The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on February 7, 1983 · 18
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 18

Los Angeles, California
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Monday, February 7, 1983
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2 Part UMonday, February 7, 1983 Cos Anfleles Slimes WEATHER Reports and Forecasts From Across the Nation Weather summary for selected cities, including overnight lows and daytime highs. Precipitation is for 24 hours ending at 4 p.m. PST. Sunday ForeceatMon. ForecestTue. City LoHi Praclp. Weather LoHi Weether LoHi Juneau 3237 Shwrs 3236 Cloudy 3038 Kansas City 1733 .01 Sunny 635. Cloudy 2243 Las Vegas 4149 .10 Ptcldy 3042 Ptcldy 3545 Little Rock 3140 .01 Ptcldy 2745 Ptcldy 3353 Louisville 2935 .20 Ptcldy 2233 Sunny 2141 Memphis 3639 .15 Ptcldy 2742 Ptcldy 2850 Miami Beach 6777 Sunny 6273 Sunny 6165 Milwaukee 2429 .18 Sunny 1521 Sunny 1028 Mpls.St. Paul 416 .01 Fair 125 Cloudy 1226 Nashville 3443 .31 Cloudy 2838 Fair 2248 New Orleans 4649 1.85 Ptcldy 3962 Ptcldy 3858 New York 2327 .04 Snow 2530 Ptcldy 2233 Norfolk, Va. 3044 .60 Ptcldy 3746 Sunny 3241 Oklahoma City 2630 Ptcldy 1743 Fair 2247 Omaha 212 .02 Sunny -425 Cloudy 1733 Orlando 6865 .67 Sunny 4864 Sunny 3661 Philadelphia 2430 .12 Snowshw 2835 Fair 2535 Phoenix 5160 .27 Cloudy 6062 Cloudy 6267 Pittsburgh 2232 .03 Snowshw 2025 Ptcldy 1729 Portland, Me. 1027 Snow 1928 Snow 1228 Portland, Ore. 3741 .64 Rain 3946 Rain 4049 Providence 1631 Snow 1825 Cloudy 1425 Raleigh 3033 .94 Windy 2845 Fair 2247 Rapid City 840 Ptcldy 1844 Ptcldy 1838 Reno 2841 .01 Ptcldy 3042 Shwrs 3545 Richmond 3033 .62 Ptcldy 3145 Sunny 2542 St. Louis 2632 .03 Sunny 1334 Ptcldy 2244 St. P brgTampa 6269 .72 Sunny 5163 Sunny 3863 Salt Lake City 2344 Snow 3239 Rain 3343 San Antonio 3550 Ptcldy 3660 Ptcldy 3862 San Francisco 4956 .91 Rain 6158 Shwrs 5059 San Juan, P.R. 7285 Ptcldy 7285 Ptcldy' 7286 Seattle 4047 .19 Cloudy 4249 Rain 4349 Shreveport 3844 Ptcldy 2849 Ptcldy 3055 Sioux Falls -316 Sunny 125 Ptcldy 926 Spokane . 2333 Cloudy 2735 Snow 2735 Syracuse 324 Snow 1830 Snowshw 1828 Tucson 4465 ,10 Cloudy 4458 Cloudy 4664 Tulsa 2732 Ptcldy 1741 Fair 2446 Washington 3133 .33 Cloudy 3242 Sunny 2740 Wichita 1824 Ptcldy 733 Cloudy 2637 Sunday Forecast Mon. ForecastTue. LoHi Praclp. Weather LoHI Weather LoHI 0820 Snow 1725 Snoshw 1625 2341 Ptcldy 2044 Ptcldy 2660 2031 Ptcldy 1944 Fair 2249 2529 .06 Cloudy 2734 Cloudy 2634 3536 .56 Ptcldy 3047 Sunny 2764 2332 .16 Shoshw 2937 Fair 2635 3648 Ptcldy 3659 Ptcldy 3962 2731 .26 Cloudy 2940 Sunny 2538 1041 Cloudy 2640 Cloudy 2640 3946 .62 Sunny 3048 Ptcldy 2654 2743 Cloudy 3245 Cloudy 3245 1530 Snow 2228 Cloudy 2028 5465 Rcldy 6168 Ptcldy 5472 1532 Snoshw 2329 Ptcldy 1827 015 Snow 1220 Snoshw 1020 1129 Windy 1834 Ptcldy 1937 4253 .33 Windy 3263 Sunny 2864 2841 .07 Snoshw 2730 Ptcldy 1836 3134 1.02 Windy 2948 Fair 2250 1038 Sunny 1943 Ptcldy 2142 2427 .10 Sunny 1020 Ptcldy 1330 2733 .12 Ptcldy 2129 Sunny 1434 2033 Shoshw 2127 Sunny 1628 2534 .01 Cloudy 2128 Sunny 1631 3640 Fair 3061 Fair 3658 2332 .01 Ptcldy 2029 Sunny 1433 1141 Ptcldy 2149 Cloudy 2548 0714 .08 Sunny -124 Cloudy 2033 1731 Cloudy 2228 Ptcldy 1430 -112 Fair -0418 Cloudy -117 4155 .02 Ptcldy 3560 Fair 3565 0118 Ptcldy 0320 Ptcldy 0320 -1409 Cloudy -0612 Cloudy 0115 2236 .01 Snoshw 2238 Snoshw 3041 2038 Cloudy 2638 Ptcldy 2638 1225 Snow 2430 Cloudy 1628 5982 Sunny 6082 Sunny 6082 4060 Cloudy 3851 Ptcldy 3960 2831 .12 Ptcldy 2028 Cloudy 1532 3g43 Fair 3061 Ptcldy 3169 4666 .58 Sunny 4259 Sunny 2956 City Albany Albuquerque Amarillo Anchorage Atlenta Atlantic City Austin Baltimore Billings Birminghsm Boise Boston Brownsville Buffalo Burlington, Vt. Casper Charleston, S.C. Charleston, W.V. Charlotte, NX. Cheyenne Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland Columbus, Oh. Dsllas-Ft. Worth Dayton Denver Dee Moines Detroit Duluth El Paso Fairbanks Fargo Flagstaff Great Falls Hartford Honolulu Houston Indianapolis Jackeon, Miss. Jacksonville National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Associated Press Taken at 1 15pm PST Sunday Although the latest storm concentrated heaviest in Northern moisture. Higher pressure building over the Basin should bring California and Oregon, the Southland unexpectantly received drier weather toward the mid week, but light rain will continue showers Sunday as the weak front looped southward with through today as we remain on the outer fringes of this storm. Regional Report High temperature for 12 hours, low for 18 hours, precipitation for 24 hours ending at 4 p.m. Sunday: Location Marine Report Preclp. HiLo ' Location Preclp. HlLo Location Precip. HlLo No report Escondido ,16 6150 Palm Springs .03 6944 .10 4831 Eureka .63 5660 Pasadena Trace 5442 .10 5743 Fresno .54 5250 Red Bluff .64 5047 .02 5142 Julian 1.08 5036 Riverside .01 5446 .19 6242 Lake Arrowhead No report Sacramento .42 5148 .13 3823 Lancaster .01 5131 San Bernardino .31 6446 Trace 4229 Long Beach .01 6051 San Diego .11 6456 Trace 6146 LA. Civic Center .02 6055 Sen Gabriel Trace 5749 Trace 6045 L.A. Int'l. Airport .04 5751 S. Juan C'strsno .26 6348 xx 6653 Monrovia .01 5648 Santa Ana .05 6252 Trace 5845 Montebello .03 6048 Santa Barbara .26 5848 xx62 Mt. Wilson 3728' Santa Maria .xx xx47 No report Needles xx 5944 Senta Monica No report .03 6948 Newport Beach .05 6150 Simi Hills No report No report Northridge .04 5347 Simi Valley .06 5234 .12 6350 Oceenside .11 6361 Thermal 6141 6247 Ontario xx 6547 Torrance .02 5860 Anaheim Apple Valley Bakersfield B'rstowO'gatt Beaumont Big Bear Lake Bishop Blythe Borrego Springs Burbank CatalinaAvalon Chula Vista Culver City Death Valley Del Mar El Cajon El Centra Point Conception to the Mexican border and out 60 miles: Winds over the outer waters from Point Conception to San Nicolas Island south to southeast 10-20 knots today becoming westerly 10-20 knots this evening; combined sea and swell 6-12 feet through tonight. Elsewhere light variable winds night and morning hours becoming mostly southwesterly less then 12 knots this afternoon; westerly swells 3-6 feet. Forecast occasional light rain today with clearing this evening. 9'8-i2"St fpf 4 a3l?00TOdaV 29,80 L lBOISE TVS MINNEAPOLIS I l Ft ) 'i'ZfvAJS!1 fr, .(.. st. paul ill BUFFALcj.,vv,iiip;.::'4 MMrWh M730.10H iciLcSHiNo I pS5j5gyZiENER y KANSAs LA VJWHMONDS K Y LOSASVESAST 2 iV' - f RLEiSM V 29.80 :: V ANGELES A ' I f T I VnASHVILLE Is" M ALBUOUERQUE OKLAHOMA CITY 7 - STT.... IT I J . a I r I "p ATLANTA DfEQN0S ( . AMARILLO AlTTLE ROCK , CHARLESTON - "VT J PHOENIX BIRMINGHAM y i Jrr 1 FT. WORTH I JwV$)jACKSONVILLE SAN HOUSTON py ?fT ..J Relative humidity at Los Angeles Civic Center: high 81, low 62. SAN FRANCISCO BAY REGION: Today occasional rain, heavy at times; highs in 60s to low 60s; increasing southerly winds. Tonight and Tuesday occssional rain diminishing to showers; slightly warmer; lows in 40s to low 60s; highs in 50s to low 60s. Highlow: Santa Roaa 5749; Marin Civic xxxx: San Francisco 5747; San Francisco Airport 6747; Redwood City 6848; Concord 6747;' Oakland 5849: Livermore 55 45; Fremont 6647; Mountain View 6748; San Jose 6847. SACRAMENTO VALLEY: Todey occasional rain, becoming locally heavy at times; highs in 60s; increasing southerly winds. Tonight and Tuesday rain decreasing to showers; slightly warmer; lows in 40s; highs in 60s to low 60s. Highlow: Shaats Dam 5650; Redding 5748; Red Bluff 5861; Sacramento xxxx; Fairfield xx xx. NORTHERN SIERRA: Today travelers advisory; periods of rain or snow; snow level 6,000-6,000, locally heavy; increesing southerly winds. Tonight and Tuesday rain decreasing to showers Tuesday; gusty winds; snow levels 4,000-6,000 feet. Highlow: Lake Tahoe xxxx. NORTHWEST CALIFORNIA: Today occasional rain, heavy at times; highs in 60s; increasing southerly winds. Tonight rain . diminishing to showers; lows in 40s. Tuesday rain again; highs in 60s; southerly winds. Highlow: Crescent City 6443; Eureka 6544; Garberville 5340; Fort Bragg 5543; Ukiah 5639. MT. SHASTA-SISKIYOU AREA: Today travelers advisory early this morning; occasional rain; snow above 4,000 feet; highs in 30s and 40s; increasing southerly winds. Tonight and Tuesday rain decreasing to showers: slightly warmer; snow level lifting to 4,000-6,000 feet: lows in 20s and 30s; highs in 40s to low 60s. Highlow: Mt. Shasta City 4028. NORTHEAST CALIFORNIA: Today travelers advisory for snow early this morning; occasional rain; snow level near 4,000 feet, chance of locally heavy; highs in 30s to mid 40s; increasing south winds. Tonight and Tuesday rain decreasing to showers; snow levels 4,000-6,000 feet; lows in 20s to low 30s; highs in 40s. High low: Alturas 4228;. Susanville 4228. Skiers' Snow Report Friday morning measurements in inches: State Forecasts Ski Area Bass New Condition Goldmine 48-72 packed p'wder Mt. High-Holiday Hill 48-60 packed p'wder Mt. Baldy 36-72 packed p'wder Snow Summit 38-72 packed p'wder Snow Valley 36-60 packed p'wder Mammoth Mt. 150 packed p'wder JuneMt. 137 packed p'wder Offshore Summary Sunday's wind speeds in knots, wave heights in feet, intervals in seconds. COLD FRONT WARM A A RAIN SNOW k-.'..'....l T T FRONT F3 J OCCLUDED A A SCATTERED pT? SCATTERED T FRONT RAIN U-Vl SNOW STATIONARY FRONT T Air Pollution Forecast and Report Wave Tamp. Wind Htlnt Sea Air NNE8 0411 5755 E10 0210 6755 NNE6 0312 5454 N4 0212 6160 NE5 0108 6758 N2 0212 6751 ESE4 0210 5759 NNE4 0213 5458 Calm 0212 6058 Calm 0313 5960 ESE3 Calm 5853 No report Station, Time Channel Island, 7p. Santa Barbara, 4p. Ventura Harbor, 7p. Zuma Beach, 4p, Santa Monica, 1p. Marina Del Rey. 7p. Hermosa Beach, 7p. Cabnllo Beach, 4p. Hunt. Beach, 1p. Newport Beach, 4p. Avalon, 7p. San Clemente Pollutant standard index (psi): 0-100 good; 100- healthful for all; 300-500 hazardous. First figure is 200 unhealthful for sensitive people; 200-300 un- today's psi forecast; 2nd, Sunday's attained psi. Metropolitan Los Angeles 4242 San Bernardino- Escondido 4242 Coastal areas 4242 Riverside areas 4242 High deserts . . . .4242 San Fernando- Hemet-Elsinore area 4242 Low deserts 4242 Santa Clarita valleys 4242 Inland Orange County . . .4242 Big Bear Lake . . .4242 San Gabriel-Pomona valleys 4242 Downtown San Diego . . .4234 Banning area . . .4242 cloudiness: cool; highs 68-68. Lowhigh: Palm Springs 4661; Imperial-El Centra 4863; Blythe 4662. ANTELOPE VALLEY. MOJAVE DESERT: Today and tonight considerable cloudiness with a chance of light rain; highs 45-56; lows 38-48; gusty southwesterly winds 15-25 m.p.h. in afternoon. Tuesday considerable cloudiness; continued cool; highs mostly in 50s: westerly winds 15-25 m.p.h. Lowhigh: Lancaster-Palmdale 33 52: Victorville-Apple Valley 3361; Barstow-Dag-gett 4455; China Lake-Ridgecrest 3446. SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA MOUNTAINS: Today and tonight mostly cloudy with local fog; occasional light rain; snow above 7.000 feet; highs 32-45; lows 15-30. Tuesday considerable cloudiness; cool; highs 35-60. Lowhigh: Big Bear Lake 2440; Lake Arrowhead 3136; Wrightwood 28 42. OWENS VALLEY: Today and tonight cloudy with periods of light rain; snow level rising to near 6,000 feet; highs 38-46; lows 28-36; gusty southerly winds in afternoon 15-25 m.p.h. Tuesday mostly cloudy and cool; highs 40-50s. BIG SUR COASTLINE: Today occasional rain, becoming locally heavy at times in north; highs in 50s to low 60s: increasing southerly winds. Tonight and Tuesday occasional rain decreasing to showers; slightly wa.mer; lows in 40s; highs in 50s to low 60s. Highlow: Monterey 5446; Santa Maria xxxx. SALINAS VALLEY AREA: Today occasional rain, locally heavy at times in north: highs in 60s to low 60s; increasing southeast winds. Tonight and Tuesday occasional rain decreasing to showers; slightly warmer; lows in 40s; highs in 60s to mid 60s. Highlow: Hollister 5745; Salinas 5747; Paso Robles xxxx. SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY: Today occasional rain, becoming locally heavy at times Fresno northward; highs in 60s to mid 60s; increasing southeast winds. Tonight and Tuesday rain decreasing to showers; slightly warmer: lows in 40s; highs in 50s to upper 60s. High low: Stockton xxxx: Fresno 5448; Bakersfield 5842. SOUTHERN SIERRA: Today travelers advisory for snow; cloudy with rain developing; snow level 6,000-7,000 feet. Tonight and Tuesday rain decreasing to showers; decreasing winds; snow levels lifting to 6,000-7,500 feet. Highlow: Yose-mite 4232: Lake Isabella 4434. LOS ANGELES: Today and tonight cloudy with a 40 chance of light rain, becoming a 60 chance by late afternoon; high near 60; low near 65. Tuesday considerable cloudiness; highs in mid 60s. Lowhigh: Civic Center 6460; Beverly Hills-Hollywood 6359; Whittier-Montebello 61 58. SANTA BARBARA. VENTURA COUNTY COASTS: Todey occasional rain with 60 chance by late afternoon; cool; highs in 60s; gusty southerly winds to 20 m.p.h. Tonight and Tuesday occasional rain decreasing to showers; slightly warmer; lows mostly in 40s; highs in upper 60s. LowHigh: Santa Barbara 4756; Ventura-Oxnard 4857. SANTA MONICA 8AY: Today and tonight-cloudy with a 60 chance of light rain by afternoon; cool; highs in 60s; lows mostly in 40s. Tuesday considerable cloudiness; cool; highs in 50s. Lowhigh: Santa Monica 6060; Inglewood-Culver City 5158; Redondo-Hermosa 6061; Torrance 5058. LONG BEACH. ORANGE COUNTY METROPOLITAN AREA: Today and tonight cloudy with a 60 chance of light rain by afternoon; cool; highs in 60s: lows mostly in 40s. Tuesday considerable cloudiness; cool; highs in 50s. Lowhigh: Long Beach 5261; Huntington-Newport 6061; Santa Ana 4959. SAN FERNANDO. SAN GABRIEL. SAN BERNARDINO VALLEYS: Today and tonight cloudy with a 40 chance of light rain, becoming 60 by late afternoon: cool; highs in 50s; lows in 40s. Tuesday considerable cloudiness; cool; highs in 60s. Lowhigh: Burbank 5359: Van Nuys 4855; Northridge 4754; Pasadena 4755; El Monte-San Gabriel 4957; Ontario 4755; Riverside 46 54: San Bernardino 4656; Beaumont 4352. SAN DIEGO AREA: Cloudy through Tuesday with a chance of light showers through tonight. Coastal highs both days 60-65; lows 49-57. Inland valley highs both days 60-65; lows 42-52. Lowhigh: San Diego 5566; Oceanside 4964. IMPERIAL. COACHELLA. LOWER COLORADO RIVER VALLEYS: Today and tonight considerable cloudiness with a slight chance of light rain; highs 55-65; lows 44-54. Tuesday considerable Prepared in cooperation with the National Weather Service; continual VHF weathercasts: Los Angeles. 162.55; Santa Barbara and San Diego, 162.40. Global Report Almanac Gathered by Associated Press for Saturday, local time, and by th National Weather Service: Today Risaa Sots Tuesday Rises Sets 6:46a 2:54a 6:45a 3:49a 5:29p 1:07p 5:30p 1:52p Sun Moon Last4 First4 Full Extended Forecast " ' For Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA COASTAL AREAS: A chance of rain in northern areas Thursday or Friday. Otherwise variable cloudiness. -Highs 57-67; lows 40-52. SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA MOUNTAINS: A chance of rain in northern areas Thursday or Friday. Otherwise variable cloudiness. Mountain-resort-level highs 35-52; lows from in teens in higher valleys to near 40 at lower slopes. SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA DESERTS: Periods of showers or rain in Owens Valley. Otherwise variable cloudiness. Owens Valley highs in 40s: lows in 20s. Upper-desert highs 48-58; lows 28-38. Lower-desert highs 58-68; lows 38-48. CENTRAL CALIFORNIA: Periods of rain likely north of Big Sur, Fresno and Kings Canyon. A chance of rain at times elsewhere. Snow level in the Sierra Nevada 6,000-8,000 feet. Highs in mid 50s to mid 60s; lows in upper 30s to low 60s at lower elevations. NORTHERN CALIFORNIA: Periods of rain with snow in the mountains above 4,000-6,500 feet. Highs in 60s; lows in upper 30s and 40s at lower elevations. o (DO City Cond. HiLo City Cond. HiLo City Cond. HiLo Acapulco Clear 9068 Guadalajara Ptcldy 7546 Nicosia Cloudy 5541 Amsterdam Cloudy 4134 Havana Clear 8161 Oslo No report Athens Clear 4328 Helsinki Clear 2716 Paris Cloudy 4636 Bangkok Clear 8879 Hong Kong Cloudy 5957 Peking Clear 3728 Barbados Clear 8468 Jerusalem No report Rio de Janeiro Cloudy 9068 Beirut Rain 5445 Johannesburg Clear 8259 Rome Clear 4832 Belgrade Snow 3730 Kiev Cloudy 2716 Sao Paulo Cloudy 8166 Berlin Cloudy 3730 Kingston Fair 8670 Seoul Cloudy 4334 Bogota Cloudy 7048 Lima Clear 8575 Singapore Clear 9073 Brussels Rain 3730 Lisbon Clear 5939 Stockholm Cloudy 3210 Buenos Aires Clear 8668 London Rain 4339 Sydney Clear 8172 Cairo Clear 6348 Madrid Clear 5734 Taipei Rain 6152 Calgary. Cloudy 1709 Manila Clear 9164 Tel Aviv No report Caracas Clear 8266 Mazatlan Ptcldy 8359 Tokyo Clear 5936 Copenhagen Cloudy 3430 Mexico City Fair 8339 Toronto Snow 3934 Dublin Clear 4839 Montreal Cloudy 3919 Vancouver Cloudy 4843 Edmonton Clear 09-10 Moscow Cloudy 2723 Veracruz Clear 7970 Frankfurt Snow 3434 Nassau No report Vienna Cloudy 3626 Geneva Rain 4323 New Delhi Cloudy 5842 Winnipeg Clear -8-2 1 Mar. 8 Fob. 13 Fab. 20 Fab. 27 HIGH, LOW TIDES FOR L.A. OUTER HARBOR: Today 5:29a 5.1 Hi 1:02p 0.0 Lo 7:42p 3.4 Hi Tuesday Wednesday 12:01a 2.5 Lo 12:43a 2.4 Lo 6:15a 5.3 Hi 6:54a 5.5 Hi 1:38p-0.3Lo 2:10p-0.5Lo 8:17p3.6 Hi 8:44p 3.7 Hi All times Pacific Standard Time Death Notices Funeral Announcements Funeral Announcements Funeral Director Legal Team Plots Rah-Rah Defense Funeral Announcements SPAULDING, Eleanor W. widow of KIETMAN, Gertrude, loving mother of Bernard (Doris) Kievman and Fred (Ethel) Kievman; adoring, MouNzSihiai MORTUARY CEMETERY (213) 469-6000 . Los Angeles' tne late ioacn Bin Spaulding. Survived by stepdaughter, Jane Spaulding Nelson. Graveside services Wednesday, 1:30 p.m. in Forest Lawn, Glendale. TJtter MrKlnlev. Wllahlre granamotner ot t ana great grandmother of 8. Services Monday, 1 p.m. at Courts of TaNaCH Chapel, Mount Sinai Memorial Park. Mount Sinai Mortuary. Family prefer donations to City of Hope RBG Chapter or to STATZ, Grace Downing, resident of corona uei Mar; passed away eo. 5, 1983 in Laguna Hills. Beloved wife of Arnold "Jigger" Statz: loving mother of Marv Baranoff of CALLANAN Mortuary Serving Catholic Families LOS ANGELES (213) 462-2266 New York City, Anne Manney of Corona Del Mar, Janie Hovious of u nai B run ot rasaaena. KISS, lima Malinow Silverman Mortuary LAZARUS, Jay S. Meyer-Mitchell, Tan Nuys LOPEZ, Lazaro Utter McKinlev. E.L.A. Cremation Services MATTHEWS, Merle Rae, passed away Feb. 5, 1983 in Huntington Beach. Well-known in U.S. for her achievements in women's bowling. O'Connor Lafuna Hills Northridge; also survived by daughter-in-law, Lorie Statz George and by 8 grandchildren. Mass of Christian Burial Tuesday. 12 noon at St Nicholas Catholic Church, Laguna Hills. Interment in Holy Cross Cemetery, Los Angeles. O'Connor Laguna Hills Mortuary, directors. SUMMERS, Lewis P., beloved brother of Olivia S. Dlltfher P.av Tboo. Neptune Society 213831-0664 845-2415 Los Angeles Burbank 24 Hri No SHumn n at CMlBki LA mortuary, directors ivn 581-4300) McKISSICK. Zada Meyer-Mitchell, Tan Nuys McROT, Clyde R. Glen Haven Mertuarr up, Katharine S. Calvert, Jane uougias a. Brown. Graveside services 2:15 p.m. Monday in Forest Lawn Glendale. Forest Lawn Mortuary MORI, Hatsuno, beloved mother of Isamu, Susumu, Bob, Mmes. Mis-ayo Kumakura, Yoshiko Hanaoka Call Rosedale Cemetery low Coil Removal and Cremation 213734-3155 24 hr. TstlsKdikCf. Assm. UJ. Los Amirs ana jnisunu ougimura; granu- the phone, 'One-two, one-two-three, one-two-three-four, let's go,' " Sherwood said. "It (the sequence) was in cheers like, 'Hey, hey, what do you say, get that ball and let's fight or play or . . . whatever,' " he added, his voice trailing off slightly. "Most of them are remembering it." Promised Ruttenberg: "We will call cheerleaders as witnesses." Lawrence Haile, attorney for Routers' publishers Joseph Sara-ceno and Tony Savonne, admitted: "There were obviously other claps and other shouts back then (1962). ... But the Cars' recording was a rip -off of the Routers' version." Haile plans to counter Ruttenberg's cheerleaders with expert witnesses of his own. Musicologist Harvey Bacal, for instance, examined the "tempo, modality, tone and spirit" of the two works for the plaintiffs and concluded in a deposition that he found the songs "me-. lodically similar, structurally similar and rhythmically similar." Haile said a Toluca Lake record reviewer also noted the similarities of the songs when the Cars' version came out. The suit states that "Let's Go" was "copied largely" from "Let's Go (Pony)." There are lyrical differences, what lyrics there are. The Routers' version has no words other than occasional shouts of "Let's go!" The Cars' aria is slightly more verbose, with the recurring line, "I like the night life, ba-by. She says, (hand claps) 'Let's go.' " The Routers' publishers are demanding "all gains, profits and advantages" made by the Cars through "Let's Go," asserting that the "infringement single" (as they call it) was chiefly responsible for the success of the Cars album "Candy 0." Aside from the similarity of the two songs, the Routers and Cars have little in common. The Routers, a West Coast group, pretty much faded along with surf rock after a subsequent single, "Stingray," a minor success. Haile said the U.S. Army later used "Let's Go (Pony)" as a recruiting song. The Cars, who gained national attention in a Boston club called The Rat in the mid-1970s, have had several hit albums and also appeared in the movie "The Last American Virgin." In the Routers' era, movies had titles like "Beach Blanket Bingo." Cheerleaders: If you were a cheerleader before 1962, J need you for legal research. Call Kevin. . . . Classified ad in The Times By STEVE HARVEY, Times Staff Writer The appropriate chant here is DEE-FENSE, DEE-FENSE. Song publishers for the Routers, a defunct surf -rock group, claim in a federal copyright suit filed in Los Angeles that their 1962 golden-oldie "Let's Go (Pony)" was swiped in part by the New Wave -rock group the Cars in a 1979 hit, "Let's Go." Attorney Edward Ruttenberg, who is defending the Cars, contends, however, that the "hand-clap and shout sequence" in both songs was used by high school and college cheerleaders long before 1962 and cannot be copyrighted. Hence Ruttenberg's search, through newspaper ads, for veteran cheerleaders. Ruttenberg's legal assistant, Kevin Sherwood ("Kevin" in the ad), said he has been receiving about 12 telephone responses a day from retired rah-rah girls and has even heard from a couple of retired rah-rah boys. "I give them the basic clap over Funeral Directors motner oi iu ana great-grandmother of 3. Funeral 7:30 D.m.. Wednesday. ROOSEVELT MEMORIAL PARK Our Crematory Fee 157 February 9, at L.A. Holiness Mortuary Fee from $190 ALLEN, Steve M. House of Hall Mortuary ALVARADO, Laurencta Armstrong Family, directors ANDERSON, Thomas Robert Callanan Mortuary, directors BABICH, Edward Meyer-Mitchell, Tan Nuys BAGLEY, Mame Meyer-Mitchell, Van Nuys CHACHERE. Heleue E. Armitronr Family, directors DAVIDSON, David Malinow k Silvermaa Mortuary DOBBS, Michael K. Meyer-Mitchell, Vaa Nuys EISNER, Erna Meyer-Mitchell, Vaa Nuys FELIX, Aoiela, of Santa Ana; passed away Feb. 4, 1983. Beloved mother of Manuel Cazares of Santa Ana, Adrianne R. Parra of Rose-mead, Anita Fernald of Buena Park, Richard Perez of Sacramento; also survived by sisters, Eva Figueroa of Santa Maria, Margarita Valdez of Los Angeles and brother, Fernando Felix of La Habra; 12 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. Recitation of the Rosary 7 p.m., Monday, Feb. 7 at the Chapel of Turner A Stevens, Alhambra. Funeral Mass 10 a.m., Tuesday at San Gabriel Mission, interment in Resurrection Cemetery. FULHAM, Edward Thomas, dear husband of Patricia; loving father of Jim and Tom; brother of Etta Bostrom; died February 5, 1983 in La Cauda Flintridge. Memorial services Tuesday, February 8, 3:30 p.m. at Mountain View Chapel, 2400 N. Fair Oaks Avenue, Altadena. Memorial donations may be sent to University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana 46556 or to Verdugo Hills Visiting Nurses Association, Glen-dale. GARCIA, Franelsea Godeau t Martlnoni, dirs. GRAY, Alan Meyer-Mitchell, Tan Nays GUTKIN, Rose Groman Mortuary, directors HALLET, Margaret Meyer-Mitchell, Tan Nuys HALPERN, Ed Is, beloved mother of Haskel and Samuel; adoring grandmother of Stephen, Barbara Schneider, Anne Giffigan and Michael; great-grandmother of Douglas and Amy Hal pern and Gregg Schneider. Glasband-Wil-len Valley Mortuary, directors. HANZAWA, Albert Aklra 57; longtime emDlovee of DeDt. of Water tan a nours zuja-lllj Church, 3660 S. Gramercy Place, L.A. Fukui Mortuary .directors. MORRIS, Minnie Groman Mortuary, directors Florist MORTUARY NIZ, Jose T., beloved husband of Ro- HO SINCE 1910 YOU SAY IT HELPING sano L,.; loving tamer oi Josephine Regetta, Dolores Morales, Rafael J., John T. and Manuel N. Niz: also survived bv 12 grand & MEMORIAL . PARK Cemetery Lots-Crypts children, 9 great-grandchildren and 1 sister. one call one place (213) 776-1931 Rosary Monday, 7 p.m. at Godeau Martinoni's Crystal Chapel. Mass Tuesday, 9:30 a.m. at St. Patrick Church. Interment in ill Calvary Cemetery. NORA. John CEMETERY PROPERTY from $284 pt'r spaiv including; endowment i.iro. FORESTLAWN HOLLYWOOD HILLS (21.1)2-7:ril "1 Jll'iWi 836-7860 Rosary Tuesday, 7 p.m. at Little Church of the Flowers, Forest Lawn Glendale. Funeral Mass 9d0, Wednesday at SL Peters mtnouc unnrcn. Forest Lawn Mortuary NORTON, Margaret Forest Lawn Glendale SERVICES CONDUCTED IN ALL CEMETERIES Groman .. 25 SAVINGS NOW In the addition to the COURTS OF THE BOOK, Hillside 6001 Centinela 213776-1931, 836-7860 DOUBLE Interment in El Portal section in Injle- PATERNOSTER, Dr. Alfred A., passed away February 5, 1983 in Arcadia. Survived by his wife, Anaof Arcadia; his father, Joseph woog rn. lemeiery. wju. zuttg-ua. rp. Services Tuesday for Karen Carpenter 2 choice single lots. For. Lawn, Hollywood Hills. S275 ea. Pp. 805937-3184 ot 'Tucson, Arizona; e cnuaren, Christopher and Craig Paternoster, both of Oranee. Cathv Pater MORTUARIES Los Angeles A Valley (213) X A (213) 748-2201 877-0335 noster of Turlock and Glenn Paternoster of Arcadia; sister, Virmnio T on nt .Mo- Pitt and Power. Beloved husband of Nevada: aunt, Ruth Licata of! lARMSTRONG FAMILY! raim springs; t granacniiaren, Lisa Costa of Turlock and Christopher Paternoster Jr. of Arcadia. Services n m . Tuesdav. Feb Mildred; father of Jo-Ann and Frances: brother of Tadashi. Minora, Mrs, Michiko Fukuda and Pauline Hanzawa of Hawaii. . Funeral Monday, February 7, 7:30 p.m. at Church of World Mes-sianity, 3068 San Marino St., L.A. Fukui Mortuary, directors.. HOPKINS, Joha R. M UL.L-tl T7 aTiSllU'J'III'lllMiIHTHI what caused her heart to fail. Carpenter had recently overcome anorexia nervosa, her agent Paul Bloch said. The eating disorder Karen Carpenter's friends talk about her private struggle against anorexia nervosa. Story in Calendar, Page 1. ruary 8 at the Methodist Church of the Good Shepherd, Arcadia. Interment private. Glasaer-MUler $248 Complete - All L A.6 Orange Co frtt Uttrtturt (213)747-9121 Los Angeles Special Announcements 1950 : Summit Health Ltd! Sundstrand Sunshine Biscuits 854 " SUNWEST BANK SW-843 . Symbolics, Inc. SYNTREX INCORPORATED TANDEM TELEDYNE CONTROLS 12333 W. Olympic. WLA ' 2138&lEld TELEDYNE INET 2750 W, Lomita Bl.. Torrance An open funeral service for pop singer Karen Carpenter, who died Friday of heart failure at 32, will be held Tuesday at the United Methodist Church in Downey, her hometown. Carpenter, who with her brother, Richard, won three Grammy Awards and sold 60 million soft-rock records, will be buried in a private service at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Cypress. Officials of the Los Angeles County coroner's office say they have not yet determined precisely "We're still running toxicological examinations," Edward Murrell, a senior investigator in the coroner's office, said Sunday. The coroner's office probably will not have answers of any sort before midweek, Murrell said. Visitation .hours for the singer are scheduled from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. today at Utter McKinley Downey Mortuary. Her family has asked that any donations be made to the American Cancer Society, to which the Carpenters gave $100,000 in the early 1970s. HOUSTON, Ida &, beloved mother of W. F. Houston; grandmother of Mrs. Peter Olhasso, Mrs. Patrick Cunningham O'Connor Collins and Mrs. .John Praisler: Los Angeles (213) 749-0297 Hollywood 655-7280 Alhambra 289-4347 mother-in-law of Mary Louise Houston; sister-in-law of Louise Skinner. Also survived by 13 great-grandchildren and by nieces and nephews. Services Tuesday, 11 a.m. at Little Church of the Flowers, prompts victims to diet excessively because they never feel thin enough. Some diet to the. point of starvation. Forest lawn Glendale. Forest Lawn Mortuary JORDAN, Wayne H. Mover. Mttthell. Ten Nuts -""-w w H a IFWIP.H FIINFRAI niCFPTnoC'. Teledyne KENMONTH, Pearl (nee Gilbert), LOS ANGELES 213749-1051 Teledyne Plan to Cut City Share in Power Project Approved by Council m Lima Arcaaia raonuary,airec-tors. PATTON, LUlle S- passed away February 4. 1983 at Newport Beach. She was born in Philadelphia, Pa. in 1893 and lived many years in West Los Angeles. She is survived by her son, Ferd R. Pat-ton and his wife, Anne and by her Sandchildren, William R. Patton, arilu Patton, Suzanne Kentfield and 5 great-grandchildren. Private memorial services to be held at Newport Beach. In lieu of flowers, friends may contribute to the American Heart Association. RAICHIK, Marie Turkus Groman Mortuary, directors RODRIGUEZ, Jesus P. L. R. RiceMortuary 585-1221 SANTADOMINGO. Marguerite Meyer-Mitchell, Tan Nuys SCHWARTiUadore Hillside Mortuary, directors SHAPIRO, Cecilia " Malinow at Silverman Mortuary SIEMENS, Arthur Meyer-Mitchell, Tan Nuys SILT A, Gloria U. Utter McKinley, E.L.A. SIMON, Brett Mount Sinai Mortuary SKELTON, Sarah Meyer-Mitchell, Tan Nuys SOMERA, Isldro A. Callanan Mortuary, directors age 84; died r eDruary , iwu. Beloved widow of Alton S. Ken-month; loving mother of Genevieve (Dr. Robert) Robertson, Donald (Jennifer) and John Ken- PIERCE-HAMROCK TELEDYNE MICROELECTRONICS month; beloved grandmother of Los Annies 213749-9231 21398M141 1 nomas uoaaington, uavia, uaig, Laurie. Scott and John Alton North Hollywood Kenmonth; great-grandmother of . FOREST LAWN MORTUARY 3. burvivea also Dy sistera-in-iaw, Jeanette and Linda Gilbert: ne 213254-3131 utter Mckinley phew, Herschel Burke Gilbert; nieces, Clara Fields, Florie Salts-berff. Shirlev Pierson. Svlvia Plans calling for a 50 cutback in the proposed $11.7-billion Inter-mountain Power Project, in which Los Angeles has'the major financial interest, won City Council approval Friday. Los Angeles' share of the project, originally about $3.8 billion, will be $2.5 billion under the scaled-back to the city by 1987. The decision to cut the size of the plant in half stemmed primarily from action to reduce the proposed number of units from four to two and was initiated because of reduced energy demands in Utah, Nichols said. plans, the council was told by Norman E. Nichols, chief electrical engineer and manager of the Department of Water & Power. Los Angeles is one of 36 cities and utilities in the consortium building a giant coal-fired power plant in Utah intended to begin providing power Los Angeles (213)388-2485 Washington Hospital WATT INDUSTRIES ZACKY FOODS ZACKY FOODS ZIP Temporaries Moss, Sue Shapiro, Judy Winitz and Sandy Horn; other relatives HOUSE OF HALL 213-749-2211 and many inenas. Private services. In lieu of flow icu s. I-lower 51.. Los Ang-ln ers, send donations to Chabad House, 741 Gayley Avenue, Los Inglewood Cemetery-Mortuary TELEPHONE (213) 678-1251 Angeles vuuzi.

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