Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 27, 1962 · Page 27
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 27

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 27, 1962
Page 27
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SVNDAY, MAY 27,1962 THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA PAGE TWENTY-SEVEN Bridal lingerie for this year's bride is the prettiest (arid I most practical) ever. The waltz-length gown, so loved by young brides, is done (left) in a weave of dacron-and-cotton that has the feel of batiste. Antron nylon in a brUliantly-J printed tricot is used (center) for this hostess coat. Print here is peacock blue on white. Trousseau ensemble in dacron crepe (right) pairs coat with capelet collar and shift gown. Both are embroidered with butterfly motif. How You Can Help Husband Succeed 3y Karla Ricgcr EDITOR'S NOTE: Mrs. Rieger is Dean of Women for the world's largest correspondence school. Today home study corners ar^e a familiar sight in the homes and apartments of thousands of newlyweds. Record numbers of young husbands are among the more than two million Americans currently taking correspondence courses. Some are simply completing their high school education to qualify for better jobs v Others-including many with college credits — are learning highly paid, technical skills in growing demand by industry. After seventy years, of experience, we at this international correspondence school are convinced that husband and wife own nearly equal shares of those diplomas earned after the. wedding. We know that the "devoted wife" found behind "every successful man" is also found behind the husband who scores high marks throughout his home-studies. Here's how you can help your husband get ahead' regardless Of how long you've been married. 1) Encourage your husband to measure his qualifications against the requirements for success in his chosen career. 2) If more training or education is needed; look into, the possibility of his attending a resident school fulltime, commuting to night classes, or taking a correspondence course. 3) If home-study looks like the best investment, discuss family goals so he can select a practical plan. 4) Arrange an attractive, utilitarian home-study area where television, radio or other distractions won't disturb the student. It is the wife's jqb to keep young children quiet, though older parents frequently organize their home-study to coincide with the children's homework so that the family learns togelher, and relaxes later on. 5) Help schedule regular study periods of some two hours each, four to' five times a week — and stick to it. You'll still have time for bridge, bowling and other outside activities on "free" evenings and weekends. 6) If your husband, likes to take a brief "break" half-way through his nightly studies, prepare a light snack to help him stay alert. 7) Volunteer to listen as he reviews important study material, and to type up assignments he's already written out. Resist the temptation to change his answers —you may be right but that won't help him.' 8)'Ask your husband if you may look through his texts so that you can share his new interest and some of his new knowledge; May. be you'll wind up taking a self- improvement course, too. 9) Always remember that your encouragement, love and understanding is the bulwark of the moral support most husbands need to succeed at their studies. Be generous with it. 10) Finally, a word of warning should your husband fall behind in his istudies — don't nag. Instead, get him talking about your "dream house" or some other family goal and chances are he'll get back on the track of his own accord. KEEP A LIST Have a note pad handy in the kitchep to jot down a day-by-day shopping list. Then you'll be ready when it's time for the supermarket and won't run the risk of forgetting essentials. , RENTAL SERVICE From Everything You Need! Sketfington's formal wear rental service is your "open door" to correct attire for all formal occasions. A complete selection of the newest fashions, including tuxedos, full dross, white and sunset blue dinner jackets, cutaways, strollers, striped trousers, ring bearer outfits and all the proper accessories for formal wear. Moderate rates. Perfect fit guaranteed for every the jnd build. Free counseling service. DRESS WITH TW LIVES. . .This demure bridesmaid's ensemble (left) becomes an a/luring parly dress when the split level jacket is taken off. The fabric, a luxurious taffeta woven-of estron acetate, is fashioned into a bell-shaped skirt, with sidepleats.lt was.designed by Murray Hamburger. Show Increase In Registrants For Summer Reading The forly-first annual Summer Reading Club sponsored by the Logansporl Public Library ended its first week May 26 with. 1769 members enrolled in the city. Thirty-six city teachers accompanied .their classes to the Library lo enroll and get their first books.this past week. Schools and leachers. making the pilgrimage were Longfellow-eight, Jefferson- six, St. Vincent-six, Washington- six, Columbia-four, Fairview- /hree, Daniel Webster-two, McKinley-one. One teacher has been coming each rioon with six children, who bring a sack lunch and eat before their noon trip to the library. J'eff Nicoles, fifth grade at Columbia school was the 1650th to enorll and Mike Gellinger, fourth ?rade at Tipton school was Num- COMMENTS AlMD CRITICISMS CUSTOMER'S IRSMARK It would help if you would put up a screen to the door. The bugs are very annoying, A -STEADY CUSTOMER OWNERS' REMARK You are so right, we were slow in putting up the screen door. The screen door is now up, the Air Conditioners are oh, and we are ready to take care of our customers during the hot summer days ahead. New customers are welcome. MBMiOJMAl DAY Is a day set aside to commemorate, our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen, who have died to make pur Country, safe and free. We hope that they have not died in vain. We honor them this day. SUM BRITE LAUNDRY 841 WEST BiHOlAlDWIAY LOGANSPORT, :I,ND. , bci- 17.00 in the club register. In 1961 there were 1581 registered the first week and 1962 with 1769 registrants has surpassed the first week last year by 188. The Logansport Public Library has been a bee-hive of activity this year—plenty of children, who know how to read, and want to read. Adults and Senior High School pupils may read' : three, six or nine non-fiction books to count for their - favorite school. Red lags saying I READ LIBRARY BOOKS could be seen on all slreets of Logansport on the registered readers. Reports On Serviceman Joe T. Maxwell, yeoman second class, USN,. son of Mr. and Mrs. C. 0. Maxwell of 1417 Spear si., Logansport, Ind., was scheduled to be advanced officially to the above rate in May while serving aboard the attack aircraft carrier USS Ranger.; Promotions for' Navy enlisted 'personnel are the result of .semiannual fleet-wide competitive examinations.',. A ,,. ' Plump raisins in port wine .and serve as a relish with poultry or ham. They Tried To .Outlaw White Gown Twenty years 'ago. the U. 5. Government 1 tried to outlaw the traditional white bridal gown and train, but without success. Many, more years before that women caught in their enthusiasm for equal rights clamored'to protest the ic'.-sa of promising to obey as well as love and honor, their bridegrooms. But for the most part these brides swallowed hard over the prospect and made the usual wedding vows anyway. In atheistic Russia, Socialist leaders discouraged the foolish, extravagant pageantry of relig : ious wedding ceremonies and substituted rites as cold and impersonal as swearing in for jury duty. But even the Communists eventually had to face the fact that a marriage stripped of traditional niceties fails to satisfy the aesthetic senses of people in. love. They later compromised by building some official wedding palaces* with the trimmings built in. Wars, revolutions and social changes have bombarded the traditions of courtship and marriage and left them for the. most part unscathed. When the pace is fastest, when ;he future seems most uncertain, young men and women continue ;o show their faith in tomorrow jy establishing a home as a po- ;ential beginning of another generation. In moving forward, in spanning oceans within hours,, and conquering space, young couples find comfort in rites rooted deep in the history of man ,and his religion. Pastors and psychologists throughout the country believe in this. And a 12-man War Production Board learned it in a hurry. In 1941, in order to conserve lex- tiles for the war effort, they had ordered that the fabric people cease weaving white. As a consequence, many bridal manufacturers were ready to fold up their plants and go into uniform-making.-^ Wiry, indefatigable Murray Hamburger shudders at the thought as he talks about how- he and the others in New York's garment district decided not- to give up, but go down to Washington and fight. For ammunition, they wrote form letters to the clergy of America simply asking, "What is Hie meaning of a wedding gown to you?" They, Congressmen, and the WPB were inundated by letlers not only from priests, preachers and rabbis, but brides loo, of every faith and from every income bracket. "The, least a bride should have in these uncertain times is a marriage in the church' of tier faith in the traditional wedding gown,", was the consensus of the correspondence. Thus, with public opinion behind them, the manufacturers stormed Washington with a plan to cut down on the use of fabric and at the same time keep the-tradition of the wedding gown alive. "The board, being men, wasn't even sure what a train was," Hamburger rememljers, He stood on a giant table in the middle of the room and dragged his suit jacket behind him.. "This is a train. We could eliminate a part of it." he demonstrated. This is a sweetheart neckline," he explained, pulling off his tie, unbuttoning his shirt and turning his collar under. Again he stuffed some paper, in his shirtsleeves to illustrate a mutton sleeve. The dozen men on WPB learned their fashion lesson well. In the end, the manufacturers wrote their own rules about how dresses should be made. They pleased WPB because they saved fabric. , .And .they'pleased .brides in wartime because the rules saved the traditional white bridal gown. Your Veil Tops Everything Chances are you will -jvear your with, the veil's design. a practice of consulting with ths hair differently on yoiuf wedding. Do you intend to .wear a coro bride and her attendants as soon day, no matter how pleased you net? Then perhaps the hair stylist as its possible for them to coma are with your usual hiir styles, will feel that a high chignon is to the salons with head pieces in That's the one day whep your curls tp confonr. bridal veil. you wear best for, this important day. Cr hand. Decisions for stylings are 'to your will your veil fall back from a noted, and time is scheduled in , flower ring at the lop of your appointment books so _that the The veil is styled to cjonform to head? A center part waving ovu'r settings can be made in ample the line of your dress,! not your the sides may be better. Veils th.it lime for the wedding, 'hair or your face. And [while you are bouffant do not always lai;e The salons sometimes offer might ordinarily arrange those bouffant hairdos for much d<s- special bridal party prices for hair IressRs 16' be flattering to the pends on where the veil is to be styling. The bride often picks up features • of your face,'. this time worn atop the head. ; this tab as a courtesy to her at- they must be coiffed to go along Progressive beauty shops make tendants. I (Theso three coiffures were designed to compliment the wedding veils.) BRIDES TOO EXCITED TO SPELL SOCIETY EDITOR'S NOTE Two Texas society editors are convinced that if girls were forced to make passing gradeS on spelling tests .before getting married., there would be very few wedding stories to write. Ernestine Whcelock, Austin, and Margaret Turner of Lubbock are two of many unsung, heroines throughout the country who blue pencil the nervous mistakes prospective brides make on wedding information,blanks. But in saving these ladies from embarrassment, the editors ailso rob their readers of some delightful laughs. To make up for this Mis Whe- clock from the American States' man-and Miss Turner of the Avalanche Journal began to collec: the most grievous errors in spelling and grammar which pass ovei their desks. Prized among the precious gems in ; their collection are these: ""The bride will walk down the aisle on the arm of her father.' "A crown of reinstones held hei tired allution vale." "She carried a white orchard.' "The bride was escorted by her father who wore a floor length gown 'of slipper satin." "The dress had a tafia collei and dragging a train." "She wore a plaid sheith will' excessories." social sorority, she wrote, "45070-2753." Spelling the names of flowers j and fabrics present the most difficulties, says Miss Turner. Fujii chrysanthemums are spelled correctly one time oul of 100 attempts. Carnations have a dozan spellings the most popular of which is "coronations," The fabric peau de sole (meari- ing "skin of silk" in French) is wrillen peau do soi, pow doe, and peau d soir. Chiffon is spelled cheaffon. Tule or tool are common ways of spelling tulle. On Miss Turner's list of miss- Flowers for the Wedding a re a Tradition! The throwing of the bridal bouquet has i : long been a charming tradition. ; ' ' SELECT THE -BRIDAL BOUQUET AND ALL THE WEDDING FLOWERS ''rJROM OUR QUALITY STOCK ' '• , i '. . < . - . ' Pleasant Hill Greenhouse 1016 iPleasant Hill Phone 5144 When a jittery bride visiting the American Statesman women': departmenl was asked lo list hei CORRECT for weddings/ etc. REHMS MEN'S WEAR 405 E. Broadway Phone 3273 spellings are: Baige (beige), illi- sion (illusion), bussell (bustle) black patton (patent) commerband or cummerbun (cummerbund) bo- fant (bouffant), alter (altar) beeds (beads), pennifore (pinafore), ac- ceciories (accessories), ring bar- iers (bearers). Honer (honor) pa-nist (pianist), leara (tiara), Unny wasteline (figure that one), chriscors (belt), ware (wear) residance (residence) sequims sequence (sequins), over- bidided (over embroidered). Also on the "for shame" list are such descriptions as barely there sleeves, peg hemline, -and shirt waste ••Iress. '. FORECAST Bridal Showers The story goes thai Ihe first bridal shower took place in Holland when a maiden fell in love with a poor miller. When her father forbade the marriage, Ihe girl's friends marched lo her home bringing gifls, making Ihe marriage .lo a miller possible. . In Ibis country bridal showers are traced back to Hie quilling bees and house-raisings given by our forefathers." At any rale Ihe 'poinl has always been lo rain happiness on (he marriage couple by providing them with useful things with which lo begin a home. Some novel ideas for showers are Ihesc: A POSTAL SHOWER - For Ihe girl away from home arrange for friends to mail packages so lhal all will arrive within a short span of lime. !• A PAPER; SHOWER-Its possibilities are 'imlimited. It should include an address book which her best friendsjliave already inscribed; a scrap book with wedding announcements; recipe books, sta- lionary; and perhaps even a couple of tickets to' a good play. A PARTY SHOWER-Save this one until the honeymooners have returned. Arrive willi the refreshments and drinks. But also have guests bring enough decanters, cocktail napkins, coasters, casseroles, bai; accessories, glasses, and liquors to enable them to' entertain inexpensively for months to come. A DRUDGE SHOWER-For fun everyone can attend this '.one wearing their dirtiest scrub rags. Have them bring mops, pails, cleaning powders and soaps, waxes, brooms, dustpans, etc. A DANCING SHOWER - Make this a mixed party. Have guests bring albums of Broadway musicals, folk songs, ethnic music or hit tunes. Everyone, including Ihe marrying couple, will have a grand lime for the rest of'the evening. CAKE CUTTING At an elaborately formal wedding, there is sometimes a dark fruit cake on display in the large room of the reception, and. a smaller, elaborately decorated tiered bride's cake at the bridal table in front of Ihe bride,' and groom. • If she's in white you won't look right unless you : : go formal too ..„ and only at Greensfelder Bros. w ;u vou fi nt j so large a selection of fine formalwear, so impeccably tailored, so comfortable you'll enjoy the wearing as mlich as the compliments you will receive 1 for yoirf handsome appearance. -, Rant Yours From 313-315 E. Market St.

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