Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 1, 1944 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 1, 1944
Page 8
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Page light NAtTOATUCK DAILY NEWS SATURDAY, JUJ.Y 1,1944 Major Uses D-DayTaleBy Bethany Man Flight Officer Rollin Fowler Helps Disprove "One- Way Suicide Trips" In supporting the Importance of gliders In warfare, Major William H. Taylor, who helped prepare wilder forces Cor their trip Into Normandy on D-Day. used the story of Flight Officer Rollln B. Fowler, of Bethany, to disprove •'the reputation thai the gliders h/ivc earned— "one-way suicide trips." Flljrht Officer Fowler landed m Normandy on D-Day find with two of his men he bejran to search for n command post. While KOintf over the French 'countryside, the Invaders saw a Krotip of ,Germans approaching- The flight ofricor ordered his men 10 report the presence of Germans In Ihe vicinity to thu rear. As the Na/.ls approached In a group, Fowler threw a hand KV •nde. killing five men. With his rifle ho killed four more before a German grenade exploded close to stun nlm. When Ihe Bethany man came lo. he WHS facing n. German with a piKtol In his hand. He was taken over to the German command post for questioning. However, as n, German colonel and a guard entered the room, Fowler threw another Kr-cnfide that Ihe Germans had overlooked in their search. The hiffh explo.sivo killed the two Germans, and the local soldier escaped through the door, and made his way lo the American lines on a German motorcycle, nnd Saved The Lexington When He Flew To Death It luul lioen n grout iliiy for (j. K.) I'mil linker when (lit; Anivriciiii force umiglit >M> with the MK -'"I 1 Invasion fnrec near Tiling! <md Ni.-nt lliroi- enemy currirrs to tlic hotliiin. Iltikrr himself luul oroiiglit ilou'll five >Iu|> «lr- criifl und as night fell ho hov- rrril over the I^'xington uwiilt- Ing u liitKling *\Kt>ul, From no- wlu>ri> 10 Jap |iltine.H up- prouuhcd, porh:i|>s fur u sn- Iclclo nttiuil; on tin- American ship. Ordered not to land, flukrr turned his plane nwiiy without lipsitntion, luring tlir .laps after hint »s ho (Us- iippriired to certain death In thr night. OthiT.s :irr giving their ITvos without hesitation; Invest your dollars in War lloiuN the .samp way: Kiilxu War Hmul cusli hy phoning 222X and or- ilerlng u Nrwx For iSale ad to of things yini no longer IIHC.—Adv. Private Czarny Is Promoted In Women's Corps (.Special To The Kovvsi) 1 Fort Oglothorpc, Ga. — Frivato Stella Czarny of Nmigutuck, Conn., has been promoted from private lo private llrst class. Promotions in tho WAG are made on the basis of ability and record of performance of work. Members of the Corps arc trained to replace soldiers in more than Great Russian Army Is Still Moving Forward Gem Sunday And Monday n horse which he borrowed from a farmer. Flight Offlcor Fowler is a graduate of Seymour high, and is tho brother of Hope Fowler, and Mrs. Thcoodro .Russell, both of Naugatuck, His parents reside in Bethany. Pvt. J. Spadola Makes Camp Paper (Continued from T'.-ige :i) »:nme of the 1P37 World Scries nak Joe. Ask him who pitched the in-lnnlnj,' Fourth of July carno between the Giants and the PiUshui'Kh Pirates In '33 and he'll tell you. He'll tell you the number of hits and runs scored, and whether nr not. it was tho second frame of a doublcl-icadcr, Pvt. Spiidola. loves his baseball lind knows how to talk it. ff.ach year he irets a personal letter from Connie Muck In which the £reat baseball trnprrssnrio trives Joe a pre-season appr"isal of his Jnmf:d Athletics. Jne is proud of this Intimate "eontac-.. BacJ< home Joe used to ushor In- a thnator and that jjavn him afternoons tn follow his homo town hit- leaguers. During '.fie winter months he and his "stove IIWIKUC" cronic-s wouUT replay the season. Joe's memory is n ma* In i,'. Seldom Is he in error. nnd that's what makes him r>iK- timo In any "stove league." KSCIAI-KII IN.M.:KY Hartford, July l —(U P)-The pilot of an Army lighter |ilane rscaperl injury in a crash landing In n n f-.'.fist Hurt ford Held. The plane — ha.ii-d m. r-;r»dley Kiekl-- Wfi.M only slightly damaged. 'rhr> n«me of the i-ilot was not released. (By United I>re»N) Moscow says the Germans have fniled in desperate attempts to bolster the faltering defense system before Minsk. Front reports Indicate fresh German S. S. and security troops wore rushed into battle in a last ditch attempt to save the situation. But the great Soviet .stoamroKcr is moving Irresistably forward— buttering clown all obstacles in its path. Two White ' Russian armies — steaming across the Berexina river | and later- wounded again when, the P. F. C. STKLL.A CZARNY •IGO typos of Army jobs now open to WACs, releasing men for cam- but duty, and preventing the drafting of men from essential wur industries. Private Czarny is tlic daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Wasyl Czarny of 2fi Lyons Ct.. Kaugatuck, Conn. Tho local girl is a sister of Sergeant Luke Cznrny of tho United States Army, who was wounded four times in tho African campaign Lynn Burl und Francis Lcdcrcr In a romantic «ccno from Thornton Wilder'* famous Pulitzer J'ri/.e Winner. "Thu Bridge of San Luis Key," Lynn plays the (-tar role us "The Perlchole," oxctic duncor of old Peru who won. the heart of a viceroy nnd ;i common H 350 Expected To Attend G.O.P. Event Here On July 20 Henry 'Schlklpcn; 3rd, chairman of ' l.hc 5th Annual Young Republican OulinR to be held , on Thursday, July 20, at Schildfjen'.s Grove on the East Watcrbury Road, expects l.liat the attendance at the event will be in Ihe neighborhood uf 350 persons. County officers of the YOUTTR G. O. P. have been invited to a-ttcnd the outing and there already has been placed on sale more than 300 tickets, Chairman Schildgcn reported today. Other committees for the outing include refreshments, with the membership being Henry Zwick, Franklyn Holchkiss, Elmer Larson, Henry lieoring and Howard Sagendorf. On the cntcrtainmenl, committee are Domcnic DcCarlo, Grace Woodfield, Uay Sl.inson, J. Rudolph Anderson and William PJos- ki. Chairman of publicity for the event is Mrs. Myrtle Hotchkiss. Allied Armies In Italy Continue Forward Moves (Uy L'nlted Tress) Allied armies in Italy have ovcr- both northeast and southeast of to within 25 miles of the city. They threaten to lay siege to tho stronghold—and per 1 ' haps capture it—within a few days. . Meanwhile, othor Soviet forces to the north forged to within 2S miles of a junction that would encircle remnants of 12 enemy divisions. Those units arc' only (H'e miles from the Mogilcv-to-Minsk highway—the Germans' only escape route. On the Ilnnish front—the Russians advanced ton miles above ftewiy-won Viipuri, .Farther north —on the Ij'ntis peninsula—they sel/.ed ?L strategic town, Allied forces made the invasion of Sicily. . ' . . I Six Conn. Men Complete Training Vienna Area Reported Hit By American Bombers (By L'nltcd Tress) The OcrrrmnM s.-iy Amci'icar. hniiiripi's ,'ittnckccl thu ^t'ca in Austria this inominp. Berlin radio also reported ttat powerful U'liitiicl States air rieets pcnotratod Hunfrary und Slovakia. flfchtinf,' thi.-if way throuf.'h attack- ins Cci-man plnnus. Presumably, the aircraft flcv/ nut. from Itafy. But the Nny.i broadcast, tjave no dftt.'iils. nncl tht; Allies have not confirmed the report. Ivisi niKlit, Italian based RAF planes raided Fcuersbrunn. an im- pnrtiinl ll(;htei' plane Ijfiso 30 milesi northwest nf Vienna. tn other British air action, Spft- llres KweepiriK' the Yiiposlav coast d.'C!ii!iKecl the ail-field at Sarajevo. .•inr| (lealroyed cijtrht parked air- Camp Lee, Virginia, July 1—(UP) •-Six Connecticut men have completed their Army postal training Ht the Quartermaster School fit Camp Leo. They are: Albert GiKirdi.ini of 177 SUindJvh street. Hartford. George D. Jokubaitis of 3 James place, Wntrrbury. Edward J. McKennn of C-IO Elm street. New Haven. Elmer R.'Rotteck of 192 Minerva street, Derby. Merlin C. Simpson of 33 Center street. Hartford. And Carnot H, Wilson of Boston Post road, Old Saybrook. Nazis Attacking On French Front (Continued from Page SUNDAY - MONDAY From Thornton Wilder'* Pulitzer Prize-winning Novel Benedict Bogeaus ?mi«i, The Bridge of San Luis Key . "•- - WNN BARI MfcTmwoff. Francis lederer Also Ki>fi,\!i KK.NNMMV CO.MKD C.AKTOON mid NKWS Todii.v: "THIS IS Till-: I,IKK nnil "HI..ACK NOTICE! Stratton's Restaurant PARK PLACE lit: CLOSED NEXT MONDAY AND TUESDAY JULY 3 and 4 Over Tt.-ily. Allied wfirplnncs ham- ntf'rprl fit Xaxi supply and oom- nuinicrilion lines. A inajoi 1 attack cpnt<!ri!fl soulh-of I'orli, where our airmen smashed some 500 motor j vehicles rushing .supplies to the front. Tn the ground action, American (mops on the v/cst coast hrokc tlirdiiKli N'jr/.i defense lines to within 20 iiirnillcs of I^ivorno. Inland, tin- Fi'cnch :iri> only seven miles from Siena. Between the two points* the Germur.s arc reported in full retreat. However, the Nazis arc doinf: everythir.^ possible to cleiay the All!,.-s advance. Inland i-oads arc heavily mined. Houses are blasted across the roads. And in s'ome sec- '(••r«, the oCrmans have demolished whole villages to a heap .of rubble. In central Italy, the British now are nine miles northwest of Perugia. KXTISA POLICE FO.ll ITII Pollen Chiof John J. Gormloy warned local residents this morning lluil tho salo and rlischargG of flrc- erricltors is prohibited. Chief Gorm- Icy will plac^ srvri-fit extra men on duly for tho Fourth to enforce.' the law. l*TI ITAOi __ \ TODAY-M?^ SUN • M PERSON IIW SPOTIIGHT HIT RAIMD <wJi k4&.OftCHEiTRA t REVUE 1$M& 271,t ARMY both banks of the Odon river. For all the Nazi tank fui-y, the . wctlgo which threatens to encircle Caen nnd pave tho way for the j march on Paris. 120 miles to the East, hiisn't budged. The cncmj is trying 1 to shake it by aiming most of his blows fit tho tip and western flank of the wodgo which now roaches almost to the southwestern cdgo of Caen itself. Tho Tommies on tho western sector arc withir. W or 1'J miles of a junction with the British southeast of Caen—a junction which will cut tho last Nazi esc:ipe -road to the south anci isolate the French port. The British are making thcii stono-w.'Lll stand against what Go.n oral Dompscy describes fls "th< heaviest cnomy fo--ces since tho start of 'the war. He says the first phase of the week-old offensive- is over and that tho British army, to uso his words. i.« "fully prcparec for the ^ocond move." The major Nazi defensive strn!.c- gy is ba«od on armor, as we s.-iid. So far, tho "rilish have knocked out. at least .M2 tanks. But tho RAF struck a stunning twilight blow yesterday to prevent more enemy tanks from reaching tho front. More than 250 British heavy bombers tied into a concentration of Tv'a/.i armor 13 • miles south'wcst of -Caen. They roared over the massod enemy tanks in n 12-minutc procession iosx than •1.000 feet -above the ground. They packed all their explosives on an area no larger than a football field—an average of one ton of hombs for every five square yards. Roturing fliers say: "We got what we wanted," As for the fighting north and cast of Caen, the British and Canadians took several moro viliagos, most of thorn within a five mile radius of C;icn. Allied hc.-«!f|t |f "'- ters says the Yanks^on the central front, have taken several viliagos north ,-incl northwest of tho transport center of "St. Lo, 2S miles southwest of Caon. American troops aj-o systematically find rnthor slowly reducing whelmed German delaying forces and again are sweeping , forward. 1 American troops of Lieutenant General Mark Clark's Fifth Army arc converging on Siona, as key- transport center 35 miles south' of Florence. Siena's fall is reported imminent. Other American forces, pushing up the west coast, have reached the outskirts of Cccinc, 20 ro«cl miles below Livorno. They have plunged in force across the Cccina river, three miles cast -of the outflanked town. Along the east: shore of Lake Trnsimdno—the area in--which the Naxis fought their toughest dc- aying action north of Phonic—-the British Eighth. Army has cleared strong point near Magionc, nine miles northwest' of Perugia. The • I' segments of Marshal Albert Kcssclring's positions anchored around the central lakes arc being uprooted. The Nazis are reeling back toward the Pisa-Flor- cnee-Rimini lino. On the Adriatic coast, the Eighth Army is pursuing tho Germans across the Chionti river toward tho Miisonc^ river, 'only ten miles from the port -oi' 'Ancona. .-forward British elements reached the town of Civitanova, 22 miles south of Ancona Frid.ny afternoon iitoar.whili;, Gorman supply routes are -being blasted from the tiir. Yestcrcl.'ty, 500 heavy bombers raided the Balkans, They attacked communications in Hungary and blasted itn airfii.-k! and a h.irbor in Yugoslavia. Fighter-bombers carried out offensive sweeps throughout northern -Italy, In nil these operations fourteen enemy aircraft were destroyed. Nine. Allied pianos arc missing. Apparently, the Germans in Itnly continue -to fight with one eye Lurriiid toward further retreat. Radio Oslo snys Adolf Hitler has [ declared Florence—the hinge of the j nncmy's Gothic lino—an open ci-ty. According to the Germans, this Js being done- to preserve its artistic and historic treasures. Bristol Company Poster On War Is Ranked High A Bristol company war poster appears second on the list of thirteen posters selected by the publishers of the Labor-Management News or Washington, IX C,, sponsored by the National War Production .Board, as outstanding evidence, of the definite' boost to aid the war .effort contribution by the posters to "promote Productive Power" throughout the nation. Other Connecticut firms signally honored wore the Raybcstos-Man h.attan Co., Bridgeport and the United Aircraft Corp., of East. Hartford. The Bristol company poster is captioncd "Our Bomber" — How Bristol Helps to Strike the Blows that Blast the Axis. It reminds the Bristol employes th.-U they help give the bomber a "skin" by making instruments that help forge tho magnesium and aluminum, for its fusilage; that Bristol Screws arc used today to assemble many airplane motors; that Bristol Controls used in synthetic rubber manufacture arc essential to the safety and uniform quality-of its tires; that the Navigator is helped by the aviat'fon instruments made at Bristol's, without which accurate r.aviftaiion .on long flights would bo impossible; and that Bristol instruments, used ir. making Aw.'iionium Nitrate for'air- plane bombs, keep up. output, insure against defects of varying quality. Tho article occupies the two center folds of the V.'PB periodical j and is introduced as follows; "Once a casual sideline . in publicity, the poster has been raised by war and Labor-ma'riapcmcnt committee to n position of respect on the Third Front. Shop posters received at War Production Drive headquarters form a permanent record of tho spirit of the Amori-. can workman." Former Naugatuck Resident Weds In Cleveland, Ohio Mr. and Mrs. Frank Salisbury of Cleveland, Ohio, announce Ihe m;ir- riaffc of their daughter, M'liss Elaine, to Everett Davison Hood, Jr., ensign. United States navy. The wedding look place on Friday. June 1G, at University Heights, Cleveland. Ensign Hood, who-is the son. of Rev. and Mrs. Eveertf E. Hood of Godfrey, Illinois, is a graduate of Purdue University. Following .his graduation and until' he- entered the U* S. Navy, he was employed as a. chemist at the laboratory of Hie U. S. Rubber Company, in Naugatuck. While here ho was a member of the Valley Players dramatic group. AS SPECIALISTS IN MEN'S CHOICER NECKWEAR —YOU'LL APPRECIATE THIS GLAMOROUS PANOPLY RICH, RARE, DISTINCTIVE, GEOUS SILKS AND RAYONS TO $5.00. Unusual motives from the Moyenage, Byzantine, Renaissance periods — fascinatingly exotic—a glorious tribute to good taste and an'uplift to that man who realizes the power neckwear wields in rounding out and preserving the prestige of a man who practices perfect grooming. Records) Councenis Service LOVINK MLECTR1C CO. g Church Sircci Rangers To Have Days Off Ranger headquarters announced hero today that due to the heavy schedule of the local military group-over the past several weeks that thoro will be no drill on Sunday or next Tuesday, July 4th. Foreign-born population of the U. S. has decreased almost 20 per cent in the last decade, census authorities believe. For Faster Baking And Easier Washing — USE — PYREX WARE Bake, .Serve and Store -In Same Dish We lluvc An Excellent Selection In Stock Templeton's TEMPLETON'S CORNER WATERBURY DIAI. 4080 (No Toll Charge) DANGERS! FBIDAV, SATURDAY' and SUNDAYS We Present FRANK CAPALEO And III* KAI.1MA ISLANDER* Orchestra White Eaglt Restaurant BRIDGE STREET' Moml>er of Connecticut :• llctilnurunt A Hiring Controls Of U. S. Employment Service Extended Blood Donor list Has Reached 130 SANDY BEACH" OPEN Loelair's bus -\vill leave' from- Rosenblatt's; Maple Street, at 1:30 n, m.. Sun- .tiny; (Continued from Pago 3) Washington, July ..—(UP)—The Wnr Manpower commission's extension of hiring controls lakes nni.ion-wiOe effect today. Tho United Slates Employment Service now- hns employment jurisdiction over all men — and in certain areas over women. The new regulation's include-all .'industries except agriculture. Manpower officials emphasise that the plan is based on voluntary, locally-administered procedure. Its purpose is to send workers to the most vital .industries, to halt a decline i-n: employmcnl in munitions, ,'iftd to recruit work.- crs for areas where the labor vliortagrc is critical. Tho now regulations will be broadly interpreted. In labor-short areas, local manpower committees might give Ihe United States Employment Service the power to re- or all job-seekers to openings. In iroas where the labor supply .is plentiful, private employment a.gen- cies, union hiring halls and indiv- ials may be permitted 'to handle hiring. Sl'ECIAI..' MEETING the 2.000 Germans still holding out Hartford, July 1—(U P)—The' cgislative council announces it will hold a special mooting July fith, principally to determine the tionettc Ufimpnrelln. Mrs. Thcrcs-i j Lund, R. C. Carter, Thomas Good. I AJso C.'H.herino O'Sullh'.nn. I? Baldwin, M.nrgarot Owens, Lawrence 13. Hcilenian, Mrs. Sipmund Zcranjiki. Mrs. Earl White, Mrs. Charles Johnson, Mrs. John Crowley. Also Mrs. Chai-los ' Asplund, Michael Scacti, Mrs. George Aspcll, Ralph Tripp, James Wooddcld, Mrs. William Calvin, Mrs, Peter Christcnson, Mrs. Henry Wadwick, Hji.nse Kisser,, 'Edward- 'Larson. John Ernst. Edward Garland, Carl Packer, Mrs, Raymond Jennings, Francis Moss. Mary Froelich, Ronald E. Jonos, Arthur Nelson-. Also Adolph Sodloski. Jnme.s Heavens. Pctci' Bchunii'ik, Howard Pete, Irving Johnson, Yngbc Johnson, Nurona Frntosi, George O. Ellis, Robert Hall and Frank Jones. Railroads operate more trucks than locomotives. motor ALCAZAR Buy Moro War Bonds TODAY ''Silent Partner" The Copper Room Open Daily For LUNCHEON And DINNER DANCING Wednesday — and — Saturday Evenings Only After 9 P. M. In Naugatuck's 100th Year| Your Saving* Bank Passes Another Milestone)] And Reports Total Resources Of Over $10,000,000 A TRIBUTE To The THRIFT and SAVINGS of Naugatuck People NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK All Deposits. Guaranteed nnd I 100 Years of Service For over 100 years this plant has continuously served our nation with quality footwear and other fine rubber products, both in peace and in war. UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Footwear Plant AMfRICA 5 TOP NAME BANDS ipfflTfRBE OUR = MION1TC »H«W VMON in K threc-sfiuare mile ai-ea'ir. the hills northwest of Cherbourg. Nearly 1.000 prisoners were taken Wednesday and Thursday. In the strategic air war. RAF Mosquitos raided a synthetic oil works near valley last bombers hit .in important rail center south of Orleans in France. advisability of proposing th.-u the I 1945 General Assembly approve a labor relations act. Attempts to adopt similar legislation at past sessions have been, -unsuccessful. Council Administrator Her.ry H. Hune said that representatives of Hamborn in the ?.uhr | labor and management have been night. British heavy | invited to the hearing. Smiles are put on many racc.i by News Want Ads every day. For re- stilts, phone 222$, During one year, 1939, 'the U. S. leather industries used 25 million cattle hides, 45 million sheep and larnb skins, and 16 million or calf skins, ,.- 'Swing Out The Blues 5 SUNDAY - MONDAY "TISH" • Mur.jorlc Main - Zusu I'itts "JAMBOREE" Musical Comedy • NEW BICYCLES • BICYCLE TIRES & TUBES • GARDEN FERTILIZER • LAWN FERTILIZER • HY-TROUS LIQUID FERTILIZER • SPRAY MATERIALS • KLEEN-FLO Clonus Your Oil Tunic , Conditions Your Car Motor • • CHIMNEY SWEEP CIcaiiH Furnace tlucH • OIL DRUMS — STANDS ;— FAUCETS • CEMENT PAINT Transparent Filler and 4 Color* WRACIE WALL FINISH G.C.MURPHYCo.l I Church St. Naugntnck, Conn, f Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 Church St Phone 5236

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