Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 28, 1962 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, May 28, 1962
Page 5
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JTonday Evening, May 28, 1C32. Compare Two Medical Care Programs Facing Nation EDITOR'S NOTE-Medical care for the elderly has become one of the hottest domestic issues of the year. President Kennedy lias appealed to the voters, to support ihis program. The American Medical Association, opposing the Kennedy plan, contends that the Kerr- Mills program enacted in 196fr is sufficient. UPI reporter Vincent .1. Burke (ells how Lhe two plans differ in the following dispatch. By VINCENT J. BURKE United Press International WASHINGTON (UPI)—Here are the answers to some of the questions raised in the sharp controversy over medical care for the aged; Q. How would the administration plan work? A. Benefits would go to everyone covered by Social Security who is 65 or older, even those ineligible for monthly cash payments because of earnings. It would be financed by higher Social Security taxes on workers and their employers. Q. How does Kerr-Mills work? A. The federal government offers matching grants to the states for medical aid for two groups 85 or older—(1) those o" public assistance rolls and (2) those who are not so destitute they are on relief but who cannot afford to pay for medical treatment. Q. Are these programs expanding? A. Yes. Cost of medical aid for those on relief is holding steady, but cost of aid for the others is going up rapidly. The two pro grams together cost iess than $501) million in the year ending last June 30, and are currently costing $700 million a year. The administration figures the cost will rise to $900 million in the next fiscal year which starts July 1. The federal share of the cost, currently about $400 million a year, is forecast at $510 million in the year starting July 1. Q. If you are not on relief, do you have to be a pauper to get relief under this program. A. Ka. But you have to a resi dent of one of the slates offering medical aid to persons not on the relief rolls. There now are 28 such states in 'addition to Guam, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Two other states are expected to enter the program soon. The benefits vary widely depending on the stale. To receive help you must pass a "means test" which also varies among the states. In Tennesee, the aid is not available to anyone with an income of more than $1,000 a year or $1,500, if married. In New York, the limitation is $1,800 a' year for single persons and $2,600 for couples. Q. How many elderly persons not on relief are actually getting medical aid under this program? ( A. Some 80,000 got help costing an average of $534 each in the year ending June 30,-1961. In the current fiscal year 413,300 are being .'treated at an average cost of $520. In the year starting July 1, the administration figures that hospital, nursing home and other medical bills will be paid'for 729,300 persons at an average cost of $550. Well over half of those being helped are in three states- New York, Massachusetts and California. Q. How many would be eligible for benefits under the administration's program and what would it cost? A. About 14 million of the 17 million persons 65 or older. The administration says it would cost Slightly over $1 billion in its first full year of operation with the annual cost rising gradually to $2.6 billion 35 years from now as the number of elderly persons increases. Q. When would the benefits of the administration's program be available, if Congress enacted it this year? A. Oct. 1, 1963, for all benefits except nursing home care. The latter would not start until July 1, 1964. Q. What are the benefits: A. For each illness 80 days of hospitalization: including bed, board, drugs' and other supplies and services customarily furnished by hospitals. • The patient would, however, pay .$10 towan the cost'for each of the first nin days and no less than $20. Thus costs for the patient would.rang from'$20 to $90:! Nursing horn dare of up to 180 days for eac illness. And' 240 home visits ; year by health service officials Hospital diagnosis of an illncs with the'patient'paying $20.of th cost. " ' Q. Would doctors' fees be paid A. No. The patient would hav to pay for his own doctor. ,Bu the plan would coyer certain doc tors' services customarily sup plied by hospitalis such.as patho ogy,, radiology and anaethes'iolo sy-' Q. How would this be financed A. Effective next Jan. 1 (he So cial Security tax would be raise' 1 A per cent on both employes an employers; the annual earnings t which the tax applies would b raised to $5,200 from the presen $4,800. The tax rate on self employed would go up % per ceni Q. How much would Social Se curity taxes go up next year fo employes earning $5,200 or more A. $51.50. The tax on employe now is &/s per. cent on $4,800, o a maximum of $150. It is schec uled under existing law to jum] to 3% per cent next Jan. 1 or : maximum of $174. If the'admin istration plan is enacted this year it will go to 3% per cent on $5,200 or a total of $201.150. "Your mother thinks we should get a home improve- ment loan at The F & M Bank and enlarge our teepee!" TWO CONVENIENT LOCATIONS ttroadway of Poorl ' Eqllgal* Plaia Eronth Make the Magic of MPG> work for you.** only Standard Dealers have it! The minute you get behind the wheel, you're way ahead! That's how you feel when the Magic of M 2 P G* is going for you in the gasoline you buy. Now, here's why: this exclusive,! patented formula—available only" in AMERICANJ, Gasolines at your Standard Dealer's—cleans the throats of new carburetors and removes harmfui deposits from the throats of old ones. Mechanically, it helps put an end to engine stalls that are gas-wasters, helps arrest that robber, Rough Idling. The happy result? More miles per gallon! 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