Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on August 21, 1958 · 2
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 2

Chicago, Illinois
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Thursday, August 21, 1958
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i: ? re I! 1 Thursday, Aug. 21, 1953 Parti Page 2 F an attempt to force the rail-.road to give up its manage-. ment prerogative of determin-ringthe number, of employes ;-it needs and would destroy all ' Incentive to improve . equip-; ment and services by. forcing it to waste funds in maintaining personnel in jobs forj ,which there was no need. The 'dispute is before the national mediation board. f Employes represented by the union include station agents, towermen, levermen, relay office employes, wire chiefs, telegraphers, and other communication workers. The North Western employs a total of 18,000 persons. . GROUP FORMED I TO HELP NEEDY INDIANS IN CITY , An organization which will seek to raise $250,000 to aid ' needy American Indians in I'.Chicago was formed Wednes day night in the New Lawrence hotel. It is headed by Scott LWilliams, 2052 N. Burling st., and will be known as the North American Indian foundation. One of the objectives is construction of a community build ing for Indians. Funds will be raised by a ' horsorama, to be held on Saturdays and Sun days in the armory at Kedzie and North avenues beginning late in September or early in October. - Williams said there are about 8,000 Indians in Chicago. CUT FIGHT1XG ROBBER ; John Renin. 59. of 6456 Cntn :" suffrrtd a cut on his risht rm Wednesday mhen he resisted strons-arm robber in " the alley at 63d street and Green, police reported. He was treated in Knslewood hospital. Published dsily. except Sunday, at Tribune Tower. 5 N. Mictutaa av., Chicaaw 11. Illinois. ... , lot Tribune company, publisher. HOME DELIVERY PRICES City Edition City and Suburbs BailT Sun. a. P mt. Konthlr $1.6 3- Weekly -a3 '63 Out or Town Edition Elsewhere Daily Sun. Da. Son. Monthly H.8J . 2 Weekly -22 . -67 HAW SUBSCRIPTION PRICES Outside Chicaao in Illinois. Indiana. Iowa, Michigan, and Wiscoatin other thn areas where home delivery service is available. 1 Yr. 6 Mo. 3 Mo. 1 Mo. THily 10.00 $5.50 $3.00 $1.25 Sunday 1000 5.50 3.00 1.25 Pally Sunday 20.00 1 1.00, 6.00 2.50 Complete schedule ol prices for 1 day to 1 year, foreign rates., and rates ia other zones available upon request. ...... Second class mail privileges authorized at Au'uiuol kited manuscripts, article. letter, and picture sent to The Tribune are sent st the owner's risk and The Tribune company expressly repudiates any liability or responsibility lor their safe custody or "The" Assoclstti! Press Is entitled exclusively to the use for republication ot sll (he local newt printed In this newspaper, as well ss sli AP news dispatches. Thursday; Chicago 9:30 to 8:30, STEVENS Farmlngton Shop, 3rd floor, CIIAS. A. STEVENS & CO., Tribune Camera Girl..... Pt. 4, p. 11 Crossword puzzle.. Pt. 2, p. 2 Drama, music, movies. Part 4 Goren on Bridge.. Pt. 4, p. 8 How to Keep Well. . .Page 16 Jumble ., Pt.4, p. 2 CARTOONS Aggie Mack". . . .Pt. 3, p. 6 Brenda Starr. .... .Pt. 4, p. 9 Dennis Pt.4, p. 8 Dick Tracy Pt. 4, p. 12 Dondl Pt. 4, p. 12 Ferd'nand ........ Pt. 2, p. 2 Flibbertys ...... . .Pt. 3, p. 6 Gasoline Alley. . . . .Pt. 4, p. 9 Laughing Matter. . . .Page 16 Little Lulu. . . .... .Pt. 3, p. 6 Lolly i..Pt4,p.9 Mac Divot ...Spt.3 Deaths, ' obituaries Pt. 6, p. 9 Agree on 20 Pet. Hike in I. G. Commuter Fare . A zi) per cent increase in fares on Illinois Central rail road commuter lines was rec ommended Wednesday by examiners of the Illinois Com merce commission and Inter state Commerce commission, Before the fare increase can be put into effect, the exam- iners recommendation must be approved by both commis sions. The announcement was made in Washington. 70,000 Riders Daily About 70,000 daily riders on the line would be affected by the increase. The Illinois Central, con tending that present fares re sult in "unjust discrimina tion " when compared with in terstate fares, had asked for an average increase of 50 per cent. However, Burton Fuller, In terstate Commerce commission examiner, and Forrest B. M c E 1 r o y, Illinois Commerce Commission examiner, called a 20 per cent hike "just and reasonable " in their report. Ike Hasn't Decided on Plans for Vacation t Chicago Tribune Press Service! , Washington, Aug. 20 President Eisenhower said Wednesday that he has made no summer vacation plans yet. He said he would like to get away before long but that "I don't know whether I can go or not." Last year the President took a month's holiday at Newport, R. I. In previous years he had vacationed in Denver. Hubbard Woods 9:30 to 9, La Grange Park 12 to 9 : o - J Grace Osgood, Duke University, Is a leather enthusiast ! She says : fa leather Jacket Is so versatile!" "I'd wear this one with any of my iSjawllS Wabash and in the Suburbs I CUICAGO HUBBARD WOODS LA GRANGE PARK'q Features Neighborhood News.. .Part 5 100 Years Ago Page 16 TV and Radio. Pt. 4, p. 4 Today with Women. . .Part 4 Tower Ticker Pt. 4, p. 10 Want Ads..... Part 4 Moon Mulllns ......... Spt. 1 Mostly Malarky. . . .Pt. 6, p. 5 Muffins ......... .Pt. 3, p. 4 Nuts and Jolts. . . Page 5 On Stage. ...Pt. 4, p. 12. Orphan Annie . . . .Ft. 4, p. 12 Peanuts Pt.4, p. 8 Smilin' Jack Pt,6,p. 3 Smitty ....... Pt. 6, p. 3 Terry ...... j. . . .Pt. 4, p. 12 The Neighbors. . . , . .Page 16 Winnie Winkle. . .Pt. 4, p. 9 News summaries on page 4 Their recommendation calls for a minimum one way fare of 30 cents. The proposed fare increase has been the subject of a fight going back to last November, when the Illinois Central petitioned for its initial 50 per cent increase. The railroad asked the federal commission to participate in the hearing after the state commission rejected the railroad's request and ordered an investigation of the rate structure. ' Loss Put at 5 Million Last spring several suburban communities, commuter groups, and the city of Chicago asked the federal body to drop out of the case. They contended that the suburban fare increase was entirely within Illinois and therefore not under jurisdiction of the Interstate Commerce commission. The federal body refused to withdraw. Illinois Central officials contend the higher fares are needed to offset losses of some 5 million dollars in suburban operations, since 1947. Wayne Johnston, president of the Illinois Central, called the recommendation a disappointment. He said a 20 per cent increase would not give the railroad a fair return on its 40 million dollar investment in electrified suburban service. Johnston said that he felt the presentation the railroad made before the commissions " fully justified M its request for a bigger increase. casual clothes to classes, games and informal parties. With a wool skirt and silk scarf, it would make a terrific dressy outfit! Easy to care for, too spots just come right off with soap and water 1" Beige, rust or green, 10-18, 29.95 Traffic Rolls on Illinois Tollway Stratton Makes Tour of Road Continued from first page 28 months after the first dirt was turned." A second sector of the 441 million dollar system, will be opened late next wejek , thru Lake county. "We have seen the dedication of the first unit of the largest' public works program in the history of the t state," the governor said in his main address at the 'dinner in Rock-ford. " We have participated in programs which mark new economic stimulation for the cities of this area, and which in fact meet the problems of today and offer progress for tomorrow. , . Construction at Peak "This 76 mile segment now open to the public represents the best possible product of engineering ingenuity, building know-how, skilled labor, and great administrative and executive talents. It is a durable monument to free enterprise and an outstanding example of what can be accomplished thru cooperative efforts of capital, management, and labor. J "To complete this huge task, many contractors are working 20 hours a day. Construction activity has reached a peak, Of 1 million dollars a day. Contractors are paying 2 million dollars a week in wages to 18,000 persons directly employed on the project. " All of the 187 mile toll-way is integrated with Chicago's present and proposed expressway system which will ultimately provide a complete network of expressways for this metropolitan area and all of northern Illinois." Stratton replied to critics, mainly Democrats, who have protested that the tollways, to cost motorists $80,000 a day, It 0 Ait It hi ivV I km otuy CdeccrilviectSAxfp at: IMPORTER 950 North Michigan Avenue Chicago "At the Gold Coast displaced freeways which were on the program for construction with the federal government paying 90 per cent of the costs. ' " There are no substantial areas of conflict between the toll projects and the interstate expressway system provided by a 1956 act of " congress," said Stratton. " There is no obstacle to the effective coordination of these two diverse methods of going about the business of modernizing our highway system in an orderly way. t Advantage of Tollway "Here I should like to emphasize that the great advantage of our Illinois tollway system, an asset which could become available in no other1 way, is the, fact that much of it went into operation today and all of it will be in use byj the end of this year. On the other hand, completion of the interstate system in Illinois 1,600 miles estimated to cost 2 billion dollars will take 13 years and possibly longer. "It may interest you to hear that the combined highway construction program, including state and toll road projects for this calendar year, approximates 751 million dollars. Of this, the tollway work accounts for 224 million dollars. 1 " Our state primary and interstate building program totals 298 million dollars. Another 95 million dollars is motor fuel tax revenue allotted to cities, counties, and townships. Work is also going forward on 121 million dollars worth of state road and bridge projects carried over from 1957. " Our regular highway programs are employing a labor force of 60,000. Approximately 50 per cent of all road expenditures goes into the pock ets of labor, on the site and in preparing and delivering materials. It is truly an inspiring Exclusively Young "Weathered! Cashmere paired with imported wool challis print ... an exciting combination from -our new shop's new collection. Royal or red, sizes 8 to 16. event that we have witnessed today, and indeed a historical one. Cripple the .wheels and wings of transportation today and history stops. Give them hew latitude, new breadth of effort, and we promote history, as well as the well being of all mankind." The caravan, headed by the governor's car, crossed northern Illinois under a hot sun with clouds scudding across a blue sky. Workmen, some of the '15,000 employed in the tollway construction, waved and cheered. v Pageant Is Staged. At the Illinois highway 25 intersection north of Elgin, the governor and his party reviewed an historical pageant of ox drawn wagons', remindful that the -northwest toll-way is following the approximate route of a territorial trail between Chicago and the lead mines of Galena." At the U. S. highway 20 in terchange near Hampshire and Marengo, a program including fireworks, Indian dancers, and a high school band concert preceded the speechmaking. There was a similar demonstration at the Genoa road interchange near BeMdere. A drizzle began during the Belvidere ceremony, and there was a steady rain as the party reached the U. S. 20 interchange near Rockford. The Rockford ceremony was shortened by the weather. The governor spoke from under an umbrella. He also dedicated a small park at the interchange in honor of Adm. George M. Dufek, who is on duty at the American Antarctic station. He exchanged greetings with the admiral by telephone. Don't go j m years 'fiiq Change Jojl '58" exclusive at Benson-Rixon (Bicf. QIwuiqsL TLo. 1 matching vests will be worn with Ivy League Suits . . HerVi the hottest fashion flash In years . . vests ere back . . and we've got 'em! 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