Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 27, 1962 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 27, 1962
Page 24
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PAGE TWENTY-FOUR THE PHABOS-TBIBUNE and L06ANSPORT F'RESS. LOGANSPORT. INDIANA SUNDAY, MAY 27, I9IH How to Defy Curlers and Cold Cream EDITOR'S NOTE: Two Jamou . beauties were asked how lovel; brides could remain as glamorou after the Wedding March as before. Both line -up against the nightly curler and cold cream •-routine, bul each solves it in a slightly different way. By Bess Myerson You don't have to go to- bet - -. looking like a mechanical woman to be yout 4 own pretty self the next day. Curlers, cold cream and chin straps aren't necessary every night if you know yoursel ""well enough to work without''th< commercial tools or—as men re fer to them—women's weapons, I have learned this from experi cnced make-up people and profes •sional hairdressers who have giv .. en me the hints I'm passing along Let's take skin and complexion first. If your skin tends to be on the dry side, there's no need to lather it up with thick layers of cream every night and retire look I ing like the icing from the cake ...First wash your face with ho' water to open the pores, pat dry and immediately apply a thin lay er of cream. While you're bathing let the skin absorb the cream anc - -wipe excess off with a tissue. That application will suffice foi the night but to compensate foi the light amount of cream al night, be sure that your daily cosmetic has a lanolin — or oily — base which will continue to lubricate your- skin beneath the makeup. Frowns or Laughs On the other hand, if you happen to have an excessively oily ; skin, a once-over with soap is gen- _ '-erally sufficient. For those worrisome spots such as laugh lines, frown wrinkles or under-the-eye puffs, apply any of the commercially marketed astringents on the weak spots. At best, the only evidence left is a light, powder-like . smudge which can be erased with a tissue. Hair, as we all know, presents a "more complicated problem.. The new hair styles require the, use of rollers and,'while the coiffure looks lovely the next day, you're bound to look like the first lady - • on 'the moon the night before. Even clips and bobby pins, though more comfortable than rollers, - give the appearance of being "wired for sound." Two Alternatives What to do? I have learned of two alternatives. One is what hairdressers call "a layer cut" The hair is trimmed in 'layers (various degrees of length) so that body is actually put into the hair through the method of cutting. One set holds for a full week, without setting, or until the next shampoo. That 'once-a-week setting can be done during an afternoon while he is at work, or on a lunch hour if you are a breadwinner, too. The second method is a do-it- yourself style which is perfect for "the girls who wear, a longer bob, 'such as the page-boy. > Wet your hair and comb it back away from your face. A Natural Way Examine in which direction th "natural part" . separates, and i which direction the hair, seems 1 slant. This is the normal growl pattern of your hair and, for eas up-keep, it should be trained tha way. For example, some gals wi have "cowlicks" popping up; oil ers will have a natural middl part. By training 'your hair i the way in which it normall grows, you'll have less problem in caring for it and •. it will loo better groomed. After finding your .natura growth pattern, apply' wave sel and pop a' clip or two in the plat. es. which obviously fall into wave. Or, for an' effect of-soft ness, set a few pin-curjs arounc the face. Let hair dry and remoy clips. At night, a thin, "invisible type of hair net will preserve th set without the, need for curlers. By Candy Jones The tragedy is not that wome: put on false faces and fake men into thinking they were bom love !y, sweet - smelling, beautifully coiffed and bright as a shiny pen ny. It's that they don't go on doing it! Too many girls drop (he false 'ace after the, rings are on their "ingers. Of course, AFTER you're mar ried, it's more difficult to • keep hat aura of glamor. But it can done, with a little work anc scheming. It almost seems needless to say hat a girl.never should let hei spouse catch her with, a face ful of cream, or her head up in wire umps ... or worst.of all, in . "irdle and garU'rs. But lots of foolish women do. How to 'Fake How can you keep, faking him mt when he's so close at hanc all the time? It's almost impossi- ile to keep hubby from knowing you've got rollers on your hair. 3p why not try forgetting them? You could invest in an electric lurling iron-comb. Lots of mod- Is, who have no froe lime, do. Irons come with three sizes of oilers. In less than 30 minutes, can do a good job of elec- rically creating your favorite air-style. And honestly, it isn't absolutely nandatory that you cover your ace with an inch of cream be- ore hopping into bed, just to eep the skin well-nourished and outhful in texture. Maybe it's a little better than other ways—but try this: Cream your face and throat before getting 'into your tub. The steam from your bath will help open your pores. Ten minutes of absorption by normal • skin is all that is needed. Tissue away excess cream before retiring — and, you'll smell just lovely from the bath oil you poured into your tub, Night Wardrobe I insist that 'you wear a lovely Designed for the Bride-to-Be WEDDING INVITATIONS 1 WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTS. WEDDING NAPKINS WEDDING THANK YOU NOTES WEDDING GUEST BOOKS WEDDING MEMORY BOOKS WEDDING BIBLES . DELICIOUS STOVER ROSEBUD MINTS ALSO A COMPLETE SELECTION OF ANNIVERSARY AND/GUEST BOOKS AND HUNDREDS OF BEAUTIFUL GIFTS TO CHOOSE FROM FOR THE BRIDE'S SHOWER OR WEDDING Timberlake's Gift Shop "The Store of a Thousand Gifts" NEVER BEFORE ...priceless paint quality at a price this low! Superb colors! Tops in quality! Quick and easy.! Dries in SO minutes! No painty odors f I Now at our store... .69 GAL. Tops in Quality Hundreds of Superb Colors , The FIINBT PAINT at lowest Prices Ever VOORHEES Open All'Day (Wednesday 7100 N. 3rd St. " (Dial 3247 1 : " ~~~ 33ESS MYERSON CAXVYJONES ightgown. EVEN if it's flannel, ome women are just shamefully assfonate about flannel nighties nd pajamas (I am), but these on't have to be old potato sacks. Lingerie designers have creat- d bed-time costumes in -just bout any fabric and style—to uit any mood you may be play; ng (And let's face it; each wife Traffic Toll Rises In State y THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Four two-vehicle collisions Sal- rday pushed Indiana's weekend affic death toll to five. An elderly Frankfort man was 'tiled in a crash which injured father and his three 'sons. Stale police said Earl Crurn,' 75, t. 2 Frankfort,, died in the colli- on-at a junction of. county roads fee 1 , miles north of Frankfort. Charles E. Wright Jr., 39, ran'kfort, drove'into the side of e victim's car when drum iled lo stop at the intersection olice said. Wright was taken to linton County Hospital in fair ondition., His .son Brian, 8, was jured critically. Two other sons, amcs,' 14, -and Keith, 5, were stetl in serious condition. William Armstrong, 40, Fort fayne, was thrown out of his sta- on wagon and killed when it ridded out of control on Ind. 3 is I norlh of Fort Wayne 'and col- ded with an oncoming flatted uck. The truck driver, Russell yons, Rt. 1, Huntretown, suf- >red shock but was not hurt.- Everett C. Sanders, 57, Rl. 5, untie, was killed in a collision : the intersection of UiS. 35 and S. 38 in southwestern Randolph ounty. ^ oncriff Gilbert Roberson said anders, driving on U.S. 36, sop- ed at a flasher and then pulled .it into the path of a car driven y Robert T. Wittkamper, 58, incinnali, on US. 35. Wittkamper id his wife, Marielte, 56, were ily slightly hurt. Sanders' car, a 1962 model only week old, was demolished, Earlier- • Saturday two Aurora ouths tfere killed when, a car in viiich they were ridng collided nth a truck traveling the wrong ay on divided U.S. 50 in Aurora. in her time plays many parts — if she's smart). '; Robes are in the same category Make them feminine and attrac tive If you'have', only onej-don' wear it all the time. jSlip.into dress, stockings and heels,rathe than show'him: the many-faces b the same old .housecoat. Early Paint Job And above all—don't forget 'thi view of you he gets first thing in the morningi It .may be^a little tough, living it up. at dawn -wit] warpaint and glitter—but there' nothing like a little lipstick am brushed n"air to "make you lool ALMOST like theiyou he married They 'say : that: a man in loyt with a woman sees her, all his life as the same wonderful thing he married, because of some freak ish happening to his .normally ;ood eyesight. Well and good—but don't coun' on.it too much. Just to be on the safe side, try to keep looking, as much as possible' like the girl who made him say ''Wow!" in the first place.. Rain, Winds Do mag ing To Indiana Areas By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS A violent storm brought day- jme darkness, drenching ' rain ind damaging winds to large areas of Central Indiana Saturday and a warning of possible -tornadoes was in effect for several lours. . • The Weather Bureau's severe torm and tornado alert for Cen ral and Southern Indiana was ifled in. the western section horUy before noon and in the est of the area at midafternoon. State police reported sighting a unnel cloud high over Rushville jefore Vioon but it did not touch [awn. However, scattered thunder- itorms were expected to continue hroughout the' state Sunday and irobably Monday. Highs Sunday were expected to range from the mid 60s in the far north to the mid 80s in the south. The clouds 'which bore the torms into the' state were so leavy that street lights were urned on in several cities at midmoming. Automatic ^'street ghts. in downtown Indianapolis vent on by themselves. The rain and darkness inter- upted the "500" Festival golf ourtiament at Indianapolis. Offi- ials called in 33 players who had eed off, but play was resumed Her the storm passed. Also delayed were qualifying lials in the state high school rack meet' and the state "high chool golf tournament, both at ndianapoHs. Wind gusts up to, 5^'miles an our were recorded at -the Indi- napolis airport; and a toppled illboard crushed an empty automobile on a near-downtown .reel. Two youths had been working on the car. less.than five minutes earlier. " Power was off in several sec- lown down or broken by tree nibs. Similar wind gusts uprooted ome trees and blew shingles off ome houses at 'Marion, but no major damage was reported.: .ainfall at Marion totaled three- uarters of an inch in half an Meg And Husband Visit Coventry COVENTRY,' England (AP) - 'rincess Margaret and. her hus- and, the Earl of Snowdon, at- ended holy communion Saturday uring the second part of the con- ecration of the new Anglican athedral. Queen Elizabeth II was resent Friday when the cathe- ral was formally consecrated. t was built to replace the old athedral, destroyed by German omlbs in World War H. . See Our Sample Invitations iNow Distinctive Invitations Brides-to-be know how much people are Impressed by the appearance of the wedd'ing . invitations. They, know that Chronicle invitations are correct and impressive. v , Chronicle Printing Co. 417 €. Market St. Diol 4362 It's a wise bridesmaid who plans ahead for the appearance she'll make at a summer wedding. This girl starts (left) with daily foot care to help her get comfortably through the round of parties and the wedding day formalities ahead. .Here, she tweezes her eyebrows To keep the line trim (center). She uses a thick layer of uoapsuds to make the process painless. By planning every last detail, she is assured of looking her prettiest (right) when the big day finally does arrive. Her dress was chosen carefully arid then fitted to perfection. Is Ring Earlier love matches were' not complicated by the dilemma of which size, or shape, or price of diamond to pick. The smitten youth simply braided a circlet of grass and placed on the • finger of his heart's choice. Later generations carved tone, or shaped crude silver or gold into the proper ring sizes. Historians say that the Egypt- ans began the tradition of the >ethrothal and wedding rings, con- adering a circle the hieroglyphic if eternity. During the Middle Ages the Ital- ans began to embellish these ircles with diamonds, the most learly imperishable.of all stones, nd therefore a symbol of endur- ng love. And in the not very olden days, men used to announce their honor- ble intentions by pulling a finger winkler out of a tiny velvet box. Jut picking the right ring to ^ flat- er his beloved's hand today has ecome so complicated that the. marriage-minded gentleman does etter to bring his intended into ie jewelry shop with him. Beforhand, he can tip off Ihe eweler as to his price limitations, o that the young lady does not mbarass him by choosing a stone iB cannot afford. The Price Tag Prices are determined by the :arat, color, clarity, and cut. A karat is 9 weight unit of 100 oinls for measuring diamonds, 'or example, a 45 point stone is ust 5 points under a half karat. fine diamond is clear as a drop f water with no trace.of yellow r brown, -but picks up and re- lects every color in the spectrum. An absolutely flawless (and herefore very expensive) dia- nond will not reveal any carbon pecks or bubbles when magnified en times. Cut refers to the workmanship putting 58 facets oh the dia- nond. The better.' the proportions ie greater the brilliancy. Cut also refers to the shape, asic ones are round, pear, mar- uise and emerald. Not all hands an wear all styles. FOR SQUARE, CAPABLE [ANDS. . .if the fingers are broad nd squared, the top side should e covered as much as possible. Engravings.of blossoms or faceted metal to resemble baquette iamohcls, and metal rim cxten- WHICH SHAPE? Square hand (A) wears elaborate setting; Long slender fingers (B) look best with pear shape stone; Small hand (C) wears simple, marquise stone. sions around a center diamond make rings look larger. FOR' LONG, SLENDER HANDS . . .A. large hand with slender fingers can wear a less ornate ring since there ii-: less top side finger area to be bridged between the center diamond and the sides of the finger. Oval, cut and hcarl shaped, diamonds set in solitares are 'good choices. SMALL HANDS. . .Lucky is the engaged boy, for his bride should not we^r much ring. A small hand with slender fingers can wear wider bands than one with short fingers. Slender fingers can-be broadened by grouping -diamonds on either side of a center-diamond. If a small hand with short fingers wears a wide-banded ring, the fingers appear still more slunt- ed. Delicate, simple ring designs are best, especially those, with elongated outlines. Marquise and pear, shape diamonds are'perfect choices for solitares. MONEY - MAKER SHOWER- Many nationalities, harking back to the dowry, still cling to the sractical idea of : cash for the )ride and bridegroom. In this instance the couple should thank each .person privately, for his cash ;ift, and. later write him a -note explaining how wisely the money was used. ^RESERVES AND PROTECTS THE ^ >'| BEAUTY OF YOUR\, > WEDD/N6 GOWN OR j OTHER TREASURES | Long after you'p* said "I do," ihe cherished memories of your wedding day will live wilh you. Now you can jreserre tne gown you wore along with ihe memories ... with Keepsake Pak. Keepsake Pah Service is an ultra-quality cleaning and packaging service that protects delicate gowns from the ravages of'time and climate. Entrust your wedding gown o us lor Keepsake Pak protection now and keep it fresfc and lopcly for all ihe years to come. . SUNSHINE CLEANERS 'font ond Office 433 front St. Downtown 507 Broadway Mike-Zeus Shot Called Success POINT MUGU, Calif. (AP)-A Nike-Zeus antimissile rocket shot straight up into the sky Saturday in a lest of the solid-fuel projectile's ability to reach an extreme ly high altitude in seconds. - All three stages were fired in the lest, which U. S. Army spokes, men termed "100 per cent successful." The altitude reached was not disclosed. The Nike-Zeus is designed to intercept incoming warheads above heights of 100 miles. The 48-foot finned while rocket was out of sight 30 seconds after its launching down the Pacific missile range at 11:04 a.m. Late:: this year, Nike-Zeus rockeui.wjll be fired from Kwaja- lein Island in the mid-Pacific in attempts to intercept Atlas missiles launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base. Royal Center Girl Wins Writing Award Sharon Hicks, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hicks, Hoyal Center, has won a second place prize cf S25 in the Pemocracy-In- Aclion contests sponsored by ths Howard Payne College, Brownwood, Texas. Miss Hicks participated in Hie short nlory section of the contests. Amana Model FPR-95. Holds 182 Ibs. of frozen food. 14 cu. ft. Only 32 inches wide and 60 inches high. Fits kitchens with even tha most limited space. 2 great appliances in one . . . takes no more room than an ordinary refrigerator! Genuine Amaria Quality freezw featuring Arnana- Matic contact freezing, up ic> 2 l / 2 times faster than ordinary methods! Full family size refrigerator has automatic defrosting, glide-out shelves, butter conditioner, vegetable crisper, scientifically' designed meat keeper and gallon bottle milk storage! . Exclusive Stor-Mor doors on both refrigerator freezer section for extra, storage space! There's a Right Size Amana For Every Family! Come In-Compare! Amana Is Your Biggest Buy! f UILL PlKllCE ONLY SMALL DOWN PAYMENT PAY ONLY i$3.90 (Per Week *377?7 —HARDWARE,

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