New York 3 (1st.). New York 7, Chicago G (2nd). Dotro't 8. Philadelphia 0 (1st). Philadelpria 2, Detroit 0 (2nd). The Standing Louis . . . Boston '.-.... New York Chicago Washington Detroit levclaml Philadelphia No gomes today. W. L. Pet.- 40 31 .503-. 38 32 .543 ..115 .508 34 32 32 31 33 36 33 37 33 37 31 38 forwarded to Ford Frick'a office. . AIK! within a few days, 'the choices will be made public, by the League. ; . But. in .the meantime, it's, a mighty- interesting thing to . ail LO.,!! ana try to. pick the squad that, will take the'field', on 'll'ie nigh-i. • of July, llih against the •A'.nerlcan' league. , • •• --••'•:••". • In flic first place, for the second straight year, the National, league looms-os the odds on favor-" lie—but the favorite can be, beaten as was Ihe last year. It's fairly ea.-y to pick a representative National League club this year because stars. are few and far between and when you get through mulling, through the team Sint.'ups there's little to cho^e between the players. . . For" instance, the National League pitching JstiUT is almost sure to include Bucky Walters of -the Cincinnati Reds, As a m:i.!ter of fact, strength on the squad, 1 -Ray' Sanders of tho St. .Louis Cardinals Ms the logical second choice for the base spot; Don Johnson of Chicago rates the' second - busc substitute assignment: Eddie . Miller of-Cincinnati will be behind .Slats: Marion- at short-'and Frenchy Bordagaray of the. Dodg- crs is next in -line at third -base. • .Reserve outfielders probably v.'ill be" Ron Northey of the 'Philadelphia Phillies; Vincc DiMaggio of the Pittsburgh Pirates; and Bill Nicholson of the Chicago Cubs, • • And behind tho plate, Manager Billy Southworth-—who will handle the National league entry—should be able to call on Al Lopez of Pittsburgh: and Ray Mueller of tho Cincinnati Reds to help Cooper, out.. , , "That lines a pretty Strong National league team and (By United Prow) Max Lanior . of St. Louis and Rube Meltom of Brooklyn pitched 13 scoreless innings before Lunicr weakened and the Dodgers pu't one over In the top of the 14th. But the Redbirds—the teams that can't and won't, be—coun- tered with a couple in the last half, to edge out^the•.-Dodgers, 2-to The Cards took the second encounter, 4 to 2 —gutting all their runs against 'Dodger rookie Col McLlsh, Ted Wilks did the pitch- Ing for St. LoulB. • -.The.Cubs grabbed the first game from- Philadelphia, 8 to 1, when Charley Schanz.-allowed seven runs in. the third and fourth innings. With. -Ken: Raffensbergcr on the mound, l.he Phillies Jagged Hank Wysc and Paul Derringer £& r 1S blows — and . a. 4. to 2 decision- in: the second game.- The Cincinnati Reds took the opener against, the New York Giants '4 to 1, behind Jim Konstan- ty'u seven - hit hurling. But the Giants came back in the second contest to'white wa*h the Reds, 7 1.0 0. ••• ' • Tile New Yorkers held a slim, one-run lead until the soventli inning when they socked Clyde Shoun and Tommy Do La Cruz for .six runs. ' • The Boston Braves' decisioned the Pittsburgh Pirates,'4 .to 1, in the first game of a double-header. The second game was called—with the score tied a'- C-all—because of •Pennsylvania's Sunday law. Nate Andrews set the Bucs down with 'six hits in -the opener. The Bosox. swept both ends of their twin bill with St. Louis, 1 to 0, and •! to 3. Tex Hughson out- pitched Jack Kramer in ihe finst game. Lou Finney handed pitcher Frank Barret.t the second game whem ho singled home tho winning run in t.hc eleventh. The Chisox took advantage of Yankee errors in the tenth inning of the. first gome io score four runs-n.nd beat the Yankees, 7 to 3. The Yankees pulled a lust in-' ning rally of Iheir own in the nightcap. They pushed over a couple in the last half of the ninth to edge out the Pale Hose, 7 to G. Ken Keltnc rzund Lou Boudreau bangi"! out hits in the tenth 4o give Indian reliefer Joe Heving a •I to 3 victory over Washington. Stove Gromek copped Ihe second decision, C to .3. • The' Tigers and 'l.he -A's divided their double header—each scoring shutout.- Dizzy . Trout, for Detroit, cngi- 13-11 Local HuiJers Strike Out 12 Yanks; Block Hits Well i V . *.-...' • .V. '•.'•• \ .''?*. Crowd Of 2,500 Takes In Saturday .Night Feature Under Lights cv AL BREWER Fred Duvl's Walerbury Erasscos look a. slugging mutch away from the New York Black Yankees to the tune of 33-11, Saturday night under-tiic light*'at Municipal Stadium, before a crowd of 2,500. Both toa.m« collected 12 hit* apiece, with drives by Block, Sh«chun. and Farrar featuring the Brassco • attack. After it. scoreless first inning the Black Yankees opened, the scoring with two'markers in the top of the second. Jackie Williams the first batter reached first when Block threw low to Farrar. Williams pu'Jed up at second on .the miscuc. Thompson drew a walk and Dusty Revoris movcd-up both men with a sacrifice. Christopher strolled to the plate and lit on a Rehia curve that' scored the run- icrs. Shorty Rchia - .settled down and struck out Spencer and Russell to end the frame. Davi'a charges went ahead, 3-2, their half of the inning after Howie Hack reached first on while Block and .Joey R; were the .big. gun* for' 1 townera, driving in half O f u^' tcim.s runs.' • " ' •"-.•*' Next week the BraHscOK..'«• have as their ho«t. the strong Brii ley Field Flyers,' one of th c j^,-. service clubs in New England. Stf eral former minor, -league. iur,' will appear in the 'lineup of •]„ Flyers. _' '••":• Erossco« • ' A'JlS R'TT r\ -, Rhoades, If, cf Mullen, 2b Verer.imc, p, If .. Rosomondo, cf, 2b Hack, c o'-i , „ 0 0 0 0 0' 0 0 5 .I "2 0« 2 OJ2 j 5 •* .1 £ 2.' 2" 2 j 1 2 ? 0 G 2 Block, KB, 2b ,4 Sheehan, 3b ". -.3 McWecney, rf 3 Farrnr, Ib. .'.....'....'. A 'Rehia, p, ss, p ....4 Totals ...38 13 32 27'i(j Black Yankees ABR H 0 A I Barker, cf 5 2 1 3 j.l Clayton, Ib'...' 4 2 1 10 4 f T-I. Williams, ss ....V.4 2 3 '< 11 J. Wilii'n.m.'i, rf ;6 1 1 l o] Thompson, If •; 2 3 o Reveria, 3b 2 0 1 2 Christopher, c 1 0 1 2 Kelly, c '.- 4 0 1 2i| Spencer, 2b 3 O-.O 03 Russell, p .; 2 0 0 Col Sarvis, p 2 2 1 0 :.j Totals 37 31 22 2< y Black Yankees 020 000 252-i! Brasscos 032 friO 31x-13 Errors: H. Williams. J. William-, Kelly, Christopher, Spencer, RIJS sell, Block '2); loft on base: Bliclc Yankees 34; Brasscos 7. Sacrifice hits: McWcenoy, Reveria. Stola The Brasscos added twc more in j bases: Sheehan, Sarvis. Block. Two- the next frame after two were i base hits: H. Williams, Kdly, Christopher's hoot. Cy Block, former Chicago Cub and Tommy Sheehan, late of Notre Dame, fol- owed with clean singles. Lefty r iirrar cleaned the bases .with a ori^ poke that scored Hack and Block. Rehia sent his team ahead with a lor.g fly to Barker; Mc- Weent;- scoring after the c.-nc'.i. )2ob Rhoades struck out to end the inning. out on Block's double and wen into the lead -2 in • the fifth on Sheehan's mighty clout and an errors by Jackie Williams. Shec han's hit in this inning was ;h longest poke of the game. The Black Yankees made it 9-4 in their half of the seventh a neered the first blanking. 8 to 0. Jesse Flores won the second, 2 to 0, on Ford "Garrison's round tripper wilh one aboard. if Bucky were left off the team, on paper'it doesn't .look as though tho American league could possibly get together a bunch of ball players capable of taking the an- .478 ,471 .471 .44(1 NATIONAL LEAGUE manager t'eeis belter when tonm is in fir-st place July -I. any other time. FINE DOUBLE BILL NOW AT LOEW THEATER "Two Girls and a Sailor," the new Mecro-Gpldwyn-Maytir picture SHALETT LUX — Dry Ch'iiniTi a» E, Muln St. WiiK-rliury Miiln Offlct- * 1'liuit, 23 Wiilnut St. Ext, WnU-rtown — Nn MUMIrlmry Great Oak Farm .-jYf'OIII) HOAU Tel. B049 MILK — EGGS pull very To All I'urt.-* Of wtiich i.s now ot tho J_iOtw Poll Ihoaicr I.-; ono of l.houc rare films about which a reviewer need not hesital.e to use all -the superlatives In tho dictionary. It's one of'the best, musicals of -this or any other season. Hulf-a-iloxen stars bring it to excitinf,' screen life under the superb direction of Richard Thorp and ihe just as superb production jy Joseph Pasternak, Here are Van Johnaoni, June Allyscn and Gloria Z>ul-favcn. fa^t on their.way o stardom as the sailor and.tho wo Kirls he mysteriously befriends iy setting up an entire sei'vice- nien's canteen .for them and what Is more, falling in love flrjt with one and tlien with the other, .The picture brings Jimmy Durante back lo the screen and that is h'reat. mews indeed! Jimmy the "Schnex/" himself, is in rare form as he portrays a retired vaudc- villkui .who has lost confidence In himself, and fears to attempt a comeback. . "Two Girls and a Sailor" la 1 recommended for everyone- big and iittlo. younR" a-n<l old. It is cnter- ttilnmcnt with a capital "13" from file start to the finish. Put "Two Girls and a Sailor" on your "Must" sec list. The co-hit on this {,'ay musical program is "The Attack." showing tho a c l i o n pictures, in feature length of savinii of New Brltalm Ycnterduy'H: Renults Cincinnati -I, New York 1 (1st). New York 7, Cincinnati 0 (2nd). • Ch-csgo 8, Philadelphia 1 (1st), Philadelphia •!. Chicago 2 (2nd). Eost.on -I, Pittsburgh 1 (1st), Boston 5, Pitlsburgh R-tic (2nd). St. I-iuls 2, Brooklyn 1 (1st). SL Louis 4, Brooklyn 2 (2nd). The Standing Wi L. Pet. St. Louis 4(3 19 .703 Pittsburgh 34 27 ,557 Cincinnati 3031 .B37 New York 34 33 .507 Brooklyn '. 33 36 .478 Philadelphia 2737 .421! Boston 28 40 .432 Chcago 23 37 .383 No games today. it would be time for Commissioner Landis 1,0 start an-Investigation. And behind. Bucky',| there -arc such stellar National League pitchers . as George Hunger and Max Lar.lcr of the. 'St. Louis'-'Cardinals; Rip Sew'ell of "Pittsburgh, 1 Bill Vois- el'.e of the, Jim Tobin. ot Ihe Boston Braves and Ace Adams of New York, That's a pitching staff thaJ would make any major league manager almost a ,cinch to win the pennant. . And the National' league infield should include Phil \Vuintruub of the New York Giants at first; Connie Ryan of tho Boston Braves at second; 'Slats Marion or tho St. Louis Cardinals -at - sKort and Whttey Kurowski of the Cardinals at third. That'sji good, tight infield and looks like the cream of the National league crop, • : The outfield should be Dixie Wulker of the Brooklyn Dodgers, Stan Musial of the St. Louis Cardinals and Mel. Ott of the New .York nual game. -But—just remember what happened l;xst year \vhcn the National league sat in ihe same spot before the game. The Unal score was American lengue 5—National league 3. D-BCMS CAN TAKE IT Salina, Kan. (UP)—Cpl, Harry Britt of the Smoky Hill Army Air- Field- here has a new version of | how the expression "D-Day" was derived. ,It seems that at one time it was called "The Day," according to Cpl, Brltt, but a Brooklyn character got hold of it and—well! "D-DAY." Between . the outbreak of the Worrld war and .the armistice, wholsenlc prices rose 102.5 per cent, o.nd after the armistice they were 14S.5 per cent above pro-wai levels. . • TONIGHT Murjorlc Mulii. - /.UMII Pitt* "JAMBOREE" MuHlcul Comedy TUBS. - WED. - THUR. DONALD O'CONNOK and PEGGY HYAN in . ' 'A CHIP OFF THE OLD BLOCK" , Al»o ROV ROGERS In "THE COWBOY AND THESENORITA" , Charles Boyer \ Ing-rid Bergman Joseph Cotten 2nd thrilling Week! $attn Pltybyjokn Van OAutM,;Wa/tfi- Reweh in&Mn 6awd upon the Pity by Patrick H«milton Directed l>y GeorKR Cnkor —'Produced hy Arthur Ifornlow,' Jr. . A IVtETRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER PICTURE. . Also ROSEMARY LANE und JOHNNY DOWNS In x "TR-O.CA-DE.RO " STRAND Joe Baksi's Injury Stops His Climb New York, July 3— (U P) — The immediate future' of Joe Baksi — the latest candidate for whatever honors arc available among the heavyweights — appears doubtful. The Pennsylvania belter chipped a bone in. his hand in his'- victory over Lee Sovold on May 26th. He's called off his bout with St. Thomas. Baksi was supposed to have met the Negro slugger on July 1-lth — but thnt's off now. And nobody is sure just when Baksi will light again. Meanwhile Thomas has refused to accept Lee Q. Murray as a substitute for Baksi. Baksi is the current top man in the heavyweight division. Murray and .Thomas hnvg good records against second raters— and Lou Nova is starting a comeback. But the Californian who trained on Yogi exercises for his bout with Joe Louis hasn't licked any really impressive fighters. Vorderamo became careless. Bark or the first batter reached firs after Verdi-ramn hit tha batter. Herb Williams walked and Bother Jack tripled down the !ef field foul line to score both runners. A sensational step by Cy Block on Kelly's hopper saved the Brassco's relief artist to end the Inning, when things looked dark for the New Haven lad. With Sarvis on the hill for the Black Yankees the Mullen- coached crew jumped all over the invader for three tallies before Spencer could put cut the fire with a beautiful one-handed stab that retired the "side. Block opened the cliuck- cr with his third single and Tommy Sheehan worked Sarvis for a free pass to first. McWeeney moved both men with a sacrifice, and Lefty Farrar, of Naugatuck; tripled to right that scored Block and Sheehan. Rehia reached first nn Heroic Williams error and Bobby Rhoades doubled to bring, home Farrar. Verderame hit - a hard one nf Spencer who saved the inning with a pick-up. The eighth was a long inning as Vererame faced ten men before he settled down, but when the smoke cleared the New Yorkers hfid five runs and were within striking distance at" 12-9. Thompson's triple and Kelly's double featured the siege. It looked as if the game might go into extra innings as the Negroes were hitting the Brassco pitcher. With two outs Thompson singled home Sarvis .ind Clayton and Reveria drew a walk to load the hassocks. The Brassco management called time and "Ripper Rehia the starting pitcher wa, brought back to the hill. Rehi was equal to the occasion an struck out the mighty "Spookcs Kelly to end the ball game to tn relief of the fans. Hcrbic Williams and Tliompso led the New Yorkers at the plat Rhoades, Block. Three-base hits: 3. Williams, Thompson, Sheehar, Farrar. Double plays: MuTien a Block to Farrar; Hack to Block to Mullen to P.ebia, Passed tali: Hack, Christopher <2). Winniaj pitcher: Verderame; losing pitcher, Russel. Struck out by Rhia 6; R*. sell, 2; Sarvis, 3; Verderame, t. Base on balls by Rehio, 0; Sot- sell; Sarvis. 2; Verderame II Time of game: 3:37. Umpires: S!u- tery, Kclley and Napoli. Walker Gels 100th Hit Of Season 'Dixie Walker is the first major leaguer this year -lo hit tile 3<fr mark in base-hits. The hit nit made'yesterday in the first i&- ing off pitcher Ted Wilk« cf SI Louis in the first game of a doa- hleheadcr. ' His nearest rivol is St-iw lluslsl of the Cards \vl-.o has 93. SEIZED OX ROOF-TOP Bofilon, July 3—(UP)—A 33-yesr-j old Roxbury man was seized on i ' •oof-top early today af:er a dramatic fight in the glare of po- icc floodlights. The man had bees rapped while allegedly robbing > Vazing street house. He was »r- rested, on suspicion of burglary. GEM TONIGHT "TWO GIRLS AND with • VAN JOHNSON • JUNE ALLYSON • GLORIA DE HAVEN • JOSE ITURBI •JEMMY DURANTE • GRACIE ALtiEN 'LENA HORNE .•••.• "• '-..-• also \ "Attack—The Battle of New Britain" PrcMiitcd l»y U. S. Government LOEWS POLI NOW •Art' .-. For Victory Buy More War Bonds ; In The 5th War Loan!!! Benedict Bogeaus h,,,.. The Bridge of San Luis fay '"•"•» LYNN MM « ^_ NM Tmiifff • Francs Mnr. Also EDGAR KENNEDYCOMtPV CARTOON nnd NEWS TUBS. - WED. - THURS, . AlNO "The Battle of Europe' STOOGE COMEDY »nd VAUDEVILLE REEL Chrysler and Plymouth G. :M. C. Trucks J.dRAYTKWICH, JR. ACCESSORIES Repairing .ion soijTir-MAiN ST. Toll-phone 4098

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