Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 29, 1962 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 29, 1962
Page 2
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-Two Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune JOSEPHINE LOWMAN Richard Adler's Optimistic Outlook Is Good for Us All Kichard Adler stresses the importance of being optimistic and happy in our dealings with others. Hichard Adler is a tall, talented, extremely interesting and versatile young man. He seems to operate on an apparently limitless supply of energy, which already has won him distinction as the composer-lyricist of such Broadway hits as "Damn Yankees" and "Pajama Game." He also wrote the score for "Kwamina,," which folded almost immediately.. However, his music and lyrics were so lovely that "Kwamina" was recorded two days after it closed and the rec, ord is going strong. I was interested to learn that Mr. Adler is one of the most successful creators of advertising commercials. From him haVe come some of the most effervescent ones. He calls them "advertising-musicals" and feels that the excitement in the jingles is the quality which echoes in listener's mind. It's A Plus When asked if he feels that this quality of excitement and gaiety pays off only in the sale of a product, he replied, "By no means. It's a- plus in all human relationships, from the purely professional ones to the intimate ones. People gravitate most willingly to those who seem happy, optimistic about the future and able to enjoy the present." Adler believes that people who bring these qualities of mind and spirit to marriage usually have a Quotes in the News . By United Press International SAN ANTONIO, Tex.-G. Keith . Funston, president of the New >York Stock Exchange, when asked .here about Monday's stock market plunge: "The slock market goes up and down. Today it's down. There are ._15 million stockholders. More of them wanted to sell than wanted "lo 'buy." JAMESTOWN, Tenn.-Dr. Guy Pinkley, describing his patient, •World War I hero Sgt. Alvin C. York, who is recovering from an internal hemorrhage: "He's tough. We pumped a lot of Hood into him and may have to give him more. But he was sitting up and feeling good when I called on him." JERUSALEM—Israel's supreme court unanimously rejecting Adolf Eichmann's appeal against the death sentence for the mass murder of six million Jews: "The maximum penalty laid down by the law has to 'be imposed in this case." SOUTHAMPTON, England- Lord Morrison of Lambeth, former Labor party foreign minsiter, when asked his impressions ol President Kennedy, whom he saw recently in the United States: "I. liked him. He is alive anc seems to be full of energy,, anc there are no flies on him.!' good marriage, while a marriage has two strikes against it if one of the partners is gloomy, or apprehensive, or worried. He feels the same about busi ness activities. The person who thinks what he is doing is interesting, or worthwhile, or beneficial naturally conveys this to others, and is more successful in his endeavors. Dick said, "It's no secret that the salesman who has pride in his product gets a kick out of selling it and does a much better job than the man who has private reservations about it and wonders why anyone would buy it. Selling in Living Richard Adler continued reflectively, "It seems lo me that there's a lot of selling in living. For instance, we try to sell a certain impression of ourselves to others, usually our own ideal of what we would like to be or what we think others would like us to be." This thought is particularly fascinating in light of one of the tenets of psychology; namely that we are apt lo live up to the pic- iure we have of ourselves, and that many times acting out an emotion produces it. Perhaps it would be good therapy to make an effort when we Feel tired, to turn on the smile when we feel glum, to,deliberately take an interest in other people even if it is not natural for us to do so. Maybe some ,of it would come true and we would discover a lot of excitement and lappiness we had been missing. For working girls who live in small apartment, Josephine lOVi'nan has devised some special exercises and included them :n her leaflet, "Exercises for small Space." If you would like lo have it, send a stamped, self- addressed envelope with your request for leaflet No. 30 to Josephine Lowman in care of this newspaper. Tomorrow: "You Can Be Overtired and Not Even Know It." (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1962) Two Logan-land Students to Get Notre Dame Degrees Two Logan-land students will be among the 1,400 receiving degrees from, the Universily of Notre Dame, in commencement exercises Sunday. They are David W. Amberg, Monticello, who will, receive a bachelor of science,degree in me chanical engineering, and James R. Freeman, Winamac, who will receive a bachelor's degree in business administration. Henry Cabot • Lodge, former American 'ambassador to the United Nations, will be the commencement speaker, and the Most Rev. Paul J. Hallinan, Archbishop of Atlanta, will preach the bacalaureate sermon; ANN LANDERS Reader's'Poor 7 All Right-In Sorriest Sense of Word Dear Ann Landers: My,husband and I have been married for 10 years. We have small children and the usual headaches. Through no fault of our own we can't seem to get on ,our feet financially. No sooner do we get a doctor bill ' paid, when we are faced with a dentist's bill, an insurance premium or income taxes. There is never- an extra dollar to buy something, that is not absolutely essential — or to have a meal out. My parents are comfortably fixed. They are in their 70's and retired. They are always saying we will have things _ better when they are gone. I know they have a nice estate and my brother and I will inherit it. Why must Barents wait until they die to make life easier for their children? My husband and 1 need the money NOW. My brother is having a financial struggle, too. He agrees with me. Shall I tell my parents how I feel and ask' for their help? — POOR Dear Poor: Your signature tells me far more than your letter — and your letter .tells me plenty. You are "Poor" all right—and in the sorriest sense of the word. Motorist Arrested Following Accident .Christopher Wahl, 21, of 1511 Chicago St., was charged with failing to yield the right of way after the 1901 sedan he was driving collided with a 1962 sedan driven by Donald Eder, 28, of 700 Wheatland Ave. The accident occurred 'at 1:32 p.m. Monday in the intersection of Linden Avenue 'and Plum Street. Police said Wahl was driving south on Plum Street and had stopped for the stop sign on Linden Avenue and then drove into the intersection. Wahl told police he did not see the Eder vehicle in time to avoid the impact. There was minor damage to both cars and there were no injuries. Volunteers Attend Lingcliff Workshop Volunteers from Cass and neigh- Doring counties attended the second of a series of workshops Monday afternoon at the Logansport state hospital. Eonald Sitter of the recreation department instructed the group "n square dancing and group sing- ng techniques. The first workshop on April 30 was on how to live ward parties. The next workshop, scheduled 'or June 25, will be on music for patients. It will be given by the music department. RE-ENTERS HOSPITAL WASHINGTON (UPI)-Former Central Intelligence Agency Di rector Allen Dulles re-entered Washington Hospital Center Monday with a recurrence of abdominal pains. He hud entered the hospital Saturday and returned' home Sunday. The hospital said the ailment has not yet 'been diagnosed. You are poor in self-respect. Your parents probably worked hard to achieve the comforts and freedom from financial worries which" they enjoy today. Did anyone give .THEM cash to-make : their lives easier? I am not opposed to helping married children get through school, or coming to the rescue in case of an emergency, but it should, be on a loan basis (without interest). You, however, arc not interested in a loan. — you're looking for a handout. Go ahead and ask them for money now if you wish, but I hope your parents have the good sense to say no. • * * * , Dear Ann Landers: For the past eight months I've been writing letters to. a. girl who is away at college. She and I were high school sweethearts. I enjoy, writing letters (ii's my hobby) so I write about five' letters to her one, but she seems to like my letters so I don't think -I'm overdoing it. ~ I've been wanting to visit, her at school but she's been studying hard all year and was never able to set aside a. weekend! Finals week will be coming up soon. All the college kids cut loose after finals and haye a ball. I wrote saying I'd,like to come up for ,the unwinding celebration. She wrote back and said she has three dates lined up for that week, 'and maybe it would be best if I didn't come. But she didn't say POSITIVELY. I'm wondering if you think I should surprise her. I'll bet if I showed up she'd squeeze me in some place. What do you think? — ERNIE Dear Ernie: Wipe the egg off your face, Buddy Boy. This girl wants you to leave her alone. If you try to "surprise" her after she has told you she is busy, you'll be handed the surprise. 4 » 'I Dear Ann Landers: You are off base. I refer to your .advice to the man who failed to file income tax returns and is now fearful that if he surrenders'he will be clapped in the jug. , You said he should turn himself in., to the Internal Revenue Service. As a certified public accountant I'd like to tell you that anyone who does this may have a pretty rough time all by his meek little self. Revenue agents are not always polite. They spar for every advantage. That's why we have tax courts.' There are two professions which specialize in income tax, attorneys- who handle tax law and certified public accountants who prepare or certify to the accuracy of the return. In dealing with marital problems you often recommend a lawyer, a. clergyman or marriage counselor. In this tax matter you should have told the person to look in the yellow pages and consult a C.P.A. or an attorney who specializes in tax law. — MADISON, WIS. « * * To learn the linack of feeling comfortable with the opposite sex, send for ANN LANDERS' booklet, "How To Be Date Bait," enclosing with your request 20c in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Copyright 1062, Field Enter- L> prises, Inc. Set Peru Summer Recreation Plan PERU—The Peru summer recreation and hobby program will open next • Monday under the direction of the city 1 schools. . The program will include, hobby school, tennis, softballi junior high- school basketball and weight lifting. Hobby centers will be at Lincoln School in the morning .and at Central and Elmwbod Schools in the afternoon. The basketball and weight lifting will be conducted in the afternoon. This, year's program has been greatly reduced from last-.year's due to the lack of interest shown. The program will continue for eight consecutive weeks. 3 Injured Three young men from Muske- Record Heat For Month INDIANAPOLIS (UPI)-Indiana was within a whisker today of chalking up the warmest May in the 20th Century and the second hottest in more than 90 years of weather records. The average temperature for the first 28 days of this month was 68.7 degrees at Indianapolis, and forecasts projected through Thursday indicated the average for the full month will be slightly, ^above "") degrees. • Only once since records first were kept in 1871 has there been a M'ay with a warmer average temperature, That was in 1896 when the mean reading was 70.8 degrees. 14 Get Awards At Pack Meeting Fourteen boys received awards at a recent meeting of Cub Scout Pack 358 at Washington township school. Presenting the awards was Wayne Hile. They were, given as follows: Mike Benoit, silver arrow and one year pin; Kenny Titus, silver arrow and one year pin; Mike O'Donnell, Dave Arnold, Bruce Gross, Mitch Yeakley, Wendell Burkhart, one year pins; Melvin Palmer, Wolf badge., gold and silver arrow and one year pin; Jeff Hatter, Wolf badge, gold arrow and two year pin; John Muehlhausen, Gary Koch, Tim Elmlinger and Mike Deeter, two year pins. Don Benoit was awarded the Webelos and a white feather. Mike Deeter also received a'white feather. BANS FM ON PLANES WASHINGTON (UPI) — The Federal Aviation Agency extended for another year Monday its ban on the use of portable FM radios on commercial airliners. Tests have shown such radios could interfere with certain cockpit navigation equipment. gon, Mich, suffered minor cuts and bruises about 4 p.m. Sunday when their car went out of control on U. S. 31 south of Peru at the Nead School. They were the driver, Richard Hoover, 23; and the two passengers, David Adams, 21 and John Maskell. Officers reported that Hoover drove off the pavement as he was attempting to pass: another car. His auto tore down about ten feet of fence circling the Nead school''playground. ..• The trio .was, given treatment at Dukes hospital. Investigating were Trooper Arlen Good .and Deputy Sheriff Lowell Harmon., Minor Damage No one was hurt in two minor property damage accidents which occurred Sunday afternoon. Jose Espinoza, 45, of rural route 1, Kolcomo, was arrested for operating a motor vehicle without a valid operator's license following an accident which occurred one mile south of Peru on the Strawtown Pike. Trooper Arlen Good and Deputy Sheriff Lowell Harmon reported that'' Espinoza, lost control of his car and it went into a ditch. The other 'accident occurred seven miles south of Peru on U.S. 31. Involved were Kenneth Elson, 28, of Kokomo and Elmer Biggers, 39, of the Bunker Hill Air Force Base. Trooper .Arlen Good investigated. City Court Lonzo Williams, 21, 72 E. Eighth St., was fined $100 and costs in city court Monday afternoon for driving under the influence of intpxicants and in addition his driver's license was suspended for one year. Others fined included Irvin Cibel, Jr., 20, Logansport, $1 and costs for having an inadequate silencer; James Marion, 34, 17'/& E. Eighth St., $5 and costs, for disorderly conduct; William Barr, 17, 636 Monroe Ave., $5 and costs for 'operating a .vehicle left of center and driver's license suspended for 30 days and Mowbray Thorpe, 48, rural route 3, Peru, $1 and costs for public intoxication. Barr's fine and costs were suspended by Judge Grund. In other work in city court, the case of Harold Stern, 29, Bunker Hill AFB was continued to June 4. He is scharged with reckless driving. Johnny Arnold, 28, 17'/ 2 E. Eighth St., entered a plea of not guilty to a charge of disorderly conduct. His case was continued to a later date. Two motorists forfeited bonds of $17.75 each. They were Muriel Price, 61, 525 West Third St., arrested for failure to yield the right of way and Jose Espinoxa, 45, rural route 1, Kokomo, for having no operator's license. Tuesday Evening, May 29, 1%2 CROSSWORD PUZZLE An * w<!r lo ACROSS 1 -Roams 7-Devas lotion Il-Let go' 12-Weasel-like animal 14-Lat!n conjunction 15-lndlanj mulberry 16-Broad 18-Compass point 13-A continent Cabbr.) 20-Soak 22-Prenoh: ot tho 23-Note of seals 24-Excavate • 26-Drawlne: room 28-Marsh 29-ProjecUng tooth 21-A state " (abbr.) 32-Prickle 34-Sj'mbol for tantalum SB-Printer's measure <pl.) 37-Conjunctlon 38-lTry Quickly 41-ColleEe degree (abbr.) 42-ITestlve 4fi-VandRl 40-Fcmaie horses 43 -Indian memorial post GO-Paid notice Gl-Slender flnlal 62-Jiodent Gl-PropOBltlon lili-Note ot scale lie-Coin SB-Symbol for tantalum EO-Prlnter's measure 60-Boef animal G2-Field flower Gfi-nations! ca-Peel Indignant at DOWN 1-Keep 2-Man's nickname 3-Close 4-Stronj? winds 5-Piural ending: C-stitch 7-Rat S-Souflnvest- ern Indiana 9-Pronoun 10-Wlso old counselor ll-Tears j:j-Rule •17-AvllHcial language 21-Story 25-Town In Canal Zone 27-More crippled 28-Crystallino substance 30-Shlp channel 33-Plg 36-Prophet SS-Pretcnds -Paradise 3a-Examines an M-nomcstlcaia account 40-Domain in-Potential 44-Makc! amend* 47-Goal 48-Salinteii 87-Oritan of hearing Gl-Kabylonian deity 63-Compass point G'l-Prcposltlon 39 . 51 5t> 35 16 52 33 37 9 10 5J Clslr. by United Feature Syndicate, Inc. 2<) MORE FINDINGS IN HOLOVACHKA DISBAR CASE INDIANAPOLIS OUPI) — More findings have been added to the disbarment petition against former Lake Couly Prosecutor Metro Holovachka. Francis Lynch, Crown Point, tiled the supplement Monday of Findings of a U.S. Senate commit- lee which probed the Lake County pinball machine operatings in 1958. Lynch, on May 15, had asked the Indiana Supreme Court to take action, through its disciplinary commission, against Holovachka. The findings were made by the Select Committee on Improper Activities in Labor or Management, better known as the McClellan Committee. The 1958 report said Holovachka granted a monopoly in illicit enterprises lo two men—George Wei- bourne and Steven Sonacki. It said Holovachka's action was a "direct and causing factor in the demise of one local union and several legitimate businesses." Chief Justice Norman Arlerburn said he would refer the 'material to the disciplinary commission for its consideration. Still Hunting Three Escapees PLAINFIELD,. Ind. (UPI)-All iut three of the 11 boys who es- aped from the Indiana Boys School Sunday night were back in :ustody today, Supt. Glen Harme- on said. Those still a( large were Robert /an Sickle, Ccnterville; Eddie iandon, South Bend, and William White, Fort Wayne. The boys engineered the mass >reak by threatening supervisor Richard Watson with a length of ipe and forcing him to turn over is keys with which they unlocked he rear door of their cottage. The seven were picked up Mon,ay in various locations in a earcli carried out by Plajnficld lolice, Indiana Slate Police, and leputy sheriffs from Marion and lendricks Counties. Accidental Death BI'NGHAMTON, N.Y. (UPI) The salt poisoning deaths of six babies at Binghamlon General Hospital in March have been ruled accidental and there will be prosecution, Broome County Uphold Conviction JERUSALEM, Israel (DPI) — 'he Israeli supreme courl today jpheld the conviction and death enlence imposed upon former tfazi SS officer Adolf Eichmann or the slaughter of six million ~ews. The verdict meant only President Ilzhak Ben-Zvi' could save lim from the gallows. Arkansas farm owners have about 517,000 jnvesled for each ull lime farm worker they em- )loy. Dist. Ally. Stephen Monday night. Smyk said COMPARE OUR DIAMOND VALUES! REMEMBER-MOMEY SAVE" IS MONEY EARNED FERNBAUGH'S "Famous For Quality Diamonds" .MISTER BREGER King Features Syndicate, Inc.. 1962, World rights remfnred would guess it's probably one of his earlier | works «.." LAST TOMBS TOOAY FOMjQW THAT IDRBAiM Shows: 7:45 & 9sTi5 S.TAWTS TOMORROW! .MA'TOMBE AIT 1 'PJM. RODGERS& HAMMERSTEIN'S PAT BOONE-BOBBY DARIN PAMELA TIFFIN -ANN-MARGRET TOMEWELL ALMYE «S BRACKET! DritM by . r.. JOSE FERRER COLOR by DE LUXE Doors Open 1 ip.m. State Fair at 2:00-4:30-7:00-9:30 p.m. Also: Travelogue "Wonderful Israel" and Mr. Magoo Cartoon What's the Rush? 1. Why aren't you given -a FREE TRIAL in the Fine Print of the high-priced bid? 1 2. Why aren't you guaranteed 24-hour Music in the Fine Print of the high-priced bid? 3. Why do they want to charge you $30 more? 4. Why no Local TV Channel in the high-priced bid? 5. Why no 2% of Gross Receipts to Logansport in the Fine Print? Does Logansport want a "Sweetheart Franchise" for the high-priced bidder?. . . or a good franchise with the Nation's largest Cable TV operating ' firm? 1 It's the Fine Print That Counts! Wfat's The Rush? COMMUNICATIONS Write To Post Office Box 38 CORPORATION Logansport, Indiana SKYLINE SAIL at 8 P.M. Robert Dolores Carolyn ' Jonct Fronkie fAvolon ., - Ernie ML. KOYOCJ *»- f~-y=~ DAVID & GOLrATH at 10 P.M. ORSON WELLES., STARTS TOMORROW Shown at !J:15 FORGOTTEN WORLDS OF. ADVENTURE!, DENNY MILLER as MKAN ' S.iown ol 10:10 A HOHSTEH STATUE STORIES TAIL! ...» papon fortnHtri t RORYCALHOUN THE COLOSSUS opRHODES

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