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San Mateo, California
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Nov. 18,1970 Son S.F. Airport Ranks High in Bad YOUR VERY OWN PLATE Applicants for name plates at the SaiiMateo Department of Motor Vehicles can save ten dollars if-they wait -until, December 1 On that date, 1971 plates can be purchased. Applicant who wants a special name or word (up to six letters) gives three preferences and nays plus regular plate fee. In about four weeks or less he is advised to pick up his name plate, to use as license plate.

Those who think it worth the extra ten dollars to get one for Christmas can do it right now. Here, one of- the plates is turned over to Toni Pappas by assistant D. M. V. i lTimP5 William Hunter.

Sherman Liable for $100,000 John- R. Sherman, prominent South San Francisco lawyer and politician, is held liable for nearly $100,000 in damages under a court decision today in a malpractice case. Superior Court Judge Frank S. Petersen of Del Norte.County ruled -that Sherman, Republican (Times Photo) Peninsula News H.M.B. Gets Look at Deane Plans andidate for the state assem- ly in Failed to exercise ordinary ire and skill" in the represen- rtion of a client.

The -client was John W. Bacon Atherton, owner of lumber jmpanies in San Bruno and Mateo Attorney -David Jay Morgan, too represented Bacon in the i-alpractice case, said today the atal award in favor of his client xceeds st to date. Judge Petersen, heard the case in 'Redwood ity as a visiting judge in July, uled that Sherman owes Bacon he $61,815 Bacon sought to re- over in the case 'for which he ad retained Sherman, -plus in- erest and $6,150 in attorney ees for Morgan. Judge Petersen said the case nvolved! a lawsuit Bacon had iled five years ago against tor-th County developer Gus Pe- emonte, his wife, Susie, Norma Janardi and Pedemonte Proper- ies Inc. The suit asked for re- on a 861,815 promissory lote made by the defendants in 964 and payable to Bacon.

In November of 1967, accord- ng Judge Petersen's review the case, Bacon called Shernan and instructed him to take steps -to collect on the noleby ntervenin-g in the sale of Willow hardens, a South San Francisco apartment complex in which Pedemonte had an interest, to me Edward Sanches of the Pa- States Construction Com- any. Sherman will appeal said Deane and'- Deane, Iric.Y 'first chance 'to show we can do" nearer reality ast night, with' Half 'Moon Bay city council approval of a rezoning of the Frenchman's Creek subdivision and approval of all but one -facet of the tentative map. Deane and Deane Vice President Robert Hardesty made the comment about the work of the county's largest developer and its first a i building project. Deane and Deane is master planning its 8000-acre holdings but this is the first actual construction proposed. Frenchman's Creek subdivision is 47 acres north and adjacent to the original flowing Frenchman's Creek.

Plans rail for 176 homes in the 540,000 to range, a 4.6 acre linear park along the creek and a 1.5 acre commercial site facing Cabrillo Highway- The rezoning, on a 3-1 vote, reduced required lot size from to -square feet, although 'Hardesty said average lot Size will be 7900 square feet Councilman Gerald Pera voted no. Mayor Albert J. Adreveno said this was "upgrading" despite the rezoning because, of the class of home is high in comparison -to what the city has been getting. Councilwoman Do- inrpq -Pomoati aereed, lis law partner, Al Haverty. this isV far the best devel- Tree Gift toMillbrae Millbrse councilmen have ac- a friendship tree from virs.

Norma Griffith, chairman rf; the San B-runo-based Tree Times Five Drive. The tree, a was offered -as a token of gratitude for volunteer labor and cash donations" from Millbrae residents and business people to San Bruno's recent mass tree planting effort. ever presented us. She has complained bitterly in the past. about "second-class" developments.

The park will be deeded to the city and maintained the first year by Deane and Deane, desty said. The plan calls, for 20-foot roadways within 40-foot rights- of-way within the numerous cul-de-sacs for a setting Hardesty 'said. His map showed outcroppiftgs in the right of way for landscaped area cordoning parking areas and home fronts. This idea still must get approval of the Half Moon Bay 71 TOYOTA NOW HbKL ONLY 1 871 LEASE RIG SELECTION Sit 'ire' Protection" District; it was noted. 'The council-last night also lis- ened to a proposal from J.C.

Harvey, a 'former recreation and park commissioner and now president of Pollution''Manage- ment, about.his offer to tudy and recommend action on all types of pollution in the city. Harvey said he was offering he services of his firm free, since he resides in Half Moon Jay. He was directed to prepare an outline of what his proposal is. By GEORGE GOLDING the airports which serve airliners, in the United States may be without modern bad- weather guidance systems, an Associated Press survey shows, but San Francisco International is probably typical of those which are so equipped. One of the four or five busiest airfields in all the world, "SFI" has instrument landing systems, or ILS, 'for runways operating in the most commonly flight directions.

San Carlos, Palo Alto, Half Moon- Bay, and Hayward airports, do not have ILS equipment. San Jose Municipal airport has one such equipped runway, Oakland International has two. None of them -have the extremely rare ground based altitude measuring radar equipment. 'At San Francisco International, -two of the longer -runways have ILS transmitters emitting narrow. beam? which can guide aircraft to landings during times of poor visibility.

'In addition, SFI is equipped with high intensity runway lighting, marker beacon -transmitters along the landing approach path, and compass -locator radio beacons, all to aid the pilots and- -all a part of -the ILS system. Aircraft controller Dean Cooper explains -that altitude measuring radar is not in use because airlines and airline pilots would not use it. "We could not sell it to the user," he. says. Although altitude measuring radar was in use by the military services during World War II, airlines train their men'to rely on information available within the cockpit rafter than information from outside sources.

The ILS system produces in formation- within $ie cockpit, on a special instrument containing "crosshairs" like an aiming device. Picking up -the US beam on a special receiver, the instrument indicates to the pilot whether be is above, below, or to one side of, the prescribed! -glide path to a safe landing. Because it is impossible to watch an in-the-cockpit instrument while peering outside for some sight of land, airliners are equipped with two independent BUS receivers and instruments one for the pilot, another for the co-pilot. The super-sophisticated have three such Boeing 747's systems. A newer system, just coming into use across the country, in dicales 'an aircraft's altitude to the ground-based aircraft con troller, if the is equipped with a suitable-radar-answering device called a transponder.

The major reason more airports are not equipped with Instrument Landing Systems, is money. "It all comes down to the o-ld dollar," said Cooper, "although all of this equipment is-available off-the-shelf." The simplest ILS installation or an airport might run $50,000 $60,000. Mare sophisticated nstallations would cost $100,000 or $200,000, per runway. The federal government's failure to install the electronic instrument landing devices at all airports served by airliners, one Congressman says, places air travel "on a collision course with disaster." An Associated Press study, made in 'the wake 'of the 75- death Marshall University foot- New Members on Skyline Hearing Panel The hearing on the ouster of former Skyline College student body president Dan Tobias went into its second day today with two replacements on the hearing committee. David Biddinger, manager of services at the college replaced James Wyatt, dean of men and Michael Svanevik, social science instructor replaced Rex Smith of the Academic Senate because of possible conflicts.

Tobias is appealing his ouster from the college after it was determined he had 11 semesters of previous college experience. The closed hearing is being held before a. six man committee including Richard Rohrbacher and Lee Christ of the faculty, and and students Nick Nicolas, student body president Ken Krause who appointed student body vice president yesterday. Witnesses called yesterday, included Michael Johnson, former student controller. Phil Morse ot the' College of San Mateo John McBain and Dorothy Dutcher.

is being represented by attorneys Robert Jacobson and Tom Adams from the Legal Aid Society Lem Summey from the district office representing the college. ball air tragedy, disclosed that more than 8 million passengers a year- land at airports without bad-weather guidance beams. Even the 747 jumbo jets--the -airliners ever built--are slated to begin landing in 13 days at the Phoenix, airport, which has no glide slope landing device. Rep. Jack Brooks, whose House subcommittee has held hearings on airport safety, charged the Federal Aviation Administration has failed to set airport requirements for control radar and instrument landing system (ILS) equipment The Huntington, W.

airport where Marshall's chartered twin engine DC9 jet hit a tree- studded ridge while coming in too low on a rainy night has neither radar nor a glide slope device. slope system teams an electronic signal at the plane to line up Jhe crosshairs on a cockpit instrument and turn on a red warning if the jet strays too low or too high. The DCS, like all modern the equipment but Huntington's hilltop airport did not. Phoenix heads a list of 304 airports tn the continental United States that also lack the glide slope landing device --including such major points as Las Vegas, FortLauder- dale, Tucson, Bangor, Maine, and Helena, NEW LIGHT--A permanent lighting system was turned on without fanfare recently at the historic South San.Francisco City news system is an outgrowth of a floodlighting demonstration sponsored by the City Beautification Committee in cooperation with Pacific Gas- and Electric Company in November 1969. Controlled by time clocks, the lights are on from dusk to 2:30 a.m., for the sixty year old building.

S.S.F. Housewife Is Badly Burned A South San Francisco housewife who was badly burned in a freakish traffic mishap yester- ROYAL COACH MOTOR HOTEL will open Sunday. as the luxury hostelry entertained-scores men yesterday. The visitors found that-the Tudor theme had -been carried through in lounges rooms and banquet-halls; (Times'Photo) Giant Hotel to Open Sunday ay was reported in satisfactory ondition in Mary's Help Hospi- al today. Under treatment in the inten- ive care unit is Mrs.

Hazel ludson, 47, of 2400 Erin Place. Highway Patrolman Ralph M. ornatore said a car driven by er husband, James G. Hudson, 2-year-old cook, burst into ames when it ran into the rear another auto on Junipero Sera Freeway at Southgate Ave- ue in Daly City: Hudson suf- ered multiple face cuts and /as.stunned, and his wifesus- ained severe leg injuries. An unidentified motorist got he victims out of the burning ar.

Tornatore said Mrs. Hudon was lying on the shoulder-of lie freeway when a stream of laming gasoline reached her and set Her clothing afire. Witnesses, the officer said, ipped 'the burning ler and wrapped her in blan- cets- -Tornatore said Hudson sustained burns of the face and upper Another motorist' injured in he crash-was'Robert Doleschal, 0-year-pld foreman of 1147 Gleriview Drive, San Bruno: The officer said he sustained a cut chin and a hand njury. Delay H.M.B. Paint-in Open house night for the Kalf Moon Bay Main Street Beautification Committee Paint-In campaign has been moved back rom -next Monday to the next Monday, November 30.

MELODY TOYOTA PHONE 697-5420 750 EL CAMINO, SAN BRUNO 588-2313 OPEN EVES. SUNDAY A round of previews, beginning last the opening- of the $6 mill-ion Royal Coach Motor Hotel which be. formally opened to the public on Sunday. Over 200 Peninsulans will be empoye'd at the giant motor- hotel. The building, a landmark on the Bayshore freeway even before it opens, has been under construction for more than a year.

is reached by the Delaware off-ramp from the Nine' There are 35 meeting rooms in all; and the hotel expects to become a major.convention center. Its largest banquet hail, the King Arthur Room, will accommodate a maximum of 1,000. Manager is' Harold Umbenhower, formerly manager of the 400-room complex in San Francisco consisting of Stewart Hotel and the Handlery -Motor Inn. He has been a catering supervisor of the United Nations. VIP social secretary is Coni Knoll.

The Inn has 300 guest rooms, suites with king-size beds and The decor, both inside and out, of Old England, in the Tudor tradition. Some of the special features include: continental cuisine in three restaurants, a collection of authentic British antiques, formal British garden 'areas, year round pool areas, British Omnibus transportation, bi-level for golfing and king-size canopied beds. The decorations are elaborate, and include Scottish weap- blunderbusses, tapestry and paintings dating back to the earlyieOO's. The executive the Royal Coach will be as any on the Peninsula. faithful reproduction of a famous ale house is named Dea con Brodie's Tavern.

The restaurants range from the small "Mr. 1 cof fee, shop open 24.hours; to th elaborate Coaches and Horse dining room. is the Queen Guinever Room, where, in an empire set ling, is The King Arthur Room', is banquet and meeting hall Air West Mechanics Win Voting By a better than 60 to 40 margin, Air West aircraft mechan- and related personnel today rated to install the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association (AMFA), an independent craft union, as their labor representative, to replace the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers nation's largest industrial union). In- a certification of the balloting, conducted by the National Mediation Board, Mediator Walter L. Phipps reported the count as follows: of 642 eligible to vote, 592 ballots were cast, AMFA receiving 356, to lAM's 231, for other organizations or individuals, and three ballots were void.

Prior to the Air West merger of Pacific, West Coast and Bonanza air lines in 1968, the aircraft mechanics were represented AMFA -(which had'earlier replaced the IAMAW) at Pacific, the IAMAW at West Coast and the Teamsters at Bonanza, la a run-off election after the merger, AMFA lost narrowly the IAMAW; exactly two years- after the count earliest legal date), the Air West mechanics filed for a -new election. "This is a real win for the craft union, the aircraft mechanic, and the public," stated 0. V. Delle'Femine, National Director for AMFA. "Most, of the public doesn't realize the safety problems created in the air industry'by the failure to establish craft unions to promote incentive and appropriate training, safety and qualification standards from within labor's Cleaning Oven Range 30-INCH -40-INCH tBWLT-INS! COLORS TOO! SERVICE-PARTS.

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