Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 30, 1949 · Page 9
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 9

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, December 30, 1949
Page 9
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For Sale For Sale Houses For Sale ;OK SALK—ON ].; \VTBV. >:o\l> ^. :•.:.: .-r..... ni .bur.t,-alov,- in A-! c.-.n- (.r.i'.r.. .-j:; ]>••:-<. h. a-.te.slan Weil, 2-car Saras-. J acres 1,1 land. Near b'J-< ..r.v .-" :• Ut-Iiils. call A .--HKl'I.KY VllK S \ I.K —' urd .NK1V JlrirsK von " " ',- I,, IVIllplfctl-il, 1 l.'ll- -.(J floors, r»- r<-or: : . a,! ;it-u' Houses For Sale BY HOLLY'S Spring St. HEAl, Waterbury, Conn. KSTATI-: Tel. 3-2US1 Root and 8oy<2, Inc. Realtors Insurance lit GranJ St. Phonn 4-3161 Wtby. List For Sale SA Wanted to Fuy our Property lor UIIICK Kale. The A. R. Mnrtino Co. Real Estate Ant! Appraisals 208 E. Main St. Phone S-32S5 Wtby. FOIE SALE—\Vtsi side. :,-r ( ,,,m I-lam- iiy houst, natural till- bathroom. KAST SIDE—0-room. 1-fa.mllv hn'isi-. All situated on Bond locations. All imraedia'-- Of(-i:n:iin-v. 1'ATSY 3.AIHUOI.A Heal Kstute Ailent Phone N.IUK. 3ir,S or Wtliy. 5-22-19 WALTER A. INSURANCE 209 Church St NORWASH. AKy. REALTOR Phone 4784 N»««. JAMES MOOHE Real instate — Apuraiser T'honc 35r,s for Selected Homes . yAJIII.V—0 rooms or. Highland Ave. Tel. 5031 JOHN 1IEALV, IIS Churcl. SL .MADOUXO KKAJ.TY Oxlunl — Tel. SMI tSi>yniunr Country Humes & Acrcam- A. ERAZ1CKI .."a" Kstaie rp.osr'KCT ST'.' ' J-HOXK 5^ lVANTlvI>—Good 2 family hi.use. r. rooms uii each floor preferred. I a cash t:uM"nn-r waning fur s'.ir listing. JIK.ST.Y M. Tmrui'iiY lical l-:sial-' ami Api'ralMalM Ti.leplionc :i-.|(i::'> iVat.-rlinrv Announcements 12 Business Announcements Visit Our Kotlu. Fountain Open 7 a. m. to 0 p. m. Except Sunday ANDY'S CAMPUS - Church Street For Rent lllll.SToi.—dverni.Md ca <.'all Hi.ward 'I'lioinPv n'ali-rliurv. Auctions i-021 Automotive Merchandise Autos For Sale CAIIS JIOUKIIT AM) SOLD SKII'I'V M.UJKi: HIOTOIt SA1.I.S 25B WATKHTOWN AVE Tel. W«l)y. 4I-HDH1 i,r Watcrtuwil 12«C .a KOI: KENT—l.'imiisln tr-il l.i.-atif.n. ('all ;i[ TRY NEWS WANT ADS FOB BEST KESHLTS Wanted To Kent H K.NT—A « A NT Ell TO \v. ,rks would Hki' a apartinont. Tel. .is]:'.. ITKI.IC An 'Tl(i.\ flliAXi 110 IIAI.I. NOKTIII-'I ;.;i,l ) Salnrila.v, I ii-ri-iiiln-r '.', 1, ] ::!() n . nl. .TisistinK ..I Ihf usual rolli'vlli.n isi-lul an.l ini,.ri-.~liiiK iU'in*. liirinlii Rooms To Rent I-'OK KENT—FurmshuJ ronin kitclifii lirivikgcs. <;irl or prvi'erretl. UoucJ lot-ation. J'hoiiL- 13 Speciu.1 Notices WILLIAM 11, CIII'I'TK.N-DEN Insurance .-- > Estate ISO Churi'h Kt, f'liiino C Fitzpatriclc-Homano IKKEEI'INO SYSTEMS- AaililK- UOd.M KOK KENT—Very cenlraily I•.- rateil. Cfnllrman pri-lfci-rnl. Call J'li.l afler :, p. rn. KOK UKNT—Fill -uislii-,1 ,n heil lor Unlit :ii<.UM-k-.-fpiiv{. ly tm-aled. Adults |ir.-f.-!'rril. ii.x "K", <;are nl XICWS. Apartments For Rcnl KOI! KENT—Newly decorated 4-r. on 1st fltior on Maple Hill l:.l ( .Mullit-rry St. Outskirts "1 Naiiu. Announcements Lost and Found LOST — ] pair of Kolil ro; in small \\~ine coli.u-ed ca.- St. Franris' {"'hurcli at t; . Mass. Christinas. I'hone filn:;. Business Announcements DBESSMAKIXG ann Alteratluus done reasonable. Phone 5841. Mrs. Louise ^ f cGuire, 47 Bingham St 1J001 Ked.-ral anil Sta. p, in, daily. ll'.p,' Tel. 71-1,'i i.r r.007 'i'axos. (,)pen . n Block (l{u()i:l Automotive 14 Autos For SaJc KOK S M.K.—r.i'10 liuii'k, m.iil"! ^n K."id lires. C'lean in anil ..ut. fall \V::- tt-rbury ,'i-'l^;ir. I.elwi-eii ~i anil 7 l-'IHl SAI.K—HUH (>](lsmol,ile. I'.OM sliape. ", i Main Stn-et, Itcacun Kail.' A-l I'SKI) CAR HAHGA1NS i'.'-IS t'hevr.iiet Sedan l:i::n Chevrolet Sedan l!i.|7 Kuril Tudor 11' Hi I'lyin-iulli Coup-, — Xuiner.ius others at low pri'-es - T.IJIC XAI'GATL'CK FUEL CO. S7 Church SI. Open Kveilii.Ks KOK SM.K— H'-ll oldsmubilt; .l-d. sedan, t; cylinder, linnd mocliani- condition. Must lie .sulil this WL o 7240. I;'OK SALE—is»40 Lincoln Hcilan, )et buck, mechaiileany excellent, vory cl«:an. Packard Waterbury, Inc. Packard Sales & Service .„„ „, "A Sale Place to Bay" •IS2 Waterlown Ave., Wtby Dial 4-CJO"! MEMBICP, OF WAMA Winter Accessaries T BA £ D , W ,? N ST ' GULF STATION Jos. Clriello, Prop. Tel. 3-904* Wtbv or 4966 Naug. NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONN.), FBIDAV. I»Kf. :)0, IfMtl-I Z'Ja. Articles For Sale BA1M3AINS—Used Electric Ranges $10 and up, also, used Washlne Machines, $10 and up. Watts Electric Straits Turnpike Tel. 3-4570 Wtby. 1 Floor Sample Kiisy Washer $ 12't ^r. NAUGATUCK FURNITURE CO. 2f> So. Main St, Phone 2711 HOTCHKi.SS ST. GARAGE DODGE Phone 5727 TI, E !QJ- J,'" ( ; kiu ' cl Clipper 194 i Hudson 2-door Sedan 1H4.S Kaiser Stdan 1940 Champion 4 O.r. Sedan MECHANIC'!? I!i:(7 Terraphuic ..' .. 1CI1ICKSON MOVOKS'" Hubber Avo. Phone 4S38 — Siudehaker Cars & Truck- - ;? uretor ana Kenera service. Check now lor winter. .,. DA /' B AUTO SERVICE 614 Bank St. Tel. 6-1322 Wtbj. . „ HuUboll's Service Station » KulHicr Ave. Phono ,, 947 — hashing—Polishing—Waxing — ,..„ ^J" Bee Motor Sales 16, S Thomaaton Ave., Watcrville We lire still buying good clean T i - V HC(1 Cara and Trucks Tel.._ a-0189 JViLterbury t4a 11117 THAy.l-:LO-3-lainlly lully oqulpi-ed trailer. Lots also available C- •1-OIIS1 or 3-S102, Waterbury. IS 19 IN THE NEXT ROOM, PHIU LISTENS .V i SHALL ALSO ATTENP TO THE MATTER OP REP'S OF OUR THEN, IN A LARGE INOOSTRIAU PLANT, HANG$.UP THE RECEIVER — IN HIS LOCKER " INSRID, THIS A SERIOUS THINS YOU HAVE DONE! HER HOTEL ROOM, JO&EPHINE MILL ATS TALK1N6 TO A MV5TE!?!OUS MAN WHOM SHE CALLS VOU ABOUT TONIGHT! V6 CflN UISIT TH' LW6LONG OftV GOIN' OUER SEE LUKE THRRSHER'S NEVO BIRD DOG WHrYT IS IT, SHER'FF-- SETTER OR POINTER ? LUKE sez TH' CRITTER CRN DO I CRftUE TO SEE PflPPy, SH6R 1 f F TATE-SEEMS LIKE I HRIN'T LftlD EWES OM TH' PORE CRITTER IM P, HQNNERT OR BETTER -HOUSE IS Pill VOURN, SWUFFV THERE IT \S AGAIM \ A TRAIN WHIJTIE! ( OH, MY 5TAR61 THE ( REBEL TROOP V, TRAIN! _^- HERE IT COMES! AMP HERE WE ARE" WITH ISO SLOCKS'O? T.N.T. PLANTED AND ONLY /iJO BUI46L1M6, HALF THE WIRE'S CONNECTED./BUI. ONE SAD CONNECTIOH THE ELECTRICAL CIRCUIT, ANP THERE'LL BE NO (GULP) CAM r = VA ALONE* t TUleD,CHICK.!' HONESr I DID .'.'- Bur you ICNOW HO CAGEY THE GUVS ARE. AB' BLIND DATES YOU'LL Be ALONE IF YOU DON'T DIG UP A DATE WELL.VGULD") "-you ICNOW HO\'J NEWS TT2AVE-LS THE WOKLD is our THAT-.,. WELL "• I MEAN], KINDA -. ADora , ANDYOUGer V Heri A Boy\. OR DONT COME Hl.'-Bur Ksass /vys DATE ? TO SraisiG- A BOX =K. .'.' WHY I JUST HEARD A SWELL^ RUMOR ABOUT YOUR MAKING OH, HELLO,SKEETER.! SAY, I I',ANT TO OFFER. ,W CONGRATULATIONS! OH, IM SORRX GRAMPS...IT WASN'T ME ...IT WAS-MUGGS ?-... AND IT WASN'T ARITHMETIC...HE GOT _ AN "A" IM ALGEBRA! f~ OH ...I SEE ...WELL., 6EE, IM SORRY I GOT ALL MIXED UP ON TWINGS! ''t FIFTEEN TWO-FOUC Q ] AND A PAIR MAKES SIX, • » k —• CS^ A r*.fr/^vi->rs • FIFTEEN TWO -FIFTEEN FOUR- FIFTEEN QUIET'. / WAHT TO READ.' I DON'T THINK OUR FRIEND 1 REALIZED OUR. CRIBBAGE BOARD CONCEALED ENOUGH CARATS IN DIArAONDS TO"BE WORTH 5OO.OOO 77- CABBAGE-' j niM. V FIFTEEN TWO-FOUC-SIX- \G.HT ASiD A DOUBLE RUN ... BRADFORD nnMi. COACH HOMES—Complete with bathrooms showers, tubs. Famous Liberty Trailer Coaches now available on 5 year 5% linance plan. Other well known makes like Vagabond, Trotwood American. National and Prairie- Schooner on reasonable terms. Opan S a. m. to 0 p. m. dail". Ryder Trailer Co., Post Road, Mlllor.j. Conn. (1 mile east ol Mil/ord Center) Mlllord 2-2939 Auto Parts Bear. Wheel Alignment Axel and Frame Service —Welding Axel Palnlins — Collision Repairs ERNIE'S AUTO BODY WORKS 12S Watertown Ave. Phone 3-6241 Wtby. We carry t tall line ol Hartto"-* Eilfie. Autollte & Armstrong Batteries. JOE'S TIRK SHOP 241 No. Main St. TeL 3-2414 Wtby Large Selecttwn ol New and Used Auto Parts, also New ana Used Tires Everybody's Used Cars and Purtu" 539 No. Riverside St. Tfcl. 0-0492 Open Sunday Mornings FOB IfEW—Usea A recapped tires; also odd and hard-to-get sixes—visll GABE'S UNITED TTBK SALES. your U. S. Royal Tire distributor L. S. Rubber Co. employes discount certificates lor tires, honored here. 36 Jellcrson St.. Wtby. Phone 3-1141 Complete l^tne Ol Seat Covers Joe's Service Station L-- phone 497fl _ Contractors Contancting Ui;iM>EU—Carpenter. No job too largo or small. Reasonable rates Robert Prock. Pearl Road. Tel. "2ht. Building Materials The Wtby. Ready-Mixed Concrete Co. t,?5 n ?, dlct SL Tel - 3-4183 Wtbv. RliniCBETE — Btrengtii — Beauty Trurklnu—Mover* WEEKLY TEIP8 to New York, New Jersey and Now England. T W Robillard Van Lines. Wtby. 3-3083. Painting ' IS THK TI.MF. to reflnisOr~y^T" pare rooms. H(.f,>re i], c Sprinu V havi; the c-holce ,-,( wa-l I paper In (own. Wm. F. Cola — Phono MARIANO BROS. Painting, Paperhangln« - Exterior & Interior. Full Insurance Coverage Telephone 2561 l.'SKl) lIjeVEItinOE COOLER — 22 case counter type dry cooler. To be sold below cost, complete with unit. Original cost 1 year ago '<595. Sacri- lice price J325. WALTER'S REFRIGERATION Main St., Beacon Falls. Tel. 7 ISO .TRACY STAINLESS STEEL SINKS Double Bowl. 66 Inch, Below Cost TOWER APPLIANCE) 2S6 No. Main St. Phone 4-1294 Wtby. SHOULDER PAD*—Embroidery, trimmings. Buttons. Largest in state. Reliable Factory, 37 Scovlll at. W'by. FALL FURS — Full stock. Little furs, none tmer. Walllnglord, 2211-M. BONAT FtW FARM. 30 Miscellaneous Hawley Hardware 102 Church Street Sleds Snow Shovels Skates Interior Paints Hardware Phone 4086 We Deliver •» I ! NEW 194!) PHILCO REFRIGERATOR. r .«199.50 • i ii. rt. — r> \cai- \Varrantv S20 Down . . . S'i Weekly ' 113 NO. MAIN ST. TNION OTV Plmne C491 15 CHCRCH ST. TKI.. Opi-n Friday Till 8 P. M. SWKET CIDKH i.s a miiKl lor Now Year's. Gel the best at SchiWg»M s Cider Mill. New Haven P,d. 301) Musical FOH SALE—Practically new Pan American trumpet, $69. Phone C54I. J Christmas Gifts for the Homejj s A 30d Good Things To Eat ROMA PASTRY 501 NORTH MAIN ST. Finest Italian-American and French Pastry in all New England. Also Spit- moni, Gelati and ic cream. Everything made on premises. Special attention given to wedding Parties, o'lr prices are the lowest, but our mer chandlse definitely the best. We dclive. and ship anywhere In the "C. S. Te!. Waterhury 6-2117. 35a Mattresses Any good old MATTRESS remade Int. an innerspring cqnal to NEW In 1 Day. Superior Sfnttrens, Wtby., S-83SO. Mattresses Remade 1 Day Sei vice—Work Guaranteed Stanley's Mattress Service Phone 4-9279 Waterbu ry Services !L BuBlnegB Services Rendered OHTJEHH TAKEN for~~SHn Covers Drapery, Spreads. Material sam&U-f shown. Tel. Evelyn Mondlch, 40S5. " Olil Burners Cleaned and Henaireil Vnrts Pur All .Makes ol Burners' Harry Churchill, ss Prospect St.. :!')2;, HOLLAND FURNACE CO. Hot Air Furnaces. E. Main St. Tel. 4-1003 Wtby. CHIMNEYs pointed and repaired bj expert. All types n| mason work. JOHJf ODOM Phono 6-0267. Wtbv Delco, Remy anil Autollie 8er"lc« Expert Auto Hepalr & Motor Tuiie-"jn See Dick Jfislol) " .,, S hl ' nl1 BPtlery & lileclrlc Co. 136 Rubber Ave. Phone 3713 IMlESS-MAlvIJfG, GOWNS, MATE1H- Al/.v-Miss A. Lamparella. 11 Slapie Terrace. Phone 2925. CAHSrKX'H CUSTOM TAII.OK ruilor-Made Skirts on sale $4.93 3-Day Cleaninu Service M7 S. Main St. Phone 2017 MOXUMENTS Special 1'riccs On All Meniorijls \\. ItlCHAKUS—260 South >r a ln Si. A'nuKBtnvli — Dinl 3487 Honter'B Alomlnnm Combination Storm Windows Inflation, Booling, Sldlnirn IOTJ BREXI.EB CO. Wthy, 1-SOSI RAY MELBOURNE IVTJ Mower Sharpening & Welding 4SO Robber Are. Phone 72H OUARANTJKEl* REV A I US-All make macnlnes, vacuums. Used ma-'-hini-s Ijought. Singer Sewing Machine Co. Walerbury 4-4305. KAI.AHIAZOO Sales and Service 22 Savings St. Tel. 4-6633 Wtby » Reliable Window Cleaning Co. 3 Clifton Ave. ffaterbui™ Phono »-478B RAYMOND J. HUGHES ic a 5. al i 1 7 ing ~ Paperhanglnsr 15 South View St. Phone S901 INTEBIOH AIS'T) rArE Phono Joseph San Angelo — 71TO Poultry and FHO/EN CHICKEN - Roasters 8 ,,d cut-up lowlH. Ready to cook GREAT OAK FARM Phone 5049 .., SAtE — Broad breasted bronze TtltkElR. Sold whole or hall Call Naug. 4604. W. U. Clark. Merchandise 27a Office to Other Kqulpment H'H HKXT AKDIXO MACHIXKS — Typewriters, KeKisters, Renl.ils cm lie nppllocl toward purchase SOI.- O.MUX'.S SAI^KS & SERVICK. ?7 Cooke SI. Household Articles USE!) ItEPJUOKHATOH.S I'OIJ SALE — $50 AND UP A MHIO l> II V A V I'J, IA NCR UNION CITY TEL. 11491 CESSPOOLS—SEPTIC TANKS Cleaned, Installed — Drains Cniiliii Anything Anywhere, Promptly SCOTT SANITATION SERVIC12 Dial 6 3.19 .1. H. TIPFT CO. 57 Chnrch St. Phone 37:10 Plumbing-Hcating-Oil Burner Service J. & M. ELECTRICAL WORKS House Wiring and Repair 87 Barnum Court. Phones 3294-5331 COMPLETE landscape serrice. Lcam evergreens, tree removal. Experienced men. Fully Insured. Also driveways. J. Bellettl TeL S64S. 39 Cleaning and Dyeing Rugs, Drapes and Slip Covers Beautifully Cleaned Dependable Delivery Service Free. KIEVMAN CLEANERS 78 Church St. Phon<! 202? Water Heaters Kitchen Sinks | How About Your « POWDER ROOM? § Geo. Wigglesworth * & Son, Inc. * Maple St. Tel. 5263 g 24 Hour Service I AXNOl'NCKMKNT MID-WINTER TERM POST JUNIOR COLLEGE 24 Central Avc. I'hon<.- 4-H773 Watvrhurv BEGINS JAN. !«), ]f i.-, n MAKK Vdllt IT. vxs \.i\v SET IlKl.ISTHAIi THE CHINA INN 11 Harrison Ave. \Vatcrhury Closed All Daj- Mondays Tuesday thru Friday Open 10 A. M. to 10 T. M. Saturday 11 A. M. (o 12 Midnljtht Sunday 12 Xoon to 12 Midnight FURS AT JANUARY PRICES!! Established 1S59 99 NO. MAIN ST. WATEIIBTTKT KMKRGKNCV C I FAINS CROSS MNKS— MONKKV LINKS WEISS BEN FP.ANKLIN STORE CHURCH ST. New & Reconditioned Motors FORD & MERCURY Budget Tlaii Available The NAUQATUCK FUEL CO FORD DEALER Phone 5231 .. f u, COMBINATION AJ^UMINUM STORM WINDOWS & DOORS MEW ENGLAND SALES CO ALSCO *82 Bank St., Waterbary Phone 4-9219 RADIO — TELEVISION R.C.A. — Admiral Television Sales and Sor\-Ine SWAN'S Electrical Contractors Sine* in25 ZS CEDAR ST. TKL. ZS~'. Mezzio's Otiers: Complete Brake Her-ric.., whi-ei AIICD- •ect ann Wheel nalanriaK. Front J'nt B«wirin«, liadtetor Keverse Flushmr " *M < E*Z 4 z"lo" f S 1 "*' •IILBIVERSIDE HRITE. TKI. .sst Kl EXPERT BODY WORK Complete Painting Facilities Wrecker and Towing Service Estimates Furnished Budget Plan Available The Naugatuck Fuel Co. FORD DEALER Phone 0236 Your Flo«r SAM'S SERVICE STATI ".S and GARAGE i (9 Rnbber Ave. Tel. 6467 — Front End Work — If Iff Anythlnx Call ARK'A Y FLOOR COVERINGS «0 Diamond St. Tel. 8918 Currier Electric Co, Residential — Commercial Industrial WIRING and KEPAIBS Westinghotise Appliances Tel. Naug. 4164 LEWIS CARROLL The Dtmler on the Sanarn CEXTEB RQUABE - COBXEB PBOSPECT ft TJXIOST STREETS nrclFT Tile Board Chrcni* Trt« Door Frameg Window Snsh A Frame* Paint* Floor Saniicru lor Bert SEE THE NK\V SYLVANIA TELEVISION at Gerald's Appliance — New Low Prices — 107 SPRING ST. UNION CITY TELEPHONE !651 BIRTHDAY C \I\i; BRAN MUFFINS DANISH PASTRY \VEnnlNG CAKES CITY BAKERY MAPLE ST. TEL. IGTfc Open Daily 6:30 A. M. to 6 P M. RAMOS IRON WORKS 4t« BUBBEH AVEJTCE Expert Wpldlnp ol All Typos—Forel Saeot Mplal A Ornamental Steel Wor — Portable Welding Equipment _ TELEPHONE tilt itoupliolstertng SIjIl'COV F.H- IX«. JfHW f'l'STOM MADK IjlVI.Mi HOOM Fl'HMTlIHK. CAHPETJSG rjltlF FIX'S CEXTEK ST. WTBY, 4-S895 Venetian Blinds <Custom-Mada). Slip Covers, Made to Order. Free Eatlmfitos - Phone 58B6 SAFFBAS'8 BOSTON STORE 4 I'IKCK—SoliO Vermont rmiple hod- I'oom suite. $194.50. Oakville Fiirni- tiiru Co., 104 Main St.. Oakvlllo. Tol \\tn. £24. Watorhury Branch, D.15 Biililwiii St. Tel. 5-2822. Use our y-Away Plan." Wanted To Buy WANT HI) TO JIUY-Old rugs, c-ars N. Ainu iiuriiu Iron. For quick service dial 4411. Articles For Sale Hiimli-y Lealher Rclta lor Men ;it TUB HARNESS SHOP .1' Ciraml Si. _ Pliune 4-73M3 Wlhy. 3 ItOOMS Sl^lGHTLY tTRrCIJ FURNlTlIliK VliltV ItKASONAULE „ KASV TERMS 11 ,vpu are not roudy lor II, arranff.!- mpnt.s will he marie lo holrt II at no nhaiKe until wanted. For lnfori'i:itl.>n and < Icl;nlH pnono Waterhurv •!-:!:!( ' • A—f^—li—K —n—T—'S Main Store Waterhury Branches Hartford. New Haven, Mericlen Courteous, efficient girl wanted for combination office switchboard, filing, proof-reading position. High School graduate. Apply in handwriting, to Box A. Care of Naugatuck News. COMMERCIAL and DOMESTIC REFRIGERATION WALTER'S REFRIGERATION Main St., Beacon Falls Te!. 74SC Emergency C«»ll 6557 TED'S AUTO BODY Y70:£K3 57 IIOTCHIvISS ST. TEL. S15S — Collision SpetiaiUtii — — Bodies — Auto Painting Towing Service B U T K U S \tlantio Service Station Fern and Chestnut Sts. NOW OPEN: : \tlnntlc Top Grade Oil Second-to-nnne 30o-?,!ic TRY DAILY NEWS WANT ADS FOR QUICK RESULTS FRED'S MI-WAY GRILLE 501 Sou<h Main St. Refiiiiur Daily Dlnnor .We up CATERING FOTI VKDIJINGG SHOWEIIS, STAG PARTIES. '£tjc Banquet Room, Cocktail l.'iunge Full Liquor Llconso Jraperlo.s, Dross Goods & Slip Covers L. & c. FABRIC: CBNTEK IS Grand SI. Opp. Hartleys. Tel. -l-ilCTT SECURITY Does yc .-- insurance give adequate |.r«,eetlon today? DC YOU HAVE IT? Bee NAUGATUCK INSURANCE AGENCY INC. Building -costs are uteadll; Increasing: PHONE 2080 F. W. EATON, M(rr. SAfAI.I, l-'.IjI-'.CTItlCAT, APPr.I- A XCK8—Toasters, Sandwich Toasters, Dormeyer Mixers, Sunbeam Miners. RICCARDO PUKNITURB CO 467^West Main St. Tel. 4-6202 Wtbv. SPBCIAt, on spun rnyon ROc a yard. Call Mrs. Ruth Pllskin at 5895. CAESAK KEZYKOWSK1 Painter — Decorator 19 BRENNAN ST. TEL. t7M Free Estimate* Full Insurance Oxveraje Classified Advertising All Box Numbers appearing in Want Ads are strictly confidential Under no circumstances will the name of the box holder be revealed. IMPORTANT The publishers reserve the right to edit all advertisements and reject any that may be considered undesirable. The name, address and telephone number of an advertiser are considered confidential. They will not be printed in an advertisement unless so ordered and will be used only as a matter of record. Phone 2228

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