Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 1, 1944 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 1, 1944
Page 7
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DAIEYrNEWS Pair* Seven WANT ADS Employment J|rlp Wnntwl—Mule JFor Sale 3 JloiiHr* For Sale o-i-r to clear brush. Good pay, i«wlv wo " k - Ailk for job nt Qulnn 1C .vcurn of nice; SlX-Kooni, one family 1 garage and all improvements. If you want to buy.-or .sell, sue on street.". and Chestnut Swuclu Hill, Nau£. wuntccl—Vrmnln WANTED Stenographer Single. ci'lIt'nt opportunity for advancement. Ad'lross Box "J" Cnrc of XriupiUuck Dally News P. Labrioln. realtor, 172 High H-trcel, telephone 3-108 or 5834. l-'OK rsALK—Two family hoimr, 11 moms,. 2 car garage nnd .-barn. All improvement. Lot 8-1 x 160. At a sacrifice. Tel. 3-0-103, Bridgeport. • • • • " ; TWO-funilly lion-it; of I and 5 room npfti-tmepts. Jmprovemont.s. Ix>t TiOxlOO feet. Also extra corner lot. Nicely shaded by fruit trees. Full price $-1,000 cash. Located on Lewis street, Naugaluck. No Address Box "X" in care Announcements i\nd Found SIAMESE CA.T_fcritnlQ. Finder please call Nnuga'tuc'k 2211,. NOTICE The annual meeting of the lo owners of the .Grove Cemetery As sedation, .w.l'll • be .held .at 2 p. m E. W. ,T. on Monday, July 10, 1044 at. the Naugatuck,.National Bank The nnnual meeting of thc.Trus tecs of said association, .will be held nt . 2:15 p. m. E. W. T., on th, same \latc, at the Nnugatuck -Na tional Bnnlc. . . . . EMIL MANNWEILER, . President Automotive n Tor ! SaIo'""''.'•' • Ifl.'iB l^ord Pickup. Reasonable-. Apply Edward Baummeiy Shield St. 'Tclephono ; '3301. •"'••'• •'-••'. . . J 10 Wanted TEACHERS STUDENTS HOUSEWIVES! ! FULL OR PART-TIME WORK AVAILABLE Making Footwear During Summer Months Experience Unnecessary APPLY AT United States Employment Service 123 Bank St. AVate.rbu.ry, Conn. Stnblllaitlcin Conditions UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. niiKnttick Foot\voar Plant NAt'OATUCK CONN. f.llll,— H'niilcd lo iimlnt with uscwork In (ho country. Fam- of three adultH. $00 month nrwl board. Washington, Conn., (1(1-1, lKI,, WOMUIII HM inolliisr'.s li(-l|>T, Ihi-ce mornlMK- 11 week for two i tmiirs. Liberal wages. 'Phono 8AI,l-:Sf,AI)IKM, .in to fin. Part or full tirno. . ICxcrllont WHCCS and worliing conditions, Apply G. C. Afdrphy Co., Church at reel, nt Park Plui.-ft. Hrlp d^Mnh- or l-'mniln WAN'TKD—By (tniall flltnlly, 11 cot-j Inge at Luke . Quassapaug or Sandy Beach for the .summer months nnd over Labor Day. ficfcremie.t. Telephone 0029. JionniM To T-ot ACTOMOBttES WANTED • ': 1* ItUJ!. Phono,: write or-drly* 1 Billy Fltzpatrlck, 1600.E. Main str.cct, Wnterbury. Open eve- Tel:'4-4841; • "> - Merchandise ICJ511OX—White chiiiiiclctl' llnish, • 3 .months old,- $20.- 'Contact Mc- Parlnhd, J.7'-.'Cedar ".StV rear.' • X gas refrigerator, practically new;, also bedroom furniture, dining- set and' odd pieces. Apply-52-HotchkiKs St. " Motorcycled, Bicycles : MOBT.OKCVCI.K, lliirly »avld.soh, new tires, good condition. Call 3175 after.6:00; .. :'..-..-•,.: Contractors v . . 1 I"-\MII^' i' f nn\ h if rt II 1 uril cr, fireplace. Located Just west o hlRh school WILLIAM M. CHITTENDEN TEL. 2MO '230 CHURCH ST TOK S.AI.B — 1» acres, ubout 11) In meadow land, brook nnd ROOI C-room house, barn and all farm Uiol.t. For quick sale, price only 1 $,',300. Apply A! Shcplcy, telephone 2-133. TWO family IIOIIM* of 1) rooms. All Inipi-ovcnicntH, 2-car gnrtiKO nnd Uu'Ko lot, and some fruit trees. Price y.vroO.OQ, Also 12-roora lioiifC, 2-famlly, frarnKC, and extra lot, tl'iOOO.OO. A. Shcpley, telephone 2-133. 3-l'"AMIl..Y houwo of 4 imA 0 room ] apartments. Improvements, Lot 00 x 100 (ect. Also extra cornet- lot. Nicely shaded by fruit trees. Full price J-IOOO.OO cash. Locnt- ' oc! on Lewis .street, Nnug-atuck. No ngcnts. Address' Box "X" in ' i'ni'0 of The. -News. . ... . ,'<n Wanted To Buy • r 1'1VK or fi room hoiimi with mod- orn Improvcnuents. Fnirly new. Box N-O, care of Nows. -I Lots For Sale Uiilldine lot, 120 by 100 feet on Shirley street, two- miles from NntiKituck off New Haven road. Price JJOO. Call Watcrbury -1-4551. For Rent 7'.t For Rent NOTICE .. , . AI'AKTMKM lit 'Hop Brook cluli available to man and wife with out cost for rent, heat, lights, hot water, for care of building. Apply Elmer S c h m i t z, Naugatuck I turdware Co. 8 Wanted To Kent : Automotive 14 Anton :For Sale USED OAKS . nt new celling- prices or less. PACK AH U- W ATERBURY, . INC.' .... •ISO Watertawjn Ave. Dial 4-6109 DODC3E — PLY-MOUTH AUTHOKTZED Sales Service ' Parts, Accessories Malcolm W. .Starr Corp. '• •ISS Wntcrtown A%-c. Dial 5-1140 19-10 CUrj-Hlcr — Windsor DoLiucc, good condition, private owner. Telephone -Wtby. 3-4633. • CAU for sale, -1035 -routiner— Good condition, 4 recapped tires, scat covers, heater, J200. Call Nnuga- tuck 3368. A Helpful Habit: Read the News VVan't Ads Daily. '..'.".' »3 - - ' ;; ,', :-pmntlnB •'•• ' '•'• : : 'PAPER HANGING nnd rnlntlnfir W. F. Cota, 17 ,Ccdar Street Tel. '54Eb. ,;"•;,...;. "" • .. Merchandise 2<ia Farm Macliiiinry TWO lior«o mowing niuclilnt — For sale. Ox' cart and wagons. Call 942-4 Thorrmston. MoCOIIMA'CK - DeerhiR Triujlor, model 1020; 2 1-2 horse power Jaeger water • pump,. '-.8.000 paL per hour. T. J. Montambault, 532 North Main St., Union City. Tel. 2683. 28 : ' Houneliold Article* TMlllili pleco living room sulto, gray enamel kitchen range,: ^raa and oil or. grate ' Cor coal, dining room table, 3-4 -bed with 'spring and mattress, buffet, drcs.icr. Apply 285 Cherry street, rear, or call 0858 after 9 a. m. YOU CAN:T GET MORE FOR SO LITTLE •TOOK Ll\J\JI\. ClaNNlficd Ad Hates Words Lines 1 Day 3 Days C Days Prepaid .Charge Prepaid Charge Prepaid Charge 1 to 10 3' | .27' .36' 1 .03 .90 ! 1.08 1.47 1G to 20 4 | .30 .48 .84 1.20 I 1.4-i 1.02 21 to 25 C | .45 .60 i 1.00 1.00 | l.SO 2.40 • 26 to 30 6 | .04 .72 I 1.2G ' l.SO 1 2.1C 2.8S 31 to 35 7 | .63 .8-1 1.47 2.10 | 2.02 3,36 36 to 40 8 | .72 .90 [ 1.68 2.40 ] 2.8S 3.84 41 to 45 9 | .81 1.08 I 1.89 2.70 | 3.24 4.32 46 to DO 10 | .90 1.20 I 2.10 3.00 1 3.60' 4.80 51 to 55 11 I ,99 1.32 | 2'.31 3.30 I 3.06' 5.2S OG to GO 12 | l.OS 1.44 I ' 2.32 3.60 I 4.32 ' 0.70 WILL INCLUDE ELEC. REF. FREE WITH -.PURCHASE OF ANY. i: 4.BOOM/OUTFIT. Francis,.Fu.niitiu'o Co, • 449 NORTH MAIN STRRET Telephone .3000. Merchandise TY PEW RJTERS ADDING MACHINES Rose A Morton, 7-r Center St. Waturbury -1-0120 Animals .HI. Cats, And 1'cU IJABY — J'otUc clialrs, unto swings, large selection of toys. THE RADIO "SHOP ISO Grand St. Walcrbnry 2fl To Buy UATU1NETXJ5S—Bassinette*, Metal 1 Carriages, Car ' Scats,'- Play Yards,. Sand-boxes, Croquet-Sets.' Complete line of children's furniture and' toys. -iLdwcst: prices in town, ' .-..••• KIDDIE CENTRE 73'GRAND ST. Wtby. TIIKEE—Male |>cdlirrec<l Cocker • Spaniel puppic.-j, 3 months old '•• Guaranteed singing; canaries, rcu- '• sonablc. 01 Eramford, Oakvillc. ; Phone Walcrtowri 1305. 1'oultry And heavy IlallcroNN I'lillcts. Apply Edward Baummcr, Tel. 3501. ' Field street, •M IIOfKCS CA1,L 281<>—If-, you liavc anything ' to sell; Singer, sewing machines,, 1 bicycles, .old furniture, rags or I 'jurih'. Right''prices'paid. Musiail WANK safe deposit boxen wanted. Highest, cash prices paid. Wire collect, write or phone what you have to offer. J. E. Murphcy, Republic COS-!, 815 • Yeatman Ave,, Webster .Groves .10, Mo. JOHN'S MUSIC-SHOP We hay, sell, exchange, and repair all" kinds of' instruments. Lowest pi-icts in the city.- 3SO-382 So. Main St.',' Watljy, Conn. For direct action when' you need to sell, hire or rent, there's nothing like News Want Ads. very nice young gentle to ride or drive, $120 to $250. H. R. Hoyl, Bethel. Tol. Dan bury CGG2. - \ Services S7' Services Rendered \VANT1-;I> — OH burner cleaning "and repairing:. Also, electrical work. Hot water coils installed. JIM Durette, telephone 5321 . EKECTRICAr, Repairing Service Appliances a specially. Ray Decker, -1-02 N. Main St. Tcl..-I000. j Services 3!» Wanted To Render Scr.vtof»' NO-TICK .OH Itucnvr Clc;im;r». .lave your oil burner cleaned now. Don't watt for cold weather. All work KU»C- antced. Telephone 3025. Harry Chin-chill. ATTENTION £I<x:tr.<>lux Owner* —Repair*, genuine part* and eisryScfl, By bonded Elcctrolux Man. I. Nlsscn, 3 Tirc«» Av«. ; Telephone -1822. ": GKABOSKI'S Radio Rcnulr Shop. Radio's expertly repaired, moderate prices; 'Phone CG17. -10 Cleaning And Dyeing NOTICE To our many customers! •'. '. \- • Our plant and .store will be. cloned from July 2 to July 10. In order that customers may noi, be dls- •ipnointcd, please bring your dry- cleaning in early. — KIEVMAN'S 7G Church Street By ROY CRANE IJU/ SAWYER WE'RE JUST GIVING YOU THf FIRST CHANCE. THAT* IT'S THIS WAV. MR.SAWYER. I'VE REQUESTED A CRAtK PILOT WITH SOME UNUSUAL QUALIFICATIONS, YOUVE BEEN RECOMMENDED. STRICTLY- VOLUNTARY, SAWYER. DANGEROUS MISSION. DON'T VOLUNTEER UNLESS YOU WANT TO. THANK YOU, CAPTAIN GULLIVER. I ACCEPT. MR. SMITH S WITH NAVY INTELLIGENCE, SAIVVER. LIVED ALL OVER THE ORIENT, NEEDS SOME ONE.TO CHAUFFEUR HIM ON A SPECIAL MISSION. ETTA KKTT By 1VVLX noBINSON considered as prepaid. nr.i.r WANTKIJ—iiio oinr,vS AND BOYS VACATION: ALSO PART TIME MAN' AND WOMAN. GOOD PAY. v K R Y p r, E A s A N T WOItK. HXPBraBNCE NOT .Ni-:(.'r-:ssARY. APPLY PETER i-Aifi,. INC, NEW HAVEN RD. 1'IIOM'J 223-1. AI'AOr.l-; Miin rind M'lfr— To trtko ; ch»rK>< cf a convalescent home - or n ^;tpnl>U' wo^nnn, Oth^r help to HM!ij s t. [f Intcrrntcd call 942-4 For Sale I-V>r TWO W on tin AMIf.V Hou*e on Homllt'y , !wn family houso, HighiivRniic: one family house on W.irrl j4tr;>ct: Mill «(.!-fr(!t; two family houso "n rtlvcrsidi- drlvo. John J. 'i™l.v. tcl. 5031. vvniu Ad H Stories Columns. Sla'rt: ON NKW 1IAVJKN. Koad. n cozj fui-nlshc*! apartment for i:oupl Or two adults. Apply 7-16 So. Main .Mlruet. Tel. 2G3S. 'JfOUB .Hooins at 20 Adults only. Announcements JtAV IIOTCIIKISS luid hi* Club Orchestra are available for picnics and. dances.. .Tcl. 4271. 12 Announcements MO.NCJM1CNT8 Special pricc.i on All Memorial! V. RICHARDS 260 Bo. M»|D 8t 1( And LOST—Monday iiftnrnoon, In Murphy's store, wallel. containing siun of money in bills'. Reward, Mr.s, Frank TZucki; 262 Maple street, or call 3205. HAVING lx>«t my gnu Tutlon liook "A" issued to me by the local ration board I -hereby file application for a new one. JOHN H. WALTERS, JR. WANTED! 2 boys over 16 years of ag-e who do net plan to go back to school and who would Jike to. learn a well paying- trade. Good Hours—Good Pay Not a Duration Job! Apply At Once DAILY NEWS "TWO GIRLS AND A SAILOR" NOW AT THE LOEW THEATER '.- Movie fans are in for a real musical treat ni the Loew Poii theater where Metro-Goldwyn- Mayer's "Two Girls and A Sailor" is featured. Here is a. picture that has everything It's an rinlstandinj; blend of music, comedy and romance that will keep yuu, entertained every minute of the picture's running time., M-G-M has rounded up a stellar-.cast, including Van Johnson. June Allyson, Gloria DC Haven, Jimmy Duranto, Jose J-lurbi, Oracle Allen-, Lena Home and Harry James and. Xavicr Cuffnl rtrid their bands—to name just, a few of the luminaries— and has .added the kind of music that's always high up on everyone's personal hit parade. Spiced will] just Ihe right amount of romance and comedy, the whole adds up to the best musical film of this or any other season. June and Gloria piny a pair of .headline night-club entertainers-, born and brought up in .the .theater. During their engagement, at a New York spot, Gloria-'-begins to receive orchids every day from a mysterious "Somebody." As June, anxious for .her- sister's .happiness, tries vainly to discover who the "Somebody" is, Jimmy Durunle, in the role of an cx-vaudcvillinn. steps in'to aid'the girls in-Lhclr scnrch. The co-hit on this- great program is "The Attack" which shows .he battle!- of New Britain, and oti will see -the boys going Over tlie Top in full fashion. It's really thrilling and exciting, and everyone should see this battle of action. . •. . "BRIDGE OP SAN LUIS KEY" SUNDAY MONDAY AT GEM GASLIGHT" IS LEAD NOW'AT STRAND THEATER Heralded as amonp the greatest films of 'the year, "The Bridge of Ban Luis Key," .starrinR Lynn Bari Alum Tamh-off, Francis -Ledci-ci Donald Calhcrn. -A'lu -Nazi mnva, Donald Woods, In promineni roles, opens at the Gem theatei ,on Sunday for two days. • "The BridKo-of San Luis Key,' initial production ,of Benedict Bo beans, one of Hollywood's ncv/os producers, was adapted from l,h Thornton Wilder Pulitzer - Prize winning novel by Howard Estabrook, screenwriter of the recent gniatih hit, "The Human Comedy,' and Herman Weissman. Lynn B.-iri, -stari-imr as the exot ic- dancci- "Pcrichole,". Rives a mov •InK performance as l.he wonmr who rose from street dancer to consort of Lhc Viceroy of. P.oi-u Co-starring with her arc Akim Tamiroff, 'turnimj in the Krre est performance of his already greal/ career- aa lovable, .shrewd ij'ncln,-and Francis Ledcrcr returning to the -screen in a dun role.aa the tw.lns .Manuel and Esto- b;in. - . . • i. Mr. Estabroolc has. captured all the sweep and gaiety, as well as the beauty and , mystery of this .warmly human ..talc of a young priest fl,nd hi* .search for. the. rea- isons of the Almighty in the sud- dcn dCiit-1] of five persons in the collapse of the ancienl. Bridpre of San Luis Roy. The -young priest, played by Donald Wood.s,. appear- inK in the first character role ot his career, finds that his searc-li takes him from fiesta-gay Peruvian- streets -1o the very palace:-of the - Viceroy; from the seaman Manuel to' the Marquesa, richest woman in all P.eru. But after all his search he finds thai a man ':an not'-hope to un : dcratand the workings of the Al- jnifrhty and he bur.ns the results of his study...<:.....- •• . . AND IF NNE PUTirO\IEt? CM." GOTFA GEi THE FE-LLAHSTCD- SECRET AGJ2XT Xy Bv ROBERT SXORlk Ingrid Bcrgmtxn a n d ChnrlcB ?oycr; ..Two of Hollywood's most'.'of a mad husband, Mis-5 Bergman screen names, co-starred | has one -of -the- most demanding 'roles of her brillinnt career. Boyer fans, w,ho expect to see .I heir hero in another of his ro- .manllc .-portrayals, are in for. : a with tlic new screen personality., i Jo;oph Coltcn, in . the most dra^ ! malic portrayal of their career-sl This top-fligh.1 stellar trio" form the melodramatic triangle .in- Mot- | polasurable'• shock.- , The •-.screen's ) ro - Goldwyn - Mayer's. "Gasliprht" ji'^rcot lover" here docs a charac- l which - remains In VVaterbury another weekend and now is at the Strand I heater, Waterbury. Teamed for the first time. In- Krid 'Bergman. Hollywood's most discussed star of 1943. and Charles i Hoycr, America's favorite romani;- ,cr, civc future castings something lo shoot at. Miss BerRman's por- 'trayal in "Gaslight" follow-i -her •Academy Award-bidding role -"as Maria . in-; J.'For ' Whom, .the Bell- -T.olls." A* Paula, j-uiingr English woman, who. Is beinp badcrered into by. the. sub.tle .tor.turings tcr. turnabout., and •«. .sapor-villain-.. 'A-.y a murderer' who halts at nothing'in .his insane obsession to possess a famous collection of jewels! Boyer departs from his romantic roles for Lhe I ire I time on the American screen. In interesting contrast 'is Joseph Gotten, previously associated with •"heavy" characterizations, who has I! he hero role as-a-Scotland Yard, detective. Coltcri has inVtho past, year wo:i -a solid place 'in Hollywood starring circles .with his work.' in "Shadow of a Doubt." i THIS 16 CONFIDENTIAL.,,WHO OWNS ' "MS FARM AT THE Of- INDIAN MILL, ON COUNTY ROAD ' FORTY-SEVEN f TI-MNK«,..KE£P MUM ABOUT 7M*! A LIFE P£PENP» ON IT! I'LL »f UP TO «EE VOU IM A COUPLE Of .HEZ . TUCKER .SOLO-IT CITY FELLOW* A PEW /WO...G0T ,4 GOOD Pt?(CE FOR IT, 700....BEcN PWTIN 1 TWE V/U/AfiC, eV£(? 5 INC? .' I CAN TELL YOU WITHOUT L.OOK.IH' IT IJAKSEY GOOGIJJ; .V> - » SNl'l-'Fl" SMITH By BILLY DE BECK WVJEW 1 .! TUftT VWU2 A NftPRER 9CRAPe/-\P EVER \AJLJ2 ONE -J® ^ DANCE GO V tv <-e .'SN'O.FFV BRICK BRADFOlln 50RRY, 1UTT and CH\RENCK OR At > DRAJDA'5 PALACE - BUT ( HOW CAN 1 CRACK A LAYOUT LIKE THAT ? NO TIME TO WA5TE I'VE WORK TO DO PLENTY AND FAST/' MUGGS .AN1") SKEKTER \\AF,I>V BI8IIOF

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