Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 3, 1944 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, July 3, 1944
Page 1
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r A v'i In HI 5j ji DOUBLE DUTY _DOLL/!RS-._ urk * * * » atljj $ "A Progressive Newspaper For A Progressive Community' WEATHER Fair Tonight and Tuesday Full Report On P«RC 8 Vol. LXVIJI, No. 154 ESTABLISHED 1885 MONDAY, JULY 3, 1944 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Three Cents s| American Troops Open New Drive On West Coast Of The Cherbourg Peninsula these Seven Led Americans Through Perils of War Attorney W. J. *"~\ 1^ » *»tb~s > t?K*!$<im - • _ ts* •>-. -*rj-^^^^,^- cwi* BMiMi^MBMMBK-r- ' - BHHM ^ HB ^ H ^ HM | aB J They Struck At Dawn Today With the Weather Against Them BRITISH ALSO . . MAY HAVE BEGUN NEW ATTACK Fierce Fighting- Is Reported Between Caen And Viilev Boeage (K.v t'niloil Aincnrnn troops! I're.s.s) in Krjinuc LATE. -ai <[ \r. a r.ev. 1 ot'I'pt-.- western coasl vt Tho Yjiriks struck fit daxvn with *.h>: aoiin.*t thorn. L<iouten- a nt Genera.' Omar r^T. Bradley acnt his Amnrican First Army forward In H deii-npnur so kcnvy I', turned thr i>nt!li>i'i'onncl to'mur!. Hardly tmd the lust gun-shot ochoftl from American mopping up opcrftdoiid on the northern end of tlm peninsula, thfir. the Yanks were; nil :hii march again. The no\v ot't'enMiv? broke alor.;," a f,il"ly narrow front, below St. Sjfiu- vcui- Li.- Vicumptc. That.'.M the sector wh-.'rc thi: Yanka smashed the njaiu i-ore ol' .Nazi I'C'si.-itanco in the original (Continued on Paj,'0 8) •• STRONG ATTACK London, July 3—(UP)—An Allied ficadfjuarters suys American 'L'o'.'ces kuinchccl a strong attack ori a '10-mile front between -ft. I,o and St. Lo d'Ouvillc In Normandy today. The general direction of the at- laek ':; soiuhv.fird. but there aro no details on its progress. ——oOo AVAILABLE TO KUSSIA Funeral Rites Of Mrs. Margaret Pearce Wednesday, 2 P. P. Aft'fi. J.'firL".'irr-t T.ltkf) f'enrcf, if. wi.'i- of Afi'nir I'earce of LT> Mcl- iwiirnf iTiiin, dlcrl SnUird/iy in tbn W;iti.H,ury imspitfil after a brief Wilmington, Del., .Inly 3—(Ul 1 ) —Snviet Ktinsiii will receive the ii<'O7>ri:ne synthetic rnhhor process from the United Sttite.s. The sj'nthctic" nfoct-'Hn lias hecn de- ve.lopcrt by K. I. UliT'ont do Ne- infnirs \ C'oiiiiuin.v. And has been madr available In i:u>sla under an ;is r eemnnl mlvnciitcd l>y tin' .foverniiiiint in tbc interi;.-.! of I lie- war effort. oOo • \V.M.I,.\Ci; COMING IIOMK • Chun^-kinr;. July 3— fUP.i — Vice-President Wallace has completed his .15-day tour of China, rind is now on his way back to the C/nitcc! States. Wallace arrived In China on June luth. Shi' horn' April 2.", I'.'li the flfiMghter of ICmm,-. Litkf, \Vatei-btir-v 2-*n i. in Ru- ''.'fit:,- of .| Fciimilry Co. Siirvii'inj;, bi'.iirl(;n her'ind mid iiarcntsi, arc her mutiJrnal K"ailpjir.'nix. .\r-. nnd Mrs. T'Yed- "'•^It t.iikc of Now Britnlr:: throe iM-iilhcrs. r;eor«n rf MaiiKfituclt. .. Mrs. p,, ;.,.,.,, w;is n member of I "inifinut-! Lutheran church, and , r/nlies' Aid uocloty of tho I cliur.-. Kiin,>r.-,| s-rvicos hcid ' First in hi he f|;, y „, .j p m nt rh( , tm . l,iii|),-r;iVi church with .Ko-.'. A. n.-yif !n rolch. paMtor ;,t I.iithi-ran church of Wa- Wounded Soldier Sends Word Lieutenant Bruce H. Brooker Victim Of German Shrapnel In Invasion I'.loutnr.anl Bruce H, Booker, KO: of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J- Bookei of .MS Mill street, who was report, od wounded In the invasion oi France hy the first glider-borne troops of the American Army, hat wrl'.te.n ill's parents from a. Kosplta in Jilnclfiud whom he hri» been con- (Ific-l Mince June Lieutenant Booker writes that he was hit In thn lops and back l>> Gei'trian shrapnel, and that the wounci-H arc deep .and have not as Death Shock To Town Illness Proves Fatal ATTY. WILLIAM NEAIIY High Tribute Is Paid To Atty. Neary Prominent Residents, Organizations Laud'Former Naugatuck Warden Seven United SLitrs residents hu%e led thf American people, through the perilous days of war, six while holding the presidential office. George Washington, us eofiinmmler-ln-chicf of the Colonial forces during the .Revolution tlie Unite presidential olilcc. ueorue *>asiiniKLuii, ivi uv>iucim<niei-<«'-i-"i<-* "• «-••-- ~...., -...~-.. onarv war, was virtually leader of the' American people, too. Lator ho hcramnj oiyl !<• United States when he 'became Die first President" of the Union in 17*1. (International; ouder of I) FRANKLIX D. ROOSEVELT IB83- WAR ir r.vr rf'mor.pry. rrn-mix may call at tho un<-nii home 2.11 Meadow street, ^"•'iy from Y to n p. m. and Tucs- ''• v -''"m " to , r > and 7 fo !> p. m • ^^^^^f^^^f+f*** Ebsn's Diary Mother u n il I re Milking ut liroalcfasl tihoul how some folks K.-t to In- lilR shots and others May small fry iuid she M ii i d what they do dt- l»'nil> ,„, (,„,,. e(l( . y nct , n )t Mlf '"it, S!,,. s: ,j ( i S | H , | tn( ., v t |, r f| r .,t J 1 """" »'e ii-ere ciiarrlod I'd nevrr "' » hli; .,111,1, hGctiu.Hf I n<!ver "'il'l puss the tost of a clean ii ili'i'lnth; r always spilli-d somr- H ni-ver any more """"•'I Ih-re w lls , ;;:' j"- I..M,. <..,d "'rtni right uwaj " MUttlig,. „„ | t . IM alonf; Hno and that there plenty of other .soldiers in his hospital ward who arc much worse off than he is. He tolls nothing about the invasion or huw he sustained his wounds, but it wan expected that he was cauKht In Gorman shelhnK nfle," he and his men firtd landed in the nifjht find took ovor some sOvitetric point, t'.' hold until the inrnr.try hit beaches some hours later. The soldier has been In the Army for three years, and previous to obr.air.inf his commission at OlM.cer Candidate School hoc! spent nearly a year . in the South West Pacific theater of war. He has been in Enpland since IMS and has been in training with air-borne troops *lnce that time. then 1 u cloud cloth rianc,,,] if f drop a 'hunk LN'CMi: KHUN r^if- for >onie Maybe WK have M,..»""-' '"" lrv ?' Metro Music •"" rt ' »» Church Jit. Tel, .««7. llfil HOYS AJIKKSTEO Cambridge. Mass.. July 2—(UP) ,U P)—Four young boys — ranging from 10 to 1-1 years—have boom ar-i-sted for allegedly running what Is called a "Boy Scout racket." The youths reportedly stole SOI while posing as Boy 'Scouls collecting salvage. Police say they huve confessed seven thefts. —Fourth 'of July Hid Vacation nt-.-dw iin> noiv Iwlnjf fcnlurpd nt KiiphiiflX Cluiri-li Htn-fl, tho Fashion Ont«r or NiMijpituck.—Aav, No Fireworks Heard To Date In The Borough With the inlvunt of tin; Fourth <if .July here on Tuesday, ninny of the older residents of the borough almost miss the noise of exploding fin-works (hat In former years Nieniiliy,i;d tho "arrival of Independence Day. The powder formerly usi-d In flrocrntkers Unit e.vpl(idi:d harmlessly In tho air now is-being used in lethal American weapons on many war fronts, weapons Unit all hope will llllllu: this gri.-iiti-st of all wars, the lust of all wars. To da.te there has nut lii-en a single firecracker explosion noted in NiiiigatucU apparently tins .stock of holdover 'crackers and caps from other years having definitely run out on tltc: youngsters. Corporal Wojtczak Died In Landing In France No Meeting Of Draft Board Here Tonight Thcro will be no meeting- of the Naugatuck Draft Board, 14-A here tonight. A mooting later in the week is being planned but final details have not as yet been worked out. The draft "board office will bo open tho usual hours on Tuesday, July -I. Independence Day. VOTING FN BOLIVIA xi Pax. Bolivia, July 3—(UP)— Bolivians are going to the polls to- lay in a seeihinq: political 'almos- jhero. Two persons were killed -ind 51 were wounded Sunday in pre-election outbreaks in three sec- ions of Ihc country. In today's ••lection( voters will choose con- enlion delegates who will meet \uitust (ith to selecl a president xnd vice-president, • Landing Barge Of Union City Soldier Was Target For German Heavy Shells According to information that lias been received by The News I Corporal Thatldctis Wotjczak ofj Spring street, a son of Mrs. ' Thomus WojtC'/.ak, who last wccl was reported killed in the inva sion of Franco, gave his life foi his country at practically tjic 1 mo. mcnt that he set foot on the sand of the beach in Normandy, Authentic details indicate that Corporal Wojtcxak, who was with the combat engineers, one oC Uncle Sam's hardest fighting and hardest working divisions, stepped oi'i: the landing barge which brought his unit into tho beach, and almost before he could move, was caugh!; in a. shell burst from German heavy guns that were intensively shelling all landing craft in their range, Tnc local soldier is said to have died almost instantly. Private William Mu'lcskybC Curtiss street, was another Naugatuck boy in tho same unit of comba.t engineers with Corporal Wojtczak and be is now in Normandy,- it is believed. He has been overseas Sgt. Hadzega NOTICE In accordance with tho holiday ohservanco, Tho NaiiR-ii- Inck Dally News will not l>e piihli>lii'd, July 'till, Independence. Day. nearly a year and is a former stir baseball player here. In Action Failed To Return After Flight Over Naziland June 20 Katharine Daly Died Sunday At Home On Oak Street The'War department has notified Mr. and Mrs. Elias O. Hacl/.ega, 332 , Cherry street extension, that their j Sl - Francis son, John, 21. a sergeant in the Army Ah: Corps, has !7L-en missing in action, since June 20 after a flight over Germany. ""Sg-t. Hudzcga. arrived in England last April, and wrote his folks that he was 'a flying armorer. He had not mentioned anything about flying missions in his letters to the family, and the War department telegram was tho first indication that he was flying. The missing sergeant has had training: as a. K-unnor as well, and it is presumed that he served in Another Naugatuck soldier who! that capao it y on a combat flight. is in the headquarters unit of 1 the same combat engineer regiment is Sci'Kca'nt Joseph Angiollilo, son of Prior to his enlistment in January,, 1943, Spt., Hadzcfra was employed' by the Watci-bury Tool Co. Mrs. Maiy Angioliilo of 513 South; He attended the Bridgeport Trade Main street. Others arc Scj-peant school. Walter Ploski of Greenwood street! On DJDay 'tlio serpeant met his and Frank Kwasnicwski oi School brother,'Alex, a corporal, who has been on the island stronghold since last November. Tho two ware stationed at the same camp but neither brother was aware of the (Continued on' Page 8) —VViir time menus at Jeff's KP..S- taiiriirn\ Church street, provide nourishing-, homo cooked food nt rciisonahlu [jrlccs,—Adv." other's presence. The two, however, (Continued on Page 8) Miss Knlhcrinc Daly of 3.0S Oak street died Sunday at 12:30 p.m. at her homo. Miss Daly was born in Ireland, the daujrliler of the laic John J. and Ellen (Clancy) Daly, and came to Is'aug'atuck as a younpt jrirl, residing; here since that time. For many years Miss Dnly was an- employe of the now defunct Dunham Mills. She formerly devoted a great deal of her time to Guild, a charitable or- and was a member of I.he ladies' auxiliary, Naufcatuck brunch, Ancient Order of Hiber- nians. • Survivors include two sisters, M'iss Theresa B. Daly, who retired last year as principal of the Oak street school, and Miss MarR'arct .Daly; one brother,. P. H. Daly, proce:- oC Naug-atuck, 12 n'iccus and nephews. The funeral will be held Thursday morning- from I he McCarthy funeral liomc, 21' Cedar street, at 8:30 o'clock to St. Francis church at 9 -a. vn. .Burial will be in St. James' cemetery. Friends may -call at the funeral home Tuesday and .Wednesday afternoons and evenings. As Wai-den of the borouprh of Xaujratuck, I desire upon behalf of i.hc people of our community to pay our humble tribute of respect, love and esteem for William J. iS'eary, whose death on July 2nd shocked our Commonwealth. He displayed so keen an interest in local affairs that his activities in behalf of '.lie public welfare demanded much of his time and atl.cntion. Attorney Neary w.os elected Warden of the Borough of Xnug-atuck I wo limes. He also served as a member of the Board of Education, and Borough Clerk. He was chairman of tbc Naueratuck draft board of World War I. ' In later years, allhougfli TM lonp- cr holding- public office, Attorney Xe.iry .always responded graciously .w h c n c v e r his opinion was sought, and continued to give generously of his time in community affairs. We lender to his family the community's sincere and heartfeltsym- pal.hy in their great loss. Warden Leo J. Bvophy. This tribute to Mr. Ncary was paid by K.i—\1 P. Baldwin, president of the Chamber of Commerce: "The death of William J. Ncary is sad news to the people of Naugatuck. Mr. Ncary was one of the Prominent Resident Passed Away Last Night At Summer Home In Middlebuty Attorney William J. Ncary, of Fail-view avenue, for many years one of Naupatuck's prominent and most esteemed residents, died early Sunday evening at hU summer home in- Middlobury. A former borough ofticial,_ state legislator arid one of l.hc largest property owners in Naugatuck. his death was a. great, shock to l"ho community at large and was tho major topic of conversation in aJl circles here today. , Attorney Neary for -the past some time ha* been in failing health, and although, in 1 a critical condition about two months ago, yet rallied enough to show a decided improvement. On Saturday his condition took another turn for ihc worse and although everything- that medical skill 'could BUg-gcst was done, all proved unavailing. During hi;, long career, Mr. _ Neary held several borough offices, including two terms as borough warden. He was a member of the General Assembly in 1897, .and served as chairman of the Naugatuck Selective Service board Jn the First World \v«r. ' . Mr. Neary was one of the founders of the local Chambel- of Commerce, serving at one time as vice- president of the group. He also served as a-director for 12 terms. He was generous to worthy causes and often spoke in their bc- halr. He took an exceptionally keen interest in the community and worked for its progress. He was one of the group in the drive to build the present Y. M. C.. A. building on Church street, and (Continued on Page S) (Continued on Page S) "Weekend Robbers" Active Again In Union City No developments were reported n the brexlc it the Shell service •nation, .387 North Main street. Union City, which occurred probably Saturday night or Sunday norning. No devclopraents were reported n tho break »t the Shell service tation, 387 North Main street. Union city, which occurred prob- bly Saturday night or Sunday lorning. The «tn.tion, owned by Byron oble and Gordon Ranslow, was obbed of a number of gasoline oupons and.about $200 in cash, it as; reported. Entrance was Rained through a. car door. Just how much worth, ens coupons was stolen is. not ct known. This break is another in the present series of wcclccnd robberies. Four ((unions have been brokoJi into in the past month, each over the weekend. r ANNOUNCEMENT!! MEETING Bridgeport. July 3—(U P)—Tho Republican .State' Central committee rnpcts. at Hartford Friday to pick .|.he' dates', for the state nominal ing- convention. At the same time, the dates will be determined for the 'senatorial district and congressional' conventions. The News is seeking- the name and address of every Naugatuck resident now in the armed forces of the nation. The purpose is for the presentation by mail, of a gift as a token of appreciation of the Kau. gatuck Daily JNews for the individual's part in the great battle for freedom. After the list is compiled, there will be no additions made. Please fill out this blank and mail or bring 1 it to the office of The News, 169 Church street, AT ONOE. Name

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