The Times from San Mateo, California on May 7, 1976 · Page 50
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The Times from San Mateo, California · Page 50

San Mateo, California
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Friday, May 7, 1976
Page 50
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12- ·. Mole · THE TIMES Friday, Moy 1. '976 Gang Kills | Slayer's Profile 9 Officers In Mexico By JANET PARKER A psychologist's profile describes the slayer of two North County women as a paranoid schizophrenic with religious training in witchcraft, astrology and the occult. Det. Bob Robinson of the MEXICO CITY, Mexico ( A P I - More than 1,000 detectives searched today ~~- "·"· ·* ------ ~- -- tor five terrorists, includ- Pacifica Police Departing a tall blond man and a ment said that a psycholo- woman in black, who shot gist was consulted and a and killed nine law enforce- profile developed after the murder of Veronica Ann Casern, 18, of Pacifica on Jan. 8 and the murder of Paula Louise Baxter, 17, of Her supervisor, Cora N e i l , said Miss Lampe never annoyed any of her customers and was always polite. She was attractive and had lots of friends, Ms. LA Cross Court Allows Suit I Tighter Laws Burning On Crooked Gambling Probed SAN FRANCISCO AP) -- If you lose money in a crooked gambling ga'me, you can sue to get your money back -- even if the LOS ANGELES (AP) It was 1:35 a.m. when the money back _ even it the me i sound of running footsteps gamb i ing wa s against the dents. Neil said. awakened Melva Wright to f a ,-. »i._ ._»-·» r-....« ~t She was about 5'5" with an orange glow at the window. A cross was burning on her lawn. Room tavern operated by Z.B. M. enterprises and four other persons. The bar has changed hands since the 1970 gambling inci- ment officers in a residential suburb of Mexico City. Those s l a i n i n t w o a t t a c k s on T h u r s d a y Millbrae on Feb. 8. included six police agent's Whether or not that same assigned as bodyguards to profile might describe the a p r o m i n e n t f a m i l y , two murd "" »' Police said one witness heard the attackers shout ·they wore members of the 23rd of September League. The (,'roup. named for a r.-iiti on a Chihuahua army harrncks several years ago, San Francisco -- has not been determined. Robinson said the profile described the killer as having severe sexual problems and a h o s t i l i t y t o w a r d a ' o n e ' o f "Mexico's 'most women as well as a poor a c t i v e u r b a n t e r r o r i s t r e l a t i o n s h i p w i t h h i s Krnum mother. K ' The murderer, the psychologist's profile stated. and sadistic Ford Beefs Up His Campaign He was described as isolated with few sexual contacts. His father, according to the profile, may have been a punitive and ineffectual individual. Also noted were possible sexual relationships with animals. Robinson said the Pacifica Police Department also has a physical descrip- WASHINGTON (AP) President Ford said today his No. 2 man'at the Commerce Department is quitting to join his campaign. The announcement came H .o^ .,«.. « i,. v ~.-- r after a Republican senator tion of the killer -- a right- met with the President and handed white male with declared that losing Ford's dark hair, h o m e - s t a t e p r i m a r y The Pacifica and Mill"might ... he devastating." brae murders -- using laboratory tests -- have been Sources at the Commerce linked by the two police Department said Undersecretary James A. Baker, whose r e s i g n a t i o n was a n n o u n c e d by a Ford spokesman, might try to woo uncommitted convention delegates for the President. The White House s a i d no one has been departments. South San Francisco and Daly City Police Departments haven't said if the more recent two murders have been committed by the same individual. All four women were stabbed to death. Two of the women -Denise Lampe and Paula Baxter -- were described selected to fill Baker's job at Commerce. The announcement that ,,-,.,,.. James Baker would join as friendly and popular, the Ford campaign came Miss Lampe was a part- shortlv after Sen. Howard time salesgirl in the cos- Baker. R-Tenn., met with metics section of Mervyn's Ford at the White House. Department Store in Serra- The senator emerged say- monte Shopping Center, ing that if Ford loses the primary in his home state of Michigan "it would be very, very bad. It might even be devastating." long brown hair. M i s s Baxter was a friendly but quiet person, according to Bill Frisbee, her supervisor at the San Bruno Parks and Recreation Department. Miss Baxter was a baton instructor there for nearly two years. She taught more than 50 girls from San Bruno and Millbrae and was a majorette at Capuchino High School. "She seemed like a person," Frisbee said. "Nobody around here knew her that well." "One little girl put her baton away when she heard about the murder and she w o n ' t t a k e i t o u t a n y more." Frisbee said. A neighbor of Miss Cascio said the Pacifica victim was a boisterous girl who didn't have many friends. She was a senior at Thornton High School -- t h e c o n t i n u a t i o n h i g h school in the Jefferson Union High School District -- at the time of her death. Carol Lee Booth lived in a S o u t h San F r a n c i s c o apartment building with her husband. Michael. Others who lived there knew l i t t l e a b o u t t h e woman except that she lived there no more than six months. Her body was found in a wooded area along Colma ·Creek near the 6-unit apartment building Travel Up at International Air travel is "up again," at San Francisco International Airport, according to airport officials. During March, said Airports Director William J. Dwyer, 1,396,506 passengers trekked through the airport boarding gates. This is a mere .87 per cent increase over air t r a f f i c during March of 1975. but the year's average is up 6.73 per cent. law, the state Court of Appeal has ruled. Richard L. Bradley has sued to recover $70.000 he The 29-year-old black said he lost betting on the woman living in a white outcome of pinball machine neighborhood of suburban games at the O r c h a r d La Mirada on Thursday Room bar in San Carlos became the latest target in Bradley said he subse- a wave of racial attacks W h i c h have a l a r m e d authorities and spread fear through integrated neigh- $4 Billion Aid Bill Vetoed (Coottamed From Page 1) that they take chemother- should be committed to a apy treatments daily to mental institution, reduce their violent tenden- ^^ , aw ^^^g that c' 68 - persons'can be committed The patients had, he if it can be shown that he said, neglected to take or she is Imminently dan- their treatments before the · gerous to society, but Dr. murders. ·· K.Gurevitz said it is hard to "Pacificans are shocked prove this since there is no at the early release of definition, violent mental patients and ,. We need this defini- they are demanding protec- (jon - · he sald .. an( i we tion that the police cannot nee j it now ·· provide because of current Dr Gurev jt z said that in borhoods The FBI, quently learned the games were "controlled and manipulated by means of cutvrTnx IAPI hidden electronic, mag- WASHINGTON (AP) _ _ i : A nA .i n ,i n ,Mn A i " president' r oru netic and sonic devices. He had appealed dis . today vetoed a $4 billion military law," said Nelson. State law has no provisions that communities must be n o t i f i e d when violent offenders judged insane by the court are released from institutions. "·"· . He had appealed dis- v TM*u " r 1 '""""" ' " .7 ' released from institutions. The FBI concerned , of thercase by ^ e foreign aid authprlzation Nor does state law man . s .ny about possible civil rights San M ateo County Superior bill, saying it contained date ^ released mental ald violations, entered the case r , w h i c h ruled that unprecedented and uncon- patients must take pre- after four cross burnings, an effigy hanging and the skinning of a cat were reported in the Los Angeles area. In R e d o n d o Beach, where t\vo of the cross burnings occurred, the pol- i c e d e p a r t m e n t h a s diverted its entire intelligence unit to the case. was a , n . . gress "to become a virtual ^administer in foreign a f f a i r s decisions. Some All-Out Search (Continued From Page 1) Radiation At Moscow Embassy Up WASHINGTON (AP) -Latest tests indicate that levels of microwave radiation at the U.S. embassy in Moscow are higher than levels recorded in March, a c c o r d i n g to a S t a t e Department source. The source said renewed concern over the radiation was expressed by U . S . * · Walter Stoes- I cable dts- trees in a creek bed at the Sharp Park Golf Course in Pacifica; Miss Baxter's body was found in a grove of Eucalyptus trees behind a church in Millbrae; and Mrs. Booth's body was discovered in a h e a v i l y wooded area near Colma Creek in South ,San Francisco. The body of Miss Lampe was found crumpled in the front seat of her car parked at the Serramonte Shopping Center in Daly City. said claimed throughout the investigation that he was in Oakland at the time of the murder. Detective Robinson also acknowleged that the Pacifica and Millbrae police departments are looking very carefully at a man who is now in custody in Burbank 'Family Hour' To Stay, L.A. Judge Says LOS ANGELES (UPI) A federal judge Thursday halted the "family hour trial" over sex and violence on television, saying program makers had failed to find "the smoking gun" that would prove the network ban is government censorship. U.S. District Court Judge W a r r e n Ferguson told attorneys they should try to compromise out of court and report back to him Tuesday, commenting it may be "utter nonsense to continue the lawsuit." The suit was brought by groups representing television writers, producers, directors and performers against the three major television networks and the Federal Communications Commission. At issue was the "family hour" policy, under which the networks restrict sex and violence in entertainment programs during two hours of evening prime time. The p r o g r a m m a k e r s charged that the FCC, which is forbidden by law to interfere with program content, illegally pressured the networks into imposing that unprecedented and uncon line was ille- stltutional restrictions that *. - _.. birred him ^'^^j! 1 !.?,^ from trying to collect his lo co loses. In a ruling announced T h u r s d a y , t h e a p p e a l s court said Bradley would re e course re o d nly r if m he e h g a a d Dions'^ law violin the saVe serious ate the constitutional sepa moral turpitude which the ration of powers between defendants exhibited lhe ex«"tive and the legis- · Bradley ?S iS contri- latives branches of govera- bution was an intent to ment, Ford said, gamble, which although The legislation imposes lometimes found contrary broad new congressional to good morals, is nev- controls on foreign arms Dr Qurevitz called on ertheless a common human sales.; It also allows con- tne state lawmakers to failing often accepted and gressional veto of proposed define fte word "danger- sometimes even encour- foreign aid grants and cred- ousness . w that ps ychiatr- aeed bv the law " said the lts to countries engaging in ists and j udges can better anneals court ' d i s c r i m i n a t i o n against · - -- · - - ·' · · O n the other h a n d . American contractors on defendants' purpose was racial or religious grounds felonious; they intended to, or engaging in violations of · · - human rights of their own citizens. .In a lengthy message to Congress, the President cited "a number of unwise restrictions," including ceilings on arms sales, the the last decade there has been a 100 per cent increase in violent crimes among youth. ; Open House At patients must take prescribed medication. Superior Court Judge F r a n k Piombo told the g a t h e r i n g t h a t h e h a d noticed a d r a m a t i c increase in the number of violent crimes perpetrated by former mental patients. "I can't remember when we've had such a surge in killings by violent mental patients. This is an area we've got to tighten up on," said the judge. A special open house for 'the mothers of boy members is being held tonight to celebrate Mother's Day in the San Mateo Boy's Club c l u b h o u s e at 200 Quebec St., San Mateo. This special event follows closely the recently held Second Annual Awards Dinner, also held at the Club. In addition to awards presented to boy members for outstanding achievement in various sports, game room activities and craft shop skills, Kita Lealao was honored as the "Boy of the Year:" Fea- »» ,,.... JUU6 ^ --.. tured speaker for the eve- d e t e r m i n e if a person ning was Robert St. Clair. and did ,,.. and at least one of the addi tional crimes proscribed ... relating to the fraudulent use of gambling paraphernalia," the decision added. Defendants are James D. D o h e r t y , 3 the O r c h a r d requirement that countries receiving aid meet international human rights standards, possible removal of trade restrictions on North and South Vietnam and the termination of grant military aid after fiscal 1977. The bill was passed 215 to 185 in the House and 51 to 35 in the Senate. Both margins were less than the two-thirds majority needed to override a veto. Jobless (Continued From Page 1) by 1.3 per cent -- or 1.1 million persons. nearly 450,000 of April's This was a ,, from earlier months when the r a p i d expansion of employment has been con: centrated among women. The report was welcome news to President Ford's economic advisers, who were confronted Thursday sale prices had ended Jobless Rate Rises Slightly In California SACRAMENTO (UPI) - California inched up from evidence as of yet. but have he*feof all three networks, been told by Burbank police an unusual summons. that the man has admitted The judge halted the trial to a murder after hearing both Wiley The ^ j s a n and CBS Pre | ident Arthur escaped mental patient Taylor, described as an from Utah, who has told ori gi na tor of the "family Burbank police that he hour" concept, testify that traveled through San Frana i th0 ugh the subject was Gen. Alexander M. Haig Jr., the NATO Supreme Commander in Europe, cancelled w a r games scheduled for the area by land and air force units from the United States, Britain and Italy and said he did so to ensure that Italy's national resource would be applied exclu- saie prices u a u enucu c a h'f orn j a inched up from sive ,,,,,.,,.._, 'accused the abruptly with an 08 per 9.5 to 9.6 per cent in April, networks'" of conspiring to cent increase in April. the state announced today. ,,,,,..,,. K ».. J , r .-,- | ? disguise government cen- U n e m p l o y m e n t held The A n fi marks June ^ nationa i elections sorThip al an independent steady at 7 million persons the first time since March that may give it a share of policy during April, compared to 197 4 that the jobless rate g o v e r n m e n t p o w e r , massive traffic jams. Much of their case rested the recession peak of 8.3 was ] owe r than in the same promptly pitched in. Party In Majana. near the cen- , ·v.ooHnoc TM. Nnv v. million. month of the nrevious vear secretary Enrico Berlin- ter of the devastated area. 61-year-old Ninda Stecotti said she first felt a mild " ' mi.- i '""" ·"·=--· «·-·"· "·- -- -- - tremor and went out onto ^ c ,,* ... February. This tol- j m p r o v j n g economy. The area to join in the effort, lows a substantial decrease rate was 9 7 per cent a yea r H e sent a- party delegation from the recession peak of r ^ udine to see what else " " p e r cent last May and 6 ' Italian Quake (Continued From Page 1) facturing f u r n i t u r e and Majana was almost totally kitchen utensils. f l a t t e n e d and t h a t the nearby town of Forgaria with a population of 3.000 was 90 per cent destroyed. Police said the area around M a j a n a was the most severely damaged. They said several newly constructed six-floor apartment buildings in the town collapsed, trapping residents in the wreckage. Officials said other hard hit towns were Vitobono di P i n z a n o , V a g Buia. The towns are about 14 miles north of Udine, Friuli's regional capital. Reports reaching Rome by emergency radio said more than 25 per cent of the houses in Buia and nearby Osoppo had collapsed and that scores of residents were trapped in the debris. Thousands of frightened survivors rushed out of their towns and villages after the quake to spend the night outdoors in the 50 degree weather. Police said the exodus caused The Vicenza-based South European Task Force, a high mobile U.S. Army unit serving within NATO, dispatched six UH1 helicope- ters to the disaster area in the hills around Udine. A helicopter shuttle supplied affected areas with water and a platoon of a r m y medics left for the area by land with medicine, blood plasma and stretchers. The West's largest Com- list party, preparing for apartments are looking M uen O f their case rested the recession peak ot B.J was lower than in tne same p romp u y pitched in. Party :ry carefully at a man on meetings on Nov. 22, million. ,,,,,,,{,, O f tn e previous year secretary Enrico Berlm- ho is now in custody in 1974 an d Jan 9 1975 to Joblessness has stooo ai _ which ^ Employment guer, in a message from urbank. w h i c h FCC C h a i r m a n TM for the past two moinths Development Department Rome, instructed party He said they have no real Richard Wiley invited the down slightly i r o m r b per said was an i nd i ca tion of an branches in the affected ndenceasofyet.buthave heads of all three networks, «*:'" ^ruary; I 1 "!,TM 1 : improving economy. The area to join in the: effort . A s p o k e s m a n s . and CBS Preident Arthur an abnormally steady five- emplovment increa sed in Italian President Giov- nth decline between last A spokesman said an aDnormauy sieauy live- emplovment increased in Italian President Uiov- month decline between last all ma j or j ndustr j e s in the a nni Leone and Interior "ctober and Febuary. state and unem pioyment Minister Franco Cossiga Improvements in unem- decreased by 51,000, but allotted more than $1 mil- nvmont (irrnrred among {ell short of the norma i i ion to rescue efforts then breadwm- s e a s o n a i reduction, n, whites, accoun ting for the slight and mar- men. Joblessness fell rise in the jobless rate. Nationally, the rate held to the area to see the uo ...age first hand. Pope Paul VI sent a message of condolence and said he was spokesman said could be done. The suspect is an an d CBS Preiident Arthur an aonunuauy,»«-«_·»- emplo Also police have determined that Miss Cascio, Miss Baxter and Mrs. sel in an official caoie ats- Booth were sexually u-aveicu UIIUUBII uau »-K»I 0 .. _._ --,.-. patched within the past few assaulted. They are unsure cisco and Peninsula com- discussed, the networks days to Deputy Undersec- whether the assaults took munities on his way to wer e not forced to accept retary of State Lawrence place before or after the Southern California early the policy. Eaeleburaer. murders. this year. As attorneys for the Eagleburger has been D ,. . . . . . . . Miss Cascio was killed on involved in tllks over possi- , p ° llee know that Miss Me health hazards of the Lampe was not attackfed radiation with the Ameri- sexually, but some officers can Foreign Service Asso- {^"^^tilhToff he? llV'fnreLrf servicsToffi- attacker in the parking lot of kidnap and robbery. ~ smoking "gun" linking the P eak - For women, how- j n A ;1 near i y ,,.,, ....... ,^ u . ,,,,,,,,.. u.o. luiuigii aeivnc uni n n H {,,,,,,,,) him in iriil hor u» _£,, TM;j H,-I D^i- ,,_?..- .1 ?.--i, ever, e m o l o v m e n t has ,, v, nr oc nno uoar aon ( orm a miracle six days o v e r d u e . The belief in Naples is that the blood of St. Januarius liquifies each May 1 and that failure to do so is an omen of a catastrophe to come -- like the earthquake in the north. Officials said the town oR cers. orders' thisvear. As attorneys for the riea men. Jooiessness ,eu Nationa lly, the rate held condolence and said he was Miss Cascio was killed on plaintiffs questioned Tay- from 5.6 per cent to 5.4 per steady at 7 5 per eent , prayin g f or the quake vic- Police know that Miss j an . 8 and Miss Baxter was ) or the judge broke in to cent amon S adult . men - t while the total number of tims, their survivors and amoe was not attacked slain on Feb. 8. sav they were trying to get T o l a l e m p l o y m e n t w o r k e r s w j t n jobs the recovery workers. Ta'vlor to put the blame on \mong adult men is none- inereased to a record high. Thousands of Neopolitans Wiley theles . s stl11 about 150 ' 000 In California, 931,400 packed the Naples cathed- "You're looking for the below the prerecession persons were without jobs ral today to pray to the smoking gun" linking the P eak - For women, how- jn A u nearly ^ ^^ , ocal pa t ron saint to per- government to the network e v e r - « n JP' o y TMK" t ^ number as one year ago. ban, the judge said. exceeded .thar.,e a rlier peak to her terrace to see what was the matter. "A few seconds passed and then a t r e m e n rumble came that shook the air," she said. "I don't known how long the earthquake lasted, but it seemed to me like an etermity." Seismological officials said the main shock lasted 50 seconds. Canyon (Continued From Page 1) facilities and persons who, under present conditions, would be sent to a state hospital. The local hospital would provide innovative treatment programs utilizing l a t e s t t r e a t m e n t techniques, Oddenheimer said. There will be environmental training, occupational and industrial therapies. p e r s o n a l g r o o m i n g , i n v o l v e m e n t o f f a m i l y members in the treatment, and use of the hospital for colleges. C u r t Firestone, deputy program chief for the Mental Health Services Divis i o n , said the cost of operating the hospital is estimated at $3,218,046 a vcar under private contract, and $3,132,100 as a county facility. H e said t h a t t h r o u g h state and federal subsidies charging patients able to pay, and a rental income of $104.000 the county would charge the state for nous- inc mental patients locally . ^ . ..' . . . . ' and forced him to kill her before the sexual assault. Through laboratory tests, police have succeeded in confirming that Miss Cas- eio and Miss Baxter wjre slain by the same man. Police speculate that although they know Mrs. Booth was s e x u a l l y attacked, they are unsure whether laboratory tests can help them attach a link to the other murders. Mrs. Booth was reported missing March 15. the day the coroner's o f f i c e estimates she was killed. Her body was found by two youngsters on Tuesday. Since the deaths of Miss Cascio and Miss Baxter, police in Millbrae and Pacifica have traveled to Sacramento and other Northern California cities investigating all murders involving sex occurring in recent months hoping to establish a link. O f f i c e r s i n t e r v i e w e d numerous suspects and up u n t i l several weeks ago were able to eliminate all but one person, an East Bay man, who police said a witness placed within 100 yards of the Cascio murder scene at the time of the slaying. Detective Robinson said the man matched psycholo- Party Fetes George Ford . _ . ,, M«««V .·!·_··. Will 16 luG sfa'in on'FebVfL ~ sav they were trying to'get Total employment w o r k e r s "" w i t h jobs The suspect was arrested Tav i or 1 0 put the blame on amo "g a* 1 . 1 . 1 men . ls .TM!!5; i n B u r b a n k . D e t e c t i v e Robinson said, on charges of kidnap and robbery. He also said that Pacifica and the other North County police departments have been advised that a series of sexual slayings have been occurring in Washington and in Reno, Nev. "The slayings are similar to the ones we've had here " said D e t e c t i v e Today is George Fords Robinson. birthday. And because it is Det. John Kirby of Daly also, he says, his final year City who is investigating as groundskeeper of the the Lampe murder, said. C e n t r a l Park Fitzgerald "Our department is inter- Field, an impromptu gath- viewing numerous suspects e r i n g of f r i e n d s was and clearing them as fast planned this noon, as we can." Described by those who South San Francisco pol- k n o w him as "a g r e a t ice also are interviewing worker." "an all-around by about 1 million. Unemployment rose 0.5 KctfWrJr.Si Farm Sold increased slightly for teen- SOUTHAMPTON, N . Y . agers. It held steady at 7.3 ( A P ) -- Millionaire art per cent for women. collector Huntington Hart- Long-term unemploy- ford has sold his 168-acre ment continued to decline horse farm at nearby Brid- in April, falling by 260,000 gehampton for "under $1 to 2 million persons. Per- million." sons out of work 15 weeks The sale was disclosed at or more now comprise 30 a Southampton appeals per cent of the total num- board meeting Thursday her of unemployed. night. BLUE JEANS · LEV! SHRINK TO FIT · LEE BOOT CUT · LEV! BELLBOTTOM OlSEN NOITE 1580 El Comino, San Carlos THE SADDLE SHOP. Ihurs Miles 'til 9 ^llllllllllllllllllllllllimiMIIIIIMIIIMIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIII^ suspects in the Mrs. Booth slaying and are awaiting a full report from the coroner's office. great guy." and "everybody's friend," Ford took a special interest in baseball over the years at the field. IRECT IMPORTS 7 DAYS A WEEK 1 ,| ITtinn lit' l)utT«'l« incluHr till': ', mill !M." Tin' imr shown ulni' mililullv FORREST A. LEE, formerly with Burlingame Volvo, is pleased to announce his affiliation with... FORREST A. LEE revenue of $35,387, as com $310.550. , bora- U»y tests eliminated the man as a SUSP 001 ' who nc ALAMEDA 142? Park Street {17 Is Hi* wultfl tartl (1m KM* M rut M bl«t vmfl PHONE 865-2100 SAN MATEO 3690 El Camlno RHl 1101 lo HinvW* fed ml 'PHONE 349^sooi MOUNTAIN VIEW £ )379 El Cwnlrw RMl £ H O I » «ta*l.«j lo I«I«T = ·*»«" ·«· * «'«*« 5 PHONE «8»-6001 ROYAL VOLVO MOTOR SALES non-Sal tO-6; Sun, 12-5; ilimili M. 'til 9. San MttM-MI. View Itan. Til 9 280 South Van Ness Avenue § | San Francisco, Ca. 626-2171 | iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiNiiiiR Watch for EVERY SATURDAY · Until 11:30 in All Stores SAT., MAY 8 SPEC'US: WESTON MASTER 6 Exposure Meter Limited quantity. Reflective and incident readings. Needle lock. Reg. . Price $39.95 ONLY $27« GRA-LAB 300 Darkroom Timer Luminous dial. Minute and sec. timers. till 11:30 Similar values in all depts. till 11:30 PHOTOGRAPHER'S ^^ ICMIEMS DEPARTMENT STORE SAN MATEO, 1 i 14 E. 4ih Avenue, 344-6877 HILLSDALE Shopping Center, 345-1678 s» rrnnclMO, Pnlo Wlo, EnMrldRO and The PninoYjird

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