Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 30, 1949 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
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Friday, December 30, 1949
Page 8
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l'A«JK S— XAUGATIK K NKWS (CONN.), Fill PA V, 1>|.;< . 3d, |<)l!) .'ubliahed Every JSvenlng _ Sunday) by fHE NATJGATUCK NEWS CORP NAUGATUCK, CONN. Teiepiio&fc* 2228 and I22» All Department* Entered as second class matter at the post office In Naugstuek. Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable In Advance 1 Month ...yi.30 1 Year ____ >lfl.60 Member: " American Newspaper Pub. Am'n N. B. Dally Newspaper Put. Ass'n Conn. Newspaper Publishers Ass'n FRIDAY, DECEMBER 30, 19-49 I Industry And Colleges At a time when so many privately endowed colleges and universities are in dire need of money because prices are high and long-standing investments ran be refunded only at lower interest rates, Wallace A. Bennett, president of the National Association of Manufacturers, insists industry must go to the aid of higher education. This titular spokesman for industry made a strong point in asking his hearers not to consider freedom of enterprise and academic freedom as separate entities. They are. as he assert- manifestations of the same thing."' He said: "Important as the .seed of capital invested in industry has been, there has been another field in which the seed of capital has been planted, and must be planted, if we are to match our expanding physical plant with human leadership that develops fast enough to control and operate it. This seed of capita! is represented by- money invested in our educational system." It is true that .in Mr. Bennett's words, "the ascending spiral of greatness in America" has been due to the production of more wealth from generation to generation. But the significance of the paragraph cited above is not, of course, limited to technological •.raining. The "human leadership" includes doctors, lawyers, teachers, ministers in the whole field of letters to the spirit of man to :':! him better to enjoy the benefits cf civilization. What Was Their Fate? I: was last July that the first :m::p of 2.000 Japanese prisoners of '.vcr. held in Russia for four years, landed in Japan singing communist songs and swearing allegiance to the communist party. Another such group landed in August. Before long s. rash of anti-MacArthur demonstrations turned : into riots requiring police attention. It was clear to American observers that the only Jap prison. t-rs being returned by Russia were, those who had been fully indoctrinated and cleared as communist revolutionaries. In May. Moscow said there were only 95.000 Japanese POWs in Russia and that all of them would be returned by November. The four-power Allied Council estimated 400.000 were captured or interned. Only a few thousand have been sent home. Is this because indoctrination has not been going, very well? Or is it because most of the prisoners have died under "killing labor?" William Sebald, U. S. representative on the council^ thinks that is what has happenad. When Sebold made his "charges a few days ago, the Soviet member of the council did not wait to hear them all. He walked out after making a typical Russian blast reminiscent of March, 1948, when '.he Russians walked out of the Allied Control Council of Berlin. "American imperialists and Japanese fascists are building up hatred against Russia in a propaganda campaign," he said. Why hasn't the lie. been blown off this frightful business before now in formal council meeting? The Japanese people are sending bundles of petitions to MacArthur's government. What can be done is not clear, but American prestige in Japan is ] threatened unless the United j States takes a vigorous stand in i the matter. I The painful irony j s that Rus- \ sia under the Yalta agreement , was only in the Japanese war for j a few final days — and unnecessarily at that. Never, perhaps, did Russia round up so much manpower so easily and cheaply. lions of stars and suns that there is a general glow in the heavens. Our solar system, which we think of as quite vast, is but a minute speck in the Milky Way. Yet the Milky Way is only one stellar system. There are thousands of others. The infinity of space nas always been beyond man's grasp. Yet there is now as hitherto, a belief that somehow space is rounded .off, has corners or limits. Increasing finite visibility as yet gives no evidence of it. That man is so infinitesimal in the universe is a sobering thought. His gadgets, his boasted achievements, his petty quarrels arc nothing in time and space. But it is perhaps just as well not to dwell too much on that. An inferiority complex is not exactly a desirable thing. It is difficult to guarantee ar.v freedom. For example, a man's freedom of .speech, guaranteed by the Constitution, cun be revoked by his wife. Do You Remember? One Year Ago The Naugatuck and other rivers about the state went on a rampage .. ;= more than seven inches of rain fell on the borough, The annual Good Citizenship award of Sarah Rogers Chapter, Daughters of the American Re-- volution, was granted to Jean Campbell. WALTER WINCHELL In New York SURVIVES FIRE THAT CLAIMED TWO •*—-"T""—"" " "—'' 20 Years Ago Bob Scally, with 12 'point-:, paced Naugatuck High's basketball team to a 44-25 victory over James Monroe High uf NVw York. William Best returned to duty aboard the USS -Salt Lake City at Philadelphia after visiting with his parents for the holidays. Household Scrapbook Buttonholes Make the buttonholes with a fine crochet thread and you will, find that they will not tear out so easily as those made with ordinary sewing thread. They can also be made faster. Cleaning Marble After vashing marble figures or surfaces well with warm soapsuds and rinsing well, go over the surface with furniture polish or milk. Removes Rust Rust can often be removed from s.eel by rubbing with a mixture of one-half ounce emery powder and one ounce soap. j Look And Learn i 1. What was the former name of the country of Iran? i 2. What are the plural forms of the words, genius, crisis, and stimulus? : 3. How many notes is the usual ! range in our popular songs? i 4. What bird kicks its prey to death? ! 5. In Dickens' "Tale of Two Cit; ies," what are the cities? Answers 1. Persia. 2. Geniuses, crises, and stimuli 3. Eight notes. 4. The secretary bird. 5. London and Paris. Anyone still without a place to go Nuw Year's Eve?... Pappy Wooster tells us that there are a half dozen or so reservations remaining for the fourth annual Marine Corps League ball... The affair will be held in Odd Fellows hall... The reservations may be obtained by calling Pappy at 5721 or Lee Magas at 7023. C'liigrudihiMiiiis to John , I. Viigt, of Woodbine stivi-t, who observes a birthday today... Ditto mil I.unibcrt. . . .Tomorrow, congraf illations \vill In. in order for Mr. and .Mrs, Howard Muf-rhcit, of iH.rman street, w j, „ Ol . 1( .|, ratl) their ;«| U | wedding anniversary. ^ New Year's Hay will I..,. 11,,. "nth wedding ann.ver.sary of Mr. •'UK! Mr,:. Hnrry Churchill, of Prospect street... That .same day, -Mrs. Emma Vagi, of HHl.sido av- aunue, will observe a birthday. Congratulations. Mill- Weissman, genial Highlanders' manager, has hep,, tied down for (1,,. Ims( . 1Vlv ,,. lvs wj , h a bad leg.. .H,,< („,, irhsonie member is rapidly rounding into simp.; 11 ml .Mil! is preparing to resume all em-failed activities. -"Hr. and Mrs. Kaymond Kaiser, J(i Highland avenue, B< aeon I'"alls, yesterday observed their fourth «T is the former Mue Stiber. ..yes- t'-rday also was Mrs. Kaiser's birthday. Kisdon Muiitifaeturiiig Co laid off some of its employes yesterday until Jan. 3. . . Mr.s. Robert Weaving, 87 Homo- stead avenue, has returned to her home from st . Mai . y , s hospita , where she was a patient... she express,;..; her appreciation for the '"••my cards, flowers and gifts received while she was in the hospital... now recuperatin-r. sheV1 I'f- glad to see any of her friends at her home Fireman and Mrs. Walter Gesseck celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary Sunday, Christmas Day . .. they were married j Dec. 25, 1927. . .congratulations. Mrs. Helen Kane],] and daughter, Joyee. Ann, of 1'latls Mills road, were out-of-town visitors (•hnstmas weekend. .. Joy,,,. di( , an outstanding job at tin- Christ- '"iis Carol Sing on The Green and she's one of t hl . f viliuTt ^ smgvrs at (he Second Congrega- <>«<nul elmreh in Waterburv she'll go f ltr . Edward XobJo, a patient at Halloran Veterans hospital, staten Island, New York, was a holiday K'l'-vt ,,i the home of his sister Mrs. Helen Harvey in the Pines- 'i''d:;e section of Heaoon Falls.. lftd lkp '" 1 "-"»" from his many <-nd, in the area, , lnd ^ "-'V «-r, lc him Jlt thu VA hos- The East Side Old Timers are starting to work on plans for their 10th annual get-together . the affair grows in size and onjoymcnt year -by year, and with it there is that much more work for momibern ol the committee and their assistants'. With UK; Chri.Htmus holiday over, ninny residents are ridding their homes of Christmas trees . . most of the trees have dried out mid are dungerotis If kept in Hie homes .. to see h,i>w dry they are, ivutuh oni; of them burn, as long as It is safely set afire i,-i an incinerator. Charlie Kevit stormed into'his Bridge street home Wc_dnesday night, quite disturbed over the fact that his wife, the former Mary Laguna, had not picked him up from work . . . he's waited ten minutes for her to arrive and then walked home . . . Charlie calmed down but fa^t when Mary informed him that he'd taken the car to work in the morning and at that moment it was carefully parked in a downtown parking lot . he still can't figure out hii lack of memory. TYPEWRITER RHYTHM .."Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" (the new musical hit) doesn't peddle any standing,.room... Such hoopla for the Broadway openings of "Samson & Delilah" and "Prince of Foxes." Mink was as common as a nickel in .the Automat. .. Another tum-tiddy-um-tum novelty ditty is an import from Britain named: "TooWhit! Too-Whoo!"... Another swellody is the ballad, "Sing, Sweet j Nightingale," from Disney's "Cinderella". .. The teevee revival of •Carole Lombards film, "Nothing Sacred," reminds you how wonderful .she was. No actress has her I knack for light-as-cork romantic nonsense.. .Mary Garden (72 years young) was asked by an interviewler: "Were you ever married to a .singer when you were 17?" ...Her retort: "Preposterous! Me married to a tenor?" The Rev. and rMs. Theodore .'Ch,,-,dc., have returned home •if"-''' -spending the holiday weekend in Bralntroe, Mass., with the J""-'V. and Mrs. .Samuel PJg f . s Mrs. Schradcr nnd Mrs. "ni», rs are .sisters and this i s the first year in ]. 4 , neh . raniilics were tQ _ radcr'.s mother. Mrs. Foster Loh- raders mother. Mrs. Faster Loh- mes, of Nova" Scotia has returned here to spend a few days with the Schraders. Listening to a Canadian radio station the other night and hearing reports of temperatures being 55 and CO degrees below zero in some of the nortnefn provinces, mude us feeJ (hut the temperature here' were iUmost like Florida. Speaking of chilly weather Bob Carter of General Electric was telling his dad, Warden Harry Carter, about the B-30's traveling at an altitude' of 50,000 feet, with temperatures at 104 degrees below zero. Some very interesting stories uro going to be told the Rev. O. II. Bertram, pastor of St. Paul's Lutheran church, when members return the dollar which was handed them on the first Sunday in 1U4!) with, the prollt of the Investment... approximately B5 members took the dollar with the hope of Investing the sunn- during the year for the benelit of the building fund (if the parish. The problem of obtaining tho services of baby sitters for New Year's live- loomed as a threat to spoiling tin: occasion for some young couples in town . . . but they solved the (problem by getting together for a celebration Wednesday night ..a little previous, but nuverthelejs as significant. The Commercial Record shows that the w. J. Megin Co. of the borough has been awarded a contract to build the Church of the Redeemer in New Haven at a cost of $233,000. . .the tlr malso bus bid on a new school in Madison. HOT POTATO BOWL It s Quite A Universe Sweeping the heavens with the new 200-inch telescope, astronomers are finding new clusters of stars and universes (like our solar system) which are almost be- ya.-.d imagination. Or.e of these great clusters is .-ud-ed to be the largest yet found. ". contains more than 1,000 nebulae, or groups of solar systems. 1- is 60 million light years removed from Earth. A light year is fqual to six trillion miles. The cluster itself has a radius of 10 million light years. All o f recorded history and all of the estimated evolutionary process have come and gone in the time it has taken tne light of these stars to travel " distance. ^ On clear nights we can see the -^u-Kv Way, so populated by mil- l The. ABC program spoilers (who jerked our Sunday evc'g scoop about King Farouk swiping a UN delegate's 18-year-old girl for his next wife) explained: "This is Christmas, Walter. People might resent it. Anyway, it's libelous the way you have it written"... So the Associated Press scooped the world — giving all the feelthy details to the page ones. (We had it boiled -to 3 lines).. .You'd think amachas would leave professionals alone, especially those who've been specializing in news for nearly 30 years. Arthur Kennedy's gamut^sprint- mg (behind the footlights and under the kliegs) does not attract all the salutes it merits. This actor in "Death of a Salesman" has talent instead of a press agent.. .Ho-ham- miest yammering comes from Ros- selini's public utterances—endeavoring to give the impression of injured innocence. He ne»ds a bet- j ter script.., Add Show-Offs: Dali i announced that one of his paint! ings is christened: "Myself Ten Years Old Lifting the Ocean for Observing a Dog Who Is Sleeping j in the Shadow of the Ocean." Nutz to you ,too, Mr. D Angel Lopez (the Havana-Madrid man) knows a gal who has a special sort of magnetism. "She repels men and attracts money"...All typewriters in Philly acclaimed the new show: "The Member of the Wedding". '. Larry Hart's memorable wordage in a song: "It's criminal how wo- men'll worry a man!" The critics have gone gal-crazy. They've publicly embraced Lilli Palmer, Betty Field, Carol Channing, Kate Cornell and Lynn Fontanne. Sech public hand-holding... The reason you're seeing so many newcomers on the screen is that their wages are lower... Lend an ear to a sassy and torchy recording named "The Muffin Man " The canary rendering it is Ton! Harper, who is a dozen years young.. Merciless Truth: When carpenters hammered insanely (next door) a hotel guest complained.... They sassed back: "It's 11 a m.!" "Mornings," he blazed, "were meant for sleeping!"... Sherman Bilingsley knew his pals M. Downey and S. Hannagan didn't know . what to send others for gifts. So j he sent them cases of champagne to send. He's in the Southland I (away from the Stork Club .for the I first time in ten years) and can't [sleep. "Stop worrying about your saloon!" he was counseled. "Don't forget the famous crack: 'There Are No Pockets in Shrouds!" The original makers of Benzedrine (steamed up about the many "derivatives" and imitations) have struck back at the apers. The original benzies now come in heart- shaped, salmon-colored pills.... Winthrop Rockefeller opened his new guest houise at 240 E. 52nd with a poddy .The Rockefeller money comes from ail, but there's no oil-burner in his new, modern shack. It is heated by rays from the sun, (That new radiant-heating gadget). . .The changing times: The former Smiling Irishman (Used Cars) is now the Flying Irishman (Chartered Planes) . ..Bronzini's the new chi-chi shop, features mink-lined sliplp-ers (for men) at only $200. "Daddy, cut your toenaife, you're tearing "all the sheets!" A Xew York newspaper is insisting on a clause in its new contract with the Newspaper Guild, viz: That while employes can do any outside writing they want to they must get nermfeh from tho management to make television and radio appearances Such a clause, of course, wouldn't stand up in a Magistrates Court Con- grats telegram, from thrush Roberta Quinlan: 'Here's to Old Glory and your new sponsor Richard Hudnui, the Home Permanent Mfr Long May They Wave!" ...Most adenoidal hill-billy things eave us frigid. But one that tinkles is: M Wonder Why I Worry Over You"... Terrible scene the o her horrible night A five-year- old boy was, run down by a New .York schoolteaoher-motorfet in Florida. His parents were also in agony waiting in the hospital corndors where they learned ho %£' f M 3t u aS the bells tolled Silent .' Talk about angels on earth: Mrs. Abe Katz lost her husband two years ago. She gave up their store and confined her activities to .serving the war wounded at Vet Cor?i ita !? Jr* eciajll y ^6 one af Coral Gables, one of her pet causes. We met many of them [hT-w hC1 ' aftern °on when he 52 group staged another of their entertainments. Then she handed the Runyon Fund treasur- . e L her . ch / ck for WOO, adding: Thw is from the boys". . .Danny Lew.s embellishes the Jackie Miles-Lenny Kent capers at Ned Schuyler's 5 o'clock Club. He has a way with songs that stay;? in the neart... Europeans in Florida (for the first time) rave about l ™ Roney Oobana beach and the famed hotel. Even with all the new comipetition-it remains The STw ' Ne 7 Year ' s card to M," and Mrs America (and the edi- tore of Cue Magazine): A h mr from all the Winchells. g Arde Bulova'Tbo^man of the renowned watch firm) ls buyil £ bunches of Runyon Fund "South Pac.fte" and "Kiss Me, Kate'' down-front seats for staffers and his many friends.. at $112 a pair "Sn f V iS5 <Sh ° ^tarred 1 in Song of Norway") will b e femme ouole in Larry Schwab's Music Circus production of "The Desert Song." It'll be done under a Tent on the 79th St. causeway Miami Beach .Television's >ed Menace is red ink: The Fee' r^ort te^\e e biz dropped $15,000,000 in '48 _..Eth Barrymore was only wonderful on Bing's Yule program. . You mean yez didden have a bet on "Eddie Leonard'' at Tropical? REPORTED N FAIR CONDITION, 18-month-old Nancy Driscoll rests in the Ho y Family Hospital, Brooklyn, N. Y., where she is attended by Nun£ Helen Montgomery. The tot, rescued by firemen, received severe burns when a flash fire swept through her home, taking the lives of. her brother Richard, Jr., four months, and her sister. Marie, 3. (International)' Let Children Scream By FRANK TRIPP This is a Christmas present for your child. Please deliver it for me. A boy set up a howl such a.^ only young boys can produce, and ran up the steps to the nearest doorway. Ho put his finger on the doorbell, held it there and con'.in- ued screaming at the top of his voice. He had been taught to do this if approached by a stranger on the street. It happened that no one was at home in the house to which he ran but the youngster's screan.-- caused heads to pop out of ma-y doors and windows in the block. The neighbors saw a man huriy- ing way in an automobile. The boy did his part and was saved but the adults failed in theirs. The purpose of the alarm was not known to the people who could have made detection of a pervert almost certain. Before thf.v gathered their wits the car had sped awap. its license number unnoticed. Witnesses could only ag-ee that the car was a black sedan and that the man wore a dark crat. . Let's encourage him to use 'om in j his own defense and leach bin-. | how. We cannot snve them all out ! we can save many who an. h:* <_ l 1 by honeyed words, or ask.-ij ; j "take a ride." r THUS CHILDREN themse'.ve-- ONCE TIIK CHILDREN KVOW their role, let us learn ours. \Vh»we hear screams we shouid g'v«- heed, even if we are often fo./.»--.i. The safety of the child firs* but cool heads will do more. Somewhere near at hand mnv bo a devil on the run. or fin aut'»rro- bile hurrying away. Follow either if you can: get a good look, a description and tho r.wmber of •>:_• car. Stay on the trail: :et o'hers call the police. !• takr-.-,- them time to respond: you are tr.orr and v f ,\i will return with what thcv need to know. Keep your he-ad. Don't pic-: a fight, but don't lose sight of yjur | Let's give the cops a lift; the kids a break. Lc-t'.s be vigilantes : (Copyright. 1940. General Feature* i Corp.) I gazettes sarcasm) was- There were others, however who fl.-iirned the scoop when it couldn't be documented". . .People who en ticize. kids (like Elizabeth Tay° lor) oughta have their hearts X- rayed to -see if they have one Its ft" 8 * e ,?° Ugh for youngsters On the Hollywood spotlight) without havmg hoher-than-thou pipp] e try mg to make something scandalous out of a completely normal event such as a p/etty 17-ye™ girl having dates Review Of 1949 (Continued from Page 7) K. Hill was named an internal medicine flp-ecialist in October. Traffic Award The borough received a special award November 24 for having gone 900 days without a traffic fatality. Several persons narrowly escaped serious or fatal injury in the fall when they were struck by cars. The second housing project was authorized October 31, for the construction of 30 units Octoi>et 14 the board of education announced the retirement in the summer of 1948- of Edward L. Kchoe as principal of Naugatuck High school, and the next month named Acting Principal Raymond K. F61ey as his successor. Herbert Billings wag promoted to acting sales manager of Peter Paul, Inc., and the Gertrude Whittemore hoii&e on Church and Water streets was leased to the U. S. Rubber Co. for office pfpace. The Ncary Advertising Agency moved to Beacon Falls. Harry E. Humphreys, president of the U. S. Rubber Co. visited Naugatuck November 14. The former Gem theater was approved for use at* training quarters for Little League pitchers and catchers, and for grammar school basketball practice teams. Philip E. Rice was named head of the Red Cross chapter succeeding John Schmuck. John E. Caskey retired als head of the Y. M. C. A... and was succeeded by Robert N. Whittemore, The Hillside Congregational church observed its 50th anniversary, and received $1,700 toward its building fund. The U. S. Rubber Co. is anticipating the building of a new building in the borough. Among other developments this year was the removal of the flag pole from atop the Town Hall building, and installation of a new I one extending over the Church ' street sidewalk "rom the second story of the buiU'.mg. The flag pole fell down twice rrom its new parch Naugatuck's "'Mother of tho Year," Mrs. Catherine Gorr/iVy mother of Police Chief John j' Gormley died at her home on New street, Dec. 26, after a brief illness Although the long dry period causd many wells in the borough to go dry, the reservoirs of the Naugatuck Water Co. have remained sufficiently full during the year, with no shortage in the area serviced by the company. MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. If a young girl has invited a young man to visit her home, and he has not done so within a reasonable length of time, would it be all right for her to extend a second Invitation? A. It would be better if she did not, as this would give the impression that she is "pursuing" him. Q. When a professional entertainer attends some social function, is it all right to ask him to perform? A, Not unless it has been previously arranged. Otherwise, it is very presumptuous to impose upon him in this fashion. Q. Is it necessary to have a train on a white satin wedding dress? A. The dress may be made with or without a train, depending upon the formality of the wedding. TREE STORES WATER Melbourne — An Australian bot- :le tree can store up to 80 gallons of water in its trunk. startles the country and breaks o-it in unanticipated spots. Parents and authorities know not where or when" fiends will strike next, npi- how heinous their approach will be. Laws will punish when not administered with namby-pamby lenience. Yet whether pitia'ble psychopath or the lowest type of demon, the most severe tration of law will not save little victims or heal the heartbreaks that cunning serual perverts leave in their wake. It will deter some but not stop all. A better means of detection at the source is needed It must he j j a simple defense that a child can j set up. This youngster's defers.-| was simple indeed and eas'lv I taught. Some wise parent thouglr it out. ! HOW ABOUT MAKING tl,:s routine instruction in every home. That children do as this boy did when any stranger accost.? :hem I anywhere, (The dash to a hout;.; ; ; and the doorbell are important.)^ What if now and then a child nr.«- takes the motive? What if .sometimes children give a false alavm' ; It's the true alarm that counts i Schools could add no more ! worth-while extra curricuiar t';i*ni i to impress street dangers on gir'.* I and boys alike. Children arc extra j impressionable where the .woes of ' other children are concerned Ciu- tion can be taught so that almost i the smallest child can grasp it '•• Youngsters would get a kick on; ', of becoming part of an arca-wid- detection scheme. That some in- aginative ones might overdo it i matters not; because slinl::ng i vipers who would violate them ' fear their victim's suspicions more '• than they fear the police, whose j whereabouts they know before ti-ev ' strike. ' is n av of one ! for r-vcry 112 •>£-••• on= ' "We, THE MUSIC SHOP—" The Christmas v:icnti<,n is rupi'llv nearbig an end (did you tav, 'Thank God!"), our thoughts leap over the gay Ne-.v Year's Eve and settle on the gruelling routine of the bleak winter ahead. Now, when nights are longc-, is the time for home entertainment. Now is the time when equipment is most used: when «he languishing: piano, guitar, mandolin and violin is brought to. sometimes protesting, life; when t*tng sheets are dusted und used i <t recapture memories—now, during the winter, are the family's mu-, .-al talents displayed. Did you say that your home is devoid of muxie? Then, in order to iose that tomb-like tone j n home, go now lo 88 Chlinh street ...The ukelele is a simple instrument to master, so is th^ tonette, harmonica or flutophonc is tbe phonograph whii-h Rives you the musical companionship you want when you wan* [( THE MUSIC SHOP can help y»u enjoy music this winter.... NE'W ENGLAND S LARGEST PETROLEUM STORAGE TEfiMIPM IF YOU DOUBT the efficacy of i a youngster's ye li try to recall what a violent interruption of the ' status quo sometime came to >ou- attention when a child scrcann-A '• and ran. No alarm can quite ;.n- proach it. ' ' \ We cannot always be sure where i our children are. We cannot lock : them in a vault. They must plav : and they must go to and from school, which is when and wh"-e their enemies often lurk. We 1-nj-v that almost always in their path are dependable people, on :'-.,> streets or in houses, who need only i be alerted to save our little wa-d" '< It seems to me that our duty as I parents is to impress the scream : and doorbell defense on every ! child's mind; perhaps have drills \ us in our task. 1 The only weapon God gives a. little kid is a lusty pair of lungs BUNKER "C" Fuel Oil Per gallon F. O. B. Our Terminal Bridgeport, Conn. | Phone S-3541 -S** c. BUCKLEY /« BETTER SERVICE LOWER FUEL COSJS For Xmas Gifts—"Y" Not Shop At r E MB RUSK! Vorth Main St. Vnion City OPEN NIGHTS TIT. XMAS

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