The Times from San Mateo, California on January 22, 1971 · Page 9
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The Times from San Mateo, California · Page 9

San Mateo, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 22, 1971
Page 9
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THE MARQUEE By Barbara Bladen Oaklander Peter Carpenter got- his acting start and his producing inspiration from another Oakland show business promoter Russ Meyer. The similarity ends there. The 'handsome young actor whose family, the Pasqua Cor- bellis, still five in the East Bay is .very honest and direct about his three and a half years of good luck that propelled him sible Jude, saint of the impos- was my confirmation name and going into business with only S10 to my name seemed impossible. But al! my friends and family had faith in me and put their savings into my film. We shot it inside Jack Warners old house and in the downstairs apartment where Bitte Davis used to stay." "I'd always admired Alfred from the slack-making business!Hitchcock pictures, the talent he to actor-writer-produccr of four j has for springing the unexpect- films. His first. "Blood Mania" opens in the Bay Area next Wednesday. "A girl friend of mine was! stead of just sex and violence, I ed on his audience. All I knew a'bout filmmaking was from working with Meyer. But in- being auditioned by Meyer for his film 'Vixen' and he noticed me standing with her in a photo. When he asked if 1 was an actor, she said yes, although I'd never acted in my life, never siudied acting or even thought about it. I got a role in this film but she didn't. That's how I got into the business." Unlike the good old clays of H o l l y w o o d when studios searched tor new faces and then groomed them for stardom, there is neither money, interest nor many studios anymore. So Carpenter figured he'd made his first and last film unless he set about to make himself into a star. During -"Vixen" he got an idea for a story in which he would play the lead. He sat on the sidelines during shooting and made friends with the camera crew, telling them of his idea and asking their support. With Chris Marconi, he wrote "Blood Mania" and formed Jude Productions Company. added a good acting We've done a n d d i r e c t i o n , great business everywhere its played so far. So I guess the formula works as entertainment. "When I'd finished shooting I didn't know how to gel distribution, but figured I could market my f i l m like I did the slacks. I packed up the color slides and a portable projector and went around knocking on doors." His second feature, just completed. is "Point of Terror," with a thhird due to begin in March, "Middle of Midnite." Number Four will not be a sus- end called "Legend of Vol-| canos." While he continues to star in his own films, a major studio offer has been made for him to star opposite Michael J. Pollard in Warner Bros.' "Dirty Billy." "Blood Mania" costar Maria de Aragon steps into a major role in "Cages" because of Shelley Winters' favorable impression of her performance. "The industry is in bad shape. The people in Hollywood don't care about films. They're only worried about lining their pockets," he said. Friday, January 22, 1971 'Efjt San Mat^a- Civic Light Opera to Present 'Candide' The premiere o£ Leonard Bernstein's new version of the musical "Candide" will be the second event of the 1971 Civic Light Opera season at the Cnr 7 ran, opening or. July 6 for seven | weeks only. Bernstein is coming to California :o supervise the rehearsals of tihe'production, which will [include several new numbers in addition to .those he wrote forj Mary Costa will co-star as'the film version of ''Song of .Northe original presentation. not-so-proper Cunegonde. She Originally staged on Broad- .. way in the 1856-57 season. ''Candide" had a i( HelLnvan which BOX OFFICE OPEN DAILY 11AM-8PM M A K C - R O I E R T T H E A T R E S UO Emerson. Palo Alto Weekdays Open 6:45 Sat.-Siir. Cont. 1:30 "LOVERS OTHER STRANGERS" plus Alan Bales in "KING OF HEARTS" 30 Emtnon, Pjlo AHo Wcekdoyi Open o:45 Sat.-Sun Cent. !-30 "DIARY OF A MAD HOUSEWIFE" "DOWNHILL RACER" 430 Emirson. Pilo AHo ElliollCoiild "I LOVE MY WIFE" Dins Jabon Roha r ris A THOUSAND CLOWNS 71S Llurtl, Sin Cirlot 533 8091 Open Dciily cit 6:45 SmldcW C:ini 'mm 1:00 "3' IN THE CELLAR" "3 IN THE'ATTIC" h peared in San FraDcisco l A n many operas, as we 'book by Lillian WESTSIDE VALLEY ·I'hrnlrei the Metropolitan Opera. Can- from Voltaire's satire. The book elide will be * ipiayed .by Frank is being readapted by Sheldon Light Opera presentations and PatLikin to place the accent on one of the current stars in the even more humor 'than 'before Streisand in THE OWL THE PUSSYCAT" / ib s ; i oo ciqucl Wt-lcli i" BEDAZZLED" 6 0 0 £ 9 J O From 1JC Sunday crtu! .inft t/.i "IT TAKES UP WHERE 'SOUND OF MUSIC 1 LEFT OFF!" William Woll. jnffini BROCCOLI SEAN CONNECT pense shocker, but "Maiinecs Wed., Sat., Sun. £ Holidays 1:30 p.ra Evenings -- ;h-u Fri. 8 p.m.; Sa!.-7:OD and 9:45 p.m.; Sun..5:OD and BiOO p.m. Mexico setting based on i : : 3 s a oo ··THE MAMCCHRISTIAN THUNDERBALL "/ TESENCE YO'JNG ) MAIBAUIUOHN HOPKINS ' -7KEV1N McCLORY. JACK WHilllNGrMUAN FLEMING THE** BREWSTER 1^ BEMCF1'J70 Ja:l, Nicholson in "FIVE EASY ,,,, PIECES" 3:50 Sli'vr McQjr'i-n id "BABY, THE RAIN MUST FALL" ; cos 103 On.-nblSS.ii Wjrtefc experts Witt GUN, ROD t NN! LiM · · Buffalo Miino · Cottontail Rabbits Gnie · PheJSJnts · Ducks "BREWSTER McCLOUD" CALL THEATRE F O R T I M E S PLUS: 'THE SAVAGE WILD' C A L L T H L A T R E F O R F E A T U R E TIMES 7L)LUIO.. ? .5 ply. An1onioni\ ABRISKIE POINT Op-ro-lb.v.nnlay Coming; "CROMWEll ·*· · ~r ~i )pm a\ G-'lbpm. S'yi-. t h O w S l d r t s a ; Wr,ln.-idoy 7:00o.m. : J'ni^ci.y .'?· [ Open W-dvs.6:15 Cntr Fri. f/ Sal. \Qac Sjt. Sun. Cont, u 6:00 p.m. S F r o m l : O O P . V . Othrr Days S;30[ A different kind of film from the director of M*A*S*H METRO-GOLDVVYN-MAYER pwWBREWSTER MCCLOL'D 1 n. BUD CORT · SALuY KELLERVAN · MICHAEL VURPHY WILLIAM WINDOW nd REME AU5EWCKOIS IVMWI / CORAMV/ILLAV. CANNON DifCiagvPOeCRTALIUAN PiKtnMtvlOUACLCP M'mtn M'mm Good! PETER SELLERS-GOLDIEHAWN n "THE P A R T Y " 49 C: Cjmmo- MIl.LfiPrtc · ' S o u p ' 7 1 0: 20 Sat.Stl n. 3:30, 7:00. 10:20 ' P a r t y ' 8:40 5: 15 8:40 A FULL LENGTH FEATURE IN TECHNICOLOR' Shocker Snows Yors;i Vampire The Banshee" K E N S T E I N Psiav'sb'and Hetabr WILD BUNCH LAST 4 DAYS ENDS TUESDAY SAN MATEO SAN MATtO 3W-C70G FOX REDWOOD R E D W O O D C 'V 3 5 3 - 3 3 6 0 SEAVUE PACIFIC 3 5 5 - 2 '5-'. S T A N F O R D P A L O ALTO 32.M75I FOX SKYLINE-, SAS BRUNO 3 5 5 - 6 3 - 1 2 CINEMA HACIENDA S U N N Y V A L E 2'15-9935 W E E K D A Y S : 5:00.7:00.8:45 SAT.: 12:00-1:45-3:30-5:I5-7.00-8I5 SUN.: l:-15-3:30-5:15-7:00-8:-l5 ADULTS S2.50 UNDER 12 $.75 ROBERT REDFORD MICHAEL J. POLLARD Little Fouss and BIGHALSY,, AN ALBERT S. RUDDY PRODUCTION J^J .LAUREN MUTTON NOAH BEERY LUCILLE BENSON AUli'nYs. KUDDY CHA«!.tS [ASWAN SIDNEY 1, f'J«ll JOHNNY CASH A P A R A M O U N T F LAl'.SHir P R E S E N T ATI ON · B JO Snl -Fciu^ 1 Pt 5 "N*f M c, .10* 10 00 ^^^^^ js, (,t I 00. .1 JO A F I S \ "fOnt OVPSlTBYSHR MICKJAGGER NED KELLY ONE OF THE YEAR'S TEN BEST! A.T'V YOU* DAILY f.'f There has been nothing like it in a generation! And nothing like its star, Ali MacGraw, to remind the world of the kind of stars that used to glisten in Hollywood! Her appeal--and that of 'LOVE STORY'-is strong enough to counter gravity! Al'i MacGraw may have performed a miracle for Hollywood. She is an echo of a time when Celluloid City really was a dream factory, when people truly went to the movies every weekend. She represents not only an" irretrievable past but a plausible future. She is the Girl Who Made 'LOVE STORY' Happen!" "'LOVE STORY' is probably as sophisticated as any commerciai American movie ever made! It is beautiful! And romantic!" n| CanSy. Nf*- Yorl 7,m C 5 Ali MacGraw Ryan O'Neal 1 HOWARD G MINS'fl-ARTHIJR HIIL.ER PioCuclion John Marley Ray MillanrJ HOVWRD G.MINSKY. DWID GOLDEN H Fri. i Sat. Conl lroni-1 p.m Suit, thro Ttiuri Cent Irora 1 ; 30 .- I · 34a-AS1T · HIUSDAUCINEMA Moil ilnnFfi 1 7 30 S 3 . 3 0 S,'S7 3D i G 30 All MacBraw Ryan O'Neal ' JohnMarleyi RayMilland THE 2 BIGGEST BONDS OF ALL THUNDERBALL" "YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE LOVERS [R flflD OTHCR MARLO THOMAS "Jenny" ' L o v e r s ' 8:^0 S.It.Sun. 5:20.3::o ' J c n n y ' 7 : 0 5 1 0: 25 7 : 0 5 , 1 0 : 2 5 OPth 6:.'5 P i.l ^ "THE PRIVATE LIFE OF SHERLOCK HOLMES" - PLUS - GP' "HORNET'S NEST" ROCK HUDSON IT'S A MAD STANLEY KRAMER MAD WORLD 108 S«i Mine SAN BHUNO , M j J . 8 . io Sat.SU n. 1 2: 30 4:10,9:00 'Elvis 1 7:00 Sjt.Sun. 3:05.7:20 P-TAMATIMEEISAT! ONCE ONLY .«.: 9:30 A.M. "WHERE ANGELS GO TROUBLE FOLLOWS" Bartra Strtuand TO" -^and the Puuyul

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