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Naugatuck Daily News from , · Page 4

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Monday, July 3, 1944
Page 4
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Pag« Tour NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS MONDAY, JULY 3, 1944 BCfte Bail? fltto* PublUhid Evory EvcnlnK (Except Sunday) by THE NAUGATC'CK NEWS COr KAUOATUCK. CONNECTICUT MONDAY, JULY H, IIH4 OUC' highly boruugli and meas- ith WILLIAM J. NEARY •William J. Ncary, uf 32(i Fmrviuw n venue, whose ile;itli m-uurtx-d last niylit at .las sumiucr liuuie in -Middlebury, was of Nauga tuck's leading ami most esteemed citizens. For many years he took an active and important part in the affairs uf I hi bv liis efforts contributed in In _ ure to its advancement. A lawyer l>y profession, he spent many of liis years in attending to his large financial interests, 'lit- built the attractive ami well-designed Xeary building at the Coiner of Church and Maple streets at a time when Xatrgatuok was a much smali- i-r c-omniunity than it is U-'Uay, and In* investment showocf him to lie a man not e.nlv of sound judgment and great depth ' of vision but also one of strong Ihis borough's future. .Mr. Js'eary served as Xau warden in -1U-10 ami liH.l and gave an excellent ami husiness-lil;e administi'ii- ti(,n. Ho also held other important offices here. One of his aecnmplishments which illustrates his progressive spirit and his ability to mala- pi-rimmciil impruvements was the- laying of » first-class brick pavement in Maple street in the days when that tmie.h-traveled thoroughfare was dusty in siimtner, muddy in rainy weather, a'nd always la maintain. That . pavement, which was- laid while he was . warden, has been down many years but 'is ill good condition today and lias seldom required any repairs, At the time- it was laid it was not as easy to secure an appropriation for public improvements as it is today and therefore the pavement has always been a fine testimonial to his far-sightedness and his courage to advocate a worthwhile- ami eci'iipmical project. Mr.' Xeary, in 1SDT, represented Nan- gat nek in .the Connecticut Mouse of .Representatives, where, because of his eloquence as a speaker. In; was known as the "silver-tongued orator." He. was a great lover of sports and in his voimgor years was considered ono of the brst. baseball players in New .Kng- Izmd. While a student al Holy Cross college lie was captain of the culiege. team am! made a name for himself as its shortstop. We also played on the old Nanga- tuck base-ball team which was famous in this section and which numbered among its members such former league players as (ieorge La Chance, l-'red Kloljedaiiz nnd Arthur Nichols, Mr. Xeary was a gentleman of the old school, lie was cultured, courteous, accommodating, and always glad to In.- oh' service. In manner "lie was qiiu.-t and unassuming, l>nt there were times when in asserting the rights of his tram on the brisohaII diamond, in stressing a legal puiiil. in court or (.luring a heated discussion in the (ieneral Assembly, he showed himself to be a spirited ami able debater, II.- loved' Naiigatiick and did every- t'iihig he could to promote what he believed was for its best, interests. In all his undertakings he worked wholeheartedly to accomplish the task he was called up'Mi "lo perfurT.i. The success of many 'local campaigns I'm 1 public improvements was largely (fur to his untiring efforts and his ability as a leader. fiis death is deeply mourned by a wide circle of friends. He was a citizen whom n ill afford to lose. still,. nationally, strong. History • is - full of great .nations that have lasted hundreds of years to our 168. We shall not have occasion to boast until our national life has continued for at: least another two or three centuries. Till then it may not be coitain that the United States oil America is not merely another flash in the historical pan. In .1940 and 1941 we were, in great danger. A little less preparation, both on ,0111- part and in the aid extended to our allies, and the Axis, victor in Europe and Asia, would have made iis battle here at homo for our lives. Now the danger seems to be'passing. It might; be well to combine with the normal wartime celebration of the Fourth sincere prayers of thanksgiving for what we have been spared, together with heartfelt supplication that we may have strength and vision to avoid such dangers in the future. ,,J!BY_THE:RQCKErs_RED GLARE-!" WARDEN BROPHY'S REMINDER Lest, some of our residents might be forgetful or unaware of"the fact that a hoi'i.ngh ordinance prohibits the sale and use of fireworks here. Warden Leo ,'J, Brophy has issued a reminder Unit the ordinance is in effect. Fourth of July celebrations in this community have made "safe nnd sane" by the adoption of that ordinance. Xo longer are as many youngsters and adults injured by firecrackers, blank cartridge pistols ami other noise makers as there were in the. "good old days" when explosives wore freely used in celebrating Independence .Day. Most people are glad of the change for the better- that: has been brought about by the adoption of the ordinance which forbids the sale and use of clangorous explosives. So far as' the celebrants arc concerned, they can easily find plenty of ways to amuse themselves without endangering their personal safety. r . "YOUR AND BODY" By, LOGAN Cf.KNDKNING, M. »Got A Cold? Pain U. S. Takes Aspirin? I SUPPOSE aspirin in the most Walter On MAN ABOUT TOWN widely UHcd drug in the States. Caffeine certainly United rivals Germans Must Fight Fiercely To Survive Summer Campaign Wehrmacht May Stake Hopes On One Vast Final Offensive thiH universally and very probably surpasses it, but caffeine is used so much like a.'food that we hardly think of It aa a. drug. This increasing- popularity of aspirin is not easy to expalin. I know people who use it as a sleeping tablet.and others who consider it a pepper-upper. Of course, it is constantly taken for colds, headaches, rheumatism,and a muscular aching and' then also on ec"« ral principles. I have a letter which expresses the general state of opinion as follows: "Won't you write- an article on aspirin? Many of us when we feel tired-and nervous take one or two tablets with a coke or just water. Seems to (ill the bill, but we would like to know whether there, is any reason we should r;Ot do so." AMpirln . UKimlly Harmless To answer the last question first, I-do .not know of any reason why aspirin 'should not be taken, in any quantity. The only exception to this is that there arc FIRST BIG WAGER on FDR to win (if he runs) is $100,000 at 3 to I. The bettor is one of th<: wealthiest Hollywood He will bet up Veronica Luke's mance. is to half-a-mlll . . . most serious ro- . dircclor'Andro DeToth. They never let go. . .Gloria Swanson and Mark Hanna, tho booking "bored- those agent, are wearing ihcir to-tcars" pans together nights... New Yorkers who have Widow," Wd _ "Helen Troy". ..Jimmy .. Go« „«, , hit of long n.KO'<"Sunny the Street") will ;be th, : revival click. • Gdorgia Gl network it "rat.. -.The big bun,' t77e Latin Quarter, bond rally when a delegate walked in complained becauxe tht played IS minutes ove o.ctors worked longer for Loe Shuberfs big. nquiiwlc In barring of critic Robert loaded up on black market hooch (because he panned n rcctm will lose their smiles when the in- j rival) wft.s u that the critic 'Vu ternal revenuers ask for bills of j Ki-atcfui: 1 . „ .The_ (tudcVn -. sale Melody Thompson, the MGM '-••-—-•-•-starlet, is waiting for El Morocco's fens" of Capt. I. and C. me B'klyn-shipyard. ..The one convention "mystery" is why did Gov._ Warren tell the press (whon ho arrived): "If nominated, I will accept," and 34 hours later change his mind? It's no mystery at Demmy H'quarters. . .Jimmy Du- rantc's quip: "The Republicans ain't pickin' a candidate—they're pickin' a martyr:" Special to Central I.TO.HB Around the Clock The Naugaluck .Hungers, looked good at the memorial Mass for Corp. Thaddens Wojtcxak at h>t Hedwig's church Saturday. A squad of men from the local group served as guards and as a firing squad under the command of Lt. James U'. Thompson What a terrifically lonely place the borough resembled today. Tho approximate population at the prc-veiit time, obtained by the column's own method oi.' estimating, is Q4,087, with most of those included in this .figure spending the time at home. Adele Salinardi is in the borough once again visiting her dad on South Main street. She expects to return to Florida after about a month The Naugatuck Aces (Ed note: The name may be changed at the slightest provocation.) are entered in the Father Shea league in Waterbury. The league opens in a couple of weeks. George Schuster, ST., is coaching the young players. ..... Mr, and Mrs. Frank Hagstrom became the parents of a baby boy at St. Mary's hospital the other day. WASHINGTON — The adminis- ration now feels optimistic enough bout the initial stages of the Al- ocl invasion of France to believe tat Germany may collapse before now flies—possibly .before another .rmistice Day. But there wi'l be no olllcial statement from the government to this effect until the end dcfinilnly is in sight. For, above all, oiriciols. arc convinced that there can be no. slackening of the war effort at home, It is no secret that the Germans/ now caught on throe fronts, will, have to fight desperately to last; the summer months 'alone. Reliable, military quarters go «o far as to predict a 'die-hard German counter-attack this side of Paris. Nelson still faces opposition na reconvention boss, but appears to bo holding the reins firmly , now and intends, with Weinbcrg's help, to solidify his position, .WATCH FOR A DRIVE by Gen. Douglas MacArthur's Allied forces in the Southwest Pacific soon. The people who arc definitely allergic to it ,and It- produces very seven; .symptoms in them. But they go into the allergic, state on very small: amounts and almost immediately after the aspirin has been swallowed. I had one terrifying experience with a man to whom I Kave some capsules "containing two grains each of aspirin. He took one capsule as soon as hu had got home and-within five minutes his tIn-pat and tongue "had swollen :>o other olJicer (both thought _ Farmer to agree to'an annul- j plan to gel Moss Hart u," nl. If not, she will RenoUiri7.« , "Winged Victory") i s j, llc(j him ..G-Men will pounce on that | nasty deal." The show df«bi terrific crap game going on in a i after it is filmed. rd ..The one convcn- J PAT PAREE'S laterts gift ;, her heart is a wrist watch diamonds.. .Walter \Vanjje Jome" film is testing scor«« 0 ";J ed.s for the lead. . Univenti' release it...OPA will extend control to another sixty Marjoric MJXSSOW, in th< Phil Baker's "Take It or l^ It" picture, has stock training the East. She took a job ptdfil ciggies in the 20th Century K m'sj.iry waiting- to be <Jiaeov«* Mack. Gordon, the helped by summoning tendon.. .The Mocambo -n pulled a noat house-packer by nouncing that on a certain n| everyone in the place would £t bottle of scotch. They were in; lures. .. Joan Crawford's ph: for the movie camera: "Tht < eyed monster". :.If you know C. Blumenthal, you can g« bottle cf scotch in"Mexico Ciiy;» $30. It now trust will be aimed to aug- | thal he nearly died of .-suffocation. mcnt the Central Pacific cam- ' • • • • .... paign of Admiral Chester W. Nimit?. and . to provide the left prong of a gigantic pincers closing on the Philippines and tho China coast, ~ Best speculation is that MaoAr- thur's men will move several him- drod miles to tho westward, possibly to Halmahora island, which would give them a good jumping- bo a battle where all is ! c) ff place for the 'southern Philip- at stake, with Gej-man armor and' remaining air power flung 1 into an Armageddon: 1C this fails, they say, watch for the end, •. ' : • : TWO REASONS' ITAVT3" BEEN; ADVANCED for.,the surprising-' ali-] sence of Nazi air strength in the' Allied invasion di-Fvonpe. At first,' the explanation was that the 'G«r-l mans who were conserving the Luftwaffe for use when tho Amnri-; cans, Canadians and British 'penetrated farther inland. . ; Now belief is gaining that the. Germans would like to 'bring their' planes into battle, .but have beciv unable to do so •'because of 'pre- in\'M.sion bombings of their airfields bv the Allies. THAT RATION-POINT HOLIDAY for 'most meats, which started 'May •!',' probably will end next month. . Tho reason: housewives are com- pla.iii'inff that they' can't get choice cuts-now because they are all gobbled up in the country's moat pro- 'cluction centers. •They" want rationing' back so people, in. meat producing- areas .cannot oat so much and thus will be forced to leave meat for other ai-cas in the nation. who strongly Kempl of aspirin in y iarl j., THE RETURN OF SIDNEY WEIXBERG, Now York investment banker, to the War Produc-. tion Board staff, as 'announced recently wns interpreted by WPB in-' siders as a move on Chairman- Donald M. Nelson's part' to] strengthen his light to retain con-, trol of WPB ar.d direct American' Industrial reconversion, Wcinbcrg long has boon n 'personal friend of Nelson's and sorvod as a trouble-shooter and advisor for him in early W'PE [lays. His first task presumably will, be to bring now industrial leaders into tho. organization to replace top-flight men lost in rocont months. FINLAND'S REASON for pay- 1 ing another chunk of her World i Wai- I debt to tho United Slates was summed up by a Finnish legation spokesman hero as simply this: • "Our intention is to accomplish our duty." ' Some citizens, puzzled by the payment, thought it an attempt to remain in United States good graces despite recent rebuffs by our state department.. ELMER DAVIS, THE OWI chief, declares that he's getting evidence that U. S. propaganda to Jap and Nazi populations is working. Most of the evidence is oiT-thc- rccord stuff, but OWI is convinced that tho policy of telling the truth Is producing results. I worked with, him all night and the experience : ,taught me that there 'is such a thing as sensitivity to. aspirin. But, as was said, the reaction occurs, when very small doses are absorbed, and ono can assume that if a person is au!e to take five grains of .aspirin without' harm, he will bo able to take almost .any amount Ono of my friends who believes in the use arthritis gives as much as a hundred or two hundred grains .1 day for a period of several weeks without untoward symptoms. 'So I be- Ifeve we may assume that for practical purposes it is harmless. Action of Aspirin Now as to its actions. It was introduce.! into medicine as a substitute for salicylic acid and sodium sulicylate in rheumatism. Those preparations upse tho stomach when given in large that it would not do this. Chemi- dosos. It was claimed for aspirin cally it is acelyl-salicylic acid. Tho" salicylates arc indicated primarily in acute inflammatory rheumatism. They reduce lever of any kind and have a selective action in stopping joint pains. But they also relieve pains' in _ general anywhere of ay typo, so aspirin is properly put into headache capsules, cold tablets, etc. That is about "as far as the science of pharmacology will go in recommendations for aspirin. As to its use as a sleep producer or nerve quieter there is no scientific evidence,, but it is so generally used in this way and seems to get results so often that the ultra- scientific can hardly afford to scoff at such claims. Such popularity must'have some foundation. Of course, when my correspond-' JAMES CROMWELL- says Doris Duke never offered to guarante him 2C Gs a year. "Furthermore, 1 he wires, "she has broken every agreement we ever reached. The trust fund mentioned was submitted to her at her specific request It has since become evident she wanted to use it to accuse me ot demanding money from her"...Col. James Roosevelt (with half- a-stomach) never looked more lit. After a brief spell hero he resumes with his troops ..Several of the .major studios are trying to lull Will Hays into retirement with a huge pension for life. . .Gregory Ratoff's operation is a serious one, Kanuck sent word he couldn't resume directing if he refused to obey the medico. . .Tho Brooklyn Federal Grand Jury's been sifting evidence in a huge narcotics case- Front-page names arc said to be in volved. THE GEORGE E. RECTORS who were collared by G-Men in Philly (as swindlers) are not the recipe specialists.. .Martha Mature and Pvt. Spencer often rumored as her next groom (if any), are togetherinjr on tho coast. .Vau Hefiin has arrived safoily ovei'seas. .-Paul Mc- Nutfs • name will be offered ;is FDK'.s VeeiJce at tho convention everj if it costs him his War Manpower Commission post...Al,tn Gale starts at Slapsie-Moxic's on the Oth... One newspaper has those nude pix allegedly of a model (mentioned by an aggrieved -vvifo) but don't publish them .RKO is considering JDaciia (the Stork rhumband leader) for a role in "Pan America". . .Doris Dunne of Ken Murray's "Blackouts" hit, becomes the bride- of Jerry Riley en the 27th-..A Senate Committee will probe reports that too many Army and Navy olSicers would serve better at civilian jobs than at desks. THE LONERGAN CASE it net in the Coney Wax" Museum...fc Gardner sums up Yvcite this Mr "She has in her voice what Gnbk has in her stockings" ..A Cott scandal may break, soon ova? alleged $25,000 gambled awny -:| an otlicor. It belonged to ;he missionary ..The -Mills Eroi plattor of "You Always Hurt is' Ono You You" has s^ld more thtj $50,000 in 4. weeks.. Bigger- 'Paper Doll". . .According to Bcj-lin radio. Roosevelt is thf«os;j resident Germany ever h»d. FDR is sending Julge J. Mardiiti LO Italy for an important-pott..I >ssel hai! Fay Emerson:iis.- Ik-F he- 1 hoped would'.marry tt las decided to give her groom i:-, ither-chance .1. Elimson sayt« o. worry -about" the reports tk hundreds of pickpockets went :hicago for the Repub Convijntit, Tliey were just practicing K:£ he Democrats arrive," Food crops estimated at t 000,000 are destroyed every ya: by bugs and insect^.' Looking at Life By EKICH BTVANDEIS INDEPENDENCE DAY 'l\»morn>\v tin.- HiStli amiivfrsary of Mir iiatimrs indi-poiKli'iift- \\'ili I'O culo- l>niti.'(l. Americans every\vhi-re will i;'i%'o tii(uii,'lit to the si^nificaiii'L' of the lioli- diiy :nid wlisit that \vord " iiidopendoiit-o" moans lo this coimtry :;ii(l its people. The Fourth r/t'.lnly. Iraclitiunally ;i day dt' iiat.ioiiiil ivlorifieatii'ii, slmuld be one <>!' SI)|H.-I- consideration. Serious rc- riectimi on the blessings nl' t'roedfmi is ali- soltitely iiocf'ssjiry in order t.i.) fully appreciate the jrovenuuent we have and great ad vantages \ve as Americans enjoy under it. li' \vt^ t'aii to reali/c the opportunities and beiK'I'its that are ours and to appreciate them as we ..should, AVO may full intu the error of taking them .for grunted nnd thereby suffer a loss in character, patriotism and sense of civic responsibility. One leassnring thought is that we are Mrs. M'nry Sulirna of Main street., was ' rushed to the hospital Into last, week and operated 1.111 for an acute attack of appendicitis. Waterbiiry hospital authorities say she is t'loiii^' all rig-lit:. Husband John recently went into the Navy Terry Whittemore is now in Oklahoma, still taking- aviation cadet training Xiueteen months old Karen Christian, ' whose parents live on 55 Andrew avenue, has improved greatly since an accident on the "Woodbury road last; weekend. After passing- Lake Quassapnng with her parents in tiio family automobile, little Karen opened the door and fell out of: the car in some unknown^ manner. It was feared a fractured skull resulted, but hospital authorities said this morning that the youngster was ready to be discharged Mrs. William Fredericks of New York city is spending a week at; the home of her husband's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Fredericks, Prospect street. Her husband is with an army unit in England. Betty Krzykowski and Henrietta Gotliboski' are spending a week's vacation at the Coffee House in Hyannis, Mass. ..... Mr, and Mrs. Joseph Valinches and their son, Junior, Spring- street, are vacationing in Bangor, Maine. La.-a night I went to bed I .in awful sore throat, n. miserable headache and that general worn- out-wash rug filling for which Iho doctors i:an'l. da a thing except to tell you lo go to bed, take some aspirin, gargle -with sail-water, and;, spray your throal,. So, al. S o'clock I took my newspapers nnd four or five magazines upstairs and prepared for an evening of rest and self-pity. " Firsl. of all, liowevcr, I went to the medicine-chest, got the ther-. momcter and sluck it in my mouth;: Nineiy-nine-lwo,-it said; ye godo and little fishes! Nir.ety-nine-l.wo; certainly looked like pneumonia to me. J V (If you have or arc a husband,' you probably know that all ?moh sec pneumonia in the slightest cold; .cancer in almost any^pajp:;. tuberculosis in every cougJv.NiThat is, if THEY have it. If you';! the- wife, have a pain or cough'or liayc u a cold, then it's just nothing 'at all;a n d .don't coddle yourself' 'so-much). ' •. • '.,";, At any rale, when I saw tne-'hiric,- ty-ninc-two on the thermometer;''! called the wife, wlio had bc.en through 'these Ihings with mo'j.b'c- fore. She promptly gave me .'my medicine, some orange juice, inquired whether I wanted an alcohol rub, tucked me into the. blankets, turned off the light — and in 'five minutes I was fast. asleep.. This ' morning I felt much bel- ter although still weak. Temperature was normal, the throat still a bit raw, bul. I had no trouble eating a lialf grapefruil, a bowl of farina, two fried eggs, ,four slices of loast and two cups of coffee •••• •. • -•• •.._..-.. •• For luncheon my wife " wisely gave me just a bowl of soup. 'But when she wcr.t downtown to do the marketing, I sneaked a bologna sandwich and three slices of pound cake down I. he hatch. When the wife came back, she gave me some more medicine, sympathized with my run-down condition, made up the bed for me, and, I'd like lo bet you, called me • a. goalidarn .faker under her breath. But we men really aren't fakers •at heart.': We like to do evcryttiiii'g'vwell: '• '.;! ; \.And iwe'rc sick, we like to .be good, -.'and. sick! .. 'v^By Lhev way, l.hc .doctor just cam'c. My wife called him without. telling me anyl.hing about it, ont speaks of.combining it_wiO-. a coke and other things he is complicating the problem. Any form of caffeine beverage (and this includes most of our soft drinks) helps to dissipate that let down feeling. Besides caffeine is what is called synorgistic with aspirin —and whon taken in combination each augments the .other's action. If you look at the label on any of the popular cold remedies you will llnd in most cases that aspirin and cafl'eincare both present. LORD HALIFAX got a big howl at a dinner honoring Donald Nelson when he said: "-Mr. Xelsoh traveled so far he hardly knew what V stood for '— .-Victory or Vodka!". ..DeGaullc's middleman, will be Admiral Fenard, assisted by Prof. Henri Grigore, French law expert. ..Trudi McCulloug;i', the pretty feature writer for AP, will be an associate professor of journalism at Columbia in the Fall ...Magazine Digest \vill offer $1,000 for "the best joke"—details in the Sept. issue...The songwriter Eddie DcLangos will have nn image before August...Sam Baiter, who lost his network job for speaking freely, is commentating on the Coast, where his rating is- higher than mosv.,Tho divorce plans for Nancy Kelly and Edmund O'Brien n;-c static. They are dating each other. . .Mike Todd's new Mae West show has j already cost him nearly $123,000. in Color h • important • harmony !• music... Murphy Painh in 100 Colors or Mow permit perfect color harmony id «fl fc finite variety of combination*. Stop » «nd lit us tell you nbout th* Murfkj Color Harmonv You're Telling: Mel By WILLIAM KITT (Ccntnil ITCH* Writer) MARS, astronomers tell us, has two moons. If Mars is inhabited OUR OOPS! DEP'T: George Joan Nathan, the drama critic (in an article lor Esquire last year), complained about colyumar ":nnc~ curacy." Ho selected quotes about himself from nearly all the pillars and said thoy wore baseless, etc. .. Now \comcs our turn. Ha, Ha, Ha .just in.. case;cold," .he said after i'ng me: • "' , .. ..""'.'Y.ou'' think it's safe lo go to the ;pf/ieo?:lo.nioiTOw?" I asked him. >"' ; ','Certttiiily," he said, "perfectly iafo;: 1 :;.: •,.. (•',•, • ' ; r .;.I .think I'll change' doctors. .- jS-jfCppyright, '19'14, King Features ;Syndlc'atc, Inc.) , •Chicago High School Girl Shows Shorthand Speed Chicago (UP)—Jean Whyte, 17- year-old hig-.h school senior, scored more than 200 words a minute in a special shorthand test on dictation.: from the Congressional Record.. Miss Whyte. who will receive a diamond medal for the accom- plislirhenl., began the study of ] .shorthand and typing in her-frcsh- man year, • took 120 words a minute •'. in .her, second year, and 100 words in her third year. Her best performan; a was for a the Martians must all be rom'antic I ••-Reuben Manioulian, the direc- spng writers. Switzerland has 70 mountain peaks 10,000 feet high or taller. Sounds like a swell territory for an elevator salesman. The Mikiido pays his gen orals $.5(1 a w(M:k. Tho wiiy tlilngx arc co- Ing In the Pacillc wiir 7.0110 it looks ON though Illrohlto IK gelting '(Typed. tor. sent the following complaint about Mr. Nathan's accuracy to the editor of the American Mercury: "Tho June issue article, •Movies vs. Stage,- by G. J. Nathan, is entertaining- but not authentic. Curiously enough, everything Mr. Nathan quotes mo as having said I did not what I did not quote." say, and, conversely, say Mr. Nathan does 'Grandpappy . Jenkins says September is his favorite month. By that time it's too late to do any more lawn mowing but it's still too early to. worry •• about shoveling Junior thinks .the scientists should develop something worth while—like a double-sized watermelon, without seeds, for instance. 'Tin snd to think of the passing of the ln-st rose of summer—until your reminded that the hint mosquito imiNt soon follow It. CANS, Inc. MAPLE STREET TEL. 3507 Peter Paul, Inc. XAUG.4TCCK, CONV. THE - V OICE OF THE TURTLE" producer is paying lull wages to the cast of three during, the Summer lay - oft. . .Yolanda Mcrp-Irion has done three hits in Manufacturers of Nation's Largest Selling CANDIES and CHEWING 1) GUMS A burglar, says a news item, was caught while taking a bath. Well, there's one fellow 'whose crime career is all washed up. five-minute test, with only 31 errors out of 50 allowed. She transcribed the material in 45 minules, half of the- lime allowed in the' lest. Get Sliced Reymond's TODAY!

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