The Times from San Mateo, California on September 27, 1963 · Page 29
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The Times from San Mateo, California · Page 29

San Mateo, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 27, 1963
Page 29
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JFK IS "HIGH EAGLE" -- President Kennedy is greeted at Great Falls, Mont., by members of Hit 1 Blackfect I n d i a n tribe from Browning. Mont. The President was inducted into the tribe just after his inauguration. His name is "ITigli Eagle." (AP Wirephnto) Self-Help Program Is Praised "The Medical Self-Help Program is as important to the Department of Defense as a fleet of destroyers." Dr. Cecil Coggins. medical director of the California Disaster Office, told San Mateo county Medical Self-Help instructors last night. "You instructors are pioneers in bringing self-reliance, to American families, which is an absolute requirement for national survival." Over 200 instructors from every community in San Mateo county heard Dr. Coggins and other Medical Self-Help leaders describe the background of the program and its importance as a pilot project in total national preparedness lot any emergency. Dr. Coggins said that "when our grandparents came to the West in covered wagort days, they had the self-reliance and ability to cope with circumstances. In fact, man had to depend upon himself for sheet- survival. Today, our grandparents would "be ashamed. As we have become more specialized, we have become less and less capable of taking care of ourselves." Fast Bombers Fly to Spain WASHINGTON (APi-The Strategic Air Command has started sending small groups of B5R Hustlers, the nation's-fastest long- range nuclear bombers, on regular transatlantic flights to Spain. This was learned today on the heels of a new U.S.-Spanish agreement extending American base rights in Spain for five more years. The agreement, signed in New York late Thursday, covers three SAC bases and the Rota Naval Base. The Air Force said the 1.300- mile-an-hour B58 began operating from the United States to the Moron Air Base in Seville and the Torrejon Air Base w i t h i n the past few weeks. According to Dr. Coggins. a survey made in Washington several years ago showed that "if anyone of us were turned loose in the desert, a very high proportion would starve to death. Truly, we have lost the knowledge, skills and arts of survival in our high specialty world." Dr. Coggins elaborated on ihe new and extended meaning of civil defense .''Civil defense covers not only major emergencies such as earthquake, fire and nuclear attack but also everyday accidents. It is designed to make everyone of us more reliant in a very personal sense. Civil defense may actually be equated to familj protection." Dr. Morris H. Wimvard. assistant superintendent of the San Mateo County Union High School District, emphasized various aspects of -teaching which would give teaching depth to the instructors and maintain informality throughout the eight sessions of the course. Mrs. Helen Lengfeld. administrator of the program through the United Volunteer Services (under agreement with the San Mateo County Board of Super visors), presided at this meeting, which was held at Borel school. San Mateo. Parent-Teacher Association units assisted in the distribution of kits and other Medical Self- Help materials. Public registration in the program will be on Thursday evening, October 3, at the 21 county high schools. Each registrant will have the choice of evening for the eight-week course, and a daytime class is also being consicl ered. Grass Fire Near Sonora SONORA ' A P i -- Nothing happened when Sonorans clicked on their television sets Thursday night--a brush and scrub timber fire that burned 350 acres had cut the cable that pipes in TV to Ihe Northern California community of 3.500. The cable--expected to be working Friday--uas the only casually of the fire, although 15 homes in a subdivision were threatened be- bre the blaze was controlled Thursday night. Fire u n i t s guarded Ihe homes and two hospitals from possible danger, but no structures were damaged. Nation-Wide Gambler Raid WASHINGTON H J P f ) -- Government agmits staged a 50-slale "flash" raid on gamblers Thursday, arresting 12!) persons and confiscating $35,000. A spokesman for the I n t e r n a l Revenue Service said Hfi gam- i l i n g dens \verc raided in 53 cities. The raiders confiscated .17 coin-operated machines and nine cars. However, when the raids were o v e r , seven arrest w a r r a n t s were s l i l l o u t s t a n d i n g . Hundreds of agents were in volved in the raids, the IRS said All o[' the raids were synchro- ni/ecl. Al 2:30 p . m . EOT the agonls hit the gamb'ling locations in the I'irsl large-scale raids or gamblers since May 4 when 115 persons were arrested in 43 cities. The tax agents usually concen- t r a t e on horse booking parlors and on the numbers racket. · \ \ 1315 Burlingame Ave. 343-2788 We're HOME! Watch For r TTLBJH ^ i«-J!fl.. K v ", ** r) 5-.. -^ vJ 3 And 40th A N N I V E R S A R Y CELEBRATION THURSDAY, OCT. 10 You Will See California's Finest Home Enferlainmenl Center WITH COMPLETE LINES OF COLOR TV · TAPE RECORDERS PIANOS RADIOS GUITARS STEREOS ORGANS · MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS · SERVICE DEPT. · RECORDS · SHEET MUSIC · PLAYER PIANOS More riding horses are stabled in suburban surroundings in Ihe United States than are found on the western ranges of this country. VOICE T R A I N I N G To highest degree! For opera and concert Mrs. Jeanetle Baum 36 Grand Blvd., San Mateo Telephone: Dl 4-5977 TONIGHT 5 7-.30-8-.30PM- THE GREAT AD VENTURE Van Heflin is narrator for an exciting true adventure torn from our history. See Jackie Cooper in "The Hunley" U _ ' i ~^**; -"-~x -t/V^' ^ 4 1 !/,:'^H? X C-5"' I '·'/ r- 1 X jv-j"-- 1 -' *J ^^ ^ ^ A NEW FALL POLICY! Matinees 2 P.M.Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays Holidays! Every Evening at 8 P.M. Sunday Evening at 7 P. M. THE Nol. OF ALL TIME! Automation Malfunction SAN FRANCISCO A P i -- Two union leaders on their way to talk with employers on automation problems were trapped [or 45 minutes Thursday in a stalled office building elevator. "It really got hot in there." s a i d j \V. Edward Cox. San Francisco- Oakland mailer's union president after he and Horace Stafford, local secretary, were freed by an elevator maintenance man. | "ft : s ironic, you know. Stafford! and I wanted to discuss in o u r ] talks the possible m a l f u n c t i o n new machines." San Francisco ALEXANDRIA THEATRE Geary 18th. Avenue. SK 2-5100 MATINEES (2 P.M.) Sat., Sun. Hoi., Loge $5.00; Orch. ?3.50. Wed. loge S3.50; Orch. $3.00 · EVENINGS (8 P.M.) Fri. Sat., Loge $5.50; Orch. ?3.75. Man.- Thurs. (8 P.M.) Sun. (7 P.M) Loge $5.00; Orch. S3.50 PLEASE LIST ALTERNATE DATES WHEN ORDERING BY MAIL NAME_ ADDRESS. NO. OF SEATS. _ A T S _ MAT. EVE. D DATES REQUESTED 1 _ 2 _ _3 _ 'I _ 5 _ Boxoffice Open Daily 12 Noon-B:30 P.M. Mon. thru Sat., Sun. 12 Noon-7:30 P.M. (Make check of money oner Friday; September 27, 1963 The Times, San Mateo, Calif.--23 THE BOB HOPE SHOW BEGINS TONIGHT O.on pn/| America's beloved humorist appears as host · of a memorable full-hour presentation. KRON-TV "Madness, Inc." Makes First Bay Area Debut DAVE R A P KEN has a scoop clue Tuesday at the new Galaxie on SF's Tamed Broadway -- it's Don Lane lop new comedian, and his madcap group, "Madness, Inc." Lane and gang are terrific favorites a I. Lop spots in Las Vegas, Tahoe, and Reno, and are m a k i n g their very f i r s t appearance in this neck of the hills. They'll be at the Galaxie for I wo weeks only. The screamy Jack Senator Show closes this Sunday n i g h t at the Galaxie. ... The critics have really raved about the "Ecstasy on Ice" revue at the Hotel Claremont. To quote: "High .spot was the clowning of Esoc LaRue, rhe girls all have a Las Vegas glamour," "Essie Davis is outstanding in the Parisian 'Kmperor's Ball'," "Juggler Trixie did breathtaking balancing," "The Cav- anaughs were tremendous." "Ecstasy" g.oes twice 1 nightly for cocktail- and dinner-dancing crowds and Sundays at 4:30, the Family Matinee, and at 7:30 p.m. ... For a delish dish, fry the Pepper Sleak Stuffed with Cheese Flambe at Phi] Lehr's Steakery. . . . Don Dianda, Doros boss, says limes have changed. He went to a party where the women talked politics and the men got into a corner and exchanged recipes. »' ''4, LEO BROTHERS Hay Area Sportsman Don Lane Hy's Restaurant Opens Today Fashioned as one of the Bay Area's most attractive dining locales. Hy's restaurant, located at Telegraph and MacArtlnir in Oakland, opens its doors to the public today. Completion of this beautiful $350.000 garden restaurant adds another adventure in pleasant dining to the Greater East Bay, enthused Nils Eklnnr)!. president of the Oakland Cliiamher of Commerce. Had a preview of the new ]5it of England menu and it's one that will please the most discriminating diner. It's rather international and even lists Es- icalopes Parisienne 'the way they're prepared in France, Switzerland, Italy, and England . You'll also find Chateaubriand Bouquetiei-e for two. Desserts such as Cherry Jubilee, Baked Alaska. Zabaione ( y u m ) and assorted French pastry are served. Yep. this is the same Bit of England--only Owner Toni Eakins has added the right success prescription. Shor-Vu Club Sunday Dinner Sunday being the popular f a m - ily dine out day. it's time you tried the excellent dinners no\v being served at the Club Slior- VLI at the attractive price of just S2: child's plale for SI. 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. are the "eatin"' hours. Cocktails: To be sure. Barney's Business Four-Fold Increase About the only place to sit down at'Barney's Casino, Lake Talioe iSouth Shore), Nevada, last weekend, was in a phone booth--and even they had a waiting line. Business here is four times what it was last year-and that big Irish smile Barney wears is for real. Even with business as big as .it is, Barney fs still giving away $.$S$. All you have to do is present the coupon that appears in Barney's advertisement to the cashier and you receive one dollar in cash to do w i t h as you please. South San Francisco Holiday Inn kitchen staff includes past masters in the serving of foods you love to eat. Steaks so tender you can cut them with a fork-and many other specialities that delight your taste buds. All done in an atmosphere that's truly inviting. II's a welcome sight to see satisfied patrons as they leisurely dine at this new addition to the motel and restaurant scene. ULAXBT Zaniest, Funniest Since "Hellzapoppin" JACK SCHAFER SHOW Plui TONY TOMARO TRIO Cant, from 7 p.m. No Cover «r Adm. Chg. 1 3 3 3 B A Y S H O a E ' B U B L I N O A M E - Dl 2 - 7 7 * 1 DINN E . R - D * N C I N G · P I A N O B A P . F R O M 3 PM NOW APPEARING at Madame Tussaud, Inc. Royal London Wax Museum Fisherman's Wharf--San Francisco __ n 10 a.m. to Midnight __ PICCADILLY : 1 4 6 1 Burlingame Ave Dl 2-3107 Lee and Aileen Warren Lunches from $1.35 Dinner) from $2.0O FOR A DELIGHTFUL LUNCH OR DINNER Complete Burlingame S/L OLIVA'S WORLD FAMOUS FISH GROTTO NO. 1 ON FISHERMAN'S WHARF FREE PARKING RENO'S BIG SHOW.' NOW STARRING MILTON BERLE AND HIS HILARIOUS REVUE THRU OCT. 9 A SPECTACULAR REVUE WITH A CAST OF 40 NUGGET SPARKS (EAST RENO): 21O ROOMS : ' · · " 7 RESTAURANTS RAMOS FIZZ BRUNCH SUN. 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Beautiful Garden Roon and Outdoor Patio; UUSIC: Martha Stirm Hot-el Canterbury 750 5u»ter. R 4-446-4 £ ^^^ /£** $W L u n c h · D i n n e r « B a n q u e t s 232 KDDY near TAYLVIi OR 3-6800 F R E E p a r k i n Only S. F. Burlesque! jf- *. 4 HER \" BUST is Insured for $100,000!!! 10 GIRL STRIPATHON NO C O V E R OR ADMISSION CHARGE Sensational Stripieas* Dancer in "The Interns"! Plui 8-Act Variety Show conrinuous from 9 p.m. 411 BROADWffiir* 0.7-6488 \ OPEN EVERY NIGHT LUZ GARCIA PRESENTS JUAN GUERRERO 1 knife America's' Vocal Sensation 3 SHOWS 8 - 1 0 - 1 2 Meiican AmBflcafl Dinners Irom 6 P.M. DANCING · COCKTAILS^ Mo CoKtOurje for Diners' x NOT-OPEN SUNDAY J §tf$L0A+ JU POWELL °SU 1-9424 LIVE ENTERTAINMENT 7 NITES WEEKLY Robert Pemberlon George Zedlar THE CLOZET 12 E. 3rd Ave., San Mateo Proudly Present TV and Recording Siars, Sidney Slaton Trio, Monday and Tuesday Floyd, Ed and Chuck Trio, Wednesday thru Sunday, 9 p.m. 'til 1 a.m. Phone 343-9955 Feat-uring Fine EgypHan and Middle Eastern Food. SHISH KEBAB SHISH KEBAB KOFTA STUFFED GRAPE LEAVES BACLAVA TURKISH COFFEE LUNCHEON-DINNERS ( a l s o food to take out) 2601 EL CAMINO REAL REDWOOD CITY EAA 9-8866 Leo Brothers Perfect Host Mr. Leo Brothers, Chief Security Officer of Globe o£ California, hosted Bill "Little India" Carroll and his maitre d', Ram Sing, to a weekend of fun and excitement at Harrah's Tahoe. Mr. Brothers' is a prominent Bay Area sports figure and his next trek with the restaurateurs is the Los Angeles World Series. cTT^ Restaurants displuy- . -ina thiE infiqnio or* * members al the Sac vfateo County flustau- :ani Lavem Owners Association. F r- e y s t r i v e lot niqher standards at service (o Ihp oubllc CAFE EL PORTAL FULTON 8th AVE. by Golden Gate Park FINEST STEAKS CHICKEN, SCALLOPINI PRIME RIBS, SEAFOODS OE LUXE SALADS AND SANWICHES, SERVICE 11 A.M. TO 2 A. M. Lunches from 1.75 Special pinners from 3.25 Cocktail Hour Feature: Hot hers d'oeuvres Dancing Nightly ···Ste^iL- 1 '?' Playboys Orch. W^-fjT;^ « Banquet J^i' V s ' '^ m NOW OPEN 24 HOURS Tttograptt at Oakland's Finest Restouront IN RENO plus the Fran Malione "BLUE RIBBON BELLES" x *?? HAROLDS Reservations advised phone FA 9.-0881 Rsad: "1 WANT TO QUIT WINNERS" by Harold S. Smith, Sr. founder of Harolds Club new The TOKYO FOUR--The SILVER STRINGS /^ La Touraine DINNER - LUNCH - FINE WINES · 226 LORTON, BURLINGAME · 343-7374

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