The Ipswich Journal from Ipswich, Suffolk, England on January 17, 1801 · 3
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The Ipswich Journal from Ipswich, Suffolk, England · 3

Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 17, 1801
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i ou ? V, " ' ' " 'TSWICH cond Subscription ASSEMBLY f , X year iBv-U wt Uoo at the Assembly-room I' lhe day, lan. . Admittance to Noh " Thu"- ving in IPwicl,iDwi 6 mitoXhereof. 2: "0tli- ROP T r-rV '"s" "lereo fe Dr.-Viq. HAMILTON, StWards. THE First Assembly will be at the Whiten , ou Monday, Jan. 19, i801 u wtwe Martian, BK-VJAMIN CRAVEN Esn T DAN. SUTTON. i,m F. ?:Jro"nr- THE Third Subscvmiinn mn -, . I inn, Mclford, on MondTv U,e 36U, R- MOORE,' Esq. ' L. MACLEAN, M. D. (Stewards. To (IRA 'I tfuu" A Journeyman Blacksmith xvaFT"!Jni f-' shooing and field-work imv i, w S rii!nd at at Robert Weavers' Wr-tw; 5 1 ?.stam work ...bsi,tl, .-unoiK. AiNitu immediately, -Three ... pentcrs anil :. lni,,,,.. . ..-"- uar- WANTED, A Situation, as EorXlSr.7 W mg business. Any Gentleman in 4, oUuch a person will please to direct letters, post-paid o A B !ii?!:-.!l0.0Colcbcater. 1ANTED at Lady-day next, A"Mad17i7wlfc VV to govern :!iul take care of the Poor in - he Wornouse in Harwich, in the county of Essex For further particulars enquire of the Churchward, ana Overseers of Harwich. Hr;,M, n, -,o AA A5fS a Situation as Stewwl or Bailiff. Aramr 7 Man, who, having been regularly bred 'to the !'nt;t;.lS WCU;il"M' conduct a farm and whose recommendations are unexceptionable. Letter addressed to .he printer (postpaid) will be attend-eu to immediately. ZAk'T1a Situation as-Assistant in' the Grocery V V Drapery, or General Line of Business, A youn-Man, who can produce an unimncaehed character for hNjcsty and sobriety. A line addressed to A. M Pot-officc, Stowmarket, WANTS" n SilTl ! A'l'lVlx " ' A ...... VM i V-' 4 A L , S Valet to a single Gentleman, or as EMlcr and Valet ui a small family, A young man, 30 years ot age, who can comb hairjwrite a plain hand, and has no objection to" net as Clerk and Valet to a single gentleman. Fo particulars. apply; post paid, to Mr. Bransby, bodkselkir, Ipswich.' ALL Persons who were indebted., ',o JOHN TY-RELL, late of Ipswich, cork-critter, dec. and who have not discharged their debts,, are desired to pay the same immediately to John Tvtell, of Wood-bridge, cork-cutter. Jan. itij'lSOI. NOTICE to CREDITORS: THE Creditors of JOSEPH BROWNSMITH late of Hadleigh,. in the county of SufTqlk, farrier,' de-teased, are requested to meet the administratrix of his personal estate and effects- on. Friday, the 30ih day of January instant, at fo'tir tfcbj'clt in.the afternoon, at the Lion Inn, in Hadlcigh-aforesakl, to receive such a'ebm-position for their respective debts as the pinnies arising from his effects will extend to pay, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said composition. CREDITORS. THE Creditors of JOHN MARSH, late' of Btandes-ton, in the comity of Suffolk, carpenter, are desired to meet Mr.Nath. Clubbe, attorney at law,Fram-lingham, his sole.-executor, attfie Griffin Inn there, ou Tuesday the 2fth ifist. at -Teh o'clock in the morning, in order .to receive Ml satisfaction for their respective legal demand. In order to save any of the creditors farther trouble, Mr. Clubb'e, requests" their attention to this advertiso-rrtent, and early attendance, as the widow of the deceased will be there to adjust accounts, and upon whom application must afterwards be made for allowance, before such creditor can be paid. To be SOLD by AUCTION, Bij JOHN SPARROW. At tite Sign of the Brill's Head in Ipswich; On Mon'day .the 2ffth day of Jan. inst. About fi o'clock in the afternoon, TWO Freehold Messuages; one of ihenra,well accustomed shop, situate iri the Fore-Street, in the parish of St. Clement? m Ipswich, in the occupation of Hezekiah Wright and the Widow Easterby. For further particulars apply to Mr. Long, attorney, in Ipswich, or the auctioneer. To be ISOLD bv AUCTION Bij JOHN SPARROII'. At Ipswich',' the first week in February next, unless sooner disposed of by private contract. AVerv eligible SMALL FARM, situate in Little Sto'n'l'iam, 10 miles, from Ipswich, abetting on the turnpike road, and" jconsistijjg of a gpbtf.d w-eUing house and convenient out-buildings, with .35 acre's of excellent land in a high state of cultivation, now occupied by Mr. Henry Studd, under a lease which expires at Michaelmas next. . A small part oftbe land, is copyhold, therest freehold. For further particulars apply to Mr. Long, attorney, in Ipswich. , , To be S&IJD by AUCTION ', JAES LA IVRANCE, n Tliurs'day, the 2i2d January, 1801, on the Premises of JOHN BIRD, gardener, near the Boar's Head, in Stoke parish, ALL bis H'oiishold Furniture, Gardeners" Stock, utensils and tools, and other good's and effects ; consisting of bedsteads,' beds, sheets,' and oilier, boding, chairs, tables, 30-hour clonk, chest with drawers,-pier glass, kitchen and washing- requisites, copper with 'irons, 2 carts, horse, chaff engine, 5 ladders, baskets, measures, scales and weights, fowling piece, a few bushels of potatoes', and sundry other uselul articles. Sale to'l.-'egm at Ten Jn the forenoon. . . ' IPSWICH, Jan..l5,' 1801. Under the PATRONAGE of the GENTLEMEN Ami PRINCIPAL INHABITANT!; of ths Tomi. ON Thursday the 5th of Feb. next, in the Forenoon, A SERMON will be preached at St. Maiy Tower Church, and a SELECTION of SACRED" MUSfCK performed, for the BENEFIT of the- P 'SOUP. INSTITUTION. And in the evening, at the Assembly-room", will be And m ba."LL and CONCERT For the same BENEVOLENT PURPOSE. Particulars in a future' Pap'er. The Managers will be greatly oblige to musical r'n 'en who shall be inclined to give tbeir assis-'P I T the above occasion, and request (he favour tance ort the aoov ions w Jie Rov.Mr.Lee. $?J0f W-W will he afSuMary l he Etl. hc 'I'hufsdinj nczij ItmVld iml. at Six Tower LiWrttV . e'efeef: in ikk evrrW .PSVVTCH. i i o 0 10 6 1 1 0 0 5 0 0 10 6 Mr. T-Kent . 0 Mrs.'Rosc Maw lohn SJiuer n 0 Mr Pol.ter S Baglejr ' lun. ) Mason Captain Stuart o 0 () pjcliard Cole Major Heron o 2 0 Richard Aldkm c 'Tnnci' . - lnnes 10 6 2 0 5 0 Mr.G.KerritJ&e"1-!.' , 0 'Mr .James. Adams 0 Whimper l. (; rames ivici Rev. Geo. Routh (( g HasC;l, Esq. Mr. Bartlet - 0 R p0wcll, Esq-Sampson J Miss Bartbrops Hercules Mill, Esq- 7- Parker Mr L.Silbnrn I R " j0hnson M.S.Kolfe 0 licore N. Iran and Son Bar.toft Ml'. :Crit.b l 10 Mla " a io 6 1 1 0 1 1 0 10 0 1 o o o io ; 0 10 6 2 2 0 5 5 0 1 1 0 WtheteUstforJ.Lloy-d.E'J- th,s 0 quaru of soup UmPm duteit pa-kVr near 800 ?amil d.-, rbto town have been of the 'nmnZr , "'Jonned that m account team "J'M theChammn THPTnhnW, ' jf-AVENHAM, Jan. 15, 1301. .pblc Faatlfce -quest of Jny re-Tliit i Mt ?,?"d Cora-buyers; inform the public, t-5 Tiinno, -ti i the forenoon. . , atToo1"SWlUiCprovklcd tl- several inns To be HOUJTPUBLtC AUCTION ' n t i ,tl,c Swan' Harwich, . A rVhe '2S'l- f January, 180i. . 1 VOO ,S ot FOREIGN GENEVA, for pri-wilfhT Vat,e "se, only ' A l,cPs''t f 5. per cent, aken av ? f sal' ad "c goods to be: forenoon. 6 " lu vlUK-111 " To ,be SOLD" by AUCTION 1 ' T. A B LETT On Thursday the 29th January, 1801, at the Old Mwan Inn, Sduthwotd, about Six o'clock in the Tevening.inLOTS, HREE-Tenements, with about 4.5 Rods of Land situate near the Clift, in the East arid North East part of the town of Southwold aforesaidin the occupation of Mr. Geo. Evcratd, Mrs. W. Andrews, and H Lone. For particulars applv to the auctioneer, at Southwold. - To be PUT OKF, A And immediate Possession had, SHOP, situate in a Village in Suffolk, where the return is nearly One Thousand Pounds per ann. and is capable of great improvement.' The stock, which it good and-fresh, consists of an assortment of shirt cloths, linens, stuffs, prints, shawls,, a few ready made cloaths,. some ironmongery and earthenware. The premises are very commodious, and an oven might easily be erected, and where a baker would probably meet with encouragement. For particulars apply to the printer,' Kg Letters, pbst paid, STRAYED from Stanway, on Wednesday, Dec. IT, ..1800, A BLACK CART MARE COLT, 2 years old, with a white slip down her face, and two white feet behind. Whoever has found the same, and will give information to John Miles, of Stanway, so as she may be liad again, sliall receive TWO GUINEAS for their trouble, and all expences paid. STOLEN or Strayed, from Buxhall, Suffolk, about the Rth of December last, a Livcr-colbnred and White POINTER' BITCH, with a' full stern, answers to the name of JUNO. strayed, whoever will bring the. said bitch to Rev. C. Green, ofKuxliaU, shall receive Half a Guinea reward, and all reasonable fexpen-ces. If stolen, a reward of One Guinea will be paid upon conviction, to any person discovering the offender. WHEREAS on Siraday Night, or early on Mon-day morning, the 4th and 5th inst. ArfcOUT-HOUSE- sit the Chantry Farm near Ipswich, was broke into, and 5 TURKEYS, 4 GEESE, with 7 or 8 HENS stolen from thence. Whoever will discover the offender or offenders, so that he or they may be brought to justice, shall, on their conviction, receive a reward of TEN GUINEAS,- from Charles Streyrfshafn Collinson, Esq. cf the Chantry aforesaid; Sprouirhlim. 14 Jan. 1801. STOLEN or strayed oil' Nacton Common, near Ips- wicb, in the flight of the 14th of December 1800, : . A RUSTY-BLACK MARE, about 14 hands and J high, switch tail, shim down her face., and.a crack'd hoof on the off fore-foot. .Any persofr giving intelligence of the said marc to the Widow Barber, of Nacton aforesaid, shall be rewarded- for their tpuble, and all expences paid ; or a letter may be addressed to her, to be left at the White Elm, Ipswich. C"TOLEN out of a Turnip Field, belunging to James kJ Brooks of Marilesham, late last night, or early this morning, Jan. 16, 1S01, TWO EWE SHEEP, the property of Henry Canham and Richard Baker ; the skins and entrails were left in a wheat' fisild adjoining. If any person or persons can give ahy information of the offender or offenders, so' that they Can be brought to justice, shall, unon cemvictiori, receive the sum of FIVE GUINEAS, to be' paid by BOSMERE and CLAYDON HUNDRED, And. VICINITY thereof. ASSOCIATION . For PROSECUTING OFFENDERS. WHEREAS sometime in the evening of Saturday last, tlierc was stolen from off the lands in the occupation of Mr. Samuel Dynes, of Netflestead, A EAT EWE SHEEP, his- property. Notice is hereby given that a reward of FIVE POUNDS will be paid by the treasurer to this association (over and above what is allowed by Act of Parliament) to any person or persons by whose information or means the offender or offendersmay be brought to justice and be convicted thereof. Jan. 15, 1391. T.ANOHAM. ESSEX: ABSCONDED his' Master's Service, December the 28th, 1S00, THOMAS HAMMANT, by trade a butcher ; bis friends being desirous he should return to his master, take this method' to inform him, that he will be kindly received by -his master, and that it wilt be great satisfaction to his friends for him to return. Whoever will give any information w'here he mayl be found, by letter or otherwise, handsomely rewarded by me, BENJAMIN STUBBrNG,MarksTcy, Essex. The above Thomas Hammant is about loyears old, 5 feet 6 inches high, with dark hair; and is an ap prentice, Tfiin; KlFINRAS REWARD, LOST from the Bury and Cambridge Coach, on Tuesday evenhrg, Jan. 6, 180ly between Newmarket and Bury, ' .,, A SMALL OAK JSOX; . , containing Four.Accompt Books', two Pair of Boots, and several Pairs of Men's Shoes. Whoever will give information where the books may be found, by a line addressed to M'r.D'.'Ii'ons.St. Helen.'s.Ipswich j Mr. Edwards, Red Lion, Newmarkets or Mr. Muik-y, at the Bell Inn, Bury, sfeui receive the above rewafd. . It is most sincerely hoped, no person will destr.oy.ot '.detain the bbcfe, which are the principal object of this "lvertisemeht, the loss of which will prow an irreparable loss to the owner, and of no' benefit whatever to anyotlier person. . . . N - El" It is supposed ttie above was stolon, .aSd that the hooks' may be secreted in adiw-h, or some bye-,lace- whoever and find the same, dia l eceb7e the above reward. One. of the books ,s bound in green, with two brass clasps, and lettered on the back, K. riai, To be SOLD by AUCTION By DODSON ana ivir.u, On Friday next," the 23d day of- Jan. 1301, - THE neat Houshold Furniture, Dairy and Brewing tuensifs, and effects-of Mr. WILLIAM, MAID-WELL a Temple-bar, Stowm-arket, Suffolk com-S'2 bedSs with check hangih'gs, 2 featherbed and baling, 30-hour ctoCk'-.n case, almostnew, wKlMTotnfsr" dining tables, exceeding good wal-m " ee chairs, neat chamber ditto, mahogany pillar Smted buffet, VJS lSSS -d'various up jacK, codi -rti,v.. 2coDoers. execed- neat and use m no- ks-;na complete ;M.1orcob;ofaltJ exceeding good cheese utcnsiis ior pjiis, and dairy utensils for press, $ inch wheel tumbrel, almost tZmi0fn saXtshel score of sacks, timber of sale, and of the auctioneers, Stowmarke. ESSEX fuiKpikE .- V, - ' , ' . SECOND DISTRICT. THE next General Qnarterly Meeting df.tlie T'nis-' tecs is appointed to' biheld at the TKbrn Inn in Misdey, on Tuesday the 20tiiday. of Jan. inst' afEleven o'ejockintheiorenoon. Bj order of the justices", ' -Jaii;6, 1801. ' Wm. PERKINS, Clerki ' f " GRUNDlSBURGfl ASSOCIATION. NOTICE is hereby giveti; That the Annual Meeting of this AsBociation Will be held on Tuesday, the 27th day of Jan. inst. at the sign of the Dog in Grundisburgh ; when arid where the subscribers (and others residing within Ten miles of Grundisburgh aforesaid, desirous of joining the said Association), are requested to attend. By order, . . . . . JOHN WOOD, Treasurer. . Dinner at Two o'clock; , . INCOME ACTS; ' The Hundreds of LOES, WILFORD, CARLFORD, . : . THREDLING and PLOMESGATE. THE Commissioners of Appeal for the above Hundreds hereby give notice, that they intend to meet on Thursday; the 5th day of February next.' at the Ses sions Hall in Woodbridgc; at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon; for hearing and determining all appeals which may be made to them, of which timely notice must hi given to their Clerk. All persons intending to appeal, must give at least Ten day's notice before the day forbearing appeals, to Mr. JOHN WOOD, their Clerk, at his house in Woodbridge i and also deliver to him, within the sajne time, a sdadtde of ths particular of his or tar Incomr. in zefiling, according to the form annexed to the said acts, oFherwise ho appeals can be heard. WooJbridvc. By order, Jan. -14, 1801. JOHN WOOD, Clerk. Speedily will be published, A NEW VOLUME, being the FIFTH of .' SERMONS, By HUGH BLAIR, D. D. F, R. S. Ed. One of the Ministers of the High Church, and Pro-lessor of Rhetoric and Belles Lettres in the University of Edihburghi Printed for A. Strahan ; T. Cadellj jun. and W. Da-vies, Strand ; and W. Crouch, and to be had of G. R. Clarke, Tavern -street, Ipswich. jp This volume was prepared for publication, by the Author, arid a considerable part of it was printed before hisdecease- As above may be had, by the same Author, 1. A new Edition, being the Twenty-first, of the firs Four Volumes of Sermons, price 1 . 4s. in Boards. 2, Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres. Seventh Edition, 3 Vols, price 18s. in Boards. . SOLD AT . BUSH'S CIRCULATING LIBRARY, IPSWICH. MUSIC. This Day is published, No, 1. price only One Shilling (to be continued lveekly) By Messrs: Goulding, Phipps and D'Almaine, at their Music Warehouse, No. 45, Pall-Mall, "or at their Manufactory, No. 76, St. James's Street, London, Music-sellers to their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales, by warrant. THE KAN of FEELING; or the Gentleman's Musical Repository for the FLUTE or V 10L1N ; consisting of an elegant selection of the most admired riis from the modern operas, opera dances, songs, sonatas, and every other description of fashionable music, chiefly taken from the extensive catalogue of Messrs. Goulding and Co. under the immediate inspection, of that celebrated Flute Composer, Gaetano Brandi. Sold by J. Bush, and all rripsic-sellers in Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex. , From the trifling price of the above Collection, some Gentlemen may be induced to think lightly of it ; but the proprietors having long been solicited by their friends to publish a work of this kind botiras a pocket companion for the field, or amusement in the chamber, pledge themselves for the execution of the undertaking iri a Way that shall .give satisfaction to the subscribers. Every six numbers are intended to make a beautiful pocket volume ; and Mr. Brandi has engaged to enrich the same with new publications of his own. When it is likewise recollected that each number will contain from Eight to Twelve Shillings-worth ofriio-dern music; the advantages are too obvions to need further 'elucidation. Early subscribers will have the advantage of best impressions. J. Bush has constantly on safe or to let, fine tcn'd Piano Fortes, Eass Viols, Tambourines, Violins, &c. A regular supply of new music as soon as published i , A WELL PURCHASED STOCK, " Prior to the Advance, OF GENUINE HYSON, SOUCHONG, And other Fine TEAS. COCOA, COFFEE, CHOCOLATE. SPICES, &e. A Choice Supply of. new French Plumbs, .Turkey Figs,- Raisins, Candied Ginger, Orange Peel, Citron, Clarified Tamarinds, &c. Gamble's'Tea Tapioca and Sago English Coffee Appleby's Tea Indian Arrow Root Sanative ditto Curious CHAMBER OIL that will burn without smoking, WAX CANDLES, MOGUL CARDS, &c. -. Are selling on very advantageous terms, At W. MIDDLED ITCH WAREHOUSE, BROOK'STREET, IPSWICH, Who has received a fresh supply of those celebrated . . . Preservatives of the Teeth", . AMBOYNA POWDER and -LOTION, CONVENT, JESSAMINE, PALM, VEGETABLE, And otlrcr SOAPS, P-arliaihrh calculated to precrnt ik ill effects cf Whiter, WARREN's MILK of ROSES, NAPLES CREAM. 'Gowland's Lotion Vervain Water for weak StiraciasOil for the hair Honey & Lavendar Wa and inflamed eyes. Cachard.Rose, & all kinds- ter, c, ixc. of Lozenges for Colds, &c. BALSAM of HERES, for-ASTHMAS, &c, With every Patent Medicine. POTTED .SHRIMPS, ANCHOVIES, CAPERS, OLIVES, PICKLES of all kinds, Curious SMdAKED TONGUES, &c. CHRYSTALL1ZED JUICE of LEMONS, CHINESE . CLOTH POWDER, FIRE BOTTLES, With many curious Preparations. Canaistre, Oronoko, arid other, fine Tobacco and Snuff. Fire Works for a Winter Evening's Amusement Reeve's Colours and Varnish ; Uso, Chinese Colours in sets' 1 8cf. to 3s. 6d, each. LIFE BOATS. THE ,hflPPy Success which lias attended the Use of.' these vessels, in saving the lives of many valuable seamen from the dangers of shipwreck, .has induced the humane,. in t different parts of tSe kingdom, to unite in establishing boats upon their respective coasts. A subscription hasbeen entered into.with the moitflat-terihg prospect, in the Easterrrpfflrtof rliiscounty, forth purpose of .procuring LIFE BOATS for the Suffolk coast. , Arid, confiding in the well knownjhumanity and' pttbic spirit which pervades the comity, a Life Boat has been ordered, and is intended to be stationed at Lowestoft.- ....... Perhaps' no' part of the' coa-'t affords a greater number of melancholy instances of distress and shipwreck, with the loss.of many lives, than that part which lies between Orford Ness and the Sheepwash off Harwich.; all of which arc so many striking' arguments and feeling proofs of the want of such" assistance . Bajirdsfey Haven being in every point'of vie'Wj the most convenient, situation oh that part of the coast, a Life Boat has been -ordered, and isintended'tobe stationed there. Tq'defray the immediate and contingent expences, a suBscription4 is opened, but which, if thought hereafter to beof a more general-advantage, may be'united with that already opened by Mr. Sparrow and Mr.' Bowness. Subscriptions of the smallest value will be received by the Rev. Dr. FRANK, Atdertc-n, or Nov. 17. P."B. BROKE, Esq. Nacton!" List of Subscribers continued from dur last : . s. d. - ; s. d. Wobttorr, rr, Esq. I -Mil.: J J Mr. Henry LufTe 1 Mr. Sam. Toller 1 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 2 0 1 0 1 0 iO E. Norf. Mil, 1H. Ti X?.i,.a.T LVIr. Sam. Webster 1 Thos. Wall, Esq: Mr. Thos. Aldiss 1 Mr. M. L.Gravstotil icv; Mr. Betts- Mrs. Betts Mr.Slapp Mrs. Wayth." Mr. Wavfli Rev, Mr. Black Mr. Wm. Wincopp 0 10 6 Mr. lohn Wolton 1 1 0 A.G.Maekav. Esa. 1 1 0 MiTh'os. Pons r 1 W ;Rsv. Mr. Merest' eHA:gfjRlVENER"ar14'-Os. STEVENS - MOST re'spectfullyinformtheirfds, they intend. i!,fawu,g in Beast, tic for L.ol?dn market, on Thursday tlie 29th inst, at the Swan,' Gillingham, from S to 9 iri 'the morning;, at RuslirijsV and Henstcad from. ll,to-12"t!ie saint- rrxrning ; sleep at Wenbaston that night), the next night at Eenha)), and the following night at. Martlesham Lion.;, atlbe 'same time and places every fortnight during the seaso n. N. B. Chas. Scrivener, Salesman, intends attending Smithfield-mark'et everyday during the season. EAST BRIDGE, COLCHESTER, ESSEX. To ARCHITECTS, SURVEYORS :'' And BUILDERS. IT being in Contemplation to erect a New Bridge over.the Colne River, at the East end of the town of Go'Icheiter; any persons , willing' to tract for building die same, are desired to deliver plans and estimates to Mr. Codd, at Woodham Mortimer Hall, Es sex; 'any day before the Third of February next, or to leave the same addressed for him at the-Three Cups, Colchester, by that day. Persons desirous of surveying the situat.on and obtaining further particulars, are requested apply to MCssrs. Mason and Son, Colchester. -.- HARLOIVE, ESSEX. To be SOLD by Private Contract, : With immediate Possession. TWO Small FARMS, late in the Occupation- of Mr. Thos. Crush; consisting of a firm house, 2 barns, cowhouse, stable and granary,- with other convenient buildings, and 44 acres, or thereabouts, of exceeding good arable; pasture, arid marsh land. The house and .buildings afc copyhold, 'at will of the Lord. The land pays a fine on death or alienation of only v2s. per acre. The freehold comprises a cottage;' a,nd 36 acres, or thereabouts, of exceeding good arable land. For further particulars apply to Mr. John Skinner, Great Brtmlley, Essex. ' SHIP WRECK. ; ' to be SOLD by AUCTION ; By THOMAS SPARKES, On" Tuesday the 20th of January, 1801, THE Wfeck of the Ship SUSANNA, dpt. Matyc, from DanKick, stranded on the beach at Alde-burgh, Suffolk ; consisting, of upwards of 2000 feet oak plank from 2 to 4 inch thick ; 200 oak post from 4 to S feet long ; several oak beams, and aboat 1 ton of Swedish b-jlt iron and spikes, in lots. Sale, to begin-at Ten o'clock. ' ' The wreck is upon the Beach at the North of the town, and lies extremely convenient for carriage. To be SOLD by AUCTION Bij THOMAS SPARK ES. On the beach at Aldcburgh, in Suffolk, on Monday the 26th instant, arid following day, for the Benefit ef the Proprietors. THE whole- of the Cfirgo of thc-Ship SUSANNA, A from Dautzic, stranded at Aldeburgh aforesaid, viz. 72 pieces of prime Dantzic timber, 2) of which are valuable, mast arid bowsprit pieces, being from 40 feet to upwards of 60 feet in length, and from 17 to 24 inches in thickness, 1 12 choice oak. plank, from 24, to 40 feet in length, fit for joiners and cabinet-makers, or any purpose where good seasoned oak plank is required, about 12 fathom, of excellent lath wood, from 4 to 6 feet in length, 12 spars for masts, 50 feet in length", a quantity of dry and damaged feathers. Also the, materials of the said ship, consisting of standieg and running rigging, sails, anchor about S cwt.; a new cable, 1 1 inches, a piece of.c:-.ble, with warp hawser, and other ropes, 3 boats, some ship stares,-and a quantity of bolt iron, &c. The cargo will be sold the first day, anrfhe materials the second; To begin each day at 10 o'clock. For particulars apply to Mr. P. Wynter, or the auctioneer, sf Ald.eburgh. To be Sold at the same time, A main-sail, foro-top-sail, lower yard, and jib boom, saved from the ship Apollo, from Dantzic aforesaid. To be SOLD by AUCTION By AUGUSTINE RE AO, On Tuesday, the 27th inst. and following day, A Large and generf.l Assortment of neat Fashionable Houshold Furniture', removed for convenience of sale' to Mr. MtLES's, upffolster, Woodbridge; comprising 2 valuable down beds, 6 fine seasoned goose feather ditto, 6 servants ditto, hair and wool mattrasses, tent and 4-post bedsteads, with carved and fluted pillars, Marseilles, dimity, stripe, morene, and other furniture, festoon curtains to match ditto, fine large Mar-,seillesquiljs,.cottoneounterpaucs,and blankets, handsome commode mahogany dressing chest, with furniture drawers, mahogany wardrobe, double ind sinsle chests of drawers, ditto night tables. 2 sets of dining tables with circular ends, card, perr.broke and dressing tables, mahogany sideboard, handsome case with double set ofjgreen ivory handled knives and forks, Silver ferul'd and t'tp'd, 2 cases with green handled knives and forks, plated and Prince's metal candlesticks, snuffers and trays, mahogany and japan'd tea tfays and waiters, pier arid dressing glasses, glass cut lustres and shades, girandoles, &c. tea and coffee urns'; tea and table china, wedgewood and; stone ware, easy chair and cover, bason stands, Brussels, Wilton, and other carpets, mahogany, japan'd and other chairs, linen'- mangle, wash keelers, linen horses ; 8-Jay clock, 30-hour ditto, and general assortment of kitchen, furniture ; also, a complete set of brewing utensils; wittj cock and pipe, coppe to brew 6 barrels, lead pump and coolers', 12d gallon copper, cock and pipe, 93 gallon ditto, 26 gallon ditto, 18 new inn bound beer, barrels, 4 hogsheads, 5 half barrels, 8 casks, from 9 to 14 gallons, wort pump, and sundry otlier.brew- mg requisites, Catalogues will be duly distributed. The goods to be viewed on Monday preceding the sale, which will begin' each morning precisely at Ten o'clock . The foll'xeiitg Capital FREEHOLD ESTATES, In MISTLEY, LITTLE BROMLEY, BRADFIELD, &c. Iri" the Countv of Essex. Will be SOLD by A U C T I O N, . IN LOTS, On Tfiursday, the 19th day of February next, at the Thorn Inn, in Mistley, at'Twelve o'clock a'tnoon, By ROPER and DOUGH TY, Lot 1. Very , valuable and truly desirable Manor XA Farm, calledNewball Farm! situate in the parishes of Mistley, and Little Btofnley, in the county of Essex; consisting of a substantial and genteel farm house, barns, stables, granary, arid every requisite outbuilding in. good repair, with 370 acre's, be the same 'more or less, of exceeding rich fertile land, lying extremely compact in a ring fence, no.othei land intervening, divided into proper inclosvires, now in the occupation, of Mr.Williairi' NUnn, tenant at will. Lot 2. A. very eligible Corn Farm.called Abbotts Hall farm, situate in the parishes of Mistley .Tendring, and Little Bentley, adjoining the; consisting of a substantial arid genteel bricked farm hous6,'barris, stables, granary, and necessary out-build-ings; in thorough repair, with 230 acres, be the same more or less, of very rich land (including about Tacres of wood) also lying in a ring fence, no other land intervening, divided into prer inclos'ufcs ; now in the occupation of Mrs. Nunn, tenant at will. Lot' 3.' A desirable small Farm, called Creek's Farm', situate in .the parish of Bradiield, nearly adjoining Bradfield-street ;. .consisting of a barn, and 26 acres, be the same more or less, of excellent land. Ivinc compact, now in the occupation of Mr. Wm. Scrivener, jun. tenant at will. Lot 4. All that piece" or psrcel of excellent Land, called'Hurlock's Pightlc, situate in the parish of Brad-field ; containing 3 acres more or less,- now in the oc-cupatioi) of Mrs. Cutting, tenant at will. The aoove estates are situate in a very healthy part of the county of Essex, rtOarthe river Sloivr, with-iii about 3 jnilesof the ports of Mistley and Man-ningtree, and 9.from Colchester, the best markets for the sale , of corn in Essex, where shipping may be constantly had for London, anichalk and . rpanure .at all times procured ; the roads in (the - neighbourhood arc remarkably good, and the situ- ations truly desirable for a gentleman or substah-tial-farmer. The Whole very moderately assessed to the land-tax. . To be viewed by leave of, the respective tenants antlrinted particulars may be had, and plans of the estates ssSa, by applying- te Mr. Anfosse at Mistlay. '- .jJS'LONDON, January 9, IBOL FTPHE Uvf 'Embargo jttRussiaWing prevented a re-it,, gulitr Supply of the Produce of that country, the BRUSH MANUFACTURERS are under the necessity of informing their friends and the public, that a General Meeting, held on the 7rh inst. at the .Cissy Coffee- t house, Cbeapside, to take into consideration the present very high price ' Bristles, and every other article in the trade ; it was unanimously resolved', That a considerable advance be made on all Manufacture Goods, to take place immediately ; and that this resolution be published in the Public Ledger, Morning Advcrtizer, Traveller, the Times, Canterbury, Cambridge, Ipswich a"d Portsmouth papers. T To be SOLD bv AUCTION By WILLI AM. 'SEAMAN, .. At the King's Head Yarmouth, on Monday, the 26th 'lav of Jan. ISO!, St Twelve o'clock, THE entire Cargo of die" Catherina Magdalena (A. H. Ahreens, master), consisting of about 830 quarters of linseed, and 19 tons of Ri.ra Codille Hemp, captured by his Majesty's sloop of war Cruiser, C. Wollaston, Esq. commander. For inventories and further, particulars apply to Messrs. Thos! arid Edm". Hurry, of Yarmouth aforesaid-. To be SO LDby -A U C TITO N ' " ! ml SEAMAN At the KING'S HEAD, in Great Yarmonth, On Monday, Jan. 26, at Tcvtlvc o'clock, For Home Comumptim, ABOUT 1900 Barrels of Archangel Tar for expsrr tation. About 9(i0,half ankers of Geneva. 32 ditto Brandy: 3 Ba!s of maiuifactiired Tobacco. Part of the cargoes of sundry ves- els, captured by his Majesty's ships of war in the North sea.,, -i The goods to be viewed, and catalogues had by applying to Mr. A. H. Steward, at Yarmouth aforesaid; SOOTI-lEiJMHAxVl ASSOClA'llON, For prosecuting FELONIES. . ., AT the Annual Meeting. of ibu said -Association',' held This i ty, it was ajrcea, that a' reward, af FIVE POUNDS should be given lor the discovery to conviction, of any person or persons' guiiiy of petty larceny, and, TEN POUNDS for felony,:comuiittecf upon liic properties of the uudor-mentiossd subseribrt : Fl'ntnn. Mr. Thos. fialls Alexander Adair, F.q. Mr. C. Howaid, Treasurer Thomas Govv.r James I-eauriii nt Elizabeth Clarke, widow .'.-';;.')?,,''. Mr. Wm. Squire Jeremiah Cocks Sn'mt OV.w. Mr, James Dalliston Self &!?atfial Houghton iOJbert Shearing Wm. Smith St. bilarurd Sonthekijiam. Mr. J;)hn Normaji Thos. Moore, jun. Thos. Woods' Samuel Spr.ldiug Josepii Moore All Suints. Mr. John Last , 9th January, ISO?. Robt. Hammond Sl. Mar'brH jtirhiuS. li.h: lames' HlfvH- Viti. H.uvey-Richard Alrien Mil 1,'ii.l Seal 1-t Mr.. Owh's, vvUow Mr. Jacob Ling Henry -t-uirlier W.m. Bowler , Saint Mich . ,lr. John Adams Anthony Holland ;iizabe!h bishop, widow n:irnea:ta:c. Mr. Thos. Fenn Metlimtkimf ;Mr. Richard Eritcri John Brawn ; Enoch Bezant John Howlci SAMUEL KENT,." -Secretary' ; J:OiiT's ESSENCE of IT; U ITS, RecornRicnJfjd 1-y nu-ner; a::d respecab'e. Families who .have h&ypi'f. '.xperienced its efficacy us an effccf.fal rcir.edv in , -YIOLKNT FKVEK5. . J--:.i; ULCERATED SORETHROATS, HC-L-PIXG CO'T.'OfT . And SMALL POX. . ; THIS ESSENCE" of FRUITS, so . highly: and rdsUy. esteemed medicine, has for m.-fny .years b.j';-n penscd gratis to nuraerous ia uilie:-.; is .".!oT,;-'(l by t;:e most respectable of ilie-iii; iq i.-e a certav.v efficacious remedy for the above p'-cvaleni dismders. The Proprietor take' ihe liberty to observe, thai having incurred a heavy cxpence in the preparation arid' gratuitous dispensation "f this invaluable medicine he now with confitiencc offers it to he public at Jarre without presuming to recommend it. as a tirtiin reine-dy for the multiplicity of diseases incident tp the human frame, but confines it solely, to tlie relief anricii're of tiie .bnve dangerous and fatal disorders, in wiiich it stands unrivaled. Advertisements fo puff off medicines are now become so common, that they are little or seldom attended to, the above however not being . designed for thai purpose, has a far better, claim to the attention of the public. Sold in Eoitles at 2s. .'id., ant! !.;, Hd.'cach, (duty included), with" proper directions at Mr. Mid-dladitch's, Ipswich: Bowen, Norwich: S.parshall, Eec-cles ; Mendhem, Wells ; Lodcr, Woodbridge; Gale.s, Lynn; King, Stowinarket; :Buss, Eury; Cooper, Hai-stea.d; Hill, Ballingdon; Oxley. Sudbur.; .Smith, Eos-ford ; Marsden, Colchester; Rolpli, Thorpe ; Sickle-' price, Harwich; Fcrifenor, Mumiingtree; Parslee, Holt; Lambert, Walsinghamj and Walker, Ongarj and by a principal vender in every town throughou; the kingdom. DEDHAM-HALL and OVER HALL,; And NETHERHALL 1NCLOSCSE. E JOHN MATTHEW GRIMWOOD, HENRY-JERMYN, ALEXANDER WATFORD. .i,t,1 ISAAC STRUTT, four of the Commusioners named and appointed iri and by an Act .V .Parliament, made and passed in the fortieth year of Ms present Majesty's reign, imitled, . " An Act' for dividing, allotting, and " inclosing, the Heaths and Commons, and for exon-. " rating from common right the Half-year Lauds and '.' Lammas Lands, within the Manors ol-.Dcdha'm-hali, " atHOverhall and Netherhall, In the parish of Ded-" barn, in ",e county of Essex," do hereby give notice, that we do intend to hold our next Meeting, ,fbr proceeding further in i.hp execution of the powers and authorities thereby vcsied in us", on Monday, lhe 9th day of March next, at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at the house of John T.-V. lcr, called the Marlborough's Head, situate in bedham aforesaid. And we the said Commissioners do' here by give' further notice, that in. pursuance of the said' Act, we have proceeded to-set put,. or. have appointed to be continued the several public carriage roads in, over, and upon, the said heaths,- commons, and waste lands hereinafter particularly mentioned, viz. No. 1. One public carriage road, of the breadth of 40-feet, lcading-.from Mnnningtrue, at the beginning of Jupes Hill, across the heath in, a westerly direction, into the road No! 5, near the cor-'c of Birch Wood.' No. 2. One pther public road, of the breadth aforesaid, branching from the road No. 1, or. jupes Hill and leading into Hay Lane. " No. 3. One other public road, of the breadth afore said, leading from Borgets Lane, in a northerly direction, into the road No. 1. No. 4. On;e other public road, of the breadth aforesaid, leading from the Fallgate across the heath in asoutherly direction, into the road No. 1. No. 5. One other public road, cf the breadth aforesaid, leading from Dodharri-stieet across the said heath, in a southerly direction, to Ardleigfi. No. (i.. And one other public road, '.of the breadth aforesaid, leading from the beginning of the road tjo. 5, across Pumey Ke;.th, in a westerly direction, into the Turnpike-road leading from St.-it-fqrd to Colchester. One private road, A. B, of the breadth of 24 feet leading iroin the road' No. l,at the junction of the road No. 4,.acro'ss the' .heath in a southerly direction, towards Ardlcigli. Oncotherprivate road, CD. of the breadth of 4 feet, leadingfrom'North-streetover Pumey Heatli in a Southerly direction into the road No 6 ' And we the said Commissioners do also hereby give further notice, that we shall be ready at our said next meeting, to be held at the t-rne arid place afore-said, to hear and consider my objections which may' be made to the sard roads, or anyoftlieni; and also to consider the propriety of any other roads which mar be conceived necessary over or upon the said heaths and commons,' er afiy part thereof, to any other XcZ whatsoever. Dated the Sth day of January, 1801 , J. M.' GRI.M WOOD, i H. JERMYN, A. WATFORD,' I ?SC. STRUTT.

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