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Hampshire Telegraph and Naval Chronicle from Portsmouth, Hampshire, England • 1

Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
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And GENERAL ADVERTISER for HANTS, SUSSEX, SURREY, DORSET and. WILTS, No. 2318 PORTSMOUTH, MONDAY, MARCH II, 1844. Price 5d. JHosiBtU ants us0tia3)'0 Uoata TO he LET, eligibly situated a respectable DWELLING-HOUSE, consisting of drawing and dining rooms, four bed rooms, store room, water closet, kitchen and offices.

The Premises are in good repair, situated in the West-street, Fareham, and will be vacated on the 25th March, J844. Apply to Edmund Abraham, Auctioneer and Estate Agent, Fareham. Hants. was done, too crted Czatoschek, as I finished reading; and he looked at me as if he would fain ask what 1 thought ot n. A most savage and inhuman decree said J.

our ancestors might have been reclaimed gentle means. However, the severe remedy has productive of its good results; for, if you be less numbers, you have the increased enjoyments of -ivi'. lizauon Ah exclaimed the gipsy with a grim smile, that true! we have gained by civilization famine, taxes, contempt, and the conscription. Before were civilized, we had plenty, for we took it. We no man tribute, for we levied it.

We incurred no contempt, lor we inspired fear. And they needed no conscription, who were willing soldiers against all who looked defiance at them, and the foes of-all men, whose i.itners had despoiled us, by leaving their sons more TO THE BURGESSES OF THE WARD OF ST. THOMAS. Gentlemen, flHE Election of Edward Cashet, to the office i of Alderman has caused a Vacancy in the Town Council for this Watd. Having solicited your votes by a personal canvass and met with the most favorable reception, I avail myself of the earliest opportunity to gratefully acknowledge the numerous and flattering promises of support with which I have been honored." The day of Election is fixed for Wednesday, the 13th to commence at Nine o'Cloek in the Morning; and I confidently rely on your early attendance at the pull, which, 1 have every reason, to believe, will re.

suit In my being again returned as one of yourRepresen-tatives in the Council. I have the hononr to be, Gentlemen, Your faithful and obliged servant, EMANUEL EMANUEL. 101, HlOH-STREET, PORTSMOUTH, 1 March Gut, 1844. TO THE BURGESSES Of THE WARD OF ST. THOMAS.

Gentlemen, AT the request uf many of my friends ,1 have had the honor to offer myself as a Candidate for the representation of this Ward in the Town 1 regret that professional dutieR, have accomplishing a canvass of the Electors, but the kind reception I have met with from all classes of my fellow townsmen, justly warrants my anticipating that I shall be honored with the confidence of the Ward; A Extensive SAMS' off SIXIOS, BEHPERl ttOODS, CAEPETS, JN immense STOCK ot SILKS, Shawls, Cashmere Dresses, Moussetine de Laines, Sheetings, Damask Jaoie I jneti, Jrish Litiens, and general Drapery Goods, has just been delivered for immediate aud unreserved Sale to J.JACOBS, Emporium, aueen-Street, Portsea. 1 he Entire a I OCK, amounting to upwards of 4,000, is marked at suchprices that must ensure immediate Sale, as the Proprietor is now compelled to make arrangements for Spring Purchases. Jr. J. is particularly atixious his Frietids should inspect the above early, as some desperate llaraains will be offered, and the whole must be cleared out, without anyreserve, by the expiration of the present Month, fth- The Sale will commence to-morrow (Monday), and each day at Nine o'Cloett.

Observe iciuuiiorltiiii, tjiueeu-sSreet, it'ortsea. ATT1 JACOBS, Proprietor. N.B. Several great Bargains in Black Satinettes and Coloured Silks are now ready FOUR Waggon Loads of CARPETS, in Brussels, Kidderminster, Scotch, and Stair; also Druggets and Hearth Rugs Moreens, Royal Damasks, Dimities, Counterpanes, Blankets, aud all other Furnishing-Goods, just delivered, and uow SELLING OFF, at the Emporium, Queen-Street, Portsea. J.

Proprietor. fipHE Largest STOCK of BONNETS ever seen in the Town, numbering- nearly 20 Thousand, is now oflfer-JL ing at desperate low Prices, at the Emporium, Queen-street, Portsea. dl. Pro-jji'lelor. N.B: The Trade supplied at the London Prices.

OneWeek more, and thewhplecf the valuable STOCKof the late Mr. SHORES will be cleared out. WE purpose on Monday (to-morrow), to offer the remaining Lots of this valuable STOCK, at a still further Reduction, in order to a final atid complete Clearance aud it is worthy of remark that although Thousands can bear testimony of having boug'ht large parcels of Drapery Goods at half the usual prices, still no idea can be formed of the stecejiiny reduction made on the residue of the Property (even from the great Bar-gaiiiBalready sold we therefore hope our friends will pay us another visit duriiijj- the next week, and so glaring wHl the sacrifice appear tall whoiqay favor us with an inspection that we have no do'tibt hundreds will be induced to buy asix months' consumption, aud tne variety of the Goods left (although not large) are portions Utirelv reserved fbrthe lust week's Bntn-anrl tho inii .1, patinettes. Is. 2d.

to PRIESTS. Robert H. W. Miles, b.a. Christchurch, Oxford.

Wra. Grey, b.a. St. Mary Magdalen Hall, Oxford. Jas.

Joyce Evans, m.a. Trinity College, Cambridge. John Newton Hinxniim, Trinity College, Oxtord. George Nutt, b.a. Worcester College, Oxford.

George Edward Cole, b.a. St. Mary Hall, Oxford. Francis Dyson, m.a. New Inn Hall, Oxford.

John Charles Enrle, b.a. St. Edmund Hall, Oxford. Geo. D'Oyley Snow, b.a.

St. Mary Hall, Oxford. Noel Lowe, n.A. Queen's College, Oxford. Henry R.

Fortescue, b.a. Exeter College, Oxford. Geo. B. Northcote, m.a.

Exeter College, Oxford. E. C. Wilsliere. b.a.

St. John's College, Cambridge. Wm. Haslavn, University College, Durham. Geo.

Edw. Svmonds, Lincoln College, Oxford. The Rev. George Farley has been licensed to the per-petual curacy of Cherhill, Wilts, on the nomination of Lord Bishop of Salisbury. The Rev.

Michael Heron Maxwell haRbeen instituted the Vicarage of Frampton, Dorset, void by the death the Rev. Wm. Butler, on the presentation of Mr. and Mrs. R.

B. Sheridan, of Frampton House. The Rev. Edmund Roberts, m.a., has resigned the perpetual curacy of St. Mary Longfleet, the patronage which belongs to Lord de Mauley.

The Rev. Joseph Kenworthy has resigned the Rectory Lutigton Matravers, Dorset, to which the Rev. Eilm. Goodcnough Bayly was instituted on Saturday lust, by Lord Bishop of Salisbury. IS, HUNTING APPOINTMENTS.

The Hambledou Hounds will meet on Monday, at Kitnocks Wednesday, at Humsden Bottom Thursday, at Warnfoid Park Saturday, at Upham Pond, at hall-past 10 o'clock each day. Colonel U.VVyndham's Hounds will meet on Monday, Little Green; on Wednesday, at Gumber Corner; on Friday, at Salt Hill at helf-nast 11 each day. The H. H. will meet on Monday next, at Clidsden Tuesday, at Tichborne Park; Thursday, at Abbotston Down and Saturday, at Bently Green at a quarter before eleven each day.

Mr. Horlock's Hounds will meet on Tuesday, at Hartham Park and on Saturday, at Bittlesea Wharf, at eleven o'clock each day. Mr. Long's Harriers will meet on Tuesday next, at Warminster Firs; and on Friday, at East Down, eleven o'clock each day. Mr.

Assheton Smith's Hounds will meet on Monday next, at Stowell Lodge on Tuesday, at Weyliill ori Wednesday, at Wherwell Wood; Thursday, at Wat-ford Oakcuts and on Friday, at Southgrove at eleven o'clock each day. To the Editor of the Hami-shire Telegram. Sir, -In perusing the report of the London Papers the late Trials at Winchester, my attention has been called to one of them of great importance, namely, that Mr. William Pudwick, of Hayling island, against Davis, a poor Emsworth Fisherman, respecting the right of fishery in Langstone and Chichester Harbours. 11ns cause has excited great interest, from the peculiar circumstances connected with it, and I cannot help congratulating my fellow Townsmen and the Inhabitants of Hayling Island, Havnnt, and Emsworth in particular, upon the successful issue.

This success is to be attributed to the assistance given by the learned Counsel, Sir. oewell and Mr. Rawlinson, as well as by Messrs. Howard and Parnell, the respectable Solicitors of this Town, who undertook the management of the cause at very short notice. To the clear and able manner in which Mr.

Justice Cresswell summed up, the lasting gratitude of the puor Emsworth and Langstone Fishermen is due, who will now return to their lawfuloccupa-tions, and set at defiance the future threats of the Plaintiff, who has entailed upon them so much misery. I am, Sir, Fiat Justicia, Portsmouth. March dlh. Muslin Dresses, ten yards each, from 4s. to 7s.

tid. (uotie cost less than 14s.) another lot of Town-printed Cambrics, which cost Mr. Shores 8s. the he cleared out onMondav at 3s. with a lot of inferior ditto, at The Irish Linen Slock should claim the attention of all whole "Pieces will be sold at 9jd per varcl (worth Is.

aud the make warranted these arefine enough for bestshirts. Russia Towelling (the'best maiiuiaetured), at 2Jd. Marsland's Patent Shirtings (fifty pieces only left), all at bid. fine Linen Huckaback at which cost Is. about 300 Daniask Cloths, from 11 to 7 yards long, with Damask Napkins, aud Tray Cloths, will be cleared out, with all the fine real Russia and Barnslen Slieetings Counterpanes Quilts Blankets, Table Covers, Towels, Glass Cloths, and Calicos, at a reduction of 20 per cent, otf last week's prices.

ne whole of the Gloves, Hosiery, and Ribbons that remain, will be almost given away with a variety other Goods, all equally reduced. We have lull confidence, from the richness of the Goods, and the desperate prices they will be offered at, that the Premises will be again crowded dtiriug the nest week, and our friends shall not be disappointed-eveiv Customer shall have 51. worth of Property for 50s 1 1 Obserre JUeidhiiio wiul White, Commerce-House, MONDAY. MARCH 4, 1844. We have reason to believe that her Majesty contemplates, during (lie ensuing scasjn, a prolonged resilience in the Isle of Wight.

Neguciations have, we are informed, been for some time in progress to secure for her Majesty's use an appropriate residence upon the coast, so situate that it might afford the means of rapid communication by railway with the metropolis, and at the same time possess those facilities tor yachting and aquatic amusements in which Brighton is eminently deficient. Within the last few days, we believe, Osborne-housc, near Clowes, the seat of Lady Isabella Blachford, has been selected for the Royal accommodation and should it be found sufficiently commodious, it will probably be taken at first only for a limited period, but with the right to purchase ut a fixed price at the expiration of the term. It is hinted that in this case a bill will be brought forward in Parliament to enable the Crown to dispose of the Brighton Pavilion. Times. Exports to Brazil.

The following return of the declared value of British and Irish produce and manufactures exported from the United Kingdom to Brazil in 1B41, iB4'2, 1843, has just been primed, on the motion of Mr. Ijabouchere: The gross total declared value of our exports to the empire of Brazil was, in 1841. 2.5o6 in 1042, and in 1843, showing a deciued revival of our trade with Brazil during the past year. In the latter period (1843), cotton manufactures tigured for or one-half of the total expurts hardwares anil cutlery, for 80,070. lineri manufactures, for 154,323.

iron and steel, tor 4 butter, for brass and copper manufactures, for 36.851. arms ammunition, for apparel, slops, and haberdashery, fur 20,232. coals, xc. for earthenware, for glass, for 27.43.; 'rather, wrought and unwrought. for machinery and mill-work, for 17,342 soap' and candl, for silk manufactures, for tin and pewter wares, c.

for 11,108 and woollen manufactures, for The exports of cotton manufactures increased last year by 277,139. Ecclesiastical Courts Bill. Lord Lvndhurst has introduced into the Upper House of Parliament a Bill entitled An Act to consolidate the jurisdiction and improve the practice of the Ecclesiastical Courts of Enghmd and Wale, and for otherwise altering and amending the law in certain matters ecclesiastical." It consists of 101 clauses, and appears to be founded on the Keport 01 tile Ecclesiastical Commission. By the the provisions of this bill, all peculiar jurisdictions are abolished, and merged in the respective archdeaconries dioceses. The Archidiaconal Courts (with the exception of Cornwall, Leicester, Nottingham, and Suffolk) are deprived of the power to grant probates or administrations and marriage licenses.

The diocesan courts, however, are allowed to retain their full powers, it being optional with the judge or either of the parties to the suit to sond to the Court of Arches. Licenses are abolished and compensation is provided for loss of emoluments, Acting deputies are to become principals, and to be paid by salaries, to be fixed by the judges of the respective courts, out ot a fee fund to which all fees (sc. are to be carried. The amount of salary is subject to the approbation of the Lords of her Majesty's Treasury. The Act is not to extend to tithes within the city of London.

Among the 178,000,000 individuals who inhabit fiurope, there are said to be 17,900,000 beggars, or persons who subsist at the expellee of the community without contributing to its resources. Committee of Ruilwuys, The select committee have agreed to report the following resolutions 1. That, in each case where bills are now pending to authorise the construction of new lines of railway, com. peting with one another, such bills be respectively referred to one committee. 2.

That the committees for the consideration of such bills be specially constituted. 3. That bills now pending to authorise the construction of new lines of railway, which will compete with existing railways, be in like manner referred to committees specially constituted. 4. That such committees be composed of five members to be nominated by the committee of selection, who shall sign a declaration that their constituents have no local hit rest, and that they themselves have no personal interest, in the bill or bills referred to them, and that they will not vote on any question which may arise without having duly heard and attended to the evidence relating thereto and that three shall be a quorum.

5 That a select committee be appointed to consider which of the pending railway bills shall be deemed competing bills, according to the foregoing resolutions, fj. That such select committee be composed of five members, of whom three shall be a quorum, and that the committee have power to send for persons, papers, and records. 7. That such of the standing orders as relate to the composition of the committee on private bills, and the orders consequent thereon, be suspended, so far as Regards competing railway bills pending in the course of the present session." Petitions to Parliament. The total number of petitions against repeal of the Corn-laws now amounts to 84, signed by 9,787 persons against the union -of the Dioceses of Bangor and St.

Asaph, 23 petitions, signed by persons and for a repeal of the union between Great Britain and Ireland, 201 petitions, signed by persons. Fall in the Price in Bread. On Monday the I first quality of bread at the west-end of the town was charged 8Ad. and the second quality 7h Many of the bakers in Whitechapel, Blackfiiars-road, New-cut, Westminster, Drury.lane, Wild-street, Seven Dials, Holborn, Tottenham-court-road, and other populous parts of the had it ticketed up per 41b. loaf, weighed on delivery.

Price of bread in Paris, first quality, SAd quality, 4d (9 sous) per 2 or 41b. 8 ounces English. Miss Simpson, of lately was, it is said, possessed of a very large amount of personal property (estimated by some at which falls to the families of Miss Simpson's sisters the present Lady Ravensworth and the late Lady Paul. Gateshead Observer. Constituency of England and Scotland.

On Saturday a Parliamentary paper was issued, giving a good deal of information respecting the registered electors of England, Wales, and Scotland, showing the increase in 1842-3, as compared with 1839-40. It appears that the grand total of registered electors for Great Britain in 1842 was 941,782, and that in 1839 the total was 907,903. In Scotland the total was in the same period 85,244, and 82,531 making together a total increase in 1842-3, as compared with 1839-40, of 33,394 electors. To Ripen Nev Stilton Cheese. Take off the top, and scoop out of the centre a piece about two inches in depth put into this cavity a piece of ripe cheese having abundance of the blue mould upon it; replace the top and cover up the cheese.

In three weeks' time you will find the advantage of your inoculation, as the cheese will be completely impregnated with a ripe flavour. Epicure' Almanack. Case of Supposed Trance. During the past week seyeral eminent professional gentlemen, from the London hospitals, have been down to Deptford to watch this extraordinary case and, on Saturday, Mr. Bransby Cooper and other gentlemen pronounced that decomoosition hod taken place.

On Friday one of the family told Mr. Hope, of Deptford-bridgc, that perspi. ration had been felt at the back of the head, and the report becoming current great anxiety was felt in the neighbourhood. Shortly afterwards, however, Mr. Langley arrived, and expressed an unqualified opinion that decomposition was going on, but there was not the slightest effluvium from the body.

On Saturday it was further apparent. Mr. Langley was decidedly of opinion that the deceased died instantaneously from enlargement of the heart the case, however, was extraordinary. He had had one case within his own practice, where a man who had died from intoxication laid for twenty-four dnys without a change (Francis had laid twenty-eight days). All.

the medical men agreed that it was a most remarkable case. 1 GIPSIES. (From Freeman's Magazine. A stalwart, honest, good-humoured labourer was my young gipsy. If he loved anything supereminently, it was schnapps next to that, he had an affection for a pretty giri called Zulnicq, who came from Hungary; and who, having never lived in a house, was fearful of uniting her fate with niy friend Czatoschek, who possessed a hut with a roof to it, lest the confinement and the new habits of life attendant on it, shonld ieause her death.

Czatoschek amused mc greatly with his descriptions of Zulnicq but he interested me still more uy his tales and reminiscences of old gipsy life. The number of his brethren in Bohemia is now but small; in his grandfather's time they formed a very large and menacing body. Plena omnia gypso One of their yery strange methods of taking posses, diou of a district was to appear in it totally naked, and thus drive the more delicate inhabitants from the neighbourhood; they would thus brave (he terrors of a Bohemian winter, as hardy as the monks in Russiamentioned by the great Lord Bacon, who, for penance, ti'ould sit a whole night of mid-winter in a vessel full of water, till they were more inextricably frozen in than was the brewer of Brentford's steamer in Boothia Feliz. Strangers who saw them at early dawn," said Caato-schek, rising naked from their couch on the bare ground, thought the Resurrection had commenced so gaunt, grisly, and ghastly was the appearance they made. But they were soon convinced," added he, those who tarried to watch them, that their business was more at present to commit violence than to be judged for it and the curious often paid dearly enough for what they saw or strove to see." "And conclude" said that such a life was death to them." Death," exclaimed the gipsy, they would never have died had not the accursed law slain them." He thrust his hand deep into the bocom of an under vest, and taking thence a soiled piece of leather, which enclosed a time-coloured and time-worn square of paper, he placed the latter in my hands.

There." said he, is the instru ment which cleared Bohemia and Saxony of my ancestors, the sons of the spirit. My own great grandfather tore it from the church door, when he was liable to he shot like a wolf for simply appearing there asitwas, they only chopped his hands oif, and burnt him alive for having touched their temple wit!) his polluted fingers. May misery cling, to the last veneration. round the souls and bodies of the descendants of all who were concerned in conceiving or executing the wrong that was done to my fathers 1 took the paper from the hand of my not too Christian-like companion, and I thought he might have put an additional qualifying before his grandfather, as I read the words and date," Most gracious decree, a.D. 1722." This decree went on to inform the Saxons, that a band of gipsies, amounting to 1500 men, had lately withdrawn from Hesse, and taken refuge in the Thuringian Forest.

These," said the exceedingly gracious decree, with all their possessions and valuables, are not only given up as prizes, prey, and plunder, to all Christian men, but all good Saxon subjects are strictly enjoined to shoot them down wherever they may be found, or in any other ay slay thein and for this no man shall call any of our loving subjects in question. On the contrary wherever and whenever these robbers appear, we command all good men and true to strike the church and alarum bells, and the militia and Iagerey may assemble, and unite with all faithful citizens, in hunting down, and doing these heathen bandits to death." And this by been in we owed eye view too is The I The aud and Is this ot the off In the to, act of of on 188 CAPITAL LARCH FIR AND ELM TIMBER TREES, In Bur Dean" Plantation, on Prior's Dean Farm, four miles from Petersfield. ffO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. HENRY" 9 SALTER, on the premises, on Thursday, March. 14th, 1844, at two o'clock precisely, in 19 Lots.

This Timber is of very tine growth, and well worthy the attention of Builders and Merchants. For further particulars apply to Henry Salter, Auctioneer, Surveyor, Arundel; and to view to Mr. Durmnn, the tenant of Prior's Dean Farm. m.rb Ktirik'M Dirpri pks 1 viru VVELijJtiR will feELiJLi by AUUIIOW, on Thursday, the 14th March, at eleven o'clock, on the premises, East-street, MISCELLANEOUS EFFECTS, Pictures, Utensils, Counters, Desks, a largo quantity of Old Books, Waste Paper, the property of Air. Mason, who is to re-build his house.

Sale to.begin at 11 o'clock. TO beSOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. WELLER, on the premises, in North-street, by direction of the Trustees, under a Deed of Assignment benefit of Creditors, 011 Wednesday. O. 13th of March, at eleven o'clock, The entire H.O USE OLD FURNITURE and other Effects of Mr.

Standen." Catalogues may be had at Mr. Wcller's office, South-sireet. BEDHAMTON, HANTS. TO be SOLD byAUCTION, by Mr. WELLER, by direction of the Executors of the late Mr.

Peter Osmond, on Thursday, tbe2Ist March, 1844, and following day, at 11 o'clock, on the nremises, The Useful HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and other EFFECTS of the Residence at Bedhampton Farm comprising in mahogany, sideboard, sofas, dining, loo, card, and dressing tables, washing stands and drawers dniwing-room, bed-room, and easy chairs, and dressing tables in japanned work brussels, kidderminBter, and Venetian carpets and rugs chimney and dressing glasses, prints framed and glazed four-post, tent, and other bedsteads, with moreen and printed calico furnitures goose feather beds, hair and flock mattresses, blankets, quilts, and counterpanes a capital kitchen range, coppers, dressers, and other fixtures china and glass kitchen, dairy, and brewing utensils-; barrels, pork, flour and washing tubs, an eight. day clock, a pony, four-wheel chaise and harness, a thrashing machine, and a winnowing ditto, capital narrow wheel waggon, 12 loads of sacks, The Effects may be viewed the day preceding the Ssle at twelve o'clock, and catalogues had at the Bear inn, Havant; Red Lion Inn, Bedhampton; and at Mr. Weller's office, South-street, Chichester. FRFEHOLD INVESTMENTS IN THE ISLAND OF PORTSEA. MR.

R. MARVIN begs to notify he has received instructions from the Devisees, to SELL by AUCTION, in the course of the ensuing month, The Whole of the Valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTIES Mr. David Miall, deceased. Full particulars will shortly appear, and may be known of the Auctioneer, or of Mr. Marshall, Solicitor, Hanover-street, Pnrrsca.

FREEHOLD PROPERTY IN PORTSEA AND SOUTHSEA. R. R. MARVIN is instructed by the Executors of Mrs. Ann Vatlev.

dpcpnpd. tn SKI, I. ho AUCTION, at the Royal Oak Inn, on Thursday, the 14th day of March, 1844, commencing at six for seven o'clock in the evening, in Two Lois, Lot 1. All thut substantially.built FREEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSE, situate No. 3, Unicorn-Btreet, Portsea, in the occupation of Mrs.

Steerea; containing two parlours, four bed-rooms, kitchen, and cellar, most conveniently fitted with stoves aud closets, paved yard and garden, and pump of excellent water. This Lot possesses the advantage of a back entrance. Lot A desirably situated and substantially-built compact Freehold Dwelling-house, being No. 10, Great Southsea-street, Southsea, in the occupation Mr. Rowal, at the yearly rent of and consists two parlous, four bed-rooms.

and two kitchens, well found with good useful fixtures, paved yard, and garden, with outbuildings and pump. This Property is deserving the attention of any person seeking profitable investment, or for occupation. The Tenants will shew the premises and for further particulars, apply to the Auctioneer, or to Messrs. Howard and Parnell, Solicitois, Portsea. BUILDING LAND, DWELLING-HOUSES, BUSINESS PREMISES.

MR. R. MARVIN is instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at the Royal Oak Inn, Portsem, on Thursday, the 14th day of March, 184481 six for seven o'clock in the evening, in Bve' lotfc The 'foUowicie Desirable FREEHOLD Lot 1. A substantially-built Freehold, Dwelling House, containing two parlours, four bedrooms, kitchen, and cellar, most conveniently fitted with stoves and closets, and paved yard adjoining the same are commodious and newly-built Wood and Coal Stores of two floors, situated and being No. 25, Duncan-street, Landport, having a frontage of 23ft.

The above Premises are in excellent repair, and present a good opportunity to any person seeking snug Business Premises, or for investment. Lot 2. A valuable Parcel of Building Land, having a frontage of 26ft. in Hereford-street, Landport, and being in depth 100ft. or thereabouts, in the occupation of Mr.

Whillier. Lot 3. A most substantially.built and eligibly-situated Freehold Business Premises, being No. 30, Cross-street, Portsea, for many years in the occupation of Mr. Reep, containing front shop with commanding window, two parlours, tour bed-rooms, kitchen, and cellar.

This Property was built regardless of expense, is in good repair, and is well worthy the attention of brewers or any person requiring good commanding Business Premises, and is sold by order of the Mortgagee, under a power of sale. Lot 4. A substantially-built Freehold Dwelling-House, containing front shop, parlour, two kitchens, rive bed-rooms, and paved yard, with convenient fittings and side entrance, being No. 5, Havant-street, Portsea, in the occupation of Mr. Cox, at the yearly rental of Lot 5.

A desirably situated and commodious Family Pew, being No. 30, in the East Aisle of St. John's Chapel, Portsea. This Lot is most conveniently fitted, and early po. session can be given.

For a view of Lots 1, 2, and 4, apply on the premises, and of Lots 3 and 5, of the Auctioneer, of whom, or of Mr. Sabben, Solicitor, Portsea, further particulars may be known. CROWN ASSEMBLY ROOMS, PEMBROKE-STREET, PORTSMOUTH. MR. R.

MARVIN has received instructions to SELL by AUCTION, at the above Rooms, on Monday, the 18th day of March, 1844, commencing at 12 o'clock punctually, The entire EQUIPMENT of a genteel Residence, the genuine property of a lady, and removed for convenience of sale; comprising a drawing-room suite of real rosewood, in loo and occasional tables, cheffionier, set of eight very elegant -chairs, with cabriole legs carved grecian scroll couch eh suite six fancy Swiss chairs and lounging ditto, in moroon leather; brussels and Kidderminster carpets mahogany elliptic and ftench bedsteads; mattresses, four bordered goose feather bedts, washing stands, toilet tables and glasses, hat clock, guitar, violin, china, and glass, kitchen requisites, together with a library of books, containing vols, by eminent authors in excellent preservation; May be viewed the rooming of Sale; and Catalogues had two days the Auctioneer's office; 34j Queen-street, Portsea. No. 4, LANDPORT TERRACE, SOUTHSEA. MR. R.

MARVIN is instructed to by the Executors of Mrs. Hearn, deceased, to SELL by AUCTION, on tho premises, on Friday, the 22nd dajr of March, 1844, commencing at twelve o'clock precisely, The whole of the genteel HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS of the above Residence, comprising mahogany four-post and elipticbed-' steads and furnitures, bordered- hair and wool mattresses, four bordered goose, feather beJsj' bedding, linen, mahogany double chests' drawers, washing stands and appendages, toilet tahles and glasses, pier, and chimney glasses of large dimensions, brussels and kidderminster carpets, hearth rugs, bronzed and brass fenders, file irons, a very excellent modern set of mahogany tralalgar chairs, with sofa and loo table to cones-pond pembroke and dining tables, 5 octave square piano forte, by dementi-, music stool, an excellent 8-day bracket in handsome esse, by Crosley tauinuev uiiiuiucuis, nuur ciuiii, nau lamp, a rew paintings, suites of window curtains, good useful kitchen requisites, china, glass, and effects, which may be viewed tne morning ot sale until the auction commences. Highly' important to any Gentleman requiring a com- luuuiuua jtvEsioEKCE, id. a cneertui situation; to Merchants and to the Capitalist who is seeking a good safe Investment: MR. R.MARVIN is favoured with instructions from the Proprietor, who has removed from the neighbourhood, to SELL by AUCTION, at the weorge Hotel, Portsmouth, on Wednesday, the 20th dBy of March, 1844, commencing at six, for seveD o'clock in the evening, in Two Lota ot 1.

Ail that substantially built FREEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSE, most ddivhthillv niHmierl at Mile-End, Portsea, commanding extensive and uninterrupted views of Portsmouth Harbour, Portchester Castle, and the surrounding country, facing the Turn- jtti; ij vuacnes 10 onaon ana tsrignton pass daily. Within one mile of the good market towns of Portsmouth and Portsea, and about two miles from the South-western Railway. And here it may be timely to give an outline of the Property ne nesiaence, removed a pleasant distance from the road, is a good substantial building, containing entrance hall and staircase leading to tour principal bed-rooms, most conveniently found with closets handsome and well-proportioned drawing-room enriched, with plaister cornice, register stove, ar.4 statuary matble chimney-piece; on the second floor, are four good bed-rooms and two closets on the around floor, are dining and morning rooms, and library, with mahogany glazed bookcases and sideboards; two good khcheris with modern ranges, dressers, copper, raifl-water tank, and 2 pumps; in the rear is a paved court yard, flower garden and green house, and most extensive kitchen ditto in the basement are good wine, beer, and coal cellars. This property was for many years in occupa. tion of the Rev.

W. H. Wilkinson, at the yearly rental of 52i. 10s. Lot 2.

A most substantially-built Freehold Store, of three floors, a convenient Yard, enclosed with folding, gates, Coach-house, and Stabling, adjoining Lot 1, and contiguous to the London Turnpike-road. 1 his Lot isdeserving the attention of Coal Merchants, iM illers, or any person requiring good, business premises, or for investment. For a view of Lot 2- apply to the Tenant of Lot to the Auctioneer, of whom, or of Mr. Stigant, Portsea, further particulars may be known. wealth than was healthy for themselves nr iht ot gipsy aw Well," thought as we came in ot tins little town, there are two classes with whom there is no arguing the Imlf-educated, who are conceited to be convinced, and the half-savage, whose truths are more than half drunken, and cannot be wholly gainsaid.

"leap-year. Thursday, the 29th. February, being what termed the intercalary day, and rendering- the year Bissextile or leap year, the following origin of the intercalary may uot be unacceptable to our readers ancient Hebrew months consisted of thirty days each, excepting: the la8t, which contained thirty-five. has the year contained 305 days. An intercalary month at the cud of 120 years supplied the difference.

Athenian months consisted of thirty and twenty-nine daw alternately, according to the regulation of Solon. This calculation produced a year of 354 days, a little more than oue-third. But as a solar month contains thirty days, teu hours, twenty-nine minutes, Meton, to reconcile the difference between the solar lunar year, added several embolismic or intercalary months, during' a cycle, or a revolution of nineteen years. The Roman months, in the time of Romulus, were only teu of thirty and thirtv-ono days. tuna Pompilius, sensible of the great deficiency of computation, added two months, tuid made a year 355 clays.

The Egyptians had fixed the length of then- year to 355 days. Julius Cieear, who was well acquainted with the learning of the Egyptians, was first who attained to any accuracy on the subject. Finding the year established by Numa ten days shorter than the solar year, Julius Ctesar supplied the difference, fixed the length of the year to be 365 days, six hours, and regulated the months accordiug to the present measure. To allow for the six odd hours, he added an intercalary day, every fourth year, to the month of February, reckoning the twenty-fourth of that mouth twice, which year must, of course, cou-sist of 368 days, and is called leap year. From him it was denominated the Julian year.

This year is also called Bissextile in the almanacs, aud the day addd is termed the intercalary day. The Romans, as has been observed, inserted the intercalary, by reckoning' the '24th twice, and because the 24th of February, in their calendar, was called sexto calendas mairii, the second sixth of the calends of March, and hence the year of intercalation had the appellatiou of Bissextile. We introduce iu leap year a new day in the same mouth, namely, the 29th. Notwithstanding this, the Julian year continued iu general use till the year 1582, when Pope Gregory XIII. reformed the cutting ten days betwen the 4th and 15th of October in that year, and calling the 5th of that month the 15th.

This alteration of the style was gradually adopted through the greater part of Europe, and the year was afterwards called the Gregorian year, or New Style. this country the method of reckoning accordiug to New Style was not admitted into our calendars until the year 1752, when the error amounted to nearly eleven days, which were taken from the month of September, by calling the 3rd of that month the 14th. The error amounting to one whole day in about 130 years (by makitig every fourth year leap-year), it is settled by an act of Parliament that the vear 1800 and tne year lyuo, which, according to the rule above given, are leap years, shall be computed as common years, having only 305 days in each and that everv four hundredth year also. If this method be adhered the present mode of reckoning will not vary a single day from true time in less than 5,000 years. The beginning of the year was also changed, by the same of Parliament, from the '25th of 'March to the 1st January, so that the succeeding- months of January, February, and March, up to the 24th day, which would, by the Old Style, have been reckoned part of the year 1752, were accounted as the first three months the year 1753.

Heuce we sfe such a date as this, January 1, 1757-8, or February 3, 1764-5; that is, according to the Old style it was 1764, but according to the New 1705, because now the year begins in January instead of March. SATURDAY. MARCH 1844. The Hants Assizes, at Winchester, terminated Wednesday, leaving two Special Jury Cases as remnants for the Summer Assizes. Had it not been, foi the unusually light state of the Calendar, with as it regarded crime, as well asjthe number of the prisoners, may more must have been made remenets.

Three Special Jury Cases, which nearly occupied the whole of Monday and Tuesdny, tried in the Crown Court, by Mr. Justice Cresswell, which called the Cause List to be clear, with thetwo exceptionswehavementioned. The Judges left for Salisbury on Wednesday about one o'clock, where the Calendar is a very heavy one. In our report, last week, of the case, Rumbold v. King, it was erroneously stated, that a Verdict was gived for the Plaintiff by consent, with damages to the amount ot 5W(.

i netaet is, tne cause was reierred to the Arbitration of Mr. Elliott, and the reference took Elace at the George Inn, Winchester, on Monday last, ut no award is yet made. The Assize Commission for the county of Wilts was opened at Salisbury on Thursday, by Mr. Justice Cresswell, who immediately afterwards proceeded to the Cathedral and attended divine service. The calendar contains the names of nearly 100 prisoners for trial, two of whom are charged with murder, several with manslaughter, and some with maliciously wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm.

At the first County Court of the High Sheriff of Hants, holden on the 28th February, Mr. Archibald Low, Solicitor, St. George's-square, Pottsea, was appointed Deputy Sheriff for taking replevyns. On Sunday last, the Mayor, 0. Seagrirn, gave a public breakfast to the members of the Corporation and his friends, previous to attending Divine Service at the Cathedral.

He also, in his capacity of Under Sheriff of the County, as well as Mayor, gave the Javelin Men a breakfast. The Fusilier Guards, who have been for the last six month's in our barracks, left on Friday per Railway, for London. They were on the same day, replaced by the 1st battalion of Grenadier Guards, who will remain here till September next. The battalion of Grenadier Guards, now here, is 800 strong, and with the 44th nearly fills the birracks. The Winchester Philharmonic Society gave their third and last Concert of Sacred Music, at St.

John's Rooms, on Thursday. The principal Vocal Performers were Miss Poole and Miss Marshall, from the London Concerts, with Messrs. Leach and Cooper provincial singers, who have before assisted at these Concerts. The different solos, trios, which were selec tions trom the Works ot Handel, Mozart, and ilendel-shon, were executed with much taste and effect, and the Chorusses well sustained. The audiences, as in the two former occasions, was very numerous and respectable.

During the past week the Trustees of St. John's Hospital have appointed Mr. Vyse, an old and decayed tradesman of this city, to a vacancy in that excellent institution. There are now, we hear, 24 inmates of both sexes in the establishment, who receive weekly, besides their lodgings, 10s. in money, besides occasion ally coals and in a few years a considerable increase in the numDer ot tne inmates may DerecKoneo.

on. it was but a few years ago, when the electors, headed by Saml. Deverell, Esq. ot this city, commenceu proceedings in chancery against the old Corporation of Winchester, that there were but sis old women kept in the Hospital, who received 3s. 6d.

a week each only. An Inquest was taken by Mr. Todd, on Monday last, at Botley, on" view of the body of the new. born female child of Susan Haslar, a singlewoman residing with her parents at Hedge-end in that Parish, the birth of which had taken place under extraordinary and suspicious circumstances. The investigation occupied several hours, and terminated in a verdict" That the said child was born alive, and that its death was occasioned soon afterwards by hemorrhage andexposuve to the cold, without any wilful violence or injury'received from the said Susan Haslar, or any other person whomsoever." Accident on the South Western Railway.

On Friday morning a serious accident occurred to a man emnloyed on this railway, at the Bishop's Stoke station. It appears the duty of the man was to attach, by means of a rope drawn by a horse, the carriages for the Gosport train on to the engine of the latter, when he was thrown between the rails, the carriages passing over one of his hands which was lying across the rail, completely shattering two of his fingers. The poor feilow was conveyed to Winchester by the next train, when amputation was deemed necessary, which was performed by Mr. H. Lyford, and we are glad to hear he is doing as well as can be expected.

devizes Corn Market, March 7. The Wheat market was rather heavy to-day, but without, any alteration in prices. There was a liberal supply of Barley, and at the opening of the inurket higher prices were demanded for the best samples, but towards the close sales were with difficulty effected at last week's prices. In other articles no alteration. The following are the prices at which grain sold Best Wheat, 5b's.

to 64s. per qr. Second ditto, 50s. to 54s. third ditto, 46s.

to 48s. Barley, 28s. to 38s. Peas, 28s. to 34s.

Beans, 34s. to 38s. Oats, 18s. to 20s. Bread, 12d.

to 14d. Der Slbs. Rr. a tfiipoRD, (Saturday last). Wheat, 54s.

to 50s. per qr. Barley, 26s. to 33s. Oats, 19s.

to 20s. 1 Beans, 34s. to 35s. Best Bread, 13(1. per 81b.

loaf. Cnmrnitled to the County Bridewell during the week: Emma Beach and M. A. Scorey, for misbehaviour in TWw Purest Poor-house, each three months; C. Lansbrey, for an assault, two months Jane Futcher, varnt G.

Hawes. for an assault J. Kinch, and J. Musselwhite, for poaching, each one month Charles uVmunumv. for damaging a tree, three weeks; W.

dpRtrnvinur tish Elizabeth Austen and Elizabeth Tegg, fpr stealing turnips W. Clarke, and Misselbrook, for yagrancy; U. Smith, tor misbeha viourinthe Alresford Poor-house; Job Heath, for 1 similar offence in the Alton Poor-house, each 14 days. Ecclesiastical Intelligence of the Diocese of Salisbury. At an Ordination neia oy me ijora oisnop of Salisbury, in the Cathedral Church of Sarum, on Sunday the 3d of March instant, tne toitowing uentie.

men were admitted into Holy Orders deacons. Townley Ward Dowding, b.a., Caius College, Cam- Geo.bAugustus Oddie, B.A. University College, Oxford. John Francis Stuart, B.A., Trinity Col ege, Oxford. Hcmy Thompson, b.a.

Magdalen College, Oxtord. Francis John Biddulph, B.A. Emmanuel College, Cambridge. John James Thomas Somers Cocks, b.a. Brasennose College, Oxford.

Paul Wm. Molesworth, b.a. St. John's Coll. Camb.

Hugh St. Aubyn Rogers, b.a. Exeter Oxford. Samuel Dennis, b.r. Trinity College, Cambridge, the to of of of the at and at ot ot a 7.

be In such case it will be niy I trust to have the pleasure of 'meenijg the Poll at an early hour on WDNEsnAVi toe 13tK-instV-I have the honour to Your very faithful servant, C. H. BINSTEED. Parade, March 8th, 1844. MILLINERY AND DRESS ROOMS, EAST-STREET, CHICHESTER.

SAMER respectfully announces lier return from London, with a Fashionable Assortment of Plain and Fancy STRAW and TUSCAN BONNETS, Ribbons, Sec. which are now ready for inspection. Chichester, March Ulh, 1844. EAST STREET, CHICHESTER. MISS DAVIS has the honor of informing the Ladies of Chichester and the vicinity, that she has been in London, and selected from thence, an elegant ASSORTMENT of PLAIN and FANCY STRAW BONNETS, which are now ready.

for their inspection, at her Rooms, in the East-street. Vacancies fur an Improver and an Apprentice. SPRING FASHIONS. MBS. WINK1 respectfully announces, that on Wednesday next, the 13lh she will have ready for Inspection, a choice ASSORTMENT of TUSCAN, CHIP, LEGHORN, and every variety of STRAW BONNETS, having just returned from don and the other Markets.

Mrs. W. will also have to offer a Case of Millinery, FLOWtns. direct from Paris, and solicits an early call. W.

Wink's Lace Warehouse, 112, Queen-street, Portsea. RICH SILK ANii PAlSLKY SHAWLS. A. IISCtMS, Draper, of Queen-street, Port- sea, begs respectfully to inform nis mends ana the public, that he has received very large Stock of Klack anil Coloured 8iSk and rich Paisley which for style and price he feels confident cannot be surpassed. A.

Inslis would also desire to call the attention of his friends to an unusually large Stock of Bonnets, he having just returned from Bedfordshire. They, comprise every new material in btraw 1 uscan, xc.v and are offering at such prices us he thinks will give entire satisfaction. P.S. Some very great bargains now offering in Irish Linens, Sheetings, Bed Ticks, Quilts, Counterpanes, Calicoes, Cotton Hose, TO LINEN DRAPERS, Young Man, of good character, who understands his business, and has been accustomed to a A country trade, and a good salesman, may hear ot a comfortable SITUATION, by applying toA.B.Z., Post Office, Guildford Portsea, March 5, 1844. MR.

BESANT, Agent for the West of England Fire Office for the District hi Portsea, on the part of that Office, begs to ofter his best thanks to the Naval and Military, Authorities, the Royal Marines and Soldiers, the Magistrates and Police, and his neighbours, for the very effectual assistance readily and immediately ottered on the occasion a fire, which broke out in College-street, on Sunday evening last, and but for which promptness great du-ainge would have ensued, surrounded as the locality is, by old houses and wooden buildings. GENUINE FOREIGN WfflfjtL: WM. BESANT begs attention of his frieiids Brfff ffie 'pttlilic, to a Superior STOCK of PORTS, SHURRIES, and MARSALA, whicj), with other Wines, all of genuine quality, he is now Selling at very moderate prices also, ljondon and Dublin Bottled Stout, India Pale and Edinburgh Ales. A list of prices and samples may be had at his Wine Office, 93, Queen-street, and 13, Prince Geoige's-street, Portsea. N.B.

Agent to the West of England Life and Fire Insurance Company. BRETT COMPANY'S ESTABLISHMENT 11 13 Common Hard, Portea. American Provisions. s. Finest Hams 0 per lb.

I- Corned Pork 0 Green Bacon cut at 0 Hocks 0 New Pig's Tongues 0 Cheese 0 Irish Provisions, Finest Cork Butter 0 Fine Cork 0 Good Butter (other counties), 6d. and 0 Finest new Waterford Bacon, by the side 0 Cut at Hocks, 3d. back and streaky 0 Finest Waterford Hams 0 Lard 0 Spiced Bacon 0 English Provisions. Finest Home cured Bacon (id. and 0 Hams York Hams Country fed fresh Pork, Heads 0 Hands, 5id.

Legs, SJd. and 6d, Loins and Spaveribs, warranted meal fed meat 0 English Lard 0 Good Somerset Cheese, (iid. finer double Gloucester, 7Ad. finest rich Wilts and Cheddar, North Wilts, 9d. Dutch Cheese, 6d.

fine ripe Stilton, I 9 a 7 4 2 0J Wanted, a respectable and experienced Assitant, for the Grocery and Provision Trade. Bi-etl, Co. Iortsen. South of England Steam Packets from the Port of Southampton. rflHE favourite powerful Steamer ATALANTA, I.

captain uabot, will leave Southampton, tor the Islands of Guernsey and Jersey, every Tuesday Evening only, at Seven o'clock returning from the Islands every Friday. Pares Main Cabin, 25s. Second Cabin, 18s. Carriages, 3. Horses, 31.

St. Malo, from Southampton, Tuesday 1th, and Tuesday 4th November. Havre-de-Grace. Powerful Steamers are appointed 10 leave Southampton every Monday, Wednes- wu-iy, tui.u a- suuy, uuuiig me vv liner glomus. Passports for France may be had of Mr.

W. J. Le Feuvre, French Consular Agent, 71, igh street, Southampton, of whom all particulars may be obtained; also of Mr. Wheeler, Portsmouth or Mr. Saunders, Plymouth.

FRAICK ASO ITAfiY. THE SOUTH-WESTERN STEAM-PACKET COMPANY'S splendid and powerful 'Steam Ships, will leave Southampton for Havre-de-Grace, Wednesdays and Saturdays, as follows MARCH. Wednesday, 13 .44 Afr WednesdaySO 9 Even. Saturday, 16 6 Even; r'i Saturday, 23 iOEvem Fares Main Cabin, 21s. Fore Cabin, 14s.

SI. Horses, 31. Dogs, 5s. For Guernsey and Jersey Every Saturday, at seven o'clock in the evening returning on Tuesdays during March, and every Wednesday and Saturday during April, returning on Tuesday and Friday. Fare3 Cabin, Fove, 18s.

Carriages, 31. Horses, Dogs, 5s. For St. Malo Every alternate Saturday, at seven o'clock in the Evening, viz March 9th and 23rd but during April, every Saturday evening, returning on Tuesday. Fares: Main Cabin, A ore, Carriages, 4.

For full particulars, apply to Mr. N. M. Priaulx, 78, High.street, Southampton; Chaplin's Universal Office, Regent Circus, Railway Offices, Nine Elms, London or Mr. J.

H. Bennett, No. 6, Rue de la Paix, Paris. ItETCIE PACJtKTS. SHORTEST AND BEST ROUTE to RYDE, SHANKLIN, VENTNOR, Winter Arrangements.

lHE Public are informed, that until further notice, The PORTSMOUTH and RYDE STEAM COMPANY'S MAIL PACKETS will run between Ryde, Portsmouth, and Gosport, with Goods and sengers in time for the Trains between GoBport and as toliows From Gosport and Ports- Arrival 0 Trains at Gosport. H. M. moxttn to ayae. Morning 8 o'clock 10 o'clock 12 o'clock Afternoon 3 o'clock 5J o'clock From Hyde to Portsmouth and Gosport.

Morning 7 o'clock 9 o'clock 11 o'clock Afternoon 1 o'clock I i no trains. Morning 10 30 Aftern.l 0 I 2 25 5 0 In time for the Trains front Gosport. H. M. Morning 8 30 10 30 12 30 2 30 4 o'clock Afternoon 5 30 ON SUNDAYS, From Gosport and Portsmouth, Morning at eight o'clock afternoon, half-past two and four.

The train arrives at Gosporfat 10 min. past 2 o'clock in time for the half.ptwt two o'clock passage to the Isle of Wight. From Ryde, Morning at nine o'clock; afternoon, at three and half-past four o'clock. The trains leave Gosport at 4 past 9, and at past 4 o'clock. The above Packets willleave Gosport New Pier, five minutes before time, and touch at the Victoria Pier, at the bottom of the High-street, the first thing before entering, and also on leaving, Portsmouth Harbour.

Quarter Deck, Is. Od Forecastle, la. T. HEATHER, Secretary. 2s, ol the is description, from Queen-Street, Portsea.

ftA. ANTliD, A COOK, and WAITRESS, for a Commercial Hotel in Hampshire. Apply to Printer. LIST, in East-street, FarehampIeaKamlysitii-I. ated, A very convenient HOUSE, with Stable, Coach-house, For particulars enquire of Mr.

Geary, Fareham. FFL SALE. A lii'lit. nearlv new LANDAU LY. for one Or two horses also, a larjrn Stnrk New Fashionable Carriages, built of the best materials and the latest improvements and a variety of Second-Hand Carriages, of every description at Mr.

GEORGE COLES, Coach Manufactory, Fareham. FOR SALE by PRIVATE CONTRACT. The following FREEHOLD PROPERTY, late belonging to Mr. Thomas Bnwyer deceased Five Messuages or Dwelling-houses, being Nos. 40,41, 42,43 and 44, on the South side of Oxford-street, Land port, Portsea.

Also. Six Messuages nr Dwelling-houses, being Nos. 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21, in Providence Row, Mile End, Portsea. The above are occunied bv old and resnpi-tahle Tenants, and present an eligible opportunity to persons desirous of investing capital'. For particulars, apply to Mr.

Edgcumbe, Solicitor, Portsea. HAYLING ISLAND, HANTS. CHARLES LEWIS has the pleasure to announce, that he'lias rnnivpH inKtnwlinnu Wiirt th Executors of the will of the late Mr. Jesse Crasweller, uutr ior unreserveo aa.LiZi By AUUTlUIV, at tile Bear Inn, Havant, on Saturday, the 23rd March, at two o'clock in the afternoon, The following desirable COPYHOLD ESTATES, situate in the Parish of Hayling North. Lot 1.

A small compact Farm, called "Old House Bargain," comprising a cottage, barn, rick-house, buildings, ami orchard, with a thriving Copse, and four pieces of rich Arable Land, containing in the whole 37a. lit. 2p. more or less, statute measure. Lot 2.

A very desirable Farm called "Silver comprising a comfortable cottage, garden, homestead and paddock, and 40a. On. 15p. more or less, of productive Arable, Pasture, and Woodland. Lot 3.

A convenient and valuable Farm, called HAWkiNs Bargain" comprising a capital barn, yard, and premises, together with 10a. 3r. 6p. more or less, of superior Arable and Pasture Land. Lot 4, A convenient and productive Farm, called Home comprising an excellent Dwelling-house aud homestead, with 21a.

1b, 29p. more or less, of good Arable and Pasture Land. The whole of the. above are of most superior quality, and in a good state of cultivation. I ami 2, are Copyhold of Inheritance, ufide'rthe Manor of' naynng souinton, and possess valuable common Lots 3 and 4, are Copyhold of Inheritance, under the Manor of Havant and Flood (nearly equal to Freehold and are entitled to extensive rights on Havant Thicket.

Further particulars may be had of Mr. JohnBuibeck, Havant; Messrs. Osborn and Garret, Surveyors, Fareham and Mr. Charles Lewis, Auctioneer, Havant. CITY OF CHICHESTER, SUSSEX.

npO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the premises, by Mr. WHITE, on Monday, the 1st day of April, 1844, at 12 o'clock precisely, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which due notice will be given, A most desirable PROPERTY situate in the Weijt-street, Chichester, opposite the Cathedral, and near the Cross and principal Inns, in Chichester, and direct on the road from East to West, a very great thoroughfare; the property of Mr. William Booker, who has conducted the business for very many years, but how about to retire. The spacious brick and sashed Residence From the convenience aud most desirable and central situation of the premises, a considerable portion of the House may be, as heretofore, let furnished to respectable persons, very convenient, being near the Cathedral. The Fixtures in the Residence to be taken at a valuation.

The Business Premises, consist of a carriage entrance from the front and standing for carriages, is 12ft. 7m. in width, and 35ft. in depth, capable of any further extent that maybe required; the Yard in the rear is spacious, in which is a Wheeler's and Smith's Shop, and other requisite buildings the Coach Manufactory, which has one floor, is 40ft. by 20ft.

in trade, also acapital iron crane with machinery; underneath on the ground floor are standing for numerous carriaees. which are all the usual conveniences for conducting there are also two good brick-built and tiled Stables, of four stalls and three stalls, with haylofts above also a Yard, wood-built Cattle-House and Pig-pound annexed together with a large walled Garden, now used as an airing ground for cattle, The premises measure in front about and 200ft. in depth, from the extent is not only desirable for the present business, but for any other requiring room. The Property is held by Lease of the Dean and Chapter of Chichester for 30 years, renewable as customary, quit-rent 9s. lOd.

perannum. Two-thirds of the purchase-money may remain on mortgage, if required. If the property should be sold by private contract, the purchaser may take the Stock, or part of the same, at a valuation if not, it will be Sold by Auction, on the 1st of April, and following days. Further particulars of the entire Stock in Trade, will be issued shortly. The Estate may be viewed and further particulars had by applying to Mr.

John L. White, Auctioneer, Appraiser, and Estate Agent, Chichester. PORT OF SOUTHAMPTON. Extensive Sale of Foreign Deals Timber. MK.

FLKTCHERbegs to announce he has received Instructions from the Importers, to offer by PUBLIC AUCTION, without any reserve, on Friday, the 15th of March, 1844, at twelve o'clock, at Messrs. Westlake's Public Bonding Yard and Timber Ponds, Chapel, The entire and selected CARGO of ONEGA DKALS and BATTENS, ex Rosella, consisting of 1340 FIRST QUALITY DEALS, of various lengths, llin. by 3in. 1601 Ditto by 3ih. 910 Ditto Battens, 7in; Kg 2iin.

1 Also 120 Loads of PRIME MESlEL TIMBER, Seven Masts, from 60 to 70 feet long each, ex Merida. The above Deals were landed in the fall of last year, and stacked in Messrs. Westlake's Public Bonding Yard, where they can remain at small charge. They are well seasoned, of excellent quality, and fit for immediate use. The attention of the Public is particularly requested to the above important Sale.

Refreshments will be provided at the White Swan, Cross House, where the Cargo will be Sold in case of wet weather; Bnd Catalogues had of Mr. Ransom, at the Inn, and ot Mr. Fletcher, Auctioneer, Timber Surveyor, and Estate Agent, Millbrook, Southampton. Approved Bills, at Four Months, will be taken in part payment. Redbridge Timber, Coal, and Ship Building Yard; IMPORTANT SALE.

To Ship Builders, Contractors, Builders, and Others. I A yO be SOLD by AUCTION by Mr.FLETCHER, J. on the premises, on Wednesday, March 20, 1844. and following day, at eleven o'clock, without the least reserve, The whole of the valuable and extensive STOCK of the late W. Morrice, consisting of 300 LOADS OF GOOD HEWN OAK TIMBER, of large dimensions and last year's cutting, suitable tor Beams, Keelsons, and Framing, 101) loads of sided Oak, Oak Butts, Elm Keels, Timber and Tops, capital clean Ash Butts, Oak, Elm, and Beech Plank, 100 loads of Red and Yellow Pine, capital Mast Pieces, 20 loads of Quebec Oak, 2,000 BALTIC AND AMERICAN DEALS, Lathwood, 100,000 Spine and Sap Laths, 25,000 seasoned Oak Treenails, 10,000 Beech Wedges, 5,000 feet dry Oak Barns Floor Plank, 10,000 feet Fine and Spruce Board, 5,000 feet Oak Floor Board, Coffin Board.

Oak Sranrlinr Onfr 1 cleft OaK Pales, Waggon, Cart and Coach Ash. Ships' Stores, Mast Hoops, and Hanks, Copper Bolts. Bar and Round Ropes, Oakum, Tar, Paint, 70 Fathom of 7-8 and 61 ratnom ot 3.4 new mwnl flhoin rwku 11.,... -7 uuu.k Mil CAOtlJCUL fire-proot Bookcase, with internal uh GVs Pment DeKwor Locks and numerous m. appertaining to tne ousmeas ot an extensive Timber Merchant and Kbin RmliU, (' rr 11 will be enumerated in Catalogues, in haA vinim to iK Io ff 'a jjco miU onowaen, uooKsellers, Southampton; George Hotel, Winchester; Mr.

John Oakshott, Lloyd's Surveyor, Portsmouth Bugle, Newport fountain, Cowes; Red Lion, Fareham Antelope, Poole Dolphin. Romsey Three Swans, Salis- at, the Phce of Sale; and of the Auctioneer, Millbrook. Refreshments will be provided, and-nn early attendance is particularly requested. The extensive and' long-established Ship-Biiildine Yard with Mould Lofts, Work Shops, Kilri, Slips, and all requisite Offices, To BE Let, offering an eligible opportunity rarely to be met with. of of of SIOMIJ Manufactured by CHARLUS FRANCIS SONS, (of Nine Elms, London), at WEST MEDINA MILL, NEWPORT, ISLE OF WIGHT.

THE recent Discovery of Stone of the finest quality in this Island, its resemblance to the Stone of Sheppy, and its manufacture by Workmen of the' greatest experience in their service afNine Elms, enable Manufacturers to say, that no Article of similar quality and price has ever before been offered to the Trade. Itis Sold also by their Agents, John Brown, Coal Merchant, Longfleet, Poole And by Sharp and Fludeh, Timber Merchants, Oxford-street, Southampton. I. JOHN CHASE, at present and for twelve months past, residing at Portsmouth, in the Parish of Portsmouth and County of Southampton, and being a Orocer and Victualler, and carrying on Business at the Canteen in the Foreliouse Barracks, in Portsmouth aforesaid, do hereby give Notice, That I intend to present a Petition to the Court of Bankruptcy, praying to be examined touching my Debts, Estate, anil Effects and to be protected from all process, upon making a full disclosure and surrender of such Estate and Effects for payment of my just and lawful debts. And I hereby further give notice, that the time when the matter of the' said petition shall be heard is to be advertised in the London Gaxelte' and in the Hampshire Telegraph Newspaper, oue month at the least, alter the date hereof.

As witness my. hand, this 9th day of March, in the year otie thousand eight hundred and fortv-fo'ur. JOHN'CHASE. Witness -H. G.

Way, Attorney for the said John Chase. TO be LET, PART of the EXCELLENT DWELLING-HOUSE, No. 57, High-street, (Next door to the Fountain Inn), Portsmouth, com-prising a large drawing and dining-room, six good bed rooms, and dressing-room, two attics, water closet, two kitchens, cellars, court yard, and offices. The whole has been pninled papered within a twelvemonth, in thorough repair, and suitable for a respectable family. Rent moderate.

For particulars apply to Mr. Thomas Nicholson, 99, High-street, Portsmouth. ISLfToF WIGHt7 HMO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, JL OSBORNE HOUSE and PARK, with the Great Wood and Now Barn Farm, adjoining, containing altogether 340 Acres of Freehold Land. As a Residence, in point of convenience and beauty of. tbU-prapertj; offers every inducement; as a mere investment is: desirable; to the "capitalists it afBrrfs'sn-bpportunity for speculation rarely to be equalled.

The Burton Farm, immediately contiguous to Park, a Leasehold Estate, held by beneficial lease, under Winchester College, containing 424a. 3k. may, likewise be purchased. Other Estates adjoining this may be added should a purchaser be; desirous of extending his property. For particulars and to view the Mansion and Estate, application is to be made to ftlessrs.

H. and R. B. sewell, JNewport, Jtsle pt ignt. GOSPORT.

TIO be LET, with-immediate possession, An excellent FAMILY RESIDENCE, with Side Entrance, Garden, situate on the South Side of Cold Harbour, late in the occupation of Admiral Barker. For particulars apply to Messrs. Minchin and Oake, Solicitors, Portsea; or to Crook and Son, 64, High-street, Portsmouth, and 125, High-street, Gosport. No. 10, ST.

PAUL'S-SQUARE, SOUTHSEA. SON beg to announce that they will SELL by on the premise's, on Thursday, March 21st, 1844, at eleven, All the capital modern FURNITURE, in excellent preservation, rich Cut Glass and China, Double-barrel Percussion Gun and Case, a Marine Barometer, a California CatiOe, Indian Bows and Arrows, pieces of Matting, Shells, Specimens of Fossils, Garden Tools, the domestic items, and numerous effects, the property of a gentleman leaving the neighbourhood. May be viewed on Wednesday, the 20th and morning of ssle. Catalogues, at Gd. each, on the premises, and at Crook and Son's Offices, High-street, Portsmouth and Gosport.

pylefaTil NEAR HORNDEAN. HANTS. Farm Stock, Household Furniture, and npO be SOLD by AUCTION, by CROOK and SON, under a power of sale, on the premises, on Monday, the 11th of March, 1844, at 12 All the LIVE and DEAD STOCK on the above Farm, consisting of four cart horses, milch cow in calf, and two with calves at foot, three heifers, pigs, and poultry, waggons, carts, gig and harness, ploughs, harrows, drags; trace, thill, and plough harness; cow cribs, hurdles, sheep racks, troughs, winnowing machine, ladders, rick stcddle, 'sacks, rudders, and other implements of husbandry, brewing and dairy utensils. And on Tuesday, the 12th Alarcb, 1844, at 12 o'clock precisely, will be Sold, All the Household Furniture, an Eight-day Clock, Silver Plate, Linen, China, Glass, and Effects of the. Farm Residence.

To be viewed ihe morning of sale. Catalogues may be had on the premises at the Red Lion, Petersfield New Inn, Hambledon Waterloo Inn, Waterloo; Swan, Cosham Bear Inn, Havant; Crown, Emsworth and at Crook and Son's offices, 64, High-street, Portsmouth, and 125, High street, Gosport. Modern Furniture, a Six Octave Cottage Piano Forte, nandsome Kosewood Marometers, saddles, Bridles, and Harness, good Brewing Gear, Lofty Flag Staff, with Topmast, and Rigging complete Flags, and other effects. MR. ABRAHAM respectfully announces that he is instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at the Institution Hall, Fareham, on Tuesday, March 19th, 1844, All the capital MODERN FURNITURE and EFFECTS, the property of a Gentleman quitting the neighbourhood for a dwtantt.county comprising lofty four-post bedsteads, in handsome town.print and moreen furniture, cottage bedsteads and furnitures, goose feather beds, hair and wool mattresses, wardrobe, chest of drawers, dressing, basin and toilet tables and appendages, brussels, and.other carpets, loo, card, extensible dining, sofa, and pembroke tables, sideboard, cheffioneer, celleret, sofas, mahogany dining and other chairs, rosewood barometer, window poles and curtains, six octave cottage piano forte, canterbury, music stools, easy choirs, tenders, lire irons, china dinner, dessert, and tea services, rich cut glass; and other effects kitchen veruvoiver ana otner requisites capital saddles, bridles, harness, horse cluths, stove, harness holders, good brewing gear, in 8-bushel mash vat, run tub, coolers, casks, lofty flag staff; with topmast and rigging complete flags which will be enumerated in catalogues (6d.

each), to be had three days prior to the sale, at the Swan Inn, Cosham; Queen's Head, Wickham Bugle, Titchtield Crown, Gosport and of the Auctioneer, Fareham. The Goods to be viewed on Monday prior to the day of sale, which will commence at half-past eleven o'clock precisely. EMSWORTH. Neat Household Furniture, China, Glass, Linen, Clever Bay Galloway, six years old; Single Horse Chaise, four-wheel ditto, LightCart 011 springs, with lamps; stout Raved Cart. nnO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the premises, by 1.

Mr. WRIGHT, on Thursday, 21st March, 1844, and following day at twelve o'clock, All the HOUSE-HOLD FURNITURE, Linen, China, Glass, Brew, ing Utensils, late the property of Mr. William King, deceased, by order of the executors comprising hand-some four-post and field bedsteads, with moreen and calico furnitures; prime bordered goose feather beds, mattresses, blankets and quilts, mahogany wardrobes and chests of drawers, dressing and washhand tables, carpets and chairs, set of sliding frame mahoeanv dining tables, work, loo, crd, and pembroke tables, sofa covered in drab merino damask, finished in gold colour silk cord window curtain to match, trimmed with silk lace handsome tassel curtain holders, brass pole cornice and rings, chairs, with cushions covered en suite handsome brussels carpets, pier and chimney glasses, dinner and tea services, plain and cut glass handsome damask table cloths, breakfast, tea, and table napkins, fourteen pair of hue irish and russia sheets and house linen, brewing utensils, the usual assortment of kitchen furniture and culinary articles a useful bay mare, six years old chaises and carts, trace, thill, and chaise harness, and miscellaneous articles in the yard and store a quantity of paint, four new saddles, cow cribs, and an assemblage of useful furniture in the store. May be viewed on Wednesday preceding the sale, and catalogues had on the Premises of Mrs. John King, who Mr.

W. is Conducting the sale for and of the Auctioneer, Chichester. The Household Furniture and Linen will be Sold the First Day. The House to be Let with immediate possession. the 'I of SATURDAY, MARCH 9, 1844.

NEWPORT. I At the County Petty Sessions, on Saturday last, John Legg and his son were each tind and 5.. costs, for assaulting James. Bromley, an innkeeper of Varnioiith Benjamin and Jacob Garland were fined 2s. (id.

and 5s. costs, for being in a wood, and sawing off young ash trees. Captain N. C. Travers, the Barrack Master at Ilounslow, and late of the Rifle Brigade, has effected an exchange with Capt.

Edmonds, Barrack Master, in the Isle of Wight. COWES. Several Yachts arenow getting ready to brought forward for the ensuing season. The following merchant ships arrived this week The Johanna, from Bahia, laden with sugar Excel-lent, from Rio Janeiro, laden with coffee the Dutch barque Concordia, in a damaged state, and is now ilia. cnarging ner cargo, in order to be repaired.

Sir Edward Paget and family are still remaining at the Castle, in the enjoyment of good health. Osborne-house, the seat of Lady Isabella Blachford, near Cowes, has been taken for Her Majesty with an option to purchase, if approved of. The Royal Household are expected down in May. but considerable addi- tions must be made to the building before it can can ac commodate a very targe establishment. Itis beautifully situate in a fine park, with abundance of fine timber.

The views are extensive and of varied beauty, though certainly not equal to Norris Castle, which commands Southampton Water and the Roadstead of Cowes, while Osborne takes a more easterly taking in Portsmouth, Spithead, but is shut out by the high grounds of Norris from the views westward. The mansion contains, on the ground.floor, drawing-room, dining-room, and library, with two ante-rooms, and hall. First-floor. Five bed-rooms ami two dressing-rooms, Second-floor. Nine rooms.

Offices, house-keepers'-rooms, laundry, kitchen, with beds for maidservants three beds ior men over the stables. Osborne-park and wood, with gardens, contain 34S acres, the whole of which is freehold. The larm adjoining is copyhold, and contains 424 acres. The park runs down to the water. The landing and bathing is good, and strictly private.

It joins the grounds of Norris, being directly to the south-east of the estate. Sun. MONEY. rj 1WO THOUSAND POUNDS are required on gOOU lU h.HU.Ll) SECURITY, For particulars aH. dress by letter free, to Mr.

H. Yeates, Britain. street, Portsea, Hants. COOK. AM TED, A Good PLAIN COOK in a private family.

None need apply but such as can have a good character from her last place. Apply to the Printer. CARRIAGE, HORSES, AND HARNESS, FOR SALE. A Very fashionable DOUBLE-SEATED CAB-PHAETON, has only been running one month also a pair of Clever Grey Cobs, quiet either to ride or drive; with a handsome set of Double. Harness, silver-plaited.

To be seen at Mr. G. Loe's, Coach-builder, St. Thomas'-street Portsmouth. 03- An Apprentice wanted to the above business.

ALLSOPP'S EAST INDIA PALE ALE. IN consequence of an advertisement issued by Messrs. Bass Co, in the London and Provincial Newspapers, we were under the necessity of addressings letter to those gentlemen on the 26th informing them that their statements of the prices of PALE ALE in India, and the shipments thereto, as far as we were concerned, were "grossly incorrect," and that if the advertisement were not withdrawn, we should feel compelled publicly to allude to the inaccuracy of it. We have therefore no alternative but to declare publicly, wnat we liuormeu inem privately, tnat almost every statement is "grossly incorrect." we taRe this opportunity ot giving accounts of the latest Bona fide wholesale sales of each Ale, as verified by the various Prices Current, and have only to refer purties to those connected with India for a confirmation of these facts. Calcutta Rupees.

77 per Bonafide Sales as 7o ditio J-ner public Prices December, 1843. Allsopp. was Current. MannAs: Ituoees. December, 1043 Albopp---- 70 per Hhd.) Bonafide Sales as Bass 6S ditto f-ner public Prices I Current.

Bombay: Rupees. December, 3843. 65 per Hhd. Bonafide Sales as Bass oi auto Mier public Prices I Current. shipments of one year past from Ootobef to October inclusive were Madras and Bombay.

Calcutta. Total Hhds. Allsop 5,583 Brss 4,8110 Every information will be given at their Stores. 61. King William-street, London, or at the Brewery, Burton-upon-Trent, as to partieB upon whom the public may depend for procuring the East India Pale Ale, and tneir otner varieties ot uurton Ale, ana thev mav be obtained from most of the respectable dealers fhrough- v.

uiu me iviliguuiii. Allsopp sons, brewery, Burton-on-Trent, March 5, 1844. Beer. Bombay Price Current. Feb.

1st. 1844 The inquiry for Allsopp's has been steady throughout the month, and the market is new of Ale in first hands ot that brew. have sales reported of 100 at the same rate as last month. In Bass's and other descriptions, there has been no Sales." Times, Friday, March 8th, 1844. Agent for Portsea, J.

Paul, St. George's-Square, Portsea. LANDPORT. rj tO be SOLD byAUCTION.byMr.HOUGHTON, J. 011 the premises, Meadow-street, on Thursday, the 14th day of March, 1844, The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and other EFFECTS of a Person leaving the place; comprising bedsteads, goose-feather beds, bedding, mahogany chest of drawers, pembroke table, carpets, rugs, chimney and dressing glasses, commode, square and passage canvas, chairs, fenders, fire irons, Also, 50 Lots of useful Wearing Ap-parel.

Sale will commence punctually at 11 o'clock. EXTENSIVE SALE of PAPER HANGINGS. MR. R. WINDSOR respectfully announces he has received instructions to SELL by AUCTION, without reserve, at the Athenaeum, Bishop-street, Portsea, on Wednesday, 20th Match, 1844, and following days, A valuable Lot of PAPER HANGINGS, contaitiing upwards of 30,000 yards, in 300 different patterns of the most modern devices.

The whole will be sold in lots suitable to purchasers. May be viewed on the day previous to Auction, which will commence each day at 12, and close at 3 o'clock. LANDPORT. nnO be SOLD byAUCTION, by Mr. WINDSOR, on the premises, spring-street, Lmnaport, on ea-nesday, March 13, 1844, All the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Chest of Carpenters's Tools, quantity of School Desks and Stools, and Effects, of the late Mr.

Thos. Bower, deceased, comprising four post, elliptic and other bedsteads, with furnitures goose feather beds, hair and other mattresses, blankets and counterpanes chimney and dressing glasses Iri mahogany are chests of drawers, chairs, dining and pembroke tables, easy chair: bmssels and other carpets china and glass, glazed prints, books, variety of culinary utensils, work bench, useful wood, and many other articles. Sale to commence at eleven o'clock. of.

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