The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 2, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 2, 1952
Page 7
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MONDAY, JUNE 2j 1958 Gl Bill for Korean Veterans Is Slated For House Action By HARRr P. SNYDFR WASHINGTON IM_ A n ' ew G j l <V lghts < bMe<1 on ^rvlce hH , dat * U ' S "" IU b «B<>» htlng in Korea, was scheduled for House action today. The bill applies to all armed forc«« personnel who were In service on or after June 27. 1950. re- prdless of whether they were in Korea. The measure comes up for a jjnaxlmum of 40 minutes debat,. •^I'lth members required lo nccrpl or reject II without change. •. It calls for one big change in the OI bill which was written for veterans of World War II. concerning how education benefits will be paid. The bill provides for the government to pay directly to veterans lump sums covering nil tuition lee. books anil other education expenses In addition to subsistence. At present the government makes only subsistence payments directly to the veicrans and pays to the schools whatever they charge for tuition and supplies. The education allowance for full- time students Is set at $110 monthly for veterans without dependents .nd $150 for those with dependents; half-time students $50 and »10, respectively; and for full- time programs with supplemental on-the-Job training, $90 and $120 respectively. The bill provides $70 and $95 payment* for apprenticeship or other on-the-Job training courses with reductions to be made as a course progresses. Over-all monthly ceilings of combined earnings and allowances of $225 and $300 are made In this category. For ^institutional on - tlie - farm training, Ihe rates are $95 anc S120, also subject to revision as the training progresses. Other provisions: Education benefits would be given on I he basis of 1'i days of irnuiing for each day of service since June 21, 1950, with the maximum service period credit ol 3 calendar months. Veterans eligible under the Wrold SVar II program may also use Ihe new program, if (hoy have post-Korea service, with benefits lo inn no longer than 48 months In ihe field of housing, the bit] continues the same benefits as those now given _ guaranty of home loans up to 60 per cent with a maximum of $7,500, guaranty of business loans of $2,000 and direct housing loans in non-meiropoliint areas. It also provides for social security credits at the rate ol $100 a month and sels up a schedule of mustering-oul payments for all ranks up to and Including Army and Air Force captains and Navy lieutenants, thus: For less than 60 days service, $100; for more than 60 days service. $200; for more limn 60 days service overseas, S300. aWarren Supporters Make Plea For Turnout in Primary Voting Missouri GOP Set for Meeting 17 Declare Selvc* For Eisenhower KANSAB CITY (*) — More than IJOfl MlaKmri Republicans were on hand today for the opening of the Party'f ttate convention. With nil 36 del«g«te« to the national con- Ten .. l P n * lr ? ac! I' chosen In district mee*hiR», the chief convention task WM selection of a'national com- mltteeworn»n. In th« n»tlonil delegation n member* have declared themselves for On. Dwlght D. Eisenhower. His supporters claim another four delegates. Jive delegates are backing Sen. Bobert A. T»ft of Ohio. Principal e*ndldatM in the con- l*st for committeewoman «r* Mrs. AMI* Twiner of Jefferson City, present eommltteewoman. and Mrs Albert* Oreon at West Plains, District deleg»t«. Mr*. Oreen 1* pledged lo Elsen- hower. Mr». Tanner has proclaimed herself officially neutral In the T»ft-Ik» contest, but ha* been credited to th« Taft forces. Oo«ri«r N*w> C!*a«l/ied Ads SAN FRANCISCO (JP, Ciov. Earl Warren's campaign leaders, fighting an Intensive rival bid for California's 10 OOP convention dele?ate«. urged their supporters today to get out and vote in the state's presidential primary tomorrow. Thomas J. Mellon. Warren's Northern California director, warned against overconfldence In a statement which Indicated respect for the vote-getting potential of the bitterly miti-Warren slate. Rep. Thomas H. Wcrdel of Ba- kersfleld. nominal candidate of an uncommitted delegation, confidently predicts he'll lick Warren—and thus wreck his presidential chances —by over 200.000 votes. Werdel, who Is running lor reflection to Congress, personally favors Sen. Robert A. Tail of Ohio or Qen. Douglas A. MacArthur, In the Democratic contest, Atty Oen. Edmund G. Brown, stand-in candidate of the lale-starting tor- mer Truman slate, called on voters *o turn out In large number! to choose their e-vote delegation. Sen. Estes Kelauver of Tennessee felt safe enough to leave the : state Friday night to campaign In South Dakota. Warren and Kefauver. both actual candidates, and the two opposing "free choice' slates are the only entries on the ballot write-ins are not permitted. BLYTHEVTU.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS YOUR COST-OF-LIVING DOLLAR (I nc I yd 11 Recreation, 5.4?«; Liquor and Tobo«o, 4%; Public Trof,i- portion, 4%; M«dkol Cote, 5%.I Real Boss of Business Will Be Honored on 'Secretaries Day' By SAM UAH'SON NEW YORK m—The real bos of many a business Is lo be honored come Wednesday. For that 1 "Secretaries Day." She is a rare and sought alter person in many offices where there is a secretarial shortage—due in part to the short baby crop ol the depressed thirties which means fewer women in their late teens and early twenties now. and in part to the lure of other Jobs in industry and the competition from the greatly expanded government payroll. The National Secretaries Association has already named "Miss Best Adjusted Secretary of 1952" —Miss Doris Dean. 22, of Pitlslield, Mass., a doctor's right-hand gal. And il has also polled its i'2,000 members around the country anc come up with some statistics on what an average secretary loots like—How her physical attributes vary irom section to seclion, and how they are shifting over the vears. Some ol it's fairly surprising. The mental equipment ol secretaries also has been looked into Jointly by Harvard's Department of Social Relations and the Sound- Scriber Corp, They report: The Ideal one Is t "happy, efficient young woman who has successfully shortened the psychological dis- ance between herself and her boss. Johns Hopkins has made a fairly odious comparison between the mental stature of women and men and reports (hat women can do more mental work than men in a given time snd do It more accurately. To which the chairman Q/ the National Secretaries Week Council C. King Woodbridge, president of AT LAST SCIENCE HAS THE ANSWER.... 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Jin r "-_ OTrWKJS? ***** i LET YOUR SCALE BE YOUR JUDGE ^ fiTHtR YOU Ijm tX»SS WtHHJ OR VOUft MONtY BA{K/ KIRBY DRUG STORES by PAGE SEVEN Socialist Party Picks Candidat 'Bang Up Drive' For Votes A*k«d CLEVELAND </T) — Tile Socialist parly's new candidate for nrcsi- dfnt called today lor a "bang tin drive" Jor votes. "Our program will show llmt Ilie common people can win greater freedom and a larger share of the national Income," declared Darllns- lon Hoopes. 5, nn attorney of fiead- I'ljr, Pn. The. socialists unanimously picked him as their presidential candidate at their 28lh national convention which ended here yesterday. He had been named lo his fourth straight term us parly chairman earlier in the convention. Norman Thomas. Socialist presidential candidate six times, refused to run nqaln and did not attend Hie meeting. of Dictaphone Corp., adds: "Secretaries of today nre considered more intelligent than those The association's poll Is quoled y Woodbrldge as showing t h e verage secretary is now five feet I four and a liulf, against live feet three «t the turn of the century; her shoes are closer to IB lhan the 4B of yesteryear; and she has a life expectancy at birlh of 60 years or 18 more than 50 years ago. The U, s. Cenus' Bureau notes that there's a greater percentage of married women now than in 1D40 and that today's bride U usually reveral years younger than brides it pre-war days. And, like other women, secretaries marry younger these days, too. But Hie really fascinating stalls- tics Jroin that poll are those backed up by Ihe research files of the Corset and Brassiere Association. According to these records: West Coast secretaries have the widest hips—two inches wider than the national average, New York secretaries have the narrowest— bul the most generous bust measurements. Texas secretaries, on average, are the longest walsted— about an inch and a half longer than the nation as «. whole. Some in the industry predict that the way things are going, by the yenr 2000 ad the average secretary will be an inch and a half taller than now, weigh three pounds more and be slightly larger in all directions. As for "Secretaries Day." Woodbridge insists it Isn't & commercial idea. Bu il you see some ads suggesting a gift lor the gal. maybe it 11 seem Just like Mother* Day Pope Reauests 'World Cry For Peace 1 CAflCISl.ONA. Spain MV--In Ihe final formal ceremony of the H.ith International Eiictmristlc Congress Pope Plus XII called last niaht. for "one great cry of peace, which may be heard the world over." He spoke by radin from Vatican City to hundreds of thousands of pilgrims unowdcd Into Pope Pius XII Square to receive (he Pontifical blessing. The week-loiiff congress, dedicated lo tlie Holy Sacrament and with peace as Us theme, closes today witl> a thanksgiving service. "We are confident." the Pontiff said, "that so many prayers, so many sacrifices and desires will not be useless." He urg:ed unity and concord so that "the lily of peace may blossom forth on our barren and desolate earth." Some Stock Markets Adopt Longer Hourj For Trading in U.S. NEW YORK (/TV-Longer trading hours were adopted by several of the nation's stock markets today. The New York Curb Exchange, the Midwest Stock Exchange at Chicago, the Detroit Stock Exchange and the Boston Stock Exchange broke a pattern that has existed for more than half a century by extending hours of activity to 2:30 p.m. (ESTi from the traditional 2 p.m. (EST) closing time. The Chicago Board of Trade hns under consideration the question of extending Its hours of trading The New York Stock Exchange has BE yet taken no action. 2 More Dit from Injuries SYDNEY, Australia (ff t —Two more persons dted today, bringing to nine the death toll in the crash near Melbourne of a train and a bus loaded with teen-agers returning from a church camp. or l-alher's Day—strictly sentmien- | RED VIEW-ThlsCommunist'»- eye vi?iv of Cien. Matthew B Hidgway, printed In the Com- inunisl newspaper "l.'Huinaiiile," in Paiis, bore Ilie caption "Hidgway Ihe Cirenaile. Hid<- vi'.'i.v the Pestilence." The editor fit Ihe paper, uhrtti tir^ed Communists lo atlenii slrtct dcmnn- slrotions, was reported arrested for "inciting to riot." Mississippi GOP to Vote Faction for 'Ike' Called 'Lily Whites' JACKSON. Miss Ifl'i — Pro-Elsen- hower Republicans will convene today lo choose nallonal convention ilelegates who will vie with pro- Tatt Republican delegates for GOP recognition. The Elsenhower faction Is known locally as the "lily whiles" because of Us predominantly white membership. The Taft faction, called the "black and tan" group because ol its large Negro membership, has licen recognized by the GOP an the Mississippi Republican party ilnce Reconstruction day*. "Lily white" leaders, banking on K rcwnt Mississippi Supreme Court decision that, their group will »p- penr on the ballot as the Republican party, expressed confidence that they will be recognized nationally. Tlie decision, in eUect. made 11 mandatory for the secretary of state to recognize the pro-Eisenhower group as the official Republican party In Mississippi. Mississippi will cast five votes nl the national convention. About two-thirds of U.S. farm families, especially those In, the very low and vary high Income brackets have sources of cash income outside their farms. 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DELTA IMPLEMENTS ' BLYTHEVIUE.ARK Salami Shop Burglar Trapped by Tooth Marks Left in Victim's Shop HOP, Germany Wj—Karl Wun- ctollch, 24 - year - old brewery worker, was convicted here o[ breaking Into B sausage stand Police experts testified thai i,Ls teeth tit bite marks Icfl by a burglar In un end of salami in tie shop. Wmwlerllch, holder of n lengthy nolice reraru, was sentenced to Jour years In Jail. Red Newsman Confirms Jet Ace's Death PANMUNJOM, Korea t/n — A Cotnmimlst, correspondent today said he had r,een pliotORrauVis vllicl! eoiXirni (lie death of Mai Oroige A. Davis, Jr., America's Rieatcst Jet ace when he wns sliot down Feb. ID Alan Wlnnlngton of Ilie I ondon Dady Worker told Allied newsmen Iw saw "within the last day or two" Ji|lotp V ntpli!! of Davis' body, his Uleiullicotlon tag,-his pistol and cri..<lied Sabre Jot. The nlcturcs np- peflrcd In the Oommilnist Olilnese- lnnpun K e pnbllcallon "Liberation Army Pictorial.' Wilmington said the paper also earned a full puce photograph of ClmnK Tse-hui. Chinese MIG i cc eieditctl vvllh shooting down Davis • The U. s. Air Foree officially lists Dnvls. from Lubbock. Tex., as jnhs- hig In action. He had a record ol 21 Bhot down. Inchidlne II MIQs. Whslea, although they breathe air. can stay under water as much a» 45 minutes. PKOPOSF.r) CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 41 BE IT RESOLVED by the HoUM ol Representatives of the Slate ol Arkansas and by the Senate « majority of All the Members Elected to Each House Agreeing Thereto: That the following is hereby proposed as on amendment to the Coru- stltiition of the State of Arkansas, and upon being submitted to th« electors of the State for approval or rejection at the next general election for Representatives and Senators. If a majority of the elector, voting thereon in such election adopt sued amendment, the sam» shall become a part of the Const I- tution of the state at Arkansai to wit: ' SECTION 1. That the ConstHil- tion of the State of Arkansas b. amended modifying Section 19 of Article 7 and Section 3 of Amendment No. 24 of said Comiitution so as to provide for the election of a County Clerk In all of the said counties of the State, a« follows: "The provisions for the election of a County Clerk upon a population basis are hereby abolished and there may b« elected a County Clerk In like manner ss • Circuit Clerk, and In such cases, the County clerk may be ex offlclo Clerk of UM Probate Court of such county until otherwise provided by the Gen«r»l Assembly." This Amendment shall be In full force and ctlect upon and after IU adoption. APPROVED. March 20, 1851. Secretary of StaW O. O. HALL LOVE FURS TOO BUI DON'T LET THIS VILLAIN STEAL YOUR FUR COAT AWAYt Don't trust lo luck—for moths are tricky ch»r- •ctera. They'll he hanging around your beautiful fnr« even before you reali/e H! Send your fun to us—we'll protect I hem in our cold fnr'slorag* Mnger. 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