Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 10, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, July 10, 1896
Page 8
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A ferrible^inaiiW ®* Summer Prices Monstrous Half Yearly Clearance .gale of Seasonable Merchandise. GOLDEN RULE ALL STATEMENTS ACCURATE EACH WORD IS WEIGHED. Jrl WwKJL/ l^ iry i-rf»^-» »»*-**-" . ™ Q «f Th A hie-h intelligence of our customers dictates this This Sale is THE GOLDEN RULE * Going On. [TT COAT OF WHITEWASH. To The Ladies This is the season of. the year whcD the unpleasant but necessary work of house-cleaning claims the .attention of the housekeeper and not a little depends OB the appearance of your lace anrtaUJS as poorly done-upcurtalni spoil the effect of a well-furnished borne quicker than anything else. We haye sxperieneed help In this class of work who do nothing else and we Mow we can sivo you perfect satisfaction. We are also making a specialty -this year cf laundering shirt waists, being, the- only firm In the city using machinery exclusively for the purpose. We will appreciate your patronage. Campbell Bros, 429 Market St. Spiders Dine on Orioles-Kokomo Wants us Again. ' The iiuerost tliat is felt in the success if the Cleveland club in this eJiy is not confined to'thc fans, or at Irast to tlidse who are known, as fans. Siaid Uusiuos* anon, lawyers, boukers, na-u^. who are popularly-supposed to know Hide nboti: base ball and care less, are •nrannd eac-1, evening to ask: "How did -Cleveland co:uo out today V And if Cleveland won; "Did Cuppy pitch? 'There i ' Fire Works The largest'and most complete assort- ment in the city. : Parlies Intending having homo displays of fireworks come to us and we will fix you out. . ' We have all sizes of flags, bunting, lanterns, etc. Burgman Cycle Co Are You Out ol Employment. Have you a horse, buggy or other personal property, or vacant lots you would like to exchange for a business tbatwUlglYt Wg returns? Coll at 703 Hichigan Avenue. the whole secret. "Did Cvmuy A .general wish that the club win its. games, and then, and most im- '.portau-t, ditl the Lognnsport boy .pitch, which L-s the main- reason 1'or the inter- .«*t Cleveland won yesterday, and won 'from champions. Tlie fellows from Baltimore thought to taste of a 'rare dish and hoped to have Spiders served on the diamond fricasseed. Instead they themselves formett the appetizing filling for the Tarantulas, who dined on Orioles. -,1 1,1 Man-land, served with whitewash ;IS a relish. Young pitched the game ind Wallace pitched the day before, so 'according to rule Cuppy will be In the box today. * Cincinnati and Washington did not nl-iy on account of rain. Philadelphia mi .into another of tl.e .lucky streaks the Colonels have at rare intervals and dropped a game to thorn. St, Louis Is baring a feast of Boston baked beans, and Chicago-made the, theory of evolution look sick, for -they made monkeys of the Giants. Tbc scores of the games yesterday follow: '. At Cleveland-Baltimore 0, Cleveland T. _. At rittstburg— Brooklyn o, burg 7. At Louiivllle-PhllaflelpMn o, Louisville 10. r . n \t St. Louis-Boston 7, St. Louis J. At Clucago-Novv- york 1, Chicago 0 Rain prevented the Cludunall-Wash Frankfort Will be Left Off the Electric Line. When the fleeti-ic line from I'.ogans- , im -t 1.0 [ii.liauapolis was Qvst talked ot -uid !..-.' : in lo assume tangible shape, the diineus 01: Frauki'ort .met in enLhusi- .istic mass rnei-ring and appointed com- nvffpes and made stc-ps to induce the i-ro.1eclors to pass rlirougli that town In- sloa.l oil polnp by way, of SoblcsvllU.. Tlie activity continued until the route bad been chosen, and the citlxuns of l-iTinktort found that it included that tcviu. Then their ardor cooled, and they arc acting on .the principle, so tin- ,oiid makes claim, that tlie route will |.-.ke in Frankfort anyway, and no help will l»? extended by that city. Mr ."I.-T. McXary returned yesterday. "''trJp over-the route, aud-stnted Brother of Mrs. George Qonser Drowned Near Wabash. .V telephone message w.-i? ri'tuived from Kokomo yesterday aftcrnoou by George Gonser, telling of the dcarli -Vi.v drowning of Mrs. Gouser's brother, Ni'd Coatc, in the Mississinewa riveir, iwav Wa-lwsh. Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Goiter was in the couutry visiting friends aud late yesterday evening the news was conveyed to her. .The pnnticulnrs so far as can be learned are tliat'tue boy,.a Lid of about seventeen years, was camping with a party of boys of his age near red bridge, on the Misslsslnowa. Wednesday morn- Ing young Coatc took the boat belonging to the party and went down the river fishing. He was gone all day mid toward evening his companions became alrjiied und Insriturod search. .The boat t'*0lil «l LUt' " ' v '* " - - - . ^ 1-nt "ight that tliu action of t-he'F.rauk- ulljjr;lj uw tat oi'ti/cus would delay the' work a L Vas . f(>u nd-bottom up a mile or more be- short time, but that theroute wouW'pos.• ]ow Hic c . u ^, at a cljlm . ou the river, but itivdy bo changed, so -as to pass-by OF THE CLXJBS. Won Lost Per Ct DAIIY JOURNAL IS^S^S.•^^£X^Si^^S!^~~*~^ FRIDAY, JULY. 10, 1800. . your natural gas bills before July 10. Subscribe for tbe Journal, 40 cent* per month. I>r. Barnfleld has fitted up otlices over Ben FJBJhart drug Store. Dr. J. B. ShulU'« new residence ou Broadway is.almost completed and will be ready for occupancy in a few weeks. Mrs. S. AV. Kay has received $1,800 from the Tribe of Bell Hur for -.the death of her husband, of which society tlie deceased was a member. The directors of the Logansport State tank will meet the loth lust, to consider the advisability of Increasing the eapltal stock from $50,000 to $100,000. '.In-: Ladleo' Aid society of the Broad-. w:i; 20 24 22 27 20 35 31 35 35 37 •4S .67" .05 .05 .5SD .514. .492 .485 \47S .422 .235 .220 i-: , presby'terlan cliureli will hold n ' iaun fete this evening at the homo of -Mr. and Mrs. B. B Mc.Counell. Ice oroam, cake, lemonade and coffee will be served. ij*;.' The consolidation of tbe Natural and .Artificial gna companies, . makes the payment of bills for consumers using kinds of gaa much, more couveut; Clubs . Cleveland 42 Cincinnati 40 Baltimore ,-- 42 Boston 3S Pittsburg 3t J •Chicago ...i37 : Washington 30 Philadelphia 33 Brooklyn ..... - 32 New York -' St. Louis 1° Louisville .--I 4 THEY WANT TO "PLAY AGAIN. Kokomo Is Willing to Again Face the Ottos—Games Saturday. Now that It Is all done and over," and the roasting has ceased, the Kokomo crowd is willing to be square and say that they are ready to do the square thing. They will play us. agam -and. presumably won't feel sore-If we again. : fmll their chnpeau down over their eyes. They have signed'Pete Carrey, a .catcher who is also a good sticker, and Steve Kane, who played with the Kokomo team two ycnrs ago and played good ball. It is though* that.they can be ae- •cornmodated with another series of %»mes, if they want It right, real bad. Tlie Oxford team will be here tomor: itivdy bo cange, Frankfort three miles east of that Wurg.' T.UC original plan was Lognnsport, Bur.-. Huston, Frankfort, Lebanon, Indiana,, t>olis but as it will be put down, within •> year so Mr. Mc-Nary says, the-, line' will 'touch Lojsmsport, Burlington,' Miebigantown, Mechanit-sburg, Lebanon and Indianapolis: Elections -wall ,c called along the line, for the'voting of subsidies, within forty or fifty" days. Che sentiment along the line proposed ms been found decidedly lu favor of tl'fi big 'inject. .The only Jiitclv was at FmnMort .The .right of way at each end of the line almost.tp.tue center, was soon red before Frankfort turned her, back on the improvement^ . AGAINST WILLIAH YUKEV. Charges Made That Odd Fellows are Investigating. j C Newer was at Young America Wednesday assisting in an Investigation which is being conducted by ;Morrts lodge No. 477, 1. JO. O. F. It Is n case against one o£ the" members,' William Ynkey, who is i-estlng under a charge which 'if proved will result In his ex- puision from the lodge. The nature ot the charges are not made, public. IUVY L11U *,«i-iv»i.» MI." — Co-itc was nowhere about. • Yesterday 'morning'.search *as DCRUD ID earnest aiuM-he body was found wedged under the dam. The remains will bo taken to Kokomo for interment today. Mr. and Mrs. Gonscv will so to that city on the 'early inorulns train. I-L-VYED WITH EXPLOSIVES. Harry, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Kearus; of Carroll county, was badly hurt, and mw die from the effects of an explosion of nltro glycerine, which he found'beneath a tree .where it was Nddcn by "Ms .tatter, to P««it I™* such'an accident. The child's face was partlr blown away, and he has been suffering terribly since the accident. STRICKEN BY PARALYSIS. Mrs Olive Elliott, wife of Panhandle carpenter'John Elliott, Has been suffering since Monday'from the effects of a stroke-of paralysis by which her right side Is rendered-powerless, and the pa- 'rendered unable to speak or >•" , OF ALL THE PANTS DOWN SALES that Harry Frank has ever originated and carried out, this one will surpass and will posifvely be our Farewell Pants Down Sale To give you an idea how extremely low we will sell them we quote a few of the many lots ^^^^•Mffik Our $6 and 6.50 Worsteds now $3.25 Our $6 and 6.50 Fine Cassimeres 3.25 Our $5 and 5.50 Doeskin—» 2.75 Our $4 and 4.50 Fancy Cheviots-... 2.25 Our $3 and 3.50 Fancy Cassimeres 1.75 Our'$l and 1.25 Cotton Worsteds 75 Our$l Cotton Worsteds •••• 68 Boy's Long Pants 43c CMldrens Pants 14c In fact every pair in the house goes at £Q<P on the Dollar to give every citizen in the country ah opportunity to help themselves. y myi^ UJLAW****-^—- — ~- — HARRY FRANK 313 Fourth Street, Silverware and other articles of value Ltmls of gas much, more convent- The oxtoru wum «^ «. •-"•""-". «( The person paying for natural , W v afternoon for two games with the ±'w/o is alsTa u^r ofthe artificial' 'home team. Oxford is a little .town of !£» sow pay both uito at the same time j about a thousand -inhabitants, OT ' *fcthe company's office, 317 Pearl .street.: Beuton county. But they raise ban ._. -.-..'• v a ^_11 «ni.ll^ln j-irt *-hft ae , . All- bills are due and collectible on.the flrst of each month ivlth cuatomary ten Bills for July, 1S90 now days' grace. icing due. euon . ers out there on the prairies, and the Oxford tew comes-with the reputation 'of having won from some -ieiy stiff clubs this season. A ON "BEN HUR" DAY. At the annual meeting of the Baptist Young People of Ohio, to be held from July 13 to August 14, August 0 will be "Ben Hur" day. .Hon. W. D. Owen; w 11 address the gathering at 1030" In the morning. In the. afternoon there will be -i lecture, "The Better Times" by tlie Bev W. F. Craft. At 7:30 la the evening will be heard an i-lfustrated- lecture on "Ben-Hur" by the Rev. W. H. Kerr, Supreme Teacher of the Tribe of.'lien Tlur. A number.of Logansport people ,will attend the meeting on "Ben Hur,' day. . '.'. . '•'. ' '.-.' HORSE CAUSES TROUBLE: Yesterday afternoon,-wblle'a farmer named Snell, who':resides.about eight, miles southwest of town, was Driving to the city, leading a- house behind, it became frightened:-at'a; locomotive at the Seventeenth' Street, bridge, and plunged forward into tlie buggy. Luckily the horse -which Snell was driving stopped and possibly .prevented;a serious accident The buggyiws damaged. and Mr. Snell was painfully bruised. He was accompanied by \*A»' wife- but she escaped uninjured.'^;- /.;;. ...-.' ,..:•'. • Yesterday while Drayman •Hazeltlne was delivering a barrel-61 -molasses to Paikei's giocery, the barrel exploded and a number of bystanders weie cor cicd w Ith the sweet liQUld tlCHC «** lUHUtLCU i«""."-'.move. The fmu'ily.resid.es.uear Michael's university;- ' .' " ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Hvs!'Robek Radulwugh is still 111. Valentine .Minnlck Is seriously sick. Miss Sadie Murphy is critically ill. Bora to MiCaud Mrs. Smith of North street, a SOD. Six applicants were examined yesterday by the pension board. There was a dance last uight at Sjieu- ccr park. Fornotf's orchestra furnished the music. . ,14. -There was a regular meeting last night at the hall.-of the Trades and Labor Assembly. "O V Fonts has resigned his situation at C. S. Stevens's and accepted one at French- Lick Springs. A MTty of 'Christian Bndeavorers of the city went to Lake Maxlnkuckce yesterday to spend a week. - John Ludders teUs.of a twenty-pound catfish-he caught yesterday Jn the Wa- basbJ .Two .or three bigger ones got away. ' . „»,.„ H C Fltzer is-preparing to remove his Weatslde grocery .to :the room on Bi-oadwayi recently .vacated by Mr. 'PISCCG '•' • •' ' ' ' ; The school trmtees made an inspection of the school buildings in the city yesterday, ..awt *!»' necessary^ repairs will be. made as soon as possible. There will be a lawn fete to ^ o ^ tlie liomc of .Mr* tmd. Mrs* 11^. x>. - . , n.eU In Maple Grove, under the auspices of,the ladles of tlie Broadway Presby- terlsin church. •'• .. • . s The loss-reported at the D. B.-Pryor tesldence as a lesult of the entrance ot burglars yeeterdar, waa $150 la cash were not touched Subscribe for The Journal, 40 cents a month. i Farmers report the corn crop especially along the line of Crooked Creek, as the finest in years. There will-be a special meeting ot the Democratic drum corps tonight. All are urged to be present. • Henrv Bennett of BuruettsviHe was in the "city yesterday' for the purpose of buying a stock of groceries. It Is reported from the Orpnnnagc at Wabasu that the Logansport.girl, Dollie Tucker, Is now doing nicely. lie building being erected at the cor nor ot Market street.and Erie avenue is wow being pushed/to completion. The old cooper shop on- Erie avenue has been partly removed, and a m>w structure fe about finished ou the site. ' Chris Luckauow, who promised to return to his home at Adamsboro, was released by the Mayor yesterday mornin after he had been- brought up on a charge of drunkenness. . . The following officers were elected yesterday at the meeting of fee Logans"port & Burlington''Gravel Road .company • H. Brookincyer, sr,, president; S L Tanguy, seci-etary and treasurer; Thos. H. Brlnghui-st, A. ,T. Murdock, Jos. Uhl, H. Brookmeyer, sr., D. C. Justice, d4.-ectors. • ' Mr Henry Kehlenbrlnk, father of Mrs. H. J. Heltbrlnk Is In the city as slstlng in settling, up the'estate of H, J Heltbrmk, Mrs. Heitbrlnk will probably remain a resident .of Logansport, although she Mis not fully decided. . Charles Casey was. brought to the city yesterday 'torn* MlcWsan City, where , . .^', —^, *r *,n,.nh .vwvrs on a Any Tire Made, Self-Healing, If Puncture Your Tire You Never Know It The Compound . Guaranteed to do .the Work, amd Add to the Life of the . Tires. • ^ Line PJttng, the bicycle aod shoe man lios this new compound now perfected and ready for the market, and. It Is guaranteed to do as represented. Any. tire once treated is made absolutely self- healing. PHl'tag, the shoe man, ins the compound at -Ms store, afld is ready to treat, any tire. • . , LITTLE LOCAL. Attend HlMmg's sale of tan shoes. Hiojce of Hie house ?3.4S. •Vll $5 amd $G tan shoes reduced to ?3~4S at Filling's mid-summer sale. . There are no better shoes made than Pilling tlie shoe man, handles, and now your choice of any tan'shoein hte store.. . for $3.48 te surely a bargain. Take your tires to PUllng and have the tires treated. Guarantee to make. aay tire self-Healing. ",;.-"No more punctures it you will have your Ures treated. It adds to the life ot ; tfie tires arid makes them hold alp In- , definitely. Pilling, the shoe man, 412 . Broadway, Logansport,-Ind. the released prisoner home, and Casey was given transpoi-fation- to Hun Inp- ton, where he-had secured work at his trade, that of a shoemaker Miss Mamie Twells has retume<Mrom ' week's visit at Montmorencl. 3, \VCCKS vJSlt, «L ^Au-^t."--—--"--— ™ was accompanied home by Mtes Mary Miller.. ..' • '.'•'•'' Mrs. W. Noland of Star City, has returned to her home after a pleasant, •visit with Mi*. Maria Kunard of this city. ".,^t^-. ^

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