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EoeAnflelee Slmee 6 Part Saturday. October 2, IW2 MYSTIQUE TEMPEST is fiery, funny and feisty." -Michel W1.1.KLY Son. frtea vntin a butane eeiueMy with I My and paaonety -Kevin Trqmtf I A Tana t- I AAelvr AuOmnom ji eji Hon Frl IT I "SHT 1 joo im Silt Sun rjC jZTrVX 24 6 1 MPM i Vt iTt I LAIUULIs-1 hf4 I 1, 394.974) VjiffyTflfc I fossAfri stay on top of with Times home delivery. Ycxi'l always stay on top of wtxat's happening the world of news, sports, business and entertairrnent when you have the Los Angeles Times delivered to your home early each morning. 001 PG IIIKOlMlaWrXIUMlNHMTiJI.

MC NOW PLAYING AT THEATRES EVERYWHERE DDDODiDDDDDBanBBBB Ciiiirinnt'i from pVsf W' which the Mystique games are to he sold clearly are Libeled "Not for sale to minors" and curry the Swedish Kroticu insignia that is well known in the X-ruled movie and video-rassetie trade. Kesten said the Swedish Krolicu name was licensed from ihe parent Caballero Control company to help give the games credibility wiih video outlets that are used to selling the firm's video cussettes. And the warning attout not selling the games to minors is simply an exercise of responsibility, Kesten said. That, after all, is the whole point, Kesten stressed. The problem with most home video games, he contended, is that while adults pay for them, it's generally the kids who play with them.

Kesten, a former marketing executive in the cosmetics industry, created American Multiple Industries about a year ago in partnership with executive vice president Joel Martin, whose background is in toy manufacturing. He said they decided to move into the adult-video-game arena because no one else was pursuing it and distributors and dealers told them there definitely would be a market for such product. Kesten said he anticipates few problems in getting the games into general circulation, noting that Playboy and Penthouse now are available in most supermarkets. The company hopes to have a total of 750,000 units of the three games on the market before Christmas, he said. Beyond that, he said, the firm plans to have two dozen adult games on the market by the end of 1983.

He emphasized that the adult label refers to themes that are "more mature, but not necessarily sexy." Kesten acknowledged that parents may want to store the games out of sight of the children, but he added. "If the kids get hold of them, it'll be OK. There's nothing wrong. They're cartoonish; they're tongue-in-cheek adult situations that are not offensive except to the player when he doesn't score enough points." He later amended that statement when referring to "Beat "Em and Eat 'Em." "That game we should perhaps put a lock and key on," he said, apparently only half in jest. "Even the title may not make it into certain stores." Pubiir Relations Angf-ip'j Tics Times Mirrot Squa'eLos.

Angeies, Oj'i'offj Yes! Please start delivery of the daily and Sunday Times to my home at the rate of S2 25 per week i Hi Mil MISaMlKM SHLIaUN OAKS lff)fdt Vi lm GU SJWtnw Oaki (HilKlilW Ciiimi 9ti 966(1 M0NTQAII SWI HUifY aC MoAltla' Cinema Main Sfumxt 6 il 111 ill IS06I5IJ0II laOriHT FUI TWUSAM0AAS loKOv Wontner Hill UA Ctneiw 60 1076 I064960I OUMl TOtlAHa AMC Otinfr Hill Mann Ow lo I4i6i0T40 j11771 C4AJKE NtmilHSTEl Onlei UA C't Cinrma UA Hail Ili6i4i9ll II4II9J0546 PASADEM N000UN0 HULS Minn GU Woodland Hills JJ19641 03 5I SAN KmAtomO AMC Cenlill Cit I4il84llil (Xlr" SANTA IAMAAA F-Ui 0c Uio Ventuia Ineat'c I605I6I24W a a a Cty no rius ncciniio roa nws MOAOliaiNr QaBPaaaaaaoaaDBBBfl THERE IS SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE GO OUT TO A MOVIE INDEPENDENT THEATRE 'GLIDE "A MILESTONE! Ml l' I i 11 5TT "i.i1 SUN. A fully realized work of richness maturity." KEVIN THOMAS A. TIMES SAT. SUN. LAEMMLE 1 CONTINENTAL 5308 MELROSE 461-4112 NOW SHOWING 'A1Yibutcto SAT.

A.M. ONLY Mastery kSsbm wife Powerful and Frequently Stuns the Beholder VARIETY MMLF'S7 LAEMMLE'S-T 1 MONICA I CONT WENTAL 1332 2ND ST. 5306 MELROSE 17200 981 394-9741 461-4112 gnsns i jiniLjjAji.unjii i.u.uu.i i7ijdn-u bi Tfe Msrwooo Wnn Clui 20 mi 'Mourwooo Winn voue ttiun tlt lULIVKLD GCC wt Plus mil ai i4i CITY of laoustir AMC PurnltH-lKliM 9171566 COST NCSA Idwaidi SouIN Cohi flll 114)546 211 NOtTHtlOCC Ciiwmt Centef 993 111 PALNSPIIIlCSCimelot IKI32I7J LOS ANGELES, 615S BrMAny-024-6271 Tlwnoi Tougti AJ Ovtr, tndi Glrlt(Sp.) ORPHEUM. Mi 1 Broatfwjy-624-6271 Flratoiq Any Whatii Way You Can(Sp.) MILLION 307 S. SUga show: "CIalo RatortM" STATE, 71)1 1 Brohny-t24-271 E.T; CNratM Conractnn; Flits of Fury BALDWIN 1 1,3741 S.

La Bra Av. 290 -1991 NagM SMtl(R); lnctK)ri(PG BALDWIN r2, 3741 S. La Brei Av. 290-1991 Incubus; Tht SoMsaT(R) KIM SING. 732 N.

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7ies Bsv. Srnato of I Summar Nkjfit; Elvira Madtgan CENTURY PLAZA, Cajnl Clty-553-4291 Disnay'i 'Tron" (70mm-e track alarao) CENTURY PLAZA, Canl Clry-5S3-4291 Hanry Fonda: "On rioldan CLINTON. 52 N. Wstarn-4t1-30M Rocky IH(P6); Young Doctors In Lova(R) CULVER a1. 9820 Washington -S38-1893 Last Amarlcin Van(R); lnction(PG-mat.

CULVER 2, 9820 W. Washkigton-138- 1S93 lncubus( TTia BMurtmute P6 inattnM CULVER 3, M20 W. Waanlngtan-t3a-1883 Btada Runnar. Tha Road Wairlor(R-miL EL REY, S617 WHsNra 81931-1513 Bogart African Ouaan; Calna Mutiny EMBASSY. 331 S.

Wstarn-Ki-2121 Hubad Sa Mundo: Pala KiopM FOUR STAR, 5112 WkVara BM. 3t-3533 Viva Zapala: Zorba tVw Sroak MERALTA 9832 Cuk Rocky Authorl AitftorllPSI MUSK HALL, 9036 IMWa-274-666a S. Stanorat Moraau's Adoasacanla' NUAflt, 11272 SM M. -476-6371479-5269 RaaMrs of Lost Ark; Cloaa Encountars PALMS, 3751 MolW-837-7171-7172 Bast UttN Whorahoust; Young Doctors(R) ROYAL. 11523 SU Mon -477-5561 A Comady, a Thratar, a Romanca: "Nvs" TIFFANY, 6534 Suratal GaUa; Tha Lady from Shanghai VA6A60N0, 2509 yWsWra-367-2171 Mtilt AntoiMtlt; Cooputtt WESTLAN0 TWIN 1, 10754 Plco-474-9569 Chan Is MMra WESTLAN0 TWIN 2, W754 Plco-474-9569 ImtWMy cttviNlngl ''Sragory'i Girl" CONTINENTAL 5306 Maoas-461-41t2 Ends Tim 130-3J5-5 45 8-KhlO FAIRFAX 1, 7907 aovsrty-653-3117 Star Trak Tna BMstmstarPe FAIRFAX 2, 7907 Bavariy-653-3117 3-0: Friday tha 13th, Pi Incubus(R) FAIRFAX 3, 7907 Bavarty-653-3117 Nichon(PG); Tha Soktar(R) GORDON.

La Braa, MakoN-934-2944 BastLIWaWltonaSouaa; Young Ooctors(R LOS FELIZ. Vmt 6 Fraiskln-684-2ie9 Las Rank's "Burdsn ol Dreams" OMENTAL, 7425 Suratt -876-0212 Mght ShKt Bast UWa WhoranouaafR) PANPFKJ554 Bavorty-938-7070 RMptniont raoh; Sunmtf LovtrsR) VISTA 4473 Sweat Eriaarhead-. Freaks AERO, Montana at 14th St -396 4990 BestLntJaWhorohoim(R); Rocky lll(PG) BRENTWOOD 1-2524 VmsNra-629-3366 Action Thriarl "Das BRENTWOOD (2-2524 Wltshlre-629-3366 Last American Vkgjn; American Glgolo(R) FOX VENICE, 620 Uncoki 366-4215 The Atomic Cahr, Dr. Strangaaova MALIBU CINEMA Uabu-45 8990 Best LnHa Whwehouae(R) 7M-910 MONICA at, 1332 2nd St. -394 -9741 Ends Tuesday: Comady Hit, MONICA s2, 1332 2nd St.

-394-9741 Ctittffl Potok'i "Tht Chottn'' MONKA S3 1332 2nd ST -394 -9741 Lee Blank "Burden of Dreams" MONICA S4, 1332 2nd St. 394-9741 Sanaa tknaH Soma Braga In "I Love You" EAGLE ROCK, Clnems-2700 Colorado BM. Rocky HI; Last Amerlcin V)rgln(R)-ct. 1:40 EAGLE SpmnaaM(R) EAGLE ROCK. Clnema-2700 Colorado Bfvd.

E.T.IPG) EAGLE ROCK. Cinema -254 -9 101 OnGokJanPond(PS-ct. 12:30 EAGLE, 4884 Eagle Rock -256-3996 The Work) According to Garp; Dlner(R) MONTROSE, 2226 HonoMu-249-3630 Beet Little Whorehouse! Victor, Victoria RAINBOW, 6721 FoothM-353 -6505 Whorehouse: Road Warrior; Blade Runner SANDS, 210 S. Brand Peter 0'Tooes: "My Favorite Year 'IPG) U.S. CINEMA.

232 So. Brand 246-7130 Mickey SpAtanei tha ESOUIRE.2670 E. Color ado-793-6149 Enda soon: Charni Polok's "The Chosen" RIAL TO, 1023 Fair 0aks-799-9567 Harold and Maude; Play It Again. Sam UPTOWN, 2316 E. Colorado Bl -792-5278 Rocky lll(PG); Night Shlfl(R) 9i fly CWIU blinnfoi 117 0060 6UHDAU 50 ktii) II6J11 LUUW HAOI lawtfdi Win loivl IIM94I5II HAMA AMI Into SguiK UIIH.II lAIEWOOO PkiIic Uhewood 5JI9MO KANhATTM KACM Ujnn 6 2IJ 610 10i HIA HI KT UA Cinemas 1222980 IIVCtSIM Canyon Cmt l14i62 6900 U5J BBassaaaaBP aaiaiiiar CANYON, 165 San Dimas Cnyn -599-2345 Garp; Young Doctors In Love(R) C0VINA CINEMA, 104 W.

Citrus-967-4361 1 1.50Annie; Legend of Lone Ranger) PG EASTLAND, Workman 6 Citrus 339-7333 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (PG) EASTLAND. Workman 6 Citrus 339-7333 Fast Times at Rkjgerriont High) Rocky III EASTLAND, Workman 6 Citrus 339-7333 Henry Fonda: "On Golden EASTLAND, Workman 6 Citrus 339-7333 Night Shitt(R); PoltergeistlPG) EASTLAND, Workman 6 Citrus-339 -7333 An Officer and a Gentleman(R) PLAZA, 175 Vermont. Glendora-963-3555 Inchon; The Jazz Singer(PG) WESC0VE. 1450W Covina Pkwy-338 -5574 Pink Floyd: "The Wall "(Dolby stereo) WESCOVE, 1450W.CovinaPkwy-338-5574 Mickey Spillane's the Jury WESCOVE, 1450W Covina Pkwy-338-5574 Amityvllle II: The Possesskm(R) AMERICANA.

6700 Van Nuys Bl. Amityvllle II: The Possession! R) AMERICANA. 893-6441 Split Image! R) AMERICANA, 6700 Van Nuys Bl The Road Warrior Blade Runner) R) AMERICANA-893-6441 Jekyll 6 Hyde Together Again; Up in Smoke AMERICANA-8700 Van Nuys Bl The Last American Virgin; Incubus! R) BARONET, 6937 Topanga Cnyn -340-7434 The War of the Worlds; Barbarefla CINEMA CTR 1.Parthenia-Tampa-993-1711 Paul Mazursky's CINEMA CTR 2.Partnenla-Tampa-993-171 1 Spin Image(R) CINEMA CTR 3.Parthenla-Tampa. 993-1711 Henry Fonda: "On Golden CINEMA CTR A.Parthenla -Tampa-993-1711 Peter OTookt "My Favorite HOLIDAY, 6372 TOPANGA-683-3715 S1.50PollergelsL' Firefox(PG) MOVIES OF TARZANA a 1-996 -1300 The Beastmaster; Disney's "Tron' (PG) MOVIES OF TARZANA 2. 18632 Vent Bl The Soldier; Diner(R) MOVIES OF TARZANA 3-996-1300 Poltergeist( PG Young Doctors in Love MOVIES OF TARZANA a4.

18632 Vent Bl The Road Warrior; Blade Runner (R) MOVIES OF TARZANA f5-996-1300 According to Garp; Endangered Species! R) MOVIES OF TARZANA s6. 18632 Vent Bl On Golden Pond; Star Trek II (PG) PEPPERTREE. at Northridge-993-0211 Best Whorehouse; Endangered Species! Rl PEPPERTREE 2 Reseda Devonshire 993 02 1 1 Sylvester Stallone: Rocky III; Victory (PG) PEPPERTREE3ResedaDevonshlre 993-02 1 1 Blade Runner; The Road Warrior (R) PLAZA. Newhall-605259-6433 Amityvllle II: Possession(R); Beastmaster SHERMAN, 15052 Ventura Brvd -784-9911 Midsummer Sex Comedy(PG); Diner(R) TOWN COUNTRY 1 -17200 Ventura 98 1 -96 1 1 Thrilling Action Hit! "Das Boof '(R) T0WNC0UNTRY2- 17200Ventura981-981 1 Chalm Polo, "The Chosen" TOWN C0UNTRY3-17200 Ventura 981 -9811 Woody Allen: Bananas; Sleeper CREST DR -IN. Norco-735-2140 Jekyll 6 Hyde Again: Endangered Species MAGNOLIA.

Arlington-714669-3344 Split Image; Blow 0ut(R) MISSION. Pornona-714628-0511 Amityvllle: The Possession; Death Wish II MISSION Pomona-714628-0511 the Jury; The Amateur(R) MISSION Pomona-714628-0511 E.T. Extra -Terrestrial; Raggedy Man (PG) MISSION. Pomona-714628-0511 Split Image; Blow 0ut(R) MT. BALDY.

La Verne-714593-0343 JekyH 6 Hyde Together Again: Up in Smoke RUBIDOUX, Hw. 99W. Rvside-663 -4455 Slumber Party; Incubus; Evil Speak! R) VAN BUREN ArHngton-666-2360 E.T. Extra-terrestrial: taggedyMan(PG) VAN BUREN, ArHngton 668-2360 AmltyvtHe: The Possession; Death Wish II VAN BUREN, Arlington -6M-2360 The Jury, The Amateur (R) ANTELOPE. Lancaster 942-2114 Pink The American Pop(R) ANTELOPE, Lancaster-942-2114 Disney: Tron; ConOorman(PG) JET DR -IN Lancaster-Whitehall 2-0622 SlxPack(PG); Oh! Heavenly Dog LANCASTER Dr-ln el 946-2915 Amityvllle: The Possession: Death Wish II LANCASTER Dr-ln S2-948-2915 Blade Runner: The Road Warrlor(R) LANCASTER Dr-ln Best Little Whorehouse; A Little Sex(R) PALACE.

Pakndale-947-2119 The Beastmaster; Author! PALMDALE DRIVE-IN-947-7566 Call Theatre lor Program SHOWCASE. California City 373-8230 Blade Runner; The Road Warrior (R) MOVIES FOUR, Lancaster 805945-6686 On Golden Pond: Arthur (PG) MOVIES FOUR. Lancaster 605945-6666 Ridgemont High; Animal House! fl) MOVIES FOUR. Lancaster 805945-6686 E.T. the Extra-TerrestrlallPG) MOVIES FOUR.

Lancaster 605945-8686 Officer and Gentleman, Last Am. Vlrgin(R) SEE SAN DIEGO COUNTY EDITION FOR SAN DIEGO THEATRES CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE BALSAM 12450 Balsam Rd. 243-3777 Star Trek II; Dragonslayer(PG) BALSAM 12450 Balsam Rd Best Little Whorehouse; A Little Sex(R) BARSTOW TW 1 140 Main 714256-81 16 The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas(R) BARSTOW TW2 140 W.Maln 714256-8116 Young Doctors In Love( Modern Problems CREST LINE. VilUgo 338-3866 Annle(PG); Wilderness Family ll(G) FAMILYTWINsl. San Best Whorehouse: Take This Job 6 Shove It FAMILY TWIN s2, San Ridgemont High; American Wereworl(R) MOVIES 7.

Vlctorvllle-714245-0233 Poltergeist Grease II (PG) MOVIES 7. Vtetorvfc-714245-0233 Officer 6 Gentleman; Last American Vh-gln(R) MOVIES 7. Vktorvllle-714245-0233 Rocky III; Star Trek II: Wrath ol Khan(PG) MOVIES 7. Vlctorvllle-714245-0233 E.T. the Extra Terrestrial FG MOVIES 7, Vlctorvllle-714245-0233 On Golden Pond; Arthur (PG) MOVIES 7, Vlctorvllle-714245-0233 Blade Runner; The Road Warrior! R) MOVIES 7, Vlctorvllle-714245-0233 Amityvllle II: Possession; Death Wish II RIALT0, 230 E.

Baseline 874-7960 Fast Times al Ridgemont High; Zapped(R) RIALT0, 230 E. Baseline 874-7980 Poltergeist; Parasite VICT0RVILLE, Joshua SlxPack(PG); Oh! Heavenly Dog VILLAGE THEATRE Big Br. Lke -866-5246 The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas(R) a CAMARILL0, 390 NLanUna-(805)987-1644 i-ast CAMARILLO. 390 N. Lantana 805)987-1644 ineijeastmaster; bwamp imng(r'U) CAMARILLO, 390 Lantana-(8051987-1644 ine Best Little Whorehouse in lexas(H) LARWIN TWIN, Larvrln Sq.

(605)526-6357 Amityvllle it: ine possession; poltergeist LARWIN TWIN. Larwln Sq. (805)526-6357 urricer 6 Gentleman; Young urs. in Love SIMI. Slml Drlve-ln-526-6824 Jekyll 6 Hyde Together Again; Up in Smoke THOUSAND OAKS, MELODY e1 495-0681 Rocky lll(PG); Night Shtlt(R) THOUSAND OAKS, MELODY 2-495-0681 Blade Runner; The Road Warrior (R) VENTURA, 26 Chestnut St.

648-1868 Paul Mazursky Tempest (PG) WESTLAKE 4711 Lake Vu-889-2919 Ridgernont High; Night ShHt(R) WESTLAKE VIL. 4711 Lake Vu-889-2919 Inchon(PG); Best Little Whorehouse(R) CAMEL0T, 2300 E. Baristo 714327-1273 Chalm Potok The Chosen CAMEL0T, 2300 E. Baristo 714327-1273 Paul Mazursky Tempest (PG) CAMEL0T, 2300 E. Barlsto-7M327-1273 An Officer and a 6entleman(R) PALMS TO PINES, 72745 Hwy.

1 1 1 -346-382 1 Henry Fonda: "On Golden Pond' (PG) PALMS TO PINES. 72745 Hwy.111-346-3621 rjesi Lime vmorenousa tn lexas; uppeo(ri) PALMS TO PINES. 72745 Hwy.111-346-3821 i-irm rwyo: ine rraii(n) PLAZA 1, 128 S. Palm Cyn -714325-2626 Luciano pavaroni: res, tnrgio (Pti) PLAZA 2, 128SS. Palm Cyn -714325-2626 E.T.

the Extra-Terrestrlal(PG) PALMS SPRINGS DRIVE-IN 327-1832 Fast Times at Ridgemont High; Dlner(R) SUNAIR DRIVE-IN 714328-3111 Jekyl 6 Hyde Together Again; Up In Smoke VILLAGE 1, 201 N. Palm Cyn 714325-6022 open image(H) VILLAGE 2, 201 N.Pahn Cyn 714325-6022 Rmnyveie ine possession: ponergent iiopmiT rw amc i nm rinoita.eirr Jeeyn a Hyde logemer Again; up in smoke ARLINGTON, 1317 State St. 966-9382 Call Theatre lor Program CINEMA, 6050 Mister, Goleta-967 -9447 Pmk Floyd: "The CINEMA, 6050 HoUster, Goleta-967-9447 E.T. the Extra -Tirrestrlal(PG) FAIRVIFW, 251 N. alrvlew, Goleta -967 -0744 Amityvllle II: The Possession; Poltergeist FAIRVtEW, 251 N.

Henry Fonda: "On Golden Pond' (PG) FIESTA FOUR, 916 N. State St. -965-5792 E.T. Ihe Extra-Terrestrlal(PG) FIESTA FOUR, 915 N. State St.

-965-5792 Jekyii a Hyde logemer Again(H) FIESTA FOUR, 916 N. State St. -965 -5792 Garp; Fast Times at Ridgemont Hlgh(R) FIESTA FOUR, 916 State St -965-5792 AmnyvHie ine possession(n) GRANADA, 1216 Stale. Sta Barb. -966-4045 An Officer and a Gentleman(R) GRANADA 12 State, Sta Barb -966-4045 Luciano Pavaroni: "Yes.

Giorgio (PG) GRANADA 1216 State, Sta Barb. -966-4045 spm image(R) MAGIC LANTERN Twin. Isla Vista -966-3356 Best Little Whorehouse; Night Shltt(R) MAGIC LANTERN Twin. Isla Vista 968 3356 Garp; Fast Taws at Ridgemont Hlgh(R) PLAZA DE 0R0, 349 S. Hitchcock -662 -4936 Btada Runner; The Road Warrlor(R) PLAZA DE 0R0-349 S.

Hitchcock -662 -4936 Paul Mazursky Tempest (PG) RIVIERA, 2020 Santa Brb -965-6166 Romy Schneider in Garde a Vue STA BARBARA DR-IN No.Golela-964-94O0 Blads Runner; The Road Warrlor(R) STA BARBARA DR-IN No Goleta -964 -9400 The Last American Vlrgin(fl); Inchon (PG) VICTORIA. 33 Victoria -905965-1886 A Simple Story: Clalr de Femme PROGRAM SUBJECT TO ANAHEIM, Brookhurst-714772-6446 Night SMft: Best Lltlk) Whorehouse(R) ANAHEIM, LOGE-714772-6446 Rocky lll(Pfi); The Last American Virgin) R) BALBOA. CINEMA. Newpt Bch -675-3570 Manhattan: Stardust IMnwrles CORONA DEL MAR, Port-714673-6260 The Associates CYPRESS CINEMA Best Whorenouse(R); Midsummer Comedy CYPRESS CINEMA a2.Ball-Waker-S28-1660 Poltergeist: Ftrtfox(PG) FOUNTAIN Fam. Twin 1962-1248 The Work) According to Garp; DineV(R) FOUNTAIN Fam.

Twin 2 962-1248 On Golden Pond; Author! Rocky III; Best Whorehouse (both Dolby) GARDEN GROVE, VaHeyVw.a! 714894-5338 On Golden Pond; Rocky lll(PG) GARDEN GROVE, Valley Vw 2 714894-5338 tvniLirrwvrnorenouse lexas; barp(H) ORANGE. CINEDOME-714634-2553 Pink Floyd: "The Wall (R) ORANGE, CINEDOME-714634-2553 JekyN 6 Hyde Together Agaln(R) ORANGE, CINEDOME-714634-2553 Rldgemont High; Clockwork Orange(R) ORANGE, CINEDOME-714634-2553 AmltyvHIe II: The Possesskm(R) ORANGE, CINEDOME-714634-2553 Peter OToole: "My Favorite Year' (PG) ORANGE. CINEDOME-714634-2553 An Officer and a Gentleman(R) ORANGE, City Center-634-9282 Preview 8.00 Yes, Giorgio; Arthur (PG) ORANGE. Cltv Center 634-9282 E.T.theExtra-Terrestrlal(70mm-no passes) SAN CLEMENTE.MIRAMAR 714492-0056 VILLA PK. TWIN 1 1140 TusHn-639-0066 Annie; Inchon (PG) VILLA PK.TWIN2, 1 140 Tintln-639 -0066 Rocky IH: Six Pack(PG) McaV ALLEN, 3609 Tweedy-567-6466 Blads Runner; The Road Warrior (fi) CALIFORNIA a1.

6526 Padflc-565-1174 AmttyvWe: The Possession; Death Wish II CALIFORNIA 2. 6526 PachV-565-1174 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrlal; Lone Ranger CALIFORNIA '3, 6526 Pacific -55-11 74 The Last American Virgin; The Soldier (R) LIBERTY. Gaoe-AHantlc-773-6661 Rldgernonl Hsgh(R); The Beastmaster(PG) LIBERTY. Gage-AHantlc-773-6661 Best WhHsnouM Teas; hxubus(R) LIBERTY.

Rocky lll(Pfl); Surnber Party Massacre(R) CARSON at, 23221 S. Avakm-549-3713 The Beastmaster(PG); mcubus(R) CARSON a2, 23221 S. Avakm-549-3713 Fists of Fury; Chinese Connectlon(R) MARINA at, Redondo Beach-372-1109 Night Shrrt; Body Heat(R) MARINA 2, Redondo Beach-372-1109 Incubus; Slumber Party Massacre(R) MARINA (3, Redondo Beach-372-1109 Policeman other Bal; Jabberwocky(R) ROADHJM DR-IN, Redondo Haneenrk; Private Lesson(R) DE ANZA (605) 395-9102 nocay in; on raca(ni) ItW 4UI SHOWCASE CINEMA a1-Stnwd. 862-1121 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrlal(PG) SHOWCASE CINEMA a2-Stnwd.

662-1121 On Golden Pond; The Four Seaeons(PG) ART. 2025 E. 4h, Long Beach-436 5435 timer; sty umner wnn Andre BAY, 340 Mam, Seal Beach-431-9968 Anne Glraroot In La Via Continue PALACE, 30 Plne-436-4429-0p. 9.45 a.m. noeo warrior; naoe nunnoer; incnon PARADISE, 4129 VHdng Way-429-5917 reerax(nj; uianeys Damn tu) ARLINGTON, RlversM-669-0400 FaalTlrranatRldganwntHigh; Zapped(R) CANYON CREST, River skte 662-6900 E.T.

the Extra-Torrestrlal(70mm-e track) CANYON CREST. Cent. Ava. Cyn Crest Dr. nne novo: ine nan n) CANYON CRESTCynCrnt TwCtr 682-8900 nenry i-onoa: un uonen rona (ru) CANYON CREST, Cent.Ave.Cyn.

Cresl Dr. nn unicor am a uenneman(H) CANYON CREST. Rhrorslda-662-6900 Paul Mazursky Tempest (Pu) HEMACINT0 Dr-ln-925-3163 On Golden Pond; Victor, Victoria (PG) HEMET, 220 E. Florida St -925-1022 t.i. ine extra-lerresiriai; poltergeist (Pfl) HOLIDAY at, Hemel-714925-6634 Rocky III; Grease ll(PG) HOLIDAY a2, Henvtt-714925-6634 utrtcer 6 Gentlemen; Laat American Virgin R) HOLIDAY 13, Hemel-714925-6634 Blade Runner; Trie Road Warrior (R) RUSTIC I0YLLWILD-659-2747 The Secret ol NIMH(G); Grease ll(PG) ITI7 mill Over Both the Mind and Immensely Entertaining.

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