The Hull Packet; and East Riding Times from Hull, East Yorkshire, England on October 25, 1833 · 1
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The Hull Packet; and East Riding Times from Hull, East Yorkshire, England · 1

Hull, East Yorkshire, England
Issue Date:
Friday, October 25, 1833
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CAPITAL MANSION for SALE. to BE SOLDBY AUCTION, (Unless previous ui. , , ,.,,.MV Hotel, in the Town of Kingston-upon- .. .1, ir Ms M ij 0 November next, at Twelve o-aoci at Ae, tO SUCH tainui.i..- , . ninn: nf S.ili. a mill ( t hnn nrmtnnnn (Subject IT tll'lt Capital riccuum j -ijlvj ah ui known by the name of " South," consisting: HtilU of a ban Jonme veSTIUUie, hpaciuu:, ijun uuec nan aiiu OSOl . i I nr. w , Dininr-"oon' ' leci oy icei inuiies; St'"rc ' 07 fncf fi innhps hv 1 R feet ft inches l).raWin.!"os feet 6 inches by 17 feet 6 inones; Breakfast -jjbrarv.- Jg seven Bed-Rooms and two ioom. besides Servants' Rooms, a large swrc.Room . DontrV good Cellars, Housekeeper's Room, But-Servants' Hall, Biewhouse, excellent i-tcliens, Larders, Dairy, and other Offices complete ; tal CoachrHouses and Stables, and good Farm-Yard CaPl' Buildings; a very excel,ent Garden, with SO feet ,rus a small Back Garden, containing a Pine Pit, O! ,T T.:..t- n,mn o. bn an flri-l.arH. i.-i full :. Brick uven, c. ac: an uicuara, in H"L . n nrmmrlE Planlnlinnc anrlunnnf bearing urua1"5""1 . ...... u.wU., Lode' lso, two spacious PEWS, in the Parish Church of Kirk Ella aforesaid. The Estate comprises 62.4. 3b. 12p. of rich Pasture f ; is situated on rising ground, commanding a f ne view of tiie Humber, and is within Hulf-a-Mile of L beautiful Villnsre of Kirk Ella, Five Miles from jjnll, and Seven from Beverley, forming altogether a most complete and elegant Family Residence. Further particulars may be known on application at die Offices of Mr. FROST, Solicitor, Hull, where Tickets f0r viewing the Premises may be had. IMl.Sept. 30, 1S33. MONEY. NY Sum of MONEY, from 100 to 3000, ready to be advanced on Eligible Real pr Personal Securities, at suitable Rates of Interest. Apply (if by letter, post-paid) to Mr. THOMAS SHEPHERD, Solicitor, Beverley. , TANNERY, BEVERLEY. . TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, it Ike Hmw of Mr. Charles Greenwood, the Tiger Inn in Beverley, on MONDAY, the 18f7i day of November next, nt lime o uioen in tia Afternoon precisely. A Commodious and well-built MESSUAGE J. orDWELLLlNG-HOUSE; with Kitchens, Brew- iionse, Cellars, Water Closet, Sheds, Stables, Piggeries; and other Out-offices, and a productive GARDEN ad- joiningand belonging. excellent TAN-YARD, lying behind the same, containing 85 Pits and Vats, with a superior bteam-fcngine of Four Horse power. Jinsine-House, Drying Sheds, Leather-Houses, Bark Mill, Bark-House and Chamber, Drying. Stove and Rooms, andatl othersuitable and convenient Buildings for carrying on the Trade of aTanner. The Property is Freehold, and is situated on the South side of Keldgate, in Beverley, and was lately occupied by Mr. William Simpson. The whole of the Premises are in complete and excellent repair, and a considerable part of the Buildings in the Tan-Yard have been erected within a few years. An ample Stream of water nows conveniently at the bottom of the Yard, which is capable of being, if needed, greatly enlarged ; and, from .its superior situation, great facilities are afforded for carrying on the business of a tanner successfully. Immediate possession will be given, and the Purchaser can be accommodated with half the Purchase Money, on Mortgage. To view the Premises, and for other particulars, apply (if by letter, post-paid), to Mr. HODGSON, or to Mr. WM. C. CATTERSON, Tanners, Beverley ; or to Mr. THOMAS SHEPHERD, Solicitor, Beverley. WATER CORN-MILL NORTH CAFE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, Jt the White Hart Inn, in North Cave, oh THURSDAY Via lilsf Day of November next, at Two o'C'lock in the Jlfter- noon, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which due Notice tciil be gtcen, (Subject to such conditions of Sale a3 will bo then produced,) Superior and well-built WATER CORN MILL, situate at North Cave, and called the " tots Mill," containing unePairof Grey and one Pair of French Stones, Water Wheel, Dressing-Machine, and all other suitable and requisite Machinery ; also, a DWELLING-HOUSE, Stable, and other Outbuildings adjoining, and a Close of LAND and GARDEN GROUND, on which the same stands, containing about two Acres. The Property is Freehold, and is situate on a never-failing Stream of Water at the end of the Town of North Cave, and ample space is afforded for Building a Paper or Saw-Mill on the same Dam. Immediate Possession will be given, and the Purchaser can be accommodated with half the Purchase-Money on Mortgage. Mr. William FallOwfieu), the Owner, will shew the Premises, and further Particulars may be obtained on application at the Office of Mr. THOMAS SHEPHERD, Solicitor, Beverley. Bemlcy, October 22, 1833. A. ROWLAND & SON KESPECTFULLY announce they have just supplied their Agents with a valuable quantity of the following original Articles : ROWLAND'S MACASSAR OIL, THE ORIGINAL, Is composed of Vegetable ingredients, which has for many years been universally admired, is superior to all other preparations, for improving the growth, and restoring the Hair; prevents it fulling off, or turning g'ty, to the latest period of existence (proved by testimonials received from the most distinguished Person-s;-s in all parts of the globe) strengthens the tceakest li -'.ir produce a thick and luxuriant growth and makes it BEAUTIFULLY SOFT, CURLY, and GLOSSY. Subduing all relaxing tendencies, it firmly keeps the hair in curl and other decorative formation during many hours, unimpaired by damp weather, crowded assemblies, the dance, or equestrian exercise. Thoroughly eradicating all obstructions to which the beads of children are particularly liable, this celebrated Oil generates with infancy ample growth of beautiful ni, and will sustain it in perfection through all stages of existence. This Oil is the friend of both sexes for, wliile it facilitates the progress of female beauty, it enhances, by producing, Ifhislcers, Mustachios, &c. the graces nmanWrf. . Notice. Each bottle of the Original Macassar Oil enclosed in a Wranner. which has the Name and AJdn dress, in fa,, nn fMce. ifrorL A. ROWLAND & SON, 20, HATTON-G ARDEN, And counter-signed ALEX. ROWLAND. The lowest price is 3s. 6d. 7s. 10s. 6d. and 21s. per Bottle all other Prices, or any without the Book aid Label, are Counterfeits. Particular attention to this Caution, on purchasing, 15 respectfuliy solicited, as the Proprietors cannot be sponsible for the serious injury resulting from the "so of Imitations now ofTered to the Public. A I.SO, POlt TITE SKIiSr AND COMPLEXION, ROWLAND'S KALYDOR, usscsses peculiar Balsamic properties energetically Jl pnt in eradicating Pimples, Spots, Redness, and CtiTAxuons Eruption's, and gradually producing "de.icately Clear and Fair Skin; rendering the most allow Complexion clear and lovely, and beautifully " and by due perseverance in its application will Produce a Beautiful Complexion. cj" LrU)IKS ant' Children it affords soothing relief in ses of Inflammation, &c. and to Gentlemen after ' ''"'lrg it allays the irritation and smarting Pain, and 'filers the skin smooth and pleasant. is. Gd. and 8s. 6d. per bottle, duty included, iio "N,'lmeatuJ Address of the Proprietors, as under, n tave on 'be Government Stamp, which is affixed the cork of each Bottle. Also, ROWLAND'S ODONTO, Or Pearl Dentifrice, stable White Powder is a never-failing remedy liibeVCI-y disease t0 which the Teeth and Gums are ,1 ". eradicates all deleterious matter; at the same jjVj1(alin!r and strengthening the Gums, and firmly "5 the Teeth in their sockets ultimately realizing j A beautiful Set of Pearly Teeth ! dT'-1'0 tlleGums as an Anti-scorbutic, restoring sustaining their healthy appearance, and gives a Jutitul fragrance to the breath. Price 2s. 9d. per box, duty included. 1 , TtJand SON , 20. Hatton-Garden, is engraved on jL'""'er? mnt Stamp, which is affixed on each of the ve Articles. ROWLAND'S ALSANA EXTRACT, nl,'e'r'a,,l'J relieving the most violent Tooth-Ache, S, ' . !'! Swelled Face, -c. It is also an excellent Ar '3C 110 ' cases of Flatulency. Spasmodic Affections, 4,7, R'ves instantaneous relief. Price 2s. 0d. "b,J-and 10s. Cd. per bottle. ROW LAN D's CERE LAEUM, A FOR THt; HEAD-ACHE, i.C. '.k'e' 'nstMtaneous, and permanent reliever of ,- iost inveterate Vertigo, by external applica' vJ , Nn's Cerelaeum will be uniformly foun A"?e(l events . .- t. ho ication, d to at (v, & "lJiL sanguine expeuiuuuu. iu-uvj -b- d. each. In Bottles Hf-jiv, ve Articles are sold by the Pronrietors A. , ND & SON, 20, Hatton-Garden, and by their h' Mr- s- Brooks, Perfumer, 32, Whitc-n and Messrs. B. Brooks and Son, Perfumers, vv Utefriargale Hull. Np553. Established 1787. ifrsr?ATS. TRAVELLING and other CLOAKS. &f. &-n ot InUM C A Mfn j nr L n!i'oHrlTEFRUIlGATE' whe" Gentlemen, particular in Dress, may have their Clothes made in the First iyie ot Fashion; and of the very best Materials, at "lile-thFl less than is usually charged. Terms- nil CA5H. U And may be Entered upon Immediatelu. THE-Compact & Convenient BREWERY, situate in ROBERT-STIIEET, Broadlev-Stkeet. c-r0rr,P?rtiou,ars' aPP'-v toMr- TEALBY, Garrison-Side, Hull. ANNUALS FOR 1834. ODDARD and BROWN have iust re ceived the various ANNUALS for 1834, viz.:- lhe ORIENTAL ANNUAL, or Scenes in d. inaia, with 25 beautiful Engravings, from HEATH'S PICTURESQUE' ANNUAL,' wVth I 1 0 illustrations ot the Sea Coast of France, by Stanfield 1 1 0 miiusua ANNUAL, with Illustrations oi trance, by Harding . DRAWING-ROOM SCRAP-BOOK.. , LITERARY SOUVENIR, Morocco AMULET , FRIENDSHIP'S OFFERING '.'.' " '" ' 'viuui ma kui,mik o lo WINTER'S WREATH ' ' " 0 12 JUVENILE FORGET ME NOT ....... 0 8 NEW YEAR'S GIFT " 0 8 The above are Subscription Copies, with, early and brilliant impressions oj the Jt'lales. The KEEPSAKE BOOK of BEAUTY TURNER'S ANNUAL TOUR, &c. as soon as published. G. & B. have now on hand the whole of the PUBLICATIONS issued under the direction of the Committee of General Literature and Education, appointed by the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge: I. The CRUSADERS, or SCENES, EVENTS, and CHARACTERS, from the Times of the Crusades. By Thomas Keightley. With Views of Antioch, Bethlehem, Bethany, the Cedars of Lebanon, the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem, Joppa, the Pool of Siloam, Sidon, Tombs of the Kings of Judah, &c. Ss. 6d. cloth lettered. II. OUTLINES of SACRED HISTORY ; from the Creation of the World to the Destruction of Jerusalem. One Volume, with many Engravings. Price 3s. 6d. III. -SCENES and SKETCHES from ENGLISH HISTORY. Vol. I. With Engravings. Price 3s. 6d. cloth lettered. IV. READINGS in POETRY. A Selection from the Works of the best English Poets, from Spencer to the present times ; and Specimens of several American Poets of deserved reputation. With Literary Notices of the various Writers, and brief Notes, explaining remote allusions and obsolete words. Price 4s. 6d Cloth lettered. V. SADOC AND MIRIAM. A Jewish Tale. The Second Edition. Price Is. 8d. Cloth boards. VI. THREE WEEKS in Palestine and LEBANON. Willi many Engravings. Price Ss. 6d. Cloth lettered. VII. PERSIAN FABLES, for Young and Old. Bv tne Kev. h. G. KEENE, M.A. With Eighteen Illustrative Engravings. Price Is. VIII. A MANUAL of INSTRUCTION in VOCAL vi, micujr wuii a view to I'SALMUDY. With an Historical Introduction. By John turner, Esq. Price 4s. IX. DOMESTICATED ANIMALS considered with reference to Civilization and the Arts. With many Engravings. Price 3s. 6d. Cloth lettered. X. INSECTS and their HABITATIONS. A Book for Children. With many Engravings. Price Is. XL The ELEMENTS of BOTANY. With many Engravings. Price Is. XII. The ELEMENTS of ASTRONOMY. By the Rev. G. T. Hall, M. A., King's College, London. Price lOd. XIII. ENGLISH GRAMMAR. By the Rev. Dr. Russell, Rector of St. Botolph's, Bishopsgate, and late Head Master of Charter-House School. Price Is. Cd. cloth boards. XIV. GEOGRAPHY. By Geo. Hogarth. PricelOd- XV. HISTORY of ENGLAND. By George Hogarth. Price Is. 3d. XVI.-ROMAN HISTORY. Price lOd, By George Hogarth. XVII. OUTLINES of GRECIAN HISTORY. With Maps and Views. Price Is. . XVI II. EASY LESSONS on MONEY MATTERS, for the use of Young People. With Engravings. Price Is. cloth lettered. XIX. HINTS for the FORMATION and MANAGEMENT of SUNDAY SCHOOLS. By the Rev. C. Wig-ram, M.A., Secretary to the National School Society. Price 2s. XX. A POCKET MANUAL for the SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHER. By the Rev. J. Hull, M.A. Price Is. 3d. XXI. ADVICE to TEACHERS of SUNDAY SCHOOLS, in connexion with the Church. By the Rev. John Medley, M.A. Price 6d. XXII. DAILY READINGS from the PSALMS. With Engravings. Price Cd. Price 6s. 6i., bound in cloth, and lettered, ORIGINAL FAMILY SERMONS, VOLUME TIIE FIRST, CONTAINING SERMONS BY THE FOLLOWING DIVINES 1 The Right Uov. CHARLES JAMES BLOMFIELD, D.D , Lord Bishop of London. The Rev. WILLI A M DEALTUY, D D., Rector of Clapham. Iho Very Rev. UEORC-H CHANDLER, D.C.L., Dean of Chi. clioiter. 3? J!ov- EDWARD GARRARD MARSH, M.A., Hampstaui. The Rev. THOM AS VOYVLER SHOUT, B.D., Rector of Kings. worthy, Hants. The Right liev. (JH BISTOPHER BETIIELL, D.D., Lord Bishon or Bangor. 1 The Very Rev GEORGE DAVYS, D.a, Dean of Chester. Thu Rov ARCHIBALD M. CAMPBELL, M.A., Vicar of Pad. The Rev. SAMUEL RICHARDS, Rector of Stow Langtoft, Tho VcnornWo EDWARD BATHER, M.A , Archdeacon ofSnlon The Rev. CHARLES WEBB LE B AS, M.A., Rector of "st. iS Snadwell. Tho Rev. EDWARD HAWKINS, D.D., Provost of Oriel The Rev. EDWARD BOUVERIE PUSEY, B. D., Reg! Prof, of Helirow, Oxford. " The Rev. HENRY BLUNT, M.A., Minister of Trinity Church, Chelsea. ' The Rev J. C. WIG RAM, M.A. minster. Curate of St. James's, West. The Rev. J A MES ENDELL TYLER, B.D. , Rector of St. Giles in The Very Rev. HUGH NICHOLSON PEARSON, D.D, Dean of Salisbury. The Rev. EDWARD BURTON, D.D., Regius Professor of Divinity, Oxford. The Venerable EDWARD KERENS, M. A., Archdeacon of Berks The Rev. JOHN PENROSE, M. A., Vicar i'r Bracebriilue The Rev. CHARLES GIRDLESTONE, M. A., Vicarof Scdcelev The Rev. THOMAS AINGER, M.A., Minister of St. Mary's! Greenwich, The Right Itov. JOHN BIRD SUMNER, D.D., Lord Bishop of Chester. The Rev. JOHN RUSSELL, D.D., Rector of St. Botolph's. Bishop.gate. The Rev. S 1 MUEL CHARLES WILKS, M.A. The Rev. T. F. BOWKRBANK, M.A , Vicar nfChiswick. The R'jv. JOHN HODGSON, B D., Viear of Sitthifjbourno. The Itov. CHAS. LAWSON, M.A., Morning Proaolior at the Foundlinq Hospit:i. The Most Rev. RICHARD WHATELY, D.D., Lord Archbishop of Dublin. The Rov. P. NICHOLAS SHUTTLE WORTH, D.D., Warden of New College, The Venorable CHARLES J. HO A RE, M.A., Archdeacon of Winchester.' The Rev. R WEBSTER HUNTLEY, M.A., Rector of Roxwell. The Rov. HENRY THOMPSON, M.A., Curate of Wrington, Somerset. Monthly Parts, I. to XII., and to be continued, Is. each. THE SATURDAY MAGAZINE. Great care and attention are bestowed in adapting this cheap and popular Magazine to all classes of readers, so thatit may with' propriety be introduced into Families and Schools, and among Young People in general. Its contents are at once instructive and entertaining. Religious, Moral, and Social Principlesare combined with Useful Information : and a Christian character and tendency is given to Popular Knowledge. It is most extensively illustrated by Engravings on Wood, which comprise Portraits, Views, remarkable Objects in Manners and Customs, Antiquities, Science, and Manufactures, the various branches of Natural History, and indeed whatever is curious and interesting in Nature and in Art.' The Saturday Magazine is well printed, upon superior paper, and should he preserved for binding at the end of each half year, when the purchaser will find himself in possession of a Work of extensive and varied interest, of truly Christian principles,and consequently of great and permanent value. Ample arrangements have been made for the circulation of this Magazine, not only by the Booksellers and Newsmen throughout the United Kingdom, but also in the Colonies, and in the principal places on the Continent. VOLUME the FIRST, July to December, 1832. Price 4s. 6d. bound in cloth and lettered. VOLUME the SECOND, January to June, 1833, uniformly with the above. 4s. Gd. Continued in WEEKLY' NUMBERS Price One Penny; and in MONTHLY PARTS Price Sixpence each. London : John W. Parker, West Strand. AND WINE & SPIRIT VAULTS, QUEEN-STREET. ' .hi' ' ' r 'I- AMES GLOVER (late of the Saracen's Head, Grimsby-Lane, Market-Place") bpo- P, respectfully to announce that Iip has TtF.MnVRn ,, the T.nitfnnM tivbdm ! n '' uc ''vi. Sfionn?oSkPeep'T VAULTS theret0 attachBd. late in thB occupation of Mr. wSaKJl'hi! A CHOICE STOCK OF THE FINEST FLAVOURED WINES, SPIRITS, &e. And to adopt every Improvement the House is capable of, for the increased Accommodation of those who favour him with their support. ,wi G'.gf '? bserv?! th:lt wl,ile very kind and liberal supportconferred upon him at the Saracen's fea-s rpss1 Thanko' he hopes' by strict attenii"' y300D BEDS, AND EVERY ACCOMMODATION FOR PASSENGERS. j tt3 Every Information respecting Steam Packets from Hull for all Parts ' Octobej lttli, 1833. , 'KTT.nnwri nT.Acnnur tntmmmr vy Minority oj Parliament. THE Commissioners, under the Act, (1st and 2nd William IV. cap. 8,) have apportioned and set apart another Third of the Property of the Company to be distributed On the 22nd of JANUARY, 1834, In 2,005 Lots or Prizes, among those Persons who are or may become Proprietors of the 10,000 Shares, Class C. The Prizes consist of Freehold Lands and Houses ; but the Holders of the fortunate Shares will liave the option tthe same as in the First Glasgow Lottery) of receiving THE VALUE IN MONEY, AS SET AGAINST EACH PRIZE In the Scheme, subject only to a small Commission of 5 per Cent, upon the Prizes above 100, to cover the risk and expense of selling the Property. Among the Prizes in the Scheme, there are 1 Prize of. 15,000 1 10,000 1 5,000 1 3,000 1 2,000 1 !,500 Besides many others of 1,000, 500, &c. &c. &e. The whole of these Prizes will be drawn and distributed in One Day, on Wednesday, 22nd January next, at Coopers'-Hall, in the City of London, in the form and manner prescribed by the Act of Parliament regulating the drawing of State Lotteries. The Chances or Shares in this Lottery, divided agreeably to the directions of the Act, are now selling at all the Offices in London, and by their Agents "in the Country. Every Office-keeper is guaranteed in offering' the Money for each Prize in the Scheme. Agents for the sale of these Tickets and Shares are, or will be appointed in every principal Town in the Kingdom. Any person of respectability who wishes to become an Agent, and who can give unexceptionable references, may apply to any of the London Offices. The following are the present Prices of the Chances in this Lottery: Whole Ticket 13 I3s. Half 7 G 0 Eighth.. ..1 18 6 Quarter.... 3 15 6 Sixteenth. . 0 19 6 In the first Glasgow Lottery all the Prizes were sold to the Public, and the Money for every one paid as soon as presented. There will be one other Lottery, and no more. Orders from the Country .accompanied hy remittances to the amotfnt, will be punctually attended to, if ad- aressedlo any ot the London Oilices. COND GLASGOW LOTTERY. WIFT & CO. respectfully announce to the ' f ubiic, mat the snares in the Second G aso-ow Lottery, divided agreeably to the provisions of the Act of Parliament, are now on Sale, in great variety, at their London Offices : No. 19,-CORiMHILL, facing the Royal Exchange; No. 255, REGENT CIRCUS, Oxford-Street; and No. 38, HAYMARKET, corner of Coventry-Street. The Scheme contains Prizes of 15,000, 10,000, 5,000, 3,000, 2,000, 1,500, 1,000, &c. &c. ; the whole of which will be drawn in One Day, at Cooper's Hall, in the City of London, on WEDNESDAY, 22nd January next. The fortunate Holders of the Shares bought at Swift & Co.'s Offices, will have the option of. icueiving in money me value set against each Prize in the Scheme, subject only to a small Commission to cover the risk and expense in selling the Property. Orders from the Country, with Remittances, will be thankfully received and punctually attended to. SWIFT & CO. sold in Shares, the following Capital Prizes in the first Glasgow Lottery, ori paid the Moneu for them all on demand ; 2,8 1 (i 10,000 1,018 2,000 2.0C2 500 6,772 500 6,646. 250 SWIFT,,& CO. have Agents in most of the principal Towns in' the Kingdom. MR. CONGREVE'S MEDICINES. S3" The following Compound has realized a degree of celebrity and patronage amongst the Nobility and Gentry of this Country, hitherto unexampled, and only exceeded by the developement of Us astonishing properties over the various diseases, proceeding from impurity of the blood, disordered stomach, -c. which afflict t agitate, and impair the vital frame, Ao family should be without so valuable a remedy. CONGREVE'S PETROLEUM PILLS, THESR Pills, now justly celebrated as a specific remedy in all nervous complaints; chronic indigestion, and the indigestion of elderly people; spasms of the stomach and bowels ; general relaxation, producing consumption ; loss of appetite, and tone of the viscera ; languor ; tremor; palpitation; palsies; despondency ; want of energy; Head-ache; costiveness; worms, especially those which trouble children, (for children one pill may be taken in treacle or honey every morning with incredible advantage, and without trouble) ; hysteric diseases ; female complaints, connected with debility, and dropsical swelling ofthe legs; rheumatism, gout, Sec. and most disorders affecting the human frame. No known medicine has equalled this fine stomachic and strengthening remedy, which has produced the happiest effects on the weakly of both sexes. It operates with mildness as an aperient, and permanent as a tonic; enriches the circulating fluid; imparts vigour and comfort to the nerves ; and restores the lost tone of the stomach to the due performance of its functions. cojXgrmve's saline aperient rorvEits. This valuable cooling purgative operates so mildlv and efficaciously, that they are of intrinsic value, and should be taken, with the pills, once or twice a week, oy tliose ot a teverish habit, in bilious affection, in all inflammatory disorders, rheumatism, gout, &c. The pills and powders have been so eminently useful in all disorders, as to supersede the use of every other remedy. The following letters may be seen at tliePropriotor's residence : Internal Weakness, Flatulence, Cramp, c. Regent's Park, May 11, 183'?. Brighton, March !, Sir. Iain years of one. and Sir rri for more than ten years have derived mui-h honofif iv heen afflicted with general weak course of ycuir' Petroleum Pills,' recommended them very strongly to me for my bilious disorder. At my advanced ago, and being a martyr for upwards of forty years to all the to-menting sen. sationsprocoedinftfrom a vitiated stale of the. blood and juices, I wrrs not very sanguine in my expectations nr relief: but, after taking only two boxes I changed my opinio i, and when I bad (inishcil tivu more, could jnin my sporting friends in the cliace, breathe freely, cat hcartilv, and sleep without fi'ar nf being annoyed hy that midnight demon the uight-maro. Your'a&o. a. ilif. To Mr. Congrevo, Chelsea. nes, sensations of deafness, giil. diness and pain in the ilead, ringing uoir-es in my ears, flatulence, cramp in my legs and knees, costiveness, and incontinence nf urine, for which I derived but transient relief from hark and other stimulants, which often iiroduced nausea, and s:it uneasy on the stomach. I at length had recour-e to your reputed " Petroleum Pills." which, I am happy to sav, gave tone to the stomach, and every unfavorable symptom vanished in three weeks. Very respectfully yours, W. LAMUtiRT. To Mr. Congreve. Chelsea. Prepared by the Proprietor, " Henry Congreve." at his Chemical Laboratory, Chelsea, and sold at his Depot, No. 4h, Queen-Street, Cheapside; in boxes at Is. lid., and 2s. 9d., duty included: and mav be had of all Chemists, Booksellers, and Wholesale aud Retail Medicine Venders; also Congreve's Balsamic Elixir, for Coughs and Asthmas. Golden Balm, for Children Teething. Observe the proprietor's signature across the government stamp. Agents : Moxon &Co..&c. Hull: Deiirhton. Marsh. Sotheran, York; Berry, Suter, Wright, Hartley, Halifax, Pipes, Robinson, Beverley; Ridge, Whittaker, Leader; Piatt & Co. Sheffield ; Reinliardt,Smeeton,Baines,Her-naman, Leeds ; Rayner, Fairgray, Bridlineton : Sher wood, Creaser, Driffield ; Wranghaui, Revis, MaltoD,&c, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25, may GLASGOW LOTTERY. G ODDARD and BROWN, Packet-Office, Hull, Agents to the Offices of B1SH London 1W Selling TICKETS and SHARES the SECOND GLASGOW LOTTERY, the Scheme of which Sifs JWof 15,000, 10,000, 5,000, in HOUSES and wvtp!r; T e fortunate--Holders may have the MONEY immediately. BISH. and his Agents sold upwards of Two-third, of all the Capitals lalt Lottery, and he paid ALL in MONE Y-directly they were drawn. THE DRAWING WILL DE IN LONDON, i ALL IN ONE DAY AT COOPEU's HALL, 22nd JANUARY, 1834. DISH'S AOENT3 ARE-HULL GODDARD and BROWN, Packet-Office Bawtry-J. Grasby, Bookseller Bradford J. Stanfield, Bookseller and Stationer Bridlington G. Furby, Bookseller Doncastcr C. White, Bookseller Driffield W. Turner, Printer and Bookseller 5 XT1VJt,0A,Iand' bookseller, Corn-Market KttiZf ; G nwl.iw,Book.elIer andPrinter Keighlcy R. Aked, Bookseller Knaresborough-W. Langdale, Printer and Bookseller Leeds J. Hcaton, Bookseller Northallerton C. Langdale, Bookseller Pocklmgtou-J Jefferson, Jeweller and Watchmaker SearboroughC R. Todd, Bookseller and Printer, 73, Newborouah waCfle-1d17T-Ti,ey; Spirit Mutant, 12, Haymarket Whi,h ,eMrJwSu1nfic,d' DoiKller, Stamp-Ofike Wh Iby-S. Weilbnvn, Croacr, Handsale York Deightbn & Moxon, Booksellers, 69, Pavement j t&ECOND EDITION. TeEIMPORTANOE of the BRITISH COLONIES in the WEST INDIES ; the Danger of a general and-immediate Emancipation of the Negroes; and a Sketch of a Plan for a safe and gradual Emancipation, on Terms favourable to all Parties, and without any Loan. By ANTHONY BROUCH, Esn. This Pamphlet has excited more than ordinary interest in the commercial and Political world. In a recent number of Blackwood's Magazine it is thus alluded to: " The points embraced in this unpretending but most important pamphlet, are tho following : "1. How to savo Twenty Millions in Cash. '2. How to prevent the loss of Thirteen Millions a-Ycar How, t0, oH tlle Necessity of a new tax of Seven Millions and a half. f nM-t0 "V50'000 tons (value nearly Four Millions) of British Shipping from Hotting in tho Ducks " 5: H.0,T to prevent 13,000 British Seamen from Bcgsary, or going into Foreign Service. b y " f. How to prevent the (say) 100,000 Artizans, whom the Colonial Trade keeps employed, from coming on the Poor-rates, or going over to our Itivals. " 7. How to prevent the total ruin of every branch of our Commerce, of which Colonial froduce forms a part. 8. How to prevent the Massacre of all the whites in the 7tL " Vv l"ct,lru r lhl!se Colonies to the Dominion of Savages Wild Beasts. for Free lorn, or the experiment stopped without mischief or danger, jf it shall bo found that they are not fit " " Mr. Biiohgii rshows very clearly how all these, evils, whic'i wliJ J i? )? Trt0d' ami tl,al f"r a les action U he co of colonial produce than has been already occasioned by the alarm which that measure has created.. That measure has been all but directly admitted hy Its authors and supporters! to he a mere temporizing one, which never will, and never can be earned mto effect, farther than in a trilliuj addition to Ministerial patronage. Conscnuently, the subject must come ngam before tho Legislature, and that speedily in order that it may then be settled calmly, wisely, justly, and without loss or peril either to the country at home or tho colonies, it is desirable that the public mind should, in the interim, be disabused of that prejudice and error with which the interested have, for so many years, , been labouring to poison it. This painp'det gives tho essence ol the question m a very short statement of plabi facts, and without the least extraneous matter, either party or personal. LI is, therefore highly deserving of general perusal." ' Published by Messrs. Whittaker and Co. Ave-Maria-Lane, London ; and to be had of all Booksellers. ELEGANT CHRISTMAS PRESENT. Just Published by Ackebmann & Co. 95, Strand, Beautifully bound ia Silk, with Illustrations by the first Artists Price l-2s. . FORGET MB NOT for 1834 CONTAINING Engraving by Rolls, Da-venport, Carter, Goodall, Goodyear, Bacin, Ed- t T; ,a,nn1,eri' fromT Paint'"nss and Drawings by Westall, Richter, Prout, Hart, Davis, Stone, Kidd, Cawse, Franklin, and Wood ; and Literary Composi' lions by .Sir Walter Scott, the Ettrick Shepherd, Allan Cunningham, T. K. Hervey, the Old Sailor, H. D Inglis Mrs. C. Gore, Miss Mitford, Miss Lawrence the Hon. Mrs. Norton, Mrs. Howitt, &c. &c. a rence' lne JUVENILE FORGET ME NOT, A Christmas, New Year's, and Birth-day Present for 1834, Embellished with beautiful Engravings and a Vignette, after designs by eminent Artists, Price 8s. Proofs of the Plates, before letters, in a neat portfolio, 20s. ; ditto, with .letters, ditto, 14s. ACKERMANN & CO.'s FANTASCOPE, or OPTICAL DELUSIONS, A Series of Cards, which, when revolved before a look-ing-glass, reflect Figures, Animals, and other objects in full motion, with perfect truth to Nature, the ordinal invention of Professor Plateau of Brussels, which was exhibited with so much interest at the late British Association, held in Cambridge. Price 14s. in a folio Tid SerLeS,4y,T-J-Bury' Price12s. in a folio'. Third Series, by T, M. Baynes, pricelOs. in a folio. A looking-glass and box may be had separate, price 8s ABLE FAMILY MEDICINES file principal Medicine renders and Booksellers j. men mmtgiioni tno Kingdom : every ,TCEY & Co.'s True DAFFY's ELIXIR The experience of more than 100 venrs contestably proved the superior efficacy of this medi-cine over all other preparations sold under the name of Daffy's Elixir, in relieving those distressing bowel complaints which so often occur in this variable climate, frequently attended with severe spasms, or cramp in the chest or stomach ; even in the very acute stages of these complaints, which prevailed so much during the last summer and autumn as to acquire the denomination of English cholera, it has in most instances been found to afford speedy relief. -Sold in bottles at 2s. and 2s. 9d. each. Ask particularly lor "Dicey's Daffy." DtCEY's Original and the Only Genuine Dr. BATE-MAN's PECTORAL DROPS. In colds, coughs, agues, fevers, rheumatism, pains in the breast, limbs, and joints, and in all cases where colds are the origin no medicine has ever been used with greater success. Sold in bottles at Is. Ijd. each. DICEY's ANDERSON'S True SCOTS PILLS so well known and approved for their efficacy in promoting digestion, as well as in bilious head-aches, and stomach complaints in general. Price Is. If d. the box SQUIRE's Original GRAND ELIXIR, for all fresh colds, pains and soreness of the stomach, proceeding from cold and coughing, nervous tremblings, &c In bottles at 2s. each. Dr. RADCLIFFE's ELIXIR, a most salutary medicine used as a general sweetener of the blood, and for all eruptions, whether contracted by too free living surfeits, or proceeding from scurvy, or humours after the measles, small pox, &c. Price Is. ld. the bottle. MARSHALL'S HEAL-ALL, for immediately stopping bleeding, as well as for the cure of cuts, fresh wounds, bruises, sprains, &c. Price Is. Ud. the bottle. Ask particularly for " Marshall's Heal-All." The Only Genuine BETTON's BRITISH OIL. thn superior efficacy nf which is too well known to require any comment. Price Is, 9d. Caution. Unless the name of Dicev & Co. aDnpars in the government stamp affixed to each of the above articles, they cannot be genuine. soma D 1833. NOTICE TO FLORISTS, GARDENERS, OTHERS, rriHAT on TUESDAY, October 29, 1833, at Iwoo', a very extensive Assortment of Choice DUTCH FLOWER ROOTS, will be SOLD by AUCTION, without Reserve; the last expected Box this Season. Catalogues of which may now be had of W. W. HYDE, Hull, October 1DM, 1833. Exchange Sale-Rooins, Hull. ORPORATION REFORM. BLIC MEETING of the Inhabitants of the enlareed Borousrh of Ki will be held at the Public Rooms, in Jarratt-Street. on- MONDAY the 28th instant, at Seven o'clock in the Evening, for the purpose of considering the STATE of the MUNICIPAL CORPOR ATIONS of HULL, and appointing a Committer of Management to collect and arrange EVIDENCE to lay before the Commissioners, at their expected visit to this Town. HENRY BLUNDELL, Chairman of the Provisional Committee on Hull, Oct. 24, 1833. Municipal Reform.' HULL PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY, President Henry Bhoadley, Esq. Vice-President -Richard Tottie, Esq. THE MEETINGS of this Society, for the Performance of VOCAL and INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC, will be held at the Punuo Rooms, on the fol lowing jivenings : 1833. November , 4 , 18 . 2 December , 16 Public Night. 30 1834. January ,.13 27 February 10 Public Night. 24 March 10 24 Public Night. April 7 21 28 Public Night. Tlie Performances will commence at Seven o'clock precisely. Ladies or Gentlemen desirous of becoming Subscribers, are requested to send in their Names to the Secretary immediately. By Order, ., , THOS. T. HANSELL, Hull, 2lh CW.4833. Secretary ,-' TO BE LET, FOR'-'A TERM OF YEARS, OR FROM YEAR TO YEAR, AT ANLADY, Neat and Convenient DWELLING- HOUSE, with GARDENS attached-, and nhnnt five Acres ot line Old SWARD LAND. The House is pleasantly situated, and fit for the reception of a 13 " .--i jvaiiiu. ALSO, AT HULL, An excellent HOUSE, with Cellars, and a laree ufin.LicL, situate in ucean-i'lace, also fit for the residence of a respectable Family. K?" For view, &c. of the Anlaby Estate, apply to Mr. Hodgson, Surgeon, on the Premises ; and for further Particulars of both, apply to ROBERT KEDDEY, Hull. Each of the Properties may be entered upon at pleasure. Hull, October 17,1833. r. WRIGHT-STREET. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, . Altogether, or in the Two following Lots : Lot 1. 4 LL that MESSUAGE or DWELL-X3L ING-HOUSE, consisting of two commodious Sitling-Rooms and Kitchens on I be Ground Floor; five Bed-Rooms, Ga'-ret, and Cellars, with a Yard and' GARDEN adjoinipg, lately occupied by Mr. John Bailey deceased. '" Lot 2. All that PLOT of GROUND adjoining the above-mentioned Messuage on the liast, containing 356 Superficial Square Yards, and of sufficient dimensions to have erected thereon a Messuage and Out-offices, similar to the above, with a Yard and GARDEN to adjoin. N.B. One-tialfofthePurchase-Money may remain on security of (he Premises, at a moderate Rale of Interest. The Property may be viewed on application to Mr. JOSEPH GODM'OND, Prospect-Street, of whom, or of Mr. F. HOLROYDE, Solicitor, Halifax, particulars may be known. BEVERLEY, HESSLE, AND NORTH CAVE TURNPIKE ROADS. TVfOTICE is hereby given, that the TOLLS i.H arising at the several TOLL-GATES upon tiie said Turnpike Roads, called or known by the several Names of Queen's Gate Bar, Platwood's Gate, Hessle Ferry Bar, Walungfen Bar, and Hessle Bar, will be LET by AUCTION, to the best Bidders, at the Mansion-House, in the Town of Kingston-upon-Hull, on WEDNESDAY the 27th day of November next, between the Hours of Twelve and One o'clock, in the manner directed by the Act passed in the Third Year of the Reign of his . Majesty King Georges the Fourth, "For regulating Turnpike Roads." The Tolls at Queen's Gate Bar and Platwood's Gate, Hessle Ferry Bar, and Wallingfen Bar, were last Let at the clear Annual Rents following ; that is to say . s. d. QUEEN'S GATE BAR, with PLAT- WOOD'S GATE . 130 0 0 HESSLE FERRY BAR 33 0 0 WALLINGFEN BAR 264 0 0 And will be put up at those Sums respectively; and the Tolls at HESSLE BAR have, during the last Year, produced the Sum of 57, clear of the Expense of Collecting the same, and will be put up at that Sum. Whoever happens to be the best Bidder for any of the said Bars, must, at the same time, pay One Month in advance (if required) of the Rent at which such Tolls may be Let, and give Security, with sufficient Sureties to the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads, for the Payment of the rest of the Money Mouth ly . GEO. CODD, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads. Hull, 23rd October, 1833. lAHWOOD's IMPROVED ENT MEMORANDUM BOOK. WITH METALLIC PENCIL. THE Paper of these Books beings perfectly smooth, admits of the utmost rapidity and freedom in writing, and is not in the slightest degree injured by friction; the legibility is, therefore, as perfectly retained, as if it were written with ink. The Pencil is so highly finished and unique i'n its appearance, as to obtain general admiration, while it will be found completely to possess the hitherto inimitable softness of the Cumberland Pencil, from which it differs only, in possessing superior durability of the point. ' fcj They may be had in various forms, either plain or ruled, as Pocket or Order Books, Surveying, Inventory, Reporting Books, or Diaries. Manufactured by J.&F.' Harwood, 26, Fenchurch-street, London, and may be had of Messrs. Qoddard Sc Brown, Packet-Office, LOWGATB, HULL. MANUFACTURERS TO THEIR MAJESTIES AND ALL THE UOYAL FAMILY. J. SCHWEPPE & CO. 51, BERNERS-STtlEET, OXFORD-STREET, LONDON, IMPORTERS of GERMAN SELTZER ; the original Manufacturers of SODA, AERATEd' MAGNESIA, ROC1IELLE, and the following Arti-ficiai, MINERAL WATERS : Acidulous Soda Water, (Single, Double, and Treble,) Ditto Rochelle Water' Kali or Potass Ditto, Aerated Magnesia Water. Artificial Seltzer, Spa, Pyrmont,and Seidlitz Wafers. Cheltenham, Harrogate, and Bristol Hot Well Waters, fresh from the Spring. ' The above Waters are prepared both in Glass and Stone BottIes,and a liberal allowance is made for empty Bottles when returned. N. B. J. S. & Co. also manufacture the above Waters at Bristol and Derby, and are sold by their Agents in all the principal Towns of England. Mr. CHRISTOPHER BELL, 13, Wl,itefriargte Sole Agent for Hull. ' BELL ROBINSON and SON, Agents for Beverlev Mr. HATTEKSLEY, Agent for Barton. Price Sevenpence. D,R. AYRE ON CHOLERA. Price 6s, boards. Longman Co. A REPORT of the METHODS and RESULTS of the TREATMENT for the MALIGNANT CHOLERA, by small and frequent Doses of Calomel. Bl' JOSEPH AYRE, M.D. Late Physician to the Hull General Infirmary, He Re. " Dr. Ayre has now added a third publication to the list of bis works, and which will not detract from his well-deserved reputation. The facts and iigui-os speak very forcibly ; and a mortality of only one in five in so large a number of cases must procure our author a host of proselytes." Medical Quarterly Review for October, " The principles and practice inculcated in this work entitle it to the serious consideration f the Profession. We strongly recommend this work." Medieo-Chirurgteal Journal for Oct. " If every method of treatment of Cholera had been so well arranged, condensed, and recorded as the one followed bv Dr. Ayre, we should not have heard of so many ' tbuusand and one' remedies for the disease." London Medical and Survival Journal fur Sept. s recently relinquished a j..a Morning Establishment in the Neighbourhood of London, is desirous of forminpr an Engagement with a Private Family,, as RESIDENT GOVERNESS. In addition to the usual Branches comprised in a solid English Education, she proposes to instruct in French, Italian, and Music; and, while no exertion would be spared to secure to hci Pupil's a thorough knowledge of each of the above Branches, tlie utmost attention would be paid to their Moral and Mental Improvement, Kf" Letters addressed, (post-paid,) to M. N. Hull Packet Office. NCHOR FOUND. 1 AN 'ANCHOR, nearly new, 9 Cwt. 1 qr. with about 85 Fathoms of I-Jjj inch CHAIN CABLE, was swept and landed here: supposed it was left by some Ship about five or six Miles South of Bridlington, in the Gale on the 31st of August and 1st of September. Bridlington, 10(7i October, 1833. TO THE OF THE HULL DOCKS. Mu LofjC La Hies, and Giiilhmrn Beir to announce myself p. CANDIDATE, ailU rCSI UClIll V tO Rn lf-1 t l- hVAllr n L'n,. V,. e fur the Situation of PRINCIPAL CLERK, about to be vacated by Mr. T. J. Buckton. Having-been engaged upwards of Ten Years in the Mercantile Business of the Port, 1 trust I shall be able, on the -lay of Election, to produce such Testimonials as will be deemed satisfactory. I am, my Lords, Ladies, and Gentlemen, Your obedient servant, JOHN STUBBING. TO THE PROPRIETORS OF THE HULL DOCKS. My jrds, Ladies, and Gentlemen. Besr to announce my intention of becoming a CANDIDATE fir the nfRnri)niMPini , v.....w. JUU, 1 lUHWI iXj CLERK, on its being declared vacant by the resignation of Mr. T. J. Buckton. Having resided upwards of Twenty Years in the Town, and been actively engaged in General Mercantile Business, I trust that I have acquired such information and experience as warrant my aspiring to the situation ; and being personally known to the Merchants and others who are interested in the Trade of this Port, I venture to hope that my character and capabilities for the Office will be favourably acknowledged. On these points I hope, on the Day of Election, to lay before you Testimonials of the most satisfactory nature. In the meantime, I am permitted to refer to Messrs. J. and J Sanderson, in whose House I have been engaged, as Principal Clerk, for the last Nine Years. Permit me to add, that should I be so fortunate as to be elected, no endeavours or attention shall be wanting to prove myself worthy of your confidence. I have the honour to be, My Lords, Ladies. and Gentlemen, Most respectfully, Your obedient humble servant, THO. EDWD. RADFORD. Hull, October 23, 1833. TO THE SHAREHOLDERS OF THE HULL DOCK COMPANY. Siy Lards, Ladies, and Gentlemen, AVING already publicly announced my -m minuiiziirj jor tiie Situation as CLERK to the Hull Dock Company vacant by the resignation of Mr. Tiios. J. Buckton, and having confirmed the same by my personal solicitations for Vnilr Trf.-,r- n,J l . T L . n, .. , UU.-BHUU inicieoi., i oeg to oner my thanks for the courteous manner in which I have been generally received, and to express my satisfaction that it is the prevailing feeling to withold your promises of support until the period of Election ; so that, without favour or partiality, you may eventually place your confidence in such hands, as will be the most to use it to the best advantage for your respectable Company. It is upon this principle that I would prefer your candid decision ; and hope that, on the proper occasion, the Testimonials which I shall produce of my qualifications and character, will not be unworthy of that support which I respectfully solicit. I am, my Lords, Ladies, and Gentlemen, Your most obedient humble servant, HENRY ST ANl FORTH. npHL Cgnamissioners in a Commission of -H. Bjustfrupt, bearing date the Twelfth d,y of No-vembjOtio Thousand Eight Hundred and Thirty -on-, awarded and issued forth against ROBERT BLOW of Great Grimsby, in the County of Lincoln, Merchant, intend to meet on the Twelfth day of November next, at Eleven o'Clnck in-the Forenoon,, at the Kingston Hotel, in the Town of Kingston-upon-IIull, in order to audit the Accounts of the Assignees of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt, under the said Commission, pursuant to an Act. of Parliament made and passed in the Sixth Ymr nf tin. rs. r t,:, i. "-'5it vi iua iau.- ma jesty King George the Fourth, intituled "An Act to o.v,,,, U Y n t.: . n ... . aiuiiiu me mws relating co uanKrupts;" and the said Commissioners also intend to meet on the same day, at Twelve o'clock at Noon, at the same place, to make a FIRST and FINAL' DIVIDEND of the Estate and Effects ofthe said Bankrupt, when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their Debts, are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the behefitof the said Dividend. Andall claims not then proved will be disallowed. By Order of the Assignees, WM. DRYDEN, Solicitor. CORDIAL BALM OF RAKASIRI. arkafeRPcure, performed bv the nhm-a iulaf medicine: tonronAAnthony Wm. Wood, of No. 11 , Acorn-street, ,u , iiiouupaie-screet, in the county of Middlesex, maketh oath and saith Thaf hi, j, i.. affected with a liver complaint for eight years, and had vCC.. uuue. ,c cnmeni medical gentlemen, but could eet no relief: when hpino- ri,.ij .... -r, .. Jordan s Cordial Balm of Rakasiri, or Nature's Infal lible Kesturativo, was perfectly cured in the short space oi fourteen days. (Signed) Anthony William Wood. Sworn at Guildhall, Lmdon, tins 20th diy of January, befire mi, Sir John Earner, AlJerman. Prepared only by Dis. C. & J. Jordan, ofthe West London Medical Establishments, 60, Newman-street Oxford-street, and 14, Caroline-street, Bedford-square' London. In bottles at 4s. 6d. and lis. each ; or two lis. bottles in one for 20s.; or four lis. bottles in one family bottle for 33s. duty included, by which one 1 ls.rbottIe is saved. The government label or stamp has the words ' Charles and John Jordan, London " engraved on its official impression, and is uniformly pasted on the cork, to protect purchasers from counterfeit imitations. This inestimable medicine will keep in all climates, and may Ryder, Noble, Stephenson, Hull ; Hattersley, Barton ; Turner, Beverley ; Creaser, Market Weighton - fy'.r? w;,,B"Uey' Snaith; Mason' Tll0rne Brooke & Co., Walker, and Ibeson, Doncaster DeMi-ton and Moxon. Marsh. IUiwk,. ' v.i. r.. , Gainsbro'; hherwood, Driffield; Rayner, Bridling. , . s nmswortli, Scarbro' ; Yeoman Whitby : Lumlev.K rliumr,i,i. ... ''l'-1". c -.t , J , laaiiLUIl, L'lCkerlllP' Smulison, Malton; Hurton, Louth; HofV, Snilshv ' ivou.usun, A.iord; Snell, Caistor; Ball.Brigcr. Walter Market-Ra.sen ; and most respectable medichie venders throughout the United Kingdom. Kalcme vende Drs. Jordan expect, when consulted bv letter tho usual fee of One Pound.-addressed, Mey tetter Drs C. and J. Jordan, West London Medical F,ti NATIONAL PROVINCIAL BANK OF ENGLAND. TIF, DIRECTORS hereby give notice, tlmt HlP TWPn rtP CUTTI BUP1LT11 .!....: ,. " """ww, ciiiiLDilir.tlll CUUGUlUllCg the Company will lie for the Signature of the Proprietors at the Office of the Company, Levant House, M He en's-Placc, between the hours of Ten and Four o Clock each clay. It will be necessary that the Proprietors should bring with them their Letters or ScriD Certificates, which will be exchanged for Certificates of icgistry Powers of Attorney, with a Summary ofthe Uced of Settlement, will be sent to such Proprietors of the Company as are unable persouallV to attend at this ffice- T. I.AMIE MURRAY, Sec. Levant Umise, St. Ileleii's-P.'ace, London ; September 23, U;33. Agent for Mull C. FROST, Esq. THE MARKETS, &c. HULL CORN MARKET. Oct. 22. The farmers still continuing busy with their field nperatiaris, again c.iiisc' .- Ibin atlomlani-:', ami a thirl sillily nf wheat, the best samples of which were taken bv the millers at an advanced Is. per qr. above tiie iiirrencs i.rlast wccl;,.n:d:llihiMii;;i a similar advance cannot be oofed cm oi.'n-r I'.evri'.iiniM vet there is an improved demam:, v.-itii a uis'pi-sition to i c'i business, bad wheals been Irecly sbcv. u ; the condition f the new continues ir-euliereut, yet the demand IVir old wheat remains vcrv limited, and no improvement in value can be m.led. There are verv Tew t.ats ollern.;;. and prices without .-.Iteration. For licans the tra.le is vei i.'-'l, aim prices rather I iu-c-. Vol much barley olibrhlg ; tber.'-was a iau enquiry alter g nod mailing oualiHes, and is. per i;r. over the currency of last week lias been paid ."or such ; eo alleration in i.licr descriptions, iiapiseed dull s.ale. and a nedine of Uis m last has been submitted to ouring the r.cek. So alteration in tho value oi linseed. LNliLISII. s. Wheat si ."' lrt Oats, Poland. ........... ts Small nr Feed, new 1U Old hi-. Linseed Caket-ton . Kapc Cake V ton,.. cin ....XSt'Os Fortran-! jr. . Whe.itJIaii'liro-.'vrtr.stocK.'iO .'it. Oats, t)anUh&- Unmliro'.. Ifi IS tlarley, Magdeburg & Saallm on "cans IKi O.i IVas, White , Oil Hit Tares (duty 10s. jr.) . Uli O I.inseeil.idllty Is. lqr.).. 42 iO ltajiL-sced, (dlltv ls.t; (jr.) pur last...e-2li .tiT'lus. New.. 00 2(1 Barley, Norfolk & Sulliilki-o oo Liucobisbire.t Wold hi) no Beans, Tick, new :ift- ;h Harrow (.! mi Peas, white A'.i 41 Grey ;! :u Tares on on WEEKLY CORN RETURN FOR HULL. TOTAL QUAN'riTIi;. TOTAL AMui:.VT. 1-UICK I'UR vl'AIC (luarlers. Rush. .. t. rf. X. s. d CM 1 Ua (1 0 2 7 4 o :i7 i fi 17 ir 317 1 r, 0 lfi It 7 II O 1 !t o- 0 KI ID O I ! ii 4 H5 14 li 2 3 0 Wheat Barlev Oats Rye ileans EJeas AVERAGE PRICE and DUTY on GRAIN. (Poll the Wi:i;i; ENnixn Oct. II.) Imtierijl AfflT. Aver nffi.W. ..l... li.,.. . Average. wliicli regulates Duly. Foreign Com GRIMSBY CORN MARKET. Oct. IS. Wheal, l-s to ISs. ; line, lies, tn (His. Ilarlcv, 20s. to ; due, 00s. Oats, ISs. to ins. ; fine, lies. Items, 3Js. to 40s. : One, Mis. ' LEEDS CORN MARKET.. Oct. 2-2. The arrival or grain n-tolhis day's market has been larger than last week. There isi.u alteration in the value or dm-wheat, bin damp new and Male old have been somcwha' lower, if sales have been ellW-ted. I',es: malting barley Is. ncror. higher, with a belter demand 'or secondaiy oualilk-s. Oats and sbi-llinc have not varied in price. Means have been heavv sale. Mall and rape-seed without allera-.Hn in value. WAKEFIELD CORN MARKET. Oct. 1 !. '1 ,.ere is fair arrival of wheat f.r this oav's market ; no malerial variation c,i be stated in the value of any deserii.tion. but the middling sorts sell very slowlv. Uarlcv is enquired for. and til;.- (me?; south readily tiringi an advance of l s. r or. ; in Yorkshire ijiialiiK-s no.iliei-.-iinii Pi price. Oats and shelling steady beai.s continue di li at tiie rales of this clay se'uuigbt. No alteration m other articles. CORN-EXCHANGE; MARK-LANE. Noy. ' . We had a short so;,, ly of.-.U sorts of corn this morning fro,.- Lssex, Kern, and smi .ll;. Nevertheless the wheat trade was heavy, aut' . barely sinpmod l.,s: v.-eeb's .l ices, even lb-the finest samples. Inferior sorts v.-erc oiibrwi til. is. nor or. cheaper, and a good quantity remained imdi.posei! of. Iteal due malting bal lev was much en-mired after, v. bin, fully supported the isolations of la.tniiii .uay. All other oeseriptions iverc nllered on lower terms todisttllcrs and corn e,i.-.t:iers, v.-lihout being enabled to ellect a clearance, there is no ata-raiiuii i oats, &c. Sew beans aie rather cheaper : and white .cas are full as I'ear I''i:i.kii Wheat Rye-. Barley mailing .... Peas, white boilers Beans, small tick Oats, potatoe ..... Poland Feed Flour, per sack km:i im . 34 . Si! . 21 . 22 . 16 , U 33 3V 'ift ii 60 grey . . ui:.r'r, i drkot f'r wheat remains nearly as on Monday, with very lutlo doing. Barley and oats are also quoted as oil lait market day, and for beans ami peas, as well as all other descriptions of gram, we have no alteration. r LONDON bMITIIFIEL!) MEAT MARKET. Oct. v?l. Uecf, for tiie Unest oxen, sells at 4s. to -1s. !. per stone -mutto,i, for prone young ilo.vns, is worth is. to Is. Sd. ; Veal for prune young calves, sells at, 4s. to Is.,:,:; dairj-.fed porkers arc 4s " 'Is;, : .coarse a.ld inferior oxen are from as. iud. to 3s.4iL-and the nilcn-jr sheep are :.s. 2d. tn Is. ' ItliAK OP CATTLE AT MARKKT. Beasts, :)-3ifi Sheep, ismau Calves. IU- ( Pigs, 250. LONDON MARKETS. C From the London 'Price Current of Tuesday.) i-3l!i"?TThcLddiferics of "rh'sh plantation continue to be broited, but on the whole there has been rather an increase of Uu.l m?;tvo Sn,rm,"marli.f'- In ''V" anJ VMt 1'idiatl.ereis tom-paia n ely l, tls doing. The stock of Mauritius in the importer's bands is limited. Ueflned more inquired after. "oporwrs ,mC.'tr'"i?'7?'l,esalcSM!',1!ri,tis.h l""ation. at the late decline, are small. I'oreijjn are still little inquired alter. Tea. The market is dull at preten. S".':Th; ''"liveries are exceedingly small not havineex-ceeded 300 puncheons for home use aud exportation. Proof Lc-e ward, are hardly saleable at 2s. Id. per (jailon. The arrivals of Monday have been large. umi oi Cotton The trade is at present quiet. Accounts from Canton received to-day state that the demand there was active. ,J'""-0" Tallow. The present price is 4-s. 3d. to 45s. Bd. per cwt BORSEN HALLE LIST. niiK-'fu?,?,";-17'- ;MthoKh hc supplies of wheat have beer, only small, little disposition to purchase was evinced, and the trans actions consisted merely in small parcels of bestqualitv The suppf; ot rye issmall, and the business doing therein trillini, but sfill pricesare . gher Barley is also quiet, and in lilllercmmst The oLs"ror"hrab'C "UP1,' "f mts r'0Hld b0 "hpusXfin small lots, for home consumption, at the quoted rates. Peas are read v s dc in small parecU, but those only of boiling quality ijeaiis of good dry quality, (ind buyers. A parcel of Meckle h. m Seed as sold a the lowest quoted rates; in the country also so , elbr ther sales have been concluded. The small parcel of raoe-cates ok'irsmal'b"d bUyCr" 3t Ur 1uoio"s- Ot UnX.&3 sSSTAiS, ftMS tariiy.0 of 8rai0 paS5ed rl!.?J?'iJlS,.a 10 J0,'"!' ''"vf. Mecklenburg, 13D t.. 2:Hdo. vie , j-n -Ji '", mo to Mb . o. Anhalt. red !10 to 2,0 do-wmto. 2SJ to 300 d.,tIo!stciu, ISO to a do anm'f I-,, ,i rj VV '"""'aint, loci to tsudo Archangel, to do. Holstcin, lofi lo HH do. Oats, Iiider, i to s)l oiks 11 .Uteiii, Jo to 102 do. liarlcv Mecklenburg, Izoto i:i.-,mks. Malt, Pomeranian, to inks. Peas, ICS to2"0 inks. large, ISO to ISO mks-small, 101 to 204 do Oil cakes, bosccd, 50 to 00 mks rape, 32 to 33 do. ExciiASCEsParis.g months, 18S-. Genoa .t'mnnths ItW .vwu-. c. FROM FRIDAY'S GAZETTE. EANKItUPTS. Edivare TJcnman, Mark.lanc, watch makcr-Genrgeami William T. la.rbrothcr, Birk.eie, Uncasbire, calic. iiriftcre-n rl, Oregory, Lu on, HcJrordshire, m ibsters-Heurv' K i, tuallw-Wilhain tt. ' SiB, Ilosier.lanc. 'VvW S ,'ithfieLl It hi" turerr&TaSW mercban , .v. iK, at the Kingston Ii;,,el, nJ Lcc York' PAatxiiasim. UissoLVED.-Murray and Taylor, Leeds, nursery-FRO.M TUESDAY'S GAZETTE. BANKRUPTS. tonln.nrro,0g,Portscf' ?ioneer-Thomas Riddle, and Chris. VSe l,'m?r '"""-Williain M. Po'rter, Vfreat ms-1, mouth, .Northbt ST. ic icnurcn-slrec' wine merchant Thomas It .l,, -i-...." iiuiinas i,'.iiu l-eiicIiureli.tniiM worth, Uurhaui, dealer. -,...,.... Iswi.vb.vt.1. Ueorgo .Moore, ShenicVI, victualler-Wm Smith Totle.,luiiii.coitrt.road, veterinary surgeon. ' .m7!n'''TTS fjV''U"lVAlf' Insc!,:i !. Launceston, Com. v'nV '''J'';rW'lliilm X)M"' liueklcrsbury. Manchester DIVIIIP.KIM. J. WriclCV. KnOwll-. Tnrlrilnn, I. . v. .... .... .....ol,w, a mm, ,Mi, i iiiuucrsuei l WriJe Srul coatcs, Yorkshire, limber inerciiant, ,-Jov. 14, at the (Joor;. Inn. Id. .it I1. ll;-rri',"nsl9'.,''il Arms '."" Hi.U'lcrsliul t'-S. WriJe, SculJ HULL GENERAL INFIRMARY. IN.PATIEVTS. I OIIT-P-1-iint Str!aW'c- V;i(Tfir'nrrJ bvthn ff "-www PllVKICIJin . V- r!-. ,1..-. " " ' , iK.Ch.ihnsrs. SurjeMn, MiT HuDtincton. r, U. itQuiict K.q. Chaplain, itc. 11 Crof. IIimsL'-vii-itirr, HIGH WATEll AT HULL. Oct. 56. Saturday . . 27. Sunday.'. .. 23. Monday. .. 89. Tues.Jav.... 30. We.l ies.l.iy 31. Thursday... Nov. I. Friday .... Eun-Tiiie , feasts, Jtr. I past 4 '10 oast 4. '-'1 .. 5 . 21st S. aftTiin. I it . o GRIMSBY AND HULL PACKET-BOATS Oct 21. Saturday .. 27. Sundav.. .. 2H. Monday , . . 211. 'i'ues-.lay.. . . 30. Wednesday 31. Thursday,. I 30 m. past 4iafto'ru BAIL PDfiM mi, 1 HAIL PROM UKIUKBV j O i. past U aftem i'oZZZZ -i ) a 3 .3.1 a o . o . il o morn. Nov. . i imay . . , . The It ival Charter Steam Packet for I! .rfon .,si. ., turns from Barton to Hull! t-f ln-h w-iter Ur e::rhcri aml C and SCb, o-clocl.onecSk K,'. a, sev, Und toli'KXef S hnrse.boatsafis trim H " I twUm,.,0-!??'" Jhe Nciv H"l,s'" f-n No, Holfi Wheat 52 -J, , ft! 8 si 8 Barley 30 S :ji) ir, m Oats 20 0 I" II 3 3 Beans Z M 5 ZZZZLZZL 37 fi ', 14 O t'oas HI 9 33 8 l2 r,

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